Indiana State IDPA Championship

“If you’re finished, unload and show clear.” Just like that, my competition season ended last weekend in Atlanta, Indiana – just north of where I used to live. I had more than a couple of people ask me why it was I decided to pick the Indiana State IDPA Championship as the last match of the season, and the answer is simple. It’s all about the people. There are all kinds of smart guy quotes out there about how life isn’t about the destination, but the journey – and I believe that the people you meet on the journey determine whether it’s a fun journey or a trudge.

I started shooting competitively in 2008 at Atlanta Conservation Club, and in fact, the 2008 Indiana State IDPA Championship was my first major match.

I shot it in 2008, 2009, and 2010 as well, so there was no way I was going to miss it this year.

And while the shooting is good and the match is excellent, this one is all about the people.

Without Atlanta Conservation Club’s IDPA matches, I quite simply wouldn’t be writing this right now for Cheaper than Dirt.

When I showed up to my first match, I had a Beretta 92D in a Fobus paddle holster.

I wasn’t mocked, I wasn’t treated differently, I was welcomed.

That attitude of encouraging participation and bringing new shooters in is the reason why I stayed, and to be quite frank it’s the reason I still hold such a torch for IDPA.

I’ve seen it at its best in Indiana, and I want it to be like that across the country.

I cannot thank Jeff Brown, Joe Tyson, and the match staff at the 2011 Indiana State IDPA Championship enough for another great year of fun COFs and good times.

But now let’s talk about the match itself, and to do that I’ve got a new episode of Down Zero TV!

As usual, a huge thanks also goes out to Woolrich Elite Tactical Series for providing my awesome vest and pants, and to Gargoyles eyewear for the eye protection.

Speaking of stuff I used at this match, a little bird told me that BVAC won’t be making their excellent 124-grain JHP load much longer, which I’ve personally used to shoot 2-inch groups at 25 yards with my XDM.

What I’m saying is that if you want some of these excellent rounds, go buy them now before they’re all gone.

It’s been a great season, and I can’t think of a better way to close it out than in my old stomping grounds of Indiana.

Keep checking back at the Shooter’s Log for off-season training plans, as well as goals for next season!

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