High Powered Headlines: August 13, 2014

Picture is a necklace of the Browning buckmark symbol made of clear rhinestones.


Judge Rules AR-15s are Dangerous and Unusual in Maryland

A U.S. District Judge has ruled in a lawsuit brought against the state of Maryland from pro-gun groups challenging the state’s “assault weapons” ban as unconstitutional. In a 47-page opinion, Judge Catherine C. Blake stated that the Second Amendment is limited. She wrote, “Upon review of all the parties’ evidence, the court seriously doubts that the banned assault long guns are commonly possessed for lawful purposes, particularly self-defense in the home, which is at the core of the Second Amendment right, and is inclined to find the weapons fall outside Second Amendment protection as dangerous and unusual.”

ATF Proposal to Change Reporting Lost Guns Regulations

The ATF is proposing a rule change to reporting lost firearms. The new regulation would require dealers to report firearms lost or stolen during shipping within two days of the firearm going missing. The National Shooting Sports Foundation opposes the new rules stating the new regulations are “a solution in search of a problem.” The ATF is receiving public comments on the proposal for the next 30 days.

Pro-Gun Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Wins Primaries

Despite Michael Bloomberg’s $150,000 contribution to opposing candidate for Milwaukee Sheriff, current Sheriff David Clarke has won the primary vote.

WMD Guns Introduces the Chassis AR-15

WMD Guns announces its new AR-15 rifle, The Chassis—a bare-bones AR-15 with no stock, sights, furniture or magazine. The idea behind The Chassis is to keep the price low and let the buyer chose accessories for their rifle. The Chassis does come with a six-position buffer tube, carbine buffer, gas system, lower receiver and a barrel.

Washington “Gun Show Loophole” Bill Gets $3.4 Million in Support

Pro-gun and anti-gun activists are battling it out in Washington with two proposed bills. I-594 would enact universal background checks, while I-591 would block required background checks at gun shows. The Pro-Initiative 594 Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility has raised $3.4 million to support the I-594 bills.

British Company Develops U.K.-Legal AR-15

British company, Southern Gun Co. has developed an AR-15-style rifle they are calling the Lever-Release 223 that is legal in the United Kingdom. The bolt of the rifle opens after every round fired and the shooter must push a button to reload the gun after every shot. This makes the rifle technically not a semiautomatic.

Open Carry Texas Plans March in Houston’s Fifth Ward

Open Carry Texas has announced its intentions to march in Houston’s Fifth Ward in order to educate the community of their Second Amendment rights. David Amad, a member of Open Carry Texas says, “The black community has got its butt kicked for quite some time. We’re going there to help with that, to help put a stop to that.” Quannel X, the leader of the Black Panther Party in Houston and community activist responded to the planned march by saying, “Coming like this is totally unacceptable. So if you do come, I guarantee you we will not bring a butter knife to a gun fight.” The two groups will meet today to discuss Saturday’s march.

Gun Sales in Missouri Increase in Wake of Shooting

Gun store owners are reporting an increase in gun sales after looting, rioting, and protesting broke out in St. Louis after law enforcement shot a young man. Steven King, owner of Metro Shooting in Bridgeton, Missouri says sales have more than quadrupled. He says people are buying strictly for self defense, “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm,” King explains.

Special Women’s Wednesday Addition

Fight Like a Girl! Georgia Woman Fights off Attackers

A 19-year old Georgia mother was home with her baby when two men forced themselves into her home and began violently attacking her. Kayla Walker fought back and when she had the chance, ran to her bedroom for her shotgun. The gun scared the men and they fled.

The AR-15 For Women

3-Gun professional competitor shooting for Team FNH USA, Karla Herdzik explains, “The AR-15 is a fantastic platform for women shooters, because there are so many options available that women can find exactly what they’re looking for in terms of weight and length,” adds Herdzik. “And even colors,” in this feature about why women should embrace the AR-15 written by Shelby Murdoc.

New Gun Group Caters to Senior Women

Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby—grandmothers in Ohio—both were robbed in 2011 leading to the founding of the new local gun group called Women Armed and Ready. Both women hold concealed carry licenses and carry every day. Konnie says, “(Our main objective is) to get women trained and where, if they have to … they would be able to react and save themselves. Or at least make a very valiant attempt to save themselves.” The group meets twice a month and divides their time together between classroom instruction and shooting practice. Posts Suggestions For Women’s Concealed Carry Guns, a website devoted to women and the shooting sports posted an article via listing suggestions for women’s concealed carry guns under $600. On the list is a Hi-Point and Remington’s R51.

Browning Buckmark Rhinestone Necklace

Show off your Buckmark! Don’t leave it behind when you go afield. The Browning Buckmark necklace will make any woman hunter happy. With clear rhinestones, the Browning deer head made of silver metal alloy is 1.87 inches by 0.75 inches and dangles from a 20-inch chain.


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Comments (3)

  1. The regime is gaining ground fast! today AR’s and AK’s tomorrow semi-auto rifles then pistols, the regime won’t be happy until we are defenseless, which will open the door for Sleeper Cells and Criminals to do as they will, then the regime will wish the had a weapon, VOTE!!

  2. Michael reminds us to “keep pace”. AR’s are a lot of fun. Well suited for light fun and more serious, competitive fun. We also need to keep pace to protect friends and family and our right to have fun.

  3. The AR and AK platforms are the “muskets” of the 21st century. As more and more police are “tacking-up”, we as individuals need to “keep pace”.

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