Bush Says No National Right to Gun Ownership?

Second Amendment

Jeb Bush recently made an appearance on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when the subject of whether there is a national right to gun ownership came up. Bush’s answer may be concerning to many, but let’s reserve judgment until we look at the entire story. However, whether his answer was his true opinion or a gaff, is concerning.

During the interview, Colbert asked a written-in question regarding the Constitution and whether it implied a national right to gun ownership. Jeb Bush, a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, veered a bit off course when his answer drifted to the Tenth Amendment and a state’s right to legislate gun ownership.

The question was a bit of a gotcha and certainly anti-Second Amendment in its nature. Jeb handled it well talking about how Florida was a pro-Second Amendment state under his leadership and to keep the guns out of hands of criminals or the mentally ill, they had background checks. He went on to say the common root of mass shootings was almost always proven to be mental illness. However, it was in the follow-up question that Jeb might have taken a left turn.

Second Amendment

Stephen Colbert: Well, the right to have an individual firearm to protect yourself is a national document, in the Constitution, so shouldn’t the way that is also be applied be national?

Jeb Bush: No. Not necessarily… There’s a Tenth Amendment to our country, the Bill of Rights has a Tenth Amendment that powers are given to the states to create policy, and the federal government is not the end all and be all. That’s an important value for this country, and it’s an important federalist system that works quite well.

On the face, that is pretty damning to the argument of whether the Second Amendment is a right or privilege. Jeb’s campaign quickly got out in front of the issue with a clarification. The clarification reiterated that Jeb is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Jeb’s argument was that states should be able to use the Tenth Amendment to pass laws that expand gun rights—but that is double-edged sword.

Governor Bush is a strong Second Amendment advocate and reiterated his view that the federal government should not be passing new gun control laws. He believes in states rights and as Governor of Florida, he used the Tenth Amendment to expand gun rights with a “Six Pack of Freedom” bill and received an A+ rating from the NRA.

A Double-Edged Sword…

While I like the federal government not being able to limit my rights, I do not favor a state being able to limit my rights. One of my degrees is in political science and I have taken more than a couple of classes on the Constitution and Constitutional law. That being said, I am far from a Constitutional scholar.

However, I believe I understand a bit of where Jeb was trying to get to. The states are supposed to have as much power as the federal government—this is the heart of the federal system. According to the Tenth Amendment, the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the United States Constitution. All remaining powers are reserved for the states or the people.

So, how can using the Tenth Amendment to give states’ rights allow those same states to regulate the Second Amendment? Isn’t that the purpose of the Bill of Rights? Doesn’t the Bill of Rights grant you and me specific rights that shall not be infringed? Do states have the power to expand or limit freedom of speech or unlawful search or seizure? Both the federal government and the state must respect the Bill of Rights.

In hindsight, like I have already stated, I can see where he was trying to go with his argument. The court has allowed the states some latitude to pass and enforce certain laws regulating firearms. At that point, the common belief that the Second Amendment is an absolute right is moot. Perhaps the best way to expand our Second Amendment rights is through the states. It is not perfect, but there is less risk of an all out gun ban that way.

You’ll have to decide for yourself what Jeb really meant. In the end, we all wish Jeb had said the Second Amendment is a Constitutional right and neither a federal nor a state government has the power to limit that right. Whether or not he could have backed that up in front of the Supreme Court, is the attitude most, if not all, of us would like him to have taken.

I am sure most of you have already picked out your preferred candidate. I am not trying to sway your opinion toward or against any particular candidate or party. However, on the subject of the Second Amendment and gun rights, where does the state under the Tenth Amendment or the federal government’s authority end? Where should it end?

Share your answers or opinions regarding Jeb’s answer of the Tenth Amendment in the comment section.

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  1. And we DO have state tyranny. NY, CA, NJ, and others.

    Our governments, both federal and state, have strayed far from the Constitution and the future of the nation as envisioned by the authors who described the freedoms we OWN. Neither they nor the Constitution gave us our rights and freedoms. They only wrote them down so We the People could know them in order to see when our governments were violating them; governments which, from the first, were sworn to recognize and respect them.

  2. Obama and the rest of the liars will, I expect, overstep the Constitution before the end of his term. If not, Hillary will do so if she gets elected. How far is the question. While I am sure they really want to totally disarm the people, much of this is simply a distraction from what they are really doing, and a way to keep the people divided rather than united.

  3. Now that I’ve had a little while to think it over … Bush is correct. We do NOT want the Feds issuing licenses, etc because a single source of licenses is a single choke point to revoke them.

    I’d much rather that the 41 states who currently honor my CCL would gang up and pressure the remaining 9 to get with the program or lose some other valuable form of reciprocity (income or sales tax collection?).

    Until then, I’d rather drive around Chicago than rely on Obama not to mess with my CCL.

    1. You still don’t get it. He is NOT correct, a little less wrong maybe, but definitely not correct.

      No govt has the authority to require licenses or permits of any sort for people to be able to own or carry firearms (open or concealed). All those laws, federal or state/local, are clear and blatant infringements of the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

      Trading federal tyranny for state tyranny, you still get tyranny.

      How can you not see that?

  4. With all due deference, even IF the RNC anoints Jeb Bush to be the RINO presidential candidate, I think he’s irrelevant. If Carson, Trump or Cruz aren’t nominated, either one of them will win as the Independent candidate, or Hillary will.

    In no alternate reality can Jeb Bush take on Hillary Clinton and win.

  5. I wonder how many know that G.H.W. Bush was principal in getting the U.N. Agenda 21 adopted? This “Agenda” has disturbing consequences for our country and freedoms. He clearly believes the ‘New World Order’ trumps our Constitution. Look up ‘Agenda 21’ and be sure to view the Rewilding map of America after their stupid plan is fully implemented.

  6. At the end of the Civil War, Confederate troops were allowed their weapons after they swore an oath to the Union.

    Military personnel, following all conflicts, were allowed to retain their weapons. In some cases a fee was charged, and in others the weapons were gratis. The government used this as a means of defraying some of the costs of producing firearms for the war, and to clear out the inventory to make way for newer weapons. This action by the government included fully automatic weapons.

    The National Firearms Act (1934) was publicized as a means of curbing violent criminals from using high powered and fully automatic weapons. The government said it was for “public safety”. In the first place, organized crime and individual criminal elements used firearms against the authorities and each other, contrary to popular movies and television shows. There was one case in Chicago (IIRC) where the public rose up and demanded action following the accidental murder of a 6 year old girl. Otherwise, such weapons in the hands of anyone was not considered a big problem. Following passage of the NFA, the criminals continued to use their weapons, and the law abiding people were disarmed. Sounds very familiar. It was also true that during that period, politicians were deep into the pockets of organized crime.

    The NFA has never been challenged for constitutionality. It has been challenged for specific conditions, like possession of a sawed off shotgun. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that the sawed off shotgun was not considered to be a weapon commonly used to fight a war. That definition essentially indicated that the people were entitled to possess weapons commonly used to fight wars, without publicly stating so. (It’s not just what is said, but also what is not said.)

    The Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, authored by Sen Diane Feinstein, included firearms which had never been considered to be assault weapons. She made arbitrary decisions in order to add more weapons to her list. What is not publicized is that she agreed to an end to the AWB providing manufacturers altered the design in order to make it nearly impossible to convert M-16s to fully automatic. The manufacturers have complied and she went back on her word and began her crusade against those scary military looking rifles again. Even the military never listed the M-16 as an “assault weapon”. My manual from 1969 says, “Care and Maintenance of the M-16 RIFLE”.

    The people we elect seem to forget their oaths of office before their hand leaves the book on which the swear. It’s time to make examples out of a few of them. Get out and vote!

  7. Gun Control All of this debate comes from our government’s inability to uphold its oath to the constitution and to our bill of rights. Persons in office that think it is obsolete and yet they swore and oath to preserve and protect it. Us allowing elected officials to violate their oath when in fact they should be brought up on charges of treason, us allowing our criminal justice system to degrade to a point of plea bargaining for the sake of an expedient judicial

    The second amendment and its meaning seem to be the big debate among gun control advocates’ these days. It is a matter of fact that gun control started with the 1934 National Firearms Act. Up until that time you could purchase any firearm you wanted without any restrictions. The National Firearms act was specifically put in place by FDR in 1934 in order to curb the activities of organized crime due to Prohibition. In reality the national security threat ended when Prohibition ended and the National Firearms Act of 1934 should have been repealed. Fact the National Firearms act was illegal and violated a person’s constitutional rights. Understandably something had to be done to curb the violence during prohibition however violating the constitution was not legal and other legal avenues should have been explored. Just because a violation of the constitution took place doesn’t give legitimacy to expand on it. This is not president it is a violation of the constitution!

    The second amendment was ratified in 1791, so for the first 143 years or 64.12% of this countries existence gun control was not an issue. Again any US citizen had the right to purchase any gun they wanted without restriction.
    So the question is, did the founders of the constitution understand the true meaning of the 2nd amendment? Seeing that Presidents Washington and Madison signed it, I am sure they did. Did they enact gun control legislation? Did any of the preceding 29 presidents? No they did not! Did they not communicate during the first 143 years of this Republic’s existence? Did we lose our ability to read and comprehend written text? Certainly I have not.

    From 1791 up until the 1934, thirty one Presidents sworn an oath to “preserve and protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic”, all served this republic from George Washington up to Herbert Hoover. From the first to the 31 president no gun control, why is that? What were the founders of this Republic thinking? Could it be that the 2nd states “that the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Pretty straight forward to me! I have taken the same oath and as a sworn participant I will stand by my oath. You can say whatever you want but until a constitutional amendment has been ratified which gives you legitimacy in the eyes of the law all you gun control advocates can go pound salt.

  8. With surrender and removal of e militia clause from the 2nd the feds said you got your gun at home and iunder 10 and 14 ” individual States” can place limits upon the. Legal definitions of self defence and to limit the tpes and characteristics of home defense weaponry
    Jeb is an ass but he is just one ass among many from both side of political isles who have nevrr passrd up a vhance to play power politics.

  9. Quite so. Indeed, James Madison and George Mason, co-authors of the 2nd Amendment, were called upon to appear before state legislatures to explain it prior to ratification. The minutes of those appearances exist today, as do the personal writings of those gentlemen. That the 2nd was ratified along with the rest of the Constitution, evidences that there has never been any other interpretation, and that no interpretation of the 2nd is required by the Legislative, Executive, or the Judicial Branches. Further evidence of acceptance of the 2nd is that the populace, from the beginning, has adopted every new firearms technology without interference until recent history. Congress and FDR violated the Constitution when they passed the National Firearms Act of 1934. Seems coincidental that shortly after his election, FDR was the target of an assassination attempt, and soon afterward the NFA 1934 was drafted and passed.

  10. Here’s what Jeb should have said: “No, I don’t consider it a National Right, I consider it a NATURAL RIGHT. NO right is more fundamental than that of self-preservation. It is granted to us by our Creator, and protected from governmental infringement by the Second Amendment to our Constitution. And so long as citizens do not disqualify themselves from the exercise of this right by committing criminal acts or exhibiting signs of mental illness, owning and carrying firearms should be the unequivocal right of all.”

  11. If you will notice.The state’s have constitutions and a Bill of Rights too.People seem to think a Bill of rights is something granting them something.Well,that’s just not true.The Bills of Rights are a list of things God gave you on the day of your birth.It also is a list that COMMANDS the government, made by the people,not to try to limit their rights given by God.The Supreme court says that these rights are not absolute,but they also said it was okay to own other people once too.How can a Court given their jobs by appointment,instead of democratic election remain true to the people.In fact,it actually makes them loyal to the people who gave them their jobs.Just food for thought.


  13. Jeb Bush, like his father and grandfather, is a politician–first, last and always. The last thing we need in the White House is another politician. Politicians have gotten progressively worse and the years have gone by, to the point that the only area in which we can count on them being consistent is that they will do or say whatever will feather their own nest and further their own career. They are gutless wonders who refuse to do what’s best and right for America, and do, instead, what’s best for themselves and their party. Only when Americans have the courage and the good sense (and I truly doubt that most today have either) to oust all career politicians, and put in common people with common sense like the founders of this country, will anything change for the better. Until and unless we do this, it will continue to be more of the same slide into destruction, until what was the greatest nation on the face of the earth will be nothing more than one more failed and crumbled empire.

  14. I refuse to get drawn into the usual constitutional masturation circle jerk, I prefer going for the jugglar and love the sight of fear and uncertainty in cowards eye as they search for nearest dumb door exit.
    It is quite telling that this malecannot stand and present own defence but has need of handlers, thopse without spi es do need lots of support and supporters..
    Jeb Bush “Disapeared over 1 2 billion$ of Florida Public employees retirement funds, all through the Koch Brothers pri at enterprise slus fundsthat launder into GOP campaigns.
    Some tenps of millions full total untraceablle went into Daddys Carlyle group and for every corporate hat raised the $100k for brother Bush election he diverted 10’s0f millions to each, all as investments and fu ny none returned o e dropof profit for Eployees trust funds.
    How one joins Lehman Brothers an handsntheem900 million that gives them and himself tens of millions in fees while preparing to file Bankruptcy is well known..
    This issue of owning a gunvis for pea brains to argue over as the pea trucks roll over them.
    The fTe of nation allows mLes such as he to actually e thought worthy of a Presidency?.
    Do nlt forgive author as this is only worded slightly different as talki g points by nationwide GOP officerz
    This individual from time before PpNAC papersbwas groomed to be president and the GOP TITLE is Facism unbridled.
    Hey this guy robbed over 2 billion fom Florida and to this day recieves millins from Floridaveducation andbprivatized schools and oh yes he and gop cronies now own almost all top and aquifer water rights to wholebstate.
    Hey he is living the American robbers dream how to steal wnd neer need to use a gun.

  15. Jeb just shot himself in the foot. He is talking in circles and lost any thought of me voting for him if he gets that far. Just another politician liar.

  16. The Bush crew should not have ever had to get out and clarify that statement. He didn’t make a mistake, he stated exactly what he thought of the 2d Amendment. If he wasn’t clear on what he thought he would not have said that and should never have opened his mouth had he not understood the difference between the 2d and 10th Amendments. No, he knew exactly what he was saying and what came out does not indicate he understands the 2d Amendment and what it means to Americans. Just another out-of-touch politician talking out of both sides–front and back!

  17. The problem with “guns” is almost always (some 98%) of these shootings are in so-called “GUN FREE ZONES” and we, the people, know that! The “gun problem” is NOT with the guns but rather with people using pscycotrophic grugs having access to them! Almost every “mass shooting” is caused by a drug ABUSER and NOT by a regular used of prescription drugs who takes them as his/her dr indicates! Where’s the highest gun violence commited? Answer is every city that has strict gun “control” laws such as D.C., Chicago, New York etc etc! Enforce the more than 20,000 laws already and you will cut down on gun violence! And, for Gods sake, get rid of all “gun free zones” with one possible exception-courthouses? You will see concealed carry saves literally millions of lives per year but you (yje major media) have no wish to tell the truth but rather have an insane agenda which always blames the gun, not the knife,the car, the hammer, the icepick but ONLY the gun! You’re all hippocrites!

  18. Sedition: Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.
    “The United States” derives its “authority” to govern and to even exist, under the Constitution, and no more. If the “government” breaches the Constitution, then the “government” has automatically removed itself from its “authority” and is acting under “Color of Law” and not the “authority of Law”.
    Sedition is rebellion against a “lawful government” … when that “government” is no longer “lawful” …. it is no longer “sedition”.

  19. In order for a “law” to actually “BE LAW”, it must be clearly understandable by the common man …. else, it is someone’s “OPINION” that he is expected to obey and NOT the “law” itself.

  20. As long as one retains one’s “citizenship”, one is entitled to all the rights and amenities of such citizenship – Period.
    The ONLY way to strip someone of the Rights as a “Citizen” is to strip them of their “Citizenship” …. for a defined period of time, or permanently.

  21. I have not trusted the Bush family since G.W. signed the new laws after 911. Bush 41 spoke of new world order. I should have known better. I do not trust any of the career politicians we have today.

  22. When my mom had to move iintolow income housing she was worried that she would have to give back the gun I gave her for protection because other residents had told her it was in the lease that you can not have a gun.
    I told my mom to keep the gun.
    I latter saw the lease and it stated that residents were prohibited from having unlawful firearms or ammunition, not that they couldn’t have a lawful firearm, so I told my that she could still keep the gun because to the best of my knowledge there is no legal reason why she couldn’t.
    It looked as though whoever wrote up the lease was trying to impose a form of gun control on people with low incomes who live in low income housing.( mom still has that SaW 637 and will be 72 this year and still lives ther.)

  23. Sadly we do live in an ever more Progressive/Fascist nation. This ever stripping away of our constitutional limits on government, our natural rights due to our humanity is growing bolder. Their mocking, reinterpreting our the 2nd Amendment, and all constitutional limits, has been a stated goal for well over a hundred years.
    While defending our Right to Keep and Bear Arms DON’T allow these clever Progressive/Fascist con us into supporting so other “emergency” infringement such as the Patriot Act.

  24. This is exactly what is wrong with both the state and federal government. Both have no right to limit anything in the constitution or the bill of rights. The rights granted are as thay read. Regarding the 2nd all gun control freaks need to understand any law put in place interfearing with one rights is null and voide upon inception. Read the federalist pappers and the rightings of Jefferson. The state and federal governments are violating their oath of office and should be removed from government. If you want to change the constitution/bill of rights it requires all states to vote and 2/3 of all states must agree to make a change. Untill that happens any law they put in place is voide. This is how it reads and this is the procedure to make a change otherwise they both can go pound salt.

  25. Twenty some years ago I lived in the Communist enclave of Illinois – now, I won’t even journey through it, if I can help it.

    Can someone explain to me, please, why it is that, in Illinois, one must have an FOID to even purchase ammunition? (Last I knew you even had to have “The Card” to purchase a can of Black Powder) The card is a “Firearm owner’s Identification Card” … not an “ammo purchase” card. What if you wanted to buy you spouse, child, parent, friend, some ammo for their birthday, Christmas, what ever. You are not able to do so without the FOID. It would be similar to banning the purchase of a whetstone unless you have a “Knife Owner’s ID” card. The people of Illinois really need to take their State back and WE THE PEOPLE really need to take our Republic back.

  26. The Second Amendment is not just a guarantee of pre-existing Rights …. it is a call to DUTY that everyone, as the militia IS the “whole of the people”, go armed at all times in defense of themselves, their families, their society, and their nation.

  27. In all actuality …… “electing” Hillary might be the best thing to happen since 1775 ….. it would surely guarantee that the “Third War for Independence”, or, “The Third Civil War”, (depending on how you want to call it) would certain begin.
    Remember, only 3% of the population took an active part the first time around.

  28. Just because the “courts” said so, does not make it so.
    The very instant that the “court” violated the Constitution (including the Second Amendment), the “court” removed itself from its office and any authority it may have had ….. to violate the Constitution would be considered “Bad Behavior” and would render the “court” void.

  29. It would be unlawful for the States to do anything, just as it is unlawful for the federals …… in order to join the union, each and every State must agree to be bound by the terms of the Constitution.
    Among the binding portions of the Constitution are the Amendments – including the Second Amendment. Were a State to pass legislation concerning “arms”, in any way, shape, or form, it would be a direct violation of the “shall not be infringed” portion of the Second Amendment.
    The States, however, can pass legislation regarding “the militia” as far as the arming and training of said militia and how the officers of the militia are to be appointed …. but the “pre-existing”, God-Granted Right is GUARANTEED, buy both federal and State, to be without infringement … as long as the States remain within said union and the union remains in force.

  30. Hi.
    I would just like to say this. Everyone always says we need universal background checks. I myself would hope that everyone who buys a gun has to get a background check.
    I live in Illinois where you need a FOID card ( firearm owners identification card ) you can not legally buy a gun in Illinois without one. If you want to get a FOID card you have to fill out an application pay your fees and wait 4to6 weeks while they do a background check on you. If you pass your background check. The state will issue you a FOID card. What does having a FOID card do for you. Really nothing. When ever I buy a gun they always do a background check and I have to wait the mandatory 24 hours for rifles and 72 hours for handguns. And when I buy a gun they not only need to see my FOID card but also my drivers license. I don’t understand this because my FOID card has a number on it and my picture on it. It has all the information on it that my drivers license has. My point is that the state of Illinois already has background checks and really strict gun control laws. And with all that. It is one of the states with the most gun violence. That right there should tell you stricter gun control laws don’t work. The reason why is so simple. The people who the strict gun control laws affect are law abiding citizens not the criminals. Do You really think someone who would rob someone at gun point really cares if the gun there using has more then a 10 round magazine in it. Most of the people who would commit crimes like that can’t get a gun legally. So all the laws and bans and taxes they put on guns and ammunition won’t affect the criminals at all. The people who it does affect are the law abiding citizens. Then some of the politicians are talking about repealing the law that prevents people from suing the gun manufacturers for the damages there products cause. That’s just a ploy to try to put them out of business. Could you imagine being able to sue manufacturers for damages there products cause. If you get into an accident just sue the manufacturer. If you were drinking sue the alcohol manufacturer. If you get stabbed sue the manufacturer. Where does it stop. The only time you should be able to sue a manufacturer is when they knowingly put out a defective product. We the people of the United States of America need to protect all our rights even if we don’t believe in some of them. If we let them take one from us it won’t belong before they take two. United we stand divided we fall. Remember that.

  31. G-Man,

    You are absolutely correct in your statements about the flow of power as enumerated in the US Constitution. From the people to the States to the Feds. Not the other way around.

  32. Remember Karl Rove? The behind the scenes powerbroker for the Bush family as well as many republican candidates. In an interview this past summer he said that the only way to stop gun violence was to dump the 2nd Amendment. Trusting politicians from either party is nuts. Politicians lie. They’ll stab you in the back the instant it seems like doing so will help them. Focusing on democrats while trusting republicans is a fatal mistake.They’re politicians for God’s sake. You have NO friends in Washington.

  33. What a bunch of teapublican whiners. Nobody is trying to take anybody’s guns. I’ve heard the same arguments for forty years and gun rights have been expanded, not decreased. Don’t drink the hillbilly koolaid.

    1. You are sadly misinformed. There have been bills introduced in California and at least two other states that I am aware of to confiscate legal firearms. Look up CA 2012 SB249. In those states, they already require all sales, including private sales, to be registered. This provides State government with the basic tool – a registry – that is necessary for confiscation. Hillary Clinton said two weeks ago that as far as she was concerned, “confiscation is on the table.” These are overt efforts that are actively being pursued to effect disarming of the people. They don’t even have hide it. There are plenty of people like you that have only a very topical knowledge of what is happening and will jump on the gun control bandwagon without understanding what is really happening. Unfortunately they, and you, believe the misinformation and downright lies being promoted by the Violence Policy Center and other anti-gun rights lobbies that want total disarmament.

    2. well John, what you say is partially true, but this election was very different. we do have a second amendment, but 4 out of 8, that is 50% of the supreme court believes the second amendment is not an individual right. the next justice will decide whether you have the right to own a gun. now that is crazy crap. maybe i should say democrap. if it is not an individual right, which is stated clearly, then they can take the guns from the population. it seems serious to me. it seems our right to own guns is hanging by a thread. the only reason.they have not succeeded is the gun lobby. if not for those fighting to cover our backs we would not be able to own guns now. hillawitch666 the most evil person i can think of was not our answer. it got me out voting again. i am for freedom and both sides seem to want to take my freedoms. i therefore have to pick and choose what is most important to me and vote accordingly. guns are the most important, they help keep the government in check. it certainly needs someone to keep it in check. all it wants is more power at the expense of it’s citizens.

  34. Can someone please put an end to the rummer that if the president
    declares war then he would have the power to cancel al elections. That would give him his third term he so badly wants.
    I’m not saying I believe this I just want someone toput an end to it.

  35. Two points. First, the Founders were brilliant and clever to state that our rights do not come from man, or from government, but from God, and only God can take them away. This is why Progressives have worked so long and so hard to destroy religion and our belief in a God. Once we no longer believe in God, it makes no sense to have rights bestowed by a God and the source of those rights will become the government.

    It is also important to always place the 2A in historical context. The Founders had just recently engaged in armed conflict against their own government. The only reason they were able to do this was they were armed. This is why the 2A was one of the first ratified and agreed to. The Founders wanted to ensure that future generations would have the same power to defeat any government that denied them their rights. This is why firearm possession was treated as one of our God-given rights.

    This is where Bush’s comments are proven so wrong. It makes no sense that The Founders would have wanted the citizens to be able to fight the Federal government but not the state governments. There is no reason why they would want to exempt state governments from this right. Any government force, Federal or State, had to be defeated if it started exceeding its power, which is why the 2A was written the way it was.

    1. The context of the Second Amendment includes something that you didn’t mention, but is very clear. In the Preamble to the Bill of Rights, is explicitly states that the amendments enumerated therein are necessary to prevent abuse and misconstruction of the power of the Federal Government.

      The Second Amendment exists to ensure that the central government would not itself become a tyrannical authority. The State were very reluctant to ratify the Constitution, and it took a lot of effort to convince them to do so. After ratification, those that had distrust of Central Gov’t and believed that it would usurp State’s Rights and the will of the People pressured for the Bill of Rights.

      Each of the first 10 Amendments is aimed specifically at underscoring rights that were believed to be the most important in terms of holding the Federal Gov’t in check. There is no other reason for any of them. The original Constitution did not explicitly enumerate these rights; the Framers believed that it was unnecessary because the basis of the Constitution was not to be the granting of rights, but rather to limit the authority of Government. As we’ve seen, the Federal Government has circumvented or allowed to be circumvented many provisions of the Constution, including not only the Second Amendment but also the Fourth through Tenth Amendments.

      The Government has evolved into a bloated tyrannical operation that is anathema to the intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They achieved this largely through the expedient of buying votes by promising benefits to segments of the population and special interests that they have no authority over in the first place.

  36. How can anyone support Bush when he thinks the States have rights to control peoples rights to own guns for protection .The 2nd Amendment is very clear about everyone right to own and bear arms . Bush is done if this is his way of thinking .

  37. Gee, it must be difficult being JEB. This guy stumbles over words like a drunk stumbles up stairs. If he knew anything about the Bill of Rights, he’d know that the Second Amendment restricts government at ALL levels from “infringing” upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms (and that includes ammunition!). The Tenth Amendment explicitly places ALL powers NOT given to the federal government via the enumerated powers to the states and/or the people. Since the Second Amendment restricts the federal government further than the body of the Constitution regarding firearms, the States are likewise restricted. The founders made clear their intents in their personal writings, if the Constitution (which includes the Bill of Rights!) is not clear enough.

    Mr Bush may, for political purposes, support the Second Amendment, but his heart is clearly not in it. Nor has he cared to educate himself on the issue sufficiently to be able to articulate a coherent statement on the subject. There must be a genetic issue among the Bush family that interferes with the speech center of the brain making simple, direct, clear statements difficult, if not impossible. Most of us have that problem on occasion. The male members of the Bush family appear to have that problem perpetually.

  38. I have a masters degree in Political Science and I think poor Jeb was trying his best to pander to those who align themselves with the 2nd and 10th amendment. And by doing so his thoughts tied his response in a knot. Federal law outweighs states rights. There are a multitude of ways states can dictate their own path of governance but the 2nd amendment ain’t one of them you can arbitrarily change.

  39. Could not have said it better G-Man…!

    GWDean…spot in…If you stay home on election day, you …are… part of the problem…and we have no room for you in the U.S.A. If you do not vote…don’t whine or nash your teeth when your unable to achieve “Life, Liberty and your pursuit of …the Life you seek”…(A/K/A…HAPPINESS!)…

  40. The problem is not with the laws and constitution. The problem is with the public that have lost their way with theirs morals, honesty and righteousness. They have lost their way and now find other avenues to justify their existence.

    I blame this on, not the creator, but the gods that made us from existing living beings. These beings have left us without a history! Humans are always seeking their true history and worth.

  41. “The court has allowed the states some latitude to pass and enforce certain laws regulating firearms. At that point, the common belief that the Second Amendment is an absolute right is moot.”

    What an asinine and dangerous statement. So some bad judges make a bad, wrong, politically motivated decision, and we’re just stuck with it forever?? We just need to live with the horrible, oppressive consequences forever??? Thats ridiculous, and could not be more wrong. That pathetic attitude is why we have lost and are continuing to lose so many of our freedoms in this messed-up country. The author should be ashamed, and he has no credibility after such an apologist for tyranny statement.

    We need to get rid of all the politicians and the corrupt judges tgey appoint, and repeal and overturn all their unconstitutional oppressive laws, regulations, decisions, and mandates!

    The 2nd Amendment, and all the other rights affirmed in the constitution, are absolute, that is the absolute truth. But sadly, this misguided author is wrong, that belief is no longer common because most people are dumbed down and brainwashed by our Big Brother govt and its crony allies in tge media and govt controlled schools.

  42. The 10th amendment in fact, does not give the states the right to change anything presently in the constitution without due process.
    The most important part of the 10th amendment is the limit it puts upon the federal government which is this:
    If the constitution does not specifically say that the federal govt. can do something, then it cannot. Instead, that specific item is under the jurisdiction of the states and/or the people.
    In this case, the 2nd amendment is among those rights endowed us in the original drafting of that document. The individual states have nothing to say except….okay.
    This particular amendment was put into the bill of rights for the very reason we are facing today which is a tyranny imposed by a democratic government. We are NOT A DEMOCRACY. We are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. Anyone that does not understand the difference, had better get back to the books.

  43. 10th Amendment. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    2nd Amendment A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Basically what I’m saying is that the 10th is pretty clear. If a power was neither laid out for or denied to the Federal government, then that becomes a states rights issue. Since the 2nd is very clear in what it states, gun ownership is not a state issue OR a federal issue. Stop electing people who have obviously have no clue or concern for the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

  44. 1.) I think Colbert backed Jeb into a rhetorical corner. Any Presidential candidate ought to be well enough educated and verbally nimble enough to avoid those types of traps. If Jeb cannot manage a late-night talk-show host, how may he be expected to deal effectively with Putin, or Baghdadi?

    2.) Given the attacks in Sydney, Montreal, Kenya, and Paris, gun-rights supporters might be better served by arguing the uniquely American obligation to defend our own communities. Instead arguing “against” our own government and a Liberal desire to disarm the country in the interest of “safety”, we might argue “for” the original language of the Second Amendment: i.e., we are all members of the Militia and may be called upon to defend ourselves and our neighbors against the agents of chaos and murder – both the agents of Jihad and the demons of mental illness.

  45. What’s with the anti Latino sentiment on some of these comments? A huge numer of us are avid hunters, U.S. Veterans and staunch supporters of gun rights. Have been since the U.S.-Mexican border was a line in the dirt.And if you support deporting 12 million undocumented worker bees. Pray that us citizens will fill their places in housing construction, agriculture( in which the U.S. already imports more than 25% of the produce that makes it to wolly world and keeps us uncompetitive in the world market already), meat and poultry processing plants and hotel and travel industry to name a few. Or get ready to pay a hefty price for services in just about every commercial business sector señores!

  46. 10th amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Has nothing to do with giving the states the power to override anything in the Constitution! It’s amazing that such a small document is so hard for many to comprehend!

    The 10th amendment is all about saying that anything not written in the constitution belongs to the states or the people! The second ammendment is wriiten in the constitution! It is not overridable by the states or the feds! But since it’s just TP to this ones brother and most government agencies, all entities from the feds on down, simply choose to ignore it!

    1. Correction: during talks about the “patriot act” better known as the treason paper! Bush junior was witnessed (confirmed by 3 witnesses) to have had the following conversation:

      I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

      “Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”

      “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

      Not TP, but a GDamned piece of paper!

      Yeah, I want the brother for 8 years! The father has many incredible NWO quotes as well.

  47. “The states are supposed to have as much power as the federal government—this is the heart of the federal system. According to the Tenth Amendment, the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the United States Constitution. All remaining powers are reserved for the states or the people.”

    The first sentence is just opinion. There isn’t a scorecard or a balance sheet which determines who has more power or less power at any given time. The remaining sentences re: the Tenth Amendment are accurate. There is no quantitative requirement to be met, however.

    “The court has allowed the states some latitude to pass and enforce certain laws regulating firearms. At that point, the common belief that the Second Amendment is an absolute right is moot.”

    This is pretty much all Bush was saying. And It’s no different with other amendments. I don’t see anything controversial here.

  48. Lets see if I have this correct Jeb Bush thinks that the 10th amendment would over ride the 2nd amendment if a state like NY wanted to ban all guns and ammo. The 2nd says, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. The 10th amendment gives the states the right to dismiss, regulate the 2nd amendment has Jeb even read what the 10th says? The 10th says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people”. The “nor prohibited by” it seems to be clear. The 2nd is plainly spelled out and does not say this power goes to the states nor does the 10th say all amendments can be dismissed by the 10th. With Jebs thinking the states can set policy even if it is in complete violation of the constitution Think of all the amendments that Jed would be OK with states dismissing are doing away with. Letting state politicians dismiss amendment 4,5,6,7,8,9 would not go over with the people very well. The question was not a hard one. Jeb backers say it was a trick question and hard to answer. All he had to say is that the 2nd amendment speaks for its self and a state law cannot override the constitution. It seems that Jeb thinks it can.

  49. The use of the 14th Amendment to incorporate provisions of the Constitution to the states is relatively new. As recently as Cruikshank (1875) the Supreme Court considered the states free to restrict gun ownership as they saw fit.

  50. After watching the debates, I have come to the conclusion that Jeb is another Bush, with the same ideology of Bush senior. That we don’t need. W was a much better choice for America than who was running against him both times, but we have much better choices this time. Trump is brash and outspoken, at times to his own determent, but you do know where he stands, Cruz has kept his word about the conservative cause better than any politician in decades, even going so far as calling Mitch McConnell a liar on the senate floor when McConnell had lied. When the republican rhinos called him on it he did not back down. That showed me he has guts. I’d love to see Trump as president, and Cruz a VP if Trump would listen to him on issues. America has reached the point in history where we are going to have to stand up and assert our rights as a nation on this earth, or become a whipped pup third world nation like the democrat hierarchy have been working tirelessly for the past fifty years to make it become. The worst republican candidate is much, much better than any candidate the democrats are fielding, and staying home just might get you Hillary as president. That is just exactly what would push America over the edge into oblivion, and assure that the Constitution be completely trashed. The Constitution is the reason America has been the free nation we have been up until the past six years. The democrats and the republican rhinos are the reason Obama has been able to become a tin pot dictator like he has. Congress could stop a lot of what Obama has gotten away with, and Cruz has fought him as he promised he would. The problem Cruz faced is that the rhinos, who are trying to derail the candidacy of Cruz and Trump both, have fought him all the way. With the House leadership in Ryan’s hands, and with a true conservative president America can still be saved. Get out and vote, because you can be sure the liberals will, and they will also commit voter fraud where ever they can. If any of us suspects voter fraud, we need to complain long and loud. After the last election, it is a joke when the USA sends delegates to a foreign country to ensure fair elections. Never again should America see the fiasco of such rigged elections, and the people stand for it. If you haven’t been paying attention, there were some precincts that had a larger voter turn out than they had registered voters, and they all voted democrat. Does that raise a flag for anybody else about fraud?

  51. I am not a supporter of Jeb Bush but he got it absolutely right on this issue.
    The Second Amendment, as is all the first ten Amendments, is a check on the Federal Government not the States. This is why the amendments were put in the Constitution, to protect the States from a far reaching Central Government. Just imagine if we abided by this original intent. There would be no Federal gun laws and the people in Florida would never have to worry about any Marxist who resides in the White House from ever taking away their guns. However, it is a two-edged sword. I live in the People’s Republic of New York and our rights are being taken away by another Marxist who sits in the governors mansion. I can stay or fight or move to Florida where people are still free. That is what a Federal Rebublic is supposed to provide. Different strokes for different folks. Without the federal government involvement in most matters, economic as well as guns, places like New York would quickly collapse and be forced to become more free. Read the Supreme Court Decision in Barron v. Baltimore to see What the founders intended.

    1. Rick Montes, the Constitution is a check on both the Federal Government and the States. The 10th amendment states that authority in matters that aren’t covered in the Constitution goes to the States. It’s clear, and has been confirmed through various Supreme Court rulings, that the States may not enact laws that conflict with or are in violation of the Constitution.

      It’s an important distinction. As you point out in your home state, gun laws are being trampled while the Federal Gov’t shirks its responsibility. At the time, the States were about liberty; today, more than half of the population resides in States that have or want to emasculate the Constitution. In CA where I live, we have draconian gun laws that violate not only the Second, but also the Fourth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

      The fight can’t be stop at the National elections. We have to understand the positions of the people we elect, starting with the local school board.

  52. Jeb, is not a leader all he wants is his name added to the Bush dynasty of presidents. Remember who stopped the importation of the so called assault weapons….Old man Bush. We need no stinking Bush,the whole family sucks! Trump for POTUS!!!

    1. You must get your information from the same sources as your preferred candidate. If you’re talking about the ban of 1994, that was Bill (go shoot yourself in the head) Clinton. That’s the family you need to worry about.

  53. Didn’t like Jeb to begin with. One reason is he is a panderer. Now he feels he has to soften his 2nd Amendment stance so as to not offend the low-info Colbert audience. Cruz is the only one I fully trust with 2nd Amendment issues.

  54. He has it the wrong way around. The 2nd amendment guarantees the individual right to bear arms. The courts have then used the 10th amendment to ensure that the states are also bound by the 2nd, as they have with the other rights in the constitution.

  55. iif it takes a team of interpreters to tell us what ole Jeb said, after we heard it with our ears and read it with our eyes, and digested it with our brains, then I think Jeb would be better off running for dog catcher as the dogs wont understand what he is saying either. he is weak on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, (look, when they get pulled over, and found to be illegal, deport them, when they break into our homes and dont get shot, deport them, it wont take long to get 11 million thugs out of this country)

  56. This is a very good reason to not vote for Jeb. He is an absolute ass, and a big cry baby. I don’t think I have ever been more sick of hearing and seeing a candidate as I am of Jeb “Baby”. The only one who makes me sicker is the Doggie-Doo in the WH now.

  57. The 10th amendment does not give the states the right to infringe on the 2nd amendment. First off, the constitution and its amendments were ratified by the states and the intent of the 10th amendment is clear; any powers NOT given to the federal government falls to state, local government, or the individual. Clearly, by ratifying the second amendment, the states gave the federal government the power to decide that our right to best arms shall not be infringed upon. Therefore, any state or local laws that do infringe on this right are unconstitutional.

  58. What has always and continues to amaze me is the way people twist the words of the United States Constitution to fit whatever they are advocating. The words of the Constitution were not written in some secret language that only lawyers and judges can understand; no, it was written for anyone who could read to understand. Our founding fathers understood that groups of people would try to take the freedom that had been bled for away by claiming they were the elite and only they could understand what was “truly” meant in these words.

    Today we have a class of “professional politicians” who claim to know what the words of the Constitution mean; it really does not matter what political party they belong to because in the end they are only interested in retaining their personal power. This is why we have a circus every four years complete with ringmasters and clowns who tell us anything and everything we want to hear. Some will get elected and after the election all promises are quickly forgotten and it’s business as usual. We desperately need term limits as well as making Congress subject every piece of legislation they pass.

    Want to fix the Veterans Administration; force all politicians and bureaucrats to use VA facilities for medical attention. I guarantee that a solution to the VA’s problems will rapidly come to pass. How about Social Security; all members of Congress should be subject to retirement under Social Security. Once again, a way will be found to insure that Social Security will be funded. Is it any wonder that the approval rating for Congress is headed into single digit? Congress does not hold the bureaucrats accountable and no one hold Congress accountable.

  59. Jeg doesn’t stand a chance to get elected. He’s a loser and comments like this put a nail in his coffin. It’s time for every sportsman and target shooter to stand up and vote out any one who will try to take our guns away.Don’t be like the a holes who voted for the fraud twice, see what you got. Every one of those owner of those 300 million guns need to hit the polls!

  60. Jeb is simply incorrect in his understanding of the Constitution. Civil Rights trump State Rights since the ratification of the 14th Amendment, period.

    The proper role of the Federal Govt and specifically SCOTUS is to restrain state power from violating individual rights.

  61. The Constitution was not meant to be applied in such a way as it contradicts itself by allowing the States to diminish what the Constitution provides. If this were the case there would functionally be no Constitution as is could be completely ignored. Obviously this is nonsensical.

  62. You wrote, “You’ll have to decide for yourself what Jeb really meant. In the end, we all wish Jeb had said the Second Amendment is a Constitutional right and neither a federal nor a state government has the power to limit that right.” …… WRONG!!! The 2nd Amendment grants, by the Constitution, NO right whatsoever to any Citizen. The Citizens a l r e a d y have the unalienable right granted by our Creator.

  63. He is right … there is not “national right” …. is a RIGHT, granted by God Almighty, a much higher authority than the “government” created by WE THE PEOPLE.
    What there is … is a NATIONAL GUARANTEE that our RIGHT, granted by God Almighty, will NEVER BE INTERFERED WITH BY THE FEDERALS OR THE STATES.

  64. The Bill of Rights and Constitution only applies to the Federal Government.
    Right in the first amendment it says “Congress shall make no law”.
    Your rights are from the creator not the Bill of Rights, you do not have these rights because of the constitution. The Bill of Rights is just a list that we think the Federal government will infringe on first on their road to tyranny.
    This is why your State Constitutions have similar wording and are protections at the state and local government level.
    We have a much larger impact and control of State and local government, at the federal level the individual has little impact.
    Jeb is correct in what he says, we have to stop giving the Federal Government so much power by thinking they have the power to decide such things, the power should be and is at the local and State level.

  65. This is the problem with RINOs.
    They say one thing and then sort of say another and VOILA!
    The Democrats Win!
    How can a state give more of a right to bear arms or less of a right to bear arms?
    What’s ambiguous about the word “infringed”?
    I’m not a Constitutional lawyer, either.
    The idea of a law, however, is that has to be written so we average Yobs understand it or we’re not going to obey it.
    This never was quite the problem is it today, when our gov’t itself doesn’t want to obey its own laws and deliberately writes laws so no one can understand them allowing gov’t o do whatever it wants.

  66. So basically Jeb Bush is a career politician who talks with a fork tongue and speaks out of the side of his mouth as all of them do. OK Jeb got it, we cannot trust you because like Obama you are a liar who is owned by the corporations. Guess what, Trump is the corporation and maybe some of them finally realize the way they are going there will not be an America and their wealth will mean nothing. It happened in France and Russia when the ultra rich took one piece of cake too many, the cake disappeared completely and they just killed all the rich people. In France they used a guillotine. There was only one thing for Bush to say, “I believe in the 2A and support it 100% as I do the all of the Constitution”…..and that would be all, he didn’t do that and that is a total fail in my book.

  67. A One World Order would be OK with me. As long as it is ruled by our original constitution modified with term limits for Congress and Federal Judges.

  68. @DaveDolbee, The heart of the federal system is not for the states to have as much power as the federal government. Powers of the federal government are delineated in the constitution. All other powers not listed as belonging to the federal government are assigned to the states.That’s federalism. The two entities, fed and states, are not equal under the law. They have separate powers, not equal powers.

    A state can pass a law that contradicts federal law, but that law will be subject to judicial review. If reviewed by the supreme court, an unconstitutional state law will be struck down.

    For example, marijuana is legal in Colorado and possibly a few other states. This means that the Colorado state police will not prosecute you for recreational use of marijuana within the state of Colorado. However, Colorado can not prevent the U.S. BATF from prosecuting you for the same thing because recreational marijuana use is against the federal law. Federal law always trumps state law.

    If a state passes a law that infringes on the second amendment, then the NRA can sue that state and if found unconstitutional, the law will be struck down. This is what happened in D.C. vs. Heller, although D.C. is not a state, the same principal applies.

    I think that Jeb Bush didn’t think his point through before he spoke. I don’t think he is anti-2A. However, I also don’t think he is the best defender of 2A because thinking on his feet is not a strength for him.

    The basic idea is that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, neither by the federal government nor by the states. Thus, waiting periods infringe on 2A if they make you wait to buy a gun. Concealed carry permits infringe if they make you spend money to obtain a card to do something that the constitution already gives you a right to do. If my card expires and I forget to renew it, then I’m suddenly a felon if I carry a pistol. Thus, my rights have been infringed.

    The issue gets twisted because too many people are trying to interpret and put their own spin on something that is already clear….”shall not be infringed”. We need political leaders who read and understand and who know their role as protectors of freedom, not limiters or controllers of freedom. Jeb is probably not the best guy although he is not as bad as many others.

  69. I agree on background checks for EVERY firearm transfer, be it commercial or between private individuals. I don’t want my crazy and criminal nephew to get a gun from a friend or relative.

    The mental health “check” is very difficult to enforce and full of dangerous opportunities for human/Constitutional rights violations.

  70. We need Jeb in the white house like we need Hillary – both need to end up in the historical trash bin – RINOs are worse than progressives because they pretend to be what they’re not – you know Hillary and exactly how destructive and corrupt she is, Jeb et al try to disguise it

  71. It’s pretty simple. The 10th Amendment states that authority over matters not expressly given to the Federal Government nor excluded from the States by the Constitution falls to the States.

    The Second Amendment guarantees that right of the people shall not be infringed. Citizens of the United States typically reside in a State, with the exception of those that reside in the District of Columbia, which is governed under the auspices of the Federal Government. 2A expressly prohibits infringement of the right of the People. Since the people live in the States, the Constitution it prohibits the States from having any authority regarding the issue of firearms at all. By 2A, the authority lies with the Federal Government, and is limited to ensuring that the right of the people is not infringed. That’s the only authority he Federal Government has!

    The Constitution is clear. The States either have authority over gun rights or they don’t. If one argues that they do, then 2A has no meaning, which is a logical reduction to the absurd. The only valid logical interpretation is that States have no authority at all. That’s not only logical but also clearly the intent.

    Therefore, all State regulations regarding firearms are unconstitutional. Word games and page after page of circuitous legal arguments have made it seem as though States have authority. They don’t have any at all.

  72. No document or government grants rights. People “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and “That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…” Also the rights we have are not limited to those enumerated in the Constitution, hence the reason for the Ninth Amendment. The Ninth and Tenth together guarantee that the rights of the people need not be enumerated and the authority of the Government MUST be.

  73. Jeb had better learn to say what he means and mean what he says.

    He is not running for dog warden.

    Our CONSTITUTION means what it says !

    The proof is it can be changed by Amendment.

    1. It’s our duty as Americans to vote. Should you choose not to vote, then you have no right to complain about who’s in office. Not voting is not going to change this collision course we are on for certain disaster. We can’t sustain the course we are on.

    2. You are totally wrong, and sadly misguided.

      The system, all those in power who control everything in this country, is corrupt and rigged.

      Voting in this horrible rigged system is actually perpetuating it, ensuring our demise. You give the corrupt, fraudulent politicians a claim of legitimacy. People with your naive brainwashed attitude are the problem.

      You need to wake up, and start seeing things how they truly are.

    3. I won’t stay home, but I’m sick of getting stabbed in the back by “conservative” Bush’s. When it comes down to it, we know where the Liberals and Dimocrats stand. A given. What I am afraid of are “Republicans” like Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow and John McCain who have “Potomac Fever” , talk the game, but when it comes to a vote for freedom, will screw us.
      “Just think how bad it will be if a Dimocrat is elected.” I should be grateful the jackboot is on my chest; not my throat???

    4. If you stay at home on election day, you are smart enough not to participate in the fraudulent American electoral system. Hillary has been chosen to be the next president. Honestly open your eyes and do some research. Putting your hand on your heart and waiving an American flag might make you feel better but it wont change a thing.

    5. No, you could not be more wrong. Sheep like you who keep perpetuating the myth that the system is legit and voting makes a difference, or that your voice is being heard – you are the problem.

      Wake up! The whole system is rotten and rigged. Stop participating in their corrupt scheme. You are a stooge, one of the useful idiots Marx talked about. People like you give them power and a (false) claim to legitimacy. Then, you make it even worse by spreading their misinformation by making comments like that on websites, which does their propaganda work for them.

      How much of a message, a wake-up call, do you think it would send to the corrupt establishment, if only a tiny percentage of people voted, say 10% or less? Do you think anyone could claim to have a mandate of the people with that low a percentage?

      And if you’re thinking you need to vote to keep the “other side” from getting in power and doing more bad, well – first they rig all elections now, and second, both sides are horrible now, just in slightly different ways. But they both build their own power at the expense of our liberty and prosperity.

      Please think this through. I used to think like you on this, but after years and thousands of hours of reading and study and thought, I see things totally differently now. We need more people to say “I know the system is corrupt, and I’m not playing anymore”

    6. Hardly. For at least three election cycles since 1992 I have been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. I have not seen a candidate I could vote FOR since Mr Reagan. If the various “establishment” organizations continue to force “electable moderates” on we conservatives, I will exercise my responsibility as a citizen to participate in the selection of the leaders of the country by simply withholding my vote for POTUS, while selecting others to fill the remainder of the positions up for election.

      I refuse to be forced to “hold my nose” while voting for such unacceptable candidates as John McCain and Mitt Romney. In the future, if there is no candidate I can actually support, I will not vote for any candidate for a given office. Period. Nor will I be shamed into thinking that “I’m part of the problem”. Nonsense. The problem is that the political process in our country is no longer under the control of people who think of the country first. They think of themselves first and, if they think of the country at all, it is somewhere far down their list of priorities. THAT is the problem. NOT people who see the problem and choose not to play the game by rules written by “those” people.

  74. This is worth the read and should clear up who is really making the mistake here…

    Increasingly I see even the most well intended people ignore requests for them to correct their misstatements or to stop using loose interpretations when speaking on matters of the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment. They usually dismiss their errors as unimportant as long as the overall concept is promoting their cause.

    However, they couldn’t be more wrong to do this given it causes generation after generation to lose the concept from years of increasingly watered down interpretations of the Constitution. One may ask – why is it my personal responsibility to get it right? The answer is – because gone are the days where the Constitution was taught to all 5th graders as an academic standard and instead is now considered a specialty course only taught at college level as an optional elective by some liberal professor who wants nothing more than to mold our youth with their rendition of the Constitution and their own version of its meaning.

    We need to counter this culture at every turn and get it right for our youth the first time, and every time. After all, a first impression is a lasting one to our impressionable youth. That is why someone as public as Jeb Bush and yes, even Dave Dolbee, who reach thousands and even millions with their words, have a responsibility to get it right.

    With that said, the Constitution is a legally binding framework established by the States as represented by the PEOPLE which lawfully stipulated to the then newly forming National (Federal) Government what they are allowed and not allowed to do. This means ALL power and authority bestowed upon the entire National Government exists only at the behest of the collective States through their Citizens.

    The States intentionally limited National power for a reason. The only purpose for the States to have agreed on the formation of a National Government was to create a limited centralized system for governing only those laws the States felt should be evenly applied across all lands consistently. This was only intended to encompass universally accepted rights that should apply to Citizens everywhere; such as Human Rights, Free Speech, Militia Defense, Bearing Arms, Trade, Interstate Commerce, Right to Trial, International Treaties, etc.

    By ratifying the Constitution and its Amendments the collective States together agreed these fundamental Rights were to be applied universally to all Citizens equally regardless of their State and thus are referred to as “The Law of the Land”. The States also set rules in the Constitution to establish the limited National Government which was to oversee ONLY these “Laws of the Land” and nothing more.

    All other laws and issues not specifically listed under the control of the Federal Government are therefore automatically and exclusively considered a matter for each State. Simply put, when the States agreed to the Constitution, it was written intentionally to prevent the Federal Government from becoming its own entity to the point of the overreaching monster it is today.

    Given that the States all together constitutionally agreed that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, they have effectively authorized the Federal government to enforce it as one of the “Laws of the Land” which must be applied to all States. Thereafter, any level of government, be it City, County, State or Federal which attempts to defy the Second Amendment, even to the slightest degree, is itself breaking the “Law of the Land”.

    The take away from this is that most people have forgotten that ultimately each Citizen of the States hold ALL the power and always have. They gave life to the Federal Government through the Constitution and my take it away through ratification should they so choose. But until that happens, the Second Amendment stands and it is the Federal Governments job to represent the States by defending it with their lives without reservation.

    Sadly due to liberal ideologies that have crept in over the years, the Federal Government has faltered in its only sworn duty to uphold the Constitution’s Second Amendment, and thus has led to several like-minded States taking advantage of this to manipulate and defy the “Law of the Land” without the fear of any repercussion.

    For some reason we as the collective States seem powerless now to put the Federal Government back in check the way it was originally intended to be. I believe it is because many do not understand the power the Constitution confers to each individual Citizen, and this is because we’ve allowed it’s meaning to become increasingly watered down.

    1. Amen. The me expound on one thing you said, “By ratifying the Constitution and its Amendments…” The only changes to the Constitution are those that have been ratified.

      According to Article V. there is no other legitimate process for changing the Constitution. It doesn’t matter what any judge or politician says to the contrary.

    2. Great rightup on the constitution and agree. I agree with Jeb that felons & metally disturbed should be barred. However, this is sadly moot and highly flawed since the phone & pen d@@sh b@g lets thousands of these folks out of prison who ignore these laws. If we do not enforce them & are not effective in maintaining effective enforcement, once again the ‘good’ guy looses while the villain/criminal benefits from these laws.

    3. Much of what you say is correct. However, the founders specifically restricted the federal government from “infringing” upon the right of the people (who constitute the militia) to keep, possess, own, use, maintain, or otherwise have firearms and the ammunition required for their use.

      Among other things, that prohibition was intended to include restrictions on “military grade” weapons and weapons of contemporary military use. It therefore follows that the NFA of 1934 is unconstitutuional, because it restricts access to automatic small arms such as the Thompson sub-machine gun and the Browning Automatic Rifle (M-1918 series), etc. Likewise, all federal firearms acts and laws are similarly unconstitutional for similar reasons: they all act to restrict, in some way or other, access by the people to arms that may be used by a militia or other military organization.

      This is neither the place nor the forum in which to enter into a lengthy discussion on the subject of militias or the actual meaning of the Second Amendment. Suffice it to say that the founders feared a large standing army for many reasons and preferred a militia made up of the citizenry. It then follows that the citizenry MUST have access to military arms and munitions, as well as the necessary training to use them.

    4. G-MAN’
      Thank you for putting this in it’s proper perspective ! ! !
      You have, in just a few paragraphs, have said what is the the ultimate truth that our Constitution has given us ! ! !
      Thank you again.

    5. You’ve hit all the right points, but it is important to understand that the States have become as much of an enemy to the Constitution as the Federal Government. Many States, including of course California which has nearly 40 million residents, have enacted gun laws that are violations of the Second and Fourth Amendments.

      The 2008 Heller decision is generally regarded as a victory for individual firearm rights. However, in some important ways it was a serious loss. The most blatant oversight in that ruling is that it skated around the issue of limiting the States’ authority, which has been used in many States to infringe the Constitution. It’s long been established and confirmed that the States do not have the authority to pass any law that violates the Constitution. However, the Federal Gov’t sits smugly by and allows it; the Justice Department does not raise challenges when it comes to gun rights. As I see it, it’s a clearly a breach of the oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution.

      Many people don’t take local and state elections as seriously as the treat Federal elections. They’re just as important. Even for non-gun owners, a politician’s stance on gun control is a great indicator of whether they support the Constitution or not.

    1. I could really care less what Bush said because I will not vote for Jeb Bush. the last thing this Republic needs is another Bush in the White House!

    2. I agree. But, unfortunately, the Republican party is in such disarray that the next President will probably be Hillary who believes that guns should be confiscated as in the UK and Australia. I would note that the European-style gun prohibitions did not prevent any of the terrorists in France from obtaining illegal weapons.

  75. “Doesn’t the Bill of Rights grant you and me specific rights that shall not be infringed?”

    Our rights are not “granted”, they are enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and the government should expect up to and including violent resistance to the infringement of those enumerated rights.

    1. To expand your point further, we are born with rights given by God and the Bill of Rights acknowledges them. No level of government is authorized by God or the free people to trespass on them.

    2. What is sedition? What is inciting a riot? What is inducing a panic?
      All are limits upon your first amendment right of free speech. Rights have limits, as the society and nation must survive peacefully, without plots to overthrow the government, riots or shouts of fire in a crowded movie theater when no fire exists.

    3. You’re correct…unfortunately many of the dunkoffs in DC and state government are clueless not only about the BOR but the Constitution in general…Anyone seeking public office should have to pass an exam on the Constitution, likewise with any elected official wanting to introduce a gun control bill, they should be required to take test AND write paper on current gun laws, gun crime statistics, how specific firearms operate and why the bill they want to bring to floor will stop crimes committed with guns. That would put an end to this gun control nonsense once and for all. Anyone with the power to limit rights should have to prove they know about firearms, current laws, statistics and the Constitution.

    4. Um no that is not true. The Bill of rights most definitely does not enumerate all specific individual rights; the way that the Constitution enumerates the 17 specific rights of the Federal or rather the Central gov. The bill of Rights does not list all specific rights of man, but does go further to prohibit the Central gov and in some cases the states themselves, from infringing upon the rights of man.

      The framers of the constitution recognized that true rights are God given and thus unalienable, (as stated in the Declaration of Independence) and most definitely NOT granted by the govt.

    5. GOD, our creator grants rights. I don’t need “permission” to defend myself. When I do need permission, I should read the preamble again ! It is only 202 words. I see alter, abolish, separate used to ensure my “safety & happiness”. Government has not done this since before 1861. Now government IS the criminal. STOP government bullying !

    6. You have the right idea, but have phrased it incorrectly. The federal government is restricted, supposedly, to those powers enumerated in the US Constitution. Certain natural rights (i.e. God-given rights) were so important to the founders that they felt it necessary to specify those rights and how the federal government was restricted from interfering with the free exercise of those rights by the people.

      Our rights are in no way enumerated (i.e. limited) in, or by, any document of any sort. Certain rights were considered too important to NOT be clearly stated and THOSE were included as amendments to the Constitution as the Bill of Rights.

  76. Although I’m not a fan of his for the nomination, after this statement if he’s the GOP nominee I’l just stay home on election day and find a way to hide my guns or leave the country.

    1. @Darth

      I’m no fan of Bush either, but “staying home” on election day is tantamount to give the Dem another vote. Hopefully he won’t be the nominee, but better Bush than Clinton.

    2. Seems like our Presidential election choices always come down to voting for the one who is less puke-inducing.

    3. Bleh, the democrats rarely actually trouble themselves to vote, so the point is rather moot.
      Well, save for presidential elections, when they might actually get off of their asses and vote.
      Whining they’re good at, voting, not so much.

    4. Bush vs. Clinton/Sanders/Whomever = Just one more false choice.

      Choosing the lesser of two evils still gets you more evil.

      Is that what we really need? The obvious answer should be NO! I’ll leave the solution to the armchair political scientists.

    5. Bush = Clinton – both parties are controlled by the same people. That is the point of the WHOLE game. No matter WHICH party you elect – they win. People who think that voting of the republican is stopping the democrat is naive. The Democrats and Republicans are two heads of the same party.

    6. I am not so sure of that. I think Jeb is Hitlery and Hitlery is Jeb, pretty interchangable at this point just as Pelosi is totally interchangable with Boehner and now Ryan, and Reid’s agenda actually picked up pace now that McConnel is doing his work for him.

      Both parties are being controlled by the same people. At least with Obama and the Democrats out in front, we have no argument as to who the real face of the enemy is.

      Substitute Mitt Romney for Obama and while the face changed shades ,it’s still the same evil Marxist agenda marching forward. But now we have a hard time convincing hard-core rah-rah cheerleader Republicans that their RINO is a God damned Marxist treason weasel.

      Comrade Hitlery or Bernie as president would be awful, but a Jeb Bush, Romney, Christi, Patacki, Kasich etc, (name your favorite Establishment RINO or Neocon here) would be just as bad if not worse; because many Centrist Republicans would just go back to sleep on their couches and assume they were safe.

    7. You are dead wrong on this.

      Voting in a rigged system, where both sides are horrible, where they all lie and cheat and steal our freedoms – is perpetuating the whole rotten system. See my longer comment above (if it passes moderation).

    8. I don’t see much difference between the liar Hillary Clinton and the bumbler J.E. Bush. I wouldn’t, and won’t, vote for either one.

    9. If you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still get evil.

      Why not show the corrupt establishment machine (both parties, wall street, unions, and other special interests) that you will no longer play their game by not participating in it?

      If it were just a number of corrupt individuals in an otherwise legitimate system, then I’d generally agree with you. But its not. Its the whole system that is bad, corrupt, lying, and rotten.

      Do you think anyone truly good even runs for office anymore?

      Do you think any politicians truly uphold their oath of office? (not just lip service)

      Do you think any of them are truly serving the people, and not just themselves and their cronies?

      Do you truly think the constitution is followed?

      Do you truly believe we are still a republic?

    10. There is no DEM vs REP, you should know this if you’ve done you’re homework. It is all a show and nothing more, the elections are a rigged game and the only thing we can honestly do is expose the deceit perpetrated by the weasels salivating for more money/power. The political class is nothing more than puppets marching to the orders of the globalist elites/bankers. This should shine some light on the subject:
      or this:
      We are just going around in circles like a dog chasing his tail, but, informing the masses with the straight faced truth is a tall order but can be done.

    11. This is why no one should support Jeb – way to much double talk and PC speech. That said, if he is nominated I will vote for him, for to not do so is simply helping Hillary get elected and this would be far worse!

    12. If you cannot vote for President still go and vote for the other, equally important, offices. Besides I am HOPING Harold Stasson Bush fades; of course I hope for a lot of things ;-).

    13. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic many years ago. I was never asked to rescind that pledge I made, and would not have done so if asked or ordered. That being said, the people of the USA have turned over the most sacred document of freedom in the world to a bunch of America haters, and I looked into moving to another country. Unless you have found some place I have been unable to uncover, your gun rights will be worse off in any foreign country that they are in the USA. Instead of staying home and hiding your guns, fight for the Constitution at the ballot box. We might not be able to fix everything with one election, but we will never fix anything by not fighting for our rights. Wake up hoss, the world as a whole is worse off than we are right now, but we are getting there by doing exactly what you suggest. Americans are notorious for staying home and letting some one else carry the burden on election day, and then bitching about the way things didn’t go their way. If you want to make a difference, get out and vote. Of course if you are a liberal shill spreading the idea of a protest non vote, take your own advice and stay home.

  77. The media always slants their questions to make it difficult not to give the answer they are looking for. I don’t like Bush for lots of reasons, but his positive record on the 2nd Amendment in Florida speaks for itself.

    However, having said that, so do the records of the worms in power in places like California, New Jersey and Maryland. Hence, the states should not have any authority to infringe on the 2A. Period.

    1. Having listened to and read script from the political persons in this United States, there ain’t no politician that I trust as far as I can throw a bank vault. History proves without a doubt that NONE of them say what the mean and mean what they say. LIARS ALL.

  78. I dont’t trust Jeb Bush. You know, “birds of a feather…”.

    Well, Jeb’s father and his brother both said that they want a One World Order. If Jeb was brought up the same way, wouldn’t it be very possible that he too has that same agenda, and is now hiding that fact? Would he be elected if he also blurbed that same statement?

    If that is true, then part of that agenda is to disarm the public, so that they can become the slaves of the One World Order. This is what happened with the Nazi’s conning the public with giving up their guns. And what happened after? Yes, they were shoved into railroad cars to be shuttled to the concentration camps with the furnaces, waiting for them. And also, Jeb’s grandfather was a great supporter of the Nazis. Three members of the same family, with unpopular viewpoints, is not a nice stain of the family name. Would one really take a chance with the last one of that family who want’s to become next Prez.?

    We’ve already have had enough of bad Presidents so far. Let’s not make another probable very bad mistake! This Nation cannot take it anymore, if we are to survive. Choose wisely. Check out the facts.

    1. Your a troll if you don’t already know. The traitor HW bush plainly stated it on national television. I guess you were asleep for that!

      W bush attacked America to oppress the American peoples God given rights!

    2. “A New World Order under a Credible United Nations”?
      Bush Senior

      W’s speeches were somewhat more subtle but Nation Building was most certainly NWO

    3. You’re kidding right? They King George the 1st and 2nd called for it in every state of the union speech they gave. There is a song by the band Ministry called “New World Order” that has the audio clip of Sr. saying it over and over and over.

    4. Didn’t they both go to the UN to build their coalitions?

      That is not proof in itself, but coming after the elder talked about a “New World Order”, it is enough to make one suspicious.

    5. Dave, I believe onederer was referring to daddy bush’s reference to a New World Order. Search “bush calls for new world order” and numerous videos of numerous times daddy bush spoke to this. New world order and one world government to the Bush boys appear to be one and the same.

    6. You could probably find online where George H. Bush said in a speech that it was something like; “This is the time for a New World Order.” When I saw him say it, red flags popped up all over the place.

      I wasn’t aware of George W. Bush, but it wouldn’t surprise me. George W. was heavy into implementing open trade and borders of all of North America. Then came the “Open” discussion of the I-35 Corridor where Canada and Mexico will have direct contact with each other without the U.S. having control even as those two countries travel on U.S. soil within that highway and train travel corridor.

    7. You Trolls crack me up! If you have not learned yet how this government is heading that way since LBJ then start digging your own grave & get ready to jump in it.

    8. The road to evil for the US started with all the Big Govt control and dependancy programs and tramplling of the constitution by FDR, the biggest criminal in US history.

      LBJ just continued the treasonous trend set by FDR.

      Its disgusting how the govt controlled public schools teach lies and revisionist history, especially in regards to those two (and JFK) and their crimes against freedom and the constitution. Most people have been brainwashed into thinking they were great and that they helped.

      No person in history has done more damage to freedom than FDR.

    9. their father Preston Bush funded the NAZI war machine till November of 1942. 11 months after Pearl Harbor. Funded Planned Parenthood after WWII. Helped kill JFK, gave you the unGREATful SOCIETY (and bankruptcy) Tried to kill Ron Reagan…the list goes on. WISE UP !

    10. Just do an online search for George Bush and One World Order. Do your own research. Don’t rely on others, even if they’ve made a statement you question. It’s the only way to find even a kernel of truth.

    11. If not both, (never heard Jr was a OWO supporter), but Sr was proven that he was a OWO subscriber. Him being a CIA director, and advocating OWO, that was scary at the time

    12. The phrase you were referring to is “New World Order” and had nothing to do with anything being discussed here. It was after desert storm, and referred to keeping tyrants like Saddamm Husein (pardon the spelling) in check.

  79. Just how are you supposed to politely answer such a stupid question? In a 30 second sound bite? The liberal media tricks many of you into thinking your candidates are not on your side, to dispirit you so you don’t bother voting. And many of you fall for it, every time.

  80. Sorry, but this makes no more sense than saying that the states have the right to infringe on any of the other rights delineated in the Bill of Rights. Those rights are not subject to tampering by any governmental body. Are we going to allow the states the right to decide what speech is acceptable? How about letting the states decide what constitutes freedom of the press? No, the Bill of Rights simply acknowledged these rights as natural rights which were not given by man and cannot be taken by man.

    1. Sadly, the government has been infringing since they passed the National Firearms Act (1934). That was followed by the Assault Weapons Ban (1984). This was compounded by the decrees of the Supreme Court which should have struck down any attempt to limit (infringe) the 2nd Amendment. Even worse, the American people have set idle the whole time as our rights (not just the 2nd Amendment) have been eroded.

    2. Simply put, you have the government you deserve. That’s what I tell them, then get that “dear in the headlights look.” All the while they parade
      their flags on the front porch after dark with no illumination, and backwards. I learned that in grade school 40 yrs. ago. Nuff said.

    3. The “Assault Weapons Ban” was in 1994 under Clinton as part of the Brady bill, which had a sunset provision that caused it to expire in 2004. The rest of your post is correct.

    4. “Eroded,” slice by incremental slice by “Judicial decree!”

      As Franklin, the guy on the money, once replied to a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia when asked: “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

      The debate might well be, have we been “A republic” since as early as the end of The Civil War? In my not so humble opinion, just looking at how “we” have allowed this government to become the bloated sow that it is, holding a thumb over nearly everything in our lives, we definitely have NOT kept it!

    5. You got that right. Well said.

      But don’t forget their other criminal acts, like the 1968 Gun Control Act, and all the magazine capacity limits, gun permit requirements (including ccw), and outright handgun bans like in DC).

      Sadly, evil is much more active and energetic and insidious than good. Because most good people just want to live their lives (family, friends, career, a hobby or two). Evil wants to control the world, and in the process ruin your life.

  81. “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;”

    Doesn’t that sound like “shall not be infringed”?

    It does to me!

  82. Generally a good blog and interesting comments. I don’t really trust any politician to be honest, but generally, I think that while his comments are poorly worded, that he’s correct. Just as generally, a state COULD have an official religion based on original intent (some states did, at one time), the federal Congress cannot establish or prevent the free exercise of religion.

    However, one thing that has always stood out to me about the 2nd amendment, as opposed to the first, is that it does not say WHO shall not infringe. The first amendment is very clear than it is CONGRESS who shall create no law. The 2nd, however, does not specify. It’s clear that it was intended to apply to every branch. The 2nd amendment is clearly there to limit the governments intrusion into what is already a right. This is where I tend to get a bit concerned – even the writer of the above blog made this mistake. He says, “Doesn’t the Bill of Rights grant you and me specific rights that shall not be infringed?” The answer to that is a resounding NO! It does NOT grant anything! It ensures that the government cannot INFRINGE on the right we already have. There is no underlying man-made law that gives us that right – the 2nd amendment assumes and codifies that we HAVE the right and that the government (including all of those who fall under the ‘constituency’ of the constitution) have no right to stop the people from keeping and bearing arms. Since it does not specifically say WHO in the government is limited, then it applies to all.

    1. Spot on. Go to the head of the class.

      That the Bill of Rights guarantees our natural, Creator-endowed rights is deliberately no longer made clear to our upcoming generations.

      Schooling of our young should not end at the sound of the dismissal bells in our public skrewls. Horace Mann should be burned in effigy.

  83. I believe Dave Dolbee’s comments nailed it. With regard to Mr. Dolbee’s humble assertion that a poly sci major who has taken more than a couple of classes in the Constitution is not a scholar on the subject, I would disagree. Someone once quipped that whether you are an expert depends upon next to whom you are standing.

    I believe that Jeb Bush nailed it also. In the context of his comments, it is obvious – to me, at least – that Jeb Bush holds the Bill of Rights inviolable, and as Mr. Dolby submits, was trying to balance that assertion by acknowledging that the Tenth Amendment gives the states the right to regulate the manner in which those rights are exercised, In this case, that would include such things as age and criminal record qualifications for firearm purchase, the extent and type of documentation, circumstances and limitations of firearm use, etc – all within limitations of infringement upon other rights, including the Second Amendment.

    Unfortunately, whether or not a candidate has an informed view – adroitly displayed under the scrutiny of a media interview – doesn’t seem to count as much in the nomination process as the resonance of the candidate’s sentiments with the public at large. Nowadays the popularity polls seem to have become the only gate through which aspirants must pass, and pass they may, if they can pay the toll.

    1. @Allen Wrigley

      Think back to your high school days, and the “Student Government” elections, which were the training for the popularity contests that now pass for elections to public office.

      In my own HS it was, in large part, only the high profile “populars” who were elected, their toadies doing the campaigning for them. There is little difference in politics today at state, national, and especially local levels, other than the fuzzy rhetoric used. Only the prizes are larger — for the winners.

      The amount of attention paid to a given candidate by the media and the number of opportunities provided in the so-called debates to that candidate to express his views and principles speak volumes as to who/what is driving the election process..

  84. Jeb and the Clintons are working together with Obama. Remember Obama Phone (Track Phone Company)? Jeb and the Clintons own a Big part of this Company and are sharing their Billions in profit with Obama. All these Monsters are working together to bring our Nation down! Jeb loves CommieCore and hates the 2nd Amendment…PERIOD..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

    1. Golly gosh, Gomer! You neglected to mention that they all of them vacation together.

      George Carlin stated it best when he said, It’s one big club — and YOU aint in it!!

  85. First, Jeb Bush is a progressive and his positions on many issues involving Federal authority and responsibilities and his family’s history all show he IS NOT A CONSTITUTIONALIST. I think he is ignorant. Calling someone ignorant is not an insult; it simply means he doesn’t know something. In this case Jeb Bush does not really understand the U.S. Constitution. If he knew what he was talking about with the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment he would have said something like: “The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution documents an absolute human right to keep and bear arms for many purposes. The core reason our founding fathers added its language about guns was to allow the citizens of America the means to resist the government that they created if it ignores the restrictions specifically place upon it by the enumerated powers section. The States cannot abrogate the 2nd Amendment. Reasonable incursions into the 2nd Amendment would include outlawing felons from owning firearms, but no State can outlaw gun ownership.”

    1. just because some one commited a crime does not mean they can not own a firearm.a violent crime maybe,but shall not be infringed means what?

    2. Hi Roy,

      You know, I have always been conflicted about the issue of “elons who have paid their societally mandated punishment not being restored to their full set of Constitutional rights. So, I get your comment and I really want felons to have a “reset” after they have served their time and any supervised parole period. If we are to be a people who want someone who has broken a serious law to NEVER be made whole I FEEL this is wrong. In many other posts here and elsewhere, I decry the prevalence of using feelings as the basis for decision making or government policy. BUT if I stand back and instead of feeling about this, I think, well, if we really want criminals to be rehabilitated and become part of our civil society, then we can’t load them up with life-long prohibitions after they have served their punishment. They have to have some reasonable path back to normalcy. If they don’t take that road, well, we’ll impose more jail time and start over again. Now, this begs the question of individuals with X number of multiple repeat offences, who, break the law, then serve their time, then seriously offend again. How many times does this cycle have to repeat before a final loss of many, natural human rights are proscribed? This is a subject I struggle with. If we take this to its logical conclusion, these individuals will have to be stripped of their citizenship.

  86. Dave,

    Jeb said the opposite of what you seem to think. What he said, in plain words, is that any power the government might have to regulate firearms is limited to the States under the 10th Amendment (there being no Constitutional grant of power to the feds to regulate firearms), and cannot be done at the federal level AT ALL. It is probably the strongest pro-freedom argument ever made on the issue in the history of our nation.

    1. …power the government might have to regulate firearms is limited to the States under the 10th Amendment (there being no Constitutional grant of power to the feds to regulate firearms), and cannot be done at the federal level AT ALL.

      It matters little whether we get a Jeb (Insert any other mainstream “Republican” name) or a Bernie/Hillary (ditto for Democrat). The outcome will be the same. Forget a third party runner, who will be shot out of the air by the other two.

      The agenda is clear for the observant: shred the constitution.

  87. The Constitution is law and the 2nd Amendment is fairly clear….shall not be infringed. Therefore I believe that at the federal level, that should be the standard. If states want to add to it as expanding to gun rights that’s alright but should not take away. In the Army we had regulations and the thing that was always said was “you can add to (the regulation) but not take away.”

  88. I am really tired of things I love, which should be rights, being viewed as priveleges by our governments. When President G.W. Bush mandated national handgun carry for retired officers, it should have been a done deal. But my agency requires you to jump through hoops and go through them to get a permit. When I retired, I decided I was not going to comply with the licensing process, based on principle. I can carry a handgun in my car, and it will buy me time to bust out a carbine or registered smg, which I can carry just about anywhere in the state.

  89. From my personal perspective this confirms in my mind that progressives intend to infringe on our second amendment rights at the state level. I can only imagine the stress and cost this will add to any organization that is trying to fight unlawful gun control.

    Strategically it makes sense for the anti fun groups that seem to have bigger wallets ATM. Tactically it also makes sense in that it will male it harder for gun advocates unless they become more organized.

    In my opinion this confirms for me that infringement of gun rights is a bipartisan effort. We must also consider that groups we think are pro gun may not really be, or that legitimate gun advocate groups have interlopers in their ranks.

    More than ever I believe the gun rights battle is reaching a critical juncture and our freedom is at stake.

    1. Wish I’d read your comment prior to posting my rambles. It states it all concisely.

      Gunsense Vermont is an Anti- group, funded apparently by Michael Bloomberg. They have succeeded in getting the camel’s nose under the Second Amendment tent.. The legislature is predominantly Democrat (in name) and appears to be moving in lock step to further attacks upon firearms owners.

      Furthermore, the influx of those of “liberal” mindset has resulted in the near impossibility of stemming those attacks. The gubernatorial election upcoming promises to be interesting.

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