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Historic Storm Predicted to Blast the East Coast

Meteorologists are predicting what could be a “historic” storm for the east coast of the United States starting on Saturday, October, 2012. Hurricane Sandy, now a Category 2 storm, along with a winter blast blowing in from the West, and Northern arctic air are predicted to clash along the east coast. Weather experts cannot pinpoint exactly when and where this storm will hit, but NOAA forecaster Jim Cisco gives Hurricane Sandy a 70 percent chance of affecting the entire east coast. Flooding, high winds, and a lot of rain are expected. The storm will be hitting during the sea’s highest tide, making the possibility of flooding that more severe. Some meteorologists are even predicting power outages that could last through November 6.

The Washington Post’s round-up of opinions about this storm: Jeff Masters, wunderground: “Sandy: a potential billion-dollar storm for the mid-Atlantic and New England” Dr. Greg Forbes, the Weather Channel: “A worst-case scenario of Hurricane Sandy or some hybrid (mixed with a cold front and jet stream system coming toward it) could bring a widespread destructive windstorm to some part of the Northeast from Sunday into early next week. Prior to then, heavy rain, strong gusty winds, large waves and maybe storm surge are possible for coastal areas from FL to NJ.” Bryan Norcross, the Weather Channel: “….it’s not often that credible forecast models consistently forecast a historic event, and with more models leaning that way, we need to be aware and pay attention along the entire U.S. East Coast.” Joe Lundberg, AccuWeather: “….the evidence seems to be mounting toward the convergence of these two weather systems into an historic storm early next week.” Alex Sosnowski, AccuWeather: “The realm of possibilities continues to range from Sandy escaping out to sea, with nothing more than blustery, much cooler air sweeping in, to a dynamic storm turning inland packing coastal flooding, flooding rainfall, high winds, downed trees, power outages, travel mayhem and even Appalachian snow.” If you live along the eastern coast of the United States, it is not too late to prepare for flooding, power outages and a winter storm.

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