Jesse Jackson: AR-15s are ‘for Domestic, Homegrown Terrorism’

Debate over the recent U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and the Colorado Cinema shooting has spurred a spate of legislative talk about banning a variety of firearms and shooting accessories. In particular, there’s renewed political efforts to try to enact a new “Assault Weapons Ban” and a “large-capacity magazine ban.”

Arsenal SGL31-61 Saiga AK-74
Arsenal SGL31-61 Saiga AK-74 Semi Auto Rifle 5.45×39

A common assertion is that gun owners don’t need to possess self-loading rifles, such as AR-15s and AK-style semi-autos. For example, President Barack Obama told the National Urban League last week that “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers … not on the streets of our cities.” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn proposed a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines and added, “There is no place in the state of Illinois for weapons designed to rapidly fire at human targets at close range.” In one of the following story links, Jesse Jackson even claims, “These are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.”

S&W M&P15 Rifle .223 Rem
S&W M&P15 Rifle .223 Rem.

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  1. Why is it always the biggest moral hypocrites who love to open their big mouths. Of coarse rarely does anything coherent come out. Finstein alias (airhead) and the Jesse Jackson family mafia, really must find something to do that is not going to hurt the country. Unfortunately, their mindset is all about jumping on the self centered ,mine is the only agenda that counts, bandwagon. The first thing they should do is study histories killing machines of the last one hundred years. Hitler,Stalin,Pol Pot and lastly Mao Tse-tung who murdered seventy-five million of his own countrymen. They all wanted to disarm and control their populations, Psychologically,physically and morally. Sound familiar Mr. President? Last but not least the greatest murderers of all time the abortionist. No matter how they try to rationalize and make excuses for their reasons, the bottom line is they are killers. So Jesse Jackson, the only real terrorist are the ones trying to take away the American people’s right to self defense and self determination.. Chuck Shummer, Reid, Major Bloomberg, will you come defend me and mine when our lives are on the line, when they ban free speech, when they decide we are all terrorist because we love freedom, will you stand up for us? If your ideologies (you Progressives, communist)are so important and righteous why is the country circling the drain. Why are whole societies circling the drain. Some how I doubt it.

  2. Well lets see President Obama says that they should be in the hands of soldiers, Senator Feinstein believes all soldiers and veterans are nut cases due to PTSD and opposes them having them ,but it’s ok for retired police officers to have an exception.Smells like the beginning of a police state. I believe that Senator Feinstein has a PTSD issue herself she keeps bringing up that she saw Harvey Milks body which bullets had made imploding wounds she has shown both her ignorance of PTSD and weapons ,oh by the way she is a concealled weapons carrier,she thinks that its ok for her to be armed but no one else,as a matter of fact when she was mayor of San Francisco she banned handguns and then was caught carrying breaking her own law her defense was I made the law so it doesn’t pertain to me. Things that make ya go hummm?

  3. Jesse jackson and his son are TOTAL douchebags that EXPLOIT THE BLACK People of the world… they are a DISGRACE TO HUMANITY….

  4. Jesse Jackson is an opportunistic moron. All of the rhetoric he has spewed out of his mouth is inaccurate and just plain stupid. He has no data or statistics to back up his claims and he is like an attention deficit starved child who needs to have his face in the national spotlight.
    Jesse Jackson is a clown, a buffoon, an idiot, and a jackass also.
    What this adulterer should be doing is trying to the best of his ability to keep his thieving son and his tax cheating daughter-in-law from going to jail. His son is one of the biggest thieves out there in politics and he got caught.
    Jesse Jackson is calling anyone who owns a so-called “assault rifle” a domestic terrorist? Does he call his son and daughter-in-law “Liars and Thieves” while he is calling us domestic terrorists? I don’t think so. Its one thief who is coddling another thief and his wife who is also a thief also.

  5. Jesse Jackson doesn’t speak for me nor do I actually care what he says any way.Jesse Jackson is like one of those kids who starves for attention.Jesse Jackson has self-esteem issues and he needs the attention to validate himself.
    Now there are some ignorant buffoons who have nothing else better to do but expose us to their ignorance for the masses to see. The Emancipation Proclamation has nothing to do with what is going on in today’s world. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t mess up this world and for those who think it did,then that’s your problem.
    Slavery is over and that’s that and for those who don’t like that fact,then again,that’s your problem.

  6. Sadly Folks,
    The never let a crisis go to waste crowd are doing precisely that at the expense of our rights. Make no mistake about it, this is an infringement of our God given/Natural rights and no court in the land has jurisdiction to infringe upon those rights. They may do so and it appears some idiots in CT have already ‘voluntarily’ turned in their firearms. This of course provides grist for the argument “Those people are so reasonable, why aren’t you?” from the politburo.

    I hear many people say they will not turn them over but I believe a more concerted effort to say WE WILL NOT GIVE OUR RIGHT OF DEFENSE UP TO YOU is called for. I don’t care what the NRA or NAGR say, I cannot give up that which is not mine to give away. This is not a birthright, nor an inheritance anymore than my lungs or my heart are. I was born with them and I will die with them and anyone believing otherwise has bought into a false premise, namely that this is a matter of law, not of rights.

  7. Anyone ever stop and think maybe our forefathers knew what they were talking about when they said ” Some people dont deserve the right to vote!” Our country wouldnt be in the shape its in now if things were still the way they were back in the 1840’s and 50’s. The emancipation proclamation sure messed our country up. Lincoln deserved to be killed!!!!

  8. To Mr. Douglas Nolan,

    I have read the constitution multiple times & this is my take on it. It’s not propaganda, it’s what the constitution says plain & simple.

    A well regulated militia means quite simply that there are a state of the art weapons in every house. That is what it really means. Really. It is that simple!!! This is way off the mark, I don’t even know where you’re going with that.

    And although as you may think the constitution does not restrict firearms. We as Americans should govern ourselves more closely regardless of the ‘propaganda’ you speak of. I didn’t say weapons should be banned. I’m stating we need to check ourselves more on what we do & how we do it.

  9. to mister Willis,
    You like most of the people who posted here have completly missed the mark.

    A well regulated militia is NOT the so called citizen army! That is propaganda produced by those who wish to remove my right as an individual citizen.

    A well regulated militia means quite simply that there are a state of the art weapons in every house. That is what it really means. Really. It is that simple!!!

    You people need to read the constitution and the writings of those who wrote the constitution before you continue to repeat the propaganda produced by the wealthy ruling elite.

    There are NO contingencies in the constitution for any sort of restrictions on arms.
    All weapons, guns, knives, sticks etc. are protected under the second amendment.
    The second amendment was written to protect the first.

    Look around at what is happening and you will see that both are being eroded by the same process of using “offensive” actions or activities to justify removing my rights.

    The insistence on some sort of mental check is also the product of propaganda. Whose version of “normal” gets codified into law?
    The white racist who thinks all our problems are because there are non-white immigrants? He seems to have forgotten that virtually all the problems in the world today can be traced to his “superior” white ancestors who devastated this planet, it resources, and its societies.

    If we do not stand in the face of this onslaught you will see the police state emboldened and that video will become a reality.

  10. Big Jesse needs to worry about his crazy apeshit son and leave my 2nd amendment rights alone, his racist ass needs to shut up and go away for good as well as the Useless nations, they can come and try to take my guns but I will take a few with me, I rather die than to be a slave. Those blue helmets make good targets.

  11. Ok, there’s a lot of racist bullshit in the comments that’s really not necessary. I’m somewhat split on the issue. Both Rev.’s Jackson & Sharpton are totally wrong but their POV is from some urban communities (Black/Latino) where gun violence is at an all time high (i.e. Chicago). Not to mention White Supremist groups whom are all over this country and stockpile weapons of all types like there’s no tomorrow. But at the same time both of them were direct witnesses to horrific acts of gun violence. So of course they’re going to be biased. Don’t get me wrong I’m a ‘gun-guy’. I own several weapons and love shooting them. But I get pissed off when some derranged jackass takes an AR/AK and goes into a public place and starts mowing down innocent bystanders regardless of race on both sides! Yes, America is built on the ‘gun’ but our gun laws are liberal to say the least. The 2nd ammendment states the right to bear arms but I think people take it out of context at times. There are 13 words prior to the statement “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State’… Everyone seems to forget seems to forget the first half of the 2nd ammendment. Meaning our forefathers saw the importance of both a strong Army through the aspects of a citizen soldier. We are far away from those days. So both conservatives/liberals including the politicians need to serious sit down & discuss this issue for the sake of America’s future.

  12. poloticians who are fighting so hard to disarm citizens on a large scale, are the same people who want government control over everything. there are polotitians who want complete control over the population. they have already taken many of our rights and thrown them away, under the geise of national security. they arent looking for specific terrorist activities. they are saving up servers full of any opinions or actions they can use against law abiding citizens, when they choose. we are a few short steps away from the average citizen who disagrees with the government being labeled a terrorist. after 9/11 law enforcement all over the country taught their men that anyone who dissagreed with the government was acting as a terrorist. that anyone who questioned them or spoke of their rights, were terrorists. teaching them that the founding fathers were no more that terrorists, bullies who were no better than the terror groups that hate our country today.

    the bigger picture with anti gun legislations and the people behind it, is the clear fact that there are alot of people in high places who dont want the citizens of this country to be able to protect themselves. these people want us to depend wholey on the government. they expect us to welcome marshal law. and if we dont have rights we are defensless. “when people fear their government, there is tyrany. when the government fears their people, there is liberty.”

  13. criminals and psycotics will get their hands on these weapons weather there is a ban or not. the only thing these anti gun legislations successfuly do is deny law abiding citizens the right to own a weapon to deter criminals and/or defend themselves against these guys who will have the rifles either way. it doesnt fix the problem, it creates another, worse one. it disarms citizens against such people.

  14. I apologize if this has been stated somewhere above, as I stopped reading a few hundred comments ago. However, upon reading the initial article, a couple of things occurred to me.

    1. One government’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. One need only look at the current administration’s policies, deeds, actions, etc. concerning such matters around the globe.

    2.The second amendment was written with the intention of the populace at large to be able to arm themselves to protect against the “good intentions” of the government. Even the founding fathers noticed that the first thing the crown tried to do was disarm the citizens to “preserve” peace in the colonies.

  15. Clearly these moron politicians have lost what little mind they have left! If we do not have the same weapons as our military then we have become open to tyrannical rule
    by any one of these who would possess the will to, shall we say declare Martial Law.
    Some of us really do know whats coming down the PIPE!

  16. I agree assault weapons shouldn’t be walking around the streets of any city. Why would they, do they? I didn’t think so. Hand guns should be, because they are concealable and if you get mugged or attacked you can scare off or blast the perp. Assault weapons are crucial to be mass owned in the U.S.A. because of our Constitution. How is the American public supposed to keep its Gov’t in check if it doesn’t have the capability to back themselves up (if absolutely necessary). It is right there in our most sacred writings, “when a Government becomes destructive of it’s own ends” I think we all know the rest. So without the firepower to even the score or at least get close then we will eventually become thralls or serfs or whatever you want to call it. Gov’t doesn’t ever get smaller by its own ends so you do the math. Is a public armed with turn of the 20th century firearms going to be able to balance against a Gov’t with 21st century firepower? That is the absolute real reason why the U.N. and our Liberal friends don’t want us armed, because their intentions are nefarious. I don’t think that is far fetched at all, but I’ll still remain anon.

  17. As a citizen of this great country, I was raised to believe in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Notice that last one. Bill of Rights that are inherent to every U.S. Citizen. That means existing in something as a Permanent, Essential, or Characteristic Attribute. Also vested in (as in someone’s rights or privilege). As a U.S. Citizen it is my permanent and essential rights that our forefathers had the forethought to set into a document that was given to us all, you and me, that developed our characteristic attributes.

    The thought that any President of the United States or other elected officials, Congressmen or Senators, would even contemplate much less attempt to remove any one of these rights from the citizens of this country is treason and should be impeached or dismissed from office for any and all indiscretions against the people and the Bill of Rights that this country is founded. Furthermore, it also shows dereliction of duty and oath which the President stood before us all on his day of inauguration as he became the President of the United States.

    As for the propaganda lip-servicing activist of racial equality, these guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are just grand standers. They feed off the negative energy they produce when they open their mouths and start unnecessary uprisings by racial citizens that are mad about something other than what these guys are trying to focus on. These people are not unlike the politicians that we (every voting person who continues to re-elect the good ole’ boys)have chosen to represent our interest in Washington. We need to listen to what these people say so we can be prepared for the violence that usually is produced from their rants. As gun owners with multiple round mags, we are prepared for the riots that occur from these rants. If you only have 5 or 6 shots in your gun then you are more likely to get killed. However, if you own an AR or AK with 20 or 30 runs capacity, you will be able to protect your home and family without fear as you would with a 5 or 6 shot pistol.

    If We the People of the United States of America allow our elected government to remove our Rights and our guns, regardless of what kind they are, then we desire to live in tyranny. As a whole, we can put a stop to stupid ignorance that the elite power hungry politicians and so called civic leaders by not voting for them, by making them responsible for the talk of treason against the nation and its citizens. We can demand accountability when they break the laws of this great nation, BUT we aren’t, are we?

    I, for one, own guns and I always will. I, for one, believe in my rights as well as yours. ,I for one, am tired of all the ridiculous and outlandish way our politicians represent us. I, for one, feel it is time for all Americans to make a stand and DEMAND our rights be restored and stop with all the politically correctness that has come about. For as it stands now, we have become the laughing stock of the world. As is stand, if we don’t make our stand now, in a few years blogs and comments forums like this one will be illegal. As is stand now, in a few more years we will be living in Tyranny and you will be nothing more than sheep as the history has proven over and over again if we continue to watch our rights being eroded by everybody we voted in to power.

    In closing, I want to thank CTD for this opportunity to make my comments and voice my opinion. I have tried to be respectful to others in this comment and hope that if you agree or disagree that you will make the time to provide me with your intellectual feedback of why you do or don’t agree with my post. This, I hope, will start a positive and peaceful movement to take back control of our employees in Washington.

  18. Why should anyone care what the likes of Jesse Jackson has to say about anything? This man should have absolutely no more credibility than the next person. He’s entitled to his opinion of course, but it holds no more sway than your opinion or my opinion.

  19. So the government doesn’t like citizens having the physical ability to force the government to obey the will of the people? Imagine that. You know what you call an unarmed citizen?…A subject.

  20. If weapons and standard capacity magazines cause crime, then forks cause obesity, pencils cause spelling errors and automobiles cause people to drive drunk. If you want to control crime, then control criminals. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!!! Warning to ALL politicians; do not try to take my guns; do not infringe on ANY of my God given rights; and finally Mr politician, be very careful what you wish for!!!

  21. In response to Larry R. Miller, post #3

    I grew up in an atheist household, and have no use for religion, so I have no problem with government passing laws to restrict or abolish the practice of religion.

    I grew up in an illiterate household, and have no use for books or other reading matherials, so I have no problem with the government passing laws to restrict the right to publish.

    I’ve never voted in an election, so I have no problem with the government restricting or abolishing the right of individuals to vote.


    Perhaps you’re willing to abandon your rights, but don’t suggest that the government should take mine away as well.

  22. The powers that be in the united nations and those in our government who want all firearms confiscated will never be happy until they succeed in banning them. They cannot have dictatorial control over the people if the people can fight back against it and them. We have over 20,000 russian troops in our country at the moment. There’s no telling how many other foreign troops as well. How about the germans with their own fighter base in arizona. There have been reports of chineese troops in mexico and south america as well. You will be surprised what you will find thru research on who is in our country. Secret bases in the areas Clinton put out of bounds in the north west states, hundreds of empty FEMA camps throughout the cuntry and last but not least a muslim in the white house with muslim brotherhood in his administration. Keep your guns…you’re going to need them. Don’t forget the ammo, food and toilet paper as well.

  23. I lived in Chicago for half of my life. As a young boy I watched Jesse Jackoff on TV making an ass of himself almost nightly on the evening news. He would do anything or say anything to get a camera stuck in his ugly face. This guy is such a blatant racist it makes me want to vomit. Anything he says is strictly for his own benefit. The man doesnt even have a church yet hes a reverend? As for Chicago… can such a strict anti gun law city have such a high crime rate? Jesse should be talking to his own brethren about their criminal lifestyles and drug dealing before worrying about AR15 owners. His own baggy pants wearing kind are the ones committing all the crime there and Chicago had more people killed this year in violent crimes than soldiers lost in Afghanistan!

  24. Roland Martin, CNN Contributor, is an uneducated boob. He has no concept of what the 2nd Amendment is all about. He thinks it’s for hunting. WRONG! The 2nd Amendment is about protecting yourself from an oppressive, tyrannical government….sort of like obama.

  25. See comment #26. Can’t be emphasized enough. This is one of the most important elections in our history. Gun owners can save this republic but only if they all get out and VOTE.

  26. I think that the real issue is the over the top violence in movies and video games.Instead of going after guns and using a disturbed persons actions to take yet another freedom from us I think the goverment should regulate that industry.Guns dont kill people. People kill prople. Gang bangers have been killing people for years and nothing has been done about it. Do we take cars off the roads after a drunk driver kills a person and go after the liquor and automotive industries? No that will never happen.If people would stop listening to the bias mediea and look at facts. Countrys that do have total gun control their crime rate went up after the bands went into efect.The current white house occupent would rather walk all over our rights and freedoms and let the U.N. dictate our laws.As for jessie Jackson well maybe he would like to see if he could get a little free press. As for me and my home we love our country and we think that EVERYTIME a freedom is even in question it belittles every person that has served and died for our freedoms.We have freedom of speach but lately is more like only freedom of popular speach.

  27. Whoever came up with this stupid way of thinking should be banned.I don’t need some irrelevant and fake preacher speaking for me or about me.He need to take care of his love child he had outside of his marriage and leave the law abiding citizens alone.This guy is a real stupid ass.

  28. As soon as they ban these types of weapons the criminals will be forced to hand over their illegal firearms because they don’t want to get in trouble. LOL 🙂

  29. we need to get these politicaly correct idots out of here and bring back biblical correct these people are comnuist trying to abolish our 2nd addmenment i think we have more people buying guns now to protect them selfs form the bad guy who will get assualt wepons and full auto no mater what the law is its not that hard to get black market guns this mentalty disarms the good guys and make the bad guys job so much easer when he knows no one can protect themself or there familty next thing america will be a 3rd world country with the person traficing problems like other countrys take england for example they will say they have a low crime rate but wont factor in there person traficing problems these people have guns but the citizns dont and get kidnaped and sold as a slave in some off the wall country

  30. Of course one retard goes ape shit and they want to take away my guns. lets just ban everything and go back to the stone ages oh wait they had weapons as well. Lets focus on the REAL PROBLEMS in this country not how to piss off the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!!!!!

  31. Jessie Jackson is an irrelivant figure and he’s just trying to get in front of any kind of movement so that he can be relivant again. He’s made quite a good living being MLK’s errand boy and now needs to just fade away to where he should have been in the first place.

  32. GREAT!! We still have this Jackass saying his piece! Let’s ban every type of spoon except for the table spoon because the big one’s make everybody fat and die. DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING UP!!!!! Once you give a little and they get away with it, they will keep on taking. If we the people want to keep what we have, you have to fight for it.

    I think everybody aught to have every kind of weapon. Unlike “Jack” who posted, we do not need new laws, nor do we need more rules to possess any of them (see Chicago and New York). This only hurts the honest people who follow the law. You forget that no matter what law is passed, the criminals DON’T FOLLOW ANY OF THEM! Use some common sense. All types of people drive cars, and even after everyone taking a written and driving test, there are people out there still killing others with their cars because they still don’t know how to drive. Young and Old alike! DON’T TREAD ON ME!

  33. Has Mr. Jackson ever seen the results of a Molotov cocktail? What will they propose next, a ban on gasoline, rags, and wine bottles? Bans simply don’t work!!

  34. I think our founding forefathers said it best “When your government is afraid of you, be very afraid of your government”. “Freedom is not free and needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots”.
    Besides only law abiding citizens will be hurt by any ban. Criminals will not care about any law. This will assist all criminal elements in this country as they will no longer fear getting shot by an armed citizen. Just remember that the places in the country with the highest amount of gun control have the most crime.

  35. If so much as one concealed carry holder or off-duty police officer had been presant at that theatre, there wouldn’t have been as many people killed, because that monster could have been stopped instead of running the gambit unopposed !

    Let me put this in terms that even liberals can understand:
    I think the gun control debate needs to become “more progressive”, and “enter the 21st Century”, so that
    nobody could get “disenfranchised” of their right to self defense.
    If we ban anything, it should be “gun free zones” in “high capacity” public places that prohibit licensed concealed carry
    holders or off duty police officers from carying firearms.
    Let’s make a “sea change” in washington !!
    Let’s make the world safe by putting upstanding firearms holders everywhere !!
    Let’s “do it for the children” !!

  36. ‘Domestic home-grown terrorism”? Such as the Los Angeles riots? Inner-city gangs? Cross-border drug cartels? The Katrina lootings? Louis Farrakahn? Just checking!

  37. Larry Wheaton I’m with you on the longer terms and for the use of guns by criminals The more laws they make to ban guns don’t effect criminals they effect the law abiding. we need to increase the punishment. I want to add one more to your list.

    If the crime is committed and multiple people die, Like the case in Colorado. No jail time, no insanity plea shit, just a single round to the head and be done with it.
    There’s no redeeming that kind of action. Why let the media and that monster be rewarded with fame for this?

    Guns are a tool, it only matters how they are used.

    The first murder in the history of man was committed with a rock, the point is people will always find a way to kill. the bible includes thousands of mas killings over religion way before guns and millions after. the point is people will kill with dirt clods if the urge motivates them. there are millions of peaceful law abiding people that own and enjoy shooting a large variety of firearms. If they enforced the laws that are already on the books,that would clear up a huge percentage of these idiots killing large crowds of people. Another cliche take the guns and we will become just as helpless as the countries that have disarmed their residents. disarming citizens is the first major step in the death of democracy.
    Rick J Deckard

  39. JJ is an ignorant, racist, piece of crap, that has no more common sense than his cohort Quanell X. Just a “the Black man has been persecuted, the Black man is kept down, blah, blah, blah…….BS! Most of those that can’t provide for themselves don’t because they choose not to and go down the wrong path into gangs and drugs, crime. It isn’t impossible for them to get themselves out of those situations. Shut up and go drink some more of of your brotha Obumma’s kool-aid…..we don’t want to hear it!

  40. The CO shooting was horrible, but this isn’t a gun control issue. This horrific event is the symptom of a larger problem.
    Calling this shooting an a gun control issue is like calling the Jones town massacre a kool aid consumption problem. The CO system is just another example of our healthcare system failing the great people of this country.
    The person that committed this crime is sick, and should have been treated a longtime ago.
    He did a cruel thing, and lives have been lost. We can prevent this from happening, but taking the guns will not prevent it.
    We need a mechanism for dealing with this in the healthcare system, so we can avoid the aftermath in the courtroom.


  41. I am disappointed that Cheaper Than Dirt would even dignify Jesse Jackson by quoting his opinion on anything. No reasonable person values the opinion of this chronic whiner and cry baby that serves special interest rather than the Constitution. Best ingnored and forgotten. Most likely just a pinhead spokesman being paid to support his habits and hobbies.

  42. The Founding Fathers intended for the public to own assault rifles. The musket of their day owned privately was equal to or better than the military assault musket of its day.
    Further, the commercial Ar 15s are not like military weapons atall except in appearance. They are all scaled or tuned down. Finally,.. high cap magazines will be empty in 4 or 5 seconds anyway… It is not like on TV where they never run out of ammo. And let’s not forget who the Founding Fathers wanted to assure protection from…. with the 2nd Amendment. kw

  43. Hey Jesse, apparently, you and all the other anti-gun / Anti-USA morons STILL don’t quite grasp that little phrase saying “Shall not be infringed”….It’s called the 2nd amendment….You should read it, sometime. It’s in the U.S. Constitution…Might wanna grab yourself a copy. Now, if you and all the other gun morons don’t LIKE the way the Constitution was written, then, BY ALL MEANS move your Commie mentality to a Country that suits your ideas…Maybe China, Cuba, Laos, N. Korea, Viet Nam, your choice! See how you like it there!

  44. @ fred levine….i don’t agree with what rev. jackson has said or what he believes in. that’s an absurb and ignorant statement ment to draw up emotions about what has happened in colorado, and az. however he does have a right to his opinion. instead of reminding him & us about the 2nd. amendment. surley a constitutional scholar as yourself has’nt forgetten about “freedom of speech”. i also take offense about you saying he schould go back to africa, that statement was about as dumb as his, maybe more. remember he was @ the fore front of the civil rights movement being threatened and shot @ by good ole americans like you probably because he wanted blacks to have the right to vote (another right in the constitution) and travel with out being descriminated, arrested harrased or beaten half to death due to their race. so i have a better idea, why don’t you go back to isreal mr. levine

  45. reading previous feeds i had to throw this in thier names as thus for a reason (read between the lines, so to speak): jesse jackasson, hillary cliarnton, billary (as in previous name), loudis farakink, chuckany truthshumer, fienmesswereinstien, hey that was fun and truthful, anymore jwould be much appreciated.just call me fullofhartforagun haha!

  46. Well; I like my AR and AK’s they’re fun to shoot, I shoot paper now and don’t hunt. At 65 I have had weapons all my life. And have never known a terroist; but if I or my family ever need defense from these bad guys … what will they have …. illegle assault weapons, mine are legle. The second amendmant does not say “except assault rifles” it was meant for the weapons of the day, at that time muzzle loaders. Today it’s a wide viriety of weapons. My goodness gracious let’s ban fire place pokers too! GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, FORKS DON’T MAKE PEOPLE FAT, AND THE WORD “REVEREND” DOESN’T MAKE YOU A MAN OF GOD!

  47. They can ban what ever they want, but as far as i’m concerned i bought my guns to protect my family and if they wanna try to take them they can pry them from my cold dead hands.

  48. The seed of evil is already in these type of people. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun they use, if they want to kill then that is exactly what they are going to do. I believe taking away people’s rights to own these types of guns is not going to solve the problem.

  49. By reading all these comments, I have been thinking to myself, If I don’t have anything good to say maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. Get in my car, have my driver take me back to the church so I can pray for the those that lost there lives and there families.
    And also say I’m sorry for the things i’ve said.

    Jesse Jackson

  50. so jesse jack(ass)on has called every serviceman woman and vet a home grown terrorist, so like HIS,farrakinks, etc. puppets like shumer, fienstien,etc. and so to thier home grown terrorist group the new?(what’s so new about black racist groups) black panthers. so what protection should be given to that hate mongering, racist,group should home grown terrorist groups like the army marine police swat navy air force national guard state militias protect them? AWWWW! FAWGITABOUTIT! we will never get through to these people and we’re just wasting words and breathe. live long and stock up!


  52. Jesse Jackson and his ilk are part of the problem.They live , breath, and promote racism as a method of domestic terrorism. Without his racism …he is nothing. Firearms are the last line of defense against tyranny.
    Maybe Jesse should concern himself with issues like Rap Lyrics that promote gang bangers to hate and kill cops. Or unwed mothers having babies at a 60% rate of population. How about the media that sells violence to kids at every turn of the remote? We see the results in middle schools, high schools, colleges, and now in public. Where ever you find defenseless people. When was the last life lost in a school fire? Because we
    defend and defeat it with every asset available. So too with evil… you must confront it and kill it. There is no law to prevent it. Do you think IEDs are only in the Middle East? To say guns cause murder, is like saying forks cause obesity.

  53. Guess what: nobody NEEDS a semi-automatic firearm. I will even go so far as to say that nobody NEEDS a bolt-action firearm. Or a microwave oven. Or a luxury car. Or a television. Or a radio. Or a pair of blue jeans. Our forefathers didn’t fight and die so that we could live under a government that is allowed to restrict the things we can have on a “need to own” basis. Frankly, I would not want to live in a nation where citizens are only allowed to own bare necessities.

  54. First line of defense against tyranny and gun grabbers is to vote! See where the politicians stand on gun rights (

  55. Jessie Jackson is Moron, His opinion is only cared about by other Morons. My question is this, is Colorado a supporter of concealed carry ? Why wasn’t anyone in that theater carrying a firearm to protect themselves ? do they have the same law as michigan , where a law abiding citizen that legally obtains and carries a weapon cannot carry into a theater ? do people really think that this whacko could have been stopped by a law banning his rifle ? dont ya think he could have gotten his hands on a stolen gun if he really wanted to ? I mean gun control ? really ? just because a politician passes a law saying a law abiding citizen cant have a gun or “high capacity clip” doesnt mean you morons are going to be safe, its not us you have to worry about. it whack jobs like this moron in Colorado. He should be tried and hung, not put on death row, and by the way for you morons that are for gun control, dont come running my way when you need protection from one of these morons, just keep running and hope he has bad aim.
    People are so stupid, thats why our country, the greatest country on earth, is going down the tubes, Thank you for that, Freakin Morons. Wake up before its to late. !!!!

  56. I personally think Jesse Jackson is just as full of crap today as he’s always been! Not everyone that owns a semi-automatic gun is or acts like that idiot did with the ones he had! Some of us are responsable with guns of any kind! The ONLY THING a ban on guns will do is make things easier for ask of the criminals because it will give them an advantage over people who abide by the laws of the land! Maybe they should ban politicians who speak out about something that they know NOTHING about in the real world!

  57. Like all Socialist, Jesse wants everyone under European Rule (SHEEP) that way they can herd us all together for the slaughter, just like it has happened many times before in Europe. Hillery & Hillbilly Billy are even worse as far as Socialism and wanting Our Great Nation to be just like Europe, where they rule, and we get the shaft. Hillery recently stated that she felt that the people of America did not need personal protection (weapons) because she felt that the Police Force was enough protection for us, she did not say she had 3 armed guards on her 24 hours a day. People like Hillery need to sit alone in the middle of a room, no music, no cell phone, no computer, no television, just sit there for 15 minutes and ponder what it would be like waiting for the police to come and save them from a rapist, a murderer slicing their families, beating them while they watch. 15 minutes is the response time for police in the city, and 15 minutes is a lifetime. 30 minutes is the response time for someone in rural areas, that is if they can even find you. The police force is there to take down information after the event, and leave the mess to be cleaned up by someone else. Maybe one day people like Hillery will have their eyes opened, and know what it feels to be helpless as someone destroys their families, their lives, when all it would have taken to stop the threat was a couple of ar15 rounds in the head.

  58. Let us first get our house in order and think back a little of how many of our kids (white) has mass murdered innocent people as if it were a viedo game . If inner city youth want to kill another just because they are from different areas of town , let their parents handle that . We over look what our children has done and dare at times to defend or justify their acts , lets do a little sweeping around our home first instead of the house keeper or the maid we might see or find a few things to prevent this madness .

  59. First off the writer needs to use the correct terms. An assault rifle was not the weapon used in Aurora Co. For a rifle to be considered an ASSAULT rifle it must be capable of full automatic fire; think MACHINEGUN. True assault rifles were severely limited in May of 1986 when Congress outlawed the future production of machineguns for civilian use. The writer is confused and most likely meant semiautomatic rifles, but then that doesn’t sound as evil and threatening as assault rifles.

    The second amendment isn’t about hunting or defending one’s home. It is about defending our nation. The thoughts behind the 2nd were the founders had just fought a war against the world’s largest army and defeated them. They didn’t trust large standing armies for they could be turned on the citizenry by a corrupt government (like we have now). Every male was to have his own rifle that was equal to the current military rifle of the day.

    When citizens are armed, and hold a gun to the heads of elected officials, they GOVERN as laid out by the Constitution. When citizens are disarmed, the government RULES as the government sees fit.

    I know which government I prefer.

  60. Quick somebody get a lawyer, I’m suing Jesse, I think he just profiled me! Jackson doing just what he is always accusing other people of doing……………… PROFILING!!!!!

  61. What everyone seems to forget is the reason the Founding Fathers required Firearms Ownership by individuals is so they can defend/protect themselves from a tyrannical Government. It wasn’t meant to protect hunting rights, or some such nonsense. Just remember that the Revolutionary war was won by individuals with personal firearms. So when discussed in that context, you have to agree that individuals should therefore have the right to own, keep, and bear arms that are at least somewhat equivalent to what the military uses. We already restrict/limit availability of Full-Auto (REAL ASSAULT WEAPONS) but only allow semi-auto capability. The problem we have here in the US is lack of real enforcement of current gun laws, and an administration that is wholly irresponsible with regard to the Fast and Furious debacle.

  62. Jesse Jackson is a homegrown moron who embarrassed himself with his pious attitude and behavior for years. Why would anyone take this moron serious is beyond me.

  63. First of all…..Jesse is an idiot. I’m not sure how he maintains the ability to use the title REVEREND considering all the hate speach he spews. If I remember correctly, it was he who wanted to “cut the balls” off Obama. Funny how the Secret Service never visited him but did harass Uncle Ted after his moronic comment.
    These guys don’t have a clue. Let’s go back to the Clinton ban. ARs were considered assault weapons, but my Mini-14 which could shoot as fast with the same caliber bullet was just fine since it “didn’t look evil”. Now I own a bolt action with a high capacity magazine. Is that an assault rifle? I can pop off rounds almost as fast with that as I can with my AR. I guess Jesse has forgotten the reason why the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution. Jefferson sums it up perfectly!

    From his Monticello Papers….”When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    Like many others have mentioned before. Jesse, when you do away with your personal body guard and walk the streets relying on the protection of the police, maybe I’ll listen. Until then…SHUT UP!!

  64. Good Morning Gun owners :
    Everyone can have an opinion for any number issues that plagues this great nation and if a person like Mr Jackson speaks about a matter of gun control ,”Let Him” !! In America we give equal right to all including Mr Jackson who a deranged, senile , former black panther member, who hates America ,Just like this illegal president we in office.
    The real issue of gun control is not safety, it is to enslave us all like every dictatorship, Bullshit .Buy more ammo while we can , God Bless America ….and Mr Jackson Go F— yourself !!!

  65. Who gives a rat’s behind what Jesse Jackson and the librals have to say. The Constitution of the United States says I have the right to bear arms and this right shall not be infringed. The Constitution does not say that I can bare only certain arms approved by the liberals.

  66. The worst article of all was the one in the SFGate newspaper, written by Dianne Feinstein (well, one of her minions, probably). They did a little bit of homework and came up with a few numbers to make their case look good. It all sounded so “reasonable”, which is how they do it…they DO NOT “pry them from your cold dead hands”…they legislate them away one little bit at a time, one class or style of firearm, at a time…the other insidious thread running through those stories (propaganda pieces) is that little “no one needs these guns for hunting” BS…the 2nd Amendment is NOT about hunting…and its not even about self-defense against criminals, though that is a great side benefit…it is about the CITIZENRY being protected against severe excesses by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…people that say “it can’t happen here” don’t realize they are only right as long as we have a well-armed citizenry…once the Federal government gets all or most of the guns away from the citizenry, then they can force whatever they want done…look at history, see that I am right.

  67. I suppose airplanes should also be banned…doesn’t happen often, but when one goes down; well you know the rest…no one survives. And matches along with glass jars and gas. Point is, if someone wants to kill, they will find a way to do so. What needs to be worked on is curing the evil heart…not easy to do, but we have to try by setting an example. God be merciful to us all.

  68. Can’t say enough bad about Jesse Jackson. He won’t get a real job and he makes his living sturring up crap. The criminals will always have weapons. Why should we take them away from the honest people? Hitler took the weapons away from the honest people in the 30’s and we all know what happened then. I beleive in the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BARE ARMS AND I WILL NOT GIVE THEM UP WITHOUT A FIGHT.

  69. It’s sad. Jackson has always been given a pulpit to express his views and rebuttals have always been repressed. REMEMBER:
    All formerly great nations disarmed their citizens just before the Dictators . Who will give us aid when it happens here?

  70. Firstly; a requirement for an official “psychological evaluation” just opens the door, very widely by the way, to more and more invasive questions, processes and gives the ability for the government to determine the specific criteria to “pass” the screening. That means a state or federal agency could ratchet up the requirement to own based on political pressure. That means using every inappropriate use of firearms a new criteria such as “all firearms must be securely stored (subject to initial and periodic inspection)” allowing the licensing authority unlimited access to you home. Or the questions could ask about alcohol consumption such as “do you drink alone; do you every plan to drink; do you drink in the morning; how much do you drink, Have you ever drank to excess?” when answered yes to any (for any reason), could make it mandatory that you attend a substance abuse course. Pretty neat huh? A lot of companies do it now via their HR process.

    Remember, the goal of the left is not “reasonable accommodation” of firearm laws, but the total elimination of private ownership. That is NOT my opinion, but the publically stated mission statement of every gun control group in this country. They will see the weakening of the gun laws as the “nose of the camel” inside the tent and press for more and more control.

    The bottom line is that no matter the new laws, better screening and more hoops for legitimate gun ownership, criminals will still use deadly weapons to victimize law-abiding unarmed citizenry. With as many guns owners in America, the percentage of correctly used firearms is about 99.99% Why should we allow the .01% of violent criminals who misuse them the power to alter the second amendment?

    No, we don’t need to develop a “psychological evaluation” to allow gun ownership. That is handled by the federal form that accompanies the sale of each and every firearm purchase from a FFL.

  71. Domestic Terrorism happened when Mr. Jackson extorted monies from businesses on the south side of Chicago or “my people will not show up for work” back in the 70s!!!

  72. Where does Jesse Jackson preach? Does he even have a church to preach in? Jackson and Sharpton are both trying
    to keep themselves in the limelight to justify their existence. To Jackson, wake up and know you are not relevant
    to todays problems, and just go away. I hear Liberia is nice this time of year. To Sharpton, go find out how miss
    Tawana Brawley is doing these days. Remember, Sharpton was all for this girl who claimed to have been raped by police officers, (white police officers). He castigated and denounced these men as rapists, racists, and liars only to discover she LIED about the whole thing. Boy, don’t you feel stupid?
    Remember friends, “The Price of Freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle; Anytime, Anywhere, and with utter ruthlessness”.
    Robert Heinlein

  73. I also wrote #203 we do not need to write about racist remark
    on this website. but we should talk about racist people in our country
    like Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton and Black Panther kkk
    skinheads all of these peoples are racist
    but you gotta ask yourself one question am I racist
    I am Native American, white and Asian mix and I am conservative
    and pride of. Some of my friends call me racist because
    last election I did not vote for “first African-American president
    in our country. Well my conscience would not allow me to vote for liberal
    the person who do not believe what I believe.
    I do not care what color person running for highest office
    in our country. But I do care what they believe
    you got to ask yourself one question?
    I vote him because he’s first African-American president in our country.
    or I vote for him because we have same skin color as me or
    I just wanted people to think I am not racist.
    Even he do not believe what I believe.
    I think these peoples are more racist people.
    This is how you destroyed you own country.

    I believe all our Constitution, we the people have all right.
    I am firearms collector and competition shooter.
    My father’s father served in World War II
    and my father serving in Vietnam where he was kill
    now I have family served in the Middle East

    it’s laughable how Liberals always talk about we do not need go to the war
    but tale that to terrorism victims family


  75. Jesse should stick to philandering and race hustling. Also, with regard to their vehement stance against firearms, the police should strike when it comes to protecting the sorry back sides of Jesse and all those gun hating liberals, and no gun carrying body guards either. Let them first live with what they propose. After they see how it (doesn’t) works, they can let the rest of us know. Guys like Jared Lockner and the “Joker” should already be swinging from the nearest light pole, the rest of the miscreants will get the idea and LEAVE THE LAW ABIDING ALONE1

  76. Typical, if Jesse Jackson said it it’s probably safe to take the opposing position. Banning anything won’t stop the mentally ill from killing people.
    You can make explosives easy enough. If the shooter in Colorado was more determined and used explosives he probably could have done more damage. It would be better to weed these people from our society. A comment I’ve read and appreciate. “Someone soils themselves now we’re all supposed to wear diaper’s”

  77. What Mr. Jesse Jackson wants and what is granted by our constitutional rights are very different. He is entitled to his opinion thanks to our first amendment but we are entitled to our guns/swords/bows/etc. with the second amendment. I will also say that if it comes down to it I shall fight for both!

    The usual road to slavery is that first they take away your guns, then they take away your property, then last of all they tell you to shut up and say you are enjoying it. – James A. Donald

    The Constitution shall never be construed … to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms. – Samuel Adams

    We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. – Patrick Henry

    Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. – Thomas Jefferson

  78. Powerful criminals like the drug cartels will never be stopped from possessing any weapons they want.They wield to much money. More extensive background checks like psychological profiles could have stopped most of these shootings. The Colorado shooter was seeing a psychiatrist for issues he was having, the Virginia tech shooter had mental issues in his past, the Wisconsin shooter was affiliated with hate groups,the shooter who shot the congress woman in Arizona had documented run in with authorities at college where a report was not made. All this information was not available on a background check, and should be allowed to draw red flags until verified. If you have emotional or psychiatric problems, or are a member of a hate group you should be delayed and or denied a gun. Medical records may need to be accessed for law enforcement purposes only, while still protecting privacy rights outside of law enforcement. You want a gun, then going through a psychological profile is part of the process. Just seeming strange to other people is not enough, a full psychological profile at your expense may be needed, but it should be made cheap enough to be afforded. unfortunately, the law abiding citizen has already been denied access to automatic weapons without jumping through hoops, and having the money to afford the outlandish prices on these weapons. Law enforcement can get theses weapons at about $1000.00, a citizen at about $15.000.00. How many of these rifle shootings are drug related? If you remove the drug related shootings from the statistics it will be much lower. Also, pistols kill far more people than rifles ever have. The lowly 22LR round has killed more people in this country than any other caliber period. We prepare for fires in this country, why not violence? Why was the Colorado shooter allowed to leave through the fire exit when there was no fire alarm? Eliminate this one thing and you avoid the massacre. There are over 275,000,000 guns in civilian hands in this country, seven times more than the nearest rival which is India with 40,000,000. Bans will never stop gun violence from a determined criminal. This is not Australia where the population did not have a fraction of the guns Americans do when they put their ban into effect.

  79. A. sad reality is that Jackson and those like him owe “white” biggots, amd a damn lot of those biggots are very voivigerous sputhern gun owner’s.
    Throw in a large smattering of voiviferous northern white gun totting northern biggoted. white gun owners and the eastern political yuppies and all Javkson needs is given.
    Throw in the Christian militia nuts who are all. whites and then listen to all those peoples BULL and if I was Black I’d be packing and yelling just as loud as he.
    You wave your flags for the military and it is the most racist otganizations and worlds lsrgest SOCIALIST group in the world.
    You depend upon niggoted southern seators who play uou for contributions. who on the majority are. no more than centrrmen for corporate vircle jerks.

    The 2nd was to protect the Constitution but gun owners became so lovked into militarization of every facet of U
    S. culture you played right into their socialist agenda.
    Grsndpas say people should be trained and ex military say they are
    trained, but evrry ec combat troop knows that no pne in world can withstand US military grunt power
    and that includes nations with military forces and not the vivilians we been using gor live gire trsining in Iraq and elswhere in poor countries.
    Get real, you will drop those guns pne way or another without firing a shot.
    The new sound. micreave wraponry eill mske you neg to do so.

  80. I believ that the state is going to charge the suspect with over 100 counts of criminal acts. That means he violated over 100 laws and in a gun free zone. So now by passing another law, some nut job that is willing to violate over 100 laws,in a gun free zone, will be stoped by one more law. This type of thinking can only be done in a vacuum. The vacuum is between the ears of the person who thinks another law will make a difference to someone who is willing to break any law in the first place.

  81. jesse jackson? did he ever serve in the military? Ho thats right weren’t his friends
    in the black panter army.
    It is alawys the guys who have no interest in something that other’s do,who will be first to condenm all for what some nut case does.Just take a look at the pictures of these last few guys.I wonder who the hell sold them a gun.That should be in???.
    Change the law,make it mandatory, if you get cot with a stolen gun you go to jail for 10yrs if you have a police record or use the gun in a robbery.
    If you go into a crowd an commett terrorism and kill people for no reason other then to saisfiy your problems.YOU GET THE CHAIR.
    That should make them think twice

  82. I hope eventually someone gets it right…an assault weapon is one the is semi-automatic and by changing the position of a lever or switch becomes fully automatic. Fully automatic weapons are strictly controlled by existing Federal Laws…the mini-14, the AR-15, etc. are simply self loading firearms

  83. Jessie Jackson has been running his mouth for so long that people with any brains don’t pay any mind to him, he spouts crap just to have people remember his name, there are just as meny black’s as there white’s who think he is a Idiot and if the media would stop reporting what he say’s as something importent he would just dri up and blow away.

  84. The guy on answer 1 should have added large sugaree drinks over sized plates forks an spoons. I use my ar for pinking and it nice to pop 30 rounds at a time. We have a rolling target and the faster you can hit the more fun you have not to mention keeping score. and yes this ain’t Th grade we don’t keep score so someones feelings get hurt. Besides the kiddies are keeping score.

  85. Just a follow-up to Larry L. Miller’s post (post #3):

    You don’t think requiring gun-owners to know how to use their weapons is a violation of the Second Amendment? Quoting that Amendment… “A well regulated Militia…”

    Huh. Sounds to me like the Founders are saying that gun owners not only OUGHT to know how to use their weapons, but that they should practice with them on a regular basis! So not only is it NOT a violation, it’s a downright requirement!

  86. As usual, Jesse Jackson is trying to get himself in the headlines for personal gain. AK-47’s & AR-15’s on the legal markt are semi-automatic rifles as are many hunting rifles & Shotguns. By definition a semi-automatic weapon is one which fires a round for every pull of the trigger. By that definition revolvers & pistols are semi-automatic. He calls them Assault Rifles because they have a Military appearance. Like all gun control zealots, he & they lie, distort facts to disinform the public.

  87. When will people wake up and realize that it’s not the guns. If an unstable person wants to kill, they don’t need an automatic weapon to do it. Anyone with common sense knows that criminals don’t care about, or follow the law. Banning these types of weapons only plays to the bad guy’s hand.
    Anyone who shoots for sport understands the joy of firing semi-automatic rifles, and people who don’t shoot are often just afraid of what they don’t understand. Assault type rifles are not just for killing human targets Mr. Jackson. They can be great recreation for responsible law-abiding citizens, and are not just for killing as the anti-gun people would have the general public to believe. Punish the criminals, and mentally unstable for their cowardly acts, not the law abiding majority.
    As Charlton Heston said, You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

  88. just look at who is proposing these bans….. idiots who honestly believe they need more protection than the commoner. jesse jackson is so full of s(himself)t. it’s really scary. no wonder his eyes are brown…

  89. When are these people going to learn that there is no such thing as a civilian “assault weapon”? An Assault Rifle (your true M16s and AKs) is capable of Select Fire while the AR-15s and legal AKs are semi-auto only. If they continue to think that guns kill people, then they may as well make legislation to ban cars for driving drunk. Put the blame on the people behind them, not the tool.

  90. people kill people not guns its not magazine capacity its not rate of fire, it’s the whack job that has kill in his mind. you can take every gun off of the street and those who want to kill will still kill guns or not. it doesn’t matter how much you regulate it or educate on it if your set in your mind to kill your doing it with a gun or with whatever you can. I have two boys who are more educated on guns than most of are soldiers and know damn sure that guns aren’t for killing unless thier lives are threatened. so educate all you want and restrict all you want you can’t stop killers.

  91. When anyone claims that lawful gun ownership is the cause of violence he/she is claiming that regular citizens are the ones killing each other and selling weapons to street thugs. They are saying the people are too stupid and irresponsible to own or carry firearms, because we’ll probably lose them and they’ll fall into the hands of criminals. These people are so arrogant. How could the founding fathers have known about modern weapons like the AR-15. Muskets, in 1776, were essentially the AR-15, M-4 of today. I don’t believe for a second these politicians have anyone best interest at heart. They seem to have an agenda and to put us in line with most other countries of the world where firearm ownership is strictly forbidden or highly regulated.

  92. If everyone was allowed to carry in most locations, like the theatre, the chances of a shooter doing what the Aurora shooter did would be diminished greatly. Most idiots like him have no desire to die and not knowing who around him might be armed would make those like him think twice about doing what he did.

    As to the legislators that want to use this incident or others like it to impose new weapon laws, I can tell you first hand that new laws are not the answer. Our current laws are more than adequate. As it has been said many times before, only the law aiding citizens are affected by the law. Criminals do not care or let laws affect them.

    Make sure your Federal, State and Local politicians understand this.

  93. dont fall for the “Assault weapons” hype, they arent even such. i actually have heard alot of gun advocated saying “well yeah, we dont really need assault weapons”. totally forgetting the fact that they arent assault weapons do know whats going to likely happen once we let them ban those? someone else will shoot a bunch of people with a remington 700 bolt action and/or a pump action 12 gauge and those will all of a sudden become “sniper rifles” and “destructive devices” and be next in line for the ban. the goal here is complete disarmament of the last free nation on earth, dont fall for it. the 2nd ammendment is not about sport or hunting! it is about protecting our nation from tyrants and over reaching government(s). we should be up in arms just at the prospect of further restriction of our freedom. this is exactly why the founders ensured our right to keep and bear arms.

  94. Mr. Jackson is now, and has been since the late Martin Luther King’s assasination, a complete opportunist. He will ride any coattails available, and is devoid of anything we might call backbone. Like most of his ilk, he again, has jumped on another ill-conceived band wagon. This country is sliding headlong into socialism and total govt. control. I can’t help but wonder if Mr. Jackson will be satisfied when we are all enslaved.

  95. Basically, what we have here are some talking heads who only have a platform from which they can be heard. The have no solutions, no idea what the REAL trouble is, just a microphone and a willingness to use it. So it’s all just chatter and political posturing. That’s the part that scares me. These are people who care so little about our freedoms that they are willing to jeopardize them just for a few minutes of media attention. Scary.

  96. Why don’t we start putting to death the people who use guns to kill inocent people instead of punishing law abiding people who own and use guns correctly. After you kill a few of these nuts who commit crimes with guns, you wont have the problem we have know because they know the law is not going to do anything to them. The man who shot and killed the inocent people at the Colorado movie theater will not be put to death and will spend years appealing his case at the tax payers expense. Enough is enough. I say if you use a gun and take a life, then kill the bastard and be through with him. It’s time for America to get some guts and stop the crime and killing of inocents.

  97. #759- not accurate. Thomas Jefferson didn’t say this… check it out.

    It would be very nice to know what the actual gun crime rate for legally acquired weapons really is. There are ~8000 gun related deaths every year in the US- I believe almost all are perpetrated by criminals, or some other felony took place to put a gun in a perpetrators hands. The nut job in Colorado is definitely the rare exception of legally acquired fire arms used to kill people. At any rate, he is clearly mentally ill, and honesty that episode is truly more a social/mental heath issue than a gun issue.

  98. Jesse Jackson is and always has been an idiot. He has lived off the coat tails of MLK Jr his entire adult life and has NEVER brought one original idea to any table. The other articles were just as stupid. Detroit is a hell hole and the Police chief wants to make more victims so Detroit doesn’t look so bad. Fienstien was real big talking about gun control after the 101 shooting. Even made a big show of turning in her own Concealed Weapon. But when the cameras went off, she retrieved it quickly. That CNN guy says we don’t need military type weapons for defense. That the 2nd admendment did not intend for that to happen. Really? As I recall history, the arms that the average citizen had at the time were exactly like the revolutionary Army carried. In fact, many who fought for independence brought their own rifles with them. And to compare the US gun deaths with places like China would be laughable if it weren’t so ignorant. Most of the people in China klilled by firearms are held by Government Soldiars. It is because the the people of China are deprived of arms that they virtually enslaved by their own Government. Not one article had any credibility at all. The Assualt Werapons ban was allowed to expire because it didn’t do anything. According to the FBI, it had ZERO effect on crime. More people were beaten to death than killed with semi-automatic rifles. If they are banned, then whats next? What gun will they decide we don’t have a use for?Maybe they will decide that the 1st never intended for us to have access to the world wide web. Or include Muslums and Jews when it promised freedom of religion.

  99. So, if they’re only for domestic terrorism, I guess that explains why THE GOVERNMENT HAS SO MANY OF THEM! I’m still waiting, Military: When are you going to take out all these traitors and gives us back out Constitution?! Did you not swear to defend it against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC?

    And on this ‘crazy person killing innocent people’ stint… Really? America is a nation of scumbags ripping each other apart and producing nothing of worthwhile industrial function. Nobody who’s ever earned a paycheck in this country is innocent. Every dollar you ‘earn’ is blood money. Lying, Cheating, Stealing, and Killing is the American Way. This is the root of why we have so much violence in this nation; doing harm to your fellow man for a possible, maybe profit is preached in every school. Our parents did it. Our grandparents did it. There is no such thing as ‘earning an honest living’ in America. There are no ‘innocent victims/people’ here. Not a soul in this country would hesitate to kill their neighbor for a nickel if they could get away with it. Guns are not the problem. A society of hate is the problem.

  100. It is quite funny how the act of one can have so many cowering in fear of gun owners. Why not say that one man went on a shooting rampage while the other 300 million U.S. citizens chose not to. How about instead of all these laws restricting gun ownern we instead have a mandatory gun training law. Everyone would have to take it and it could be training once every 5 years starting at the same age as your basic Hunters safety course. When you learn to respect the weapon you quit screwing around with it and treat it and everyon else right.

  101. You’re gonna wish you had one when the home invaders show up. I’ve seen too many stories in the past few years where these home invading scumbags are rolling into homes 5 and 6 deep. Unless you’re a good shot, some of the folks may survive after you’ve run out of ammo. Besides I think Samuel L Jackson said it best when he said “AK47, when you absolutely, positively gotta kill every mother in the room, except no substitutes”. AR’s aren’t slack i that department either. It makes ZERO sense to punish law abiding citizens because some demented freak wants to go nuts and kill innocent folks. I only wish there had been some folks with carry permits there that night who could have saved some lives and ended his to save the taxpayers some money!

  102. “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” – Thomas Jefferson

  103. I use my semi-auto rifles and shotguns routinely for hunting especially where multiple targets such as dove, ducks or hogs may be engaged and quick followup shots are needed. I own and use the type of firearms they are railing about and find them well suited to my hunting needs. I hope I never need them to defend my constitutional rights against the likes of Feinstein, Schumer, Jackson et al, but should that day come I will be eternally grateful to our Founding Fathers for ensuring my right to acquire and possess them. Bottom line: It’s not about hunting.

  104. Jessie Jackson is a black racist Communist. What do people expect from this ignorant asshat TRUE Racist Communist. Never let Leftist illogic sway you. An AR-15 is as dangerous as anything including a board with a nail in it. It is ridiculous and an affront to the Constitution of the United States every time one of these Leftist/Socailist or marxist politician and public “figures” like Jackson spew their anti-gun anti-Liberty ignorance and spite. It’s the logic of Imagination Land. Prohibition never works on anything. Criminals would have the same thing they have via stealing weapons and buying stolen weapons, then citizens would be less prepared(for those that desire to defend their selves) for criminal attacks against Life or Home.

    There is no logic in telling me what I can use to defend my life. Increased Gun Crime is a SYMPTOM of Gun Control socialists/liberals. While decreased control over the 2nd Amendment decreases Crime Rates. These people don’t have one GRAM of Logical Thought. They are ignorant people protected by people carrying guns therefor they don’t give one shit about the regular honest non-criminal citizen that desires to defend their self with equal protection under the 2nd Amendment.
    There will never be “Gun Collection” here. If they ever tried it would be a Nightmare…for the government. People would either fight or hide their guns end of story. I know I would. Which? Who’s to say. If the U.S. was twisted into a pure Socialist Governing country it wouldn’t be my Country anymore.
    Damned is the ignorance of the foolish and illogical Gun Control/Anti-2nd Amendment crowd/clowns.
    Watch for the U.N. bill

  105. The thought that AR style rifles are only for domestic terrorism, shows how out of touch many of the critics and anti gun proponents thoughts and views are behind the times. Today more and more of the new generation of hunters are using AR style guns for sports hunting of american game. This was what they were tought to use, so why should they be religated to using the type of gun their father used to hunt? Deranged people will use whatever they can get their hands on to commit the crimes. Has anyone heard of the press demanding restrictions on the purchasing the household chemicals that were used to make the bombs that kept the police at bay for almost 2 days? NO! Its just easier to attach gun owners and their rights.

  106. Our forefathers could never have conceived of such a weapon as an AR-15 or AK-47, when they were drafting the Constitution of the United States. This is true. At that time, all they had were muskets. However, I would like to think, if they had these rifles available to defend this great nation of ours against the British, they would have used them without hesitation. If we start fooling around with the constitution by trying to twist and distort its meaning to fit our own twisted agenda, where will it end? Once they take the guns out of the hands of the people, the only people that will have guns will be the government. Just look at the track record of the people in history that tried it. People like Hitler and Stalin. Trying to alter the Second Amendment is communism, plain and simple. Let’s all get together this November, and in one loud, united voice, vote this communist political nightmare out of office.

  107. Every day the liberals/communists attack the second amendment. Some claim to support the second amendment but ask the question: Why do civilians need to own an “Assault Rifle”? The answer to the question is, “To have the ability to protect yourself and your constitutional freedoms from all forms of tyranny”. The intent of the second amendment was not only to own firearms for hunting or self-protection but also to protect Americans from international and domestic threats. Following the Revolutionary war, our founding fathers wrote the Constitution to establish a standard of freedoms unjustly suppressed by the King of England. The second amendment’s purpose is not to only supply a means to defend against enemies from foreign soils but also to keep our local and federal governments in check. If we are only allowed to own pistols, shotguns, and bolt action rifles, how are we expected to protect our families, friends, and communities from unconstitutional, oppressive, and/or unjustly actions? I am a law abiding citizen that has owned fire arms his whole life. My parents escaped communism by fleeing Eastern Europe and coming to America. I have no ill will towards my fellow man, I just want to be left alone to enjoy my life, hunt, and shoot thousands of rounds at the gun range.

    In summary, liberals/progressives/socialists/communists (what ever they call themselves at the moment)are genetically defective. Every living organism on this planet has the natural instinct to survive. When an individual’s ideologies suppress or deny this instinct, they must be mentally ill or physically defective. Liberals rely on the government and the police to protect them from physical harm. The fact is, the police are powerless to protect most victims. Unfortunately, the police only show up after the crime has been committed. This is the reason why the level of homicides are the highest in districts that heavily regulate fire arms. It is up you, the individual, to ensure safety and true freedom. Vote these clowns out to prevent this country from becoming another England or China.


  108. was’nt he indicted for importing heroin a couple years ago? yeah that kinda fell by the wayside,i would eat shit before i would listen to the likes of him or his daddy.muslims like him and his boy obama want to disarm real americans so we cant fight back when the muslim cultists try to take over america.ain’t gonna happen chicago democrap.

  109. The only reason I own Ak’s and AR’s is to protect my family .My family now each has their own .We have them to protest our self from the same people who are trying to take them away.I will not surrender any of my weapons.
    We know the economic collapse is coming if Obama is re elected the way he has divided this nation and pitted American against American with his class warfare and racist divide.WE know there will be rioting,looting ,armed flash mobs We need our weapons .They want our weapons so they can control and enslave us.If I die I will die fighting for my freedom and the freedom of others .
    I took an oath when I entered the military that oath had no time limit .I live by that oath today .
    God Bless all my fellow and Women Patriots .Be prepared

  110. Obama has also catered to Muslims in the white house. Muslim Sharia law believes that four men have to witness the rape of a woman or it never happened…..Jesse Jackson and his people are welcoming the nation of Islam into their states and to clean up their streets……Sorry if we gun owners would like to protect our families and homes from this mind set.

    Stop trying to push Muslim law on us and we will relax a little……Remember 9/11….We do…..

    There are many amendments in the Constitution and the second one means more to us then it does to anyone else in this country.



  112. The problem is the system.the criminals committing the crimes should be terminated.but between the system and some dirt bag layer they get life in prison?our legal system sucks.I think you went to school for law right Jesse .

  113. Let’s see…..domestic home grown terrorists…is that why the New Black Panthers are all toting them around whenever the feel the need to intimidate law-abiding citizens? C’mon, Jesse, let’s see if we can get the other foot in our mouth while we’re at it! It is not the type of weapon that kills, it is the idiot pulling the trigger that kills. You can be killed by a BB gun if the person pulling the trigger knows what they’re doing. (oops, now we’re gonna ban BB guns next)


  115. From a former U.S. service man. A psychological test is a good idea but people kill other people for no reason at all. Looking at other comments many have a good ideas but at the end as per our “God given rights” the U.S. goverment nor any other international governments, should not and will not be allow to dictate if any lawbiding citizen should have a gun/rifle.

  116. the 2nd Amendment is about creating a balance between law and lawlessness. Those who advocate abolishing 2a are directly promoting lawlessness, as many astute commenters have already written, massacres always occurred in areas where it is “gun free.”

    VT; Auroura, CO.

    How come no one ever talks about the Appalachian Law School shooting in 2002? A place that is no more than 1 hour from VT.
    Maybe, its because anti-2a’s refuse to face the truth, that of their own irrational fear of guns, and that armed civilian resistance creates the balance between law and lawlessness.

  117. In the meantime lets ban all the knives and forks so people won’t get fat. I have an AK and love it. But if they come to get it they can’t have it,well maybe bullets FIRST!

  118. I will NEVER give up me guns…I dont care who says what, let them talk. They people talking about takeing these rights away from us are trying to many things easier for the “ANI-CHRIST” to take full control of the good, hard working, americans such as you and I, trying to make us weak and defenceless so that we maybe controled. To hell with that… If you support these idiots and racist thoughts, you can just go to hell right along with them. I will keep my GOD and my GUNS. You can coware down and just give them up, if that is the man you really are. But when they come for mine, they better bring theirs… I am sure that many of you feel the same.

  119. i wonder if old jesse j has the testicular fortitude to come and try to take my assault rifles? or would he hide behind someone else and just run his mouth

  120. i got my license to carry in florida when my health failed and i couldn’t defend myself otherwise. i carry a large frame auto which is hard to hide and people notice it and they smile at me and are nice when before they wouldn’t give me the time of day florida also lets you carry unconcealed if you want i used to have a colt AR 15 and had to sell it and wish i could afford to buy one now as walmart sells them at a reasonable price but still too rich for me right now but i will protect my family and home with what i have until i cant especally against wash dc


  122. Strange how he wants to infringe on gun rights because of a few. Yet how many abortions every week car accidents Obama’s personal kill list. God has been taken out of school and there trying for everywhere else. Maybe this is evolution there looking for maybe this is there own making they should own up to.

  123. I like the comment by the guy in # 60. He said that he is tired of people who don’t know what they are talking about. He said that a Chinese general said that he would not invade the U.S because every citizen had a firearm of some sort.
    What really happened was, A JAPANESE ADMIRAL, who spent two years in Washington before the war, said that he would not invade the U.S. because there was an American with a gun behind every blade of grass.
    Just the facts, Ma’am.

  124. If Jessie was a messenger of God instead of a Democrat hack who enslaves his own race, he’e recognize the importance of saving lives. The Democrats are behind most violence.
    How many weapons would it take to overcome the damage done by Barnery, Harry, Nancy, and their hit men in the media?
    Our prisons are full of those set up by the Democrat (Oh, by the way, they are not Democratic but Autocratic)party to harass and robe the decent people in our society.


  126. I suppose we also need to outlaw automobiles because one woman drove off a pier with her children in the back seat. If one person uses an inadamate object for an evil purpose all those objects should be banned from society. If Jessy Jackson wants to help out country maybe he should control his people. Last time I checked blacks accounted for 25% of the population but commit 75% of violent crime in this country. What is the real problem here?

  127. My rifle is to protect this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Enemies of the state include any political movement that would try to take weapons away from the citizens of this nation. At first I thought left wing politicians just didn’t understand who gun owners were about but now I realize they do know that they cannot make The United States a socialistic/communistic country until they disarm the citizens. I am ready to defend to the death our constitution and the all of the amendments including the second.

    The left liberal politicians around the world hates the fact that Americans have the freedom to have firearms. Even our so called allies like England, France, Germany, not to mention the moslem countries want America disarmed and emasculated. If we let this happen, we go from citizens to subjects. Subjects is what Obama wants.

  128. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    It’s NOT hard to understand what this means!!, if you want to be and remain free you need the means to defend yourself, your family and your freedoms.
    I’m sick of seeing and hearing people thinking laws will keep you safe. Moses told people Thou shalt not kill (You shall not murder), and this is a LAW from GOD. That law is what over 3000 years old.
    What dose a predator do??, easy pray is good pray.
    If people REALY want these massacres to stop happening sane and responsible people need to be prepared to defend themselves. Making a law that says you can’t bring a gun in here does one thing, tells a predator that most likely everyone’s unarmed and easy pray is good pray. The aurora theater is one example of a gun free zone. New Jersey has all of the bans stated in the “assault weapons ban” they also have Camden in the top ten most dangerous cities in the U.S. since 1998, #1 in 2002, 2004, 2005 & 2009. New Jersey will blame Pennsylvania for its lack of laws, but what about the rest of the state that’s next Pennsylvania like Trenton. If this were true all the cities alone Pennsylvania’s would be like Camden. All of these laws do is effect/punish law abiding people! EVIL PEOPLE WILL DO EVIL THINGS laws will not stop them, but people can.

  129. Well what about the guns he has for protection. I am sure his guards he has has more than handguns.

  130. I don’t bleave our Government should tell any one they not own or use AR’s or any other fast firing weapon! Semiauto hand guns and many wheel guns can be just as dangerous. Also asemiauto shotgun whith heavy loads can create quite a lot of terror. Banning weapons will not stop nut cases. Had that nut job locked the theater doors and thrown exsplosives and fire bombs he could have caused more deaths. So lets get ride of glass jars,bottles,etc. and chemicals that can create bombs. Down whith alcohal,Drunk Drivers kill and hurt more people than any thing. No more automobiles either,then a drunk won’t have acess to a leathal weapon.

  131. Ok sounds like a plan take all of good law abideing citazens guns or make us sell them to make our money back If this passes to the bad guys so they have all of the good sh$& !!!!!

  132. Banning any or all guns won’t stop people from committing acts of terrorism or mass murder.
    On September 11th 2001 3000 people lost their lives to terrorists and not a single bullet was fired.
    If these politicians wanted to make this country safer mandate car manufacturers to install goveners in all cars to have atop speed of 65 mph. Thousands of people loose their lives due to speeding each year. These politicians just want votes and they’re doing it on the backs of these victims.


  133. I think Marxist racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should be banned fron the U.S.A.

    The ATF has already proved through “Fast and Furious” that we may all need these weapons to defend ourselves against our own corrupt government some day. That was the very purpose for the Second Ammendment.

  134. “The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army.

    The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.

    The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

  135. When all are leaders give up there armed guards and live in the real world. I think they would be scared spit less of the revolving door of the criminals that they defend so well I use my ar15 to hunt and target shoot and god for god forbid. Defend my family but that gun won’t my first choice my 9 or shotgun will be. You will not take my rights away or denied. Me my right to hunt. Fish dive and eat. And feed my family’s. If you want to do Something make the laws harsher for criminal. Comite a armed crime it’s life or death. No ten years on death row bud. Just look a criminal made a gun with ac pipe and screw driver bullet. The only reason he got caught was it discharge and shoot him in the leg. He was convicted fellon . Iam not waiting 20 min for the cops to show up clean up the mess after the criminal. Have raped shot my wife or daughter or any member in my family or anyones elses . You want us to trust the goverment hell look at the fast and furious. F#$k up are goverment gave out these gun and now there killing people. Hold them accountable I will not give up my guns period. My family served and fought for these rights . I will live free or die . Just leave me be let me work and live a free . I don’t want to. Bother anyone or tell them what they can do unless there criminals .

  136. Once again one person does something stupid and the rest of the country has to suffer for it cause some idiot liberal who prolly doesnt even own a gun has a guy he can pay to protect him and his family. But the people who cant afford high end security look to other means of protection. Yeah so what you may not need an assualt style 30 round rifle but guess what its in our 2nd amendment get over it dont hold one stupid A**es problems against the rest of America. We have the right to bear arms. If you dont like it get the hell out of this country. Im proud to be an American and i love my guns and the hell if any on of these liberals or anybody for that fact is gonna take them away for me. Stand up against your government and fight back to protect our 2nd Amendmant.. GOD BLESS AMERICA….

  137. People fail to realize this simple fact. IF YOU TAKE AWAY GUNS FROM THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO ACQUIRE THEM THE PROPER WAY, CRIMINALS WILL STILL HAVE THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE ATTAINED ILLEGALLY IN THE FIRST PLACE! Dont be fooled by this crap. How far would this shooting have gone if there were several audience members carrying guns? One of two scenarios would occur:
    1: A hero would be made by that person taking down the bad guy.
    2: IF it were a known fact that a majority of civilians carried guns, this shooting would have never happened in the first place because the perp would know that he wouldnt make it very far.

  138. Several comments have alluded to the effect that cars kill more people than guns in this country, yet there is no outcry by the libs to ban or restrict cars. The reason for this disparity is quite simple – you can’t use a car to defend yourself from government tyranny.

  139. It is really hard to believe Jesse Jackson’s opinion would even matter anymore. When it comes to the “Assault Weapon” issue there really should’nt be any reason why law abiding citizens should not be allowed to own these military type weapons [we are the militia]. If the government has a problem with illegal use of these firearms in criminal situations make it a “manditory life sentence” for those who use them to kill innocent law abiding citizens. The 2nd Ammendment is still a must if we are to protect ourselves from thugs,thieves, and murderers. Where I live there is’nt any law inforcement for 20 miles. I’ll be damned if someone is going to take away my right to defend my family–God Bless America!!!!!!!

  140. How does this idiot have ANY legitimacy to even make ANY comment on ANY subject? He has ZERO validation or credibility when it comes to the subject of the Constitution or rule of Law. He is a proven RACIST and pimps his fellow blacks out for Votes to the highest bidder. His charade with the Black Panthers is FACT. If the Media desires to be sodomized by his antics, so be it. No wonder Media Ratings are falling faster than the almighty dollar.

  141. Get real people, lets get these people out of office. These shootings were prob staged just to bring about gun bans. Take our guns then take us over like socialist. Our goverment is the one who let arms go into mexico then tried to blame it on our gun dealers.Mexican president mind ur own bussiness.HAHA

  142. These buffoons say nothing about black-on-black violence and killing in New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. but will always try to showboat about something like Aurora,

  143. Statements like this are why he can’t get elected to to the presidency. Trying to create controversy is not going to increase his popularity. We have a right to bear arms. As a proud owner of an AR-15, I have to say that self loading fire arms are good for both hunting and home protection as well. I feel horrible about the Aurora Colorado shooting, and every time something like this happens, it is heart breaking. Banning weapons and magazine capacity is not the answer. Bad people will still get any weapons they want, and do terrible things. The movie theatre was a “Gun Free Zone”. That type of attitude just helps the terrorist (home grown or otherwise) accomplish their goals.

  144. Jesse Jackson is nothing more than a race baiting idiot who seeks to keep racial animus on-going. That is how he makes his money. He’s kind of fallen on hard times and will apparently take any opportunity to try to become mainstream again. He ends up playing right into the hands of the Obamanoids and the über libs. By the way, check out Rev. Al also on Politics Nation. MSNBC is dragging the bottom of the barrel with him. Unfortunately have had the opportunity to view this right after the OLympics. Totally disgusting!

  145. Why? Oh why are we still giving this racist piece of horse dung the opportunity to spew his vitriol. I say eF Jesse Jackson!

  146. Matt W. stated: “A rifle ban, a firearm safety course, none of that would’ve prevented that fool from doing what he did.”

    That fool was not acting alone, nor did he have the experience to professionally wire up his room as it was done. Whatever leftover MK Ultra residue this kid was probably put through, you are very much correct; what we need is to address why so many people employed in the Black Ops fields, the NSA, TSA, CIA and the rest of that dysfunctional twisted ilk have become so disenfranchised from the rest of their countrymen that our legislators no longer have any backbone to stand up to the banks that control then, and the teachers are too busy caving in to socialist driven educational guidelines. We should, as someone else pointed out, be teaching gun state sponsored gun courses from kindergarten on up. I think that if EVERYONE had been instructed on firearm use, and that if our useless legislature had been spending more time trying to actually figure out why so many people were becoming disenfranchised from their own system of government (perhaps from all the lying, cheating, and stealing going on behind our backs), more people would be able to be a part of this wonderful system than trying to tear it apart. But it all starts with those who take that oath of public office and then knowingly abuse that position. THAT is where the problem is; not in the ghetto, not with any militia group or even a skinhead group. If the legislature had not allowed itself to become so corrupted, we might actually have adoration for these people instead of loath and disgust.

  147. What is a more serous weapon of homegrown terrorism are the manipulations and lies that come from the mouths of those that depend on the ignorance of many to believe in those manipulations and lies that are stated. Just because a person has been on television for a long span of time does not mean that the words they choose to mutter are words of wisdom. In fact, those words could be deliberate in corruptive use of power.

  148. Ban assault weapons? No No No…the real danger to the republic is idiot politicians and their lap dogs. BAN THEM.

  149. First of all, the Second Amendment is precisely about being prepared to shoot human sized targets, just like our Founding Fathers did when they defeated the tyranny of King George. They knew we’d one day have to do it again, so they wrote the Second Amendment. As they intended, this fact alone should make wannabe tyrants very nervous.

    Secondly, Cain murdered Abel long before “evil” black rifles and high cap magazines were invented. What is in one’s heart is much more important than what is in one’s hand.

  150. Problem = “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION” Google it & read all 24 of these protocols. And after you’ve read all 24 of these protocols, then download & read for free this 640+ page book in PDF: “THE INTERNATIONAL JEW,” by Henry Ford. Then after you’ve read all this, then you’ll really understand how things outside your door are shaping up.

    Solution = “THE VENUS PROJECT”, &, “ZEITGEIST”, & “THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT” You can find out more about these at; Google, , , .
    Also check out on “THE MONEY MASTERS”, & “THE SECRET OF OZ” And also check out some other documentaries while you’re on .
    Alex Jones on

    And all you have to do is remember all of the corruption that always has been & still is taking place on a daily basis the world over. To include our front & back yards. The pollution, crooked politicians, judicial, law enforcement, dept of corrections & banking system. Our military only fight for this world’s rich, & nothing else. The corrupt educational system. Corrupt Health care system. The corrupt Media. To list all of the corruption is as long as the U.S. national debt. & keeping pace with it too. And as long as there is any kind of Monetary, &, or barter system what so ever, then rest assure that there will always be plenty of corruption for everybody on a daily basis.
    And the only way out is; A GLOBAL CYBERNETIC RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY. Now that in my book would truly be the only thing short of defending our loved ones, worth fighting for. The alternative is things are bad, & getting worse. No matter what puppet is placed office. And I say that there are 5 branches of government. 1) THE EXECUTIVE, 2) THE LEGISLATIVE, 3) THE JUDICIAL, 4) THE PRESS, And who work for, & when the first 4 fail. Then it’s 5) WE THE PEOPLE. The first 4 work for WE THE PEOPLE. Not the other way around. AS long as there is a Monetary, &, or Barter system of any kind, what so ever, then there will always be plenty of corruption. And you can take that straight to the BANK.

  151. politicians make me sick,They want to take away our guns,and tax us to death.
    They take every shooting,and blow it way out of preposition ,To get votes. Most
    people know not to belive thes politicians ,I don’t think the politicians body
    guards woul’t have to give up there guns,What about ,Baseball Bats,screwdriver ,
    Sling Shoots,Rope and Wire,Cars,and Aircrafts ,They have all kild Humans .
    Come on,Don’t blame things that take humans to operate
    Politicians,have tore this country down,turned it into a 3rd world country
    and scard the people will revolt against a crooked government .A government
    that is opressing its own people

  152. A WEAPON is a tool only,but if you ban guns YOU HAVE TO BAN ALL WEAPON’S. That is even KNIFE’S & FORK’S,it will take us back to the STONEAGE. So STOP THE HATE OF WEAPON’S or will NOT put FOOD on your table.

  153. This has absolutely nothing to do with being racist, nothing to do with safety education, nothing to do with assault rifles. This was a deranged idiot that was going to kill as many people as possible, by whatever means possible. He could’ve killed 50-60 with a motor vehicle. He could’ve wired the theater and killed 100’s. A rifle ban, a firearm safety course, none of that would’ve prevented that fool from doing what he did. 24 shootings in my town in the last 3 weeks, and not one of them was from an assault rifle. All the shootings were done with illegally obtained handguns, by criminals…not law abiding citizens.

  154. First of all I am African-American and Jessie Jackson does not speak for all African-Americans. I am an AR-15 owner and I am a law abiding citizen. Last deer season I hunted with my 6.8 SPC and I filled my freezer. You will not take food out of my children’s mouth because you think that the public shouldn’t own an AR because of some homicidal maniac. Criminals don’t buy guns from the store, they buy them on the street. There should be less gun control and more gun safety. I was taught gun safety at an early age by my father who was (KIA US Army) After my dad passed away my Uncle and Grandfather taught me how to hunt. I now have 2 boys and I am teaching them all about gun safety.

    I also use my AR for home defense. If a criminal breaks into my house with an assault rifle, you bet your ass I’m going to have one.

    Stay out of my gun safe Jessie Jackson!

  155. Let me get this straight, I purchased a AR-15 some time ago, not having murdered anyone yet, and that racist Jesse Jackson says he wants to ban my assault weapon while the gang on gang violence in the liberal utopia of Chicago is a an all time high, surpassing what Al Capone did. I purchased my weapons legally through a FFL and I’ll bet you my eternal soul that not one of those gang bangers purchased there full auto weapons legally like I did, and I’M THE PROBLEM! Would someone please punch Jesse in the mouth really f@#king hard! (reminds me of “Tropic Thunder”)

  156. Texting while driving is responsible for more deaths in the US than firearms of any kind. Kills more than drunk drivers as well. Dont see near the push to do much about either in comparison to removing our rights to bare arms. Truth is the media doesnt get much attention when reporting another case of family gets killed by distracted driver texting at the wheel. If it got the same attention there would be all sorts of similar knee jerk reactions such as holding mobile phone service providers responsible for these deaths. Maybe sight drivers for possesion of a mobile communications device while driving and endangerment to society. This is the sort of thinking that chips away at the freedom that we all enjoy. I believe that the majority of people in this country are fed up with it and the political elections will begin to take notice eventually.

  157. Wait…wait…Mr Jackson is right!! They are for home grown terrorism. BUT…not as he thinks. I’ll use my AR and my “high Cap” (actually normal capacity mags) to stop the SOB that thinks he can terrorize my home!!!

  158. Proof positive that Jesse has long since lost any credibility he might ever have had. His is a life spent in pursuit of a way to bolster his ego and bank account and there is nothing that he will not do or say in the process.

  159. Someone said they don’t belong on the ‘street’ and I agree; they belong in our home for self defense. It is said time and time again, the ban would only apply to law abiding citizens – the criminals, cartels, etc. will always be able to get their hands on these weapons. Don’t punish all for a one or two…

  160. Why, why why,,,, are liberals so stupid??? to live in a fantasy world thinking that a world banned from guns is ridiculous, mad men would find a way to kill, ever heard of the black market? the bad guys would have guns and more and more innocent people would lose their lives. Does any one remember what happened in germany? No guns and the government (hiltler) runs rampade sending millions to the goulog. It may have been a different outcome if the citizens would have been armed. When a murderous crime happens the first thing that spews out of the liberal left is ban guns.. how about looking at the problem, crazy people need to be monitored and sometimes locked up to prevent these kinds of things happening. But instead we protect them with these so called privacy rights. The government never seems to have a problem with emminent domain for the good of the people, so why cant laws be created for the good of the peoples safety, by turning in the loon tunes by their doctors before these things happen. Remember guns dont kill, people kill people. Its funny how Switzerland issues guns to every last one of their citizens in that country and their gun crime rate is among the lowest in the world.. hmmmmm something to think about. bottom line is… liberals are just a bunch of f-ing retards who live in a warm fuzzy world inside their head and never think about reality.

  161. I believe in the Constitution. I believe that Jesse Jackson has the right to say these things (first amendment), as I have the right to keep and bear arms (Second amendment).

    Our founding fathers did not give us the right to keep and bear firearms so that target shooting and the tradition of hunting would be preserved. They gave us this right so that no dictator or government could ever oppress us again as England had. At that time citizens possessed rifles that were far superior to the smooth bore muskets carried by most armies of the world.

    IMHO, the second amendment gives us the right to same individual weapons of the basic infantry.

    When this government attempts to destroy the constitution and take away our freedom, then it is the right and responsibility of the People to rise again and restore the Constitution.

  162. Again the blame is on the guns and not the F.A.Holes that use them. As far as I am concerned,anyone who uses ANY type of gun in a crime looses their rights to live with the rest of us law abiding americans, let’s stop wasting time in the jails and courts with these scumbags and make them fish bait!
    I think once the un-law abiding scum sees that justice is swift and lethal you just might see a drop in violent crimes. By arresting the criminals who use guns of any type,treating their wounds if they have any and getting them pshyco evaluations to see if they are competent to stand trial is a waste of time.
    If they show that much disregard for others,whatever their mental state is, then we should show them the same disregard.
    To close I Qoute Mr. Charlton Heston: “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS”

  163. I have a nice Mini-14 and hadn’t planned on buying an AR15. But I always at least consider doing the opposite of whatever Jesse Jackson advocates . . . so I guess I’m in the market. Hey, don’t forget no matter how terrible a person is, he’s still worth something as a cautionary example.

  164. I think jessy Jackson needs to worry about the criminals of his own color instead of blaming crime on tools and other citizens! Jails are filled with mor blacks than whites and they represent a much smaller percent of the population of the country!

  165. Once again the scumbag politicians & all of their cronys & leeches are trying to take our freedoms away. If you take away the “assault guns” people will kill eachother with the other guns not banned. Take away those guns & they will make bombs. If you could manage to take bomb materials away they would stab or bludgeon eachother to death with sharp sticks & rocks. Besides when is a criminal going to care if there is a gun ban on? One way or another a criminal will get his/her hands on the firearm that they want. James Holmes wasnt a criminal; he got those guns legally you say & your right BUT WHY THE F#$K DID EVERYBODY IGNORE HIS THERAPISTS WARNINGS ABOUT HIS MENTAL HEALT??? There are the real criminals of this affair! One of the worst acts of terrorism in this country was comitted by a bunch of guys on a plane armed with box knives. How about we ban those Jesse??? Another terrorist incident that comes to mind was perpetuated by 2 guys who had a truckload of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer. How about we ban that too??? IS THERE SOME REASON WHY ANYBODY IS LISTENING TO JESSE JACKSON???? Here are some irrifutable gun facts for those poor uninformed massess. Fact; “gun crime” was at an all time high during the last assault weapons ban. Fact; “gun” crime has been on a steady decline for the past 10 years since the assault gun ban was lifted. fact less than 1% of “gun” crime is committed with an assualt weapon. Do we need Ak’s & AR’S? You bet your sweet ass we do! Some of you seem to forget that the 2nd Amendment wasnt created just so we could all go hunting together or even carry a concealed weapon although these are definate perks. It exsists because our forefathers knew that one of the only ways to deter a tyrannical government from taking away the other freedoms is to have a well armed civillian population who can stand against & overthrow the govenrment when it has overstapped it bounds. Not only that but it deters any foreign country from invading. Admiral Yamamoto once said, when he commented about a possible invasion plan that the Imperial Japanese Army was hatching in WW2; “I would not invade America for there would be a gun behind every blade of grass”. That same reason is what keeps our government in check. Dont let them muddy the water & confuse the issue at hand. Our government is supposed to work for US. WE THE PEOPLE. Right now they are just working for themselves like fat bloated ticks suckling blood out of the carotid artery of the people. Want to know the real reason why our government wants to curtail our firearms? They’re scared & they should be. The civillian population is becoming more & more disillusioned & restless. Every day we wake up just a little bit more to the cold hard reality that this country is no longer what it should be & the corruption & illigitimacy of our goverment is making us sick to the point that if its not fixed soon we’re going to have to burn the whole thing down & start over again, as is our right as Americans. These are dangerous times friends. If we let these scumbags start taking away our guns again it will pave the way for our other freedoms to be infringed upon & if we let that happen; then we dont deserve any of this.

  166. Jesse Jackson is a clown that makes his money by creating turmoil and chaos. Him and Al Sharpton are one in the same.

  167. Jesse Jackson says and does nothing that isn’t calculated to build on whatever is in the news at the moment to get him more publicity.


  169. Blaming any firearm for the rampage of an insane person is like blaming cars for drunk driving. Just because it is used doesn’t make it the causal device. The idiot who decides to drive drunk is at fault just like the nut-jobs who misuse firearms.
    Any attempt to make firearms or accessories harder to acquire for a law-abiding person is like making cars harder to buy for people who don’t drive drunk! It just doesn’t make any sense!
    I have always said that a nuclear device in the hands of a law-abiding person poses no threat to anyone anywhere! It is the crazies who are the problem not the average law-abiding citizen. Don’t punish those of us who haven’t committed any crime because some loony has!
    It would make as much sense to hold Jesse Jackson accountable for the bad actions of the black panthers in the 60’s simply because he’s black. The same logic applies!

  170. Well physco Jackson is at it again and it won’t be long until Sharpton tries to make this a racial thing. But I do agree with the non-racist majority here. All that additional laws will do is further depress law abiding citizens and make it easier for the scum of our culture to take advantage of whoever they choose. We need to look at solutions and not introduce more problems. Every convicted criminal should be made an example to the rest of that element that their actions will not be tolerated. Hanging was very effective back in the days of horse thieves, maybe it is time to give it a try. Our correctional system is like a vacation hangout for those to lazy to work for a living and it is long past time to change that. Besides rope is cheap and trees are plentiful. Our second amendment rights should not be messed with by Jackson, Nobama, Nobiden or anyone else. Guns don’t kill people do, and anytime there is a will they will find a way. Scissors, fertilizer, automobiles, aircraft, or the rope from above. Have some sense if I was deranged and wanted to harm someone the only thing that could stop me is someone noticing how deranged I was and dealing with me before I used any of thousands of household items to harm someone. Lets face it Nobama and his libitards can’t ban everything.

  171. Obama doesn’t have any problem with soldiers on our streets baring AKs or ARs. F# Obama and Jesse Jackazz. We may need autoloading rifles for quashing riots (aka black mobs). We have a right not to be mob victims.

  172. How about letting the rest of us….carry…so we can take down the person(s) that decides to pick up a gun and walk into a crowded theater…to do harm….I bet they will think twice…before they do…and you probably won’t end up with a turkey shoot at hand..rather…a story of how law abiding citizens took down a BAD GUY(s) in self defense…before they became a statistic…of gun violence with the bad guy(s) winning…in the end.

    What do you all think about that!….

  173. It’s so typical of white, Volvo-driving, latte-sipping liberals to soil their panties every time there’s a shooting. Even a hard working, decent black manliving in a rough neighborhood wouldn’t be stupid enough to not have a gun. The whole point of having a gun is also gaining the discernment in when to use it. Someone may be black and own a gun; that doesn’t make them a gangbanger; nor does anyone owning a gun make them a potential terrorist.

    If anyone could be labeled a “terrorist” here, it would be Jackson and that putrifying gaggle of Uncle Toms he has following him around 24/7. Find me a middle class black man with a family and a gun and I’ll be the first one handing him another magazine in a firefight. Jackson and Sharpton have been been sucking on that religion teet for far too long and I’m surprised that his followers haven’t yet chastised them for enslaving the people even further.

    We never hear Jackson or Sharpton talking about being being responsible citizens and recognizing the meaning behind the 2nd Amendment; no, all we hear from these two pompous, pontificating, platitudinous, pomade salesmen is how much the white man has done the black man wrong and how much “whitey” owes them. Well, I got news for these two blowhards; the English Crown and European royalty was busy making money off slavery hundreds of years ago and they are still doing it around the world to this day, only much of it has been cloaked within the banking industry. That form of slavery knows no bounds of skin color and we’re all in this battle together; no matter how much Jackson’s and Sharpton’s string pullers have instructed them to keep the battle in the trenches where we are left to battle between ourselves.

    Journalist Holly Sklar was quoted in Daniel Estulin’s book on “The Bilderberg Group” as having stated that by removing all sense of ethnic and nationalistic loyalty from the peoples around the globe (i.e. through globalism), the elites will not have to suffer any further losses in wealth by quarreling amongst themselves. The strategy was to thus divert any economic pressures downward onto the population. I liken this to some irresponsible MacDonalds manager, who blames the dirty restrooms, dirty kitchen, tardy attendance and poor customer service ……. all on the help. It’s incompetent managerial skills, whether in a fast food setting or having these self-appointed sociopaths believing themselves to be capable of managing the planet. Either way, without any acceptance of responsibility, both systems are headed for the toilet.

    Jackson and Sharpton, unfortunately, have both had unique places in being able to help transform this problem, but so far, all they’ve managed to do is sign up to dutifully mop up the restrooms.

  174. Jessie Jackson is an idiot that only knows how to work people into a frenzy over what the mainstream media likes to call “controversial” issues by playing the race card. Gun control is not a “controversial” issue with the American people, the majority of Americans want means to protect themselves and their families. I have the honor to live in the great state of Texas and now that these genius politicians have opened our borders to any illegal that wants to be here (good or bad), I’ll be damned if I ever give up my guns! The only thing that keeps criminals from running rampant is that fear that they might be shot by a potential victim. It amazes me how most of these public, mass shootings are done in GUN FREE ZONES! The people of this great nation need to realize that we need to worry less about these trivial issues that the “ruling class” throws at us, and vote these America hating left-wing Socialist tree hugging idiots out of our government! If I were black-I’d be ashamed to have Jessie, Al, and Barak claiming to be speaking on my behalf. Look at how this top down, authoritarian government regimes have worked in other countries. They don’t. And taking our firearms that could be used for defense of our Liberty is the final step off the cliff and the plunge into tyranny. Jessie Jackson is an embarrassment to America.

  175. If they take away my protection, to defend aginst stupid crazies, im going to go crazy . How would we defend our selfs ? lol .kitchinknifes. Engage,Sucure,Defend our 2nd amenment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. If no one gave Jesse Jackson a platform he would soon dwindle away. Some black folk actually cringe when the name is mentioned
    Association with he or those who follow their teaching. Show me anything that he has done that actually promoted advancement for anyone other than himself and his cronies. Same goes for all self serving elitist and that would not preclude any president that we have had in 37 of my voting years. We have lost on all courts economically as well as academically. It appears as though we are asking for self destruction. As far as racial affairs go our problems will be there as long as we want them to. I ask how long? Perhaps as long as real people are victimized by the acts of those who we should not respect enough to consider or advertise their opinion. As far as the person that is in office goes that again is our fault. He is the president by vote and as a Black registered republican and a retired military man I’m going to respect that office. If we don’t,then even that will be considered as a trivial thing. I think that we need to respect this nation and all that it represents. Or else who will or even can. But even in our neighborhood the going joke is that must be his white side talking! Hope you can smile at that.
    I have an idea lets make it a law that any presidents that we have past this point must be from a medium income family so that our leadership will know how most of us have to live. Furthermore when it comes down to it I am an anti gun advocate also too bad that no one provided me a non violent place to practice nonviolence.

  177. We do not have a gun problem in this country.
    We do not have an alcohol problem in this country.
    We do not have a pill abuse problem in this country.

    We have a whack-job problem in this country.

    What does Charles Manson, John Hinckley, Jared Loughner, and, now, James Holmes, have in common? Whack Jobs!

    Until we knuckle down and get serious about determining and monitoring those who cannot or will not take responsibility for their actions AND arrange to restrict those people from acquiring items that they may use to harm others, this issue is not going away. The VAST majority of people who take prescription medication do so responsibly (what few prescriptions my wife or I take are done strictly in accordance to our physicians directions). The VAST majority of people who drink alcohol do so responsibly (i enjoy regularly a cold beer and have grown fond of the California wine efforts; at 62 years of age i’ve NEVER had a DUI citation — not one). The VAST majority of people who own firearms do so responsibly (i’m a CCW carrier, Gunsite trained, and a life member of the NRA – have NEVER been cited for careless firearm handling).

    Jesse Jackson, like all liberal progressives, can kiss my ass. He is a serial panderer and nothing more; he is best just ignored,

    No, this is NOT an “implement” issue; it is a people issue. A bad people issue. We need to have a serious discussion on options to identify potential threats and limit their access to “dangerous substances” that they could use to harm others.

  178. Mr Jackson you sir are a gutless coward and an idiot. We the people will be the ones to defend this country in the event of an invasion so therefore we need the same kind of weapons except for AT and AA weapons. The second amendment states “In order to maintain a well regulated militia the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed on” It is the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE, not the right of the government.

  179. Jesse Jackson is an opportunistic moron who has leached off of others for years. His life’s contribution adds up to a big fat zero

  180. Im a Private security contractor in Illinois. I work everyday with my custom SOG M 4 and my custom G 35. I get stuck supporting all the bull shit with my dollars by having to buy 5 licenses this state requires me to have to do my job not to mention the out the a** taxs I pay on ammo and equipment. Im sure O.J. Jacksons security detail is armed so why take someone elses weapons. The rest of Illinois is thru buckeling under to all the shit chicago pushes down state … Oh ya gun bans work great look at all the unarmed people murderd in chicago were pistols and “assault weapons” are banned…. To many sheep for scum to feed on… Hey Jesse Fu*k you !!Yer not gettin my guns or my mags !!

  181. when you purchase a fire arm, you fill out papers stating that your not under the influence of drugs, a felon or have any mental problems. The gun dealers need to profile these people instead of making a dollar, the gun laws that are in place would be inforced we could cut down on alot of these tragedies. There are good and bad in all races, lets not make this a race issue its all about excepting responsibilites of individuals actions. It seems to me when someone commits a serious crime its everyones fault but his! Next time instead of killing innocent people lets go after IRS DC LAWYERS BMV.

  182. An aquaintance of mine made this statement years ago:


  183. Mr. Jackson is an idiot! In my mind gun control is being able to hit your target with the first shot. If you can’t do that you need more training in the proper use of a firearm.

  184. If Jessie Jackson was intelligent enough to read and use a computer, he would see that guns are not listed in the top10 causes of death in the US. I guess we need to ban smoking, driving, cut all electricity, and especially beer and all alcohol drinks (I’m sure Jessie would not like this one). All of these kill more people than guns. I grew up with guns, hunting, target shooting, and just fun. I received additional firearm safety training in the US Army. I’ve been a hunter safety instructor. There are many firearm owners just like me and none of us have the desire to go on a shooting spree. Only crazy and unstable people do these type of things.
    Does the media (TV/press) aire or publish every traffic accident that kills one or more people? Do they aire or publish everyone that dies from smoking? Jessie, crawl back into the hole you came out of and take your main man Al Sharpen with you.

  185. why are we even listening to full blown idiot like jesse that dosen’t know his head from a hole in the ground.
    let that stupid ba#%$% say that to the military and all the ex military in this country and i would stand face to face and tell him so!! ALWAYS STATED GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE PULL THE TRIGGER IT DOSEN’T PULL ITSELF YOU STUPID IDIOT

  186. jackson and sharpton have always been asses so why do people still listen to them. They ban Ar-15s and next it will be M-1 garands and carbines. Let the liberals rant, the 2nd assures me of my right to bear arms

  187. One thing yo need to remeber. if they want to change the constiution of the united states they need to vote on it then the vote goes to the people. hey can not chage it unless we let them do it and Obama and all the idiots that work up there can do nothing about it

  188. Jesse should just talk about matters that he is informed of and non-opinionated about… OOPs…that would be NOTHING.

  189. Jesse Jackson first of all has a lot of nerve calling himself reverend, with all the hate and violence he preaches. If assault style rifles are banned then only his followers will have them and law abiding citizens will be at their mercy. I have an AR 15/M 4 that will never be used for any kind of domestic terrorism but will be used to stop domestic terrorism if necessary. This man should be ignored because he is full of hate for the white man just like the president.


  190. Jesse Jackson is a fake who is still trying to be in the spotlight. I feel that above all else our 2nd amendment rights should all preserved at all cost. If we as a nation allow our rights to be taken from us the only people with firearms in America will be the criminals and the government. Don’t let anyone take our rights.


  192. Jesse and the rest of the leftist loons are foaming at the mouth with what’s happened in the last couple of weeks. None of the lies that spews from their mouths is for the good of anyone, just evil in the works for total control of the masses. The politicians that get a tingle up their pant leg when a tragedy happens are the worst kind, self serving sanctimonious sobs that care nothing for their constituents or this country. America had better wake up and smell the gun powder…molon labe!!!

  193. its a waste oftime to try and ban weapons because if for somereason they would ban them the minute they show up to my doorstep to try and take them they are gonna have a real problem and making stupid rules on high cap mags or semi autos is stupid to because you take that away from the civillians and the criminals are still getting them illegally which means crime rates are gonna probably just go up because no one has really other ways to defend yourself when someone bust into your house with a gun

  194. I’m a firm believer that firearms safety and use should be taught in schools at an early age. A respect for them when your young doesn’t usually go away when your older. As far as banning certain firearms and magazines, is it really going to change someone going off the deep end. I don’t think so, if you want to harm or kill people you will find a way. I have quite a few guns, black powder to assault rifles. I enjoy shooting and find more enjoyment when its done in a safe manner. I grew up around a gun culture and never had a thought to harm someone with a firearm, Unless my life or those of family or friends were in danger. What going on today is a total lack of respect for life. Its fueled by ignorance and stupidity, we can fix ignorance but, you can’t fix stupid. Unfortunately we have people like Jackson that wallow in their own ignorance, guns are tools like any other. Sure their used for war, but so are farms an army without a food supply won’t get very far. America has a heritage of hunting and sport shooting. A lot of us were raise with guns in the house, taught to use them, and most importantly to RESPECT them. We will always have issues with gun crime and violence. Bans on certain type of firearms and mags won’t change that. Not to mention the fear-mongering after every tragedy. Teaching common sense and responsibility will go farther.

  195. If law abiding US citizens aren’t allowed to own or carry weapons neither are the Secret Service–is that not fair???

  196. Why waste your breath on these black idiot “leaders”? All they can do is whine and jump on the bandwagon when they think there is a hot issue that the sheeple of this country might agree with. Jackson and Sharpton are assholes.Some day the racial violence that they promote is going to tip over and happen. Look at Syria today. Picture that sectarian violence in Milwaukee or Chicago. Once the shooting starts in this country it is going to be the most violent that has ever been seen on this planet. I’m 64 and law-abiding as hell, but I hope I live long enough to see it boil.

  197. Obama was elected as a man for change who would reinstall unity and pride. Instead he has proven to be divisive, shallow, ill-informed and poorly educated in everything from protocol to the number of states in the union. He was touted as an ethical fresh breath of air, but now he has Eric Holder hiding behind his skirts, a porous administration that freely releases classified information with the only purpose to make Obama look good and as much as Obama hates guns, will not take a stand now because the single-minded unity of gun owners – and he does not want to challenge them in this election year. The take-away from that is that his ethics are conditional when he keeps silent on major issues for his own self-aggrandizement. He is just a cheap, low class Chicago politician.

    For gun owners, just wait; when he gets a second term and if he can re-seat SCOTUS then we’ll have a re-determination of the Second Amendment. Failing that he will issue executive orders that will pit law enforcement against gun owners, who will suddenly be faced with decisions to obey the new gun laws or become criminals.

    Gun owners need to ask themselves what will they do if they are given an Australian type edict that their guns SHALL be given up or face prosecution just like law enforcement officers will have to chose to either enforce those new laws or ignore them. I would think that it would be a no-brainer and that officers and deputies would not lock up their neighbors and help seize firearms that have been legal to own since the birth of our country, but I am still surprised that federal agents that have direct knowledge of the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme have not stepped up to expose the DOJ as the overlord for the operation. I am truly disappointed that the sworn Americans who know the facts and can name names remain silent, so I fully expect in that scenario, the thin blue line will tragically become the enemy of middle Americans as Obama laughs as one of his despised enemies arrests tens of thousands of another enemy.

    If Obama gets a second term the America we now know will be lost as at the end of his term the entitlement seekers will be in the majority and the rest of us will be working to support them. It is very close right now.

  198. I suppose all of these idiots think only the Military and Police(as well as their own private security force) should have rifles and handguns. Well there is a Utopia where they can go and have that. It’s called China

  199. You can pass all the (useless) laws you want,they are ONLY going to effect the “Honest” citizens ! ! !

    All the “thugs” and “gang bangers” feel that they are exempt from the rest of the countries laws any how.

    If you Politicians think for one second that you are going to fix things by implementing more useless laws that don’t work,

    You need to step down from your cushy “tax payer supported lifestyles” and get a real job ! !

    All you people are good for, is making things harder on us “working folks”

    The LAST thing we need is for you idiots to try and create another “NAZI Regime”

    “You can take my guns, when you pry them from my cold dead fingers! “

  200. rev jackson should have another affair or did we all forget about that. when all the bad guys surrender their illegal assault weapons then talk to the rest of us.

  201. Not having guns would be great in a world where everyone sits around holding hands and singing Kum-ba-yah while loving each other, but that’s not the world we live in unfortunately. I own 3 AR-15’s and I love em. They are beautiful machines. Everyone should have the opportunity to fire a couple hundred rounds. I think if everyone in the country (or world) had the opportunity to shoot a firearm for fun there wouldn’t be too many anti-gun people left.

  202. In the 1970’s Jesse Jackson stood on the church steps of a predominantly black community in north Louisana trying to get the black community to rise up against ” white people” They threw him out of town and told him never to come back. The only thing that has changed in the past 40 years is the color of his hair. He’s still trying to stir up controversary. He and his cronies need to sit down and shut up. We’re tired of hearing him.

  203. Jesse Jackson’s opinion is just like him “A JOKE”. This is the same guy who developed the “rainbow coalition” which would be representative of all people and at the same time got caught referring to Jewish people as “kikes”. Again…he’s a joke!

  204. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson. That and the fact that law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones is why I am armed and continue to collect firearms. How would have the massacres on Tucson, Aurora and in Wisconsin have been different if law abiding citizens had been carrying and could have returned fire on the nuts would perpetrated these acts of violence? It is the the responsibility of the individual to provide for their own protection. We cannot expect the police to protect us, their job is to enforce the law, not provide protection for individual citizens. And asking the government to protect us is a lot like asking Col. Sanders to watch our chickens.

    Also the idea that we can attach labels is ridiculous, any weapon used to perpetrate an assault is, by definition, an assault weapon. That could be a single shot .22.

  205. Cain killed Abel in the bible without a gun! Crazy people are always going to find a way to kill someone with or without a gun. It is our 2nd ammendment and our GOD given right to ptotect ourselves , from crazy people and our government and Jesse Jackson and so on and so on . Give up your guns if you want to live in tyranny !

  206. A pencil is dangerous in the wrong hands. used right it can be plunged in your neck or Harry Reid can ruin your life. It all depends if you are a wack job intending to cause mayhem. I own weapons mentioned Jesse Jackson Jr. I use them for my sport of target practicing. Banning weapons isn’t the answer. Getting the criminals off the street who sell them to wack jobs. Obama wants your guns and a citizinery with out them is open to a dictatorship. An oldman like me is open to punks who prey on weakness and I carry a weapon for that reason, 911 is to slow.

  207. Who cares what Jesse Jackson thinks, but his ideology is the norm on the (very creepy) far left–but there have been Repub’s that are anti-gun as well like Ronald Reagan was with his (practically) banning all full-auto weapons. In college I majored in criminal justice and public safety at a somewhat liberal school and even there they had to admit that gun control has never had even a significant (or any) impact in reducing crime. I have honestly in my life never seen an ACCURATE study that says gun control reduces crime in any way shape or form. In most cases it has 0 impact in crime reduction in some cases it increases crime (especially where police have limited manpower as in large cities). I agree that the 2nd amendment is about protection from tyrannical government regimes. It was to instil a sense of fear into government as to not overstep its boundaries and focus on serving the people not oppressing them. If a government has no intention of abusing power than they have nothing to fear from the people. I’m sure the people Hitler oppressed in Germany, or Stalin in Russia, wished they could have defended themselves instead of being randomly executed, but they couldn’t. It would better to die fighting than become like cattle going to the slaughter. Do I think that could happen now in the US?–no not really. But who knows what could happen in the future 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Finally, it’s pretty sad some of these politicians are using a tragedy like Colorado massacre to advance their relatively unpopular and warped political agendas.

  208. What we need is 1000 ar-15s for every one Jesse Jackson or Obamas. We need states rights back like at the beginning of the USA, where states and people rule not a big bunch of federal crooks. REG

  209. As a Vietnam Vet who served 17 months in that country, I learned early that you cannot trust the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, or as a matter of fact most politicans. They only take care of themselves. They lie!
    Our 2nd Ammendment potects us from those idots and we must never surrender that right or we will be just like all the other third world countries.

  210. Guns are not the problem. Mentally ill people are the real problem, we have the right to have and carry guns to protect our selves, kids and family from that kind of sick people and criminals, The big shots don’t care about the ordinary citizens because they can have guns plus bodygaurds plus bullet proof cars,they feel protected and safe, Why care about us? they want the absolute power, Leave us alone dont try to take our rights and freedom away.

  211. George Washington understood what modern politicians either fear,hide from, or misrepresent. he stated, “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

  212. Recently there was an accident that killed about 15 illegals that we’re being brought in, in a pick up truck that was going too fast ran off the road and killed them, should we ban pick up trucks??? Jackson is a publicity whore always has been he’s just been under the radar because this administration has told him to; until its something that they agree on which is disarming America if they could!!! But come to Texas and try it, I pity the ones who come for mine!!!!!

  213. Jesse Jackson is a media pig who will say anything, no matter how idiotic, just to get his name in print.

    The problem is, and has always been, that misguided and mentally unstable people will misuse things, in this case high capacity autoloading firearms. To label them as terrorist weapons is taking the narrowest possible view. These weapons also repressent the most effective defensive option against multiple attackers.

    Again we see paranoid legislators trying to whittle away our rights to defend ourselves.

  214. Yes and don’t forget FORKS, all of which were removed before the O spoke at a dinner in Florida…yes, death by fork!

  215. The right to bear arms is meant to protect the people from tyranny. Thomas Jefferson was well aware of the corrupt bankers that were infiltrating our own government which is why he included the second amendment in the constitution. Our current commander in chief has gone against our constitution multiple times even passing laws without congress which is an impeachable act. The real question is why do they want to take our guns, well it will make us easier to control when martial law is implemented and shows they can take away our constitutional rights away if they just pump us with fear via these false flag operations such as the aurora shooting which was in fact staged by our own government.

  216. I truly believe that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are home grown communist and need to be explored by the CIA, FBI, HS, and ATF. All they do is promote Racial hatred against the caucasian population. The person that claims to be a President is only a puppet to the money holders that want communism and socialism is this free country. Our leaders that fought to have the freedoms that we did it because they did not want tyranny from the British rule. The AMERICAN PEOPLE (irregardless of your color) need to stand up against the idiots in Congress, the Senate Judicial system, and the Idiot in the White House and finally say NO! I agree that there are idiots out there with guns that kill people. Guns don’t kill people, People kill people with guns. It is our given right as AMERICANS to own and bear arms in our homes for protection. Wake up America and vote for what is right this November. Get rid of the idiot in the White House. GEt rid of the idiots that back THE IDIOT by voting this November.

  217. All of these people for the gun ban are part of the destruction of the US constitution, they don’t believe in the constitution and this is just a stepping stone toward its demise just like the supreme court’s decision to uphold obama care and if everyone just sits around letting these things happen there will be no more constitutional rights

  218. Jesse Jackson is an assholes of the first degree, I own all these weapons he calls for banning and I will never give them up.
    Like Ice Tea said in the interview, “It is not about hunting, it is about protecting yourself from the government.”

  219. Jesse Jackson is a Marxist mentality opportunist racist who preys on any opportunity to further his agendas. He’s in the same ball park as the reverend wright (all lower case out of disrespect).

  220. Jackson is a criminal shakedown artist whose false non-profit rainbow coalition makes its money through extortion of non-black owned businesses, by falsely making up cliams they will seek discrimatory, retalitory legal action against them.

  221. The definition of terrorism as it was taught to me in the military is:
    Terrorism is the use of violence or the threat of violence used to obtain goals which are political, religious or idealogical in nature this is done by instilling fear through intimidation or coercion.
    I believe that installing fear through intimidation or coercion can be achieved by personal acts. Not the hardware used (ie “assault rifles”). Intimidation can be achieved with a knife, a hammer, a number of items. It is not the weapon of choice that causes the fear. It is the violent act or personal motivations of a person. The shock of the targeted audience which in this day is a group of herded sheeple only manifests the out come of a terrorist act. If people choose to educate themselves and defend themselves LAWFULLY then good on em. Choose to be a sheepdog not a sheeple. Defend yourself, your family and our country and the terrorists (any bad guy for that matter) may think twice before acting. Even the Japanese stated one of the largest reasons it did not attack America full on is they knew the public was armed. People hurt and kill people, not guns. Stay alert stay alive as one of my first Platoon Sergeants told me. My $.02.

  222. An assault weapon by definition is capable of full automatic fire. Full auto is already illegal under the machine gun laws. These weapons that “look like” an assault weapon are really no different than semi-auto hunting rifles so you know what they will be after next!

  223. Let me be plain and open about this: PISS ON JESSE JACKSON and his sanctimonious position on knowing more about everything than anyone else. He is one of the reasons that I continue to and will continue to own personal weapons. People like him can have my weapons one piece at a time.

  224. The same argument can be made about alcoholic beverages, beer doesnt kill people, people kill people. So lets ban alcohol since 38,000 motor vehicle fatalities occur each year due to drunken driving. Alcohol should be easy to ban since its not protected by a constitutional amendment. Oh wait the government tried to do that and failed much to the disadvantage of those 38,000 people.

  225. I am a pastor in central Louisiana. I would estimate that every member of my congregation has at the very least one firearm for hunting. Some have large capacity semi-automatic/automatic (self loading/reloading) firearms. Gun’s don’t kill people… people kill people. Taking away or banning only means the non-criminal has the firearm. Yes we can detour them from having a firearm but if the criminal wants a firearm they will find a way to get it legally or illegally. Banning does little to nothing in keeping the criminal mind from executing their criminal behavior.

    If you want to effectively decrease violent crimes of those using semi-automatic/automatic weapons try loving people to accountability/responsibility instead of attempting to legislate amoral or immoral activities.

    How about allowing the private sectors of religion to actively call people to being accountable for their actions through education and discipleship. All we do is treat symptoms in our culture. Treating symptoms just allows the disease to grow immune to the medicine so at some point the disease finds away to no longer be controlled. If using semi-automatic/automatic weapons in violent crimes is a problem then by banning the weapon we only treat the symptom of a deeper issue or disease. If you want to cure a disease you have to go beyond treating symptoms. Gun’s are not the problem amoral and immoral thoughts and actions are. Help those people before they cause a problem then you will have treated the disease and not the symptoms. Food For Thought.

    Pastor Dan
    Central Louisiana

  226. Dear Ole, Jessie J.. What a fool he is. He must have drank the entire pitcher of Kool-Aid!! He should remember the “Jim Crow” laws and how they kept his own people from protecting themselfs! What so many fail to see is the the Constitution in specific the 2nd Amendment was NOT designed so that you could go out and hunt deer! Far from it, it was designed to keep you and your family safe!! Safe from criminals that would do you harm, but more importantly, safe from a tyranical Govmnt. that would turn us all into slaves for the State if they had their way!! No, We need to have rifles like the AR-15 for many reasons, but none as impostant as to keep our own Govmnt. in check!!

  227. To hell with the “REV”Jesse Jackson. He falsely represents to stay in the media. Then creates drama between two people and represents one side.The good “Reverand” gets rich and powerful. then tucks his Lucifer like tail and disapears till the next opportunity.

  228. So long that the government is allowed to possess and use these types of weapons to enforce the law, I will support and defend a civilian’s right to lawfully own and possess the same to defend himself against the government.

  229. SPOONS! Don’t forget SPOONS!

    They ought’a be banned too!

    Dont’cha know spoons are what made Rosie O’Donnell FAT?

    Seriously though, if they want to come and take your firearms, be sure to give them your ammo first

    “From my cold dead hands!”

  230. Jesse if you don’t like our gun rights in this country then move to North Korea and leave us the hell alone. Oh and you can take any of your gun grabbing buddies with you.

  231. lets just let the criminals gangbangers, the rest of the hoods have the guns. .I own a AR-15 to protect my home and country in case of an attack. Mostly I love to shoot. targets!. Back off jesse your not on the right page.

  232. Our founding fathers knew that government quickly outgrows its role and will strive to assume a totalitarian and tyrannical rule over the “mindless” masses. That is why they wrote our Bill of Rights, specifically the second. Unlike some gun owners, I do not believe the second amendment is for just hunting and sport shooting. It is for the citizen to keep and bear arms (of any kind) to keep the government in check. Any control is infringement. There is a counterpart to this; however. A conservative morality is must also be maintained. If one honors the Constitution of the United States and constitutional laws, then he or she has the responsibility to defend them – not just Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Law Enforcement personnel, and political leaders.

    Unfortunately, we as Americans have let power hungry and selfish traitors with totalitarian and tyrannical intent become our national leaders. We have not just a right, but a responsibility to vote… November is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen. Now is the time to take America back. Now is the time to quash the moronic statements as those made by Jesse Jackson, et al.

  233. As far as assault rifles not being used for hunting is False. The AR-15 has been classified as a legitimate deer hunting rifle, but also is excellent for small game and removing varmints.

  234. JESSE,

  235. “Cowboys know more than police chiefs? NO. TRUE: An assault weapon is not useful for hunting game. It isn’t easily available, like a handgun, for self-defense. It is designed for one purpose: war. These are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.”

    If you honestly believe that if you repeat what idiots and lairs tell you, that the statements will suddenly become true?

  236. Jackson takes every opportunity to have his name on the news! He does not care about the “American People”, white, black or green. What is any type of law banning assault rifles going to do? There are still 100’s of them around and bad people wanting to do harm will obtain guns regardless of any laws..

  237. First off, no law or governmental entity has the authority to restrict gun possession or anything used for self defense. The 2nd Amendment has been violated over and over again. What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not get? Look at Australia for instance? Banning guns and other types of weapons creates victims. It is historical. Our politicians must study history. If they have and do this anyway, they are a liability and should be removed from office. The first murder in history was between Cain & Abel. Was the murder weapon a gun? Of course not. It was a rock.

  238. Bottom line is that the Government is trying to make it easier to be able to control us more with as little effort as possible. I want to be able to protect myself and family from this corrupt worthless government. The PTB will do anything and lie about everything to get thier way. They ALL need to be REPLACED!

  239. Cowboys know more than police chiefs? NO.

    TRUE: An assault weapon is not useful for hunting game. It isn’t easily available, like a handgun, for self-defense. It is designed for one purpose: war. These are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.

  240. Jesse Jackson is an ambulance chaser and anything that will get his name in the Press is OK to jump on. No matter the legitimacy of the position he is taking or who his position hurts just so long as he can get his name in the press. Facts be Damned. Having encountered him on a plane years ago I can attest to the fact that he is a mobile falick symbol.

  241. How many americans own weapons of this type? millions. How many tragic shootings like this occur in our great nation? Too many. but still too few to ban these guns for all americans. I would agree to a psychological profile in addition to the already required background check. but you still won’t weed out all the crazies out there. My heart goes out to all the familys of the fallen in Aurora.

  242. Jesse who?? Oh, another one of those public parasites!!
    He thinks maybe he has now become a weapons expert,by jumping on the take the guns away wagon.
    Well,Jesse,you aint nobody!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. Furthermore, I acknowledge the situation politicians are in. Something terrible has happened (again) and those with limited understanding of the facts are inclined to believe that there’s a simple solution. There isn’t. Whether or not you feel compelled to answer such reactions with mindful debate, the facts are these:
    – an assault weapons ban (insert any definition you like of assault weapons) would not have prevented these tragedies
    – fertilizer can be made into bombs, and as others have suggested, cars are capable of speeds and killing power superior to most assault weapons. Aggressive and unsafe driving kills more innocent people than “assault weapons”
    – there are legitimate uses for these rifles and pistols and large capacity mags, for hunting, sports and defense. That said, it really isn’t the point. I don’t have to prove that I need a 52″ HD TV in order to have the freedom to own one. There is not a compelling state interest in preventing me from having one, and you cant prove that a ban is necessary or would serve a public interest that is compelling enough to restrict ownership. With weapons, like cars, if I use them to commit crimes they can be taken from me. If i am insane or incapable of responsibly owning and using them, they can be taken from me. We have laws against crimes with punishments that should be fitting for those who commit them. There are laws that seek to prevent the abuse of these tools by restricting ownership among specific people for specific reasons just like cars. Many times the reason they dont work is because they are poorly implemented, like the background check system that doesnt raise any red flags when a known terrorist buys a gun. Fix the database system. That should be enough to maximize the impact of laws on the books.
    – no law will prevent mass murders. Weapons, like cars and fertilizer, are going to find their way into the hands of unstable people with murder in their hearts, and people who are willing to die in a shooting spree don’t care that it’s illegal. This is part of the risk of freedom – acknowledging that laws and justice of any kind are imperfect instruments and that bad things sometimes happen (and are done) to good people. You can’t change that. Police an civilians armed sufficiently to defend the public help to prevent such tragedies or stop them when they are in progress. You shouldn’t have to carry an AR to the movies to protect your family. But I support the police in using them to respond to violent acts and would call the owner of the movie theater a hero if he had used one to stop this clown’s assault on their patrons.
    – Had their been a ban on ARs, these people would have carried a shotgun an four handguns, or a pipe bomb or whatever. People still would have died. That sucks but provides no justification for a ban.
    – there are less restrictive means of preventing these type of events or mitigating the injury or death of civilians when they occur. A government ban without exhausting means that would not curtail law abiding people’s rights and which would be more effective.
    – calling AR owners terrorists is irresponsible and reprehensible. I take offense on behalf of those defamed by these remarks. I further suggest that such defamatory claims are incitement, but urge my fellow aggrieved citizens to prove that we are better than our petty detractors. People deserve facts and public officials and the media need to be reminded of this.
    – calls for a ban primarily have the effect of driving sales to hoarders who fear that zealots will take away their right to buy these things in the future. If anyone has an incentive to create a public fear of a ban it is the gun seller, or people who have already fallen victim to this ruse and don’t want to admit that there might have been a better use of their money than a massive cache of weapons and ammo. So if you want to convince poor, gullible people to buy more guns, by all means, call for a ban.
    – real terrorists exist, and a well armed American citizenry is a deterrent to the kinds of attacks that occurred in Mumbai and other places.
    – these are real issues and what has always made America great is our tendency to ultimately come together as a people and do what is right through thoughtful compromise with an emphasis on preserving rights of citizens. There are exceptions, but the real danger here is the fracturing of our society, dividing us against ourselves. That has always been the tactic of fascists and oppressors and it has been used to conquer and defeat strong peoples throughout history. Preserve our union by demonstrating that we won’t continue to be led into a perpetual war on ourselves by those who benefit from it politically, on “both” sides of the aisle, and those of us who sit outside of congress holding our elected officials accountable for their words and actions, whether they are intended to help or harm our union, or be they simply careless and ignorant

  244. The US won World War 2 using semi-automatic firearms. This war was over 67 years ago. Can we put the computer age back in the bottle? Can we put firearm techology back in the bottle? Politicians tend to fire up people’s compassions rather than facing the real problems of society. The 2nd Amendment was put in place for a reason. Ask Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libyia and Cuba how important it is for the citizenry to have the means in which to control their local governments.Vote in November and help put some logical thinking leaders in charge of the US.

  245. If you ban the guns, then only the criminals we have the guns. Because they always have them. I fought for right to bear arms and they will never get my weapons from me. The government is the reason the criminals have guns, they can’t enforce the gun laws we have now.

  246. I would be more impressed with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton if they went to a town where the murder rate is high and among blacks and did something to quell or stop the violence there. They are publicity hounds and just want their names in controversial subjects. They once did a lot of good in civil rights movements, but now are more motivated in inflating their own egos then anything else

  247. Most gun owners would agree with reasonable control. Problem is, the people making and enforcing these rules are the very people we need to protect ourselves from. That is why “shall not be infringed”. As for race, blacks need guns as much or more as the rest of us. Self defense is a God given right.

  248. Mr. Larry L. Miller, you should not be commenting on things you know nothing about and feeding the anti-gun fire, you can use Hornady .223 TAP ammo and it will not go through your home and as you sat 100yrds to your neighbor’s home! So with all this education you speak we gun owners should have, you sir should do some studying of your own before commenting on firearms you know nothing about, no said you couldn’t have your shotgun for home defense so don’t tell me if I want an AR for mine I shouldn’t have it, I think we as gun owners should assume that the vast majority of us DO KNOW what we are doing and ARE RESPONSIBLE instead of contributing to the anti-gun craziness and bad mouth other possible gun owners!

    As for Jesse Jackson, what a fool!! This is America and there are enough stupid laws we don’t need and we sure don’t need more! Yes some people abuse things but tht doesn’t only apply to firearms, and for anyone to call AR/AK owners terrorist is a down right uneducated comment!

  249. I am an avid gun enthusiast and shooter. A gun on my person gives me that added feeling of security at home and out in public. How many people in Colorado had their guns with them? An armed society is a pilite society. How many people rob banks across the street from a police station? If OUR Government was to take every gun from every criminal in this country and ensure that guns would never fall into their hands I might be more inclined to give up my AR, but let’s be realistic, that’s not gonna happen. Criminals will always have guns no matter how illegal we make them. Who needs guns now a days anyways, you can Google bomb making and whip yourself up a couple pounds of devistation by using some common store bought items in no time. Every country that has ever banned guns in their country had an immediate rise in crime, the only ones with guns were criminals after the ban. If more people in this country carried firearms like handguns there would be less crime overall, every criminal would second guess if they were going to rob someone on the street or invade someones home. After personaly having a death threat against my life and that person “jogging” in front of my house as I prepared to leave for work saw that I was carying my firearm and kept on jogging. That person didn’t need a gun they could have used a knife, bat, golf club, etc… Guns level the playing field for those that aren’t massive in size and peacefull. I would have been completely Justified in shooting my threat/jogger but I refrained because I am not a killer. So how do we keep guns from criminals is like asking how do we keep criminals out of political office… Tougher Jails would be a start, Hard Labor in our jails worked for years untill it was found to be Unconstitutional. Stop using the constitution against the Hardworking Law Abiding Citizen and Use the laws that we already have in place against the Criminals.

  250. Everyone wants to holler about guns and piss and moan of how terrible they . But they do not live with the cartel’s threats every day where it is a neccessity to stay alive Go ahead and live safe in your protected hidey hole or bring your ass out where the threat is and see what your opinion is when the real deal happens. please stand in front of us at the front lines and tell them how that friggin handful of papers is going to save them and protect them while the bullets are flying peace my ass, take another drink or another bump while you live in your protected shell and legeslate the hell out of the real people. Live in 1500 square miles wirt 15 cops and see how tight YOUR ass puckers when 911 tells you that there is help 65 miles from you be patient. My ass! weapons are our only hels. Have a blessed day evertyone. An armed ALIVE Redneck!

  251. Soon as they enact law to take away our right to own fire power equal to fight our enemies the only ones with them will be the criminals and the crazies, not to mention military dictatorship.

    Two forces are relied upon to protect US, POLICE/ MILITARY…But who will be protected, Not-US. The Government is the one who is protected, who will protect us from from them?

    The English ordered all citizens to fight to protect the interest of the Queen or be shot for treason, any citizen caught meeting or publicly speaking against England or the Queen rule would be shot also.

    Can we know as a people, repeal our governmental rule, we would be shot by US POLICE/ MILITARY for Treason.

    Tell you what, how about full disclosure?
    1.How many groups, organizations, or for that matter any collective body or group of US citizens with over 10 members that are known to have a major weapons arsenal stash here in the US, and if so ordered by the government would not surrender their weapons?

    This would be considered a civil act of deviance and the US POLICE/ MILITARY would be ordered to attack under.

    Consider this:

    The Department of Homeland Security, the USDA, and the FBI have ALL purchased or are set to purchase over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo while at the same time portions of the US Army are directly training for crowd control within the United States.

    Under the heading of “civil disturbance planning”, the Under the heading of “civil disturbance planning”, the U.S. military is training troops and police to suppress democratic opposition in America. The master plan, Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan55-2, is code-named, “Operation Garden Plot.” Originated in 1968.

    One could argue for example, that One could argue for example, that civil disturbance is nothing less than democracy in action, a message to the powers-that-be that the people want change. In this instance “disturbing behavior” may actually be the exercising of ones’ right to resist oppression. Unfortunately, the American corporate/military directorship, which has the power to enforce its’ definition of “disorder”, sees democracy as a threat and permanent counter-revolution as a “national security” requirement.The elite military/corporate sponsors of Garden Plot have their reasons for civil disturbance contingency planning.

    According to the bosses at the Pentagon, “US forces deployed to assist federal and local authorities during times of civil disturbance will follow use-of-force policy found in Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan-Garden Plot.” (Joint Chiefs of Staff, Standing Rules of Engagement, Appendix A, 1 October 1994.)

  252. An earlier post had it correct…this coming election is going to be a PIVOTAL moment in our history as Americans. If Obama is re-elected, we can kiss our civil liberties good-bye. Most people believe that the second amendment exists so that every American has the right to bear arms. This is true to a point. The Founding Fathers placed this in our Constitution for one very important, and at this point in our history, CRUCIAL reason…and that is, if the ruling government ever became tyrannical and corrupt (like that of England which those settling America had fled from), that the PEOPLE could form an ARMED MILITIA against the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT in order to overturn it. So, yes…it does mean that every citizen has the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS…but considering what I just stated about the TRUE reason the Founding Fathers placed it in the Constitution, doesn’t it make a LOT more sense as to why the SOCIALIST government under Obama wants to disarm us? First automatic weapons…what next?

    And just to try to get Obama’s LIES out there, a friend of my father’s (and yes, this really happened, no BS here) works as nightly cleaning crew at the White House…he walked in a room that he normally doesn’t clean. There is Obama, facing Mecca, on his knees…on a prayer rug praying. In other words, he really IS MUSLIM. Then again, I guess you don’t get the name “BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” for nothing.

  253. When has Jessie Jackson ever said anything that made any sense?? Never! Just like the fake Al (I do not call him rev. cause he is not a reverend)Sharpton, both have no ability to say and do things that make sense because their agenda is non-sense. They’ve all made gun laws in the past after shootings to claim to stop gun violence and so far it has done nothing but earned these babboons a big paycheck. Ship them over to Iraq or somewhere and let them talk all they want to.

  254. Jesse Jackson is a terrorist. He has done more to ruin this country than any AR-15 ever will. Let’s start by repealing welfare for Jesse’s “Brothers” who continue to look for reparations for something that happened a couple hundred years ago.

  255. The founding fathers included the second amendment in the Bill of Rights as a guard against totalitarian government. Jesse Jackson and his ilk are the very type of people the founders had in mind when American citizens were granted the right to keep and bear arms. Without an educated populace trained in the safe use of semi-automatic weapons the Marxists (or to use their new code word “Collectivists”)would control more than just the White House. Freedom in America would be an historical footnote.

  256. There are all sorts of crazies in the world, I wouldn’t mind it being more difficult to have guns (within reason) or going for psychological checkups to make sure that I am still a safe gun owner. I might be one of the crazies and not even know it but, that doesn’t mean everyone should have their rights taken from them. It’s easy to share my opinion on here but more difficult I’m sure if I no longer have any rights or say in the matter.

  257. I think everyone needs to get a grip. Banning guns will only allow “Criminals, Big Brother, Local, and State Governments” to have firearms. Do we want them to be in charge of protecting us? I know I don’t. It is our right to have weapons. It’s written in the Constitution, and personally, I don’t want the Government, whether Local, State, or Federal to be the only ones with that type of control. That means that they can do “WHATEVER” they won’t and without consequence. (Who is going to argue with a gun pointed at em!!) These politicians that are against us having weapons need to be out of office PERIOD! They are so stupid it’s not funny!!! They are so out of touch with reality. HOWEVER, I do believe that if you own firearms, you should know how to use them and know the consequences of using it in self defense. I can honestly say that I’ve seen people with firearms that don’t know how to operate them. Learn your firearm and know how and when to use it. People kill people, not firearms. Firearms is just a tool. As far as the current gun laws, I see no problem with them. I’ve got quite a few and I’ve NEVER had the thought of just going out to shoot someone. However, if you put me in a situation where it’s either you or me, and your intent is quite clear, I have no problem pulling the trigger. That’s how I was trained and how everyone that owns them should be trained. This is just my two cents worth.

  258. Jessie Jackson, is one of the worst racist’s in this country, and anything he says is a total waste of time.. I bet his buddies, the black panters have tons of them stock piled and hid away..

  259. tell Jessie jackson,harry reed.TO take the guns away from the BLACK PANTERS WHO CARRY THEM IN PUBLIC UNTIL THEN THEY CAN KISS MY REAR END

  260. Jackson is a fear mongering nut that is smarter than you think. He knows his argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, but it’s never about the facts with this hack, the end justifies the means, and what he means to do is increase every human being’s dependency on authority and government, even if it kills them. He is in the entitlement business, plain and simple, a rank and file Marxist who never gets fact-checked, who gets a pass on ALL his wrongdoing because of the color of his skin, and if you think that statement is racist, then there is no wondering where the koolaide stain came from.

  261. cc19, you are so correct. If our founding forefathers were here today they would risk being locked up by homeland security for being domestic terrorists.

  262. Adding and changing laws to restrict use or possession of anything, only punishes these who comply with the laws. Criminals will not abide by new laws anymore than they do the old. What is needed is a criminal justice system that can arrest and effectively punishes those who break the current laws. If any new laws are needed, they are ones to protect the law abiding citizens who protect themselves from the law breakers. The police can’t be in my car or home or next to me on the street to protect me and my family around the clock, but my .45, that I am LEGALLY carrying, and trained to operate, can be.

  263. As usale Mr(?) Jackson is blowing smoke from his funny pipe. He jumps on the anti-gun bandwagon. Makes no difference what actually happened. I understand it was pistols not rifles at the theater.

  264. The only difference between “assault” rifles and other semi-auto is their appearance. Most of us gun folks realize that. Don’t “need” and “assault” rifle? Who says? Also, you can switch out five or ten round mags pretty quckly, so what’s the difference? It’s a matter of degrees. They ban a little now, more later. Pretty soon we’re throwing rocks at criminals with automatic rifles.

    Yes, I think I need my Mini-14 with thirty round magazines. Does anyone remember hurricane Katrina? Law and order completely broke down for days. Even the “police” participated in the anarchy. That could easily happen again and has before and since. Remember the Rodney King riots in LA? A lot of innocent people were murdered there, not to mention those just assaulted or robbed. That wasn’t reported very much.

    Thomas Jefferson said,”Those who beat their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”

  265. Roland Martin is a freaking idiot. I am the average American an i think every American should have 2 or 3 AK-47 in a house hold. Instead of making it harder on us AVERAGE AMERICANS an striping of us are rights why don’t they make it harder on the ones that are doing the crimes. An i said the ones not the guns because a gun cant an will not go off by its self it has to have a sick an disturbed person behind it to make it work an if a person is as sick an disturber to do the things they do with them it doesn’t matter how strict the laws are they are going to do it any way. So why make it harder for us AVERAGE AMERICANS to defend are selfs an are loved ones. I believe in Carma an i hope that this Roland Martin needs the aid of a AVERAGE AMERICAN with a assault weapon an they stand by an let what ever happens happen. It would serve him right. But if this person was a AVERAGE AMERICAN he couldn’t stand by an let this pathetic excuse of a person in need go with out helping because that is a bread in skill us AVERAGE AMERICAN has in us to protect whats ares no matter how stupid a person is or what they believe.

  266. “These are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.”

    I’d imagine the British said the same thing about the muskets being used against them during the Revolutionary War…

  267. Jackson only gets attention in the lib media, …….which is 95% of the media. He is a shakedown artist, extorting white business with threats of rallies, marches and demonstrations. And white business will always back down. This is the same thing that Obama did. Right now jackson is being sued by a long time gay employee, for harassment. He and his white part time girlfriend, tamara Holder are plaintiffs. Thats right libs harassing gays. She is on Fox often. When MLK was assassinated, Jackson claimed to have been there when he died, which gave this wanna be some stature with the black community. he even claimed he had MLK’s blood on him.. Truth is he was not there at the time. So Jackson is a con, a liar and a cheat. He does nothing for the inner city gang bangers, and for good reason. He assumed his title – preacher. The real threat is not Jackson or Sharpton, it is Obama and Holder. When Barbara Boxer got that assault weapons bill passed, she did not know butt from barrel. So they gave her a gun catalog and she picked those which appeared the most menacing. That is the intelligence and mentality of the lunatic dems/libs. When Katrina hit, blacks with AK’s were going house to house, robbing, and killing folks. Cops vacated. Media ignored all that. First Obama will direct voluntary turn-in over some fake domestic emergency. Than he orders house to house confiscation. Who will have weapons than ? Criminals, gangs, killers, rapists, will have weapons. Not the law abiding. So again, forget racist hater clowns like Jackson who are worshiped by blacks and lib whites apologists. The real danger is Holder and Obama. and you know Obama will again cheat his way into office. Buy weapons second hand, no paperwork, buy ammo with no paperwork, or in small batches. Food water meds hatteries etc. most of you forget bugging out, most will get no where. Need to bug in. One last thing, Obama passed by directive authority to shut down the Internet so no cell phone, no email, no news, no gps, NO COMMO. Only Obama govt news. You better stand ready, don’t be distracted by fake news of no importance.

  268. Jesse Jackson has never worked a day in his life. He shows up and comments on things he knows nothing about. He sponges off his supporters who are just as clueless. I wish our media would just quit reporting anything he says.

  269. The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is it won’t be needed until the government attempts to disarm it’s citizens. If that should ever come to pass, it will signal the start of the next american revolution or civil war.

    Our founding forefathers may have been a group of homegrown domestic terrorists but they really knew what they were doing when they wrote the 2nd amendment.

    Amazing that our founding fathers have been dead and buried for 200+ years and they are still relevant, JJ not so much.

  270. Please tell the rear end Jackson that more people are killed by drunk drivers than guns. I bet he is not in favor of banning cars. If he wants to take my AR15 away from me he better be a better shot and have more ammo than me.

  271. you must be a complete ass to think it is the gun it is the man behind the gun.If The People don’t have the RIGHT To Carry The only One’s That Will,would be the bad Guy’s!!! And they Will Alway’s Get The guns or Bombs!! Let’s Face it if Your gonna Kill Someone You Can Use a rock!! Should we ban Them too.Power to The 2nd The People need to Stand There Ground,On This,And Stand Firm!!I Know I Want The Right To Defend My Family if Need be!!If 4 Bad Guy’s Are Tryin To Break in,Go Away Is Just Not Going To Work.By The Time The Police Get There the Damage is done,And you Can’t Change That!!!

  272. As a black man myself, you can tell mr. Jackson that… “he couldn’t suck the sweat off of a dead man’s balls”… it people like him that make our nation the laughing stock of the world.

  273. If every person in that theater had self loading rifles, only the gunman would have died, assault weapons bans are unconstitutional and illegal, the 86 auto weapons ban was illegal, and if you believe in doing such a thing you you dont deserve a citizenship in the USA, one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all, the right to own any gun ever made is our second amendment, hence our right, and we fight for our rights!

  274. Jessie Jackson is a complete idiot, who thrives on media attention. Why is Cheaper than Dirt giving him what he most desires – media attention?

  275. Without reading everyone else’s opinion, have these people not yet realized that the individual that goes out and does something catastrophic with these weapons has a totally different mentality then the average gun owner? Do we really need to point out that these weapons can be purchased without going through the licensing regs. The ones who purchase their firearms through expected legal avenues are NOT the people doing these atrocities. Take away our ability to fight back against THESE ATROCITIES, and mayhem will certainally result.

  276. I am not advocating censorship but movies and videos games combined with batshit crazy sound like they drove his ideology more than guns. Explosives are already illegal and he used them and its illegal to kill people but that didnt stop him. More babble from the fear mongoring gun haters. Unfortunately a lot of sheeple listen. All responsible gun owners should make sure to educate friends family and public to the realities of responsible gun ownership. Good guys don’t get the press the occasional idiot does so we have to work harder that is the reality.

  277. Jessie jackson …..lets see the biggest racist and cock buddy to Sharpton want to take away my AK 47 which I use for hunting… hmm dumb move very dumb move…ya know I will give it to them IF they come to my door themselves and try to take it

  278. Jesse Jackson and his ilk is a racist hate monger who makes his living by denigrating black people (indirectly) and engaging in class warfare. Does that also describe our current occupant of the White House?

  279. Number1: AR-15 and SAR AK-47s are NOT assault weapons! Assault weapons are capable of firing either fully automatic or full auto bursts.
    Number2: It is Not the weapons that are killing people! There are more people killed every day in traffic accidents in the U.S. than by firearms.
    Number3: Ol’ Jesse Jackson needs to keep his mouth shut about things he doesn’t know anything about!

  280. For those liberals that want to live in a counry where it’s citizens are not allowed to possess or carry firearms, I suggest they proceed to relocate. Perhaps they may like Australia or England.

  281. Jesse HiJakson has rights to his opinion and to speak them as granted by the First Amendment. The rest of us have rights to bear arms that are granted under the Second Amendment. Both rights need to be recognized and both shall not be infringed! Firearms owners need to stand together and denounce those who would infringe on our rights while taking care not to infringe on other’s rights, lest we dilute our argument. The gun banners see an opportunity to advance their agenda. They’ve pushed all the chips to the center of the table and are doubling-down in their efforts to attack our 2nd Amendment rights. We will need every firearms owner to support our rights both vocally and by making donations to organizations that are gearing up for the legal battles to come.

  282. i have been reading a lot of comments and agree with some. the biggest reason for the proposed ban is that the politions have screwed this country up so bad that the people are starting to take notice and the politions are getting scared that a revolution will happen so if they get rid of the weapons then we cant fight back. They think they have the military which they might have some of them but look how they are being treated not very good or the veterans either when i took my oath i swore to protect this country against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic and washington DC is as domestic as it gets we need to clean house and start over and do away with a lot of the amendments to the origional amendments

  283. Having lived on a farm in Oklahoma,started hunting when I was young, spend 22 years on active duty in the U.S. Army, two tours in Viet Nam (MACV SOG)(USASA), with a visit to Panama and Granada. I have yet to see gun/weapon jump up by itself and hurt someone. I have seen stupid people shoot their big toe off (playing with their .45/1911. I have seen “Rambos” misfire their M16 by droping it or hitting it on the butt stock with a round in the chamber. We hear the same old song and dance from the some old assholes everytime some jerkoff goes out and kills unarmed people.
    I own the type of weapons that they want to ban/restirct from civilian ownership, and I do know how to use them, with or without the sharp pointy things attached. They are tools, with their own purpose as to their use (shooting paper, legal hunting, or personal defense).

  284. Restricting gun ownership and disarming is the road leading to tryanny, this is a election year and all the crooks want to be reelected, they will have to pry my gun from my lifeless body. If they assigned a policeman to every citizen American I might consider disarming.! NOT ! Remember the L.A. RIOTS where you were on your own with no protection but your weapon to defend your family. Listen and wake up people stock pile to defend your freedoms from friend and foe ! God Bless America !

  285. Wow – Why is it that everyone says Jessie jackson needs to keep his opinions to himself but everyone here is expressing theirs? Do you really think the Rush Limbaughs and others like him are experts yet way too many people listen to them. This is a free country is it not? Then they can have their opinion with people like many on this blog talking about his race. Look, Cheney and bush, limbaugh are true idiots but somehow it is ok if they spout off. I do not agree with what he says but I defend the right to say it. All that happens when people say the things people are saying on this blog is that it reinforces the stereo type of white gun owners and ar owners at that as being crazy and racist. Hey you do not have to believe me but just look at has been written today. No Obama is not going to take away our guns but Mitt may so live up to your potential and present some well reason arguments not some hatred and racist rant. Umm yea we will take you seriously. RIGHT

  286. I can’t stand RAP music, it makes my ears bleed. However, the Youtube video with Ice T’s viewpoint on gun control and the 2nd amendment were on target.

    I think the self-proclaimed reverend JJ likes to be in the spotlight and hear himself talk. He will continue to do so as long as the news media in this country provide him with a platform to do so.

    JJ may have been relevant a generation ago, but not so much today.

  287. The magazine change 2-3 seconds is very helpful to citizens trying to stop a lone gunman crazed shooter and not much of an inconvenience to a hunter or home defense scenario because home defense usually involves multiple defenders and weapons. I don’t understand why everyone agrees that 5 rounds should be the limit for hunting rifles but all want 100 round drums for their home defense.

    Do you really think you are THAT good that you will hold off an army of zombies and get to use all of that 100 rounds of ammo and that your one TRUE flaw in your defenses will be that two seconds moment where you had to swap out a 10 or 20 (or perhaps even 30) round magazine? I for one would be fine with a 20 round magazine limit. I just don’t expect to simply turn in my 30 round AK magazine unless they are giving me a credit to pay for the replacement 20’s or 10’s.

  288. I have heard the libs complain that “assault weapons” can’t be used in hunting. Somehow these fools don’t realize that the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. It is about the constutional right to fight a government that has become tyranical.

  289. The only “homegrown terrorists” around here are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, The “Reverend” Wright, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi (but then, she can plead “insanity, all of Obama’s Czars, and especially Eric Holder. The fact that these reprobates are running (and destroying America) is the greatest argument in favor of AR’s Just remember that every country that banned and took firearms from its citizens, then turned around and exterminated the defenseless people by the millions. No thanks, I’ll keep my guns, which will be used only for sport and personal defense. The stark reality is that if all guns were banned and taken away from law-abiding citizens the violent felons would have a HUGE advantage. You and I can walk down the streets of South Central LA, Detroit, Chicago, and other such toilets, and approach most anyone standing on the corner and say, “Hey man, I need five 1911, 45 handguns, and 10 AK 47’s.” The guns would probably be available for a quick cash transaction within 24 hours or less. In view of the incalculable government assaults on our GUARANTEED freedoms, and the escalation of violent crime in the inner cities, spilling into the suburbs and rural areas, the average citizen needs his/her guns more than ever. “When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes.” This is why more than 200 million Americans own guns. This is why, in Texas alone there are over 50 million citizens who own more than one gun – – some for hunting and the rest for the protection of their homes, their loved ones, and themselves. There is no shortage of armed “security” personnel for the politicians; the very people who are trying to destroy everything that made America great.

    Obviously our esteemed leaders despise the idea of having to abide by the Second Amendment. The reason it’s the “Second” Amendment is because freedom of speech and religion were the foundational elements our Founding Fathers recognized; and were the reasons they broke away from England. The Second Amendment was written so that all Americans could protect the enforce the First Amendment. When we are armed, we are citizens. When we are not, we are subjects of the State. I don’t know about you, but (after exhaustive research on the subject)I am not ready to be a “subject” of this group of treasonous imbeciles who really think we will buy into this drivel about gun control. That subject has NEVER been about guns; it it (and always has been) about CONTROL!

  290. What constitutes an Assult Weapon, lets see, anyhing that propels a bullet, Yea, thats it. Up til now not much has been done with assult weapons in crime, no just amonium nitrate (WMD), IED’s, or a crazzed nut on a military base where no guns were allowed. So lets just ban everything, including loud mouth politicians who for 40 years have been banning and banning freedom away.

  291. The second amendment was established not to protect hunting but to provide for liberty against tyrannical governments. That being said, it is only a matter of time before the left reinstates the so called assault weapon ban. Get yours while you can….

  292. The problem with bans is that the bad people will still be able to buy guns in the black market, and it will leave to good people that abide the law defenseless against the criminals.

  293. Well said everybody, but I don’t see a firearms banned because of a couple of none stable idiots that loose there f-ing minds and decide to do something rash like Columbine, Auroa theaters, etc!!!!!! Ppl like myself and some buddies of mine go shooting for sport and recreation, so I don’t see the reasoning behind banning this from Lawibidding Citizens!!!!!!!!! I swear ppl are ignorant!!!!!!!!!

  294. It is NOT a question of “NEED” it is a question of Constitutional RIGHTS!

    Meanwhile the Law makers (and celebrity proponents) EXEMPT themselves and make sure that they, and their families, are protected by the very guns (in the hands of their private security) that they want to ban from the law abiding citizens.

    Furthermore, with their (law makers) mindset we don’t “NEED” cars that go over 60 mph and on and on and on…………….

  295. I think Mr Jackson needs to get a grip on one and handle it and maybe he will know why we as gun owners love our semi-auto rifles. But if he cant get a grip on it NO ONE will ever take my guns.

  296. You can take all the knowledge Jessie Jackson has about guns and put it in a fleas belly button and have enough room left for a football game. Amen.


  298. Sounds like a good name for your next special edition AR-15. Jesse Jackson AR-15 Special Edition, all the bells and whistles plus 100 round magazine. Sell like hotcakes!

  299. if Jesse Jackson, and his gun hating friends don’t like Americans with firearms, try China, Cuba, some South American nations, and Great Britain…there are so many, and Jesse won’t like the violence…try Mexico…this is not racism…there are fools of every kind out there, but calling it racist is good for the people we all work for!

  300. Well what can we do but UNITE and STAND OUR Ground and use our US Bill of Rights and teach them who ignore the Declaration of Independence!

    What Sheep dipped Wolf and sheeps clothing come out of Chit”town As long as we live Until this earth is no more White Europeon Neocons run the world and Uncle Barry want’s some ! i bet he carries because Criminals do not Obey the Law of the Land!

    Ex orders Who me You Lock and Load and pray for Kingdomto Come!

    Read The Real Dreams of my Father found on infowars and Amature by Edward Klein or and download a free prolouge from the kindle store and you will warn your liberal freinds to vote against Obama!

  301. I own a ak-47 and a vet, and there is only one reason to own this riffle. It is for throwing a ton of rounds down range. It is not a hunting rifle, it is a mass destruction rifle. I think those of you that don’t realize this are fooling yourself. It is a tough decision the feds are in. If they were to reinstall the previous assault weapons ban, it would not be the end of the world.
    It is too easy to buy weapons. They make you get a DL to drive a car. They should have something similar for firearms. The process should be similar to getting a passport.
    Be sensible when it come to gun control, you want to be able to negotiate legislation not have in forced down your throat. Too long the NRA has decided policy. It is time for them to review their position.

  302. Mike, post number 504, is right. It’s easier to take away the rights of law abiding citizens than to punish the criminals…and the government controlled media REALLY supports anything that promotes gun control. Our elected officials would much rather pass meaningless feel good laws that only affect law abiders than to do anything meaningful that would only affect the law breakers. I’m all for swift, certain justice and public hangings.


  303. “F@#K Jessie Jackson”!! The government is,has and always will try and take something away from the american people and its such “BULL SPIT” I for one and I bet 75% + of all the people in the united states agree that they will NEVER take our guns!! Guns don’t kill people,People kill people!! When are they gonna wake the f@#k up and realize this?!
    I say “good luck” to any government official who trys to come after my guns!! If they want to stop the killings going on in this country,thats the wrong way to go about it. There would be ALOT more deaths if they start F#@KIN with our rights!!
    “MOLON LABE”!!!!

  304. Any time something bad happens with a gun, politicians want to “do something” about it, and like fools, people with views opposing their actions take to the streets (or now, the web) and respond in a fashion that makes them seem justified. You do not help your cause by making racist statements (any of you, whether they be anti-black or anti-white, yellow, purple, whatever) or by suggesting that ANYONE should be killed or kill themselves. Want to look like a home-grown terrorist who needs to be disarmed for public safety? By all means, advocate violence and spew hatred, call people names like indolent children? Why play into this obvious attempt to divide us as peace living American citizens and human beings? The only people I hate enough to shoot are people pointing a weapon at me or my family or other innocents, regardless of my color, political beliefs or theirs. That is not how civilized people resolve their differences. Most fun owners don’t own guns because they believe there is a war or zombie attack or plot to take away their guns. Yes there are stupid people in politics who would do just that, if enough people were dumb enough to vote for them in sufficient numbers. Fortunately for us all, there are enough sane people who can make a compelling argument for gun ownership without citing revolution, using the “n” word or making veiled threats against public figures who for whatever reason, have made public statements we disagree with. It may be a fantasy of some of yours that one day someone will try to take your guns and that you’ll have to use them to defend your liberty from tyrants. The most likely scenario is that you will never need to use a gun in defense but if so it will be against a petty criminal or thug and that the law will vindicate you. More often than not when guns are used to deter crimes it isn’t necessary to fire a single shot. If the criminal is armed, superior firepower (and skill) in the hands of the intended victim is a deterrent and an edge if it does come to a firefight. In that respect a single bullet is usually sufficient but the knowledge that you have 29 more is a further deterrent. This isn’t about race and this isn’t a big conspiracy. A sick kid who should have been stopped, first by his family and community and second by any reasonable laws, got his hands on some guns and killed some people and that is tragic. Nobody staged this and to suggest otherwise is silly. It is a tragedy and it warrants a debate, but this is a debate that common sense will end with a decision that will reaffirm the fact that with a focus on proper implementation, laws on the books already would do just as much or more to prevent tragedies like these than any knee-jerk ban of any sort that opportunist glory hounds of any stripe could dream up now. Allowing yourself to be drawn into a debate about race, making threatening remarks about those who seek to defame us as lawful gun owners or refusing to discuss the issues only reinforces the image being portrayed to the ignorant – which is that gun owners are the problem, and frankly, makes you no better than them – a zealot with a viewpoint that is focused on dehumanizing your political opponents rather than educating the voting public with facts. You may not care whether you look like an ignorant ass, but I do, because you make me look stupid by association. Thank you to those who have expressed valid arguments here and in other forums that make the case that the measures to ban guns being proposed are not the solution. To those who can only express these views as hate speech or by hiding behind the 2nd amendment, I pity you but don’t worry. Smart people who can articulate themselves will protect your gun rights using facts, whether you deserve it or not. Like it or not were all in this together. Until you walk through my door threatening to do me harm, you’re all my brothers and sisters. Threats, and actions intended to threaten the public or groups thereof make someone a terrorist. Think about that before you use your gun ownership as a threat to others. Unless you’re under a direct threat of injury or death, weapons aren’t needed for defense. Words will do just fine, and united, people with common sense can solve this without firing a shot.

  305. They cant have my AR-15 EVEN if they can pry my cold dead fingers from around it! Jessie and the rest of the anti gunners can KISS MY ASS! If someone wants to kill someone bad enough they will use just about ANYTHING as a weapon not just guns!

  306. Im glad to see that most of us know the truth about this situation….. Lets work together to put a stop to people who are the problems…. Not take it out on everyone…. I can see we have the most dumbest people running and muniplating this country…. It is truly causing a problem…. Dont forget america we have the right to bear arms specifically against government uppression. That is exactly what is going on here…. Mainstream media cover up facts on all these shootings.

  307. It is already illegal to shoot someone, other than in self defense, and criminals pay no attention to that law, which could be punishable by death. So why would a criminal pay any attention to a law making it illegal to own a certain type of weapon??? What are people thinking?!?!

  308. Somebody needs to ask his royal know-it-all how many of the inhabitants of his hometown/homestate have been killed by “assault” rifles. Jackson is no longer relevant in today’s society, but he’s doing his damndest to hang on, whether he has a clue or not.

  309. By all means ban large capacity magazines and self-loading rifles. Then include all other semi-automatics with anything over what 3 rounds? Just more uninformed people. Right now the only thing not protected by law are home grown tyrants. I digress that’s what the 2nd amendment’s for to protect all against tyranny. We need to ban body armor then. That way we aren’t killing indiscriminately. Gun control? You bet! Trigger squeeze, sight picture, and breathing!

  310. JB & Andre You are both right on. J.B. I’m glad you also agree that most Law Enforcement Officers support the second amendment. You are so right that we the people have to stand up for our rights and be able to protect ourselfs. I use to tell people that we (Law Enforcement) could not be everywhere to protect everyone. That’s why I pushed for years for consealed weapons because most of the time when we recieved a call it would be over time we responded to the call. Obama is pushing for everyone to get on welfare and food stamps to get them to reley on the government because that is the start of his socialist plan.

  311. Jesse who? And why should anyone give two shi*s about what this washed up race-baiter has to say? Hey Jesse, stick to something you know- like fathering more illegitimate children with your interns, and leave the Second Amendment stuff to the grown ups.

  312. Jesse Jackson is an attention whore. He jumps on any opportunity that will get him in the media. This ban is all part of the plan to disarm the American people. Under the true meaning of the constitution every citizen has te right to keep and use any trype of arms to secure and protect the inalienable rights given to all persons. The constitution doesn’t grant these rights but is a method to outline and protect them. We all need to stand up to this ignorance.

    Take a look at the laws and what they want. They ate trying to stop the citizen from being able to be equally matched against “authorities.” That way they an impose their will without recourse.
    A gun is tool and just like any other tool if it is in the hands of an untrained or incompetent person it can mame injure, and potentially kill. More people are killed by drunk drivers than guns so their are laws and penalties that punish the people that misuse alcohol and vehicles. We don’t see a ban on either. But than again you can protect your rights with them. Let’s be adults and see the truth here.
    Look into the history of the world and find out what comes after disarming a nation.

  313. I think Jesse Jackson is right. Automatic weapons are for controlling people. The Federal Government has passed laws that restrict individual rights to harass a political candidate at any political forum. There is jail time for violation of this new law. Of course all the SS troopers protecting the President and Congress have these weapons and would use them on the American Citizen such as the German SS troopers did during the 1930’s. President Obama wants to go a step further, giving the American SS troopers powers greater than the U. S. Army and answering to only him.

    The minority powers have weapons, the Muslim Brotherhood probably has weapons stored in their Mosques, and the Black Panthers already have used weapons to threaten the voting rights of citizens.

    As we are heading for a Socialist State, weapons must be taken from the hands of the citizen soldiers that would defend our “Old” constitution. All weapons must be removed from all nations except for the nations supporting Communism, as is all ready the case.

  314. Jessie Jackson needs to remembers guns don’t kill poeple it is stupid mother f###### with guns that kill people .

  315. I own both platforms (AK47&AR15),I also carry concealed in the state of NC. On more than one occasion I have had to turn around and take my firearm back to my vehicle because of a “no firearms permitted ” sign. These work great for responsible citizens who obey laws. A ban will only remove firearms from the hands of the responsible law abiding citizen. Kind of like crack just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean that it’s not right next door.

  316. Like Barry, if brains were dynomite, neither could blow their nose. Jessie Jackson is in it purely for the money. It’s absolutely amazing to me that there are still people who support his crap and give him their money!

  317. Once unarmed, we are subjects not citizens. Go to gun shows! Buy guns without paperwork! Stockpile ammo and teach your children how to shoot. The time is coming and it scares the hell out of me. Because the government that is supposed to protect me and look out for my best intrests is out to get me. My government that could solve these stupid random shootings if the went back to public hangings. All they need to do, is to truly punish those who commit violent crimes. I guess its easier to take away my freedoms than to punish a jackass that shoots up a theater.

  318. Do you think Jesse Jackson has bodyguards with guns? Jesse wants to take our guns away and keep his. Same old crap—do as I say, not as I do.

  319. First, I am old enough to have been in on the development of some of the current firearms that are causing such a stir. I have also had my tine in the USMC and spent 40 years writing about hunting and helping enforcing my state’s hunting regulations.

    So, I believe that there is no good reason to use a rapid fire weapon for hunting. On the other hand I live in a house that was designed with all glass doors, great for burglars and other “bad guys”. For that reason I still have a weapon that I used in the service. 45 caliber fully automatic sub machine gun…sometimes you really do need that kind of firepower! ( a 12 gauge shotgun, a 357 magnum pistol, and my good ol’ 40 cal S&W semi auto pistol are also there when needed))

  320. jesse jackoff is an ass . how many of the black panters have guns ? and im sure none of there guns are legal .

  321. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT this guy is a self made home grown idiot to believe that it is in the best interest of the public and gun owners to be able or not be able to purchase and enjoy any and all weapons, does this guy think if you took all of the tools off of earth people would not figure out a way to harm or kill each other if that is what they are wanting to do. Do we cut off the arms of the strong so that they can’t choke the life out of us or do we arm ourselves so that we can protect ourselves, this idiot would not be against firearms of any sorts if someone was harming his family and someone with a ar-15 or any other assault weapon was to save his family’s life. I bet there would be a different story for us to here then. This guy is a crap stirrer and just want the recognition that only an idiot like himself deserves. Does this idiot know how stupid he sounds when he talks about what he thinks others should do or not do, what he says doesn’t even make sense. Yes we have had some tragedies recently and my heart goes out to there families and that GOD be with them and there families in there time of need, NOT jesse jackson….. Do you know what this world would turn out to be like if we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the things that we enjoy, Someone needs to make this guy understand sometimes you need to be careful of what you ask for. It might just come true, in closing i would just like to say what a JERK JESSE JACKSON turned out to be and i’m not talking about just this issue, i’m talking about all the crap stories he gets involved in what an idiot. Thanks Eric Lamaster

  322. Why blame the gun? blame the person who used it and blame the state who approved his fire arm license,. I live in cook county illinois and i can’t even buy AR-15 because it’s illegal to have one here!!

    It should be like this, check his mental health and criminal history, if that guy has a sick brain then don’t give him a license specially those have criminal background should be not given a firearm license!

  323. Denis F. – Excellent post. I had not considered that in fact the Movie shooter obtained his firearms illegally because he falsified his ATF form when it asks about the buyer’s mental state. That is significant because the talking heads have stressed that his weapons were bought “legally” when in fact they were not. Had the system worked as designed, and he had answered correctly he would have been denied the ability to buy them. if the liberals think that that proves we need more laws, then ask them why are they so willing to let people register to vote based on their “word” that they are a citizen instead of increasing the requirements to prove it. As usual they want it only the way that it supports their position.

  324. If large-Capacity Magazines and Assault Weapons are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.”
    Penciles miss spell words
    Cars make people drive drunk
    Spoons made Rosie O’Donnell Fat

    I have never seen nor heard of any weapon Assaulting any-one Have you ?

  325. So-called assault weapons can be used against domestic terrorism as well. Those who say high capacity weapons should be banned have no idea how these weapons could save lives. They should read the history of European nations that banned guns in thier country and then turned against their people to enslave them, countries like Germany, Russia. Jesse Jackson is a terrorist also along with anyone who does not see the good these weapons can do. If people wre allowed to carry concealed weapons the deaths in Collumbine,the attacks in Colorado may not have been so deadly. Sure something should be done to stop these senseless attacks but banning assault weapons is not the answer.

  326. The time is near law abiding citizens! Prepare yourslves , once they take our guns they take our freedom! United states its time to unite fight the good fight!!!

  327. Domestic Terrorists just like Radical Racist Jesse Jackson,Radical Racist Al Sharpton,(Calipso-Louie)-Louis Farakan (The Nation of Radical Islam),Malik Shabaz of the New Radical Marxist Black Panthers and their long time best pal fellow Radical Revolutionary Marxist Racist Barack Obama also known as the biological son of Frank Marshall Davis.

  328. “home grown terrorists” will always have access to the weapon(s) of there choice. No restrictions on 2nd amendment rights will change that. So, if JJ is right, then law abiding citizens need to be similarly armed. Cops can only “react” after an event. Tehy are never able to “act” to prevent an event. Since the government can’t protect me, and can only respond after I am victimized, I need up-front protection.

    Wonder why some injured person in a State/City where law doesn’t allow him to protect himself hasn’t sued because the State/City didn’t protect him ande WOULD NOT LET HIM PROTECT HIMSELF ?!!!

  329. I am a firm believer in gun control… I control my gun so I hit exactly what I am intending to hit every time. It amuses me when politicians and wanna be politicians like Jackson proclaim publically just how ignorant they really are… And try to use this as an issue to push their personal agenda. They ignore that idiots that use guns for things like the recent Colorado shooting acquired them illegally, and it was an epic fail on the parents and friends behalf not to have them admitted to a mental institution ahead of time. I think if everyone had the ability to carry small justice dispensers… Say in increments of 7.62mm, that would act as enough of a deterrent to such idiots knowing that they wouldn’t have to wait for someone to arrive on scene to do so. Yes, this would work… If there were stron enough clearly written laws that outlined if you misused your right, you lost your own life. That would require some states to hold criminals accountable for what they have done, which we all know won’t happen unless you are talkin about Texas, which doesn’t tolerate such nonsense and doesn’t usually let people live a long comfortable life in their protected cell.

    Constitutional Carry!

    God Bless America!

  330. 1.I agree we need to be better at figuring out who does & doesn’t get to own & carry weapons, but if they try to take our guns away they will wind up w/ a lot more problems than what they have now.
    2. It really makes me angry to see these other countries in civil war, killing people left & right & what are they using for weapons? OURS! We (our government) hand these “rebels” fully automatic weapons by the thousands, bullets to fire out of them, then tanks, mortars, rpg’s, etc… All to overthrow a government that doesn’t agree w/ our governments view’s.
    3. The same people that are trying to take away our weapons have men carrying weapons around, snipers on roofs, & probably an army of men on the ready to put down any CRIMINALS that might try to kill them! However these same people want to take away the very same tools we (law abiding citizens of the USA) would use to protect ourselves against criminals! When these people disarm the men protecting their lives, that will show me they are comfortable enough w/ the way crime & criminals are handled in the world that I might even leave my weapon home once in a while.
    4. I think we need to make sure these people know that we keep arms not only to protect ourselves from criminals that carry them for no other reason than to harm us while committing crimes, but against oppressive governments that try to take our human right to use whatever means necessary to defend our lives & the way we live! our founding fathers didn’t make these amendments so that these racist people that had their forefathers sell them can take away our freedoms!

  331. Like Ice t said its not going to change he has the right idea and out look on guns. Jackson doesn’t, really I doubt that Jackson wants all going to be picked up just certain groups of peoples guns, say the ones that don’t agree with him.

  332. If the right Rev. Jackson was truly concerned about domestic terrorism why doesn’t he speak out against the black panther party, it seems every time I see a picture or video of them , they are all packing some serious hardware, oh but I forgot, I guess you can only be white and be a terrorist, I am sorry I forgot, my bad.

  333. Gun control is not and never has been about public safety. Its about control, period. A disarmed person has little recourse when faced with a tyrannical, armed government.

  334. This guy is one of the biggest JOKES around,right there with his Socialist buddy BO. If these folks had there way there would be NO Guns. Jackson has been riding this black social issue all his life.He has ball’s to call himself a revern jackson…. a man of GOD????

  335. This is not the first nor will it be the last attempt to ban /limit / restrict possession or attack our right to own firearms. It has happened many times in the past and will always be a fight in the making.. This stuff is going nowhere as Congress will never vote these bills through. Just a reason for Mr. Jackson and the rest of his kind to stir up and jump on the bandwagon of emotional subjects such as the recent shootings. I feel sorry for the families of those lost senselessly with no one being able to defend themselves while laying there waiting to be shot.. That is the real tragedy .. Just my opinion..

  336. we just need to give all anti-gunners a first class ticket to a country where weapons are banned and see how they like the crime rate there.

  337. I can’t believe how well the Democrats have sold the BS that the middle class would do worse under Romney. It is totally false. The middle class is Obama’s cash cow for his pending increased, biggest government ever. You know; the part about “after my next election I’ll have more flexibly” that he passed (in secret he thought) to the head of Russia. Romney and the GOP knows that our middle class is the heart and soul of America while the Dems see them as a useful nuisance. One way or another, our entitlement programs like medicare will need to be reduced (or they will fail or bankrupt this nation.) Cutting defense can only supply a fraction of the money needed, but just reducing Social Security and other programs so that unless you pay it, you don’t get anything out seems like a good start.

    For you people who think that Obama would be better for the middle class; please turn off MSNBC and learn more away from the mainstream media.

  338. Jesse is like “Old Faithfull”…. they both blow off some hot air occasionally
    but no one really gives a damn what he says except for the lame-stream media.

  339. There are a million ways to do harm to another person without using a firearm. As long as an individual has the will, he will find the way! Banning firearms, hammers, saws, nail guns,axes, rope, baseball bats,automobiles,traps, 2X4’s, branches, bows and arrows, gasoline, stairs, swimming pools, piano wire, lye, rocks, caustic dust, drugs, chain saws, grinders, plastic spoons (sporks), bb guns, pellet rifles, sling shots, drill bits, knives, and more all seem the way to go! Let’s let our government place us in little “protective bubbles”! Keep America Free…Just take a good look at the state of every other country that has been disarmed…Mexico Anyone?

  340. just this week, a woman making a deposit at an ATM was robbed as she was making a deposit…the perp held his gun to her throat, as he forced her to give up her money. THAT HAPPENED JUST
    THREE BLOCKS FROM MY HOME–AND IT WAS THE SECOND INCIDENT THERE IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. these thugs have no sense of the ‘law,’ or right and wrong. consequently, i am always armed, and also have throughout my home, various weapons appropriate for the defense of our family, within our home. our security is further heightened by the presence of TWO loyal, loving, yet FIERCE-WHEN-THEY-NEED-TO-BE german shepherds…talk about “always faithful.” that being said, our own attorney general and his cronies, have seen fit to arm an army of narco-criminals with what are commonly called, “assault rifles.” it’s common knowledge as well, that a substantial percentage of the “criminal element” in our own country is armed with similar, high-powered weapons. now…with regard to the ‘reverends’ jackson, sharpton, the new black-panthers, et al… they have in the past,and no-doubt will again, with incendiary language,fomented domestic, street-violence on a level much more intense than isolated break-ins, and robberies. think watts, think the miami riots of a few years ago, think england of just last year…there are too many to mention. i merely want to be safe, and to keep the possessions we’ve worked so hard to earn. domestic violence of an extreme nature is boiling under the surface…think, the ‘occupy movenemt.’ they even seem to have the sanction, and blessing, of some elements within the government. sadly, we must also be prepared to face this challenge…and that can only include ownership of, and training with, weapons of sufficient capability to meet, and defeat the threat, along with a sufficient supply of ammunition not only for defense, but also to use as a ‘substitute currency’ if and when, there is a breakdown in society. this, to me, is the newest defination of, “a well-regulated militia.”

  341. On Aug 8, 2012, a discussion group to which I belong posted this article reprint.
    Ohio: Man Armed at Movie Says He Wanted Protection
    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The New York Times
    Published: August 7, 2012
    A man who was jailed after taking a gun, ammunition and several knives to a showing of the latest Batman movie wanted to protect himself in case someone tried to replicate last month’s deadly Colorado theater shooting, his lawyer said Tuesday. Scott A. Smith, 37, had no intention of causing harm or inducing panic at the Saturday showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Westlake, said his lawyer, Matthew Bruce. “With the recent shooting in Colorado and the other incidents around the country in regards to threats, he felt that he needed protection,” Mr. Bruce said. A theater manager and an off-duty police officer stopped Mr. Smith after they became suspicious of a bag he was carrying. He was arrested without incident, and the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office said it expected an indictment on several weapons charges. Mr. Bruce said his client “felt a sense of fear” about going to a theater and chose the Batman movie by coincidence.
    A version of this brief appeared in print on August 8, 2012, on page A13 of the New York edition with the headline: Ohio: Man Armed at Movie Says He Wanted Protection.

    To which I responded:

    Not sure about the intention in posting this item but felt I might mention that despite the bogus sound to his particular “bag full of weapons” story, there is an element of truth to the argument.

    Perhaps it is sad to think that we need to protect ourselves while going about our daily lives, but it is estimated that three-quarters of a million times a year, harm is averted by armed citizens, either in their homes or while they are “carrying concealed” with all the proper permits.

    Vis-a-vis recent rampage killings, I can think of two, offhand, that were stopped cold by armed citizens. There was the Colorado church shooter, shot by a woman parishioner with a concealed handgun. She had actually been hired as “security” by the church and ended the danger for three hundred churchgoers. In a shooting rampage at a Virginia law school, two of the shooters schoolmates armed themselves and confronted the bad guy, whereupon he threw down his weapon. In both cases it is certain that many lives were saved. How many is open to speculation.

    I admire the police but I disagree with the Westlake Ohio police lieutenant who, in speaking of the bag full of guns said it was the job of police to provide armed protection, not that of individual citizens. For me there is a saying that has a ring of truth: “When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes.” No criticism, that’s just the way it happens to be.

    It may well be significant that rampage attacks perhaps more often than not seem to happen in places where “carrying concealed” is normally forbidden or not expected by the shooter, e.g. schools and churches. An explanatory metaphor might be that rampage killers are bullies, and like all other bullies are significant cowards. They want to hurt others, but they don’t want to BE hurt. (Note that the Aurora killer had covered himself with body armor, yet surrendered instantly to police when confronted with force.) They prey upon weaker victims, creating for themselves the illusion of a huge power differential with an over-abundance of weaponry.

    There was recently a YouTube video showing a 71-year-old man putting two young armed robbers to rout in a Florida internet cafe. Using a tiny, legally concealed pistol he went at them shooting, hitting one or both as they scrambled for the exit. From threats and intimidation, smashing computers with a ball bat, waving a pistol menacingly, they were turned instantly into terrified teens, by one little old man…with a 7-shot .380 pistol. Who, by the way, consistent with standard self-defense training, appears to have been careful to shoot when the background was free of innocent bystanders, since no one else was hit.

    Most people I know who carry concealed pistols, carry them all the time. It’s kind of like a seat belt. If you get used to wearing seat belts you feel naked when in a vehicle without them. Same with concealed carry. Therefore, carrying in church or a theater is the rule rather than the exception for citizens who go armed. In many states, because of legislative reaction to previous incidents, carrying in schools or universities is expressly forbidden and therefore illegal despite the possession of a permit. (There are efforts in some states to change that.) Therefore, law-abiding permit holders will usually leave their weapons locked in their cars where they can neither do harm… NOR ANY GOOD. Meanwhile, those bent upon evil will have no compunctions about taking their guns onto the campus. Ironic, isn’t it?

    A former Navy Seal commented that someone could have blinded the Aurora theater shooter for several minutes with a single blast from a bright flashlight of the kind carried by police. To which I add that a legally armed citizen could then also have been shot through his gas mask with a concealed pistol, had there been someone ELSE in the theater who was armed.

    Even in the Giffords incident in Tucson, a Safeway customer emerging from the store drew his gun when he heard shooting and stood shielded by a corner of the building with his weapon aimed at the man he saw standing in the parking lot with a gun hanging in his hand. Unsure of the situation he held his fire, and his aim, until it became clear that the man holding the gun had just participated in disarming Gerald Loughner.

    One last comment about the Ohio Batman fan: in my experience, a person who is legally armed will tend to avoid rather than seek out places of obvious danger. For instance, in some states, a person with a concealed weapon permit may not enter a bar. In others a person with a concealed weapon may not consume alcohol while carrying. I know people who carry who will do neither as a matter of safety, even where it would be legal to do so. To arm oneself heavily and then go to a Batman movie is a bizarre act, is indicative of very bad judgment, and is very suspicious. Paranoia perhaps?

    The AP story contains some interesting omissions. It does not say whether the man had a permit to carry concealed, although other news sources indicate Smith had no such permit and was illegally in possession. Having ammunition is not illegal, but the knives may have been switchblades, gravity knives or butterfly knives, illegal in Ohio, which appears still to have no limit on blade length.

    It turns out that Westlake police now say Scott Smith had no concealed weapon permit. In fact he is taking some kind of daily medication that they say disqualifies him from owning firearms. (Again, paranoia perhaps? Medication for a mental condition is the only kind I can think of that would disqualify one from owning a firearm.)

    Yesterday’s news also reported that the university psychiatrist who saw the Aurora shooter a couple of months before the massacre had not only reported him to the school’s ‘risk assessment’ committee, but had also reported him to the university police. It remains to be seen why there was no adequate follow-up, but one thing that happens not uncommonly is that when an individual withdraws from school, the ball may be dropped. Contrary to earlier reports he did NOT buy his firearms legally, for he would have had to lie on the question about mental health treatment or mental illness diagnosis.

    Having worked as a forensic psychiatrist in a state hospital system, it has been my observation that in the early stages of severe mental illness there is a good deal of denial on the part of the people around the deteriorating individual, especially when, as is quite common, it is a young person. For family, friends or co-workers to believe it is really happening can take several years. Although it is true that a schizophrenic is no more likely to become violent than any other person, it is merely a matter of luck when an undiagnosed schizophrenic happens not to become homicidal before the mental illness has become defined and accepted.

    This is further complicated by our excessive concern for privacy regarding psychiatric treatment: perhaps a hangover from the shame once associated with mental illness. The systems for keeping track of people with psychotic disorders are fragmentary and incomplete. Doctors, out of excessive sympathy or fear of litigation, often fail to be sufficiently aggressive in promulgating what are known as Tarasoff warnings: when a person is believed to be dangerous to others. Ironically, but logically, the name comes from Tarasoff v. The Regents of the University of California, a parallel case from 1974-76, when university mental health services failed to warn a woman who was subsequently killed, that she was in danger.

    Even when such warnings have been issued to potential victims and to police, it seems they may never get into the federal firearm “no buy” lists.

    If anything will reduce the number of such incidents it will be fixing the mental illness reporting system, which we will never do if we are paralyzed by hoplophobia or are distracted by hoplophobes who focus their desperation upon the weapon rather than the rampager. Ironically, it may be partly the fault of anti-gunners that this problem has persisted for decades, despite our technical ability to resolve it.


  342. The first step in establishing a government dictatorship is to disarm the citizens. Our founding fathers knew this & that’t why we have the 2nd amendment. Every citizen (who can legally own a firearm) should have one. Firearms actually save more innocent lives than are taken by the few nuts who misuse that right. We have ample gun laws already. As a vet I fought for my country to uphold the constitution and secure our nation. I would never harm anyone except in self defense and I have that right.

  343. In all my years, I haven’t known a criminal hoodrat yet, that hasn’t screamed for banning a well armed citizen’s God Given Right to self-defense. The “sheep” aren’t so easy to cull when they shoot back!

    As for Jesse Jackson, it is well known that he Extorts money from businesses. Looks like he’s going to do the same with the firearms industries.

  344. “Reverend” Jackson knows NOTHING about firearms. However, he is an expert and milking the system and keeping the “race card” in front of the minorities. This is how he makes a living. It adds no value to anyone or anything, and his rhetoric divides our great country. This man will stop at NOTHING to keep himself and his loser son relevant in the daily dialog. He is an embarrassment to the United States and all hard working people of color.

  345. Jesse Jackson=idiot
    And furthermore, there is no concrete proof that Holmes actually did anything. No one identified him in the theatre because the shooter was wearing a mask and Holmes was arrested sitting in his car, not even trying to escape. Sounds like a psy-ops operation to me. At least 2 witnesses who were in the theatre say that there were at least 2 perpetrators in the theatre. The whole thing stinks of a setup.

  346. J.J. must have a deep seeded desire to be ruled,as well as anyone else who tries to pick apart our right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS,any type of arms.History proves my statement to be as true as a statement can be.I am sure wannabe subjects read their history books,which begs the question,Why do they want all the guns taken away from citizens?They must think they will be favored in the Kings court.I wish them all the sincerest of luck,they will need it. Yours Truly citizen Ken

  347. Just think if that Colorado idiot would have used a Rem 7600 “Hunting” Rifle in 30.06? Luckily the .223 he was using only killed 12 people. Id say that a 30.06 would have killed every single person it hit. Yea I know the “BIG MAGAZINES” If this guy can build bombs, and has access to chemicals I’d say he could make a 50rd mag for that 7600.
    It’s not us Law abiding citizens who use our AR15’s and AK 47’s to hunt and to Target Practice with fault that an idiot uses the same guns to KILL with. (God Bless all the Families) but we have a right, to OWN, and Bear Arms to Protect our Families! We are not like Jesse Jackson, Obama, Bill Clinton and hid wife, or even Romney? They have Body Guards loaded to the brim with PS90’s MAC 11’s, Full Autos to protect us. A Man’s Job is to PROTECT his Wife, Kids, and Home, from these people.
    Is Crack legal? Is Heroin Legal? Is Meth Legal? NO! but who has all this and More? THE CRIMINALS! Take it from the Good people, and their the only ones who will still have em. The Bad Guys! Help Protect Our Rights! Join the NRA! Make Calls, and listen to the ACLJ, or go to their website This President is filing a law suite against Ohio so Military folk don’t have the extra 3 days to VOTE! Yes it’s true. Project Gun Runner? Dead Border Patrol? All because of Mr Obama and Eric Holder (US District Attorney) BOTH should be IMPEACHED for attacking the Constitution. Why hasn’t China Attacked already? Because they know we not only have the Military, but that almost every American owns guns, if we didn’t it would have already happened. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS OR YOU DON’T HAVE ANY!

  348. Jesse Jackson IS a domestic terrorist. He is the one of many far-leftists who are actively trying to destroy this country.

  349. A rifle,shotgun,pistol,blowgun,knife,hammer,screwdrivers are all just tools to be used. If never picked up the ystay harmless…my point is ANY tool can be used by an idiot. Laws can be passed to hamper any law abiding citizen. But just think that in all of these scenarios where guns have been used to kill innocent people in the locations that a law abiding citizen are not allowed access to their weapon of choice…how much the situation would have quickly changed, and how many innocent lives would have been spared an early death if guns WERE allowed to be carried in these places. Someone would have terminated, with extreme prejudice I might add, any idiot ramdomly shooting women and especially children in a theatre,bar,school or anywhere a tragedy like this might happen. Law abidng citizens will follows the laws but honestly do you think a criminal will? They’re more likely to do something like this where they KNOW weapons are banned for the simple reason they know they are more likely to get away with it without any obstacles. If there had been weapons allowed in these places then that idiot would have been eliminated by SOMEONE! If you look at areas where guns are abundant you will find smaller crime rates and little to no chance of something like this happening due to the crimnals fear of retaliation. Get real people. Fight fire with fire!

  350. The thing is that most of these people making (or at least trying) to make the laws and some of the people writing on here don’t know a thing about firearms (especially rifles) and have probably never even shot one in their lives. They also make judgements based on what they see in unrealistic movies and so on and because AR-15’s are “scary looking.” Hard core left wingers come up with this stuff since it’s apart of their “agenda.”…whatever that is. Not for any practical reasons. I agree there are also nuts out there with their “zombie” nonsense too on the other side. An AR-15, however, is not that much more dangerous than a hand gun practically speaking. Rifles are designed for longer range shooting–that’s all. The civilian version AR-15 does not shoot “faster” than a pistol. Most civilians also do not have the ability to buy fully automatic weapons any more. Also the reason for the second amendment was for civilians to protect themselves, militarily speaking, against a tyrannical government–such as we see in Syria right now for example. No one could do that with a pathetic little pistol and a dinky 12 gauge. How incredibly naive and stupid to believe we will always enjoy freedom from tyranny like we do right now–regardless of your politics. Furthermore, MOST criminals do not use AR-15 type weapons very often. They love small foreign made “pocket pistols” which are available in just about any state even those with strict gun control. In other words, banning “assault weapons” is pointless as we’ve seen from the previous “assault weapons” ban–which did nothing to reduce crime. You would have to ban pretty much every gun period. Of course that still wouldn’t help since criminals would never follow the law to begin with. I certainly agree that keeping ANY weapon out of the hands of criminals would be great. I would love to see a world where no one has a gun period–but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. We need common sense gun laws–not the same old nonsense of trying to ban all guns or magazines from EVERYONE every time some stupid lunatic does something. I think with 100,000,000+ gun owners and millions of AK-47’s and AR-15’s in the US, there would be some serious crime going on if the VAST MAJORITY of people were not responsible pistol and rifle owners. Also–who ever pays attention to what Jesse Jackson says???

  351. Attention Caucasians! The mass majority of us African Americans see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as nothing more than some media whores. We do not follow these men, we do not listen to them , we say f#$k these motherf-ers all the times. These men are not proactive in our communities, No one seeks out their guidance. Instead Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just show up and take over in order to get paid.

  352. Mr. Jackson seems to have no problem exercising his 1st amendment right to free speech while trying to deny our 2nd amendment rights. It would appear he either can’t fully comprehend the Bill of Rights or chooses to ignore select parts at his own convenience.Therefore he comes across as a Buffoon, a moron ,an idiot. Ignore him.

  353. Take it from someone who’s already been shot 11 times at once…the far left would like nothing better than to disarm a Free Society. This is so that there is little or no resistance when the attempted coup takes effect. The fact is that it is people, not the rifle, that kills. The rifle is just a means as would be a rock, a baseball bat, a knife, a pen or anything else capable of harming someone else. Take a look at history of man, there was murder and there wasn’t any handguns, rifles, shotguns, or knives, but they killed one another either with branches, bones, rocks or their bare hands. It isn’t that guns entices people to become violent, it’s the individual’s psyche that starts the thought patterns that ends in violence. If he/she didn’t have a knife, it would be a baseball bat, a rock, a glass bottle, or whatever he/she needed to accomplish their intent. So it’s not the firearms, it’s the individual. Now with respect to the Movie Mass Shooting, that individual was under psychiatric care…at fault would be the psychiatrist and the patient as codefendants. There are hundreds of thousands of firearms all over the USA, if it were the firearms, why is the murder rate by shooting at an all time low nationwide?

  354. First off, the ONLY bigots in America, are supposed BLACK LEADERS. They are the ones that breed hate, fear and lies to give themselves power over others. This includes the Traitor Obama that uses class warfare to try to divide the greatest country in the history of man and disarm us so he can be a true dictator. Second, like most loser social leftists, they have NO right making any statements about anything, because their position is based on hate, fear and lies instead of facts, history, logic and reason. America beware, the traitors in Washington have spent us in to Bankruptcy and if they can get your guns, they they will take everything you have to try to pay for their addictions!

  355. Not to get into the “political argument” on firearms, The Second Amendment is a right that “shall not e infringed” is a fact, not a political toy. Mr. Politician, whoever and wherever you are, you cannot campaign against it, you cannot vote against it, you cannot conspire against it; as it is Unconstitutional (ILLEGAL) for you to do so. We the Patriotic Defenders of the Constitution, who keep firearms in our homes for sport and home protection, will nail you to the wall!
    For every “nut case” like the space-case in Arizona, there are a million firearms owners who do NOT have firearms on the streets, and who are responsible owners and sports shooters, like the elderly gentleman in the news, who recently “Zeroed” a robbery.
    The right to carry a firearm does not require individual permits, as the Constitution’s Second Amendment is the permit. However, we should be nice to the folks in our individual states, who think… they have something to say about it.
    Consider the original intent of the Constitution; especially the Second Amendment. “Should government become oppressive to the People, the People have the right to rise up against said government.” Hey! .. I would not replace the Constitution; I would replace the Politicians who continue to Amend the Constitution to change it’s original intent, and “get their own way.” All things considered, we should be able to take care of that by voting!
    Now considering Political stuff; We know what our current President is doing; Romney and Ryan scare the __ll out of me. We, the average middle-class American Citizens may lose-out big time if they are elected.

  356. If they could manage to create a law to keep
    firearms out of the hands of the insane that
    would be great, but they can’t. If everyone in
    that movie theater
    was allowed to carry a gun (like everyone
    Should be able to) most of those people
    would be alive right now. To the government:
    Quit trying to take our guns away, your not getting
    mine without a fight!

  357. People need to understand, The bad guys will always find weapons whether it be a gun or a spork. they do now and always have. So why take away rights of responsible americans who want to protect thier families and thier selves from these people.

  358. I laugh every time I hear these numbskulls talk. The citizens don’t need these firearms! There’s no place for these weapons on our streets! What we don’t need on our streets are the idiots contained in this piece. They, and their ilk, are a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than any gun will ever be.

  359. Jesse Jackson is an idiot. They are homeland defense rifles. The cops have them, the people should have them too. Why should the government be better armed than the people?

  360. I think it is amazing that just about every country that has ever fallen into the chaos of rebellion has been supported and encouraged by so many countries including the United States. Here we are, a country that has a Consitution written by people with much foresight about rebellion and within that Constitution is an Amendment 2 that specifically states the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Amazing! And we end up feeding those courageous patriots in those countries in rebellion arms, ammunition, rockets, grenades, and just about anything that will kill. What are the people in our government so afraid of now as they endeavour to disarm our ciizens as they slowly are eroding our rights. Not only does it give me pause in my faith in our politicians it makes me want to hold that much tighter to my weapons. Weapons that are there to help defend this country against the same type of tyranny that our government supports others to defeat in other countries.

  361. Our founding fathers were not talking about hunting when they wrote the second amendment. Jefferson clearly stated that, “The most important reason to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to prevent tyranny in government.” Right now our country is evenly divided as to which party is the tyrannical one, which indicates a need for the people to retain the right to prevent tyranny in government. No matter which party you support, you have to agree this country is on the verge of complete economic collapse. We may need to fight the new landlord when he fails to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I don’t wish to be the new Syria, where the government can attack its own citizens because they lack the ability to fight back.

  362. It’s unbelievable how many people make completely unrelated remarks about what color Jesse Jackson is. I agree that people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton help keep racism alive, but what does any of that have to do with the issue of him saying that he thinks assault rifles should be banned? And what does calling him names accomplish other than showing your ignorance (by the way, before you start calling me racial slurs, I’m white). As to the issue at hand, we are going to lose our right to protect ourselves at some point because we don’t police ourselves up. Someone knew that there was something going on with James Holmes, but chose to not check into it. That’s the American mindset now, and that is a huge reason why we are failing. And the same could be said for Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold and everyone else that has perpetrated terroristic type domestic attacks. If you see that your neighbor is a nut job, check into it before they kill a bunch of people in a movie theater, because after they commit the crime, your government is going to try to make new laws. I really thought that this was going to open peoples eyes about how an anti-gun environment only keeps honest people from having guns while welcoming criminals in (the theater was a no gun area with a gun buster sign posted) but instead, we have allowed the politicians to turn this on the tools used, rather than the real weapon… the criminal minds. Focus on eliminating the criminal before he commits the crime by opening your eyes every once in a while and stepping in when you see your neighbor doing something wrong instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

  363. So Jesse Jackson is coming out and saying that the new black panther army is a terrorist organization by their having the terrorist weapon of choice AK-47 – even though they are semi-auto’s (unless they have paid for the right and passed federal checks to own fully automatics).

  364. Let’s put a restriction on the amount of horsepower a car may legaly have. High end production cars have
    Upwards of 600-700 up. Whst average citizen needs that much power.

  365. I believe that the second amendment says it ALL. There is NO such thing as sensible gun control. NO form of law will stop determined criminals or crazies. ALL of these loud mouth leftist communists need to shut up or leave these united States.

  366. I think all the holier than thous should keep their nose out of these things. All they do is stir the pot and spout gun control. They never served in the military, never paid thier dues and that goes fot the current President. The AR is the current platform for this generation for hunting and target. Its because its what we were traiiner on and taught to use. I have two ar’s for hunting along with my lever actions. If they have their way all guns will be ban and we become a nation of sheep. Are we going to turn into another Austrailer. Most of the murder, terriorism is not in the country but in others due to the radicals. Lets not get in a frenzy and let a few dictate what we own. People like Jackson and those need to clean there own house and leave mine alone

  367. Someone comes crashing through my front door I want that Elmer Fudd gun that just keeps on shooting. He couldnt hit the broadside of a barn, but never seemed to have to reload or run out of bullets. Someone should ask those gun control advocates how many shots they want to have if someone is coming after their loved ones.

  368. “I think a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals,” he said.

    I want the SAME guns Academi—previously known as Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide employees LEGALLY carry on our city streets…PERIOD! ( See Blackwater/Katrina abuse) The government—local/state/federal—allows a private military group to operate in and patrol our communities so just in case they are let loose again on my family, my kid’s family after I am gone, or somebody else’s, the firepower that comes with such a weapon is warranted. I CERTAINLY DO NOT want or need politicians, regardless of party affiliation, “Lysoling” my Second Amendment rights!

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the criminals who have those same weapons: they too are an issue <<<<<sarcasm.

    Mr. Jackson is a nobody and certainly deserves to be treated as such…no comment from me on his banter.

  369. A “dream come true” would be Jessie and Al coming after my guns in person.If I had been in that theater the toll of dead and wounded would have been significantly less.I carry a weapon full time,I have never robbed a bank,belonged to a gang,killed anybody because of road rage or been bullied or harmed by some thug punk.When this great country is handed to the “no-gunners” then I will be the outlaw. God Bless America and God forgive Jessie and Al.

  370. Domestic terrorism, just another “ism” ie commisim, Marxism so on. Words to distract from the real truth that our founding fathers new first hand, that the real danger to freedom is from politicans. The main reason for the Right to Bear Arms protects the people against politicans that think they know better than We The People!!!!! The election of Barrack Oboma is exactly the reasoning for the 2nd Amendment to our Bill Of Rights. Oboma , obviously a Marxis/Islamic eithers goal is to destroy the Freedom of America. A person that has a lot to hide, I firmly believe he is not and was not legally qualified to be president due to his birth, but the Democrats and Republicians alike knew this or had enough information to question his qualifications yet neither up held their duty to the people even McCain would uphold Oboma when someone would present this to him during his campaign. I pray that Romney/Ryan ticket wins and I further pray that they can bring God and Jesus Christ bact to the dialog in America because the devil is at Americas door “””Islam””” A devil in sheeps cloth.

  371. Same ol’ Brady-bunch rhetoric. To the uninformed–and those who DON’T want to be informed–I can lay down a fancy, tricked out AR-15 complete with every accessory known to man alongside my Mini-14 woodstock ranch rifle and ask which is the assault weapon! We all know which weapon will be picked, even though you have two essentially identical weapons: one trigger pull, one .224 bullet exiting the barrel; bolt recycles and pull again… But, alas, the last ‘assault ban’ was pulled off by those who went on sight, not by knowledge. We don’t want to go there, again. Look to the Britts, who can barely have sport fowling pieces–and are beginning to march in ever increasing groups–and use that as a spyglass into OUR future if needs be. Info will win the day, not the “pry my gun…cold dead fingers” bumper stickers and blogs. That only enrages. Recently, I took a family of anti-gun diehards out for a day of shooting after some safety instructions at home. Two of those ‘diehards’ are in the process of purchasing a weapon of their own. In two days, will be taking two more ‘anti’s’ out to do battle with water filled bleach bottles. Keeps my Lee press busy, but it seems to work. Truly stated: guns aren’t the problem, they don’t fire by themselves…





  373. What a idiot!!! Will say anything about anything just to get his face on tv or in the paper
    “look at me everybody ,look at me” just like an idiot.
    Gun laws or any laws for that matter just keep honest people honest
    If a crook or “terrorist ” want to , he’ s probably going to. Laws won’t stop him. People with guns will!!!

  374. Jessie Jackson is a nut! If I honestly thought that banning assault rifles and the magazines associated with them would make this world a safer place to live, I would be willing to accept that (I own a AK-47). However, that is not the case and anyone with any common sense should know that! I will end by making the following statement: I pay absolutely NO attention to any statement or comment that Jessie Jackson makes. He has made a living by doing nothing! I have never heard him preach or say a prayer. I really don’t know what he does, other than exploit African Americans, which does not help anyone.


  375. This country was founded on gun ownership. There are already millions of guns in America, so it’s too late to try and dispose of every last one. The criminals will never give up theirs, so why ask the responsible gun owners who are trying to protect themselves and their loved ones? If confronted by a group of thugs that want to take his money, rape his wife or daughter, and take his life , I wonder who the liberal gun banner would rather stand next to, a ccw gun owner who has been extremely FBI background checked, trained and possesses the skill and the tool to defend himself/herself, or the defenseless hippy that would piss their pants and be a victim too? A vehicle in the hands of a maniac can kill more people than an AR or AK, drive through a crowd of people at a parade, way more death and destruction and a means to rapidly escape. These liberals want complete control of all people so they can be re-elected for life and steer this country in the direction of a cloned Europe. Europe is like a castrated male and America is like a full male that loves life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. And that means we have to have a means to protect it too. Jesse Jackson needs any issue to make himself seem relevant since he is a thing of the past and a non issue himself. God bless America and those of us who care to protect it.

  376. Mr. Jackson does not speak for me. He can take his view points and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Who is he tell anyone anything? He can leave this nation and take the UN with him!

  377. Mike 398 – Obama is a socialist committed to big, bigger, and biggest government who has as a result increased welfare and food stamps to historical levels. Obama sees big business as Stalin did, a necessary evil and cash cow that will feed his socialist dream. Obama sees the middle class as the biggest source of funds for his programs, so don’t think Obama cares about the middle class any more than a sheepherder cares about sheep. The Patriot act needs reworking sure, but it pales in comparison to the huge economical disaster that Obama and the Democrats caused. Yes the banks did bad things but why? They were threatened, coerced and bullied into making bad loans to clearly unqualified people by “community organizers” like Obama who was proud (but doesn’t talk about now) that he was instrumental in strong-arming banks to issue bad loans to his “constituency” in Chicago. Yes, liberals like Obama was the root cause of this economy we are in now. That is a much bigger threat to America than the “Patriot Act.” You probably need to research these issues a bit more, but use better sources than the mainstream media who likes to keep the real facts away from people who want to know, but reads “Newsweek” and looks at MSNBC and thinks they are getting the total story. I really think you (as many of the so-called informed Obama supporters) are just a result of this administration’s EXCELLENT use of Hollywood/Mainstream Media to produce anti-conservative propaganda disguised and entertainment and news. it really depends on you. Do you want the truth – or the stuff that NBC, CBS and CNN airs as news? It is up to you, but if you look and find the real truth you will be surprised and horrified how much you have been deceived.

  378. Private gun ownership is not only a Constitutional RIGHT but also a critical element in our national defense. Our country is divided into two basic groups, liberals and conservatives. If the liberals get their way, America will become a third world country. Leave criminal activity to law enforcement (im a former city officer and deputy sheriff)and protect yourselves. It is YOUR responsibility to protect yourselves. MOST police officers believe in the second ammendment. GUN CONTROL WILL NOT KEEP CRIMINALS FROM OBTAINING WEAPONS AND KILLING PEOPLE, PERIOD!! Another thing, people need to educate themselves before running the mouth. The definition of an ‘assault weapon’ is one with a selector switch (capable of full auto or three round burst). A safety on a semi-auto is not a selector and therefore is not an assault weapon. If I stab you in the face with a screwdriver, does that become an assault weapon? Dumbass liberals.

  379. I hate when they state Police Chief’s are right: Ban Assault Weapons, like all Chiefs or for it. Well I am a Retired Police Chief and I am not for the Assault Ban. I have a AR-15 and I enjoy shooting it. There are more of us against the ban than far it. As far as Feinstein she will be for banning BB Guns and the Illinois
    Governor proposing assault weapons, he just wants to copy after the other tree hungers because Illinois has the strictest weapons law there is and they stil have the number one murder state of United States. People need to vote out all the gun grabbers. That’s the only way to keep your gun rights besides joining the NRA. If it wasn’t for the NRA we would not be able to own a gun Now.

  380. When the shit hits the fan who is going to be there for you ???? When their breaking down you’re door to get your food that you’ve stockpiled, because you’re the more intelligent and looked ahead, who is going to be there for you ?? My wife and I are “lookers ahead” we’ve planned ahead, WHY should we be penalized for our foresight ?? While everyone else is crying and breaking in who will come for us….? Thats right our foresight, our guns and stockpiles of ammo. I don’t want anyones help, but what I want for mine and ours is to be secure and left alone when the shit hitz the fan.

    Is that really wrong ???

    We are lifetime legal gun permit holders, we are responsible and hard working. We help others in need and get NO credit, but then we want none too. If you are like minded my bet is you are just the same.

  381. You know, every time there is a unfortunate shooting incident by some “wacked out” person, here comes the anti-gun people looking to restrict our 2nd amendment rights. Jesse Jackson is not only a racist, but also a hypocrite looking to get his face in the news once again. He makes his living by “shaking down” LEGAL BUSINESSES for his Rainbow Coalition force. He is nothing but a thug, hiding behind his so called “reverend” status. I’m sick and tired of this man. Wish he would just go away. The AR-15 is a non issue. There are semi-automatic shot guns also. Will they be banned too? Most people think the AR-15 is a machine gun, but not so. They need to wake up and get the facts. Fully automatic rifles are illegal in this country unless properly licensed. Guns are not the problem, they don’t fire by themselves. Maybe if there were a person with a concealed carry permit in the Colorado theatre, some lives may have been saved. I am a VN vet and never will I surrender my AR-15.

  382. To Mike, 389. You forgot to mention that the $$ Jackson gets it most likely our tax dollars that these people get through our wonderful welfare programs!!

  383. You people live in possibly the most dangerous developed country in the world, and here you all are arguing that assault weapons should not be banned. Idiots.

  384. Uncle Tom blacks who either are not aware or dont care that gun control started to keep weapons from them so they could not fight back. Now the blacks “in charge” tow the rope to supress their own people so we will all soon be slaves again. Watch Russell Means “Welcome to the reservation”

  385. Jackson, Sharpton, and the like are publicity whores; that goes without saying. So, I don’t listen to anything they say. BUT, I personally don’t see why anyone NEEDS an AR-15 or anything akin to an AK-style semi auto. You don’t need them for hunting, and you don’t NEED anything like that for self-defense… in the U.S. at least. Plus, most folks don’t have the foggiest idea as to how to handle a firearm that powerful. I have handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and am a strong supporter of our right to bear arms, but we do need stricter gun control laws to limit access to these assault-style weapons. Personally, I think everyone who owns a gun should need to pass a proficiency / knowledge test every two years… and I’m not talking about the dorky CHL-type exam. Moreover, increasing waiting or cool-down periods and/or amping up background / mental health checks prior to gun purchase are both recommendations I would support. Before you get upset about the government trying to impose stricter regulations on assault-style weapons, ask yourself if the general population really NEEDS access to such firepower. If you can’t adequately defend yourself with conventional firearms (45ACP, 12GA, etc.) perhaps you should go enroll in some tactical training courses, practice your shooting, and stop wasting money dolling up your AR-15s for the zombie apocalypse that will never come.

  386. It is a pity that many who have never served in the military have no idea of the importance of private ownership and use of arms in acquiring marksman skills. We are all paying a heavy price due to the lack of military experience in the current “leadership” of our nation by a two party monopoly of professional politicians in the Democratic and Republican parties.

    Few, if any, of us are born with the skills to become expert marksmen without hundreds of hours of practice. Although the USMC and certain MOS’ in the other branches provide rigorous weapons training, most service elements don’t. Without private ownership and practice with AR-15s, berettas, etc. on private ranges, our Armed Forces would have far fewer qualified marksman– and we would all be the worse because it.

    Please pray lovingly and respectfully for REV Jackson and those like him who make public pronouncements without fully understanding the facts: that their eyes will be opened and that their prejudices and biases will be replaced by respect for our nation and for our heritage of the militia, citizen soldiers, and the right to bear arms.


    Rick Robol

  387. I my self am a gun collecter and also enjoy firing a few rounds down range. I think that it is crap for someone to tell me I can’t own a gun because of some people that are messed up in the head decide to go postal on people. It would not matter if you were to take all the guns off of the street, people that are messed up in the head will still find a way to create havoc . And to punish me and other for other peoples stupidity is not the solution . I strongly support and use my right to bare arms. I don’t support psychotic people that pull Insane stuff like the movie theater incident that give gun owners a bad name.

  388. There are a lot of good post on this already but here is mine. In short, banning weapons does make them just a little harder to come by for the terrorists and damn near impossible for the law abiding citizens to legally obtain them for sport or even to protect themselves from the criminals who don’t care about the weapon ban in the first damn place. The problem is the laws that we have already either are not enforced or don’t have any bite to them. There isn’t much call for probation when it comes to a weapon law violation unless it is only a possession type offense, a first offense for someone with no record and no ties to a criminal organization/terrorist group. If the weapon was used to commit a crime or crimes with no injury or loss of life then 20-life in prison. Should one person die as a result of their actions then it should be the same for them by what ever means that state enforces their death penalty. I’m not in favor of long prison stays due to the burden placed upon the state to pay for it all. Because it all comes out of the citizens pockets in taxes. At least those of us who pay ours. Those who dont are generally one of those we end up supporting anyway. But that is another toppic.

  389. Mr. Jackson is against any gun. As we have seen the drug problem has caused more black on black crime over the last several years. Instead of banning guns maybe he should put his efforts in the education of the people who use (sell) drugs, show ignorance and no work ethic, on how real civil humans work and live.In fact he usually only speaks out when a black person is killed by a white person. He could never keep up with the number of black on black murders. The gun owners I associate with are all about education and family, something I never hear him talk about.

  390. Put it all into action and get out and vote for Romney-Ryan in November! Get all your buddies to vote as well and be sure your NRA membership is current. If you have a shooting buddy that isn’t an NRA member get on em.

  391. I personally have met and talked to Jesse Jackson thirty years ago. Nice to see he has not changed. Once and idiot, always……..

  392. Actually my biggest problem is with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al sharpton is, like many others have already said is the same, but what people don’t seem to realize is that they (JJ,AS) what they really do is create the problem by “rallying and speaking in public”. The instill the racial hatred to the majority of the domestic terrorists aka BLack rebellionists to go home and teach their children to hate whites by….saying that it is the white mans fault that we cant get ahead because they have their “proverbial” foot on our necks and keep “us” from getting ahead!!!! Well it seems to me that if they would get off of their FAT LAZY BLACK ASSES they would have the exact same chances we(whites, reds,yellows) have if they would only T R Y to get off welfare and ALL the other programs focused on the black majority and just TRY !! They scream ratial injustice and want equality but as soon as “Habitat” hands them the keys to their free home and all the appliances and a car they forget that there are a whole bunch of other “colors” who are also in need who get forgotten about. When their kind get guns they seem to gravitate towards one thing….robbery, theft, killing. Lets look at the real problem and not the color problem the idiots who think like idiots do idiot things, I can’t help it if blacks do stupid things and then the whites get penalized as the majority. Just look at the prison system, what are the majority….??? Thats right, BLACK and there is a reason for that, Blacks are the more “Anamalistic by nature and everyone else is capable of fitting into society not wanton desires of forced co-habitation…ie, prison. They wear their pants so their underware hangs out which is a prison show of mentality, they don’t try to fit in like all the rest of society, they want to stand out and proclaim it our style. Well this, “GOD-GUNS-and GUTS American who would bleed on the flag to keep the stripes RED is fed up with this biggotry of the Jacksons, Sharptons, and Faharakans, not to mention the likes of the Democratic ultra Left wing, Fienstein,Obamaites and the like.

  393. When will that dried up bag of &&&& do us all a big favor and blow away. I remember him when he was operating operation push in Chicago back in the sixties. All he would do night after night is complain that the black community did not have enough jobs. well join the world air head because the rest of us didn’t have enough either! All this guy does is run his big mouth around the country while tapping every They love big mouths there and know how to quiet you down! The freedoms you now enjoy were won not by some lawyer but instead by some very dedicated individuals who Oh my God used a gun for the freedoms of all! These rights are guarrenteed to us written on a piece of paper but the words are not up for debate to the point of being overturned. As for the mass shootings I say look at what dark things our Government agencies may be and are doing. Use your common sense not knee jerk reactions. Franklin Roosevelt was once quoted saying “if something happens and politics was involved then you can bet it did not happen by accident” If the guns are gone bad people will find something else for sure. Just look at Australia. The bad people have resorted to base ball bats! Think America. And Jesse just Blow away and do us all a big favor!

  394. Why don’t we just ban lifelong politicians, and use capital punishiment for the morons who senselessly take incocent lives???

  395. Typical crap from someone who has always opposed punishing the garbage that breaks the law because they are poor downtrodden souls who are apparently incapable of excersizing self control, so lets make more laws that restrict only those who are law abiding and still have no effect on the real trouble makers. Gee, lets ban all guns and then we’ll have a giant group of law abiding victims and the problem scum will still break the law as they do now. Then who or what will the dumocrats blame for their problems? I’ll give up my guns when the political scum ALL give up their tax payer paid for protection and live like the rest of us.

  396. Well, Jesse Jackson always has been a fool and talking about homegrown terrorism, he’s incited more riots than any other person, place or thing in this country. I got a new job in Savannah, GA. right out of graduate school in NY. The first day at Savannah Vo-Tech School my co-workers said they usually ate lunch at the high school across the street. When we went out the front door of our school I was astonished to see 22 squad cars and police in riot gear. I asked what was going on, one of my co-workers said Jesse Jackson came to town last night and is stirring the pot. I think this type of hate stirring activism is more dangerous than semi-automatic rifles. I know from my time in the military that I’d like to own an AR-15 type weapon, they are really fun to shoot. As for the other two commentors, the Illinois governor will probably wind up in jail or at least on trial in the next few years. Most of the rest of Illinois governors have over the last 30 years. The right to keep and bare arms is necessary to keep our government from becoming a dictatorship.

  397. The politicians who want to take the guns off of American citizens don’t know what the 2nd amendment really means; or do they? I personally believe they know exactly what it means and they’re afraid of it. Jesse Jackson is just another one of their puppets that doesn’t have a clue.

  398. It is not the Republican party that is calling to take away your right to bear arms. The whole debate revolves around one simple issue; do you believe the “government” knows better what liberties you deserve or can have, or do you believe in what our founding fathers did…individual liberty.

  399. i’ll never support anyone who neglects common sense and uses horrible tragedies to push an agenda. i pay my taxes and give to my community. i should have the opportunity and the right to defend my family and our well being to the extent i feel is necessary. i understand that full auto’s are not necessary and un practical, however just because a firearm has a high capacity mag doesn’t make it full auto. it especially doesnt make it “evil” using the definitions off of the old assault weapons ban referred to as “evil features”
    to compare the situation to something more common. how many people own sports cars or any car for that matter that can go over 80…….all of them. how many roads in the us allow 80+mph driving. slim to none. just because its not practical doesn’t mean its un-lawful. this is America freedom and all. so just use your brain and try no to fall into the bs that goes around every time a nut goes crack, and blows up something.

  400. Let me start out by saying, I am a police officer, and yes the thought of going up against an opponent with an assault rifle is scary, BUT in no way should the politicians consider passing any more gun laws. There are way too many laws now. Just maybe if the actual conviction part of a gun involved crime would actually carry any weight at all, and our prison system would actually serve as a detterent, as opposed to a destination for those who just want to be fed and housed, and expect society to foot the bill, then just maybe this wouldn’t be such an issue for debate.
    You parents out there, grow the hell up, and be parents! Inform that kid of yours what he or she is going to do and what he / she won’t be doing. When the kid needs it, blister their ass, and then set them down and let them know you still love them, but that there are rules to abide by and if not then there will be consequences. If you would do this I guarantee that a lot of this gun violence stuff would disappear.
    Where are the politicians and community leaders wringing their hands and wanting to ban high capacity alcohol bottles, containers and kegs? Don’t these people know that these devices get more people drunk, quicker, and in turn makes the person more dangerous to societ? If these “pillars of the community” would do their homework they would find that more people are killed or seriously injured annually due to alcohol abuse, than by gun violence, but yet where are they?
    Folks the Founders put the Second Ammendment in place for a reason. That reason wasn’t just so we could go afield and harvest our own game. That reason was to keep our own government in check, so that they would second guess overstepping the limits of the office that they were elected into. Period.

  401. A comment I would expect from Him , He has no clue what he is talking about how many people have these types of guns that have never commited a crime . and never will this is just another BS statment from a BS person. someone need to take all these anti gun people out and let them try a little shooting for theirself , try it before you condim it they may change their view on guns and even find a new hobby.

  402. “Those that turn their guns into plows will surely plow for those that do not.” Thomas Jefferson. Dictators and anarchist cannot survive when a people are able to defend their freedom. It is all about individual liberty and we must protect our right to bear arms, all arms of any type so that the dictators of the world cannot usurp our freedom.

  403. First, the Constitution is very clear about the ownership of firearms – it is a right that “shall not be infringed.” It is a right, not something a racist, over-publicized, attention-seeking public figure with no elected function has the ability to affect. Fear not the race-baiting self-aggrandizing clown who uses tragedy after tragedy to maintain an anti-white, anti-conservative agenda, but the re-election of Obama who could have the ability to shift this nation away from our forefathers by appointing liberal judges over the next four years. That happens and the second Amendment is gone.

    It doesn’t seem to matter that Eric Holder is hiding behind Obama’s skirts after being involved in the deaths of many Mexican nationals and American Law enforcement officers. Just where is the “60 Minutes” story on fast and furious? Just ask yourself after seeing yet another fluff piece on an American Liberal where is the “hard hitting” investigative reporting on “Fast and Furious”? Yes, our DOJ can conspire to run illegal guns over the border to a neighboring country (an act of war) and still many months later, there is no accountability to the extent of disciplinary action or firings.

    This administration wants to disarm Americans, or turn them into criminals so they can be pitted against American Law Enforcement and/or the military.

    Obama is trying to get us to fight each other over the laws that he and Eric Holder ignore or pick and chose which one to enforce.

  404. What idiots like obama and jessie jackson do not understand is that these bans do nothing but hurt our great nation
    The fact that the people that are doing this are CRIMINALS does not sit sith them
    If you ban a weapon or high capacity mags all ur doing is takeing them out of the hands of inocent people
    Criminals will still get them because they are criminals not law abiding citizens
    These idiots make me sick
    In a perfect nation we will not even have an optionto vote these dumb asses into office

  405. Wow – I am no fan of Jessie Jackson but seriously folks you need to look back and realize that it was Bush and the d-bag Cheney who put forth the patriot act and Obama is going right along with it. Why does everyone think he is so terrible and liberal? He is for big business just like the republicans and if anything he is just a moderate Republican and his policies are just as bad regarding the middle class as Republicans. Why do people think republicans are out to support them? The only ones they support are the rich and please do the research if you do not believe me. They could not be any plainer as they say it in their speeches so please. I served in the military and just by being on this site it is obvious I like guns but please let us put some thought into to what we say and please dial down the hatred just a bit.

    I know I am going to get some responses but please try to make them sensible and not just nasty, hateful rehashing of someone elses positions.

  406. Jesse Jackson? Let’s see, oh you mean the guy who likes to get people all stirred up? Then those same people — it seems to me the uneducated, the pathetic, those who don’t have the balls to serve their country but criticize those who do, those who criticize people who aren’t just a drain on society, who want someone to tell them they’re special and have value — those people CONTRIBUTE MONEY to him. He then placates their pathetic delusion of their own value, and then they turn around and give him more money. That’s how Jesse Jackson appears to me. He’s a facilitator of delusion. Those people who adore him do so only because he placates them and makes them feel important. He doesn’t care about them.

    It’s interesting that he doesn’t want the public to be armed because armed people can protect themselves from scum. To take away the public’s RIGHT to self-defense would make the public vulnerable to the lowest of the low, the criminal scum … hmm, seems to me that might possibly include some of his followers.

    Hate me if you want, but that’s how I see it. Take away their financial support to him and see how long his pathetic rhetoric lasts.

  407. I think Jessie Jackson needs to keep his nose out of things that he knows nothing about. and I think he needs to just shut up on maters that he does not have the facks on these maters. I am a VET of both the NAVY and ARMY and I have served my time so we can have the right to have guns of any kind and not to have some JERK try ton tell me I can’t have sertin guns. Jessie Jackson just needs to shut up and quit trying to get his name in the news. If wants to do something good do something about making to borders safe and secure. Don’t try ton take guns away from us that we have to protect are family and we use for hunting and shoting sports. Jessie Jackson needs to crawl back under the rock he came out from under and stay out of my way.

  408. By the time I see these articles its good to know before I even put my 2 cents worth into it that just about everything rational has already been said about this subject.

    First off Obama doesn’t know a hill of beans from a hll of ants. Its THE very reason why many of us own semi-auto carbines, rifles, shotguns and handguns that CAN carry an abundance of cartridges…just in case the Gov goes nutso on us law-abiding citizens someday. Unfortunately for Obama hes well protected courtesy of us tax payers but the rest of us are not. What happens someday if an invading force lands upon our shores and proceeds to take out our little town or much worse…goes after ANYTHING that moves.? Do we think small arms limited with up to 5 or 10 shots is going to help us much.? WHERE would the Gov be before we could get out a call for help..?? NOWHERES close enough to help us out in time.!!
    Sure…..maybe living in a close quarters community such as the bigger cities on the east coast with other neighbors in tight to your position would be a concern for an AR or AK type of bullet pentrating too much real estate, but who knows if or when some crazy out there WOULD want to harm your immediate area and I for one would rather be armed and take action to put down the invader verses hiding under a table.

    Just imagine what could have happened IF there was just one CHL holder in the audience of the Colorado theater shooting and was able to hit the bad guy BEFORE he did so much damage with a pop gun that jammed on him during it’s first magazine..?? MAYBE there wouldn’t be such a tragedty as what we have been told..?? Hmmmm…..

    I firmly think that the law-abiding citizens in this country SHOULD be able to choose what type of weapons they would have on hand to defend their property as well as their loved ones and that this Gov shouldn’t be telling us what or when we can own to do whatever may need to be done someday in a emergency. IF that means that I decided to own a “semi-auto” repeating rifle capable of firing 20, 30, or more rounds I should be able to do just that without resistance from a Gov that sometimes IS afraid of it’s own citizens.

    Same old story everytime a nut case goes bananas with a semi-auto rifle or handgun or something similiar. The Gov’s take on this is TO BAN whatever the bad guys use and screw the rest of us just for their warped political agenda. Lets not go after the crazies out there for their terrible crimes but lets punish the entire lot for the actions of just a few….typical Gov rhetoric everytime, especially in an election year.

    It won’t do any good Obama to ban such types of these weapons as your Gov forces cannot possibly enforce confiscation all across this great land. Sorry Pal but find some other subject to ban as this isn’t going away like you think it might. Too many of us ARE willing to die for our principles or have already bled for this country’s ideals and expression of freedom and liberty. YOU Obama havn’t bled one drop for this country and until you do……DON’T be telling us that you are going to ban this, that and everything else as I for one will not comply with your wimpy reasoning.

    Crumbs like the politicians that would ban whatever they “think” is a danger to the public should probably be living in North Korea instead of the US. The North Koreans can and will take care of your way of thinking as they just love to put people down so far that they cannot ever be found again. PLEASE get your sorry asses to NK as soon as possible so they rest of us that can think rationally are not bothered with “silly political pundants” and “ban this zealots” to the max.

  409. What QUALIFIES this Parasite , Too attempt too take my gun Righta away, Me a combat Veteran, American Tax Payer, Maried too the same Woman 41 years, Two Grandsons in Millitary Service, This scum Bag can”t even stop the Carnage in his own city and among his own People .. Who would listen too this Douche Bag anyway !!!

  410. Americans being armed way of the global banksters dream of total control with they’re “One World Government and people like Jess Hyjackson are their house boys.

  411. So They want to take or guns and ban them BUT WHO will stop or take the guns from the criminals they will have a field day,, there will always be guns for them,, they don’t give a DAMN about the laws so when the honest public cannot DEFEND themselves we will be all victims, even the Politicians then what happens. GUNS are tools; People use tools; the gun will not kill if the tool is used properly. Like an early post more people are killed by DRUNK drivers every year than gun related crimes why not ban alcohol. I say to those how are scarred of semi-auto AR’s and other auto guns get your heads out of your ass so you can see. I think it should be mandatory to have a gun so now the bad guys will think twice before they try to commit the crime with a gun cause the public will shoot back in self defense..It has been proven in the states that are not afraid of gun and have let the citizens be armed that gun related crimes dropped drastically. Teach people to use the tools (GUNS) properly and then the tool becomes very useful. Isn’t that what all the people like Jackson preach. The politician want to disarm the public so it will be easier to control use think about that,,NO GUNS THEN THEY CAN TAKE FROM USE WITH OUT A FIGHT,,,

  412. I think Jesse Jackson is a punk! Morron! and the last person who needs to speak to gun rights! He should just try to worry about his own sick & twisted life. I think we need to ban people like Jesse Jackson, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstien & the rest! Staged terror by the CIA/Army Pyops is not a reason to ban guns its the reason to buy more and carry openly! The government has been doing this since WWII.. It was called Operation Gladio! To use these shootings is an example of an agenda by the US Government going all the way to the top! Why don’t we do this instead of banning any more guns lets make it ILLEGAL for idiots to present anymore legislation against the 2nd Ammendemnt “RIGHT!”. The communist dictator, Obama.. and Eric Holder are leading this charge.. See examples in documentary’s.. ” Dreams of My Real Father. ” and “The Noble Lie”..

  413. I don’t expect any more from this communist parasite, or any other liberal for that matter. They are the domestic enemies of this nation our founding fathers wrote about….

  414. Banning those guns will only keep good honest people from getting them not criminals.
    they will still get them. Then me not being able to own one cannot protect my family from the
    ones that have them illegal.

  415. The statements that Mr. Jackson and others who have made wanting to ban AR-15s and similar weapons plus high capasity magazines makes as much sence as banning large forks. Because a large fork causes a person to be overweight. Or buffets where there are large amounts of food. Yes it is the food that is to blame definitely not the person. COME ON this is rediculous. If a person with a twisted mind wants to do harm takeing these type of firearms and high capasity mags away will only cause them to find other means to do harm. Such as explosives poison knifes vehicles or aircraft. Aircraft were used on 911 and killed many people. Should we ban aircraft? I am tired of ignorant people takeing more and more rights away from the law abiding masses to try to control the uncontrollable few.

  416. Jesse who?? All he is, is a government shill, paid to keep tensions high between the races. I think we’ve had enough of his mouth. I’d bet the bank all of Jesse’s paid thugs have AR 15’s, and worse! Civilians in England cannot own firearms, citizens in Australia cannot own firearms, and yet gun crime is out of control in these countries… Nice try Jesse… The day I start listening to a FAKE like you! If society is so great without guns, why isn’t Jesse Jackson residing in Detroit? The only terrorists in this country are the politicians in Washington… and if you ask me… it’s time to take out the trash… STARTING with Jesse Jackson.

  417. Gun grabber never seem to get the fact that guns do not kill people! People kill people. If more people had concealed carry pe4rmits and were armed the night of the Colorado theater shooting, that man could have been stopped before he hiurt or killed so many.

    If a person is crazy enough to go on a rampage like this,he is crazy enough to find another way if there are no guns available.

    Banning guns simply means criminals will have guns and law abiding citizens will be less able to protect themselves from potential violence.

  418. Mr. Jackson found a Microphone as a Teen ; since than he’s been in Love with his own Voice no matter what his lips say.
    “I can’t listen to any more Hypocritical rants of this nature; Has he sworn an oath to Defend this Nation ?”
    Bless Those who Defend God and His Country (USA!)

  419. More men have been killed because of false representation of their own personal beliefs than due to the fact that we’re allowed fire arms. Sadly the fire arms were a misused tool in the matter. You can lay down a gun on a table, and for all eternity it will never fire, man is what makes it fire. Taking these away is not the decision of a select group of people, there are ways to keep criminals from owning them and it would take a lot of work. These days people are just looking for the easy way out.

  420. Is he going to go house to house in “ALL” neighborhoods and collect assault weapons from the people who don’t own them legally….don’t think so….and those are the weapons we would face empty handed

  421. Every time I hear Jesse, Reverend Al, Holder or Obama speak I always go back to what I believe is the best comment on race relations ever. It is from 1911:

    “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs…There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

    -Booker T. Washington -1911

  422. These people that want to prohibit firearms are idiots, to put it lightly. I do not see how they don’t understand that if you ban weapons for law abiding citizens, that the criminals and those with bad intent will continue to acquire weapons. The only thing any type of weapon ban will do is make our families, homes and societies security as a whole completely vulnerable!! A criminal will have a shotgun or full auto weapon whether it is legal or not!

  423. While we are at it, why not ban all rocks, sticks and knifes. More people have been killed over history with these than any other weapons.

  424. Jessie Jackson must be looking for more handouts from companies manufacturing these weapons. Has he ever made an honest dollar? If the liberals want to stop the use of these weapons in crimes, they should make the death sentence mandatory with public executions in a timely manor, not death row for years and repeated appeals.

  425. Jesse, should be more worried about Jr. who is in the midst of a nervous breakdown and ulcers cuz he knows the Feds are a comin’ for his cheating butt.

  426. Jackson is a race hustler, race baiter and, much like Sharpton, will do whatever it takes for money up to