Honor Defense Announces “All-American & All You Need” Consumer Promotion

Honor Defense All You Need banner

Honor Defense prides itself that their line of firearms are 100% made in the USA. Honor Defense All You Need banner So proud, in fact, that if you purchase any new Honor Defense pistol from March 15th – July 4th you’ll receive:

– Free 25 rounds of Sinterfire frangible ammunition
$50 off a Viridian green laser with holster
50% off coupon in Honor Defense webstore (grips, magazines, conversion kits, etc…)

The goal of this promotion is for Honor Defense to share that Made in America is what makes America great. They want to make sure all consumers know that all Honor Defense pistols are made and assembled by veterans in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.

While other companies buy parts from foreign companies with USA subsidiaries or produce their pistols in other countries, Honor Defense keeps all materials and production in America.

It’s easy to get your free items! Simply email or fax the form and a copy (photos accepted) of your receipt to: Fax number: 678-943- 8034 or email: For more information about the All-American & All You Need promotion, contact Honor Defense at 678-943-8035.

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Comments (10)

  1. Unfortunately, no matter how motivated I might be to buy American, here in the Peepuls Republik of Kallyforniya we won’t be able to buy it unless it has all the “safety” features that the Peepuls Republik demands of pistols. Also doesn’t have “micro stamping”. I wonder why? Could it be that “micro stamping” doesn’t really exist, despite what IKamala Harris decreed while Mouthpiece General for the state on her way to becoming U.S. senator from Kallyforniya? Sorry for the political rant. I’m feeling sorry for myself trapped here behind enemy lines.

  2. I had to purchase one online as none of the shops here in SW FL are interested in carrying this line…I don’t know the reasoning behind it but know they will be losing sales. I did as much research as I could without actually handling or test firing before I made my purchase. Some will criticize me for that, I on the other hand chose to place faith in our veterans to build a quality Firearm and the companies founders and engineers to design a great EDC gun… I cannot wait to take it to the range and then give a comprehensive review…

    1. @Michael….I think you’ll be pleased with your purchase. I’ve shot my friends HD 9mm on a couple of occasions. It’s a nice, well made, and accurate firearm. The only reason that I haven’t purchased one myself, is that I already have a number of 9mm pistols and just can’t justify another one. One day I may pick one to sell so that I can justify an HD purchase. ????

  3. Hogwash! If Honor Defense really wants to show that their weapons represent American Manufacturing, why are they ALL 9mm? Not a single .45 or .38 Super among them!
    I don’t know why I bother as you will not print this anyways as I am NOT politically correct.

    1. Perhaps because 9mm is more popular than either of those (and possibly both combined) in small pistols marketed for concealed carry.

      38 Super in particular is (at best) about as common as 357 SIG.

    2. What does caliber choice have to do with being made in the USA? What does not being politically correct have to do with this or your answer? Jim, it seems as though you have no logic.

    3. @Jim…. . 38 Super? Really? I can count on one hand the number of people that I know that have a pistol in .38 Super….with fingers left over. Your entire post is devoid of logic… LOL

    4. Add me to that count of .38 Super owners and shooters and hopefully it will make you use two hand BUT ask how often I carry mine in preference to a 9mm and I’ll have to admit only when I’m out of 9mm ammo (or .380 ammo on specific occasions) and I’m never out. Most prefer a caliber you can find available almost anywhere you happen to be and .38 Super isn’t such a caliber.

    5. Actually isn’t .38 super more popular in Mexico due to the fact that they can’t own “military” rounds, i.e.., 9 mm, but can own “civilian” rounds, i.e.., .38 super. I didn’t say it made sense. When have gun laws ever made sense. Well, sometimes they do in a perverse sort of way. I mean, come on, if you are in the KKK and are out terrorizing blacks at night, you don’t want them shooting you. Good grief! That makes terrorizing dangerous. So you pass laws that say that blacks can’t own guns. Makes sense to me. Same deal. If you are in the Irish gangs in New York and you own Tammany Hall, you don’t want the Italian gangs to own guns so you pass the Sullivan Law in New York City so the Italians who don’t have an in at city hall can’t get guns to shoot back. Makes sense to me. Same thing with Diane Fine stein. She owns and carries but she doesn’t want others to own and carry. I would feel a lot safer if I knew I was the only one packing heat. Makes sense to me. So some gun laws do make sense, depending upon which side of the fence you are on.

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