Jesse Jackson: AR-15s are ‘for Domestic, Homegrown Terrorism’

Debate over the recent U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and the Colorado Cinema shooting has spurred a spate of legislative talk about banning a variety of firearms and shooting accessories. In particular, there’s renewed political efforts to try to enact a new “Assault Weapons Ban” and a “large-capacity magazine ban.”

Arsenal SGL31-61 Saiga AK-74
Arsenal SGL31-61 Saiga AK-74 Semi Auto Rifle 5.45×39
A common assertion is that gun owners don’t need to possess self-loading rifles, such as AR-15s and AK-style semi-autos. For example, President Barack Obama told the National Urban League last week that “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers … not on the streets of our cities.” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn proposed a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines and added, “There is no place in the state of Illinois for weapons designed to rapidly fire at human targets at close range.” In one of the following story links, Jesse Jackson even claims, “These are weapons for domestic, homegrown terrorism.”
S&W M&P15 Rifle .223 Rem
S&W M&P15 Rifle .223 Rem.

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  1. Why is it always the biggest moral hypocrites who love to open their big mouths. Of coarse rarely does anything coherent come out. Finstein alias (airhead) and the Jesse Jackson family mafia, really must find something to do that is not going to hurt the country. Unfortunately, their mindset is all about jumping on the self centered ,mine is the only agenda that counts, bandwagon. The first thing they should do is study histories killing machines of the last one hundred years. Hitler,Stalin,Pol Pot and lastly Mao Tse-tung who murdered seventy-five million of his own countrymen. They all wanted to disarm and control their populations, Psychologically,physically and morally. Sound familiar Mr. President? Last but not least the greatest murderers of all time the abortionist. No matter how they try to rationalize and make excuses for their reasons, the bottom line is they are killers. So Jesse Jackson, the only real terrorist are the ones trying to take away the American people’s right to self defense and self determination.. Chuck Shummer, Reid, Major Bloomberg, will you come defend me and mine when our lives are on the line, when they ban free speech, when they decide we are all terrorist because we love freedom, will you stand up for us? If your ideologies (you Progressives, communist)are so important and righteous why is the country circling the drain. Why are whole societies circling the drain. Some how I doubt it.

  2. Well lets see President Obama says that they should be in the hands of soldiers, Senator Feinstein believes all soldiers and veterans are nut cases due to PTSD and opposes them having them ,but it’s ok for retired police officers to have an exception.Smells like the beginning of a police state. I believe that Senator Feinstein has a PTSD issue herself she keeps bringing up that she saw Harvey Milks body which bullets had made imploding wounds she has shown both her ignorance of PTSD and weapons ,oh by the way she is a concealled weapons carrier,she thinks that its ok for her to be armed but no one else,as a matter of fact when she was mayor of San Francisco she banned handguns and then was caught carrying breaking her own law her defense was I made the law so it doesn’t pertain to me. Things that make ya go hummm?

  3. Jesse jackson and his son are TOTAL douchebags that EXPLOIT THE BLACK People of the world… they are a DISGRACE TO HUMANITY….

  4. Jesse Jackson is an opportunistic moron. All of the rhetoric he has spewed out of his mouth is inaccurate and just plain stupid. He has no data or statistics to back up his claims and he is like an attention deficit starved child who needs to have his face in the national spotlight.
    Jesse Jackson is a clown, a buffoon, an idiot, and a jackass also.
    What this adulterer should be doing is trying to the best of his ability to keep his thieving son and his tax cheating daughter-in-law from going to jail. His son is one of the biggest thieves out there in politics and he got caught.
    Jesse Jackson is calling anyone who owns a so-called “assault rifle” a domestic terrorist? Does he call his son and daughter-in-law “Liars and Thieves” while he is calling us domestic terrorists? I don’t think so. Its one thief who is coddling another thief and his wife who is also a thief also.

  5. Jesse Jackson doesn’t speak for me nor do I actually care what he says any way.Jesse Jackson is like one of those kids who starves for attention.Jesse Jackson has self-esteem issues and he needs the attention to validate himself.
    Now there are some ignorant buffoons who have nothing else better to do but expose us to their ignorance for the masses to see. The Emancipation Proclamation has nothing to do with what is going on in today’s world. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t mess up this world and for those who think it did,then that’s your problem.
    Slavery is over and that’s that and for those who don’t like that fact,then again,that’s your problem.

  6. Sadly Folks,
    The never let a crisis go to waste crowd are doing precisely that at the expense of our rights. Make no mistake about it, this is an infringement of our God given/Natural rights and no court in the land has jurisdiction to infringe upon those rights. They may do so and it appears some idiots in CT have already ‘voluntarily’ turned in their firearms. This of course provides grist for the argument “Those people are so reasonable, why aren’t you?” from the politburo.

    I hear many people say they will not turn them over but I believe a more concerted effort to say WE WILL NOT GIVE OUR RIGHT OF DEFENSE UP TO YOU is called for. I don’t care what the NRA or NAGR say, I cannot give up that which is not mine to give away. This is not a birthright, nor an inheritance anymore than my lungs or my heart are. I was born with them and I will die with them and anyone believing otherwise has bought into a false premise, namely that this is a matter of law, not of rights.

  7. Anyone ever stop and think maybe our forefathers knew what they were talking about when they said ” Some people dont deserve the right to vote!” Our country wouldnt be in the shape its in now if things were still the way they were back in the 1840’s and 50’s. The emancipation proclamation sure messed our country up. Lincoln deserved to be killed!!!!

  8. To Mr. Douglas Nolan,

    I have read the constitution multiple times & this is my take on it. It’s not propaganda, it’s what the constitution says plain & simple.

    A well regulated militia means quite simply that there are a state of the art weapons in every house. That is what it really means. Really. It is that simple!!! This is way off the mark, I don’t even know where you’re going with that.

    And although as you may think the constitution does not restrict firearms. We as Americans should govern ourselves more closely regardless of the ‘propaganda’ you speak of. I didn’t say weapons should be banned. I’m stating we need to check ourselves more on what we do & how we do it.

  9. to mister Willis,
    You like most of the people who posted here have completly missed the mark.

    A well regulated militia is NOT the so called citizen army! That is propaganda produced by those who wish to remove my right as an individual citizen.

    A well regulated militia means quite simply that there are a state of the art weapons in every house. That is what it really means. Really. It is that simple!!!

    You people need to read the constitution and the writings of those who wrote the constitution before you continue to repeat the propaganda produced by the wealthy ruling elite.

    There are NO contingencies in the constitution for any sort of restrictions on arms.
    All weapons, guns, knives, sticks etc. are protected under the second amendment.
    The second amendment was written to protect the first.

    Look around at what is happening and you will see that both are being eroded by the same process of using “offensive” actions or activities to justify removing my rights.

    The insistence on some sort of mental check is also the product of propaganda. Whose version of “normal” gets codified into law?
    The white racist who thinks all our problems are because there are non-white immigrants? He seems to have forgotten that virtually all the problems in the world today can be traced to his “superior” white ancestors who devastated this planet, it resources, and its societies.

    If we do not stand in the face of this onslaught you will see the police state emboldened and that video will become a reality.

  10. Big Jesse needs to worry about his crazy apeshit son and leave my 2nd amendment rights alone, his racist ass needs to shut up and go away for good as well as the Useless nations, they can come and try to take my guns but I will take a few with me, I rather die than to be a slave. Those blue helmets make good targets.

  11. Ok, there’s a lot of racist bullshit in the comments that’s really not necessary. I’m somewhat split on the issue. Both Rev.’s Jackson & Sharpton are totally wrong but their POV is from some urban communities (Black/Latino) where gun violence is at an all time high (i.e. Chicago). Not to mention White Supremist groups whom are all over this country and stockpile weapons of all types like there’s no tomorrow. But at the same time both of them were direct witnesses to horrific acts of gun violence. So of course they’re going to be biased. Don’t get me wrong I’m a ‘gun-guy’. I own several weapons and love shooting them. But I get pissed off when some derranged jackass takes an AR/AK and goes into a public place and starts mowing down innocent bystanders regardless of race on both sides! Yes, America is built on the ‘gun’ but our gun laws are liberal to say the least. The 2nd ammendment states the right to bear arms but I think people take it out of context at times. There are 13 words prior to the statement “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State’… Everyone seems to forget seems to forget the first half of the 2nd ammendment. Meaning our forefathers saw the importance of both a strong Army through the aspects of a citizen soldier. We are far away from those days. So both conservatives/liberals including the politicians need to serious sit down & discuss this issue for the sake of America’s future.

  12. poloticians who are fighting so hard to disarm citizens on a large scale, are the same people who want government control over everything. there are polotitians who want complete control over the population. they have already taken many of our rights and thrown them away, under the geise of national security. they arent looking for specific terrorist activities. they are saving up servers full of any opinions or actions they can use against law abiding citizens, when they choose. we are a few short steps away from the average citizen who disagrees with the government being labeled a terrorist. after 9/11 law enforcement all over the country taught their men that anyone who dissagreed with the government was acting as a terrorist. that anyone who questioned them or spoke of their rights, were terrorists. teaching them that the founding fathers were no more that terrorists, bullies who were no better than the terror groups that hate our country today.

    the bigger picture with anti gun legislations and the people behind it, is the clear fact that there are alot of people in high places who dont want the citizens of this country to be able to protect themselves. these people want us to depend wholey on the government. they expect us to welcome marshal law. and if we dont have rights we are defensless. “when people fear their government, there is tyrany. when the government fears their people, there is liberty.”

  13. criminals and psycotics will get their hands on these weapons weather there is a ban or not. the only thing these anti gun legislations successfuly do is deny law abiding citizens the right to own a weapon to deter criminals and/or defend themselves against these guys who will have the rifles either way. it doesnt fix the problem, it creates another, worse one. it disarms citizens against such people.

  14. I apologize if this has been stated somewhere above, as I stopped reading a few hundred comments ago. However, upon reading the initial article, a couple of things occurred to me.

    1. One government’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. One need only look at the current administration’s policies, deeds, actions, etc. concerning such matters around the globe.

    2.The second amendment was written with the intention of the populace at large to be able to arm themselves to protect against the “good intentions” of the government. Even the founding fathers noticed that the first thing the crown tried to do was disarm the citizens to “preserve” peace in the colonies.

  15. Clearly these moron politicians have lost what little mind they have left! If we do not have the same weapons as our military then we have become open to tyrannical rule
    by any one of these who would possess the will to, shall we say declare Martial Law.
    Some of us really do know whats coming down the PIPE!

  16. I agree assault weapons shouldn’t be walking around the streets of any city. Why would they, do they? I didn’t think so. Hand guns should be, because they are concealable and if you get mugged or attacked you can scare off or blast the perp. Assault weapons are crucial to be mass owned in the U.S.A. because of our Constitution. How is the American public supposed to keep its Gov’t in check if it doesn’t have the capability to back themselves up (if absolutely necessary). It is right there in our most sacred writings, “when a Government becomes destructive of it’s own ends” I think we all know the rest. So without the firepower to even the score or at least get close then we will eventually become thralls or serfs or whatever you want to call it. Gov’t doesn’t ever get smaller by its own ends so you do the math. Is a public armed with turn of the 20th century firearms going to be able to balance against a Gov’t with 21st century firepower? That is the absolute real reason why the U.N. and our Liberal friends don’t want us armed, because their intentions are nefarious. I don’t think that is far fetched at all, but I’ll still remain anon.

  17. As a citizen of this great country, I was raised to believe in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Notice that last one. Bill of Rights that are inherent to every U.S. Citizen. That means existing in something as a Permanent, Essential, or Characteristic Attribute. Also vested in (as in someone’s rights or privilege). As a U.S. Citizen it is my permanent and essential rights that our forefathers had the forethought to set into a document that was given to us all, you and me, that developed our characteristic attributes.

    The thought that any President of the United States or other elected officials, Congressmen or Senators, would even contemplate much less attempt to remove any one of these rights from the citizens of this country is treason and should be impeached or dismissed from office for any and all indiscretions against the people and the Bill of Rights that this country is founded. Furthermore, it also shows dereliction of duty and oath which the President stood before us all on his day of inauguration as he became the President of the United States.

    As for the propaganda lip-servicing activist of racial equality, these guys like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are just grand standers. They feed off the negative energy they produce when they open their mouths and start unnecessary uprisings by racial citizens that are mad about something other than what these guys are trying to focus on. These people are not unlike the politicians that we (every voting person who continues to re-elect the good ole’ boys)have chosen to represent our interest in Washington. We need to listen to what these people say so we can be prepared for the violence that usually is produced from their rants. As gun owners with multiple round mags, we are prepared for the riots that occur from these rants. If you only have 5 or 6 shots in your gun then you are more likely to get killed. However, if you own an AR or AK with 20 or 30 runs capacity, you will be able to protect your home and family without fear as you would with a 5 or 6 shot pistol.

    If We the People of the United States of America allow our elected government to remove our Rights and our guns, regardless of what kind they are, then we desire to live in tyranny. As a whole, we can put a stop to stupid ignorance that the elite power hungry politicians and so called civic leaders by not voting for them, by making them responsible for the talk of treason against the nation and its citizens. We can demand accountability when they break the laws of this great nation, BUT we aren’t, are we?

    I, for one, own guns and I always will. I, for one, believe in my rights as well as yours. ,I for one, am tired of all the ridiculous and outlandish way our politicians represent us. I, for one, feel it is time for all Americans to make a stand and DEMAND our rights be restored and stop with all the politically correctness that has come about. For as it stands now, we have become the laughing stock of the world. As is stand, if we don’t make our stand now, in a few years blogs and comments forums like this one will be illegal. As is stand now, in a few more years we will be living in Tyranny and you will be nothing more than sheep as the history has proven over and over again if we continue to watch our rights being eroded by everybody we voted in to power.

    In closing, I want to thank CTD for this opportunity to make my comments and voice my opinion. I have tried to be respectful to others in this comment and hope that if you agree or disagree that you will make the time to provide me with your intellectual feedback of why you do or don’t agree with my post. This, I hope, will start a positive and peaceful movement to take back control of our employees in Washington.

  18. Why should anyone care what the likes of Jesse Jackson has to say about anything? This man should have absolutely no more credibility than the next person. He’s entitled to his opinion of course, but it holds no more sway than your opinion or my opinion.

  19. So the government doesn’t like citizens having the physical ability to force the government to obey the will of the people? Imagine that. You know what you call an unarmed citizen?…A subject.

  20. If weapons and standard capacity magazines cause crime, then forks cause obesity, pencils cause spelling errors and automobiles cause people to drive drunk. If you want to control crime, then control criminals. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!!! Warning to ALL politicians; do not try to take my guns; do not infringe on ANY of my God given rights; and finally Mr politician, be very careful what you wish for!!!

  21. In response to Larry R. Miller, post #3

    I grew up in an atheist household, and have no use for religion, so I have no problem with government passing laws to restrict or abolish the practice of religion.

    I grew up in an illiterate household, and have no use for books or other reading matherials, so I have no problem with the government passing laws to restrict the right to publish.

    I’ve never voted in an election, so I have no problem with the government restricting or abolishing the right of individuals to vote.


    Perhaps you’re willing to abandon your rights, but don’t suggest that the government should take mine away as well.

  22. The powers that be in the united nations and those in our government who want all firearms confiscated will never be happy until they succeed in banning them. They cannot have dictatorial control over the people if the people can fight back against it and them. We have over 20,000 russian troops in our country at the moment. There’s no telling how many other foreign troops as well. How about the germans with their own fighter base in arizona. There have been reports of chineese troops in mexico and south america as well. You will be surprised what you will find thru research on who is in our country. Secret bases in the areas Clinton put out of bounds in the north west states, hundreds of empty FEMA camps throughout the cuntry and last but not least a muslim in the white house with muslim brotherhood in his administration. Keep your guns…you’re going to need them. Don’t forget the ammo, food and toilet paper as well.

  23. I lived in Chicago for half of my life. As a young boy I watched Jesse Jackoff on TV making an ass of himself almost nightly on the evening news. He would do anything or say anything to get a camera stuck in his ugly face. This guy is such a blatant racist it makes me want to vomit. Anything he says is strictly for his own benefit. The man doesnt even have a church yet hes a reverend? As for Chicago… can such a strict anti gun law city have such a high crime rate? Jesse should be talking to his own brethren about their criminal lifestyles and drug dealing before worrying about AR15 owners. His own baggy pants wearing kind are the ones committing all the crime there and Chicago had more people killed this year in violent crimes than soldiers lost in Afghanistan!

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