High Powered Headlines: August 12, 2014

Picture shows a red box of American Eagle ammunition made by Federal.

High Powered Headlines

Firearms Exec to Holder “I’ll burn it down” in Relation to Smart Guns

Gun rights groups have come out and said they do not opposed smart gun technology, just government mandates. Smart gun technology has become worrisome to gun owners since the availability of German gun the iP1 .22 Long Rifle pistol that will not fire unless it is 10 inches within a wristwatch type device. A 2002 law in New Jersey will force citizens of the state to own only smart guns if they become available. Kodiak Arms, a firearms manufacturer in Utah has been working on a conversion kit that will retrofit firearms for fingerprint recognition. Kodiak Arms president, W.P. Gentry has told Attorney General Eric Holder, “…if he mandates my technology I’ll burn it down. I told him I’d destroy my smart-gun technology before I let the government use it against the American people.”
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NRA Opposes New Proposal to Sale Alcohol at Texas Gun Shows

Yesterday’s report is not as simple as allowing alcohol sales at Texas gun shows, the NRA says. The new proposal to change the rules regarding alcohol at gun shows will negatively affect Friends of the NRA charity events, as well as your local shooting range and gun shows. The NRA encourages gun owners to participate in submitting comments to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission through written letters or public appearance on August 19, 2014 at 1:30 at TABC headquarters in Austin, Texas.
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Smith & Wesson Introduces the M&P 22 Compact

Smith & Wesson announced a compact version of the M&P 22 pistol modeled after the full-sized self-defense handgun the M&P 9mm and .40 S&W. Unlike the full-sized M&P 22 made by Walther, this compact model, made in Springfield, Massachusetts, is designed from the ground up as a completely new handgun. The compact’s barrel is 3.6 inches and it is 6.7 inches long overall. Until December 31, 2014, Smith & Wesson is offering a free box of .22 Long Rifle ammunition with the purchase of the compact M&P 22.
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Win a Weatherby Rifle or Shotgun in New Sweepstakes

A new online sweepstakes being held by Weatherby offers participants a chance to win a Weatherby rifle or shotgun. Simply visit the sweepstakes website and vote for your favorite Weatherby ad for a chance to win.
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New Hampshire Politician Makes Changes to CCW License Application

The Concord, New Hampshire Commissioner without warning, notice, ballot or hearing made changes to the application for license to conceal carry in the state. The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is reporting, “Last week, three new questions mysteriously appeared on the NH Pistol & Revolver License application form–two of which are irrelevant to the statute, and invite rogue police chiefs to deny permits for flimsy, insubstantial reasons.” The Coalition is encouraging New Hampshire gun owners to contact their representatives and oppose the changes.
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Rural Pennsylvania County Sued for Keeping CCW Permit Holders Names Private

Perry County, Pennsylvania Sheriff refused to release the names of CCW license holders to county auditors, stating, “The only ones who can get information are law enforcement under official duty.” The auditors filed suit against the Sheriff. The Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Association, the Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Association, 27 state senators and representatives and other organizations filed a petition in court supporting the Sheriff’s decision.
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Massachusetts Governor to Sign Gun Control Bill

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick will sign a new gun control legislation into law on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 in the morning. The bill includes how police will deny a firearm identification card, gives gun dealers the power to look up criminal records, increases the fine for failing to report a stolen firearm, and complies with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, along with other new laws. The Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League supported the bill, while the NRA opposed it.
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Picture shows a red box of American Eagle ammunition made by Federal.
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Comments (6)

  1. I do not believe any, single gun owner that actually shoots a firearm or carries a firearm believes a “smart gun” is a good idea. Something to fail in a life or death situation is a rediculous notion. We all have firearms we like just the way they are. We believe the term “shall not be infringed” actually means something. No, I believe this is nothing more than leftist propoganda to convince people their peers accept the “smart gun”, when, in fact, I believe it is the very opposite.

  2. @ KENNEDY: The purchase of any gun could never be considered – “bad ill [sic] advised decisions” regardless of circumstance.

    Such is the reason you fail miserably at truly understanding Texans and gun culture. The gun business is thriving exceptionally well and would never require the aid of alcohol to succeed. To think otherwise is a display of ignorance at its very core.

    Native Texans and gun enthusiasts understand the down-home hospitality that Texans strive to extend at all events throughout their rich culture. Their hospitable addition of spirits is for nothing more than added enjoyment to an already fun outing.

    To insinuate otherwise is simply insulting and rude.

  3. Isn’t that an oxymoron, even for the NRA? I though the whole idea, was to get the customers drunk. Just so they could make bad ill advised decisions in making a gun buy, or purchases.

    1. I may not agree with what you say, however I will always defend your right to say it! (Paraphrased) Sound familiar?

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