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Some celebrities have made a name with their ability to thrill us on screen with impressive firearm handling and shooting skills. These “Action Stars” have used a wide variety of guns throughout their years in film, but some stand out more than others. Here are some of the best and coolest guns used by the incredible Chuck Norris. 

The Delta Force Mini Uzi
The main firearm used by the Delta Force is the Mini Uzi. They are shown both with and without suppressors, as well as folding stocks. Image Source: IMFDB

The Delta Force

The Delta Force follows an elite Special Forces team led by Major Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris) as they travel to Beirut to rescue an airplane full of passengers that was hijacked by terrorists. 

The main firearm used by the team is the Mini Uzi. They are shown both with and without suppressors, as well as folding stocks. The 9mm submachine gun is capable of fully-automatic fire and operates using an open-bolt, direct-blowback action. It features a decent set of iron sights, although they are hardly ever used. Fortunately, the extended magazines make for effective spray-and-pray tactics. 

Major McCoy is also shown using the B-10 Recoilless Rifle. The 82mm launcher is shown in its standard mounted tripod, but strongman McCoy easily shoulders the behemoth. The Soviet design featured a smooth bore and fired 82mm rockets. Although now phased out and obsolete, it was heavily used by many countries during the Cold War. 

Missing in Action M60
Here we see Norris famously rising from the water shouldering the Hog. Image Source: IMFDB

Missing in Action

In Missing in Action, Norris plays another Special Forces team leader, Colonel James Braddock. This time, he’s escaped from a Vietnamese prison camp and must return to investigate a report of American POWs still in the country. He uses an M60 machine gun as his main firearm during the mission and is famously shown rising from the water shouldering the Hog. 

The M60 is a full-auto, belt-fed machine gun chambered in 7.62 NATO, capable of firing 550–650 rounds per minute. It earned the nickname, the “Pig,” from American soldiers because its report sounded like the grunt of a barnyard hog. It is one heavy chunk of steel at 26 pounds loaded, and it takes Chuck Norris’ strength to tote it around so easily. 

Braddock also uses an M79 grenade launcher to destroy a guard tower. The 40mm launcher features classic steel and wood that makes for an attractive traditional design that lends itself well to the camera. 

Lone Wolf McQuade Smith Model 29
Here we can see McQuade’s engraved S&W revolver. Image Source: IMFDB

Lone Wolf McQuade

Chuck Norris doesn’t travel with the wolf pack, he is the wolf pack. In Lone Wolf McQuade, Norris plays a renegade Texas Ranger taking on a big-time drug dealer who killed his partner and took his lady. McQuade (Norris) carries a nickel-plated S&W Model 29 with a 5- or 6-inch barrel that has been custom engraved. The .44 Magnum revolver packs a punch. However, if he runs out of ammo, he can always use his karate. 

Additionally, McQuade uses a Browning Auto-5 shotgun with a sawn-off stock and barrel. This tactical 12-gauge looks great on screen when fired one-handed. The semi-auto scattergun was well known for its durability and reliability, making it popular with police agencies at the time. 

Further, in classic ’80s movie fashion, a MAC-10 makes an appearance or two for some spray-and-pray brass dropping. 

Code of Silence Dan Wesson Model 15
The Dan Wesson Model 15 is a six-shooter about the size of a Smith & Wesson L-Frame. Image Source: IMFDB

Code of Silence

Code of Silence stars Chicago detective Eddie Cusack (Chuck Norris) who lands himself in the middle of a city-wide drug war. His main sidearm is a Dan Wesson Model 15 .357 Magnum revolver with about a 4-inch barrel. The Model 15 is a six-shooter about the size of a Smith & Wesson L-Frame. 

Additionally, Cusack is shown using a Dan Wesson Model 715 during the warehouse shootout. The stainless finish and longer 6-inch barrel stand out. Both DW revolvers feature an attractive ventilated rib barrel and wood grips. They are smooth shooters and offer incredible accuracy. 

Notably, many of the Chicago PD actors were former police officers in real life. This makes for slightly more realistic gun handling and tactical movement in some cases — hey, it’s still an ’80s action movie

Silent Rage Colt Single Action Army
This classic Western setup is great for a small town sheriff. Image Source: IMFDB

Silent Rage

Silent Rage is an action/horror movie starring Chuck Norris as Dan Stevens, the sheriff of a small town in Texas who must take on a superhuman killer who has been made indestructible by experimental doctors. 

Stevens uses a Colt Single Action Army as his weapon of choice throughout the film — a fitting choice for a classic cowboy. The 4.75-inch barrel wheel gun is shown with ivory grips and likely chambered in .45 Colt. It is carried in a traditional-style leather holster/belt Western setup. 

Stevens is also seen using a S&W Model 10 double-action revolver in the final scene. This 6-shot .38 Special is a classic police sidearm used by many. 

The Hitman Sawn-Off Shotgun
The sawn-off 12-gauge offers good portability and an impressive payload. Image Source: IMFDB

The Hitman

In The Hitman, Norris plays Cliff Garrett, a cop who must go undercover to take down a criminal organization in Seattle. In keeping with the time period, Garrett wisely carries a Smith & Wesson 5906 as his sidearm. The double-action/single-action 9mm utilizes 15-round double-stack magazines. The pistol was known for having a very short and crisp trigger reset, making for fast and accurate follow-up shots. 

Later in the movie, Garret uses a double-barrel over/under shotgun with the stock and barrels sawn off. The 12-gauge offers good portability and an impressive payload. It also makes for some iconic break-action loading scenes that look good on screen. 

Invasion U.S.A. Micro Uzi Pistols
Here are some sweet Micro Uzi pistols outfitted with a custom DeSantis leather shoulder rig. Image Source: IMFDB

Invasion U.S.A.

Invasion U.S.A. features a former CIA agent (Chuck Norris) who must single-handedly prevent a catastrophic terrorist invasion of the continental United States. His main firearms throughout the film are a pair of Micro Uzi pistols. They are outfitted with a custom DeSantis leather shoulder rig. These 9mm machine pistols are capable of full-auto fire and accept extended stick magazines. 

Later in the film, we see him wield an M16A1 rifle with a makeshift “grenade launcher” attachment. This appears just to be a painted tube mounted under the barrel with a pistol frame attached to give it the look of an XM148 launcher. 

Further, he is shown using a Colt 1911A1 in a flashback. 

Walker Texas Ranger SIG P226
Here we can see Walker’s SIG Sauer P226 or P220. Image Source: IMFDB

Walker: Texas Ranger

Of course, we can’t forget when Norris starred in the hit TV series, Walker: Texas Ranger. During the first season, Walker uses a SIG Sauer P226, which makes sense since it was the official sidearm of the Texas Rangers at the time. It’s worth noting that there is some questioning online as to whether the P226 9mm used in the show was actually a P220 .45. In some scenes, we can see him reloading with single-stack magazines (as used in the P220). Either way, the design is a great choice for a seasoned officer such as Walker. 

Later in the show, Walker switches to carrying a Taurus PT92. This becomes his sidearm throughout most of the show. It has been nickel-plated and fitted with custom pearl grips featuring the Texas Ranger star. 

What is your favorite Chuck Norris movie? What’s your favorite gun he used on screen? Share your thoughts in the Comment section.

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  1. Re “Walker: Texas Ranger. During the first season, Walker uses a SIG Sauer P226”, R. Grimm is correct. In Season 1, Episode 1, Norris uses a 1911, but thereafter he carried a large frame revolver with ivory color grips, carried in a cross-draw holster, much like the setup in “Lone Wolf McQuade”.
    Later he switched to the semiauto , carried on his R hip. If you search “Chuck Norris – images” on the web, you’ll spot both. Full episodes are also available on YouTube.

  2. Love the last few minutes of INVASION U.S.A. because of the MPIM (Multi-Purpose Individual Munition) round, even to using the correct nickname – SCORPION, for it. Wished the bosses at McDonnell Douglas had not decided to not fix the issue with the rocket motor and then in turn dropped the project. (Too bad – troops involved with the field trials loved the fact that the empty Nylon carrier would keep five cans of beer cold for hours.) Now when you fly into Saint Louis, the buildings on the North side of the airport say “BOEING”,

  3. Loved Walker Texas ranger I bought the stainless Taurus 92 because of the show. Beautiful gun, just was gawd awful inaccurate!!

  4. I remember Walker carrying a stainless revolver in season 1, then having lost it in a gunfight, switched to the Taurus 92. I have no memory of the Sig, and I was a regular viewer.

  5. The only one of these movies I ever saw is Delta Force, which started out great and later devolved into just another 80s’s action flick.

  6. Chuck Norris, my fellow USAF Air Police/Security Police/Security Forces veteran, HOOAH!! 🫡🪖🎖️🚔👮‍♂️🚨✌️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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