PTR Industries Makes Good on Fleeing Anti-Second Amendment Legislation

PTR’s story really became interesting last year. PTR’s operations and sales began taking off in the winter of 2012. Then it happened, the tragedy at Sandy Hook set opportunistic legislators into overdrive pushing feel-good legislation that would not address the issues, but instead pushed anti-firearm legislation. That was compounded by the fact that PTR was practically at the epicenter, a mere 30 minutes or so from Newtown.

PTR 91 SCCR rifle
Governor Haley recently visited PTR’s new plant and held a press conference with PTR’s new commemorative edition .308 in hand.

PTR—like the rest of the gun industry—feared the legislative consequences that could have been a result. Decisions were no longer rooted in how to advance PTR’s product and standing within the industry. Instead, the strategy turned to survival. As proof, a few miles south, New York was the first state to jump off the cliff with its new laws making it illegal to carry over seven rounds in a magazine. In their haste as a knee-jerk reaction, legislators were so short sighted they forgot to add so much as an exemption for law enforcement. With the writing on the wall, it was not a stretch to believe the same ill-reasoned thinking would prevail in Connecticut.

In the months following Sandy Hook, PTR along with several other industry partners and lobby groups, worked hard to reach out to legislators. The purpose was to ensure the laws that were almost assuredly going to result were well reasoned and focused on preventing criminal acts, not law abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights. PTR also wanted to ensure the proper exemptions were put in place to protect manufacturers, law enforcement and others. Unfortunately, PTR et al. were severely outnumbered, not so much at the local level but on a state level.

Initially, there were a host of committees focusing on different areas of concern such as gun safety, school safety and mental health all with experts to testify for their appropriate political lean. At this point, the legislators really seemed to be vetting the details. Then, the Governor seemed to become impatient. A bill was drawn up within 48 hours and passed less than a day later. The result was a poorly worded and ill-conceived bill. Although the intent may not have been to bar PTR and others from manufacturing products, even for law enforcement and military, the intent to ban the products from the citizenry had the same haphazard effect.

PTR SC Commemorative Rifle
PTR SC Commemorative Rifle

The response was immediate. Customers were calling to see whether the bill would put PTR out of business. Vendors inquired as to whether back orders would be filled and creditors wanted to know if they would still be paid. The decision to leave Connecticut for friendlier grounds was extremely evident. An email was quickly drafted and disseminated to about 80 addresses to inform business partners of PTR’s intent to relocate to a friendlier locale. The email simply stated PTR did not know where its new home be located, but that it would happen before the new legislative restrictions took effect.

Two hours later, local media was knocking on the front door. PTR was suddenly thrust into the national spotlight. PTR was the first to announce its intention to move and thereby highlighted the economic consequences of the ill-conceived legislation. As the epicenter of the movement, PTR readily received offers from over 40 states, either at the state or local level within the following days. The outpouring of effort from so many governors, senators, mayors and representatives eagerly working to create jobs for their community was absolutely remarkable.

South Carolina with a Cabbage Palmetto
The SC Commemorative features engraving of the state of South Carolina with a Cabbage Palmetto.

PTR started considering its options. Of course, a move would mean a significant investment. PTR had to be sure it would not end up in the same position a few years later. PTR wanted to find a state it knew had a record of being Second Amendment friendly and would remain so in the future. In the end it came down to two states, Texas and South Carolina. Geography played a deciding role. South Carolina was a half-day drive from PTR’s previous home. This was helpful to employee retention and business continuity.

PTR’s rifles are unique and easily differentiated from other AR platforms. Employees already in possession of the knowledge and skill set to work on PTR offerings were essential to a successful transition. In the end, the executives surveyed the employees and let their preference be a deciding factor. The top-down loyalty strategy resulted in the employees having a strong influence over the final decision and more cohesive workforce as a result.

We the people engraving on the left side of the barrel
The left side of the barrel reads, “We the People”

To be fair, there is a part of this story that was left out of the telling. It is included here as a moral to the story. After the local media ran with PTR’s original email about its intention to relocate (and the national press picked up the story), Connecticut’s governor and his administration reached out to PTR. This led to a number of meetings with the secretary of commerce and House and Senate leadership in Connecticut. It seemed the media spotlight has caused a change of heart about the bill’s impact on manufacturers. PTR laid out a number of specific issues that aside from trampling individual rights, made it impossible for PTR to do business within the state.

The right side of the barrel reads, "Shall not be Infringed"
The right side of the barrel reads, “Shall not be Infringed”

Later, to the lawmaker’s credit, a 35-page patch was amended to the supposedly perfect 139-page original bill. The amendment sufficiently addressed PTR’s concerns to the point that it no longer “had” to move—at least not from a legal standpoint. PTR then had a tough decision to make. In the end, PTR decided the move was the correct decision not only as a business decision, but more importantly as a moral decision. Connecticut had banned its product within the state and infringed on the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. Actions have consequences, and PTR decided it needed to follow thorough and demonstrate-both for the manufacturers and the citizens.

As a show of appreciation to South Carolinians and a few individuals who made PTR’s move possible, PTR designed a limited edition rifle based on its .308 platform. However, whether or not they ever had the pleasure of previously squeezing the trigger on one of PTR’s guns, when the word got out consumers began beating a path to PTR’s new Aynor, South Carolina digs. While I was not smart enough to make the journey and secure one for myself, fortune smiled on Bob Campbell who will have a review for you soon!

PTR—the state of South Carolina may have welcomed you, but supporters of the Second Amendment salute you!

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  1. In their haste as a knee-jerk reaction, legislators were so short sighted they forgot to add so much as an exemption for law enforcement.

    I read this part and LOL so is NY police actually only carrying 7 rounds on them now. Oh that would be the funniest thing if it was true.

  2. @ The Shooter’s Log Websites & CTD!

    What going on, almost every The Shooter’s Log Website has gone SILENT. Somebody set of a EMP device and fried the system. I mean, the SILENCE IS DEAFENING? And it’s CREEPY TOO!!! Somebody at CTD forget to turn of Lights, End the Programming, or What.

  3. @ Damian

    I agree with you, this came totally out of the dark. Unless he’s drunk and/or stoned. I mean, I just don’t know? I wonder if the Polar Shift has something to do with it, Is there a Full Moon or Blue Moon tonight!

  4. uppity blacks ??????? you mean like our current president , there are uppity people in every race , how did the kkk and black people get brought into this discussion , total ignorance. I am sure no one at ptr ind. cares about the color of the man buying their firearmns at all its you blue state yankees want to do all the so called banning at my last account of what is going on in america right now ,not even the blacks care for obama , why dont we stick to the discussion was started instead of the race card bs. no point in it.has nothing to do with ptr’s move at all.


    Has anybody been experiencing problems on the Taurus First 24: Superior Go Bag, website. I’m having problems, trying to post a question!
    It won’t recognize the math question at the bottom of the page. They the numerical values written “words” like (zero, one, two of three) and not as a numerical value like ( 0 1 2 or 3). CTD’s computer doesn’t recognize the “word value” from the “numerical value”. I’ve tried contacting CTD directly, but get no response.

  6. wth did he just say lol?I did not understand a single word of that rant at all, Very confused now on what he was trying to say lol.

  7. NO ONE MENTIONED SLAVERY ON MY lEND, and I will bet my bottom dollar I am only responder to this site that got beat down for being with Blacks and Marched for Civil Rigts .
    I think this was a question of moving a company to a more economicly gun frirndly State ( and last heard.the gun culture in Carolina ‘s dd not begin with PBR in the North.
    Was not talking about a weapon that I know fairly well; It isba kicking mule with or without wood bur steel syock is punishing and those troops years ago used to march and fire from under arms or at wais. ITs common accuracy is mill grade of 50 years ago 4-6″ etc etc.
    Controlability and ease of training and mastering newer AR’s in 308 or Sigs or any numbers of newer eeapons and pricing are far betterthan old design made onlslightly better, I, is was.talking politics.
    Politics of Supreme court and its pushing states rights as means to control weaponsbas well as enlisting the “self Defense babys”.
    There is a cultural war ongoing and by damned almighty you can split the states of strongest pro 2nd by tracing old west and middle states e and Confederacy borders.
    WE are letting both the anti and pro gun far right Balkanize our nation over a single issue guns, and that will be gun owners downfall.
    I studied the politics within State and noted personality upon personality and sponsors behind scenes dealmaking it is not always pretty or fit for waving flags but it is.
    Do I think move was good for PTR, short term yes as to temporary cash flow increase; New investers and backers that have political clout may not have such out of state.Harmfull.
    AS to states good fortunes , State for a bit will see more revenue increase,
    but if new gun grab goes down, and the next courts decisions are comig splitting 2nd Amendment issue, the state could lose bigtime.
    I learned to sight both eyes open and I know this is a sales oriented FYI and hopefully a sale site but damn a “Flee Sale”.

    1. Gun Control and the KKK (both started by the Democrats) were started right after the Civil War, to Imitate and disarm “Freed” Blacks so as to allow the Northern “Carpet Baggers” easier control.

    2. @ M1917A1.

      Incorrect sir, the KKK was formed by 4 disgruntled drunk Confederate Private sitting around a camp fire, royally pissed-off at General Lee’s surrender. Nathan Bedford Forrest, who actually credited for the KKK founding. Tried in vain too stop the formation of the KKK, because he thought it would be an embarrassment to the South, and would actually hinder the reconstruction of the South.

  8. @ No one in particular.

    I have Dog/Fetch Training Device, that looks like a WW2 Panzerfaust.
    It requires either 22LR or 22Magnum blanks. I can find 22LR Green Loads, but not the Red Loads and as far as 22Magnum’s are concerned, Nada, anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions. And CTD doesn’t carry any.

  9. Adding the civil war to pr1r’s move is idodic and racists i agree . lets please not go there , this is 2014 , we all have to live here togeter ,lets fight as one to preserve our rights not divide over something that stupid ,PTR’S move was buisness oriented , had 0 to do with the civil war. And was so they could continue to provide american sports men with the very best products ,period.

  10. I very much appreciate Cheaper Than Dirt, as I get more pertinent information on Guns and Ammo than ever. I’m a member of NRA, and contribute to the political action committee. However the reading is a little difficult to me as I am unfamiliar with the terms used, but they seem more understandable with Cheaper Than Dirt. Thanks From a 21 year USAF vet.

  11. Most likely will not cycle the action due to a smaller gas impulse. I have been using a .308 conversion in my Remington 700 BDL “Heavy Varmit Barrel” (JL Ciner two point mount Suppressor). If it wasn’t for a very minor recoil impulse, and thermal distortion in Starlite scope, I would have thought that I had a “Misfire” or “Blank” (without Adapter). It was a very quite round with the suppressor, even compared to subsonic .308.

  12. I don’t what it is about this website is. But, nobody is screaming, yelling, threatening anybody, or trying to take-over the website. For their personal ranting and ravings. And everybody helping each other out on questions and answers. It’s REFRESHING. THANKS!

  13. I thought about using the .32ACP (7.65x17mm) Browning-SR with a .30-06 (7.62x63mm) cartridge adapter/insert with my M1E5 Garand or my M1E6 Garand rifles, just to test and check out the .32ACP round. What do you guy’s think.

  14. Better get a BM-59 then to even come close to being equal in Magazine Cap. The BM-59 is Select Fire with a 20 round Mag .308 that was directly copied from the M-1.

    1. @ M1917A1.

      Yeah, but I like to .30-06 (7.62x63mm) round better. And besides that the BM-59 is also a little pricey for me.

    2. The BM-59 is a much improved version of an M-14/ M-1 GARAND. It’s 20 round magazine is superior to the standard M1A/M-14 magazine in nearly every way. There are 25 round mags available for many AR-10 type .308 rifles and G-3 clones. XS systems makes an excellent -if somewhat expensive 50 round drum mag for AR-10 type rifles and for G-3/ Cetme clones and the PTR rifles.

    3. @ Steven.

      Thanks for the info on the Beretta BM-59. But, as far as the G-3, only if I win the Lottery or the Kid move out of the house. And the House stop falling apart, around me.

    1. All versions of the Cetme, H & K, and the PTR can be made into select fire with very minor surgery and a few “drop-in” parts (and very inexpensive for what they are and will do). Don’t forget if you get arrested for “Making” an unregistered MG, it could lead to 10 years in Federal Prison and/or $250K fine.

  15. As there will be a review of weapon later; gotta be hundreds on you tube, lets talk of strategic retreat ; and quit lying abou how many states contact them and give out that thry contacted majority and most said OK but YOU PAY as they are too broke to aid.
    SOMETIMES , in order to keep a buisness afloat you need fresh investors and what better way than having State Government guaranteeing the investors interest.
    What if the buisness did not move, it had a backlog of inventory that for a short period of time was being sold not due t products quality but by fear of a Presidency.
    In case some of you may not keep up on trade mags of company import
    and domestic reports sales of overall weaponry are falling like lead balloons and the numbers at trade show sales and bookings for hunting and weaponry are about 15% lower for each year since 2011, same customer base with no real growth.
    At the extreme hunting by big bucks and killing not by skill or luck is growing. THE KIND WHERE WE PAY FOR VIEW TO WATCH PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL KILLERS SLAY A HUNDRED BEAST A YEAR
    The days when Carolina gun shops made millions selling to State and CIA police and military intel are just about done, Mexico sales failed miserably even fron old time Carolina shops.
    RETREATING FROM over 50 millions of populatoons that in most cass have very high standards of living income brackets will hurt.
    When our government removes multiple states populations from the. Gun industry customers base there is more competition, and you had better
    have the goods or else.
    There is now an overcapacity in the manufacturing of Black gun parts andsome plants are diversified into fields not gun related and trying to get out of AR replacement, and they cannot compete with foreign firms now made domestic for gov sales .
    This firm ; hypothetical now so do not go bonkers, couldvat end of 5 years just shut down sell inventory and pocket money and move. Who would be loser?
    Waving a flag is good for selling flags and guns but retreating without hope of regrouping and then retaking your lost ground, may be no more than a move to hope for better surrender terms, OF THE FEW.
    You Jonny Rebs know what I mean; As only Lee surrendered, the Gov Of the Confederacy never did.
    Still trying to retake ground, even in and especially in Carolinas and Texas.
    Our new machinery and maching practices have allowed just about any toms dick and harry to make parts and import to remake, far more than market can bear, I know small shops with a case or two of 2 or 3 different lowers and tying to sell them on gun broker in competition wwith even CTD catalogue sales

    1. I’m not clear on how a firearms manufacturing company moving to a second amendment friendly state has any relation to the civil war. I do hope you aren’t implying that a return to slavery is in any way desirable or even worthy of a wistful reflection.

      I am happy to read of PTR and Remington’s movement of manufacturing facilities out of anti second amendment states. You made a valid point about the number of states outlawing various types of firearms and it’s effect on the market. I do believe that the market will reach a point of saturation and a slow down in firearms purchases is inevitable. It doesn’t indicate a lack of enthusiasm on behalf of the gun owning public.

      As ammunition becomes readily available and limited quantity purchasing fades from memory people may be more inclined to buy additional calibers and the rifles that shoot them.

      I’m happy to see PTR will be in business to supply consumer demand.

    2. To: Ran

      Keep in mind, there are two version of the 2nd Amendment out there.

      There’s the drafted and ratified on 15 December 1791 CE. In the Amendments to the Constitution of the Constitution of the United States. And, there’s NRA version of 1934 CE. Be sure your picking the right one.

    3. @ Zan.

      I’m with you, I’m not getting it either. There’s something being said. But what that something is, is unclear even too me. There’s a fog rolling in and what’s behind that fog, is disturbing and unsettling.

  16. I didn’t mean it to be or sound like a rhetorical question. With the exception of the photos and the last paragraph. There’s almost nothing said about the rifle itself.

    1. Not surprising, the article isnt about the rifle; the article is about the company and its move.

  17. Are going to cheaper, the price as existing G-3 model already on the market or higher priced, because it looks like some stainless steel in the G-3 clone copy.

  18. @ Secundius: That is because it is an H&K clone. PTR got its primary start in the industry by purchasing the rights to legally clone H&K style rifles and parts. They have since evolved and produce their own variants, but are still deeply embedded in everything H&K.

  19. Ive not seen shooter reviews but its one nice looking rifle. Maybe we should be leaning heavily towards our American mfrs instead of imports and more strongly support companies who have done what they did. Move away from the problem. It had to be a great expense and we should be proud they stood tall for what they believed in. That is something you dont much see folks doing these days. Or, “Havent you ever found anything important enough to give your life for?”

    1. Which is a cloned copy of the Spanish Cetme. I had an “actual” HK G3 when I was a Class 3 dealer, I sold it after I wore out the barrel (easily re-barreled for about $400 total) for $6K. That was in ’94, you can’t touch one for less than $12K now

    2. I have one of those cetme clones , great shooting rifle for more than half the money. Works pretty much using same excat design.

    3. They are an exact copy (the original Cetme’s) of the H&K design as licensed to Spain just after WW2. The newer model Cetme’s are using Stainless Steel in the Receiver. Germany either wasn’t allowed to manufacture weapons or was too destroyed in order to make the rifles on German soil. I converted (Legally, I submitted my Form 4 the same week they were ALL banned and was “Grandfathered in” with only 3 months to accomplish the work, did in 3 days) my H&K 91 to G3. I had all the “candy” for it, 30 Rd. Mags., H&K Claw Mount for the Scope, Heavy Bipod that “clamped” to the front of the Receiver, not to the “Forearm”. “Slimline” Wood Furn., “Old Style” Collasp. Stock. I wore out the barrel by shooting over 10K of ammunition (did a lot of reloading of ‘cases that the “Necks” were dinged due to “Fluted” Chamber. I could only get about 2 more reloads until the neck started failing. I was a Gunner’s Mate in the Navy, so new ammo wasn’t to difficult to come by at times. The recoil ( the term “Kick” is improper) was enough to make you want to quit after a few Mags. thou.

    4. They are actually a licensed reproduction, using original H&K blueprints and tooling, shipped from Europe.

      They’re about as genuine as you can get without paying double to have two letters and an ampersand stamped on it.

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