Iowa Gov. Branstad To Lift Traditional Ammo Ban

Governor Terry Branstad has announced that he will nullify the traditional ammunition ban in Iowa, NRA-ILA reports. In rejecting the ban, Governor Branstad said, “Today, I am exercising my legal power as governor and rescinding the ban on traditional shot by executive order. The determination of whether hunters should be forced to stop using traditional lead shot is the role of the legislature, not an unelected NRC.”

In July 2011, the Iowa Natural Resources Commission (NRC) imposed the ban following the enactment of the first dove-hunting season since 1918. The NRC slipped in the ban on the use of all traditional ammunition while setting bag limits for the re-enacted Iowa dove-hunting season.

Said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, “The NRC pandered to anti-hunting extremist groups and did their political bidding. They failed to cite a single credible scientific study to back up their baseless claims to support this ban.” NRA-ILA says traditional ammunition bans are financed by extremist anti-hunting groups, such as the Humane Society of the United States and the Sierra Club. The long-term goals of these groups are to try to eradicate hunting and firearm ownership by outlawing the use of common ammunition types.

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Comments (4)

  1. Matt,
    By all means go somewhere else your anti gun tree hugging views are not welcome. If you are so sure that the information is false why don’t you enlightened us with the real data, if it exist at all. If you can’t provide real data just be quite buy your ammo and products while kissing some anti gun propaganda. But but it quietly.

  2. There is absolutely no scientific study or proof of led poising in any state in the union due to lead bullets.

    Please take your tree hugging hippy crap somewhere else, your personal crusades against conservative public officials does not belong here.

  3. This article contains false imformation. The NRC’s rule was not ‘slipped in’ as it was openly discussed with the public. The leader of the group to have the dove season non-toxic is not an anti-hunter, she hunts herself. The NRC made their decision based on the well being of non-target wildlife due to cases of lead poisoning here in the state of Iowa (sounds like scientific study to me).

    The state of Iowa’s governor Branstad does not care about hunting or making ethical decisions. He kept the state Department of Natural resources from being able to manage the deer herd based on the population studies done by them as well as the Department of Transportation. This decision was made based on his campaign contributors of insurance companies and the Farm Bureau (as per his email to me in response of asking why he would not let trained professionals do their job.

    I would appreciate it if Cheaper Than Dirt did not publish falsified information to further their political agenda. I enjoy shooting and ordering from this company just like anyone else, but you will lose my business publish falsified information such as this.

    Thank you.

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