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James D. Julia Auctioneers’ Outstanding March Firearms Auction

Winchester Model 1886 Takedown

I understand that most of the people reading this (like me) do not have the buying power to own a firearm featured in a premier auction such as James Julia’s Outstanding March Firearms Auction, but that does not mean you cannot have fun fantasizing, window shopping or just looking at a piece of history.

If, however, you are someone who can afford one or more of these incredible firearms I have two things to say. First, bless you for keeping the dream alive and preserving these treasures. Second, please remember I am available for immediate adoption.

James D. Julia
James D. Julia Auctioneers – One of North America’s Top 10 Antique Auctioneers

Session I

James Julia’s Outstanding March Firearms Auction will include a spectacular plethora of rare, historic and outstanding condition firearms. Included are items from various renowned collections. For example, Session I will include the third and final phase of the extraordinary Wes Adams Collection. Mr. Adams’ collection of Winchesters and his collection of Savages are unquestionably the finest collection of its type ever to come to auction.

This session contains the finest offerings to date including the extraordinarily rare, one-of-a-kind, iconic engraved and gold inlaid lightweight Mod 86 T/D rifle and special order eng 7 gold-inlaid Savage M1899 rifle with carved stock for auto magnate John F. Dodge, exceptional fine condition. This sale also includes the outstanding rare antique Colts from Dr. John and Margaret Pickup of Tasmania.

The Barnes Family Collection of brass-framed Winchesters and Henrys is included in this amazing historical guns as well as an exceedingly rare gold inlaid, high art, repeating Flintlock carbine made for King Louis XV. There are also fabulous Civil War items and other important historic items.

Session II

Session II features the extraordinary Douglas Eberhart Collection of antique Colt, National and Moore derringers, the most complete collections of their type, ever. All of the derringers are illustrated in his new book. Next is the Ralph Merrill Collection of rare C-96 broomhandles. As always there are an incredible array of high-grade shotguns and sporting rifles including many spectacular Parker and L.C. Smith shotguns, Belgian Brownings and notable English and European arms. Of course, a wide variety of other high quality and valuable firearms, militaria, and much more will be available for live, phone, absentee or Internet bidding.

For more information you can e-mail or call 207-453-7125 or 800-565-9298.

Tastes and preferences may vary, but I sacrificed an entire workday (or two) scouring the auction for the items I plan to bid on—should I hit the Powerball this week. Here are my top picks.

Lorenzoni System Flintlock Repeating Rifle by Sebastian Hauschka Presented to King Louis XV

Okay, if it was good enough for the King of France, it certainly has my attention. I mean how is this not in a museum somewhere? Could you really pass on a flintlock owned by a king?

Flintlock Repeating Rifle by Sebastian Hauschka
Imagine owning a piece of history with the original owner being none other than King Louis XV.

This extraordinary rifle is of the very highest quality throughout, befitting a royal presentation piece. It is also an exceptional rarity being a repeating rifle built on the Lorenzoni/Berselli system with a rotating breech accessing separate ball and powder magazines contained in the butt and operated by a 2.75-inch silver lever on the left side. The fire-gilded bronze action is manually operated as opposed to cocking with each action of the lever as on many Lorenzoni system long guns and pistols. The 25.5-inch stamped, octagonal barrel is engraved “Sebastian Hauschka A Wolfenbuttel (1695-1775)”. One of the great masters of 18th century German gunmaking, Hauschka was appointed as maker to the Court of Prince and Duke August Wilhelm von Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel. Click here to view the full description.

Matched Pair Colt 2nd Model Derringers

Matched Pair Colt 2nd Model Derringers
Can’t shoot straight but want to carry like the famous trick shooters? How about a matched pair of Colt 2nd Model Derringers?

Concealed carry is a controversial topic today, but can you imagine walking into a saloon wearing a silk vest and having these puppies tucked into your pockets?

Made for trick shooting in Caliber .44 RF shot shell, smooth bore with special silver-plated frames and nickel-plated barrels so they could be shot a lot without the barrel finish flaking off. Made for someone like Ira Paine or Annie Oakley for trick shot exhibitions. Only one other gun like these is known at present. Accompanied by a box of Union Metallic Cartridge Co. .44 Cal Short RF blanks made for general trade, but also for the Colt derringers such as these. Click here to view the full description.

One-of-a-Kind L. C. Smith De-Luxe Grade Trap Gun

Joe Biden recommends a double barrel so you may as well get the Cadillac of its day with an L.C. Smith. The bad guy would be so stunned just by the sight of the bling on this shotgun he’d probably give up on the spot.

L. C. Smith De-Luxe Grade Trap Gun
This is one instance where I would recommend taking Joe Biden’s advice. If you are going to own a double barrel, this is the the one to get!

This very fine custom-ordered shotgun has every option available from the factory at its time. It has 32-inch Whitworth steel barrels with a raised matted flat ventilated rib. The rear portion is engraved, “MADE TO ORDER BY THE Hunter Arms Co Inc FULTON, N.Y.,” and “L. C. SMITH De-Luxe GRADE” in gold inlay on the rear extension. Breech ends of the barrels are engraved with large shaded scroll with floral highlights. There are raised relief vines and leaves in two-tone gold around the breech ends of the barrel. Engine-turned barrel flats are engraved with the serial number and grade, and stamped with “Hunter Arms” proof and “NP.” Click here to view the full description.

Cased Model 1893 Borchardt Pistol by Loewe

I am a bit of military buff and like survival guns. If I had the budget, I would certainly consider a spectacular Borchardt as a replacement for my Springfield M6. Okay, maybe not a replacement. You got me; I’d keep ‘em both. 7.65mm ammo is harder to come by these days than .223 Rem. Spare mags might be an issue too, fortunately this little gem comes with a couple of spares.

Borchardt pistol
Think you have the ultimate bug out bag? What about adding a piece of German history? Borchardt anyone?

This spectacular original early Borchardt has a 7.5-inch tapered round barrel, pinned triangular-shaped front sight and v-notch rear sight at the top rear of the frame. It is mounted with two-piece checkered walnut grips matching numbered to this pistol. The receiver ring is marked “WAFFENFABRIK / LOEWE / BERLIN” and the toggle link is marked with the German patent no. The left side of barrel has “BUG” proofs as well as “BU” proofs on the left forward side of receiver. The right side of receiver is marked “SYSTEM BORCHARDT.PATENT.” Click here to view the full description.

Winchester Model 1886 Takedown Lever-Action Rifle Made for Automotive Magnate John F. Dodge

Quite possibly my favorite gun of this auction has to be this 1886 takedown. Hunting is more than just a small passion for me and although I have described the previous guns with a bit of humor this one really speaks to me. The gold inlaid animals, the condition of the wood and of course it was engraved by one of the masters, John Ulrich.

Winchester Model 1886 Takedown John Ulrich engraved
Looking for a crowning jewel to the ultimate man cave or trophy room? How about a John Ulrich engraved Winchester Model 1886?

The top of the barrel is fully matted. The rifle is mounted with exceptional English walnut with custom carved and checkered forearm, capped pistol grip stock with Roosevelt cheekpiece, and Winchester-checkered steel buttplate. Checkering is in fantastic 32-lines per inch with elaborate carved arabesque patterns and fleur-de-lis carved on the bottom of forearm and each side of grip. The receiver is elaborately engraved by John Ulrich and signed on bottom tang at the back of the trigger. It also has complete, full coverage engraving which consists of a large elliptical vignette on the left side of a gold inlaid white tail buck, doe and fawn in an extremely detailed forest scene surrounded by elaborate foliate arabesque patterns with fine shaded background.

Winchester Model 1886 Takedown
You do not have to be a collector to appreciate a classic such as an Ulrich engraved Winchester Model 1886 Takedown rifle.

The front and rear areas of the vignette are also engraved with matching maple leaves. The right side is engraved with a smaller vignette of a standing gold bull moose and reclining gold cow moose in a very detailed forest scene. The entire rear portion of the right side is engraved in very fine foliate arabesque patterns with shaded background and has a Moorish pattern centered above the loading gate with maple leaves at each end. The loading gate base is engraved with a fan pattern maple leaf with a rosette around the screw. The bottom of receiver has a large vignette with gold inlaid intertwined initials “JFD” with the balance of the belly of the receiver engraved in foliate arabesque patterns with an intertwined ribbon. Click here to view the full description.

Here is a link to the complete catalog. Have some fun and let us know in the comment section about your top fantasy guns and how you would use them.

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