High Powered Headlines: July 17, 2014

AK47 is instantly recognizable

Obama Indefinitely Bans Izhmash and Kalashnikov Rifles

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, Obama released an Executive Order adding names of people and companies that operate in Russia to the list of sanctions, which includes Kalashnikov Concern.

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CCRKBA Files Lawsuit Against Eric Holder, B. Todd Jones and BATFE

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms filed a lawsuit in Texas on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 against Attorney General Eric Holder, BATFE director B. Todd Jones, and BATFE challenging the federal prohibition of interstate handgun purchases. CCRKBA Chairman, Alan Gottlieb says, “The lawsuit is necessary to advance the right to keep and bear arms for all citizens.” Read the entire story here.

Is Remington Discontinuing the R51? blog is reporting that Remington has eliminated all but one trace of the R51 on its website. The R51 was unveiled at SHOT Show 2014 with plenty of hype, but when the gun actually hit buyers’ hands, it proved itself a malfunctioning failure. Are we that surprised by the news? Read the entire story here.

Open Carry Tarrant County in Texas Wins First Amendment Case

Justice Reed O’Conner rules that the city of Arlington, Texas violated the open carry activities First Amendment rights by banning the group from handing out flyers at a busy intersections. Justice O’Conner said, “These restrictions burden substantially more speech than is necessary to further Arlington’s interests in pedestrian and traffic safety.” Read the entire story here.

Illinois Governor Supports a Ban on “Assault Weapons”

Citing Chicago’s “epidemic of violence,” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced his support of Senate Bill 3659—the Illinois Public Safety Act which purposes a ban on “assault weapons,” .50 caliber rifles and ammunition and limits magazine capacities. Those in Illinois who already own the banned items would be able to keep them, but could not sell or transfer them to anyone but a family member.

Read the entire story here.

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