Is Illinois Going Pro Gun?

Tax Dollars

Don’t worry; I wrote the headline and had read it a second a time… but it seems there may be a glimmer of light for gun owners in the Land of Lincoln. Surprisingly, the changes are in Cook County! Not so surprising though is the fact that it is against the will of the lawmakers in Cook County.

Tax Dollars
Seattle is another municipality that passed laws to reach into the pockets of purchasers of a firearm or ammunition.

In the past, it went something like this. Cook County (Kook County, Chicago, Chi-raq—call it what you want) has been plagued by gun violence. Its also been plagued by lawmakers blaming their problems on the guns and not the criminals. As the number of shootings has risen, the lawmakers have responded by trampling on the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. In fact, the laws became such an overreach that the courts had get involved and strike the majority of them down as unconstitutional.

Like all anti-gunners, once they lose the legal argument in court, they seek out ways to subvert the law. Cook County has made numerous attempts to outlaw all guns, semi-automatic guns, cheap guns, bullets, magazines… You name it, and the Democrats of Cook County have tried to use it against the law-abiding gun owners and sellers within its reach. The latest attempt has been to use tax law by imposing a per bullet tax and gun tax. For firearms, the tax is $25 each and cartridges range from one to five cents per round depending on caliber.

The glimmer of light?

State Law makers are fighting back and looking to take the power away from the anti gunners in Cook County by passing a new law that would take away the power of local municipalities and counties to tax away our Rights! To this end, Illinois Senator Matt Murphy (R-27) has introduced a bill to remove the taxation powers of local governments and remove the burden that has been placed on Chicago Residents.

NRA-ILA logo Here is what the NRA-ILA had to say: Last week, Senate Bill 2341, introduced by state Senator Matt Murphy (R-27), was assigned to the Senate Revenue Committee. Similar to the previously reported House Bill 4348, SB 2341 seeks to remove the power of local governments and municipalities to impose a sales tax on firearm and ammunition purchases. This legislation would also void the currently standing firearm and ammunition sales tax in the City of Chicago. These taxes seek to make an already expensive product even more so, potentially pricing law-abiding citizens out of exercising their Second Amendment rights. Further, those taxes levied from gun owners are placed into the “Public Safety Fund,” thereby blaming law-abiding individuals and forcing them to pay for the crimes and acts committed by criminals.

Please contact your state Senator and politely urge him or her to cosponsor SB 2341. Contact information for your state Senator may be found here.

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  1. Being a Washington (State) native, I am perpetually disgusted by the labyrinth people in other states must endure. I am at the same time grateful that the authors of our Constitution were more clear in their wording of our version of the 2A, clearly defining an individual right to K&B.

    The Washington State legislature assumed sole jurisdiction of laws related to the possession, carrying, transfer and use of firearms in the state.”The state of Washington hereby fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state…” This doesn’t prevent attempts to circumvent this by counties and cities, but these attempts are defeated almost immediately on any challenge. Even when the Dept of Ecology tried to ban lead in ammunition, the AG warned them that this was a violation of preemption and convinced them to stop.

    I often travel to the northern part of Oregon and after months of digging through laws still can’t figure out the boundaries where I can and can’t carry in the Portland area. EVERY little fifedom in OR with the tiniest bit of regulatory power has added to the death by 1000 cuts. I noticed that the Port of Portland was explicitly warned about two years ago by the legislature that their restrictions were preempted (I think by the City), and the official response by the Port was that they’d continue to enforce their regulations and anyone caught in the net would have to sort it out in court.

    This is one of the biggest bits of hypocrisy in my beliefs, in that I generally prefer rapidly dwindling power as we go up the scale from City to County to State to Federal, but would fight aggressively for State preemption if I were to move to a different State. I also believe in Federally mandated reciprocity of Concealed licenses, finding it offensive that States are required to honor marriage licenses issued by other States, but not required to honor CPLs, even though the truly ancient concept of marriage has ALWAYS had limitations, and the right to K&B “shall not be infringed.” I’m just scared by what any Federal reciprocity law would look like.

    What a surreal world we live in, where our rights wax and wane as we drive down the road from town to town and we aren’t all up in arms (pun not intended) that everyone wants to tax a right that “shall not be infringed…”

  2. Illinois is only becoming slightly less draconian on gun control so far as they have been dragged kicking and screaming in that direction by losing judicial decisions. The State as well as the city of Chicago only dropped their judicial opposition to these suits because they are both in such dire financial straits that they cannot afford to continue their ideological battle against the Second Amendment. Both the state and city still collaborate to make exercising those rights a laborious, time consuming, and expensive process and anyone running afoul of the byzantine labyrinthine maze set before them is usually summarily stripped of their rights with little possibility of restoration. Illinois is still only slightly to the right of New Jersey when it comes to gun laws.

    1. @Bobby G

      Agreed, and yet, it is still light years ahead of Maryland, New Jersey and so many other anti Constitution states.

  3. As a resident of Kalifornia, I empathize with the residents of Krook County.

    Every time we turn around some left leaning, city dweller decides to write another bill to further restrict the 2nd Amendment. Anyone with a working gray cell can see that their sole purpose is to circumvent the word and intent of the Constitution and of the Supreme Court. They have been using the same lame excuse since Congress passed the National Firearms Act of 1934. Then they claimed that it was for “public safety” because criminals like the gangs of Chicago were using Tommy guns and such. And after they passed the NFA, and Chi town passed local laws, it had no more impact than prohibition did… except on the law abiding. Democrats would be lost if they didn’t have some imagined crisis to react to so the people would believe they were doing something to actually help to citizens.

    1. I could have written your post; nice. I agree completely. Democrats / socialists / leftists / communists are all of one stripe: top down authoritarianism. They want all the power and as much of the money as they can get. That’s really all they have for goals. Anything that gets in their way of IMPOSING their will has to go. If they can’t crush it one way or another, they’ll find another. They never, ever stop trying. Cook County and the State may be backing off right now, but they’ll be back. They don’t care what the Supreme Court says or anyone else for that matter. They’ll use emotion every time to sell draconian gun control that obviously does not work. It’s “common sense.” It’s “for the children.” Let’s all have a good cry; until we realize that once they gain absolute power, we will look like the old USSR, gray, dreary, all spirit crushed, lines at stores that actually have a product on their shelves. People buying shoes that don’t fit them because buying ANYTHING is better than nothing because you can trade it to someone who has what you want. For those youngsters reading this: this is not a joke. What I just wrote about the USSR is the full truth. It was also quite common for the few citizens of the USSR who were allowed to travel to the West and came back bearing tales of shelf after shelf groaning with goods and food and anything you wanted were literally not believed by their friends. Then, one of their “friends” reported them to the KGB and they were counseled to stop “lying” to their friends. I don’t know for sure because, obviously, I wasn’t there, but I believe the counseling took place in a prison cell.

      Can’t happen here? About twenty years ago Venezuela was a pretty prosperous place. Oil income, decent farming sector. After years of the communist Chavez and now his bus driver successor, Maduro, having literally driven Venezuela into the ground. They nationalized the oil fields, fixed prices, took over grocery stores and electronic stores. They literally decreed that poor people had a right to an iPhone! Bread and circuses. Locking up opposition candidates for elections on the flimsiest of excuses using captive judges and police. Guess what? This is how it always goes down. If something in the economy isn’t popular with your voters? Well, it must be an American imperialist plot!

      We’re slowly heading down this road. We are quite far down it. Obama and the democrats and many republicans are busy replacing American voters with news ones from Mexico and the rest of the world and positioning them in strategic places around the country to overwhelm native Americans.

      It’s getting very close to midnight.

  4. First Introduced in 2009-2010 with the 94th General Assembly and DIED. Reintroduced into the 2011-2012, 95th General Assembly and DIED. The 2013-2014, 96th General Assembly and again DIED. Why should it be ANY Different with THIS Assembly. Unless this is a Really Bad BILL, or something ELSE Inside this BILL is Really BAD. Why should a “Turn-About” be Expected…

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