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I’ve Learned a Few Lessons Today

Mossberg 500 Persuader

The only shotguns I have ever shot are old, family heirloom shotguns with heavy wood stocks and long barrels. The first time, and only time, I’ve gone shooting shotguns we shot clays. I couldn’t shoot one to save my life. The shotgun, a 12 gauge, got so heavy that I did not last very long that day out at the range. It was not enjoyable for me and it got frustrating not being able to hit anything.

We just so happened to have this Mossberg 500 Persuader here in the office today. I was very pleasantly surprised in how lightweight and comfortable it is to hold. It only weighs 6-3/4 pounds! The little handle on the slide makes it very easy to rack and it makes a very satisfying noise! I giggled after pumping it and all the guys in the office said, “Yep. That was my reaction the first time I did that, too.” Not to mention it is the universal language for “get the hell out of my house!” I am happy to say that after handling the Mossberg 500 Persuader, shotguns no longer intimidate me.

MOLLE First Aid Kit

I play on a kickball league, and though I hate to admit it, I am not as graceful as I pretend to be. On Tuesday, I tripped while running to first base and completely face planted into the base. It’s okay, I was safe; but I really scrapped up my knees something awful. I expressed my concern about how none of us had a first aid kit. I am not the only one who has bit it out on the field and I know that a basic first aid kit is something we need to keep with us in the dugout.

This basic first aid kit has everything a bunch of social league kickballers need: an ice pack, bandages and gauze, and a wide variety of anti bacterial wipes. It has over 55 items to start you out and then you can always add to it depending on your situation.

Everyone needs at least three first aid kits: one for the car, one for the range bag, one for your home, and in my case, a fourth—one for the kickball field!

Blackhawk Knee Pads

To avoid banged up knees all together, someone suggested that I should wear some sort of protection. These Blackhawk kneepads are the perfect solution! Designed to stay in place, the strap system holds the pads in place even in the most intense situations. The closed-cell foam padding provides excellent shock resistance with little or no moisture retention; super important when it is 107 degrees outside!

PocKit Cleaning Kit

One thing we learned from Patrick Kelley on today’s episode of 3-Gun Nation, we need to keep our guns clean to ensure proper function. This little PocKit kit is perfect for cleaning my .22 revolvers on the quick. It is small enough to fit in my range bag and nightstand; I can even stick it in my purse. It includes all the essentials: two-piece rod with muzzle guard, phosphor bronze brush, mop, and a jag. The rod is adjustable for 2” to 8-3/8” barrels, so all but my NAA is covered!

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