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High Threat Concealment™ Offers Array of Carry Options

The HTC Pistol holster in the Low Profile System

High Threat Concealment has been around since 2005, but their ever-increasing catalog has been turning heads. HTC is a veteran-owned company that got its start from producing concealable equipment carriers for the U.S. Department of State. The company has grown and now offers high-quality concealment holsters and other low-profile equipment holders.

The standard configuration for the HTC Low Profile System
The standard configuration for the HTC Low Profile System

The cornerstone of the HTC product line is the HTC Low Profile System. This modular belt system can be modified and changed with the minimal effort, and HTC offers many different additions for the system. The base system includes a thermoplastic molded pistol holster, a radio holder, dual pistol mag holder, two M4 mag holders, and the HTC Blowout Kit. The Blowout Kit is a very slim first aid kit that sits in the small of the back and is accessed ambidextrously. All of these components can be swapped out to fit the wearer’s need. The holsters are discreet and designed around the sidearm, yet they include a custom tension device that allow for a sure fit for every model and personal preference. HTC offers both out and in the waistband models.

A standard load-out of the HTC Low Profile System retails for $380, but individual components range from $15 to $84. The HTC products are meant to be worn with a light jacket or sport coat, yet allow for the same equipment access as combat-ready gear. HTC also offers plenty of other modular components, such as utility pouches, MOLLE compatible panels, and handcuff holders. This year they are releasing Flat Dark Earth and Coyote Tan colored components in addition to the standard Black.

The HTC Pistol holster in the Low Profile System
The HTC Pistol holster in the Low Profile System
The HTC holster can easily be worn IWB without the rest of the system.
The HTC holster can easily be worn IWB without the rest of the system.
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  1. David, I found my solution in Fla. to carry concealed. I started using an over sized outer shirt while wearing a light weight under shirt. Baggy has become the new style and serves this purpose to a tee.

  2. I have found a great holster for everyday wear and you really do forget it’s on. My everyday carry is a Kahr CM9 in a Fobus #C-21B paddle holster. I had to do some slight modifications for just the right fit, but I love it.I too, am 6’2″ 265lbs, and an IWB just doesn’t work for me.

  3. I agree with David. I thought it was just me. The closest I’ve found to work (for me) is a shoulder holster set up…until I sit, then everything seems to bunch up. I’m 6’3″ 260 lbs so it may be just too much in my belt 🙂 I’ve been looking for the perfect fit for 20 years. I’m still looking.


  4. I have purchased quite a few concealment holsters over the years. And believe me, all those ads that tell you that you will not know you are wearing their product is totally false. I have never found a concealment holster that was confortable. I guess the closest to confort is my ankle holster. But I do not like my weapon being that far away. I’d much rather have it in my belt. My biggest problem is that in living in Florida. Most of the time it’s too hot to wear a vest or light jacket. I do not like wearing my shirt untucked. And the vests I see do not conform with any kind of natural look. If I see someone with a vest, or their shirst untucked. Depending on their age and overall appearance. I tend to believe they are packin. I’m for open carry in a retention holster.

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