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Some celebrities have made a name with their ability to thrill us on screen with impressive firearm handling and shooting skills. These “Action Stars” have used a wide variety of guns throughout their years in film, but some stand out more than others. Here are some of the best and coolest guns used by the legendary Jason Statham.

Jason Statham - Beretta 92
The Inox Beretta looks great in the light. Source: IMFDB

The Transporter

The Transporter was one of the first movies that introduced me to Jason Statham. He plays Frank Martin, professional driver and transporter, someone whose job it is to take something, or someone, from point A to point B without asking questions, but Frank’s rules may get in the way of that. 

Frank uses a few guns throughout the movie, but one of the most noticeable is the Beretta 92FS Inox. The classic 92 needs little in the way of introduction, the double-action/single-action 9mm is one of the original wonder 9s and helped pave the road for the defensive pistols we have today. However, the Inox, or stainless, variant is exceptionally beautiful.

Jason Statham - Kahr K9
The K9 is a great carry handgun. Image Source: IMFDB

There’s something about the stainless steel that really brings out the curves and italian styling of the Beretta 92. The open-top slide design is not only attractive, it  allows for excellent reliability and quick malfunction clearance. This is certainly an elegant pistol created for a sophisticated gentleman. 


Crank is certainly one of Statham’s more unique movies. In it he plays Chev Chelios, a former hitman who has been dosed with a drug that stops the flow of adrenaline to his heart. To survive, he must keep his adrenaline levels up to keep his heart beating. 

Given his former profession, Chelios has access to some pretty nice firearms. His main sidearm throughout the film is a Springfield XD chambered in 9mm. No not the flashiest, but it certainly gets the job done. This striker-fired pistol has been popular with law enforcement and defensive shooters since its introduction.

Although, my favorite gun he gets his hands on is the Kahr K9 he uses in the warehouse shootout. This slim 9mm features all-steel construction, so it is both easy to shoot and to carry. Kahr makes some beautiful, yet incredibly functional, firearms and the K9 is one of the finest. 

Jason Statham - Noveske Diplomat
Christmas aiming his kitted out Diplomat. Image Source: IMFDB

The Expendables 2

The Expendables series is popular on these lists due to the sheer amount of action stars featured. The Expendables 2 is arguably a step up from the original and incorporates some even nicer firearms. Statham plays Lee Christmas, known for using some exquisite knives. Fortunately, he has a rifle to match. 

Basically the whole team uses a Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat. This 5.56 NATO SBR features a 7.5-inch barrel. This is a good balance between maneuverability and power for CQB engagements. Noveske makes some of the most accurate and rugged rifles on the market, and it makes sense that these elite operators would use the best. 

Jason Statham - SIG P220 Sport
The older P220 Sport looks space-age. Image Source: IMFDB

The One

A futuristic movie needs some futuristic guns, right? Well, actually, most people like a blast from the past with some visual upgrades for movie magic. The One is about a rogue multiverse agent who finds he can gain power by killing alternate versions of himself. A new agent, Evan Funsch (Statham), pairs with the rogue agent’s old partner to track him down and stop him before he gets to the final version. 

As far as firearms, Funsch uses a modified SIG Sauer P220 Sport. The P220 is a double-action/single-action .45 ACP pistol built to meet and exceed rigorous Swiss military standards. The Sport model was part of the custom shop offerings geared toward serious competition shooters. As such, the pistols feature upgrades such as compensators and match weights to go with their hand-fit parts. These make the gun look futuristic and spacelike. They also make the gun incredibly flat shooting and accurate. This is one incredible .45 ACP. 

Jason Statham - Double Barrel
The sawn-off shotgun fits well in a vehicle. Image Source: IMFDB


Parker tells the tale of a master criminal who is betrayed and left for dead by his crew. Parker (Statham) must work to set a few things straight. Although it is only used by Parker briefly at the beginning of the film, one of the coolest guns in the movie is a sawn-off double barrel. The shotgun has shorter barrels and a cut-off stock. This makes it super portable and maneuverable in tight spaces, which, let’s just say, comes in handy. 

With only two shots, you better make them count. The 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun offers an impressive amount of power at close range, especially with the shortened barrels. The spread must be insane, but makes for some great cinematics. 

Jason Statham - HK USP
The HK USP is a classic defensive pistol. Image Source: IMFDB

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is a great movie about a former hitman who must come out of retirement to rescue an old partner and friend. It features a great plot, a nice twist, and a noticeable continuity error for any firearm fans. 

At one point, McKenna gives his 1911 pistol for Bishop (Statham) to use. However, when we see Bishop shooting, it turns into an HK USP. Bishop also takes a USP off a guard during a rooftop shootout, so this is likely where the mistake originated. The Universal Service Pistol (USP) was one of the first polymer-framed handguns, and HK is known for making no-nonsense guns for real-world use. However it came to be, this pistol fits nicely in the film.

Jason Statham - Benelli M4
Here is Broker’s stash of weapons. Image Source: IMFDB


Homefront tells the story of a former DEA agent Phil Broker (Statham) who settles down in a small town with his daughter, only to be faced with a notorious local drug dealer. Given his new family man nature, he tends to try and stray away from violence for his daughter, but of course must use some firearms throughout the film. 

One of the coolest scenes for gun lovers is when he retrieves his case of weapons. Among them, a Benelli M4. This 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun features an extended magazine tube, pistol grip, and Benelli’s highly-regarded A.R.G.O. system. The Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated system is a self-cleaning, piston-driven action that was developed for fast operation and reliable cycling. Because of this, the M4 is known for being incredibly rugged and reliable — even in adverse conditions.

Jason Statham - HK G36K
The G36K is easy to pick out of a crowd. Image Source: IMFDB

Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man is probably my favorite Statham movie. A great plot and nice twist are complemented by some impressive guns and firearm handling. Statham plays a guard, “H,” protecting armored trucks and, of course, must take care of some business along the way. 

The armored truck center features an impressive armory. As such, there were several great guns used in the film, but my favorite was the HK G36K, which several of the guards use. This 5.56 NATO rifle incorporates the noticeable carry handle/optical sight combo that makes it stand out in a crowd. Additionally, the G36K comes fitted with a side-folding stock and three-lug adapter for suppressor use. This is a true professional’s weapon designed for serious use. 

What’s your favorite Jason Statham action movie? What’s your favorite gun he has used on screen? Share your thoughts in the Comment section.

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  1. Like you, my favorite Jason Statham action film is Wrath of Man. A perfect blend of plot, intelligence and action. Absolutely my favorite action star!

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