High Powered Headlines: August 6, 2014

Picture shows a charcoal gray baseball cap with a black Magpul logo on the front.

High Powered Headlines

Immediate Action Alert for California Gun Owners

California legislators will hear three bills today. All California gun owners are encouraged to call their representatives and state their opposition to Senate Bill 199, 580 and 808. You may find contact information for the Senate Appropriations Committee here. and information for the Assembly Appropriations Committee here.
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Illinois State Rifle Association Challenges Peoria Thumbprint Law

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISR) will challenge a Peoria, Illinois ordinance that requires gun buyers to provide a thumbprint and signature before obtaining a firearm. Richard Pearson, executive director of ISR says, ““You go through so many background checks, so why do you need this extra step?” “It looks like it’s discriminatory to us. … Illinois has the toughest background laws in the nation, and for Peoria to decide it needs this, too, is ridiculous.” The group is considering bringing a lawsuit against the city.
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Missourians Vote on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Missouri residents who voted on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 said “yes” to Constitutional Amendment 5 solidifying Missouri citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. Sixty-six percent of voters agreed to have an amendment written into Missouri’s Constitution. Part of the amendment reads, “The rights guaranteed by this section shall be unalienable. Any restriction on these rights shall be subject to strict scrutiny and the state of Missouri shall be obligated to uphold these rights and shall under no circumstances decline to protect against their infringement.”
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Shaneen Allen Loses Bid to Dismiss Charges

Shaneen Allen, a legal and licensed handgun owner in Philadelphia lost her bid to have her charges dismissed in court. The woman was driving through New Jersey when police stopped her. She told the police officer she had her gun in the car, but New Jersey does not recognize Allen’s state permit. She could face up to three years in prison.
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ATF Agents Get Memorandum of Caution

After a botched sting operation called Operation Fearless in Milwaukee, four ATF agents merely received a slap on the wrist after members of Congress demanded to know what actions where taken against them. Four undercover ATF agents employed and then charged a man with special needs in the faulty operation. Three of the four agents received a “memorandum of caution,” the least severe punishment the ATF gives employees.
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Study Finds Mental Illness not Cause for Mass Shootings

A group of American and international researches have found that mental illness is not the commonality between those who commit violence. Vickie Mays, co-author of the study concludes, “Policies should focus more on limiting access to firearms for people with behavioral risk factors for violence, during specific times when there is evidence that risk is elevated.”
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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Continues Ban of Elephant Trophy Imports

After months of Safari Club International and Zimbabwe submitting enough evidence to support the benefits of elephant hunting in Africa, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service chose to continue the ban on elephant trophy imports to the United States. Safari Club International says, “Problems with poaching in Zimbabwe will be exacerbated by this ill-advised ban by the FWS.”
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Picture shows a charcoal gray baseball cap with a black Magpul logo on the front.
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Comments (5)

  1. gunguy44
    THAT WAS HISTERICAL. I love how easy it is to get people like you cranked up and the name calling …brilliant. It really shows how intelligent you are.

    Apparently sarcasm is an unfamiliar concept to you. Now take your meds and go lay down.

  2. I’ll say it again… Give California back to Mexico it to far gone and between earthquakes, wild fires, illegals and gangs it just costs the rest of us billions.
    Thank God the good people in Missouri will still uphold our rights and the Constitution.
    Ya know, you would think the morons in Illinois would eventually realize that more restriction to our rights do not work.

    1. An open letter to MC DICkhead,
      Your show of solidarity for your fellow American gun owners is overwhelming, really well thought out from an educated point of view and I thank you for kind word….oh wait a minute…, I mean the opposite of what I typed, except for the mcdickhead part.
      Are you completely clueless or just retarded? Do you not see that once it starts here every other state will fall like dominoes one by one? The people of California are not voting on this tardo, our crooked politicians are. You might say well you voted for them and I will reply a choice between a giant douche (kinda like you) and a turd sandwich isn’t much of a choice and since we are the 5th largest economy in the world it makes sense to start here doesn’t it? Oh what am I asking you for you’re one of those sheep that thinks 9/11 happened the way the gov’t said it did right?
      Let me address your anything but original gripes point by point and I’ll try not to highlight your ignorance (yeah right)
      1.earthquakes, which a waaaay less deadly than a tornado happen about every nit very often the last big one in where i live was in 1989 over 20 years ago. since the invention of fracking they are now earthquakes happening all over the country coast to coast, top to bottom.
      2. Wildfires? wildfires happen everywhere idiot, Texas has some of the worst.
      3. illegals? are you new or something? there are four border states that they are pouring over and you can think of federal government for that not California. 4. Gangs? Show me one state in the continental U.S. that doesn’t have gangs. Maybe you shouldn’t type when your drunk anymore…just sayin

  3. With the Missouri State wide Constitutional Amendment for the right to keep and bear arms, what will happen to Kansas City’s ban on open carry? Kansas City Mayor Sly James and the Kansas City, Missouri Council voted 9-0 to ban open carry. How much would a law suit cost the city?

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