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Hideaway Safe is Ready to Serve

Hideaway Wall Safe
Hideaway Wall Safe
Designed to fit between two wall studs, this hideaway safe is ready to serve!  Mounting this safe flush against the wall with a picture hung over it gives you discreet protection for your valuables.  You can also mount it between floor joists and cover it with a rug.  On the garage wall it looks like a fuse box.  Measuring just over a foot long and 8.5-inches tall, it’s suitable for hiding even the largest handgun within the padded inner chamber.  It has a very solid locking mechanism featuring two chromed deadbolts, and comes with two skeleton keys.  The body of the safe is made from 16-gauge steel and the door from 6-gauge steel, so this unit is heavy!  What’s better than an affordable strongbox securing your handgun?  A strongbox that only you know about!

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