High Powered Headlines: August 18, 2014

High Powered Headlines

Gun Rights Group Wins Appeal Over Bus Stop Poster

In Phoenix, Arizona, a poster that reads “Guns Save Lives” with a link to a website to find firearms training will reappear on bus stops all over the city. In a battle between the city and Alan Korwin that started four years ago, officials in Phoenix must allow the advertisements back because they do not violate the city’s ban on non-commercial speech in bus stop advertisements. Click here to read the entire story.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee Politician to Introduce Guns in Parks Bill

Murfreesboro, Tennessee Councilman Guy Chun intends to submit an amendment to a current city law that bans guns in parks. The new law would allow permit holders to conceal carry in city parks. Other Murfreesboro Councilmen agree. Eddie Smotherman says, “The greenway system is recognized as a soft spot, and what we’re trying to do is allow a situation that would be conducive to people who have had background checks and have hand-gun carry permits to carry the guns on the greenway system.” Click here to read the entire story.

Off-Duty Police Officers Allowed to Carry Guns at Vikings Games

A Minneapolis judge ruled against an NFL policy that does not allow guns into football games. The Peace Officers Association and the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis challenged the policy. Judge Ivy Bernhardson ruled that off-duty police officers may carry their weapons into Minnesota Vikings games played in Minnesota. Greg Aiello, NFL representative says they will continue to enforce the NFL policy. Click here to read the entire story.

Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns Halt Filming of Show

Filming for the television show, Sons of Guns has been put on hold after Red Jacket Firearms owner, Will Hayden was recently arrested for child molestation. Stephanie Hayden, Will’s daughter has said the show is not cancelled, but put on hold while the family deals with the situation. Click here to read the entire story.

Oklahoma Ammunition Plant Needs 200 Employees

The Army Ammunition Plant located in McAlester Oklahoma is seeking 200 new employees. Commander Col. Joseph G. Dalessio says the plant has enough work through to 2020. The plant has been hiring since November, but still needs additional employees to fill contracts for the U.S. Air Force. You many see job openings at the plant here. Click here to read the entire story.

Moms Demand Action Asking Kroger Grocery Stores to Ban Guns

Anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action is asking Kroger to ban guns in its grocery stores. Shannon Watts, the leader of the organization says, “How, as a mother, am I supposed to know if the person with a loaded AR-15 is a gun extremist trying to make a political statement or if I should duck and cover? Kroger shouldn’t leave that ambiguous.” Kroger’s corporate policy is to follow all state and local law in regards to legally carrying a firearm into the store. Click here to read the entire story.

Detroit Police Tell Citizens to Arm Themselves

Detroit’s law enforcement agencies are low on money and officers. Detroit police chief James Craig has encouraged citizens to arm themselves against criminals. Detroit has the highest homicide rate in any of the large American cities and residents have a 1 in 20 chance of being burgled. As of the first of August, 2014, Detroit has 83,950 people who hold concealed carry permits. Click here to read the entire story.


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Comments (9)

  1. I just can’t deal with people like you. It’s like dealing with a Jr. High kid..go take your nap… I’m out

  2. Secundius

    What are you 12 maybe 13. Grow up. I make some comments expanding on your post and you come back with my Dad thinking I’m an idiot. What the hell’s wrong with you. What a jerk.

  3. # Mc Ruger.

    Apparently you haven’t been keeping up with current events in Detroit. Or, is it maybe, just maybe. Fox News doesn’t like to endanger its Story Telling Crew’s. The City Manager, is a Republican appointee of the States Governor too run the City of Detroit. The Mayor of Detroit, does not control the City in anyway, shape and/or form. The Republican Governor’s Appointed City Manager does. And between the both of them (e.i. Michigan Republican Governor and Republican City Manager of Detroit), their NOT put money INTO the city. BUT, ACTUALLY taking it OUT. It’s a Michigan State Governor’s Controlled Reverse PONZI Scheme.

  4. Living in Minnesota, a liberal breeding ground, I find it hard to believe that a judge would have the common sense to rule properly on CCW in a football stadium. Small victory. In this state every other building has a sign banning guns. The NFL needs to think… A sports stadium is the perfect place for a bad guy/terrorist. People are seated, exits are bottle-necks and he has 50,000 random targets. However lets not allow good guys to carry in the stadium.

  5. Detroit Police Tell Citizens to Arm Themselves ….
    I would really like to see one of the gun grabbers debate Chief Craig’s logic. Give me an honest and logical reasons why the Chief is wrong. And, If it is not wrong for Detroit how can it be wrong anywhere. I do not understand why people feel they can depend on the police for protection. The police simply cannot get to a scene in time to stop a crime most of the time if ever.

  6. I heard so many variations of the Red Jacket Cable series. That’s probably why everybody were going in so many different direction, I actually thought there going to be Sin-Off’s of the series. This is really going to destroy his business and his daughter’s affiliation with him. You think you no somebody , and then this happens. Go, figure.

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