Hillary Endorses Obama for Supreme Court Seat

Hillary Clinton

On the campaign trail recently, Hillary Clinton said she thinks it would be a “great idea” for Barack Obama to serve on the high court. The most recent Second Amendment cases at the U.S. Supreme Court have been decided by a 5-4 vote. Would a Justice Obama tip the ideological balance of SCOTUS against gun rights?

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  1. The man that arms terrorist and disarms the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, Does nothing to disarm criminals, in fact supports GUN SALES to Criminals and cartels. Yeah that a man suitable for US high Courts. What has happened to this country?

  2. Australia here we come! The difference, though, is the fact Americans see the right to bear arms as a God given right enshrined in our Constitution, no matter how awkwardly the 2nd Amendment is worded. I can see a civil war between ordinary citizens supported by Vets and armed forces members who truly believe the oath that they took (protect the Constitution from enemies, both domestic and foreign …) and the federal goons/mercs supported by oath breakers who see their actions as a path to promotions and political favor.

  3. Broom HIllary is just trying to suck up to Obama hoping he’ll not see her indicted and possibly toss her his endorsement. Obama has bigger fish to fry, he wants to be King of the World over at the UN, has already bought his new home NOT in the US but deep inside sand castle muslim territory where his allegiances lie. He has never been an American, but he is a man of the world, America hater, communist, muslim, should I go on…

  4. President Obama as a member of the SCOTUS would be a disaster. His specialty is constitutional law and he does whatever he can to subvert the law. I say no to Hillary and to him as a member of the SCOTUS.

    1. **specialty is constitutional law**???? HUH??

      Tell me WHERE and in WHAT state he got his lawyers license?? He’s a damn community Organizer, NOTHING MORE!!!!!

      He knows NOTHING about the law, but relies on legal hacks to come up with ways to skirt the law, just as criminals do while serving their prison sentences. But I must say, Ovomit and Prison in the same sentence sounds just wonderful. LOL!!

      Just because he SAYS he knows the law, doesn’t mean he does!!! Geesh, wake up people!!!!!

    2. President Obama was admitted to the Illinois Bar on December 17, 1991. He graduated from Harvard Law school and was president of the Harvard Law Review.

      He practiced law as an associate at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland from 1993-1996 then as counsel from 1996-2004. He was involved in 30 cases as a lawyer.

      You have the right to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    3. According to the Illinois Supreme Court’s Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commis’s site, he was licensed to practice law in December 17, 1991. He is now listed as being retired. Being licensed to practice law does not, however, mean the attorney is competent.

  5. Clinton is desperate and grasping at straws. Obama hates her and won’t even give her an endorsement, so she is taking every opportunity to suck up to her few supporters and to him. But, having said that, I’m sure Obama would like to be on the Supreme Court so he could shove his Liberal agenda down our throats. Of course, he is pretty much a worthless lazy bum, so I guess he’d also like the fact that they aren’t session all the time so he can play golf all over the world.

  6. Speaking as an outsider, and expatriate, who still worries about the direction his former country is taking; Obama and the Clintons have already done irrepairable damage to the U.S.. May G-d ‘truly’ help America, if another Clinton becomes President and that POS Obama, who has already made a mockery of The Constitution, gets a seat on the Supreme Court.

  7. I wonder if the “people” that attend Liberal rallies are gassed or drugged when they enter the arena, so they behave like sheep???

    Lets not stress about what the Giant Owl will do unless she rides her broom into the White House… Then it will be time to think

  8. The challenges she mentions are the people who insist that the Supreme Law of the Republic, The US Constitution, be followed. The law of the land already has outlawed anyone who opposes our Republic. That means NAZIS, Communists, and Muslims are not allowed to even enter our nation yet alone be potus or a scotus. Hillary is a communist and Obama is a Muslim. They both should be charged with crimes and imprisoned.

    1. Very true. Being a Muslim isn’t a crime, but being a Muslim who believes everyone should be forced to adhere to Sharia law and anyone who doesn’t should be killed is it bit different from the whole Freedom of Religion outlook.

      I had an Iraqi friend in Baghdad who became a Christian and was subsequently vilified, threatened and ostracized by his family and former friends. He eventually made it to America to escape the persecution and misery of being a Christian in an Islamic land.

    2. Right, like being a Ginger isn’t a crime, but being a Ginger that believes all non-Gingers should be killed is different. Thanks.

  9. Oh hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!! obama on the SC would send this country back into the Dark Ages overnight. The cretin has NO interest in the Constitution or the people of this country, just his own perverted self-assigned deity status.

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