#GUNVOTE — Do Your Part to Support the Second Amendment

Supreme Court with GunVote logo

JOIN THE GUN INDUSTRY’S EFFORT IN 2016 . . . Beretta USA, Browning, Leupold, North American Arms, and Winchester Ammunition are among the 500 companies throughout our industry proudly displaying the #GUNVOTE icon on their websites. You should, too. If you do not have a website, post it to your social media and help spread the word. Simply download and post the #GUNVOTE icon and link it to NSSF’s #GUNVOTE is a voter registration and education campaign platform for use by firearms industry manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and media members, as well as the pro-Second Amendment customer.

Supreme Court with GunVote logo

How You Can Help:

  • Download and post the #GUNVOTE icon to your website and link it to
  • Visit the #GUNVOTE website and encourage others to do the same.
  • Help spread the word on social media and follow #GUNVOTE on Facebook and Twitter (@GUNVOTE).
  • Contribute to #GUNVOTE.
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Comments (4)

  1. Been sending emails like crazy to all my state reps and Gov Jerry Brown. Signed all the petitions and donated to a lot of web pages but I am really worried. I fear it is too late for my great state of California, prob was a long time ago. However we can still save our country if we act now. If it comes down to it I am ready to sacrifice my life in a cival war to preserve our freedoms that so many b4 me and still to this day fight and die for. I know that sounds hardcore but I get so emotional when it comes to these liberal commy assholes destroying our nation.

  2. This is good.

    Also in California There are petitions to repeal All the gun laws that the left just shoved down our throats. If we get enough names they will be on the ballet in November . Find them at your range or LGS.

    Thanks to CTD for keeping us informed.

    1. That is doubly important due to California’s ballot initiative laws where the citizenry can draft laws and get them on the ballot without the lawmakers cooperation or consent. Best of luck! ~Dave Dolbee

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