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International Coalition Against Gun Control Sends Strong Message

We, the citizens, will not trust or support any politician or political appointee that does not trust us.

Gun control activists put their strongest foot forward in 2013 and fortunately accomplished little more than uniting the Second Amendment enthusiasts. They did manage to institute their draconian laws in certain states or regions, but we proved our strength and ability to recall oppressive politicians in Colorado and sent a clear message. The 2014 midterm elections will prove even more important to our cause.

Internationally, the trend may also be going in our favor, although it gets less attention. Recently, Cheaper Than Dirt! reported efforts to ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that would regulate the sale of small arms and de facto suppress our Second Amendment rights. Fortunately, that has not gained traction domestically—as I am sure you already know. However, international gun control efforts are also seeing a ground swell of opposition, which has not been reported as widely.

The latest group to join the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR) comes out of France. IAPCAR recently announced the French gun rights group National Union of Owners Arms Hunting and Shooting (UNPACT) have joined the international coalition of 29 associations in 21 countries dedicated to defending civilian firearms rights.

A great defender of our freedoms and the Second Amendment is the Second Amendment Foundation. Recently, SAF reported on efforts from our fellow enthusiasts across the pond. The words and ideologies need diffusing here domestically. Of particular note—and a message we all need to spread—is that we, the citizens, will not trust or support any politician or political appointee that does not trust us. This is not a new message, but it cuts to the quick, and states it more plainly than simple statements

SAF Statement

UNPACT’s membership in the civilian arms rights coalition expands European membership to 11 groups from 11 separate EU and non-EU countries.

“We’re on the side of everyday people in all countries that wish to exercise their right to use firearms for legitimate purposes, including self-defense,” IAPCAR’s Executive Director Philip Watson said. “We’re very pleased to have UNPACT as our newest ally in the fight against extremist groups and individuals attempting to diminish firearms and self-defense rights.” Gilles Proffit, UNPACT’s Secretary General recently issued a statement critical of an EU ‘White Paper’ proposing new regulatory schemes aimed at curtailing the legitimate ownership of commonly used firearms.

“European citizens cannot and shall not any further trust people, be they designated or elected, who do not trust them,” Proffit said. “They have long memories and will remind voters in all EU countries of this incredible matter in due course every time a national or European ballot comes up.” IAPCAR and its affiliates issued a call to action last May on the newly proposed EU firearms regulations. The result of public input across Europe was over 92 percent opposed to the new restrictions.

IAPCAR Director Julianne Versnel, who is also the Second Amendment Foundation’s Director of Operations, submitted testimony to the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) meeting in March objecting to the exclusion of civilian arms rights from the ATT. “Nothing that is in an Arms Trade Treaty should affect a woman’s right to defend herself,” Versnel told delegates.

The IAPCAR civilian arms rights coalition focused on opposition to the ATT, which passed the U.N. General Assembly and made available for countries to sign on June 3. The ATT does not acknowledge or protect civilian arms rights or recognize the right to self-defense in its enforceable language.

The International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights ( is the only worldwide political action group focusing on the human right to keep and bear arms. Founded in 2010, IAPCAR has grown to 29 major gun-rights organizations in 21 countries and conducts campaigns designed to inform the public and promote the right of self-defense and gun-ownership. [dave]

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  1. This is refreshing to see the French and others in Europe returning to their Democratic roots of Liberty and seeing the value of the freedom to defend yourself as an inherent right linked not just to safe guarding oneself and family, but the continuance of Democracy from tyrants and usurpers. Save wrote a good article here, thanks again Dave for this refreshing FYI.

  2. I have read that the Russian AK maker has about 10 million new AKM’s and about 10 million AK-74s in storage as they depend on regular contracts from the Russian gov’t. However the Russians no longer want the old technology weapons and aren’t buying them. If the estimates of up to 20 AKs are in storage with no buys just how long do you think it will be with the levels of corruption in Russia before millions of those rifles flood the worlds black markets to include the good old US of A. If you don’t own what it takes to defend your family from the thugs (the ones other than the gov’t) your family is toast. Buy up your favorite AK ammo caliber cause the guns will be as common as Chinese in China.

  3. Right on, Boomer! Something about having tons of disposable $ tends to lead some to think it allows them to try rough-shod runs all over everyone’s rights who have less $ in their accounts … maybe we need a new election eligibility rule about income being within +/- 1% of the national median to be allowed to file candidacy papers

  4. When will the nanny-brained control freaks understand we will not let them take away our God given and Constitutional right to defend ourselves from the bad guys; even if the bad guys are the government and those who would attempt to disarm/control us. I’m glad to see the French citizens on the right side of this as well.

    What is it about these extremely misguided people who want to attempt to take our freedoms away from us for no good reason at all. It reminds me of the NYC e-cigarette ban. There is no health issue. They just don’t want to see it. It simply doesn’t get worse than the ilk who would try to take anything away from anyone else simply because they don’t like it. Since they don’t like it; no one can have it using their twisted logic which makes absolutely no sense to a clear thinking, freedom loving, person. Sigh. Sorry for the rant.

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