High Powered Headlines: August 14, 2014

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High Powered Headlines

Tennessee Law Gives Tax Breaks to Makers of Smart Guns

A new law went into effect on July 1 giving companies in Tennessee tax breaks if they make smart guns. Rep. Mike Stewart (D-Nashville), a co-sponsor of the law says, “This was just another benefit to them to say if this stuff’s going to be made, we want it made here,” So far, no known Tennessee gun company is producing a smart gun.
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Gun Buy Back Organizer Asks for $30,000 from the Auction of Turned in Guns

A Georgia law allows the sale of guns received from gun buy-back programs. One gun buyback organizer does not think the law makes sense. After a gun buy-back program organized by Future Successors Niki Watson resulted in a sale generating $300,000 from guns that were bought back, Ms. Watson has demanded 10 percent of the profits from the auction.
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Connecticut Anti-Gun Governor Candidate Loses Bid in Primary Election

Gun owners and Second Amendment supports rallied at the polls yesterday to vote on the GOP candidate for Connecticut governor. State Senate Minority Leader, John McKinney who helped draft Connecticut’s tough gun laws after Newtown lost his bid for Governor to Tom Foley in the primaries.
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Court Rules in Favor of in Negligence Claim Lawsuit

After a man used a gun purchased on to shoot Jikta Vesel in Chicago, Vesel’s family sued for damages due to negligence. The Chicago 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit against based on the judgment that the website was not responsible for the man’s actions.
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Shooting Times Reveals Picks for Best Shotguns under $500

Shooting Times writer, Brad Fitzpatrick reveals his favorite picks for the best shotguns under 0. He writes, “Luckily, people with a limited budget can still afford a quality scattergun. Today there are quite a few gun makers offering affordable, durable shotguns at a reasonable price.” All shotguns on the list are versatile enough to use hunting as well as for home defense.
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Dallas, Texas Area Movie Theater Asks Policeman to Leave

A Dallas, Texas off duty police officer was given two choices by staff at the AMC movie theater in Mesquite to either leave his lawful gun in the car or leave the theater. AMC has a no guns policy. However, law enforcement is exempt if they show identification. The peace officer involved showed his badge and identification, but AMC staff did not allow the man to continue carrying his concealed weapon inside.
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Misinterpretation Leads to Nevada Dropping Reciprocity with West Virginia

Nevada authorities misinterpreted a West Virginia law that allows law enforcement officers under the age of 21 to carry a handgun in the line of duty has prompted Nevada to drop West Virginia as a state it will recognize concealed carry reciprocity.
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Zastava PAP M85 NP 5.56mm NATO -Chambered AK-47 Product Review

Paul Merkel, host of Student of the Gun reviews the Zastava PAP M85 NP AK-47 pistol chambered in 5.56 NATO from Century Arms. After 300 rounds, he concludes the gun runs well and asks, “Could this Gun be the Best of Both Worlds?”
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New Redesigned Weapon-Mounted Lights from SureFire

SureFire has redesigned its popular M600V and M620V Scout weapon-mounted lights. The company replaced the white LED head on the lights. The new head is .25 inches smaller and weighs less. Both lights produce 150 lumens of bright white light and 120mW infrared output. Other features of the newly released lights include aerospace aluminum construction, MIL-SPEC hard-coat anodizing, weatherproof and have two activation methods—a tailcap switch and remote pressure pad.
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Cheaper Than Dirt Featured Product

Picture shows an backpack
From hauling books, to essential hiking and bug-out supplies, Maxpedition’s Falcon II backpack can handle it all.

Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack

Time to gear up for back to school! This year, get a bag that lasts. From hauling books, to essential hiking equipment to all your bug-out supplies, Maxpedition’s Falcon II backpack can handle it all. With its 1400 cubic inches of internal space in the main compartment, it will hold two 100-ounce or 3-liter water bladders, plus additional gear. If you need it to store it, UTX-Duraflex quiet buckles attached to straps on both sides of the bag to compress the backpack for storage. Each stress point is double stitched and the backpack includes a drinking port tube and a grab handle at the top.

Specifications and features

  • Padded shoulder straps with sternum and waist support
  • 1050-denier nylon water and abrasion resistant construction
  • PALS attachment points
  • Dual direction YKK zippers
  • 8 exterior front pockets
  • 9” L x 4” W x 18” H main compartment

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