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Daniel Defense Offers New Rail on DDM4 Rifles

The new DDM4 Rail standard on most Daniel Defense rifles only requires four installation bolts. The lower rail on this model is closer to the barrel. “The narrower profile lends itself to better weapon manipulation,” says the company. Front and Rear Sling Adaptors are integrated into both the left- and right-side rails. The DDM4 Rail measures 1.9 inches wide, stands 2.165 inches high, and has an inner diameter of 1.08 inches. Unlike other rail systems offered by Daniel Defense, the DDM4 Rail will only be offered as part of a complete rifle or upper receiver group and will not be available for individual sale.

Daniel Defense DDM4 Rail
New Rail on DDM4 Rifles

Shooting Competition News

Coming up are the USA Shooting/NRA Progressive Position Air Pistol National Championships, scheduled for July 6-8 at the CMP South facility in Anniston, Alabama. Anyone can shoot in the championships until they reach the year of their 21st birthday. There are three positions a shooter may use in Progressive Position Pistol and, once chosen, that position must be used for duration of the match. The positions are Basic Supported, Standing Supported, and International Standing. The championships consist of two match courses of 40 shots — one course each day.

At the conclusion of the two matches, the top eight men and top eight women from the International Standing category will advance to an Olympics-style 10-shot finals. At the finals’ conclusion, both a male and female Individual National PPP Champion will be announced.

A contingency of international long-range high-power rifle shooters is expected to land on the shores of Lake Erie later this summer, reports. Representatives from INTERPOL member nations have confirmed that four eight-man teams will arrive in Camp Perry, Ohio to compete in the America Match. First held in 2002, the America Match is an international long-range high-power competition shot every two years. Course of fire: 15 prone shots at 300, 600, 900, and 1000 yards. Last held at the Connaught range in Ontario, Canada, this is the first time the competition will take place at Camp Perry. Great Britain has won three out of the five matches. Right: depicted in the medals are Jim Thompson of Canada (kneeling) and Alan Warner of the United States.

BVAC Returns its 10mm Ammo to Standard Velocity

Bitterroot Valley Ammunition and Components (BVAC) has reported case failures in some of its maximum-velocity 10mm loads. A BVAC notice reads, “Due to numerous customer requests for the BVAC 10mm to reach maximum velocity, BVAC had changed the load to 1250 fps January 1st 2012 to March 1st 2012.” However, BVAC noted that “In doing so, we have seen signs of case failures in unsupported chambered weapons.”

Crimson Trace Introduces Green Handgun Lasers for Fall 2012, Early 2013

Crimson Trace unveiled new green handgun lasers in the Lasergrips, Laserguard, and Universal Rail Master lines. Expected: Fall 2012. Green Lasergrips: Early 2013. Green lasers have traditionally been much bulkier than red versions due to their more complex construction, preventing their use in CT’s grip-integrated lasers. CT solved the size problem by using a new kind of laser with a smaller diode package.

Partnership Formed

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is announcing a partnership with HuntingGPSmaps. HuntingGPSmaps creates color-coded GPS maps of property ownership displaying federal, state, county and private lands, and multiple other features specifically designed to meet the needs of the outdoor community.

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