Five Guns I Really Want in 2013

Smith & Wesson 108485 1911 SC Enhanced E-Series Pistol 45 ACP

2012 is in the rearview window now. Some guns I handled and shot in the past year have come and gone and won’t be missed. However, a handful made a big impact, and now that they are gone, I want them back. So in 2013, I may slake my gun-buying thirst with a handful of interesting rifles, pistols and shotguns that I knew only too briefly last year, and whose absence I now regret. Benelli Ultra Light 28 Gauge The slim Ultra Light weighed just under 5 pounds. It felt great between my hands and was lightning-quick on both birds and five-stand targets. Unlike a light 12 gauge, less recoil from the 28-gauge shell made the UL fun and easy to shoot. Patterning (30-inch circle at 30 yards) with the supplied Modified choke produced 75% density when fired with Winchester AA Target loads (2 3/4 inch, 3⁄4 ounce, No. 7 1⁄2 shot, average muzzle velocity of 1300 fps). On the outside of the circle, I found only three 3-inch holes in the pattern. The Ultra Light uses Benelli’s Inertia Driven system that features only three moving parts—the bolt body, inertia spring and rotating bolt head. So cleanup was a snap afterward. Going price: We don’t have this shotgun listed at CTD, but “buy it now” prices at and other online sites put the counter price around $1600, with the MSRP being $1760.

Benelli Ultra Light 28 Gauge
Benelli Ultra Light 28 Gauge

H&K P7 9mm Long ago, I had a P7M8, but I’d never handled a P7 until June 2012. First, I dry-fired it with a snap-cap and noticed how naturally it pointed. For a steel gun firing 9mm +P rounds it didn’t kick much, and I found the squeeze-cocking mechanism to be easy to use. The trigger and sights were excellent, and I didn’t have to fight muzzle flip like on many lighter polymer guns. Cleanup was easy, with most of the parts that need day-to-day attention right under the grip panels. It’s a collectible to be sure, but still has game. “Buy it now” listings at and other online sites puts the counter price around $800.

HK P7 9mm Left
HK P7 9mm

Smith & Wesson 108485 1911 SC Enhanced E-Series Pistol .45 ACP Bobtailed 1911s from Wilson and Kimber have more competition now. I fired about 200 rounds through a friend’s Enhanced pistol and loved the way the round butt felt in my hand. The E-Series is packed with features, the biggest being the frame alloy. This gun weighed in at 29 ounces empty, a result of weight savings of scandium versus steel, plus, this is a Commander-sized pistol with a 4.25-inch barrel. The two-tone gun came with tritium night sights, oversize extractor and combat ejection port in the stainless slide. Scalloping in the slide looked great, and the wooden laminate E-Series grips are likewise distinctive. The trigger pull was 5.3 pounds, which seemed to improve the more I shot it. Another item not listed here at CTD, it seems to be selling for around $1100.

Smith & Wesson 108485 1911 SC Enhanced E-Series Pistol 45 ACP
Smith & Wesson 108485 1911 SC Enhanced E-Series Pistol 45 ACP

Adcor Defense Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (B.E.A.R.) #201-2040E 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem. In the B.E.A.R., the gas block is attached to the rail rather than the 18-inch barrel. Having the gas block separate from the barrel allows the barrel to be free floating. The ambidextrous forward-placed charging handle/forward placed assist allowed me to work the bolt without raising my head—a big plus in prone. The B.E.A.R wears a Magpul telescoping six-position buttstock and Magpul pistol grip. The rifle comes supplied with two Magpul P-Mag magazines. The Adcor had a decent 8.0-pound trigger break. I fired five-shot groups at 50 yards with red-dot sights and got 0.7-in. average group sizes with Ultramax .223 Rem. 52-gr. HP #223R1 rounds. Monarch (Barnaul) .223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJBs came in at 1.1 in. average group sizes. Earlier this year, I found a B.E.A.R Elite for $1665 and didn’t buy it. Mistake. Now, prices for it is through the roof.

Adcor Defense Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (B.E.A.R.) #201-2040E 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem.
Adcor Defense Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle (B.E.A.R.) #201-2040E 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem.

Cimarron Evil Roy 357 Magnum #ER4104 The Cimarron Evil Roy is the SASS-tuned version of the Uberti-made standard Model P single-action revolver, made to the specifications of world champion “Evil Roy” Gene Pearcey. Among the speed improvements, the front and rear sights are slightly wider than normal, thus faster to acquire. The trigger was lightened to just 2 pounds, and the cylinder rotation is especially smooth. Winchester .38 Special +P 125-grain ammo fired at 10 yards recorded average group sizes of 1.7 inches. A Cowboy load by Black Hills, the company’s 158-grain lead bullet, fired into 3.1-inch groups, on average. It costs $770 from Cimarron.

Cimarron Evil Roy 357 Magnum #ER4104
Cimarron Evil Roy 357 Magnum #ER4104

We’d like to hear which firearms you really want to buy in 2013. Please tell us in the comments below.

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  2. I did not get any guns this year but I will work on getting a AR-15 and maybe another mossin nagant next year…….really would like to get a nagant revolver.

  3. Totally want a Kimber eclipse 5 inch before it gets taken off the DOJ approved list in march 2014!!!! I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I will have to incur some debt to get one.

  4. I agree with “shooter” no.49 I want one too ! ! ! I don’t want to shoot a plane , train or threaten national security but as said on TV that would be “COOL TO OWN” if you could could get the ammo ! ! ! if not a pristine M-1 GARAND lightened to about six pounds .

  5. 1. Westley Richards double rifle (SxS not O/U), 2 triggers, multiple leaf express sights, flip over large ivory bead “twilight” front sight, drop-lock feature (that’s a box lock with in-the-field removable firing mechanisms, and was/still is generally supplied with one pair of spare locks), only sparse scroll engraving, no game scenes, or gold inlays, caliber .303 British, 26″ barrels, with ejectors, semi-pistol grip stock, smooth steel buttplate, with trap, oval cheek piece, 1 set spare 26″ rifle barrels in .405 Winchester, 1 set spare shotgun barrels in 28 gauge (2.75″ chambers), 28″, solid rib, large ivory bead, choked true cylinder right barrel and full choke left barrel.

    2. Exact same rifle make and features as above but in .500 Nitro 3″ and with over-the comb extended tang, leather covered anti-recoil pad, spare 28″ shotgun barrels, in 12 gauge, 3″, choked right barrel true cylinder and left barrel full, large ivory front bead.

    3. Pre-War Oberndorf Mauser, Model 98 Magnum, single square bridge, standard Mauser single trigger, 4 shot magazine, multiple leaf express sights, flip over twilight large ivory bead/banded front sight, caliber .404 Jeffery, 24″ barrel, standard sporter style Mauser semi-pistol grip stock, oval cheek piece, steel grip cap, horn forend tip and leather covered anti-recoil pad.

    4. Pre-War Merkel O/U shotgun, 16 bore, 2.75″ chambers, 2 triggers, semi-pistol grip stock, oval cheek piece, leather covered anti-recoil pad, 28″ raised/solid rib barrels, ejectors, choked true cylinder under barrel and full choke upper barrel, with 1st set of spare 26″ rifle barrels, claw mounted period Zeiss 4x scope with standard crosswires, in 9.3x74R also with solid rib, 2nd set spare rifle barrels/mounts/scope-same as above except in 6.5x52R (that’s .25-35 Winchester to the caliber of persons who, as they read my wish list, are planning to grumble about it).

    5. Smith & Wesson revolver, blue finish, Model 27-2 or earlier (Pre-1970s), caliber .357 magnum, with scarce 6.5″ barrel, wide hammer, narrow trigger, S&W walnut presentation case.

    All of the above were factory guns/options in their day, not custom Gunsmith re-works.
    Those were the days.
    Unfortunately, those 5 together would cost more than my house, and once I did own the above described revolver but, I sold it in a fit of stupidity.
    I am sad to report that Santa has forgotten to bring any of these to me again this past Christmas as usual.

  6. Win 71 or 86 clone in 500 S&W

    Sig Nightmare in 357 SIG

    10mm Commander

    Nice quality 22 short long and long rifle single shot

    Seecamp 9mm

  7. my wish list B.A.R.,browning 1919a4,cetme 308,MG42,long colt 44.street sweeper 12 gauge.MP-5,AR15,weatherby .303,or anything else KIng Husseien dislikes

  8. Money and obtainability being non-issues, or after winning the lottery,
    1. GAP M40A1 .308
    2. TIGR Dragunov or NDM-86 (TIGR-7.62x54mmR NDM-.308)
    3. Winchester M1873 Lever action, coming back into production this year!
    4. 1940 Tokarev Self-Loading Rifle
    5. Trapdoor Rifles- Original in .50-70 or repro carbine in .45-70
    Realistically, my “new” Sharps probably puts me at the end of my gun budget for the year, and it’s only March… If that doesn’t, having a side-by-side shotgun rib re-layed or putting more money into another gun project will. At least I already have a Bushmaster AR-15 carbine, now the OFFICIAL “Politically Incorrect Evil Black Rifle.”

  9. I would like to get an AR-15 but that may be awhile….also looking at a savage 17 hmr to add to my collection.I have the S&W M&P shield 9mm on lay-a-way at my local gun shop and might get me a 410 shotgun.Good luck to you all and I hope you get the things you want.

  10. I am really looking forward to a KSG. I read about them for a while, decided to go after one, then things got all crazy. They went from a suggested retail of $800 to a real world price of $1500-$1800 in a hurry. Hopefully by the end of the year, the market will settle back down and I can get my hands on one of these beautiful brutes!

  11. I’ve had my eye on a judge. Raging or otherwise. Also would like another shotgun in 20 ga. Want a Ruger No.1 in any cal. I’m not picky. Ill leave some for somebody else… 🙂

  12. My wish is that everybody loves each other and gets along, so we don’t need guns. I also wish for rainbows, fluffy white clouds and unicorn everywhere,

  13. I went about a crusade trading and buying the guns I have always wanted. Got some I thought I had to have, then decided I didn’t like them. I have 22 guns now, that range from a Ruger 308, A Winchester 94 30/30 to a Russian SKS which I love to shoot to a Mosin Nagant 7.62×39. My 223 is a Saiga and love it, the AR style I used years ago in Vietnam, I killed a few men with……..don’t like or want that style anymore. My handguns are special from a Ruger 45, 71/2 in barrel to a Springfield XD40, but my favorite is my Colt 1911. I have home defense 410 and 12 gauge, plus a Benelli 12, and a few I just like to shoot. The only wheel gun I have is the Ruger 45 so I might be investing a 357. Guns is like sex; you can get some great guns and you can get some Ok guns, but when the great guns aren’t around, OK guns will do!

  14. Revised mine to reflect economic realities, and have acquire in last 2 months nearly all, except one that is unavailable atmo at any price (Kel-Tec SU-16C). In no particular order,

    Marlin Model 60 tube-fed semi-auto .22 rimfire
    Sig-Sauer Raspberry frame .22 Mosquito
    Rossi stainless steel Model 92 lever action in .44 Magnum
    Zastava surplus M24/48 Yugoslavian Mauser in 8mm
    IMI Baby Desert Eagle in .40 S&W

  15. I want one of those assault weapons that Jesse Jackson was talking about… You can shoot down airplanes, blow up trains and even threaten national security with them. Now that’s a gun!

  16. I managed to get an AR 15-223, a Mossberg 500 12ga Home Def. , An AR 22LR, before the prices were out of sight. That is 3 of my 5 “really want” guns. I would stop at 4 if I could get a Kimber, Sig, or H&K 40 or 45 cal. semi auto.
    My only hope is to maybe work a trade for my Congsberg 45 cal-bet not many out there have heard or know about this gun. It was built in Norway during the war (1941) on the exact Browning 1911 style. Pretty rare gun since the Germans captured Norway in 42. Promised my son that someday it would be his, but I could be had.

  17. I would love to get a Surgeon scalpel in 308. I was able to shoot 1 this past year and I have never felt a better trigger. I would also like to pick up a Springfield 1911 TRP. The front strap checkering is a little aggressive but the pistol shoots excellent.

  18. Accuracy International AAX30 .338
    Serbu .50BMG Ultra Light
    Barnes/RRA Spectre .338
    Star Megastar SS in .45 ACP [had one years ago and loved it]
    Taurus Raging Judge [compliments my Public Defender alloy]

    Everything else I am VERY happy with that I own.

  19. Keltec Sub 2000. What a great concept. It folds in half for easy storage and transport, and takes the magazine from some of the most popular semi-auto pistols, including the Glock 9mm or .40 – so you don’t need more mags nor do you need to keep yet another caliber of ammo. And it’s cheap to buy. The biggest problem with these is that Keltec can’t seem to make enough.

  20. Oh this is the kind of game I like to play!

    1)- Browning T-Bolt in 22 WRM. 2)- Colt Lightweight Government in 45 ACP,
    3)- S&W 629 Mountain gun, a dash 6 or earlier. (No Lock)
    4)- TC Encore in 223 Remington.
    5)- Barrett M82. Or, more realistically, a Remington 700 SPS in 223.

  21. 1 I have been wanting to build a M4 or AR 15 from parts for many years.
    2 HK USP .40
    3 Mossberg 500 12 GA shotgun
    4 An AK47 like a MADDI or try to build from parts
    5 Colt 1911

  22. I’m with you on that P7. The more I read about them, the more I want one. Wish HK would bring back a slightly updated version (add some sort of ribbing to help with the heatup issues) to compete with the recent boom in single stack carry pieces. Or, if they don’t want to do it themselves, sell the rights to a more boutique shop to manufacture.

  23. Hmmmm, next 5 toys what I want/would get this new year (cost & availability not being an issue):
    1. Kel-Tec 12g. KSG
    2. FNH SCAR (.308)
    3. Guncrafter Industries .50GI cal. (with .45ACP conversion)
    4. Desert Eagle, SS, with conversion kits for all 3 calibers (.50AE/.44MAG/.357MAG) & both barrel lengths in each caliber.
    5. Coversion kits (.22lr/.38Super/9mm/.40/.45ACP) for my 10mm EAA Witness Steel
    Ok, I can’t restrict myself to just 5:
    6. Chiappa White Rhino
    7. FNH FS2000 (.223).
    8. FNH PS90 (5.7x28mm) to complement my FNH FiveseveN
    9. Taurus Raging Judge in 28 gauge (not in production yet).
    10. Several blackpowder percussion/flintlock rifles/revolvers.
    11. Ruger Alaskan (already have S&W 500).
    12. Barrett .50BMG.
    13. Tommy Gun (surprisingly heavy SOBs….).
    14. Kel-tec PMR-30 (.22 WMR).
    Alright, time to stop dreaming & get back to reality: free-society hating tyrannical liberals (defacto modern-day socialists/communists but w/o their past party-stigmas). Remember, George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “We are all equal, but some are more equal than others….”.

  24. I wish I would have taken the time to shop around for a nice AR in 22lr before this ban scare. I love my AK’s but would have been nice to have a lite-weight trainer/plinking gun to get my 2 young boys into the hobby, and acquainted with AR’s.

  25. Here’s a thought for you Jerome. The topic is discussion is the 5 firearms that you don’t own but would like to have in your collection. The operative word there is “collection”. Nobody here asked for your opinion on how the rest of us should approach our gun collecting nor how many guns we should own. It’s attitudes like yours that keep many people away from buying their first gun and becoming involved in the hobby of collecting and the sport of shooting. Your comment is condescending; however, I am quite sure that you are the only one here out of the 30 of us who actually knows how to handle and shoot a gun. Because of you I have reevaluated my collecting and realized that I know nothing of handing nor shooting guns and therefore will empty my safe and sell all my firearms at the next local gun show. Thank God you stepped in and pointed us all in the right direction…jerk.

  26. Here’s a thought. Buy one gun and learn how to handle and shoot it.

    One of the most dangerous spots in the world, outside of Afghanistan and Chicago, is an urban gun range.

  27. 1. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .30-.06
    2. Smith & Wesson Model 442
    3. CZ Model 452 Training rifle .22lr
    4. Marlin Model 336
    5. .22 lr Conversion kit for Glock 19

  28. My want is simple, but not easy or cheap. BION our High School way back in the day had a Rifle Team where you could actually earn your school Letter. We shot NRA 3 Position and actually traveled, ie Home games and Away games.

    Back then I shot a Heavy Barrel [I think that’s the only contour] Winchester Model 52 D with a Lyman Olympic rear sight, Lyman Olympic Globe front sight. The front sight had provisions for inserts for different sight pictures. It also had what we called an “X-Tube”, Basically a tube to exclude side light, reflections, and your “neighbors” small muzzle blast.

    We can all Dream


  29. A 6.5 grendal for the lower I bought but might get the 5.56 since i don’t have one. I got the lower for the ar but have never completed it.

    One of the savages in a 260 rem or the 6.5-284 norma

    A new ruger 22 mk3 have a few twos but no three yet.

    One of those full auto pellet guns the belt feed one.

  30. Well, I wanted to make a purchase from cheaper than dirt and then y’all stopped selling what I wanted. you know,when you really want anything,you go for it. I did and bought me a judge 45/410 in stainless matte which shoots great although it cost me much more than yours, it was purchased locally because of a run on most any kind of revolver in stock and i had to have what I purchased.I received my CCP on the same day and I feel that cheaper than dirt lost more than just my purchase. I have what I wanted although I may purchase some brass for my .45LC.

  31. I’d like in no particular order:
    Colt Python 4″, blued in .357
    S&W E Series 1911 like in the article
    Winchester SX3 w/ 26″ barrel
    Ruger 22/45



  33. I just got the P938 after owning the P238 for a while and man is it ever nice. For the benefit of the two above who mentioned, get one as you will love it.

    My wishlst contains the Kimber Ultra TLE .45, A Sig or Ruger AR-platform in 5.56, Mossberg FLEX 590 12GA, S&W M&P AR15-22 for more reasonable range time, and (last but not least) a Springfield M1-Carbine….wooohooo!! Bring it on 2013!

  34. The gun I really wanted was a Sig Sauer M400, AR 15, .223. My wonderful wife bought it for me this past November for my birthday, saying it was also an early Christmas present.
    Now, I have my eye on a Springfield XD-S .45. I carry a Ruger LC-9, 9mm and I’m looking for a little more power to carry. The XD-S is very close in size to the LC-9, so it should be an easy transition.

  35. All depends on ban. I may sell out, but for now.

    JP Enterprise in 6.5 Grendel. reach out, great hunting, and awesome target gun. Non-reciprocating side charger handle, and everything awesome.

    Indeterminate bolt action. I’m thinking 308, maybe Remington.

    Vepr, 91/30 and M44 all in 762x54R nice and pretty on display. Fun shooters, and cheap cheap cheap.

    Circuit judge 45LC/410 because that just looks like fun.

  36. I want to finish my next AR build with an upper in 6.5 Grendel. Got the lower ready, just waiting on the $$$.

  37. I only want one gun this year, I have a .410 but really want a 20 guage thinking about a Mossberg, I really like this one:
    20 Gauge, 20″ Barrel, Cylinder Bore, Pistol Grip Full-Length Black Synthetic Stock, Top Rail, Ghost Ring Rear Sight/AR-Style Winged Front Sight MSRP is only $525.00.

    I would like a revolver, already have a Pieta 1862 Cap & Ball Police. Love it, but would like to have a modern revolver as well. Looking for a Colt .45 Cal New Frontier.

  38. Hmm… 5 guns I want? In no particular order…

    Arkdal MKA-1919 (a Turkish 12-gauge shotgun loosely patterned on the AR-15)

    VEPR 7.62x54R

    M-76 (a Yugoslavian AK variant in 8mm Mauser)

    Wz48 (Polish Mosin-Nagant trainer in .22LR)

    M85 Mauser in 7.62×39

    (Collector, weird tastes, I know 🙂 )

  39. #1. Colt .45 ACP. Sold it for $500 back in ’92 when I was 19 years old. Big mistake. I want another.

    #2. H&R 410 Ga Single Shot 22″ Blued Barrel Full Choke. Tons of fun. Sold it also in ’92. Of course I want another.

    #3.Ruger LCP 6 + 1 Round 380 ACP. Small. Will do nicely in an ankle holster.

    #4. Bushmaster A1 Semi-Automatic 223 Remington/5.56 NATO 30+1. Just because the Democrats and Liberals don’t want me to have one! And…well, I want one too!

    #5. Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12g 20″ 8rnd CB PG. You always have to have a 12 gauge when it is tie to clean house.

  40. Santa didn’t bring me a new gun for Christmas, so here’s my wish list. 1. A 20 Ga. semi auto shotgun (for my daughter), 2. A Mannlicher Schoenauer 6.5×54 rifle. 3. A Sharps rifle in .45-110 4. An M-1 Carbine 5. A subcompact DA semi auto pistol.
    And yet, I have absolutely no desire nor any use for an AR or AK……both boring and ugly….how about that??
    Thanks, Santa

  41. Those iconic firearms of my youth. Over the past few years I have realized that I am not getting any younger, especially now that my first kid is getting ready to leave for college. So I decided to concentrate on getting a few of those iconic firearms of yesteryear. I have managed to to pristine examples of a Remington 1917, 1903-A3, an in new condition Springfield M1 Garand and the current AR platform. My eyes and heart have turned to completing that particular battle rifle collection with a 30-40 Krag, a M1 carbine and the one I have wanted since I was a kid, a 1927 Thompson. No it is not practice, and no I dont have a class3 so it will have to be a new production semi but there is just something about the lines of that original Tommy gun. The pistol grip forfend, ribbed barrel and the feel of the classic 1920’s style. Best get one while I still can.

  42. I like two of your guns one is the smith&wession 1911 .45 cal and the other one is the Cimarron Evil roy 357. dose this also come in a 44 mag?

  43. 1. Browning 1911-22 A1: This 85% size 1911- 22 cal. pistol looks like alot of fun!

    2. Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II: Looks like it might be my first personal carry pistol. Seems to fit all my size and quality needs.

  44. Hi,
    Here are the five that I would like to try to purchase for 2013:
    Ruger SR556
    I know my chances of getting one for MSRP right now are about the same as winning the lottery but I really love the look of this AR and it is ready to go right from the box, just needs optics

    Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum with a 5.5 inch barrel
    This is the perfect combination of controllable power and portability for those hikes in the wilderness

    Winchester 1886 Takedown in 45-70
    This is one of my favorite rifles and I have a soft spot for takedown rifles plus I like the fact the 45-70 is North American game master

    IMI Timberwolf Pump Rifle
    These are exceptionally hard to find but are so fast handling and a great all around carbine

    Glock 23 .40S&W
    Best compromise of size, power and comfort

  45. 1) Baby Desert Eagle in .40 S&W. It fit my hand best!
    2) Savage Bear Rifle in .325 WSM, or Savage Bear Rifle in .338 Lapua–can’t decide which.
    3) Rossi .44 Magnum M92 Lever Action (I have access to a Super Blackhawk)
    4) Marlin? stainless steel .22 semi-auto with tube feed magazine (might pass the ban)
    5) Sig-Sauer raspberry frame .22 semi-auto handgun–because it’s pretty!

  46. I love the Cimmoron Evil Roy 357 -ER4104. I didn’t know this Western Classic was still being manufactured. I ended up buying a 38-S short barrel for the lighter weight then had the springs lightened up for. Costs are the same. Just an old lady with Don Notts shaky hands on the West grip. Roy is my idea of a gun. Thanks for showing it.

  47. Better get them while you still can. I have a feeling that before this president leaves office you’ll see gun confiscation. Why? Because before he can complete his fundimental transformation he has to disarm the American people. What he’s doing, except for the shuffling of a couple of steps, is thee text book procedure for transforming a nation away from their own way of life to that of a socialist state. In order for him to succeed he must minimize the ability of the population to resist such radical and dominating change.

  48. It seems. Also, a nice bolt gun in . 308, and a Springfield SOCOM 16. And a nice .45 ACP or two, at least one being a Colt New Agent. Oh yeah, and a 6″ S&W Highway Patrolman. Who knows, maybe something will happen, and I can knock a dent in that list.

  49. Hell, I’d really like to have many of the ones back now, that I sold years ago, and am shocked by the prices I see that it would take now to replace them. Easily three to four times what I sold them for, which was not in-expensive at the time. My Marlin 783, a couple of 336s in 30.30, an H&R 10 ga, a Ruger 77 in 7mm Magnum, a Ruger 4 5/8″ Convertible Single Six, a 6 1/2″ Hawse .357 w/ Mother Of Pearl grips, a Ruger 7 1/2″ Super Blackhawk……..and on, and on, and……..I’d like to have an AR-15 platform rifle of some sort now, but don’t need one, I have a 788 Rem, in .223 for Predator hunting, but it’s just the thought that they may be banned, and that’s enough to make me want one, though I couldn’t afford one last. Year, hell I couldn’t afford one last week, and the price has gone up even more since then. I never had a Contender either, and always, always wanted two or three of those. That’s one you don’t even hear of nowadays

  50. Hell, I’d really like to have many of the ones back now, that I sold years ago, and am shocked by the prices I see that it would take now to replace them. Easily three to four times what I sold them for, which was not in-expensive at the time. My Marlin 783, a couple of 336s in 30.30, an H&R 10 ga, a Ruger 77 in 7mm Magnum, a Ruger 4 5/8″ Convertible Single Six, a 6 1/2″ Hawse .357 w/ Mother Of Pearl grips, a Ruger 7 1/2″ Super Blackhawk……..and on, and on, and……..I’d like to have an AR-15 platform rifle of some sort now, but don’t need one, I have a 788 Rem, in .223 for Predator hunting, but it’s just the thought that they may be banned, and that’s enough to make me want one, though I couldn’t afford one last. Year, hell I couldn’t afford one last week, and the price has gone up even more since then. I never had a Contender either, and always, always wanted two or three of those. That’s one you don’t even hear of nowadays

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