Installing an AR-15 Pivot Pin

So far we’ve covered the installation of the magazine catch and bolt catch on your AR-15 lower. Today’s video describes how to install the front pivot pin. This particular piece is not terribly difficult to install, but we’ve still got some helpful tips for you.

If you’ve got a hex wrench about the size of your pivot pin it really helps with the installation.

  1. Insert the pivot pin spring into the receiver.
  2. Grip the detent with a pair of pliers.
  3. Press in the detent.
  4. Use a small brass punch to depress the detent.
  5. Use your hex wrench to keep the spring and detent depressed.
  6. Orient the pivot pin with the slot facing the detent.
  7. Press it into position while pressing the hex wrench out of the way.
  8. Make sure to apply consistent pressure to keep the detent from squeezing out between the hex wrench and the pivot pin.
  9. Attempt to rotate the pivot pin to check and see that the detent is holding it in place: the pivot pin should not be able to rotate.

Are you building your own AR-15? How is it going? Share in the comments section.

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