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Shooters on the Line at the Local Gun Club

We can say “all politics aside” in a conversation where the focal point is firearms, but I would like to think most people know better. Everyday, politicians are fighting over our rights as individuals. Some help us, such as the National Rifle Association, while others, such as Brady Campaign, want all firearms banned. The Internet has been a very huge benefit for our industry as well as television. We can now usually get important news that pertains to us the same day online or on our phones. Top Shot, edited drama and all, showcases competitive shooting in a positive light to people who are not exposed to firearms. Other networks are catching on and airing other shows based on firearms as well. Three-Gun Nation is highlighting some amazing shooting as well as showing people what competitive shooting is. It might be clays, three gun, USPSA, IPSC, Steel Challenge, Cowboy Action, or whatever it is in your local area, but the fact is, there is something for you to get involved in. The more involved you are, the more support there is. The more support there is, the better off all gun owners are.

Shooters Supporting Their Local Gun Club
Shooters Supporting Their Local Gun Club

Please join a range, the NRA, or show up and try a style of shooting you have never done before. Will you win at first, or ever? Maybe, or maybe not; just have fun. Wouldn’t it be fun to dress-up in cowboy garb and do some wheel-gunning? How about taking a shot with 3-gun competition where you get use a handgun, rifle and shotgun? If you are a woman, consider joining one of the many for women only national organizations such as A Girl & A Gun or The Well Armed Woman. Project Appleseed, a true grassroots organization, teaches you rifle marksmanship as well as Revolutionary War history—a fun and educational way to learn how to shoot. Realize the more people who get involved in the shooting sports, the more backing we have at the grass-roots level as well as at the political level to retain our Second Amendment rights.

We all love guns. You would not be reading this article if you did not. Now go find a place with like-minded people. We all know for the most part, shooters are a friendly bunch who stick together, love to ‘show and tell’ our firearms with another and talk shop. Why not do it while learning a new skill in the process? Order your firearm, order your ammo, go to your local range, and get involved. It will make it better for everyone, and you get to do what you love at the same time.

Shooters on the Line at the Local Gun Club
Shooters on the Line at the Local Gun Club

If you are not already familiar with the organizations out there, here is a list you can find on the Web:

What organizations would you recommend? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. Here in Connecticut where we can use all the support available a couple of great groups are ‘

    Ct Carry –
    Connecticut Citizens Defence League –

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