High Powered Headlines: August 11, 2014

Picture shows a black polymer rifle magazine for the AR-15.

High Powered Headlines

Legal Gun Owner and Victim of Domestic Abuse Arrested for “Arsenal”

New Jersey resident Robert Lintner called 911 to report being stabbed in the neck by his wife. After law enforcement found what they described as an “arsenal” in the couple’s home, they arrested Mr. Lintner for “Causing or Risking Widespread Injury or Damage.” New Jersey police confiscated 200 legal firearms and 300 pounds of black powder from the Lintner’s home.
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Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Fourth Amendment

After a felon was convicted on weapons charges in October 2010, his lawyers appealed the decision claiming his Fourth Amendment rights had been violated. A supreme court in Arizona ruled unanimously that unless law enforcement has a “reasonable suspicion” that someone is participating in criminal activity, merely having a weapon is not a valid reason for searching an individual. Justice Rebecca White Berch wrote, “The Fourth Amendment protects the right of people to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.”
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Proposal to Sell Alcohol at Gun Shows in Texas

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has purposed selling alcohol at gun shows. Part of the proposal includes banning people attending the gun show from taking possession of guns bought at the show where alcohol was being sold. The reason behind the proposal is due to a gun club in the Dallas-Fort Worth area requesting a change in rules. The Commission is holding a public hearing on August 19, 2014 at 1:30. The agency is also taking written comments.
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Vermont Lawmakers to Discuss Waiting Periods

After the suicide of law professor, Cheryl Hanna, some Vermont lawmakers want to make waiting periods before taking possession of a firearm mandatory. Even long-time pro-gun legislators have said they are willing to listen to any discussions on waiting periods.
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House Bill to Freeze Weapon Purchases to Federal Agencies

If passed, H.R. 4934, the Regulatory Agency Demilitarization Act would freeze weapon purchases to all federal agencies except those with traditional law enforcement responsibilities. The bill would require other agencies, such as the EPA and the Department of Education, to justify purchases of military-type weapons, training and body armor. Representative, Chris Stewart (R-Utah) says, “Not only is it overkill, but having these highly armed units within dozens of agencies is multiplicative, costly, heavy-handed, dangerous and destroys any sense of trust between citizens and the federal government.”
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Police Shooting Leads to Riots and Looting

A community angered over the police shooting of 18-year Michael Brown in St. Louis, Missouri led to riots and looting of neighborhood business over the weekend. St. Louis law enforcement say a struggle between Brown and a police officer lead to the shooting.
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San Francisco Police Chief Has Not Qualified with her Pistol in Years

San Francisco’s chief of police, Heather Fong has not qualified with her pistol in years. Department rules state the any police officer who carries a firearm must qualify their proficiency by taking shooting tests every six months. Fong says, “The duties of a police chief are demanding and time-consuming. I acknowledge that I have not scheduled time for firearms re-qualifications.” She is likely to face disciplinary action.
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Bloomberg Sinks $150,000 to Defeat Pro-Gun Milwaukee County Sheriff

Michael Bloomberg has purchased $150,000 in television ads in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in support of County Sheriff candidate Lt. Chris Moews. Bloomberg’s political action committee, Independence USA wants to defeat current County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. who is a big Second Amendment supporter.
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Comments (4)

  1. I’ll screw this up but I’ll give it a try. Can some justify agencies like EPA, USDA, FDA and IRS needing guns to enforce their rules and regs, when the same government wants to take guns from the citizens.
    What’s wrong with this picture? Aren’t we kind f defining Tyranny here. If these agencies need guns fine, no problem. However when all of government is armed and the citizens are not does anyone see a problem. If government is gearing up while at the same time busting it’s ass to restrict citizen ownership and create national registries we should be asking, What’s the Agenda.

  2. @ Mc Ruger: My sentiment exactly. I can always count on Mc Ruger to sum up my thoughts and spare me the typing. Thanks.

    I’d also wish to highlight to folks the need to contact your representatives in support of H.R. 4934. This is in reference to the above High Powered Headline entitled – “House Bill to Freeze Weapon Purchases to Federal Agencies”.

    What it boils down to is smart legislation attempting to shut down the out-of-control growth of pseudo law enforcement like federal Inspector Generals as mentioned in another CTD article entitled – “Why Does the USDA Need Submachine Guns?” ; Which can be read here:

  3. God bless the Arizona Supreme Court.
    In other news:
    Looks like we’re in for another Zimmerman extravaganza in St. Louis. It would be nice if they could at least wait to find out what happened before they start the riots, looting and branding everyone a racist. . I guess any thing works when you look for a reason to be a victim.

    Bloomberg again. Anyone up to send a few buck to County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. to keep a socialist sheriff out of office. Bloomberg is getting to be a real pain.

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