Hillary Admits Support for Legislation to Kill Gun Industry

Hillary Clinton

There is no chance of burying the lead in this story. Hillary Clinton has vowed to support legislation to kill the gun industry. I am not here to advocate for one political party over another or one particular politician for President. The Shooter’s Log is about firearms, survival/prepping, hunting, etc. However, if you believe in the Second Amendment, hunting, and firearms, you really need to step up and pay attention to Hillary Clinton’s latest proclamation against your rights.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is owing legislation to kill the gun industry.

Hillary is the Democratic frontrunner and in all likelihood going to be the Democratic Nominee. Recently, on her website, she proudly stated, “Hillary will lead the charge to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.” The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is the law that protects manufacturers and retailers from being sued when a product is used in a criminal act. Hillary’s statement leaves absolutely no doubt that her agenda is to give those who would seek to take away your Second Amendment rights, as you know them, everything they need. The number of suits, and costs to fight each suit would quickly bankrupt the manufacturers and retailers.

Of course, this is not much of a surprise—just a window in into one of the ways she plans to eliminate your right to bear arms. On the campaign trail, Hillary has repeatedly brought up the subject bragging about being more anti-gun than Sanders (Example 1 and Example 2 of many). Likewise, Sanders has claimed he believes the families of crime victims should be allowed to sue gunmakers).

While she is open (to a point) about wanting to shut down the firearms industry, she is “less than honest” about the issue in general. On her campaign website, Clinton claims the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is, “a dangerous law that prevents victims of gun violence from holding negligent manufacturers and dealers accountable for violence perpetrated with their guns.” Moreover, in campaign appearances, Clinton claims the firearms industry is “the only industry in America, the only one, that has this kind of special protection.”


You could say Hillary is a liar, but she isn’t stupid. When Hillary goes out on the stump or publishes on her website, claiming the law doesn’t protect “negligent manufacturers and dealers,” or her claim that the firearms industry is “wholly protected from any kind of liability,” These are absolute falsehoods—some would say outright lies meant to mislead the lower information voter.

A dealer who sells a gun to someone he or she knows is a prohibited person—or even suspects that the person will use it to commit a crime—is not only still negligent and thus not protected from lawsuits, but is also subject to felony prosecution under federal law. The passage of PLCAA didn’t negate or limit any liability in these types of scenarios. It was merely akin to saying you cannot sue Ford because someone drove drunk in a car it manufactured and then killed someone. The misuse of the product is not the fault of the manufacturer or the retailer, nor is it a flawed design that would result in liability.

Surely there is plenty to say about this, so feel free to sound off in the comment section.


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  1. I will NEVER vote for Hillary. She hates guns but allows the secret service to protect her with them. How about she give up their protection completely? She does not deserve it anyway. While we do need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, placing more laws on those of us who follow them is simply ludicrous. Each and every mass shooting was perpetrated by someone either possessing the weapons legally or having stolen them. Criminals will use whatever is at hand. Does she want to make spork manufacturers accountable if they happen to kill someone after eating at KFC? She is such an idiot. Her deletion of hundreds of classified e-mails should land her in federal prison.

  2. Almost all Democraps HATE the white man and his clever inventions that have brought so much to Americans.

    Guns make them independent and how DARE THEY???

  3. Let us not forget the history and origin of gun control in this country. Gun control originated in the South after the Civil War. The intent was to prevent the recently freed blacks from getting guns to protect themselves from lynching. Ant black person considering voting for Hilary Clinton should keep this in mind before casting their vote.

  4. Finally someone who understands the intent of the Second Amendment; namely to make sure that government never gets bigger than the citizens. The founding fathers of this country were probably the greatest minds that ever lived, and thankfully included this fundamental right in our constitution.
    Communists like Hilary Clinton have no choice but to circumvent our rights by undermining the gun manufacturers.
    Can such litigation be carried out to other products? If there is a chance for an attorney to make money by suing a company, then everything in our daily life is vulnerable to such lawsuits.

  5. Have you ever heard of a government that banned it’s own ARMED FORCES from “Keeping and Bearing” ARMS?
    Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS.
    The claim that the Government wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a “right” to keep and carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D.
    The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
    The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS’ GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
    Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it’s “rights” up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?!
    Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Politician.
    Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
    There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it’s army’s/soldier’s “RIGHT” to “Keep and BEAR ARMS” because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It’s own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

  6. David, if the legislation proposed by Hillary somehow makes it through both Congress and court challenges (very possible if Hillary gets to appoint 3 or 4 Supreme Court justices), you can kiss the firearms and ammo industries good-by. The examples you cite (automotive, food and airlines) do not have a large well organized group of organizations bent on destroying them. Certainly the industry will “win” the majority of the cases, that’s not the point; the cost of defending multiple cases and appeals will make the thin profit margins these companies now enjoy evaporate. As for importers it will far simpler for foreign manufactures to only sell go government agencies giving the gun-banners just what they want, denying the public access to imported firearms or ammo.

  7. It’s all about control…if the politicians ever get full gun control or ban private ownership of firearms. They then have full control of their “subjects” and can then subject them/us, to whatever they want, whenever they want without fear of reprisal or anything else from their “subjects”. Without the second amendment, all our other rights become a target at the whim of our govt. Don’t believe me? Remember Germany in the early 1930’s after Hitler took total control of the country? Have you ever studied Russia particularly after the 1917 revolution? It’s not talked about it in the press but, in every single country that has enacted extreme gun controls against it’s citizens, has had huge increases in violent crime. Australia, modeled by Clinton…. has had major increases in crime. Imagine a country where only the govt , cops and hardened criminals had guns…try to imagine it here in our country. For instance in my own life… there was a couple of guys who tried to steal a tractor from me on my farm, I caught them, I live 30 minutes from the police department. I called them… it took them an hour and forty minutes to show up… what if those same guys were breaking in my house and had a intent to harm someone in my family? Not fearing that I had a gun, those guys could have done anything they wanted to… BTW I had a gun… I walked out of my house with it in my hand at 3 AM in the morning… the thieves took off. When the cops got there an hour and a half or so later. I gave a statement and description of them and the vehicle they were in. My point is… a gun in my hand and my knowing how to use it…. is way way better than having a cop on the phone and an hour and a half away. I will never , ever, as long as I breath, give up my right to firearms. There were NEVER be a Hillary Clinton or a Bernie Saunders type come along and determine for me IF or How I can defend my family and property. PERIOD ! BTW, I’m a 12 year veteran of the USMC… The ONLY reason this country and our freedoms has survived the last 250 years without having a Hitler or a Tojo or the like…. is the second amendment and civilian ownership of firearms… it is a deterrent and the biggest guarantee of all our other freedoms.

  8. Even if this proposal is adopted, which it wouldn’t be, regardless of who wins the next presidential election, the gun industry will be able to manage just fine. Has the auto industry disappeared just because people are able to sue car manufacturers? No. Has the fast food industry disappeared because people sometimes sue the fast food companies? No. Has the airline industry vanished because people sometimes sue the airlines? No. Intelligent business leaders know how to defend their companies from lawsuits; they’ve been doing it for years. In addition, some types of lawsuits against businesses have become more difficult for average Americans to file or win. Hate Hillary Clinton if you want to, but don’t do it because someone is needlessly afraid that she will take your guns away or destroy the gun manufacturers. Those things won’t happen, folks. People in the gun industry know how to protect their interests.

    1. @ David Nice,

      I beg to differ. The gun industry is quite unique – in that it is a niche market which makes it impossible to compare to the other mainstream industries you’ve mention. Unlike fast food, the gun industry does not have a franchise on every major street corner, nor are its products consumed daily by millions of Americans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      Unlike the auto and airline industries, it does not have the guaranteed support of government subsidies to prop it up every time it fails. America’s dependency on transportation and air travel will always assure these industries remain in business at any cost. The same could never be said for the volatile gun industry.

      Adding to this – it is the only industry burdened with a mandatory federal background check required to authorize each and every single purchase before the cash register is ever allowed to open. Many transactions are held up or never allowed to go through due to errors in federal record keeping.

      Increasing the burden even further are State and Local restrictions, permits, and outright bans. No other industry faces such distinct regulations at the point of purchase. I doubt you’ve ever had to go through a background check before you can take your burger and fries home.

      Maybe some 2015 revenue numbers will help show you how completely dissimilar your list of industries stacks up against the gun industry:

      * Fast Food: $225 Billion
      * Automobile: $570 Billion
      * Airline: $230 Billion
      * Guns & Ammo: $16 Billion

      The entire gun industry averages a meager 5% of the revenue compared to the industries you chose to put it up against. Even the Law Firm industry rakes in a massive $277 billion in annual revenue, and they are who this little 16 billion industry would be up against – comparatively speaking.

      Nevertheless, I find it odd you would make such assertions knowing this entire article is about Hillary’s threats to kill a law that was put in place specifically to protect the vulnerable gun industry from lawsuits to begin with.

      In an effort to defend the Second Amendment, Congress saw the dangers in the increasingly ruthless tactics of the anti-gun movement and knew the gun industry could never survive their barrage of legal attacks, and thus they passed a law just for that industry. No other industry enjoys such a specific protection that I am aware of. So obviously even Congress itself vehemently disagrees with you.

      No sir, you are exceedingly mistaken to presume the gun industry could ever sustain the planned constant bombardment of one frivolous lawsuits after another.

    2. Has the price of autos and everything else you mentioned in your statement skyrocketed.that helps their goal. always including in the goal of destroying democracy was the disarming of the citizens
      Study your history

  9. These crazy liberals would try to sue God if their kid were struck by lightening or drowned because he made the water. These types of folks are ridiculous.

    1. Remember you can sue anyone, for anything, at any time; all you have to do is pay the filing fee. The defendant has to pay for someone to defend (generally a lawyer), while –depending on the case- can find an attorney who will take the case on contingency or for free.

      If the plaintiff loses he’s out nothing but you’re out the cost of the defense. Maybe a plaintiff should have to post a bond to cover the cost of defense should the plaintiff lose the case or have it declared frivolous by the judge.

  10. No defect, no lawsuit! This is just an abstraction, a senseless matter of opinion and another attempt for more gun restrictions. So for many ignorant individuals, it’s only OK for the street criminals and the government criminals to have guns and high firepower because they as so RESPONSIBLE! Look where were at? Politicians try hard to push the idea that we can’t trust the American people to be responsible with guns, so we have disarm them, incrementally, then they will be safe against themselves and be helpless against a roundup! This is where most of our problems, in the aggregate, stem from. The bad decisions of immoral and corrupt individuals. Any law or bill to infringe upon the citizenry to have what they need to protect themselves and Country, is not only Unconstitutional, but any against natural law! Hillery and her Socialist comrads are just continuing to push the agenda to disarm America. We can’t let it happen, unless you want to see history repeat itself.

  11. Mr. Weldon stated my take on this! If firearm mfg.s can be sued, where does it stop? A maniac kills people with a Black & Decker hammer. Bye, Bye Black & Decker. We could play this game forever. What knife mfg would stay in business? We need more courtrooms and judges.

  12. Very good comments and suggestions. I’m sure Guns And Ammo appreciate them. Are you, the author,going to send your comments to your senators and representatives ? They also need to know how you
    feel and also to know that there are people in our country that are still sane and patriotic. By the way, Hillary is not stupid. She knows exactly
    what she is doing…..

  13. Making an object rather than a person responsible for an action is at the core of the liberal/progressive philosophy. If one of my firearms suddenly jumped up and started firing all by itself I would have to believe that a trip to an exorcist rather than a gunsmith was in order.

  14. “If GM sells a vehicle that has a defect in it and someone dies from that vehicle, the company …”

    Joseph, that’s completely false and misleading. The law ( PLCAA) doesn’t limit a manufacturers liability for defective manufacture that causes death. It prevents crazy anti-rights nutjobs from trying to do through lawsuits what they cannot accomplish through legislation; shut down gun manufacturers.

    Are you of the opinion that, If I purchase a GM vehicle and use it to commit murder, GM can be held liable in court?

    That’s the true analogy to your argument.

  15. It never ceases to amaze me to the extent some will go to end our civil rights to defend ourselves in a fashion that our conscience dictates. I’ve taught all of my sons that there is absolutely no substitute for common sense and personal responsibility!!! As someone at the top has said more than once,” I have my cell phone and my pen”. More lives have been damaged by a cell phone and pen decision made by a bureaucrat who has a distorted view of the real world. Washington D.C. unfortunately has become the most absurd “reality show” that any of us have had to be subjected to in recent memory! As someone recently commented, spoons make people overweight and pencils make mistakes. So I guess that means that I can always come up with someone or something else to blame, right? No one wants to understand that YOU ALWAYS have a choice, you just can’t choose your consequences!
    Lastly, I will not ever give up my rights to keep and bear arms as there are oceans of blood spilt by the righteous people who have fought and died defending MY rights and so that I can live and raise my family in the great country of AMERICA! Freedom is not FREE. It’s paid for with the lives of those defending the cause of freedom! For those familiar with the movie “The Patriot”, watch it again! Our founding fathers gave ALL to ensure that future generations, US, could live free as they put off there own selfishness and cared more for that cause so that their future families could enjoy. Enough said! Have a great week and God bless you ALL!

  16. Wow, use words much? Institution or Phd?

    The real answer has been usurped, education!

    Argue all you want, it is over!

  17. How incredibly biased can one person be? I recall some guy tried to sue McDonalds because their food made him fat. The case was thrown out because the judge said the fellow had the choice to not eat the food. Gun owners have the choice whether or not to use their gun to commit a crime. The manufacturer has zero control of how the end user uses the gun. Like some others have said, “Many people die in car accidents. Those involved in car crashes should be able to sue the car maker.” Let’s sue airplane manufacturers whose planes are used by terrorists to crash into buildings. Etc.,etc.,etc.

  18. During the Revolutionary war the Patriots had a saying: “I’d rather die standing than to live on my knees” this in response to British rule. It is apparent that comminist rule has taken shape in the Democratic party of “progressives”. They are hellbent on destroying the Constitution to set up their “common sense” laws. There is no common sense to their “common sense”, it only makes sense to the communist leaders who have trained them. Wake up America before it’s too late.

  19. I for one am prepared to take up arms against anyone who attempts to infring on my rights to defend my family, property and life. I swore am oath to defend the United States of America from all enemies forien or domestic and never will I break that oath. Prepare America the war is on the horizon and you better be on the right side of this.

  20. Personal responsibility? No no our wonderful father-like president and government will take care of us, we don’t need personal responsibility anymore, it’s called the NEW World Order. The only ones who will have personal responsibility used against them will be those who disagree and who are not liked by the Father (Obama, that is). On guns, if someone breaks into your house intent on harming you, throw something at them or better yet just realize that society has wronged them and let them have whatever they want and give them a hug. Stick a flower in their hair, sing a song and just be happy because father Obama and mother Hillary are here and they love us. (Oh then pull your hidden Glock 27 and show them some real understanding)

  21. The gun manufacturers are the only industry where a product is being sold that kills and has no responsibility for any death from their product”
    I respectfully disagree with this statement. I can’t think of a product out there that would not kill you if used improperly, to include drinking to much water. I think your point is that the gun is only designed to kill and this is also incorrect.
    A gun is a tool used for sport most of the time, sometimes lawfully used to take the life of another person and some people just collect them.
    I don’t understand why the manufacturer should be responsible when the product they made is used contrary law or its intended use. If product was defective and this was reason for the loss of life, as in your automobile example, then yes the manufacturer is liable.
    Is Anheuser-Busch responsible for the drunk driver, General Motors responsible for the driver speeding or causing a fatal collision and the State responsible when someone leaps to their death from a bridge, I think not. Don’t get sucked in the propaganda, gun manufacturers are producing guns so people will go kill one another. The reality it millions of people own guns and a small fraction of the population use them for unlawful purposes.
    Let’s get back to the basics and hold people accountable for their actions instead of the one with the deepest pockets.

  22. If she does that, then anyone can sue a car manufacturer, cause people don’t drive them right? Spoons make people obese right?

    She is shucking personal responsibility, that shows her TRUE agenda!

    This is like a lawsuit against a woman from a man since he can not become pregnant, totally idiotic!

    In the wrong hands, pens kill more than anything!

    1. That un-civil wh0r3 would cause a very uncivil war with her idiotic delusiions.

  23. If her assertion that gun makers are the only ones who enjoy such protection was indeed accurate, and we then applied the same logic to vehicles, for example, we’d all soon be doing a lot more walking. The manufacturer of a car used in the commission of felony, perhaps murder, could be sued by the victims. Perhaps as an accessory? There have been numerous instances of thieves, buglers, even bank robbers, using a taxi either to the scene, from, or both. Is the cab company liable? What knives? Even hammers, crow bars, drills? The fact is you need to know that someone in particular is bound to use something in particular against someone in particular in an illegal manner. That’s what’s supposed to keep us safe from things like “no fly lists.” But we have those, too. She is not stupid. But she knows most of her constituency is either blindly big gov liberal, bitter, or, yes, stupid. So that makes her…?

  24. The men who were responsible for creating this country had it right. They created good laws and government protection for the people. Modern day politicians spend most of there time trying to take away our rights . Lawyers have ( which many politicians are ) taken control of our government. Hillary’ who would allow the senseless killing of babies with her stance on abortion. Claims that guns are bad and should be removed from the people. Hogwash ! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If a person wants to do someone harm, they will find what ever means to achieve their goal. Obama has destroyed this great nation. Hillary if elected will continue down his path of weakness. Who will defend this nation when the North Koreans nuke Washington DC,the sky is full of Russian paratroopers and the Islamic terrorists go house to house killing the infidels.” WE THE People” that’s who.

  25. I am glad I am not Stupid like Hillary and that is just one of the reasons I will not vote for her. She does not have the common sense to come out of the rain. The manufacture of a firearm does not know how it will be used or who will pull the trigger. I do not know if she is doing this because she wants votes or if she is so stupid that she does not know any better. Personally, I think it is the later. If she gets this passed, then all manufacturing will stop. That goes from anyone making firearms to toasters to a kitchen knife that might be used in a fatal robbery. Let her give up her Secret Service People who have guns and then she might change her tune. If she starts letting anyone sue manufactures of firearms or even Car Manufactures, she is going to have another Civil War on her hands. I thought she was going to create jobs, but if she gets rid of firearm manufactures, where are the people going to go to find work, Mexico?

  26. If Hillary is so anti-gun the let her put action to her words and remove the rather large contingent of armed men and women who surround her and protect her every day. Surely she must realize the number of evil guns that these people carry who are so close to her. Oh but she would say that she needs protection from someone intent on doing her harm, however the rest of us don’t deserve protection.

  27. “The gun manufacturers are the only industry where a product is being sold that kills and has no responsibility for any death from their product.”

    Wrong Joseph. A gun manufacturer can be held responsible for selling a defective product such as say a defective safety or a weak receiver that explodes when the gun is fired injuring or killing someone.

    1. They are responsible if the gun is defective. This is not the same as the gun being used for an unlawful purpose.

  28. Joseph, which gun had a defect that killed someone? GM makes cars that have been used by a drunk person to kill someone. Should GM be sued for that?

  29. Over 700,000 Americans die each year at the hands of government-sanctioned medicine, while the FDA and other government agencies pretend to protect the public by harassing those who offer safe alternatives

    If Hilary wants to champion a campaign, tell her for me to go after Big Pharma and the AMA. Make them liable for the murder of millions and the
    devastation to the families that wont’ be interviewed on CNN and big media….all bought and paid for.

  30. Regardless of what someone says all attempts by the government to disarm its citizenry are an act of war on its people. If any of you reading this don’t like what I am saying, even though I am in control, I blame my keyboard. Same thing as blaming a gun. The PLCAA protects firearm manufacturers because they do make a product that when used correctly can take life. Hunting is taking life. The PLCAA is to protect manufacturers from being sued because of someone who blatantly misused the TOOL. Firearms a freakin TOOL. I capitalize TOOL because for some a gun is somehow different that an TOOL. A TOOL is a mechanical device invented for the purpose of making some task easier. A screw driver used improperly can be very dangerous. Ask anyone who has pissed off a drunk man holding one. It would be better to go after manufacturers that put chemicals in their products known to cause cancer. Like mercury in mascara. Or BPA in the lining of bean cans. Or how about cocamide, The chemical that is in almost every liquid soap you will use so it will lather. I feel sorry for anyone whose family has been touched by gun violence. But the manufacturers never intended for your families to be hurt. Plenty of average, good, loving Americans own firearms. The irresponsible human being misusing a TOOL devastated those families. Sue the one who did the crime. (Oh wait, you can’t. Chances are the coward killed them self.) Don’t punish the 99% of good law abiding gun owners for the recklessness of the 1%. Buy a gun. Learn all there is to know about it. Get your carry permit. So you can protect your own family instead of wishing someone else did your job for you. Personal security is the responsibility of every citizen in the whole world. Anyone who would leave you unable to defend your own loved ones is the real enemy. No gun control laws anywhere have ever been effective in lowering violent crime rates. They only strip the lawful citizen of his ability to defend himself from an armed threat. Either from a criminal who has no respect for the law that he is already breaking. Or the government that wants to oppress its citizens. Criminals are opportunistic cowards. Don’t give them the opportunity to raid your home after the government says your not allowed to defend yourself. “God created all men. Samuel Colt made them equal.”

  31. Gun manufacturers are held liable for issues pertaining to injury or death as a result of quality defects. However, they should not be held liable for misuse of a gun. Yes, guns are designed to kill, I’m sure many Police Depts. would be very unhappy if their officers where carrying guns that where harmless. The same is true with the person who relies on the gun for self defense. The misuse of any product, guns included should be strictly the responsibility of the user.

  32. Another good reason to vote Republican, you can bet your bottom dollar the Democrats want to take away your right to protect yourself, from criminals in and out of Government.

  33. How about Fist & Feet, The Louisville Slugger, Estwing Hammers, Kitchen knives, Rope, Wire, Shovels, Rocks….. The “Tool” & who makes them doesn`t commit the act. THAT`S Why this would never hold up in a Court Not motivated by politics. If so, That Judge should be not only removed from the bench, But Disbarred from practicing LAW. This Makes about as much sense as Clinton herself. A Power crazed Murdering, Narcissistic Sociopath hell bent on the destruction of our Nation EXACTLY Like her old Boss, Only WORSE. Insanity & Corruption stacked up for decades. Yet STILL Allowed to run free.

  34. For once, Hillary is being partly honest about her goal: kill the gun industry and destroy the second amendment. If she were truly honest and up front, she would propose an amendment to repeal the right to keep and bare arms.

    But for some reason the Democrats never approach the subject honestly because they know such an amendment would never be ratified. So they try the dishonest, underhanded and sneaky scheme of nibbling away at it.

    When you add that to the fact that they have become so unraveled that they don’t know which bathroom to use and still want to run the country, you have a party that has spun off the rails into absurdity.

  35. Sorry to bust you bubble but gum manufacturers can be held responsible and sued if they sell a defective gun just like any other manufacture. They can’t be held responsible for misuse after the sale just like any other manufacturer, only a defective product.

  36. There are already Federal laws that hold firearms dealers liable for selling guns to someone who lawfully cannot buy a gun, if the dealer does not follow the proper procedures for determining that. A gun manufacturer should never….I repeat never be held liable for death resulting from one of their firearms, unless that death is a result of their product being defective. I.E. Gun blows up in your face and kills you, or someone close to you as a result of a manufactures defect of said gun. If a car dealer sells a car to someone who has had their drivers
    license revoked, and that person goes out and runs someone over and kills them with that car, you don’t sue the car manufacturer. Hillary Clinton is wrong…..period! Too bad she can’t use some of her millions to go buy some common sense. That goes for all anti-gun nutjobs as well. Common sense has been completely bred out of liberals. It’s a disease that ruining this country. BTW…there is no such thing as an Assault Rifle outside of weapons specifically manufactured for the military. It’s just an ignorant buzz word made up by leftist anti-gunners to help run their ridiculous agenda.

  37. This makes no more sense than being able to sue Ford when an individual misuses a vehicle (like driving drunk) and kills someone. If an auto maker sells a defective car, they should be held liable. The same goes for a gun manufacturer if they make a defective gun and it injures someone. Neither should be held liable for the improper use of the product. Only the individual who misused it. They should be held responsible for their individual actions. Something that isn’t very popular these days.

  38. Using the apparent logic described, the courts will never be able to handle the load. An automaker should be sued for a careless driver injuring/killing someone. The beverage manufacturer, distributer, bar owner, and bar tender should be liable for a drunks injuring her/himself or others after consuming the beverage. And, the cell phone company should be held responsible for every distracted drivers crash and resultant injury and/or death caused by texting, phone call, or email. We all know Clinton is quite familiar with cell phone technology and emails.

    And, if you have loved ones in harms way, recall her lack of action and resultant desertion of responsibility to US Embassy lives in Benghazi in 2012. SERIOUSLY, do you want her as Commander in Chief and ultimately responsible for our defenders’ lives? Forget blind party allegiance and what her spin-meisters spew out our TV. Vote logically and accordingly,

  39. If a person stabs someone to death do we blame the knife manufacturer? If someone uses a car to run people over do we go after the company that sold the car or who made the vehicle? It has been said many times “Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! “

  40. You that claim to be a democrat, and a pro gun, and a 2nd amendment supporter??? Are you missing something? Are you kidding me? Surely you will come out of your liberal confused world and frieking wake the heck up!
    Please don’t vote democrat! Vote for your rights! Vote for your freedom! Vote for the real world. Vote for your right to defend yourself. Vote for your children and your grandchildren! Vote for “We The People”! And God Bless America!

  41. Hillary will start small. First they will open the doors, so that victims of gun violence or stupidity can sue dealers, manufacturers, and even the company that manufacturers the ammo. These companies will have to lawyer up to stay a float. Many Retailers that are not dedicated gun shops will simply stop carrying guns to avoid liability ( example walmart ). Then they will stop carrying accessories as well. Many gun dealers will go out of business as they can’t afford legal fees. This will restrict where the number of places you can buy a gun. High Capacity magazines will become NFA items, and will require to be serialized and a stamp tax ( similar to supressors ). Next she will impliment a Tax on ammo and guns, claiming they money will go to fund law enforcement, and victims of gun violence. Finally she will insist all firearms must be registered, and will be taxed as property. This will force anyone who owns more than a few guns to liquidate their collection, as the cost of owning a collection will be too high. She knows she can’t ban guns, but she also knows she can make it extremely expensive to own them, which will effectively do the same thing. Of course all during this time, crime rates will continue to increase due to the number of criminals who no longer live in fear of armed citizens.

  42. Smokers die of lung cancer can no longer sue tobacco. If a drunk guy beats me up, I can’t sue the alcohol industry or the bar. If a guy negligently driving a car smashes into mine I can’t sue the car manufacturers. And of corse the pharmaceutical companies killing more people per year than gun related incidents but nobody can sue the MD who wrote the prescription or the pharmaceutical company that created OxyContin as long as it was within standard procedure and legal. But an idiot with a gun kills someone with a weapon that was purchased legally and the victims family can go after the gun manufacturing company? I understand people feel Trump is going to wage war with other people, however, any president who tries to touch any of our constitutional rights is waging war with their own people.

  43. Hey Joseph Biden, did you really read the article? So I’m guessing by your comment about handguns that like Clinton you think they are evil too… Vote for the other Clinton and see what you get. Do you still have your double barrel shotgun?

  44. I disagree if someone completes an application to purchase a firearm and is approved the manufacture nor the dealer are responsible.How is a gun dealer or a manufacture to know the intent. People kill people not guns or manufactures.

  45. In response to the first comment from Joseph (yes I am of the same name) I read the article and your response twice. In the article the author states “On her campaign website, Clinton claims the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is, “a dangerous law that prevents victims of gun violence from holding negligent manufacturers and dealers accountable for violence perpetrated with their guns.” Moreover, in campaign appearances, Clinton claims the firearms industry is “the only industry in America, the only one, that has this kind of special protection.” The Author also states “A dealer who sells a gun to someone he or she knows is a prohibited person—or even suspects that the person will use it to commit a crime—is not only still negligent and thus not protected from lawsuits, but is also subject to felony prosecution under federal law. So is not the author correct in that her remarks are not truthful? Am I missing something in your response?

  46. I think I’ll vote for whomever will outlaw rocks. Rocks have been demonstrated as lethal weapons since history has been recorded. I can not believe rocks are still legal for any one to own!
    Rocks kill people! Period.

  47. Hil-LIAR-y’s logic can be extended to hold knife manufacturers liable for injuries and deaths from knives. Similarly, Hil-LIAR-y’s logic makes manufacturers of clubs liable for injuries and deaths from clubs. Please take note: after Australia banned guns, violent crime increased and the new weapons of choice became knives and clubs. It is not the weapon that commits the crime. IT IS THE PERSON THAT COMMITS THE CRIME. So, when do politicians admit this? Will they ever admit it???

  48. Not only will this affect the dealer but it is a door to the end of our Constitutional right to bear arms. Obama has started the process of creating a window for Marshall law by getting more than 30 states to get federal aid to receive tanks, military training and military weapons, that is going to make those states liability to the federal government a step in the forcing Marshall law, and if a sitting Democrat is in the white house, the presidential election process will stop. There will be blood.

  49. “….holding negligent manufacturers and dealers accountable for violence perpetrated with their guns.”

    Are they really proffering this asinine (non)’thought’ again? Just replace “guns” with ANY OTHER product manufactured on the planet, including five gallon buckets that children drown in. Common Sense no longer exists in America!!

  50. Remember the 2nd amendment is so we can protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. Don’t let those who oppose the 2nd amendment to ever mention it’s there for hunting defining incorrectly the reason it exist. Hunting is secondary in itself.

  51. At the end of the day any politician can say what they “want” to do, it`s the “doing” part that is the sticky business. Hillary won`t be able to do squat and I`ll tell you why and it`s really not that hard to figure out if you think about it. Are you ready? Here it is….$$$$$$$ and lots of them. The gun and firearms accessories industries employ more than 2.5 million people nationwide, not to mention the support industries that go along with them like transportation, raw materials retail and apparel to name a few. Their are millions of jobs at stake here and the associated payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, highway use taxes and God knows how many more taxes that I haven`t even mentioned. The one thing you need never forget about democrats is that they are tax hungry animals that can`t get enough tax dollars to spend 10 times over to take care of their entitlement program slaves. Hillary can talk the talk, but when the election smoke clears and cooler heads take over, she will end up selling more guns than Obama and the gun industry tax dollar train will keep chugging down the track at full speed just like it has been the last 8 years, make no mistake about it! Trump 2016 nuff said!

  52. Is anyone surprised by this? This is the wife of the man who signed the Brady Law. The Democratic left will destroy our rights and freedom unless enough of us vote and keep them out of office. When it comes to our next president please remember your ABC’s: Anything But Clinton.

  53. Carrying Hillary’s argument to its logical conclusion would allow an “injured” victim to sue you (as well as the vehicle manufacturer, distributor, distiller and liquor store) if someone stole your car got drunk and ran over the victim.

    Does anyone out there really believe that this will stop with the firearms industry? Could this be the groundwork for government taking over industry in this country? Liberals want people control (which they can’t get until they disarm the public). Would this be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court? Not if Hillary gets to make some appointments, as she has already publically stated that she (as a lawyer) is sure that the US Supreme Court was wrong in deciding that the Second Amendment protects individual right to possess firearms

  54. I read that Obama plans on inviting all 50 governors of the Nations states to a class he is personally teaching to show them how to use EXECUTIVE ORDERS to manipulate and control gun laws in their states. Its planned for early in May in Ca.
    This thing should be protested and and stopped in its tracks.

  55. I’m sorry. You cannot be a “a Democrat who happens to love firearms and 2nd Amendment rights anymore”. The party has pushed to far to the left and those two labels are diametrically opposed. It’s an oxymoron. Democrats are doing anything they can to ultimately take away those rights.

    The outright starting point to less violence is simply to enforce laws that are on the books. Ironically this doesn’t seem to properly happen, as with so many programs the government is involved in, they seem to botch them up and only are about 60% effective. However, another way to think about it is, “does this or a Hillary administration really want the laws on the books to work?” If the laws were enforced and worked, how would they justify going after further erosion of the second amendment? Time and time again socialist democrats (aka “progressives”) have proclaimed that they want full out gun control so why believe for a second they would want the current laws to work!! They don’t want them to. So much so that they sponsored gun running via “Fast and Furious” program under Holder. To catch criminals? No. To enable crimes with guns they want to ban? Yes. It was to catch the guns (inanimate objects which they claim commit crimes in their own)!

    While going after the 2nd amendment, this same extreme “Democrat” movement is also allowing refugees here from a cultures supportive of rape, murder, and violence. This should have every American who believes in personal responsibility/safety, regardless of party affiliation, nervous as heck. Let in more criminals, and reduce your right to protect yourself. The next step will be to justify more police and army presence to increase in size and watch your every move. This is not the American way. They try to get you by using words like “common sense gun control legislation” (like they twist the word “progressive”), yet we all know that their immigration policy ( let everyone in regardless), has no element of common sense whatsoever. Then shout us down as insensitive. Interesting right? I’d rather be insensitive and smart, than downright feel good and sitting duck dumb. (Ducks may act smarter as they still use God given instincts).

  56. Hillary Clinton is right if a gun dealer sells a gun to someone they know is purchasing this firearm for someone else or lies on a Federal Gun Application and the purchase is approved and someone gets injured or killed by this firearm. Then yes the gun dealer needs and should be held responsible. That’s not being on either side, Democrat or Republican!

    The gun manufacturers are the only industry where a product is being sold that kills and has no responsibility for any death from their product. If GM sells a vehicle that has a defect in it and someone dies from that vehicle, the company can be held responsible. I don’t agree that gun manufacturers should be held liable for a singled out guns like ( AR 15’s) and other assault rifles. This is wrong hand guns kills more Americans on a daily basis than assault rifles. I am a Democrat who happens to love firearms and my 2nd Amendment rights.

    1. Let’s see, I’ve got plenty of guns and have had them for many years and they have yet to kill one single person. There is no defect in these guns but if I had a defect I could possibly use a gun to kill someone. Hmmmm… I could also use some chain and locks on doors of an auditorium full of people and use gasoline filled bottles set up to detonate after I’ve left and burn the auditorium down killing those inside …. Guess they could sue the chain, lock and gas manufacturers for those deaths… Your analogy of a defective auto and a gun are …. Let’s just say comical. So when those that drink end up with a car at their disposal and kill an innocent family we should blame both the alcohol and car? When is it just personal responsibility?

    2. Joseph, if a dealer knowingly sells a gun to someone they shouldn’t, they ARE held accountable, those laws are already in place.

      What Hillary and other left wing politicians want is for the gun industry to be held criminally and financially liable for the illegal use of firearms, that is, if a legal gun owner or criminal uses a gun to kill someone, family or others shall be able to sue the gun manufacturer. Sue the manufacturer for actions they had no control over. This isn’t a back door to shutting down gun ownership, it’s “an in your face, we’re taking it away by any means necessary” ripping away of a constitutional right. It’s an action that would sooner rather than later, drive gun manufacturer’s out of business.

      By comparing guns to vehicles, you are saying that General Motors should be held criminally and financially liable if a person decides to use a GM vehicle to run someone over and kill them. Nobody in their right mind would agree with that and I don’t believe the Supreme Court would uphold such a ridiculous law.

      Furthermore your assertion that guns are sold only to kill people is false. People buy guns to hunt (a legal past time), to target shoot (again, legal) and yes for protection, among other reasons. Yes protection implies that the attacker may well be shot to death.

      And so what? Another useless criminal drain on society bits the dust? Fine by me. If there was less violent crime maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to carry.

      Do you really expect me to believe that you own guns but would not use them against anyone who came at you or loved ones with intent? Do you plan to ask them what their intentions are at 2 am while standing in your own house confronting an intruder?

      Or will you pull your weapon and do what the rest of us will do, take a deep breath, hope to God the idiot backs off and pull the trigger if you must? If that happens, are you ok with the criminal’s family suing the manufacturer of YOUR gun because you pulled the trigger?

      Responsible, law abiding citizens constitute the overwhelming vast majority of gun owners in the US. We are sick and tired of being held accountable for the actions of criminals (especially illegal criminals who appear to steal most of their weapons from law enforcement agencies-how ironic) and the mentally ill, by glory seeking self serving politicians who would take away our constitutional and natural right to self defense while surrounding themselves with gun toting security at every turn.

      The Second Amendment could not be any clearer:

      “The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    3. Joseph’s spin on Hillary’s stance is pure garbage. Hillary wants to go after manufacturers, not just dealers. If a gun dealer knowingly sells a gun to someone for someone else, it is called a straw purchase, and is a federal felony….regardless of whether someone is injured or killed. They can already held accountable under the law. What Hillary is wanting is civil liability against gun manufacturers for anyone illegally using their product. She wants it against manufacturers, not just dealers. If Joseph actually believes what he wrote, then he has not been listening to Hillary. And if a gun, like Joseph’s GM example, has a defect, possibly the barrel blows up, then yes, the manufacturer can be held liable, just like the car manufacturer.

      A good comparison would be if someone buys a Ford car, and then later decides to jump the sidewalk and mow down some pedestrians. Or later sells the car to a third party who drives drunk and kills someone. Under Hillary’s reasoning, Ford Motor Co. should be liable because someone used their product unlawfully.

      If a handgun gets stolen and someone robs a bank with it, why should the gun manufacturer be held liable? Maybe we should blame the shovel manufacturer because someone is digging holes in another’s front yard.

    4. Thank you Joseph for a common sense response. I too would be considered a liberal but a firm believer in 2nd amendment rights. However I also believe in common sense gun sale laws. I have sold many firearms but always made sure that the person I sold them to is legally allowed to make the purchase. I feel that a good compromise position is that the buyer holds a concealed weapons permit or, as in my sate, a sheriff’s permit. I would never be able to live with myself if I later learned that someone I sold a weapon to had used it to harm another person IF I had sold to a person that hadn’t been checked out.

    5. @ skjtnc,

      You wrote, “Thank you Joseph for a common sense response.”, as if to imply the rest of the posts lack common sense. You then go on to boast about your political similarities with Joseph as if that somehow confirms your self-proclaimed “common sense” to be more legitimate over others.

      But the reality is that you actually lack “common sense” for not realizing that not one thing you, Joseph or Hillary are saying presents anything new to the rest of the World. In fact it is precisely your lack of “common sense” which impairs your ability to comprehend that most folks here are way ahead of you and post their responses bearing the knowledge that there have been laws in place for years which already govern any so-called “common sense” epiphanies you, Joseph, or Hilary think you have recently stumbled upon.

    6. You are an absolute fool. This pertains to gun manufacturers not gun dealers! And this also has nothing to do with firearms containing DEFECTS this pertains to victims of crimes where firearms were used. It amazes me that some people just type away and post and don’t even think about what they’re saying!

    7. Joseph: Your interpretation of Hillary’s proposal is incorrect. She (and the others who are in favor of suing gun manufacturers) are essentially stating that simply offering a semi-automatic firearm for sale to the public is negligence. There is no “defect” inherent in the firearm, they’re saying the firearm itself is the defect. A better analogy would be if someone misused an automobile from GM (that had no inherent defect) and injured someone else then that victim could sue GM because they should have known better than to sell that product to someone who would use it irresponsibly. No manufacturer is currently exposed to the type of litigation HRC has advocated. They are attempting to single out the gun industry for litigation since they have not had the level of success they desire through legislative or executive action.

    8. Then I guess the families of people killed by the weapons our government sold to the Mexican drug cartels during operation fast and furious should sue the the U.S. Government.

    9. So …I should be able to sue cooking utensil companies for causing morbid obesity? No! Manufacturers should only be responsible for defective parts causing death or mutilation not misuse and handling …if I went out and ran over 30 people in the street the car company shouldn’t be responsible for that !!!

    10. Joseph’s argument is false. Hillary is going after manufacturer’s, not just dealers, And the first paragraph examples he uses are already federal felonies. For product defects, manufacturers can be held liable. But Hillary wants to make gun manufacturers liable if their gun is used unlawfully. Why should any product manufacturer be held liable for the wilful misuse of their product?

      Blame Ford if a car is used to mow down pedestrians. Blame a shovel manufacturer is someone digs holes in another’s yard. Sue Louisville Slugger if someone uses their baseball bat to kill someone. It defies logic, other than just trying to railroad a company out of business.

    11. “….if a gun dealer sells a gun to someone they know is purchasing this firearm for someone else or lies on a Federal Gun Application….”

      Don’t conflate those already “criminally prosecutable” actions with ‘suing gun manufacturers.’ “I am a Democrat who happens to love firearms and my 2nd Amendment rights.”

      You, sir, have the same flawed reasoning as any of those other “gun control,” a.k.a. people control, whacks! “….hand guns kills more Americans….” No “gun” kills Americans, people/homo sapiens kill each other by whatever means available – one of the FEW species on the planet that kill their own. A gun would only be “defective” if it failed to operate as designed….most gun manufacturers, unlike many other types, stand behind their product – no NEED to sue for a defective weapon!

      As noted in the article, this “tactic” is designed to remove your ability to exercise your ” love (of) firearms and (your)my 2nd Amendment rights.”

    12. “The gun manufacturers are the only industry where a product is being sold that kills and has no responsibility for any death from their product.”
      Take a look at the alcohol industry.

    13. No they are held accountable just like the car industry,.. Many have filed suit against Remington for their triggers n the Model 700 . This is from Fact checks report using a reporters quote,..
      “[Clinton’s statement] doesn’t appear to be completely accurate,” said Adam Winkler, professor of law at UCLA and author of Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America, in an email to NPR. “The 2005 law does not prevent gun makers from being held liable for defects in their design. Like car makers, gun makers can be sued for selling a defective product. The problem is that gun violence victims often want to hold gun makers liable for the criminal misuse of a properly functioning product.”

    14. If a gun manufacture sells a gun that has a fault that causes a negligent dicharge and causes death or injury they would be held accountable and be subject to a lawsuit. Otherwise a gun is nothing more than a tool just like an automobile. It’s the person behind the wheel and trigger who is responsible not the manufacture of either.

    15. “Defect”is the key word in your argument Joseph. What is being said here is NOT that the firearms industry is going to be responsible for defective products, rather that they will be held responsible for what the end user does with thier product. An automotive manufacturer or any manufacturer is going to be held responsible for defective products that result in deaths.

      You are comparing apples to oranges.

      If someone buys a car from GM and drinks SMIRNOF vodka and drinks and drives and kills someone (a criminal act with these companies products) should GM or SMIRNOF be held responsible for the criminal act of the user of their products?? Your argument says they should be held responsible.

      Just like the article above says…

      “The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is the law that protects manufacturers and retailers from being sued when a product is used in a criminal act. ”

      “WHEN A PRODUCT IS USED IN A CRIMINAL ACT”.Are the key words.

      This has nothing to do with defective products.

      If someone is raped with a “brand X” condom should the condom manufacturer be held responsible for the criminal acts of the user of their product?? Your argument says that they should.

    16. Joseph, you are so far off in left field on this one it is hard to take you seriously. You are equating apples and oranges.

      Manufacturers are liable when their products are defective, and as a result of the defect and lack of action on their part people are harmed.

      Your analogy is to compare defective products resulting in manufacturers being sued with bringing suits when products don’t malfunction but are simply used to commit crimes.

      If you love your firearms and 2nd A rights then you are playing into the hands of those whose long term goal is complete civil disarmament by saying you agree with this legislation.

      Are you also in favor of every single DUI resulting in the manufacturer of the vehicle being sued for damages as well as the company that produced the liquor that got them drunk? Is the clerk who sold the liquor liable when he had no way of knowing the person would get drunk and kill someone?

      The Democrats have gone completely off the deep end and I burned my Democrat voting card years ago, I strongly suggest you do the same.

      Democrats are now in favor of thought crime. Punishing people and holding them accountable for crimes and actions BEFORE they have been committed.

    17. That is pure BS … you don’t love the 2nd Amendment or you wouldn’t be willing to sue the gun manufacturers out f business … plenty of other businesses makes products that kill … hammers and knives … for instance … what a moron …

    18. Unfortunately that can never happen. The gun dealer is not who she is trying to go after. It is the gun manufacturer who sells to the dealer she is trying to bankrupt. Ruger, S&W, FNH, etc. Has anybody sued Ford for their car not malfunctioning when it killed somebody? They get sued for defects that cause a death. I wish my cars were as reliable as the guns I own. In my state a good portion of guns are sold without dealer intervention, so how can a mfg be held accountable for that? It make no sense to kill an industry that has protected so many. Remember that the Japanese never attacked the mainland US during WW2 because they knew there was a gun behind every blade of grass. Let’s keep it that way.

    19. I think I’m going to sue all the food manufactures as well as the utensil manufactures because I’m fat. I might even sue the clothes manufactures for not making something in my size.
      Let’s ask Hillary and all other politicians to take away all the guns of their body guards. I doubt they would be happy about that!
      The best way to control a population is to take away their means of defending themselves. Doesn’t happen overnight. But little by little.

    20. If a gun manufacturer sells a gun and it has a defect and hurts or kills someone as a result…..they are liable just as much as GM is. I’m going to be kinder than most and suggest you read up on this. Taurus just settled for somewhere in the neighborhood of $39mil and Remington is on the hook big time for their triggers. They will lose as well. PLCAA ONLY protects lawful transactions. Read Hillary’s speeches. She believes Bushmaster should be sued for Adam Lanza’s actions. How can a manufacturer be held liable for actions that started with theft and murder?
      Think about it. Cars kill more than guns, but GM isn’t sued for every drunk driver. Or every person who fails to use their seatbelt.

    21. Joseph

      The guns in question were not defective, the criminals misusing them were.. Kind of like a drunk driver killing people with a perfectly good vehicle. Also, manufacturers have no control over how a dealer does business and are not liable for a dealers actions. There are already plenty of laws on the books covering manufacturers and dealers….we don’t need any more.

    22. That is patently wrong, Joseph.

      If a dealer sells to somebody they know is purchasing the gun for illegal reasons, they are most certainly liable. See Badger Guns for an example.

      And manufacturers are liable if they sell defective equipment, just like every other industry. See the ongoing lawsuit against Remington for an example.

      No, Hillary isn’t right. In fact, she is either a complete idiot or believes her constituency is.

    23. Joseph, you’re a troll! The firearms industry can certainly be sued for defects that lead to death or dismemberment. The PLCAA only protects them from being sued for the criminal misuse of their product.

    24. Is GM responsible if someone goes out drinking and gets behind the wheel and kills someone? Because that’s the level of responsibility the democrats want the gun manufacturers to take.

    25. not sure if your intention was such but your statement equating the gun industry selling a product that kills with no responsibility due to death and a GM product that has a defect in it and causes a death is simply wrong and misleading that sounds like a statement a radical lib such as clinton would make.

    26. Joseph, just a quick thought. You stated that if a GM vehicle is “defective” and it injures or kills someone that the company is held responsible. I don’t think that the article is referring to firearms that are defective. The law was intended to protect against frivolous and predatory lawsuits against the firearms industry.

    27. Really? Did you really just compare a car manufacturers “defective ” product liability with a gun manufacturers liability for a non defective gun that some criminal obtains and uses in a crime? So, if I use a mustang to run over my Ex-wife then Ford is to be held liable..? Guns don’t kill people!!! People do!! Cars don’t kill people!!! People do!!! Please educate yourself!!

    28. “…If GM sells a vehicle that has a defect in it and someone dies from that vehicle, the company can be held responsible…” – this would assume then that a gun somehow misfired and killed multiple people BECAUSE IT HAD A DEFECT. A car with no defect that kills 15 people because a CRAZY PERSON drove it into a crowd doesn’t warrant suing the auto manufacturer – it should be the same with guns.


    29. If the person that commits a crime was let out of prison, then the government should be sued. If the person was failed to be convicted and killed again then the judge lawyer and jury gets sued. Why when a politician says something stupid that they are not held accountable?

    30. If a gun dealer sells a gun to someone knowing that they are going to use it in criminal activity, he is liable and the law does not protect that gun dealer. The law is there to say, that your use of the gun in a legal manner and something happens because you were negligent then you can be tried, but the dealer has no control over what you do with it once you leave his place of business. You must pass a NICS check before you can even buy the gun. Also your statement about handguns killing more people than other things like rifles, is untrue, it is a Democrat talking point. Cars kill more people than guns do, should we outlaw them?

    31. Way to miss the point entirely. In your example of GM having responsibility for injuries occurring as a result of a manufacturing flaw, you have identified the key component that creates the liability, i.e. The manufacturing defect. If, however, a person is injured because they were driving GM’s product in an unsafe fashion (for example while impaired, or at unsafe speeds) there is no liability for GM because the fault lies with the driver, not the car. This isn’t hard logic. Similarly, if an individual pulls the trigger on a loaded firearm while pointing at someone else and causes an injury, the fault is with the individual pulling the trigger, not the manufacturer of the gun (or the manufacturer(s) of the powder, brass cartridge, lead or other projectile, etc). The gun performed exactly as designed, exactly as intended, exactly as advertised. There is no negligence in the part of the gun maker if YOU decide to buy a perfectly functional gun and use it to harm someone. What’s next? Would you like to sue Louisville Slugger next time a baseball bat is used to bludgeon someone?

    32. Hillary Clinton is NEVER Right, About anything at anytime. The deliberate Failure to see the obvious by Democrats AND Republicans only in it for their self gain is why the Country is awash in Political Corruption, And has been for the last 60 years.

    33. Clearly you didn’t understand the point made in the article. If a manufacturer or dealer KNOWINGLY sells a firearm to a person who does not pass a background check, or would not otherwise have access to the firearm, or intend to use the firearm for criminal intent are still liable under a DIFFERENT law. Not to mention, a slew of felony charges.

    34. You could say Hillary is a liar, but she isn’t stupid. When Hillary goes out on the stump or publishes on her website, claiming the law doesn’t protect “negligent manufacturers and dealers,” or her claim that the firearms industry is “wholly protected from any kind of liability,” These are absolute falsehoods—some would say outright lies meant to mislead the lower information voter.

      A dealer who sells a gun to someone he or she knows is a prohibited person—or even suspects that the person will use it to commit a crime—is not only still negligent and thus not protected from lawsuits, but is also subject to felony prosecution under federal law. The passage of PLCAA didn’t negate or limit any liability in these types of scenarios. It was merely akin to saying you cannot sue Ford because someone drove drunk in a car it manufactured and then killed someone. The misuse of the product is not the fault of the manufacturer or the retailer, nor is it a flawed design that would result in liability.

    35. Joseph,
      You are doing the exact same thing Democrats are preaching about. You are comparing apples to oranges, which is their exact argument to get people to follow their thinking.

      You can’t compare protection of a weapon that functions properly and is either used or sold illegally to commit a crime to a vehicle that has a defect and then sadly kills someone. Now, ID the manufacturer knows about the defect and decides to ignore and someone dies, that is different.

      Your comparison would be like if I got ran over by a Ford Taurus from someone leaving the scene of a murder, should my family be able to sue Ford for millions just because that person just happen to choose to buy a Ford? Or should be able to sue Chevy because my Silverado goes over 65mph and I get a speeding ticket?

      You start down the road of holding manufacturers liable for their products that are sold legally and then used in an illegal manner, where do you stop? So now the entire legal beverage market is at risk for everyone who is killed by a drunk driver. The entire auto industry is at risk for everyone who was speeding and got into a fatal accident. It’s a slippery slope and you can’t pick and choose who to hold liable for things out of their control.

  57. So much can be said on the topic of leftist liberals. On one side they evangelize not to condemn groups of people in general because a very small percentage of them are dangerous, yet they condemn all gun owners through trying to legislate away our country’s foundational rights. Selective liberalism. The caution for us as law abiding gun owners is that they know how to twist logic and work the superficial masses – all for the “protection” of our families and children. They spread a message of fear which most people don’t look beyond to understand the facts for themselves. What is the percentage of people who use guns in dangerous ways? Is it More or less than the numbers of people who break the law everyday by driving under the influence and putting countless families in jeopardy of losing loved ones? Lord forbid we kill the auto industry! Guns and cars are not the “killers”. Someone has to get one and then make a choice to do what they do. I’m sure the car and gun manufacturers were there telling them to do what they did…? Hold the perpetrators responsible. This is another mainstay of liberals – no need for personal responsibility, let’s legislate protection because of our own inability to make proper decisions.

    One last comment for now. Taking away personal gun ownership effectively subdues and weakens the collective strength of our nation, from threats both internal and external. Is that where we’re headed as a nation? We are if the Clinton’s get back in office! Have we not had enough with Bobama? Get out and keep our country from going in the wrong direction with your votes!

  58. These are times of clear and present danger to the Constitutional and Civil rights as bestowed upon us by our fore fathers. There are many forces attempting to manipulate or crush these basic rights (many times only for personal or political gain.) They are intransigently convinced that their superior intellect and reasoning ability proves, ipso facto, the validity of their actions. Concurrently, their antipodal rhetoric mocks actual statements and writings from those authoring statesmen.

    A very salient issue is that many Americas seem to have forgotten that the framers of the Constitution came to the table with firsthand experience of tyranny, oppression, unchecked rule and the voice of the people being irrelevant. In addition, they had seen the cost in blood and life it takes to eliminate ensconced rule by oppression and tyranny. It is this living experience that guided their hands in forming the Constitutional principles. By doing so they gave us a Constitution that provides “We The People” with the force of law to prevent a reoccurrence. We have no right to second guess or amend their intent.

    The terms “Liberty” and “Freedom” are given wonderful definitions: Freedom is a state of being capable of making decisions without external control. Liberty, on the other hand, is freedom which has been granted to a people by an external control. These are not in conflict. By making the people the “external control” they wedded, and forever joined, Freedom to Liberty. Any attempt to harm one, harms the other.

    It matters not if you are religious or not, black, brown, white or of another race, Democrat, Republican or Independent, left wing or right wing, female or male, hunter or non-hunter, pro-government or anti-government, pro-firearm or anti-firearm or even pro-life or pro-abortion any assault on the TRUE basic tenants of our Constitution must be defeated. We must employ the same indefatigable resolve to the original concepts from which they were born over two hundred years ago. We have an obligation to the original framers of The Constitution and those who have fought and sacrificed in its name to legally challenge any agenda that seeks to corrupt it.

    Today, it seems there is no room for civilized, meaningful discourse. Every political entity is guilty of this lack of commitment to valid, good faith discussion and compromise. America must return (or evolve into) a civilized society and that begins with civilized dialogue. If the forces assaulting the Constitution are not foiled and we do not turn to constructive debate and compromise, in time, we will most surely lose our liberty AND our freedom AND our country.

    Today, there is no room for any amount of apathy or complacency.

  59. Another politician willing to use their position or executive power to advance a personal agenda? Not exactly a new concept, is it? This person has NO BUSINESS as President. She could not even control the goings on in her own home which lead to gross infidelity on the part of her spouse and we want to give her the keys to our nuclear arsenal? I think not! A leopard can not change its spots. Once a liar, always a liar. She learned from the mastert…the former El Presidente, ole’ slick Willy. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a dagger in the back of the United States Constitution and all freedom loving Americans who served this great Nation in out armed forces. Something the Clinton’s know nothing about. SUPPORT the NRA, Texas State Rifle Association or any other such organizations whose sole purpose is to guard against tyranny.

  60. In response to the Eric Wildfire comment, you misunderstand and mislead when you refer Article V Convention of States as a “Con Con”. It’s not a Constitutional Convention it’s a back door around congress and the president that was established to save us in the event we elect a despotic president and congress that ignores the will of the people and uses their position as a get rich life long career path. The career politicians are scared to death of this maneuver. They mislead with distorted facts and in all actuality my bet is none of them have ever read the Constitution much less able to interrupt it correctly. I am more than prepared and ready to fight to protect our second amendment right but only as a last resort when we have exhausted all of our constitutional options. If all else fails then, in the words of Jefferson “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Please educate yourself before advancing the propaganda of the anti second amendment supporters on the left…..Google

  61. I agree with this statement that it’s not the companies fault it’s the person using the weapon. If people could sue the companies let’s get rid of all the vehicles all the liquor store , electricity, and weapons, thers are so many accidents there, whose fault is that . I feel if she passes that law it’s only for the honest people, if you lock your house on his people will stay out Crooks will go in.

  62. I firmly agree with Rich. Can we sue Walmart for a toddler drinking a poisonous cleaning solution, Exxon for an arsonist using gas to burn a building, a tool manufacturer for a killing with hammer blows to the head? Where does it end? Here’s a novel idea: How about holding the perpetrator(s) responsible with severe penalties and no parole!?!?

  63. I went to her website to see for myself if this is on there. I can not find it anywhere. Can you post a link so i can read it for myself please?
    I am a gun owner and do not support any one party, but I am sick of people starting an uproar over lies just because they don’t like certain political figures. This may be another instance of this. Don’t believe second hand political BS. Always check your sources before repeating political fodder.

  64. So when is buck and case knives going to be sued for the victims that have been stabbed by them. I mean come on there has never once been a case against Louisville slugger because someone used a bat to beat somebody. This is take them away from us so we can be easily controlled when the government can still have theirs

  65. 2/3 of you stayed home the last two presidential elections and that’s why we have politicians in office who think nothing of trampling on the Constitution. If you want to fix this country, get off your ass and get to the polls in November and only vote for politicians who have an A rating from the NRA. If not, YOU are the problem not Hillary

  66. So, if someone drives their Ford into a crowd of people, killing and injuring, the families of the victims can sue Ford?
    Is the use of an object or device in the act of a crime now make the manufacturer of that object or device lailable? If a rock is used, will God be sued?

    1. So if you were to mishandle classified information on your home computer the computer manufacturer would be liable?

  67. Is the car manufacturer for a DUI death? Knife maker for a stabbing? Those who make a baseball bat, hammer, screwdriver,……..? The door is already open when a Connecticut commie judge allowed Sandy Hook parents to sue gun manufacturer. This is a job killer and a US manufacturing killer.

  68. Every single gun owner in the US must vote this election if they care about this country, without the 2nd Amendment there are no safeguards to protect the rest.
    For those who think their vote doesn’t count, it surely does, but not if you don’t vote, your vote does indeed count, it is selfish to think only your vote is the most important vote.
    Vote, PLEASE… you are not guaranteed to win, you are only given the right to participate….for now.
    We win when we have enough people participating.
    We loose when we watch from the sidelines the fight we should be in.
    Please vote..

  69. You can bet the farm that if she is elected and removes the second amendment, the rest are sure to follow. At that point, she would name her self as supreme ruler and we would all become her slaves.

    1. Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! If this Rabid dog woman Hillary gets elected be ready to chant your support for her and the rest of the elitists while on your kneed with a gun to your head just before they pull the trigger. Our deaths are the only path for their success. So if your are one of those who are saying that they will stay home and not vote because your candidate didn’t get picked then your hand is one of those pulling the trigger for Hillary and the socialist/communists. Do not fool yourselves these people want absolute World Domination on a scale that makes Hitler look like a child.

  70. I have the right to bear arms if she takes that away we are screwed so do not vote for her she’s an evil bitch she’s protected who’s going to protect me and my family if she gets in office you might as well throw your guns in the garbage not that I am you would have to draw blood out of me to come and get my guns once again don’t vote for that bitch

  71. When the law changes to outlaw firearms,please remember that the police are firearms owners in private life also.
    I do not feel the law will be enforced in many states and many police,national guard and armed services will not fire on civilians because of such an infraction as refusing to turn in firearms.
    It will be up to us to “visit” the lawmakers and Judges to voice our discontent. The police are the enforcement branch and are just trying to make a living for their families.
    It is the ambulance chasing lawyers and yheir buddies the leftist politicians that must be convinced we are a free people and under the 2nd amendment we intend to hold on to that right.

  72. If Clinton is elected she will have no problem enacting some measure like a buy-back scheme or a outright ban. This same person who wants to remove weapons from citizens of U.S.A. had no problem giving real assault (Full Auto) rifles and machine guns, launch able grenades and shoulder fired short range missiles to “Moderate Extremists” to overthrow their Government to foster regime change (Libya). Maybe after she is elected and takes all the guns, a Foreign Power will smuggle the same type of weapons she provided to “Moderate Extremists” in US to throw her out.

    1. Hillary will have a problem with passing her gun legislation. Obama couldn’t even pass his when he had a Democrat Congress – because the Democrat legislators wanted to get reëlected. Hillary’s position on firearms may well cost her some Democrat votes. I also note that her proposed high tax on the sale of guns will most affect the lower and middle economic classes, those whom she claims to support. Felons won’t be paying it and it isn’t significant to the wealthy. Both her proposals will hurt an element of American prosperity and productivity.

  73. i have several questions, And a statement, Number one Your wrong Hillary Clinton Is an IDIOT ! One thing i have noticed is no one is addressing the fact that people kill people a gun can not jump off the table and go on a rampage on its own. I also would like to know why Clinton Is not in Jail, What…only the rich can commit crime????? What is she going to do …. give herself a Presidential Pardon if elected??? If this sounds as stupid as Clinton being elected for president then you can see through the woods.And the only reason America is not attacked is because everyone has a gun, Hilary’s plan would open us up to evasion,

  74. The leftists do not have to rely on common sense, logic, or critical thinking skills; they already have those in abundance. What they DO rely on are poorly-educated Americans who DON’T have those skills, and will believe anything those lying leftists say.

  75. Theyre not getting mine, not ever. Pass a law tomorrow that clearly states we are to turn them in immediately, Im not budging. What are they going to do? The Sheriffs arent coming for them. Maybe the police, but not enough of em to enforce it. Not to mention we just arent going to turn them over. Know this, that the firearms industry is HUGE! Optics, grips, barrels, manufacturers, holsters, sights, ammunition, parts, gun dealers, importers, sporting good stores, cases, cleaning kits, reloading components, powder, lead, accessories, engravers, coating applicators, stock manufacturers, publications, walk into a full supplied gun shop or sporting goods store and take a look around at what is really there, our industry is HUGE, just as huge as the automotive industry, musical instrument industry, pick another (have you seen the prices of firearms today, and they are selling regardless. When the housing bubble burst, firearms sales kept climbing, and prices never dropped, only trends changed.) We employ alot of people (thousands upon 10s of thousands- cashiers, counter sales, tradesmen, marketers, publishers, authors, photographers, range masters, gun smiths….etc.) do you see where this is going? No one is going to easily, without another major civil war, take our 2nd Amendment right away. There is alot of money in this industry that I am sure all of the aforementioned combined, would the outright blatant attempt be made, that we could and would fight it, beat it, and suppress it. Taking away the firearms industry does alot more damage than just violate our constitutional rights, it would have grave financial consequences throughout our nation. We need to be talking, we need to be united, we need not fear, but rather speak out! Loudly. When they realize we arent going to lay them down, and that the police force isnt large enough to support it (sheriffs are constitutional sheriffs, elected and most arent going to engage anything that violates the constitution), then their next step is to send the national guard, the military to do the policing. Do you see that happening? Do our brothers and sisters in arms not see the agenda? I dont think they are blind and naive or brainwashed into thinking they should actually carry out violent suppression against their own nationals. Not the majority of them anyway. Once that were to happen, when they are called in, then civil war starts. We start unifying up in paramilitary units, taking over national guard armories, organizing defense boundaries and relationships, and establishing new national boundaries- constitutional supporters against corporate liberal government. Far fetched? Will you peacefully lay down your arms, head to the local law enforcement facility and hand them over….? What do you think happens from there? Think it through. Know who your friends are, know who to be yoked with. The 2nd Amendment party should be the new political party here in America- back to core values, common sense, America for America and Americans for Americans. Fast track all this nonsense going on here out of this country and off the books. Not a single gun law in America has stopped a single crime and there is no evidence to prove otherwise. They have no metrics to show you to make you believe it does or could, otherwise it’s be blasted all over the media and published for everyone to see. Its not about safety, its about putting alot of people back in chains, all of us, white black brown yellow red, doesnt matter. Your Democratic liberals are the ones whom installed and fought for slavery in this nation in the first place, just this time around they want to enslave all of us. And the GOP today, stood by, caved to Obama, let it all happen. No balls, No foundation. Just a lot of talk. We need to limit senator and representative terms, just like the presidency, same with state governors. Politics has become big business and they are poor at it. Serve your term and move on. Whatever region you serve, your salary matches that of the median income of that region. NO more career politicians. America is the constitution, the constitution is America, lose it, we lose America. Current agenda in the public school system is to not teach cursive handwriting anymore…. many elementary and even high school kids cant even read cursive. The constitution is written in proper cursive…. Roman Catholic church in its history refused and persecuted those whom wanted the bible in readable and understandable native languages… get it yet? And whom puts all this dumbing down crap in play- your liberal democratic kroneys and supporters. Hitler started with disarmament, very first thing the Nazis went after, put the population in a state of submissiveness by not allowing them any means to protect themselves against those whom are armed, and you get another holocaust. We did not go to the moon. The 9/11 attacks were demoed down. The Kennedy’s are still being assassinated, and JFK is known to be a cover up. Benghazi lies. Fast and furious gun running lies. The 2009/10 bailout putting millions in the pockets of big bankers. Do the research. Our government is corrupt. They are attempting to dumb down your children, they want your guns, they want God out of this country, they want to kill our heritage. Anyone catch the clip of Michelle Obama on stage with her Muslim husband our president at some sort of ceremony, and she leans over and clearly whispers in his ear: ALL THIS OVER A DAMN FLAG? Yep, that’s whom you elected America. Who says something like that? Someone whom has no understanding or deep rooted heritage in that flag, that is who. From the southern boy, to the redneck, to the city boy, to the farmer, to the hick, to the yankee, to the rebel, to the white collar and the blue collar, to the legal immigrant, to the uniformed. to the rich and the poor, to the desk jockey, to the shop floor tradesman, small business owner, corporate shareholder, all whom understand the Red White and Blue, to all whom are American, stand up and be heard. Unite. Be the 2nd Amendment party. They are attacking freedom.

  76. For those that are foolish enough to think Hillary will ever serve as President… think again.

    I am not completely up to speed on all the rules, but it’s going to be difficult for the Secret Service to provide Hillary 24 hour protection from within a federal penitentiary. Has anyone slightly considered the logistics of her yard time alone?

    Yes, it is possible Hillary could do all her time in isolation – thus making it easier on Secret Service, but that would really be up to the warden – now wouldn’t it?

    Not only that, but the outcry from her cellmates would be immense and more than likely lead to massive prison riots Nationwide after they see Hillary given preferential treatment to run the White House from her cell. No one else in prison gets to make calls whenever they please, so why should Hillary? Use your brains you silly people.

    1. G-Man

      It might even be tougher for her to rule from GITMO!
      Just a thought…what say you?

  77. Hillary Clinton is a demented liar who will say or do anything she thinks it will take to in her quest for power, wealth and influence.She, and those like her, would return this country to the type of government that it was originally formed to get away from..Hillary is corrupt and should be run out of politics for good. A vote for her is just a step toward giving up more freedoms that we are supposed to be guaranteed. Say NO to Hillary!

  78. Law a biding citizens should put up billboard highway signs about how she is against jobs, business and law abiding gun owners. She is willing to outlaw semi automatic hunting guns. Registration will be confiscation. She cannot take the oath of office. She has to protect and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. She has already vowed to attack the Second Amendment and the First. She wants to change our religious doctrines by calling us out as haters.

    1. Girl I’m afraid you’re wrong Bernie is another Socialist and believes the government should dictate rights to the people just the same way it is in North Korea , Russia and CHINA .
      You should know by now our secret ballot has went the way of the winter snows along with justice and honesty in government – Bengozy ring a bell ? Well how about I didn’t have sex with that woman ? Branch Davidians .
      Still think we have an HONEST GOVERNMENT ? What about the promise the republicans signed for the dumbocrats promising not to investigate accusations of voter fraud when OB ran the first time-AND THE SECOND .
      Now lastly why do think our border patrol has been ordered not to shoot ANY0NE CROSSING THE BORDERS ILLEGALLY – KNOWN CRIMINAL –NOBODY! Been there-watched that !!

  79. Is the two faced ….. going to make the baby killing doctors committing abortions legally liable??? It is too bad our entire judicial system is not liable when when a repeated felon committs another crime or influences the next generation of criminals for the government to capitalize on. No wonder the U.S incarceration rate is 6 times higher per GOP than the second worst country in the world that is England.

  80. its going to come down to the point where we either knuckle under, or stand firm and just tell them to come get them and see what happens then, remember “We the people”…its not We the sheeple…

  81. I vote, she certainly doesn’t have mine. I also believe my vote doesn’t matter because of the stupid electoral college, but I do it anyway because its what we do as Americans. Just like carry guns anytime anywhere I want. If she wins, and tries to take our second amendment right away, she will be doing so knowing its going to get bloody. If she doesn’t like guns then she can go to France this is America, land of the free home of the brave and I’ll die with a hot barrel in my hand before my rights are taken away. I say this in confidence that I’m not the only one that feels this way. If your on the fence with your vote please do not give it to her. We will be fighting a war in our own yards if our rights are taken because people like me will not stand for it. The whole reason we have these rights are to keep our government in check not the other way around. This is our country. Stand up people

    1. In case you didn’t know, that “stupid electoral college” has actually kept you your guns.

      If it weren’t for that “stupid electoral college,” the anti-liberty population centers in the Northeastern states, California, and Illinois would be choosing our presidents. Is that what you want?

    2. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

      Thomas Jefferson

  82. The NRA and all pro second amendment political arms know that Hillary is very much pro con-con and if they succeed in getting the con-con (required to change the Constitution in ANY form) this is something that several Republicans are also for to change the Constitution this can gut the protections of he bill of rights and then they can legally take weapons from citizens and ban them all together so before you go and place your vote in November research where your candidate stands on the push for a Constitutional Convention if they are claiming to be pro-gun but are also pro con-con WATCH OUT

  83. Where have peoples “common sense” and critical thinking skills gone! Can we then sue cigarette companies because a loved one dies of lung cancer?! O maybe the cell phone producers, because someone kills another person while texting and driving? Or better still! Maybe we can start sueing the federal government when we experience joint and back pain because we drink the city water that they dose with sodium fluoride(which they know is a highly toxic substance, and has chronic effects, even in very low doses)!!! It’s not about the government wanting to protect us from ourselves; it’s about control! People need to wake up to reality!!

  84. I remember in 1965 I declared that to be the “present”. The number of civil liberties we have given up since is shameful. Other than some pot laws, can you think of any other liberties we have gained, compared to what we have lost? Just in freedom of speech, PC holds it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end. Good luck to all of us.

  85. It is obvious that her end game is gun confiscation. California is a constitutional wasteland thanks to one party left wing rule. This is how liberals operate, by trying to legislate behavior and demonizing guns, which will solve nothing, let alone reduce crime since criminals steal guns or buy them out of somebody’s car trunk. Hillary wants to bankrupt gun manufacturers and seize your weapons. A vote for Hillary will get you closer to the goal of disarming every American. She should be in prison but the sheeple in this country will vote in mass to make sure she is elected. Then you will wake up to realize what is like to be apart of a communist dictatorship, unable to defend yourself. WAKE UP AMERICA !!

  86. Lt. Governator Gavin Nuesome has qualified an initiative to require a $50 annual permit to buy ammo in CA. On line and out of state sales would be illegal. Sharing ammo at the range would be illegal. All ammo sales must be recorded. We have far worse problems here than Shrillary.
    Wake up America, you have unconstitutional states in your union.

  87. What is the alternative? Trump is by far the worst candidate ever in the history of this country! Hillary is almost as bad as well!! How possibly can we expect any type of reasonable governance with these types of candidates? Both sides of this election will offer equal paths to insanity and little opportunity for any type of improvement of much of anything…

  88. Product Liability is an effective tool used by lawyers to kill an industry:
    ” The misuse of the product is not the fault of the manufacturer or the retailer, nor is it a flawed design that would result in liability.” Look at the case of Cessna Aircraft. Cessna stopped producing piston-engine airplanes with the 1986 model year due to concerns over product liability and the cost of litigation. They did not resume full production until Congress passed corrective legislation (General Aviation Revival Act).

  89. Shouldn’t we be able to sue drug manufactures if someone overdoses, General Motors if a Chevy Rams my car and kills someone in it,

  90. Boehner got it wrong…Hilary is Lucifer in the flesh.
    California is just a few Bills away from taking away our guns…seems like you can’t beat down the lefties in Sac.

  91. CROOKED Hillary is a corrupt, lying, power hungry, criminal SPY.

    She should be tried and convicted for treason and put before a firing squad let alone be allowed to run for president! Hillary should be branded as a DOMESTIC TERRIORIST as a direct threat to the Constitution and 2nd Amendment!

    The Rosenbergs were executed for ESPIONAGE and so should CROOKED Hillary for using an unsecured email server to send and receive hundreds of TOP SECRET emails!

    The Clintons are CRIMINALS!

    Our country is lost. God save America!

  92. Hillary is for Aussie style registration/confiscation. (deliberate attack on second amendment) I think you misrepresented Sanders on lawsuits against manufacturers by taking comments out of context. He said.anyone can sue anyone which is true. There are however many different paths and protocols on who is legally eligible to do so. He has indicated that if those sellers were in the business of straw purchases then he would support it. I don’t think his intent is to destroy the second amendment (or manufacturers) His voting record is actually quite good (I checked it) If there is criticism it should be for his proposed ban on “Battlefield Assault Style Weapons” Clinton on the other hand is just plain evil and has no problem selling fully auto weapons to our enemies abroad while disarming our own law abiding citizens.

  93. She will have no problem taking Americas guns away. As Secretary of State she had no problem giving real assault (capable of full automatic fire) guns along with machine guns, launch able grenades and shoulder fired missile systems to “Moderate Extremists” looking to overthrow their governments. Maybe when she is president and has taken all law abiding citizens guns a foreign power will supply “Moderate Extremists” in US with similar weapons to throw her out.

  94. You can either take mine one bullet at a time or out of my cold dead hands. This could literally be the next American Revolution. Except most uninformed good intentioned American gun owners won’t recognize it until it’s too late. It’s not a black and white line, it’s a slow chipping away at each law so you don’t lose it all at once, until one day it’s gone. Voters- please realize this is your future way of life!! If you still want to live free and within the law it’s our time to decide

  95. Unfortunately, the problem is insidious. Look at CA to see how chipping away at gun rights though numerous laws and restriction works out. Hillary, if elected, would get to appoint one or more liberal judges to the Supreme Court. That would all but guaranty more restrictions on 2A rights.

    Never underestimate the ignorance of the American electorate – after all, they elected Obama twice.

    Trump’s appeal is not to most thinking conservatives, and I agree he would be disastrous for the country. If he is the nominee, and I hope that doesn’t happen, I will hold my nose and vote for him, as we sure don’t want Hillary. Hoping Cruz can pull it off, but it sure doesn’t look promising. How is it, with over 300 million people, we come up with so few good candidates? (Sorry, I can’t run, born overseas.)

    1. Many Independents wont support a Cruz presidency. (even if he were to run as Trump’s VP) Many liberals and Independents will directly or indirectly support Trump if Clinton steals the nomination from Sanders. Clinton is despised on the left and offers the same crap sandwich we have had for the past 30 years (minus the second amendment) Obama is looking for nothing more than disarming the country (like Clinton) What happened to all the Mosin Nagants?

    2. Obama said they can’t be imported anymore because they aren’t “sporting.” So the Russians are going to chop them up for scrap.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with Cruz as a candidate. Everybody in Washington hates him because he is among the very few who are doing what they were elected to do – stand up to Obama and his unconstitutional policies. The people who don’t know that only listen to sound bites, and don’t realize Trump was a lifelong Democrat before he became a Republican – who, by the way, I think is a Trojan horse, going to throw the match, or run as a 3rd party to spoil for the democrats.

    3. John, are you kidding me?? The Trojan horse myth is absurd- you probably also preach Trumps’ “record” as well.

      Trump is a businessman, and in order to succeed in business, you HAVE to get along with everyone (which Cruz cannot). He gave to both Democrats and Republicans. He and his entire family are AVID hunters and firearms owners (the topic of discussion here).

  96. That is why we need a fair tax and abolish te IRS. But as long as the Senate and House committees write and control the tax laws, they hold the power.

  97. Even though it is doubtful that Hillary could find enough LO or military to carry out a mass roundup of firearms in this country, by repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) and exposing firearms and ammo manufacturers, distributers and commercial outlets to every lawsuit the anti-firearms crowd can file (remember it costs very little to file a suit and anyone can sue anyone for anything at any time), the cost of defending against the suits would drive the manufacturers, distributers and outlets out of business (the original objective of these suits). The only solution would be to provide that the plaintiff put up a bond to cover the legal cost of the defendant in a frivolous suit. Recently, a judge in a Colorado Superior Court dismissed the case and awarded costs to the defendant. It appears that the Brady organization which provided the Phillips with the incentive and attorneys for the suit will be on the hook for over $200,000. As the judge made the award, if Brady doesn’t pay it looks like the plaintiff (Phillips) will be on the hook for the bill. Here’s hoping this lesson gets through to the rest of the liberal anti-firearms groups.

  98. Of course, no one’s pointing out that she’ll be elected because of all of the morons voting for the unelectable Donald Trump in the primaries.

  99. If she isn’t indicted, it’s going to make the FBI look like a bunch of buffoons… People that ACTUALLY voted for her (instead of paid crowd actors) need to have a lobotomy…

    They can threaten our 2A as much as they want, there isn’t enough LEO’s or Military that would ignore their oath to actually make anything happen

    1. Her supporters have already been lobotomized, that’s why they support her!
      Then there are the wall street people who support her, and they’ve already made their deal with the devil, and have assurance that they’ll be able to continue to scam the ‘little people’, with her protection.

  100. Anyone who believes that the gun industry is the only one protected from lawsuits needs to take a peek at the laws that prevent you from suing drug companies over vaccines. There are other examples as well, but as seems to be an on-going issue with this woman, she just lies. Lawmakers protect their friends and demonize their enemies. The drug companies are friends to the Democrats (and many Repubs), and the gun companies are their enemies. In addition to the above, I expect a strong push for ammo and gun taxes to prevent the average person from buying and firing their lawfully owned firearms. Always remember – the tax code is not just a money mechanism: it’s a control mechanism.

    1. Lest we forget, It’s a rare day when politicians aren’t protected the same way.

  101. Does she think she can undo a law without involving the LAWMAKERS? Unless she manages to gain a majority in the House she must be planning to treat the Constitution in the same manner as has been done the last 7+ years.

  102. Bring it on
    Try to take our guns
    Lets get this over with once and for all
    That is of course if you want to see the

  103. Well that will increase gun sales and give the gun companies more money to give to the NRA to lobby against her.

    1. I think this will happen soon. I think people are starting to get fed up with this government. This is why our forefathers seen this coming. There’s a little note in the Constitution that said it should never be infringed what part of this don’t they understand. If you don’t want to be an American please feel free to leave this country

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