Are Your Hard-Earned Dollars Helping Support Gun Control?

On Starbuck’s Appreciation Day, Feb. 14, 2012, I posted a link to the NRA-ILA’s Web page with a long list of companies who have lent support to anti-gun groups. You might or might not have looked at the list. It is sadly long. I have read the whole list a few times and have decided to pull out some of the biggest players, some are household names.

I dug deeper into the companies listed on the NRA’s list and found it to be quite depressing. DC Entertainment collaborates with Warner Bros. Pictures Group, whose parent company is TimeWarner and TimeWarner is anti-gun. My much-loved Levi’s made the list, so did AT&T (not giving up my iPhone), Hillshire Farms and Jimmy Dean, 7-Eleven, and even some of my favorite TV shows, movies, and magazines are part of the list.

The following is a list of the bigger name companies you might not have known who currently or in the past supported anti-gun organizations whether through money or other some type of support:

  • YWCA
  • A&M Records, which includes Interscope and Geffen. Their artists include American Idol, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sting, The Police, U2, and Van Halen
  • AMC theaters
  • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Hallmark
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Levi Strauss & CO.
  • Southwestern Bell Telephone- now owned by AT&T
  • Sara Lee Corporations whose brands are Ball Park, Hillshire Farms, Jimmy Dean, Douwe Egberts (coffee), Senseo (coffee), and State Fair
  • Southland Corporation 7-Eleven stores and gas stations
  • Crown gas stations located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. They also license Fast Fare, ExpressMart, and Zippy Mart
  • Sprint Corporation
  • Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt, which includes Yo Baby, Yo Kids, and Oikos Greek yogurt
  • Dannon Yogurt supported the Million Mom March
  • Virginia Atlantic Airways supported the Million Mom March
  • Time Warner Inc., which includes Turner Broadcasting System, Warner Bros. Entertainment, HBO, Time, Inc., CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies and manages,,,, and Warner Bros pictures group also partners with DC Entertainment. Their publications include People, Sports Illustrated, Southern Living, and Time.
  • ABC (American Broadcast Company) also partners with ESPN, SOAP, and Disney
  • CBS, which also owns Showtime, The CW, and Simon & Schuster Publishing
  • PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)
  • NBC and corporate company NBCUniversal which among others includes A&E Television Network, Bravo Media, Chiller, E!, G4, Golf Channel, MSNBC, Style Network, Syfy, The Weather Channel, USA Network, Hulu, DailyCandy, Fandango, iVillage, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, and all Universal Parks and Resorts
  • Newsweek magazine
  • Rolling Stone magazine
  • The New York Times
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Washington Post

The following public figures have contributed to gun control in some way:

  • Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of Disney
  • Tom Freston, President of MTV
  • Herb Scannel, President of Nickelodeon

The following celebrities support gun control:

  • George Clooney
  • Sean Connery
  • Matt Damon
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Sylvester Stallone

For a list of celebrities who participate in the shooting sports, see my forum post.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are plenty more. Not to mention your local mom and pop owned businesses, or national companies who support anti-gun organizations that are not on the NRA’s list.

When you read the list, how does it make you feel? Will you be choosing to spend your money elsewhere?

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Comments (11)

  1. Thanks for sharing the list; I will have to start to shave off slowly until I find what I can’t do without.

  2. If enough people choose not to do business with firms whose management undermine the Constitution, it will hit them where it hurts most — on the bottom line. You should send them a note and tell them why you took your business elsewhere. If we can cut their profits by just 10%, it will be enough to get most of them to change their ways. The rest — well, they might just go out of business, and that wouldn’t be all bad.

  3. I have always been hard-headed (just ask my wife). Therefore I will NOT spend ANY of my money with companies that support gun control. Thay have thier rights and I have mine. It will be difficult to keep up with those companies, but the effort will be worth it. Also, I challenge other believers in the Second Amendment to do the same!

  4. I live in this Beautiful Country by choice, therefore I love our Constitution and our history ,target shooting is my interest .

  5. Supporting gun control does not always mean that you don’t support the 2nd ammendment rights. FYI. There are some people that should not ever be allowed to buy any firearms.

    1. except when you start placing restrictions on anything, it becomes a slippery slope where those deciding those restriction almost alway overstep and over-regulate

  6. So on the flip-side. Who are the companies that support the 2nd Ammendment? That way I know where to spend my money.

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