High Powered Headlines: July 18, 2014

Picture shows a youth-sized Savage rifle finished in pink and purple Muddy Girl camo

Goodbye, Pink Guns! Illinois Democrat Proposes a Ban on Firearms Marketing to Children

Democrat Representative, Robin Kelly of Illinois submitted H.R. 5093—The Children’s Firearm Marketing Safety Act—to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The bill would make it illegal for firearms manufacturers or pro-gun groups such as the NRA to put its logo on child-sized clothing. Enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, H.R. 5093 would also make it illegal to finish youth-sized rifles in any color or pattern that would appeal to children. Further, youth-sized rifles manufactured after the law went into affect would have to come with warnings printed on them. Rep. Kelly says that marketing firearms to kids is “Contributing to the shooting deaths of children across the country.” Read the full story here.

House Approves Amendment to Block Federal Spending on Gun Control

The amendment rides on H.R. 5016, a bill that funds Washington D.C. for 2015. Opponents of the bill state it could end the District’s “assault weapons” ban. The Obama camp promises to veto the bill.

Read the full story here.

In Florida, Felons Can Claim Self-Defense

A Florida appeals court ruled that even though felons are banned from owning firearms, they can defend themselves with a gun, as long as they do not claim the “Stand Your Ground” law as the reason.

Read the full story here.

Harry Reid Kills Votes to an Amendment That Would Expand Access to Public Hunting Lands

In an argument Wednesday over adding amendments to a bipartisan bill, Harry Reid blocked all votes to any amendments that included not only expanded access to public lands for hunting, but also allowing people to carry guns in post offices and make transporting ammunition across state lines easier. The bill’s leading author, Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska says, “I’m fearful that once again, we’re at risk of basically being cast aside because of political concerns.” Read the full story here.

Moms Demand Action to Stop Illinois Gun Range

The Village Council of Niles, Illinois approved a permit for the opening of a new gun range and shop a couple of months ago. However, Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action forced the Niles Planning Board to schedule a revote in hopes to shut down any possibility of the range and store to open. You can support the Council’s original decision to approve the permit by attending the Niles Village Council meeting Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

Read the full story here.

Picture shows a youth-sized Savage rifle finished in pink and purple Muddy Girl camo
The redesigned and scaled down bolt-action Trophy Hunter XP rifle comfortably fits the youth-sized shooter.

Featured Product of the Day: Savage Trophy Hunter XP Youth Rifle in Muddy Girl Camo

On its way to being banned? The one-month old Savage Trophy Hunter XP Youth rifle finished in popular Muddy Girl camo eventually might be a collector’s piece if Representative Robin Kelly has anything to do with it. The redesigned and scaled down bolt-action Trophy Hunter XP rifle comfortably fits the youth-sized shooter. Weighing only seven pounds, the rifle comes complete with bore-sighted and mounted Nikon 3-9x40mm riflescope and is finished in Muddy Girl camo. Instead of simply adding pink to existing patterns, Moon Shine LP designed the darker pink and purple camo from the ground up. Muddy Girl camo is now on more outdoor gear than any other competing pink camo pattern. The Savage Trophy Hunter XP Youth rifle is available in four popular hunting calibers—.223 Remington, .243 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington and .308 Winchester.

Specifications and features

Barrel: 20” Capacity: 4-round detachable box magazine Trigger: Adjustable AccuTrigger Sights: Nikon 3-9x40mm with BDC reticle riflescope Stock: Synthetic, Muddy Girl camo finish Overall length: 39.5” Weight: 7 lbs.

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  1. Hey Suzanne. On the subject “Goodbye, Pink Guns!”, I hope the people of Chicago are proud of their state representative, for doing so much to make their streets crime free, and safer for everyone. With no kids to promote safety and sportsmanship to, Eddie Eagle will be the new Joe Camel from here on, I guess.

  2. Old&Grumpy,
    Thank you for your comment.
    The Shooter’s Log is Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog, where a writer posts an article and readers are allowed to comment on the article. While the Cheaper Than Dirt! forums are more like a free-for-all, where any member can start a topic for discussion.
    Does that help?

    1. Thanks -Will check it out. Am having fun with the Critters blog. Also enjoyed the link you sent me about guns for old guys.

  3. Suzanne– What is the difference Between the Forums and shooters log? I like the new headlines posts.

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