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NATO Style 5 Gallon Fuel Can Four Pack and FREE Nozzle

You know those disaster, SHTF movies where everyone is running from dead car to dead car trying to find one that goes? Yeah. Well. They hardly ever find one, right? Don’t be that guy. Stock up on reserved fuel with a four-pack of NATO-style fuel cans. Constructed of all steel, these cans are leak- and drip-free. We’ve even thrown in a free nozzle! Bonus!

Magpul Industries MOE-K AR-15 Grip Flat Dark Earth

The brand new Magpul MOE-K grip is shorter and offers more of a vertical grip for your AR-15 or M16. Designed especially for your entry weapon, the Magpul MOE-K grip has a low-profile design and improves control. All mounting hardware is included. It also fits most 7.62 NATO AR-10/SR25-style rifles.

Stag Arms 3Gun Super Comp Muzzle Brake

Stag Arms listened to 3-gun competitors and expert shooters to develop the 3 Gun Super Comp muzzle brake. In 3-gun, speed is what matters and significant muzzle movement costs you time and points. The Stag Arms 3 Gun Super Comp allows you to pop off that second round just as quickly as your first. The muzzle brake uses “nozzle” technology, which is close to what they use in the space shuttle. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? This nozzle technology brings the muzzle brake downward when you are shooting; and it fits the 1/2×28 thread of your .223/5.56mm NATO rifle.

Barrett Model 99 Bolt Action Rifle System .50 BMG

I spent a good part of yesterday morning looking up great gun scenes in movies, which lead to the sniper in Smokin’ Aces with her Barrett, which led to YouTube videos of real snipers and their Barretts. And then that made me think about Ashley Spurlin’s Barrett. It is rumored that he likes to lie on the ground and snuggle it.

Have you ever shot a Barrett? I haven’t, but I’ve tried to pick one up. One day, I would really like to shoot one, but not hold one.

Don’t deny it. We all enjoy ogling the Barrett.

So here is a Barrett for ya.

Like it? Want it? Buy it! Item: 2-BFMM99A1K1NA
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