How to Convert Your AR-15 to .22 LR Video

There are dozens of conversion kits that allow you to fire a .22 LR using your 5.56 AR-15 with a simple bolt change. The .22 conversion kit is an economical way to practice or a great introduction for those who have never shot before to get some trigger time.

This video shows you how easy it is to swap the bolts.

  • Start with a clear and safe firearm
  • Push out the rear takedown pin
  • Pivot the upper forward
  • Pull back on the charging handle far enough to remove the bolt
  • Slide the conversion bolt into the place
  • Close the two halves
  • Push the takedown pin back into place
  • Cycle the bolt a few times

Now you are ready for fun day at the range.

Looking into the dedicated chamber, notice how the barrel protrudes into the upper receiver, and a collar from the bolt locks onto the barrel. This barrel inset makes the overall length of the rifle about an inch shorter than a standard AR with the same 16-inch barrel. By running a dedicated .22 LR, you do not need a gas block or gas tube. The barrel will also have the appropriate 1-in-16 twist rate for .22 LR.

The conversion bolt has a chamber adapter allowing you to load .22 LR ammunition and fire it through your original 5.56 chamber. Our experience has been that the dedicated set-up is more accurate and stabilizes more brands of ammunition than the conversion kit. However, we have never had issues with either kit, except needing 400 to 500 rounds of break-in ammo and plenty of gun oil.

Have you used a .22 LR conversion kit? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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