Happy Thanksgiving!

Three hundred and ninety-two years ago, after an incredibly rough first year in their new home, a group of English folks looking for religious freedom celebrated for three days after their first successful corn harvest. These people—we now call Pilgrims—included local Native Americans, a group they had developed allied relationship with. They feasted for three days. We really have no idea what the Pilgrims and Native Americans ate on what we now consider the first Thanksgiving, but Edward Winslow recorded in his journal the Pilgrims went on a waterfowl hunt and the Wampanoag Indians brought deer.Today, we gather with friends and family for one day to feast on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. After eating, we settle in to watch the football game or plan out our “Black Friday” strategy. However thankful we are that the Dallas Cowboys are in first place in their division, we must remember the holiday isn’t about football scores, iPads or PlayStations. The first Thanksgiving was marked by a feast to celebrate how hard a group of people worked.

2013 was a year all of us worked hard. Together with organizations such as the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, local pro-gun groups, you and I we signed petitions, lobbied Congress, started lawsuits and spread the word through social media that our Second Amendment rights were to be upheld no matter what.

As we stuff ourselves silly, telling jokes around the dinner table today, let us take a minute to reflect and be thankful for all who have helped fight for the freedoms of our right to keep and bear arms, hunt, fish, defend ourselves, buy ammo and shoot AR-15s.

From all of us at Cheaper Than Dirt, we are deeply grateful for all of you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving day? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. ThePilgrims were a bunch of religious nuts that luckily found a place where those who did not know them would help save their stupid butts.
    They found them and once they got settled in they stole whatever the savages had
    It t took 30 years after Revolutionar war before colonials; by then there were americans, could finall tell them to keep church at home and let other people live in peace
    .The pilgrims adopted a local custom of yearly harvest gatherings being ended, and hell the stole that day as well.
    Been through a lot of thanksgivings and gave up thanking anyting other than my creator , and my family and friends sweat and labors for our bounty.
    LIFE, LIBERTY , LOVE ARE BONDINGS, NOT BINDINGS, Freedoms are of the heart annd I hope that we within this nation are thankfull today for the opportunitys to give of our hearts to all those of world less fortunate than we are.
    Have a good family gathering.

  2. Thanks to all of you at Cheaper than Dirt. Wishes to all of you at Cheaper than Dirt for your service and helping us feel more secure for the difficult times we expect to encounter in the future. May we all band together this coming year in our endeavor of continuing our freedom from the oppression of the tyrants currently trying to infringe on our liberty. Best wishes to all the subscribers to your company and remember why the Pilgrims came here, religious freedom.

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