Illinois’ Proposed Ammunition Serialization Legislation Plan Plagued

9mm cartridge headstamps

Last week, state Representative Sonya Harper filed House Bill 6615, legislation that seeks to create a serialization system of “handgun ammunition” in Illinois. While HB 6615 claims to only encompass handgun ammunition, the language would also go so far as to include most popular pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition. 9mm cartridges with headstamps Similar legislation to HB 6615 has been defeated in multiple other states for its cost and ineffectiveness, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

Not only would it be ineffective at preventing crime, this anti-gun bill would create a de facto registry of gun owners in Illinois. Every serialized bullet would need to be registered to the individual that purchased it. This legislation would also criminalize the millions of rounds that are currently lawfully owned by Illinois gun owners for target shooting, hunting and personal protection. Those who reload their own ammunition would not be allowed to do so anymore because it would be impossible to match the serial numbers on used cartridge cases to new bullets.

House Bill 6615 will cost millions of dollars to implement and maintain, and is easily circumvented by criminals who seek to commit their criminal acts without care of another law on the books. Criminals already violate gun laws and would continue to use the thousands of unmarked rounds they already possess to commit crimes. Even common household tools could be used to distort or deface the serial number and render it illegible.

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  1. So, now I have to stamp a serial number into every bullet I cast?

    Not likely, but sounds like it would make it a profitable hobby.

  2. I would rather they spent more time on voter fraud in Cook County then worry about more gun control that does not work.

  3. Now simmer down with the criticism folks. Maybe there is merit to serializing ammunition. After all, once Hillary takes office and destroys what little Obama left of America, bullets will become the new post-apocalyptic currency to replace the dollar. And since all bills are currently serialized, it only makes sense to serialize its monetary replacement.

    1. While I agree that bullets may very well be the most valuable commodity to trade if we have a major monetary collapse, I do hope you were being sarcastic about serializing ammo. Seems to me it would be inconsequential because there would be no serious Government or Banks for which that serialization would have any value.

    1. Don’t just rely on the fact that you’ve got plenty of ammo, you need to back it up with action. As we found out in Kommiecticut, “post de facto” means nothing to the tyrants. They will make all existing ammo illegal and force you to destroy it or turn it in. You could take them to court over it. Of course, they’ll have unlimited taxpayer funds to fight you with.

      The only effective method of fighting them is when they pass whatever they want, good American Patriots will flip them a giant middle finger as their diktats are ignored. Armed Civil Disobedience frightens the tyrants into inaction. When they do arrest and try someone for violating their intolerable/unconstitutional acts, then practice jury nullification. We have tools at our disposal, that when backed up by the muzzle of a loaded gun, are just as effective as actually firing that gun.


    2. Handloading ! Hey, anyone have any extra serialized bullets for sale, if not they will be on the black market. There are TRILLIONS of cartridges without tracking “devices” so it would be impossible to make them illegal and seize them with any effectiveness. I would give em my ammo, “ballistic tip” first!

  4. I mean how stupid can a body of people be? Illinois can’t afford to pay its teachers, hasn’t had a budget for 2 years, already has the most stringent gun laws and still is the murder capital of the US. Not only is the whole plan flawed, it’s been proven ineffective in so many other states. The liberal Dems have no common sense. It would seem as though this bill was written just so someone could put their name in as “doing something” to address the violent crime in Chicago while screwing the rest of the state.

    1. Like ALL the “stupid” ideas of those who wish to disarm citizens, it is not intended to prevent crime or aid law enforcement, it is intended to make being an armed citizen too expensive or inconvenient for people and to steer them around arming themselves.

  5. So rounds used in “assault” weapons don’t count. What idiot thinks up these proposed laws. These half witted numskulls need a refresher course in logic and common sense. There isn’t enough room to put a serial different number on each round, and who is going to coordinate the manufactures to do it? Dumb, just dumb!

  6. While this is just another attempt by the anti-Second Amendment types to restrict and ultimately destroy the rights of We The People to keep and bear arms, this idea in particular strikes us as one really wacko scheme. Serializing ammunition, whether by the individual round, box, or other measure would not only be a huge infringement on our rights. It would also be a really asinine program that would require huge resources in time, money, and personnel to administer. Not too many years ago, there was a similar encumbrance imposed on ammunition by requiring purchasers to show identification and sign for their ammo purchases…..which ultimately was rescinded due to the reasons enumerated above.

  7. Yet another backdoor gun control scheme. I am a re-loader, so wanting to be proactive on the prevention of so-called “gun violence” with my own “common sense gun safety” initiative, I will do the following; I will laser etch all my bullets with the phrase “DEATH TO TYRANTS”

    The Armed Civil Disobedience

  8. Yet another reason why Illinois is the WORST state in the union. Take it from me. I’ve lived here (sadly) my whole life. The only way they keep people here is with highly competitive salaries (northern Illinois and Chicagoland area).

    The moronic and morally bankrupt politicians can’t see that their highly restrictive and anti-2a laws are doing nothing to curb the violence in Chicago, so serialization of Ammo is going to suddenly stop the shooting? It’s only a matter of time before they start heavily taxing Ammo in Crook county (more than the 5 cents per round now). All that will do is what it’s doing now with their Crook county gun tax…driving sales to the collar counties. God they are stupid. They keep throwing gasoline on a fire as they wonder why it’s not going out…I know, we’ll throw more gas on it.

    They either forgot or are too stupid and disconnected from reality to realize that criminals don’t follow the law regardless of how many laws you put on the books to strip the law abiding, God fearing, red white and blue bleeding American of their God-given rights.

    Vote Trump and stop the political insanity from the top. Molone Labe.

    1. Brian,
      I agree with you 100% and know in my heart that they are doing this not out of stupidity but it is a full frontal assault on the second amendment.
      Molon Labe, brother.

    2. €: Brian

      Unfortunately EVERY State and Territories of the United States has a Gun Law of Some Kind.

    3. Yep, we even have one in Vermont. No carrying of a loaded long gun in ones car. Handguns OK. Why? To keep deer-jacking at a minimum. We all agree with that one restriction as it saves some yahoo from shooting a deer on a back country road from the window of a car for ‘fun’. Oh, BTW, VT has the lowest or 2nd lowest percentage of violent crime in the 48.

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