Installing an AR-15 Magazine Catch

Installing the magazine catch on your AR-15 rifle a straightforward step, although you do have to take care not to scratch or mar the finish on your shiny new lower receiver. A little bit of tape on the raised areas of the receiver prevents damage to the finish.

  1. Tape the raised areas of the receiver.
  2. Insert the magazine catch.
  3. Insert the magazine catch spring.
  4. Install the magazine catch button by threading it onto the magazine catch. Make sure the textured portion of the button is to the outside.
  5. Use a brass punch, or similar non-marring tool, to push the magazine catch button into the receiver as far as it will go.
  6. While holding the button in, rotate the magazine catch clockwise until the end of the threaded portion of the catch is flush with the magazine catch button.
  7. Check the magazine catch for binding.
  8. Verify functionality by inserting a magazine to make sure the catch holds it securely and the magazine drops free when the magazine catch is pressed.

That’s it! In our next video, we’ll show you how to install the bolt catch.

Enjoying building your own AR-15. What tips and tricks have you discovered along the way? Share in the comments section.

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  1. The AK-47 is by far my bar none favorite! I currently have the WASR 10 with a accuratly milled magazine well so my magazines fit nice and snug (unlike others). I’d really like to get another, any ideas where to look for a deal?

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