IN Hunt Guide Lists Wrong Dates for Rifles in Deer Reduction Zones

Don’t run afoul of the law for a misprint! Due to an editing error, dates in the 2016-17 DNR Hunting/Trapping Regulations Guide during which new rifle options for deer hunting in the deer reduction zone season are incorrect.

Legal rifle cartridges, including the new rifle options, can be used in deer reduction zones only from Nov. 12 through Jan. 31, 2017, and only where local ordinances allow the use of firearms.

The deer reduction zone season opened Sept. 15. Until Nov. 12, equipment choices are limited to archery and crossbows.

For more on the deer reduction zone season, see

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  1. O.K. I’m a bit confused. Something that shouldn’t happen with age. Why was this Shooter’s Log posted in the beginning because it only pertains to one state, not all 50? Indiana has its own laws about hunting in urban areas as does the State of CT where I lived for 42 years. In THAT state rifles are Not allowed in urban areas, or at least were not when I left 10 years ago. Only bow and in some instances, crossbow hunters are allowed to take deer because of the limited range of such weapons.

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