High Powered Headlines: July 30, 2014

Picture shows a vintage German military surplus flare gun kit.


D.C. Citizens Will Have to Wait Before They Can Carry Handguns

Immediately following a federal judge’s rule that a ban on carrying handgun in Washington D.C. was unconstitutional, Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan filed a motion asking for at least 180 days to give the city a chance to enact legislation regarding carrying a gun in the District. Yesterday, Judge Scullion granted a 90-day stay on the ruling. Click here to read the entire story.

Ruger Introduces the LC9s

For those who prefer striker-fired as opposed to double-action, hammer-fired, Ruger has introduced the LC9s—a pistol very similar to the LC9. Just slightly larger than the LC9, the LC9s has a 3.12-inch barrel and is less than one inch taller and longer. Holding seven rounds of 9mm ammo, the trigger is lighter than the LC9, breaking at 5.5 pounds. Due to the similarities to the LC9, Ruger’s LC9s accepts all LC9 magazines and accessories. Click here to read the entire story.

NOAA Purposes Ban on Bluefin Tuna Fishing

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is considering banning recreational and commercial fishing of Bluefin Tuna in the United States. Mexico has already ceased commercial and sport finishing of bluefin tuna in their country. The Center for Biological Diversity attorney, Catherine Kilduff says the world is eating too much sushi. There is an open comment period on the proposal until September 22. Click here to read the entire story.

Senate Democrats Hold Hearing to Strengthen Background Checks Today

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear from gun control advocates today as they push for legislation to strength background checks for firearm ownership. A recent push—especially from Everytown for Gun Safety—for stricter laws to protect women from domestic violence has influenced Democratic Senators to introduce legislation to prevent those with temporary restraining orders from owning a gun. Click here to read the entire story.

Gun Shops Removed From Operation Choke Point “High Risk” List

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. removed gun stores from its list of “high risk” companies for banks to work with. The list caused many gun shops to be dropped by banks. Operation Choke Point is a Department of Justice program to stop online fraud. A senior adviser for the U.S. Consumer Coalition, Brian Wise says the move comes too late, “Whether the list is published on the FDIC’s website or not, we expect banks will still be fearful of doing business with these lawful industries.” Click here to read the entire story.

Massachusetts Gun Owners Action Alert!

The National Rifle Association has release an action alert for Massachusetts gun owners. You have three days to contact your Senators and State Representatives urging them to support the Senate changes on S.2265. Removed from S.2265 was a law requiring “may issue” FID cards. Click here to read the entire story.

14-Year Old Boys Defends Mom with Shotgun

After calling police to remove a man from their property, a 14-year old boy in Locust Fork, Alabama defended his mother after the same man sneaked into the family’s house. The day before the break in, the family’s attorney says the man identified as Ayatollah Mohammad attacked the woman. Click here to read the entire story. Cheaper Than Dirt Featured Product

Picture shows a vintage German military surplus flare gun kit.
These military surplus German Geco LP2 flare guns are from the 1960s and are fully functional.

German Military Surplus Geco LP2 Flare Gun Kit

Used for signaling in the military, flare guns have been used in the United States Navy since 1882. These military surplus German Geco LP2 flare guns are from the 1960s and are fully functional. The flare pistol has a 6-inch blued steel barrel and shoots 26.5mm flares. Included in the kit are two holsters—one for the flare gun and one that holds 12 flares.

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