High Powered Headlines: July 31, 2014

Picture shows a black, compact handgun made by SIG Sauer with a threaded barrel for a suppressor, chambered in 9mm.

High Powered Headlines

Taurus CEO Fired

Taurus fired CEO Mark Kresser early yesterday morning. The news comes as a surprise, as Taurus has

been busy successfully rebranding itself. Recently, the Brazilian company CBC, the same holding company who also owns Magtech and Sellier & Bellot ammunition, bought Taurus.
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Charges Against Man Who Fires Warning Shot at Police Dropped

After more than a year in the court system, a Virginia man’s charges are finally dropped. Initially charged with misdemeanor reckless handling of a firearm, Brandon Watson appealed choosing a trial by jury. Watson fired a warning shot through a window of his townhouse after men dressed all in black attempted to break into his home and pointed their guns equipped with red lasers at his chest. Those men were members of local law enforcement responding to a call, but were at the wrong address. The jury found him not guilty. The debacle cost Watson his job.
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Army Purchases More Beretta M9s

The United States Army has purchased an additional $250,000 of Beretta M9 pistols. Beretta Defense Technologies signed a contract with the U.S. Army in September 2012 to deliver up to 100,000 9mm Beretta M9 handguns.
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Millett Tactical Introduces Three New Red Dot Sights

Recommended by experienced shooters and gunsmiths, Millett Tactical offers red dot sights at surprisingly low prices. All three new red dot sights have a 5 MOA dot and are specifically designed to mount on an AR-15 rifle. Prices start at close to $50 for the Speed Point and go up from there with the M-Force priced below $115 and the M-Pulse at $135.
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Massachusetts to Strengthen Gun Control Laws

After going back and forth about law enforcement having sole discretion at denying citizens issuance of FOID cards, the Massachusetts House and Senate have agreed on a new bill that gives the police department the right to deny a license, but the department will have to petition the denial in court. Further, on the same legislation, Massachusetts will be joining a national database of background checks.
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Ebola Outbreak Spreads

It sounds like the tagline from a disaster movie, but the United Kingdom and Hong Kong have confirmed at least two of their countries’ citizens returning from Africa have the virus. A patient in Charlotte, North Carolina had the main floor of the emergency room at Carolinas Medical Center quarantined due to precautions. The World Health Organization reports the latest outbreak of Ebola is the largest in history and has killed 672 people. For more on preparing for a major pandemic, read “Survival 101: Survive a Pandemic.”
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Cheaper Than Dirt Featured Product


Picture shows a black, compact handgun made by SIG Sauer with a threaded barrel for a suppressor, chambered in 9mm.
SIG Sauer M11-A1 9mm

A true duty pistol, the M11-A1 is the civilian version of SIG Sauer’s military-issued M11 9mm compact semiautomatic handgun. In service with the U.S. Naval Aviation, NCIS, the United States Army, and more the M11 is a double or single-action pistol that operates from a locked breech. The M11-A1’s slide is all billet stainless steel and the frame is hardcoat-anodized forged aluminum. The barrel measures 3.9 inches, while overall length is 7.1 inches. Special features on the SIG M11-A1 include a corrosion-resistant finish on all internal parts, a MIL-STD UID label, engraving, SIGLite night sights and a 13.5x1mm LH threaded barrel. The M11-A1 ships with three 15-round magazines.

Specifications and Features

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 15 rounds
Barrel: 3.9”
Action: Double/single-action
Trigger pull: 10 pounds in double-action, 4.4 pounds in single-action
Sights: SIGLITE night sights
Grips: Black polymer
Finish: Black hard anodized frame, Nitron-finished slide
Overall length: 7.1”
Height: 5.4”
Width: 1.5”
Weight: 32 ounces

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Comments (9)

  1. RE: 12EO333 – Thanks for the response. However I am not stupid and I understand things are the way they are. I actually was asking if someone knew the background and authority for what appears to be a violation of 2A. I have no desire to walk into any government building armed. I have extensive experience in writing state statutes and at least in the area I was involved we were required to adopt federal law at minimum but could make state laws more restrictive but could not violate federal law.. Perhaps it is the same in the case of 2A….Ahhhhh I just answered my own question. They are not violating 2A they are adopting it and making it more restrictive.
    As far as the Koch Bros go. I prefer to use any of the elitists on the left to illustrate how the wealthy get around the law. That way you have many more examples.

    1. The Ebola-Zaire virus is like AID’s. You can only contract they virus though to exchange of bodily fluids. As far as Central America, South America and the extreme lower parts of North America. The climate will kill the Ebola-Zaire virus. It can’t live in those environmental conditions. The Ebola-Zaire virus is a delicate virus and can only live Sothern Jungle Regions of Africa.

  2. @ Taurus CEO Fired?

    And the point is What? CEO’s are fired and replaced all the time, after a corporate takeover or merger. Their usually replaced by a family member or a loyal and trusted friend. It their company NOW, they can do whatever they want with it. And get rid of any people they don’t want. Just look at Mitt Romney and The Baines Capital Investment Group, he ran. It the CEO of Taurus didn’t see it coming, then he wasn’t a very good CEO.

  3. while I care for most of my extended family,the idea of seeking comfort in the arms of The Huddled Masses during an epidemic doesnt suit me.My immediate group will just have to feel the same or depart with no return possible.
    Hard Times call for Hard Choices.

  4. The Bill of Rights not withstanding,they recently killed a woman who made a wrong turn into the WH DRIVEWAY…..Tell me again how u are going to carry into any federal bldg?

  5. To survive a pandemic isolate yourself/immediate family/compatroits as soon as u get an inkling a bug is loose.
    Then NOT A SINGLE PERSON crosses your wire until its over.
    That is the ONLY way.

    1. @ Flick.

      I agree with you 100%. The only problem is, your asking you family to give up 150,000 plus years of human evolution and the pack mentality too do so. And when a family member gets sick or is dying, humans have a habit of staying together. All three “Black Death” plagues, have that in common. It was the same way with the “Spanish Influenza” pandemic of 1918 CE.

  6. Somebody help me out here. If a person is denied a CCW or a purchase permit by local authorities is that not a violation of that persons Constitutional Rights???????
    How does a local authority be it Chicago, Washington DC or Massachusetts deny 2A rights without just cause or issue a blanket law disallowing ownership.
    For that matter how does a business or public facility have the authority to deny 2A rights while on their premises?

    1. In response to jake D.

      What law was broken! Under your way of thinking, I should be able to stroll into the US Capitol Building or the US Senate Building or Rep. House Building, or even the White House and the Supreme Court Building. What do you think the odds are. Of you pulling that one off.
      They’ll HOG TIE you before you can say “What the Hell”, not to mention, getting stun gunned at the same time. There are Constitutional Laws, AND THEN THERE ARE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW’s. Not all Constitutional Laws, are the same, or are equally distributed among the people. Some people are MORE equal then Others

      I guarantee you, that the Constitutional Law’s that apply to you, don’t apply too the Constitutional Law’s that apply to, say the Koch Brothers.
      “Money and Power Talks, Your Civil CCW Merit, Walks”.

      It’s the way things are. And no matter how much you try,its always going to be that way!

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