“I am Proud to say I am Part of the American Gun Culture” —The NRA Women’s Network

Previous to Feinstein’s reintroduction of the Assault Weapons Ban and the Newtown shootings, the media reported an overwhelming number of women newly entering the shooting sports. Now however, I keep reading stories from a poll in Wisconsin reporting women are “overwhelmingly opposed” to concealed carry. Another article written by Jessica Pieklo referred to the newly formed organization, One Million Moms for Gun Control and says, “What may be most interesting in this recent spat of polling is that this gender gap existed well before Newtown and while the original assault weapons ban was in place. In addition, while the NRA may be trying to push the idea that women members matter, the reality is it’s an organization largely hostile to women. And women know this.” Democratic pollster Margie Omero is writing frequently about the issue. She says guns are becoming core to women’s issues. She points out that Public Policy Polling states 48 percent of women polled feel “unfavorable” toward the NRA. Omero writes, “I think we could see this issue mobilize women voters…”

Why the sudden switch? It is a weak attempt by the liberal media to pit us against each other. Don’t believe the hype, now is the time to stand united.

It can be a very large and difficult step for a woman to make the decision to purchase a firearm. Born into a culturally-dictated world of princesses, pink, and Barbie dolls, girls are expected to play house, while boys play GI Joe. As young women grow up and take responsibility for their own safety, the decision to own a gun may be isolating. The media portrays gun ownership—especially now—as demonizing. Women are either scantily clad or androgynous and unfeminine. Even in films that try to present a woman carrying a gun confidently as feminine, they still exploit her sexuality—just watch any Angelina Jolie movie. Estimates put female gun ownership at 15 to 20 million. Lindsay McCrum, of the book Chicks with Guns says, “Their numbers are really high but their profile is actually really low.” Ladies, now is the time to make our voices heard. In an effort to welcome women and offer a safe and encouraging atmosphere, the NRA launched The NRA Women’s Network. The website is a beautiful and interactive gateway to the shooting world meeting the specific needs and interests of women.

On the website you will find videos and interviews with women—competitors, hunters, mothers and youngsters, people just like you and me—who are gun owners. You will also find places to hunt, events calendars, educational articles, links to clinics, classes, hunting adventures and many other resources.

The NRA needs and wants women. The more voices we have, the more powerful we will be. They are the biggest and most powerful pro-gun lobby we have. In fact, the NRA-ILA is one “of the most influential lobbying groups in America.” They need us behind them. Join the NRA today.

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  1. There is a looming threat to Americans everywhere. Something that must be heavily controlled by the government in the future, or better yet – banned altogether. I for one am outraged that a weapon responsible for more than 42,500 deaths per year, including thousands of innocent children, has yet to be strictly limited by the government that thinks it has the right to throw the Constitution and the Bill of Rights out the window! This threat: Cars. That’s right folks, the ubiquitous automobile is a far more lethal killer than any assault weapon. And it’s already a whole lot easier for anyone to get a car than a gun. There aren’t any background checks. They’re also a whole lot easier to steal than guns. Ok, you say you don’t want a complete ban on assault weapons, just the high-capacity “clips” (which, by the way, anyone who knows a damn thing about guns knows it’s referred to as a MAGAZINE – a CLIP is something that holds rounds to load into a MAGAZINE…)? Ok, so we don’t ban all cars. Just the fast ones, cause for some reason that makes them more lethal, right? So anyone that drives a Mustang or Camaro or Thunderbird or Charger or any of a hundred other kinds of sports car designed for speed – you’re screwed. Prepare to have your beloved muscle machine taken away by Obama and Feinstein and their ill-informed cronies (a barrel shroud is NOT “the shoulder thing that goes up,” IDIOT) and replaced with Chevy Volts (that burst into flames on a random basis, by the way) and Nissan Leafs and other gutless lame-mobiles that can’t travel more than 40 miles or faster than about 50 MPH (granted, this is an exaggerated dramatization, but I bet a Leaf would stand no chance against a ‘Stang or Challenger…). Forget guns – BAN CARS NOW!!!

  2. Let me say I once was more than just being proud of being part of a community of.
    gun ownrs as I lived that life; but that life was not based upon 2nd Amendment but more upon all of nations history.
    I was never in a family that denied women on learning how to shoot and if they wanted to join a shooting sport more power to them; as long as dinner was on time.
    In my close knit family I see theirs is the same as when growing up, somebody anybody that was available to get cooking for the time we would be together is just fine.
    More than once was if not humbled I gained respect for women that could outshhot me.
    Odd word mysogny hear it spoken of a lot today not as well understood when I was young as it is today but of all forms of abuseive terms applied towards other humans it is the worst of them all.

  3. Write your Congressman & Senators…You don’t think they read these internet sites to you? Let them know how really stupid there attitude toward firearms is. AR-15 is not and assault weapon because it is NOT Fully Automatic. They should pass a law that in order to be president or in congress you must first have served in the military where they would learn about weapons and how to safely use them. But then they would all stay in until retirement because the wages of our wonderful service personnel are so high!
    Dianne Feinstein what a joke did you know that she’s got a concealed carry permit? Or should I say hypocrite and do you have any idea how hard it is to get a concealed permit in “Good Old” California. So now she wants to take all of our semi-automatic weapons so we are really subservient to the government… H*ll they haven’t passed a budget in over 3 years and that is a requirement under the law. But the president and senate don’t have to obey the law do they. How about the 5 armed guards for the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg with only 7 rounds in their magazines, yah right you don’t really believe they only have 7 rounds do you? By the way the only weapon I know of that uses a “clip” is the M1 Garand (officially designated as United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1. Back to the military where you learn about all of this stuff.

  4. Why the sudden switch? First of all, on any survey, check and see how the questions were worded. I would wager that the surveys quoted were “push surveys” where the questions were worded in such a way as to give the pollsters the result they wanted. Second of all, the Media are so biased that 60% of respondents in the polls said they trusted the news media “very little” or “not at all”. We have seen in instance after instance where the “fake but accurate” media will tell half-truths, out right lie, or lie by omission.
    I can hear the howls of libs now: isn’t it hypocritical of you to say that polls are not to be trusted, then quote from a poll? Not at all. As I said, it depends on how questions are asked. “Do you trust the news media to be fair and balanced: a)all the time, b) most of the time, c) some of the time, d) very little, e) not at all” is an example of a question that does not lead to a predetermined result. That is the type of question that resulted in a 60% response of very little or not at all.
    So, between bias, slanting, and lying, many people do not have good information to make an informed decision about an issue.

  5. I am critical of President Insane Obama’s desire to destroy America. Why does he insist on giving tanks and planes to a group of misfits who has not only pledged themselves to kill the Jews but me, an American citizen as well?

    By not being a politician I have no other protection but what I keep under the bed. Should Senator Finstein have her way and take my protection and
    I am killed, then Hilarous Clinton will say, “so what.” Will that be my obituary

    My antiquated guns are no match against the arms of the U. S. government, which have used weapons against the indigenous peoples of our country, such as Wounded Knee, Little Big Horn, Trail of Tears, Veterans of WWI, only to name a few.

  6. I believe the “overwhelmingly opposed” claim is a lie, just like Harry Reid’s accusation about Romney’s taxes – a total fabrication. The Democrats I know blurt out all manner of lies, and simply refuse to understand or listen to logic and reason.

  7. I’m a lady, avid target and clay shooter, CCW holder and I’m a life member of the NRA. I’m right there with you guys, I pity the fool who thinks this 5’4 woman is a pushover for a crime.

  8. Dan Hull… I honor your respect and tolerance, but, the simple fact is that we are NOT all free to live and think as we choose… there is one party which professes to stand for less regulation and more freedom, and there is one party which stands for more “Fairness” which they brag about adding 300+ new pieces of “Legislation” in their last year controlling Congress. Legislation is not Freedom, they are contradictory.

    If you were unemployed with little hope of getting a job anytime soon, like me, you could spend as much time on the blogs researching the whole “gun control” furor… you would soon realized that it IS two opposing factions. Those who want to preserve full-compliment power for the citizens, long into the future… and those who seek a socialists state, and view an armed Conservative constituency as an obstacle. It isn’t guns in the hands of criminals which scare the Liberals, it is guns in the hands of YOU!

    That, sorry to say, is the reality of politics in the United States, and, moving from the East Coast here to the Southwest… I truly see civil war on the horizon, as the coastal states have passed legislation after legislation which has effectively taken money and jobs away from the central states, and put more in their own pockets and social programs. Obama Care will leave the Blue State per-capita healthcare costs virtually untouched, while the Red States’ per-capita costs will rise by 20-30%… It is the coastal states who are getting rich from the off-shore manufacturing, while the Red States watch their jobs disappear… it is the coastal states who have benefited from shutting down domestic oil production and increasing foreign imports… it is the coastal states which have benefited from union campaign financing to the Democrat Party, while more jobs flow to China.

    I have lived in S.Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, and now Arizona, and done business in a dozen more states… this is the image which has been painted for me. I have had to deal with the stigma of being from the East Coast wherever I go in the Red States, and there is truly an animosity existent.

    The nation is divided, and the only thing that can prevent impending war, is to get real with the politics, or, “cut the baby in half”.

  9. When I was growing one of the favorite weapons was an Ice Pick another one was an tool used to move bails of Cotton around.

    The poll on women does not surprise me. The Civil Right Bill of 1964 divided the male and female of all races. If she is female she is considered a minority.Under the Civil Right act of 1964 the only people not given some type of minority status was the Caucasian Male. At the same time the census taking count all Caucasians as white for the majority race.
    This is a fact which has been overlooked by the Republican Party.I am happily married for the past 53 years but we have much fun discussing this Government Regulation. Good luck discussing this with you lovely Spouse and Daughters which are very beautiful and have your heart.
    Note I covered two issue in this comment. 🙂

  10. They are really trying to pull the wool over the American people. I just hope we don’t loose this great nation to this power hunger elite. This is what happens when you give the Government to much power and not enough oppositition,were did we forget they work for the people and not for the agenda of ” OTHERS ” . TO PROTECT AND SERVE

  11. If congress and the American people listen to these fools (Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Holder, Bloomberg, Biden, Cuomo and Malloy; we may start the second Civil WAR started by a Senator from Illinois turned President. And for same reasons: taking of property through illegal executive orders and unconstitutional laws and action by congress. This is the most dangerous unconstitutional act I have ever seen. If we as free citizens fall to stop the Democrats from enacting this we sold our selves into a slavery and oppression.

  12. Why do people keep call BLACK GUNs (AR and AKS types) “ASSULT WEAPONS”? They are not weapons of any kind until they are used for unintended purposes, as knife is just a knife until it is used to stabs or cut someone then it’s becomes a weapon, a screwdriver is just that until it is use to inflict injury to death on someone then it to becomes a weapon. The AR-15, AK-47 and guns like them are simply firearms and we must stop call them weapons and until they are turned into such. Even then it is a singular name not one identifying an entire family of firearms know a BLACK GUNS. The so called GUN Culture needs to correct this misaligned attitude and use the correct names. IF we keep letting them be referred to as WEAPONS; we are asking for trouble and to lose them to illegal laws, TODAY they BAN THE BLACK GUN TOMORROW WE BAN the SCREWDRIVER WEAPONS!!!!!

  13. I challenge anyone to contact any police dept at random and ask what the makeup of new ccw applicants are. There is an overwhelming majority of women and couples seeking permitting for personal protection. Women seeking training and carry permits are at an all time high. Participation in shooting sports is at an all time high. That was before Newtown, now the level of interest has gone exponential. Imagine how many more people come forward once news gets out that Newtown is endorsing the NRA’s idea to have armed personel in schools. Something tells me there will be millions of Mama Grizzly’s stepping up to volunteer… for the children.

  14. I’m so disgusted, with the politics in our country, like the person stating (Understand Liberal ), the Liberals, in this country are not the cause of all bad things going on in our country. I have friends that vote, and look at this country completely different then, me or, my wife. But we are free to believe, and live as we please, like our Rights say. We have GUNS, all kinds, we both carry, if we go any where, and will NOT give up our GUNS, at all, in any way. I’m against any one that want to void, any word from our Rights, and the conservatives do not own, the 2nd Amendment. It is a precious Gift, we have got to fight for, every day, and that I will do every day, until, the breath, is no longer in my body. As far as saying I’m LIB, IND, DEM, REPUB, I would say, we pick the very best, most common sense, that helps, and does not harm, any one , or any thing about our country. All of us, that are, AMERICANS, have got to crush, this evil, what ever you pick to call it, we can not trust, any of the GOVERNMENT now, we have the worse, evil bunch in Washington, and you may think it is one side, but it is ALL OF THEM. If they have there way, we will be in a civil WAR, over our RIGHTS, and they want us to be STUPID, and fight ourselves. Please, no matter how hard it may be, WE THE PEOPLE, are the land owners, and they are to work, for us, and do the right thing for us, not some other country, PLEASE WAKE UP, and see, they are making FOOLS out of us. Try Brother, and Sister, of AMERICA, or there is not going to be AMERICA!!! Will we remember, how it could have been better, or is it not worth the FIGHT, against, the right enemy. NO THEY WILL NOT TAKE OUR GUNS, OR ANY OF OUR RIGHTS. TOGETHER WE STAND!!!!

  15. Great article Suzanne. It is very important that women continue to voice their opinion to keep their rights because I think women have more to loose considering all the legislation pertaining to women these days i.e. abortion rights, vaccination issues and such. I am glad both of my gun owning daughters (age 10 and 12) are members of the NRA and know about the current situation reguarding our freedom.

    Get involved women!

  16. Very good and nicely written article about an important subject. But the photo captioned “Ladies, now is the time to back the NRA. is a disturbing misrepresentation. It was taken in the early 1930’s and refers not to the National Rifle Association but to the “National Recovery Administration”, one of FDR’s alphabet-soup of departments created to somehow get America out of the Depression. The NRA was very popular with the public who were looking for anything to help ease the crushing economic mess (sound familiar?) but was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Putting a misleading spin on photographic material is propaganda and I thought that was the primary tactic of the hoplophobes in the gun-control war-room.

  17. Understand Liberal… My family and especially my lady will NEVER cower in fear begging for her life or dignity. She WILL be in control of the encounter and only God will save the animal that forces their way into our home! Liberal, you can choose to live in fear and subservience to the will of a criminal or you can choose to live in REAL safety… The choice is yours.

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