If You Own a Gun You Must be Violent!

Customer at Cheaper Than Dirt making a legal gun purchase.

Previously, I have accused Illinois lawmakers of being mentally deficient, but I did not mean it as a personal challenge to prove me right!

Whether or not you are violent, if you live in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) you are set to be the subject of a new “Violence Tax.” Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle, recently floated the proposal for a Violence Tax. This new and unwarranted tax seeks to target the sale of guns and ammunition sold in the City of Chicago and its suburbs. Preckwinkle refuses to deliver any details other than guns and ammo would cost more. The reported purpose of the tax is to help plug the county’s $115 million budget gap.

Preckwinkle’s chief of staff, Kurt Summers, reportedly stated that the aim of the proposal was to curb the number of guns in circulation citing a report from last summer, which stated nearly one-third of the guns recovered on the Chicago’s streets were purchased in suburban gun shops.

Customer at Cheaper Than Dirt making a legal gun purchase.
Cook County Illinois is seeking to plug its $115 million budget gap by applying a “Violence Tax” on legal purchases of firearms and ammunition.

However, Summers failed to address how Cook County’s lawmakers believe this would prevent criminals (who likely did not purchase the guns legally in the first place) from committing crimes by implementing another new tax. Won’t fiscally-conscious criminals simply drive to a neighboring county—if a few extra dollars even meant that much to them? Every day, we are bombarded with stories of the Mexican’s cartels shipping drugs across the border. I mean seriously, if the gangs have the resources to move drugs thousands of miles… When are lawmakers going to wakeup? Do they honestly believe Cook County’s criminal element will take the time to stop and think about the ramifications of committing a crime, IF the replacement gun is going to cost more? Perhaps they believe a tax on bullets will financially cripple Chicago’s gangs and thereby reduce the number of drive-by shootings? The motives being reported are in fact half true. The lawmakers in Cook County have run its finances into the ground. As a result, it is looking to make up the difference on the back’s of law-abiding gun owners. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has conducted studies of many of the gun-control laws in place including waiting periods, registration and bans on particular firearms. The results have shown that believing gun control laws have reduced violent crime is simply a myth, so why would a tax have an effect? I offer the following question: If a respected Federal agency such as the CDC—which has never been accused of being an advocate for the Second Amendment—can come to the conclusion that more restrictive gun laws do not reduce gun violence, what in the hell makes Cook County think a tax will?

An armed citizenry is capable of defending itself in an emergency.
An armed citizenry is capable of defending itself in an emergency. However, Cook County, Illinois wants to tax local merchants out of business.

Previously, I have accused Illinois lawmakers of being mentally deficient, but I did not mean it as a personal challenge to see if they could prove me right! Let’s face it. Chicago has a violence problem that it is unwilling or unable to control. However, this is little more than an attempt to fund its failed policies while simultaneously attempting to tax legitimate businesses into extinction.

This proposed law is a money grab at a minimum and more likely a backdoor attempt to again subvert the Second Amendment. In McDonald v. Chicago the Supreme Court reversed the Seventh Circuit’s decision, holding that the Second Amendment was incorporated under the Fourteenth Amendment thus protecting those rights from infringement by local governments. Losing in its effort to outlaw guns, Chicago is now attempting to tax its way into firearm suppression (not not the fun quiet type of firearms suppression).

Who does this hurt the most? Certainly not the criminals. It hurts legitimate business, law-abiding gun owners and the poor. An increased tax will make it harder for businesses to compete with retailers (wisely positioned) across the county line. Most of all, it will make it harder for the law-abiding poor to adequately defend themselves.

The 2013 spending plan that will contain this tax is set to be announced in the coming days. Now is the time to have your voice heard whether you live in Cook County or not.

Contact Board President Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board of Commissioners TODAY and demand they halt its attacks on the Second Amendment! To sound off and let your voice be heard please contact Preckwinkle at: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle 118 N. Clark Street, Room 537 Chicago, IL  60602 Phone: (312) 603-6400 Fax: (312) 443-4397 To contact other board members click here.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment and for following our posts. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for topics you would like to see in the future. ~ Dave Dolbee

  1. Please, do not lump the entire state of Illinois in with Cook county. The majority of us {south of Cook}, would not mind a 51st star added to Old Glory. They could call it The Great State of Confusion…….nope those of us down here don’t like their BS.

  2. Michael, excuseme but prickwinkle is a 6 foot tall black bitch and is the crookcounty board president. she is also shortdick’s ho on the county board and does his bidding

  3. Furthermore, if you live in illinoise and support unions or work in one you facilitated all of this crap so shame on you. No different than the people living in projects. Wanting something without earning it. Who cares if unions destroy free enterprise right? As long as I gots mines.

  4. Mr. prickwrinkle, the name says it all. Not surprising Illinoise is the birth place of the communist party in America and the maffia. They glorify and are proud of these clowns because they gave them unions.

  5. I think it is fantastic that 31 people got blasted in the urinal known as chicago over the weekend. sounds like the liberal democratic machine headed by shortdick emmanuel is accomplishing its main goal: to allow blacks in the hood to do whatever they want including killing each other. dont ya just love that left wing freedom, shortdick

  6. How is this not like a Poll Tax?

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


    Taxation of an enumerated right is unconstitutional! These particular rights are called “enumerated” because they are expressly written into the document.

  7. So am I the only person who sees the massive problem with one of the arguments in this article?

    “An armed citizenry is capable of defending itself in an emergency. However, Cook County, Illinois wants to tax local merchants out of business.”

    “Most of all, it will make it harder for the law-abiding poor to adequately defend themselves.”

    If you still don’t see the problem, then go re-read the part about it being in ILLINOIS. We remain the only state where you cannot carry legally in ANY capacity.
    Now, in the home-defense criteria I can somewhat see this being a true statement, but if that is so the picture is still completely unfitting with this article.

    Aside from that, is this an incredibly pointless proposal that, as most restrictions we have seen, would simply inhibit the law abiding while the criminals go ahead and break the laws anyways? Of course. Someone above this comment already mentioned it will possibly start a trafficking type of scheme. I reside just north of the dreaded Cook County, just beyond the county line, and I can see the “possibilities” of people just going out of the county to avoid the tax. So, as others have mentioned, who does this actually hurt? The business owners who see their business leave because of more taxes and the law abiding citizens who either have to pay the increased prices/taxes or pay for gas to go out of the county to find better prices/lower taxes.

    1. David,

      It hurts every legal gun owner. This will not stop here. The tax does absolutely nothing to curb the violence which was the point to the article. It is a backdoor attempt to penalize gun owners and eliminate gun and ammunition sales. As for the poor, it makes it harder for them to own guns and buy ammunition. Whether that is due to the increased price (tax) or increased distance once Cook County forces local businesses into bankruptcy the effect is the same. ~ Dave Dolbee

  8. It appears that Chicago style politics have moved from the city to the suburbs of Chicago. It is unfortunate for all, including us in southern IL, to have to put up with the corupt thinking and behavior of many metro-CHicago politicians. Maybe it is payback for electing Ron Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago. Illinois is on a downward spirel to failure as lead by metro Chicago politicians. It is sad to see our formerly great state, fall into political and economic decline. Doesnt leave much reason for citizens to remain residents. The only future we citizens can look forward to is higher taxes and economic decline. Time to depart to a location where liberty still reigns.

  9. For tms:
    The NRA a short while ago put out an email outlining the efforts of BO in timeline fashion that highlights his efforts to thwart the Second Amendment and eliminate guns in the hands of the American People. I wish I would have saved it. Maybe someone could help out here?

    You need to start here: when he was on the board of the Joyce foundation, with one of their primary goals to: “Since 2003, the Joyce Foundation has paid grants totaling over $12 million to gun control organizations.[1][13] The largest single grantee has been the Violence Policy Center, which received $4,154,970[13] between 1996 and 2006, and calls for an outright ban on handguns, semi-automatic and other firearms, and substantial restrictions on gun owners. (Wikipedia) Romney, Ryan and I are all NRA Members!

    What are your thoughts on “The Obama Deception?” This links to the 2 hour YouTube Video which is worth listening to if you have some spare time. Get past the first ten minutes, then the eye-openers start coming to the surface. I’m not a huge “Conspiracy” believer but it did open my eyes about a lot of issues that make perfect sense (Ockham’s razor?) How many different names has he gone by anyway?

    Wake up America… Please don’t drink the Cool-Aid

  10. BREAKING NEWS………”New gasoline tax to help curb vehicular homicide”

    I live in Illinois far outside of Chicago but not too far from the Cabelas in Hoffman Estates. This is going to hurt their ammo and gun sales bad, especially with GAT Guns expanding and being 10 minutes up the road in Kane county.

  11. So……………………… with us ? Or against us? LOL!

    As far as your “we don’t have to live there” attitude, that has nothing to do with this subject. If we let the government do this in Chicago, then who’s next? WE ALL ARE. If you have any sense you know that it will not stop there. You heard of the “foot in the door” concept? Well, there you have it.

    We can not and will not accept gun controls that hurt the law abiding citizen in ANY STATE. We all have to band together or we will fail miserably. I don’t know about the other people here, but I am going to do everything in my legal power to stop these insane laws from happening, but I sure don’t want to have to do YOUR part too. Get up off your a$$ and do your part, or get ready to defend your family with a dinner fork……that’s right……after they take our guns, swords and knives will be next. You’ll probably have to have a permit for a baseball bat. This kind of thing NEVER stops once you let it get started.

    This is either a free country or it’s not. There is a price for freedom whether we like it or not and one of those prices is you have to fight for what is right…….this time it is for our ability to protect ourselves and our families. Police are only good for picking up the bullet cases and bagging the bodies of our loved ones. They get there AFTER the crime has already happened, not before. It is our responsibility to protect and defend our homes and loved ones……it always has been.

    Ricco/NRA Cardholder

  12. You live in the deep south you put up with the heat.
    You live in the far north you put up with the long cold winters.
    You live in Illinois you put up with restrictive gun laws.

    But nobody makes you live there.
    There are 49 other states and the rest of the world to reside in.

    We expect people who move to a specific region to act like the inhabitants of that region and respect it’s laws.
    If you people don’t want to do that then move somewhere else that better suits you.

    However Reciprocity is a different matter. This is still the Continental U.S. and being a taxpayer I (a Michiganian) should have the right to traverse the Interstate road system and walk any American city street unfettered by local political hunyucks gun laws that go so far as to render me unable to defend myself if the need arises.

  13. Glad I moved out of there years ago… not 1 bit of sense among all of those morons.

    Let’s see, 10 times more people are killed by drunk drivers every month nationwide than people are killed by firearms in a year.
    Maybe we should tax the auto industry into oblivion since we’re all drunks and murders since we own a vehicle or, gasp, two.

  14. I dont know a lot about chicago cuz i live southern illinios
    But why dont they take some affirmative action against the gangs and crimanals and call in the national gaurd instead of restricting there citizens rights
    I mean there laws obviusly arent affecting there crime rates i mean what the f@#k

  15. Why are the law abiding citizens of Chicago still putting up with this nonsense? When are they going to march on city hall and put an end to this? Perhaps there are only liberals left in the city. The Chicago city government is very abusive and disrespectful to the citizenry and is long overdue for a trip to the woodshed.

  16. Anyone that watches the large number anti-gun bills that are introduced into congress each session knows that Chicago and Illinois in general is a hotbed of nutcases that introduce some the most outrageous anti 2nd amendment schemes in this country. The violence tax is nothing more than a moneymaking scheme, as most taxes are. They have a societal problem in Chicago, not a gun problem. Chicago and again that whole state ignores looking at and learning from the rest of the country on gun control. The people in that state are not open minded, but short sighted and always enamored with people like themselves,, look at Durban or Obama, or their former Governor, you know the one in prison stripes. I’m sorry for that state and it’s people. Maybe it’s interbreeding, they could use a serious infusion of new genes in that pool, or as my son says about thinning the stupid from that pool, just take the warning labels off dangerous machinery, and the stupid will be simply eliminated.

  17. I use to live in the chi-town area for 6 yrs working at Youngs town steel in whiting IN. in the 70s. From what I am hearing nothing has changed in cook county. There is better places in the U.S. as I found out 33 years ago.
    I feel for you guys on gun laws made by the, (Dave your right) Mentally deficient law makers or obama land.

  18. This is a nightmare that won’t end. No matter the source the government of Cook county should not be trusted with an additional dime and the idea that they take this additional money from the backs of citizens under siege by criminals in one of the most violent areas of the country is insane. Death by the policies of liberalism has become the biggest killer of our citizens in our major cities and is quickly metastasizing it’s loathsome tentacles to the suburbs. Our urban environment is the last large bastion for independence, self-reliance and the America that founded this nation. We can start to reverse this creeping insidious trend on Nov. 6th.

  19. Good article, with the exception of leaping from raising taxes to the intent of “outlawing guns”. It seems like a desperate attempt to gain money by raising taxes. I don’t know if it matters to them what they tax, but to call it a “violence tax” is ignorant, insulting, and shows a lack of intelligence as well.

  20. Please don’t take this as defending Obama, as I hate him as much as probably everyone here. But, his first (and only, to the best of my knowledge…. which could very well be limited) successful new national gun legislation was to allow folks with CCWs to carry in National Parks. Was he just throwing us a bone? Is there any unbiased and factual information out there that supports the claim that he wants to take our guns? If there is, someone point me to it (really… I’m not being sarcastic). Hysteria and propoganda are used on both sides (the NRA lied about some things Obama said about ammo sales in American Rifleman before the 2008 election). If I tell people that Obama wants to take my guns (which I’m happy to do if it is true) I want to be able to back it up. I still have all the guns (several of which are black, ‘evil’ looking and hold lots of rounds) I had before Clinton was elected. If needed, someone pull my head out of the sand. And for what it’s worth, Romney doesn’t give me any warm and fuzzy feelings about the 2nd Amendment either, other than the fact that he seems to understand that its not about hunting, like Obama seems to think.

  21. It Looks like people in Chicago are either very stupid to vote into office these dumbasses,or,they can’t count the votes very well,as they have had problems with in the past.When the economy goes south,and the money won’t buy drugs or booze,then Chicago will burn to the ground,and there will be plenty of running targets to shoot.Buy ammo!

  22. Violence it is…

    “And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? … The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  23. I refuse to drive into or through the state of Illinois, or fly into Midway or OHARE. There are just to many political criminals.

  24. They should put more research in to curbing the criminal element instead of taxing honest tax payers to death for what is nothing more than an attempt to line their coffers for more money that they won’t spend on what it’s intended for. This tax wont effect the criminal element who pays no taxes on their crack, meth, and other ventures they are in to. Welcome to America, where we send our sons to fight for freedom so the criminals on the wall street and in the house and senate can get rich

  25. The idiots in government, whether local or federal, just can’t get enough money to spend on needless waste programs and all the while making themselves richer. Vote them all out and start with a clean slate, if there is such a thing…

  26. Open carry goes into effect here in Oklahoma, Nov 1.
    I moved here in 1949 and thought “ONLY IN OKLAHOMA”
    The people of Illinois needs to shove the corrupt city of Chicago
    Off into Lake Michigan.
    Sad, really Sad.

  27. Why do they always show white guys in the suburbs (or worse, on the farm) when the NRA, et al., talks about solutions to urban crime? That guy would sh1t his pants if he was dropped at 115th and Michigan in the middle of the night.

    An armed populace does nothing to deter drive by shootings.

  28. If owning a firearm dubs you violent and earns you a ‘Violence’ tax.. Then, Owning a motor vehicle should dub you a drunk and earn you a ‘Drunk Driver’ tax. Because, obviously, everyone who owns a car drinks and drives drunk.

  29. I work in chicago. 2 weeks ago, prickwinkle said there was a special place in hell for ronald reagan, probably our greatest president. prickwinkle fails to tell people that the money is going to be used to fund more corrupt and perverse habits of the crook county board of commissioners. the crook cty commissioners and prickwinkle are the lowest form of human filth imaginable. there isnt a day that goes by that i dont laugh when I hear about all the killings that go on in the urinal called Chicago. Prickwinkle and her anti christian buddy “shortdick” Emmanuel have gone out of their way to make the people of crook cty miserable. recently “shortrdick” decided to run a Christian corporation out of town by saying christian values of anti-homosexuality arent what the the people of Chicago are about. Excuse me but I and most of the other Christians in Chicago and Crook County dont have a wet spot on the back of our pants and dont suck Di**. Didnt the Nazis pull the same crap in WWII as shortdick is doing. IT doesnt surprise me that shortdick, who is a jew would stoop to these type of low-life nazi tactics to try and destroy christianity. Chicago has such a high murder rate because illinois has no concealed carry law. Shortdick, and prickwinkle share the same trait, C.ant U.nderstand N.ormal.Thinking

  30. Thanks Anne! Your comment was truly beautiful to see. Truth is that way.

    My first thought is still prevailing on my mind; “what if they intend to do this same stunt nationally?”

  31. Chicago is rated as 89th in the country for gun violence prosecutions. This is clearly the reason why the gun violence in the city is out of control. Fear of offending a minority group who might burn down the city=FAIL.

  32. I just retired and plan on leaving Illinois just because of all the political corruption and gun laws. This state is heading for bankruptcy and Obama will want to bail it out along with California. I’m not as physically capable of defending myself as when I was younger,(hip replacement and knee replacement); I drive a Corvette and thus make a tempting target for evil people. Thus I need to carry concealed and that’s just not going to happen in Illinois. So I will take my tax money and move to a State that respects the Constitution and a individuals’ rights.

  33. Although on the surface this seems like a logical idea (after all, if raising taxes on business owners will cause them to stop hiring, it follows that raising taxes on guns and ammo purchases will cause people to stop buying), youre totally right, people can just drive to a neighboring county or buy online to avoid the tax entirely.

    Normally i wouldnt support such a tax in the first place, but Chicago is a special case. Gun violence is rampant in economically depressed, major metropolitan areas. Obviously they dont know how to solve it, so they are desperate for solutions. A tax wont magically solve it (just create further economic depression because like any flat tax it hits the poor the hardest), but maybe they could use the tax to help fund more law enforcement? On one hand it would take some of the tax burden off most people and put it more on gunowners, some of which are the very criminals police are there to stop, and the majority of which are law-abiding citizens who themselves have bought guns to keep themselves and their families safe, partly due to the inadequacies and underfunding of their local police force.

    Or maybe instead of taxing gunowners, they could tax the businesses most negatively affected by gun violence (banks, gas stations, liquor stores, etc). If police are going to be spending most of their time dealing with crimes committed at those places of business, it makes sense that they would have to pay a little more for police protection than something like a flower shop or a bookstore. Anyway, these are real problems that we need to solve, so it would be helpful if any criticism (and criticism is good) would be offered hand in hand with alternative solutions to the problem. We need solutions, from the public themselves, not just government employees, and the government should be open to any suggestions that might actually work.

  34. I wonder if anyones thought about the cost of what it will cost to staff the people to check every resident in that county, how much the paperwork will cost, the man hours to check every house, trailer, every person in the county. They will spend millions so how does that make since.

  35. I hope they do out law guns in all these rich liberal city and the crime rate goes up, murder goes up and the city burns to the grown. Chicago, Los angles, Boston, New York and probably about 100 more city’s being burned off the map would do nothing less then improve our country. The corrupt elected polotitions will stop at nothing to destroy the values of our country and if no one has the balls to stop or shoot them then I hope a city over run by gangs and drive by shooting will do the trick.

  36. I see Chicago’s tax and spend policies really work. How about creating an environment in which business can thrive, and not strangle small businesses. Kind of goes on par with the national issues.

  37. Who is this “Prickdinkle” Dumb-A$$, and why haven’t Amerikan subjects, err, “Citizens”, woken up and throw these types of morons out of office??? It is very sad and depressing…

  38. “I am still unsure what this has to do with the President. He has said he doesn’t want to infringe on our second amendment rights. I am not sure where you are getting this information. Are you aware he used to teach the constitution at a university?”
    Comment by Robert — October 20, 2012 @ 9:57 am

    Robert……WAKE UP!! Did you not follow Obama’s attempt to give our 2nd amendment rights away at the U.N. Conferrence a couple of months ago???? If it wasn’t for us (The NRA) at that Conference / meeting / hearing even this country would be in deep $hit right now and your guns would be on the way to a melting plant. I strongly suggest that you do a little more research before making that kind of post here or anywhere else if you don’t want to look foolish in front of a LOT of gun owners who did their homework. PLEASE do your own research before commenting next time, OK? As far as I’m concerned, what Obama did was TREASON…….an act of war against American citizens who only want to protect their families…..Obama has GOT TO GO.

    Ricco / NRA Cardholder

  39. I’m getting tired of all the fear mongering from CTD before elections to make sales. CTD doubled, tripled ammo prices last year at the election?

  40. I used to live in N.W. Indiana and anyone living in Illinois would come over the border to Indiana anyway because of higher taxes on everything from food, gas and cigarettes. Now N.W. Indiana will just profit from buyers coming over to buy ammo and guns. What a bunch of retards! I guess they are trying to run everyone out of Illinois, people and businesses pay outrageous taxes for everything there, I would just leave if I were there and let the criminals and idiots have the place.

  41. Isn’t extortion illegal? what this Bozo Prickwinkle is doing is nothing Less than extortion. Sue him or run him out of office!!

  42. This is so typical of Illinois and especially Chicago. Lets levy a TAX on all LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to prevent a problem that is truly not their fault! The problem is that THE BAD GUYS HAVE GUNS! News flash COOK COUNTY, THE BAD GUYS HAVE GUNS BECAUSE THEY CAN BUY THEM ON THE STREETS FROM OTHER BAD GUYS! ILLEGALLY!! The way to stop GUN VIOLENCE IS TO INCREASE THE PUNISHMENT FOR GUN RELATED CRIMES AND STICK TO THEM REGARDLESS. Other states have had great success with this. Texas for instance has a new law that if you commit a a crime with a gun and you are convicted, you will sever your FULL MAXIMUM SENTENCE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE.. WHAT A CONCEPT!! PUNISH THE CRIMINAL NOT YOUR OWN CITIZENS!!

  43. Some thoughtful comments here although we’re fighting the battle in the wrong venue. Chicago has always been the key factor for Illinois residents not being able to have Concealed Carry. Yet we fight our battle here in the Blogs where most of us are NRA members and in Springfield once a year at IGOLD and our message is not heard nor opinions shared with the opposing side.

    We need to bring the battle to the “Battlefield” where our presence will be seen and where the Chicago Media cannot turn its back and will have to cover our story. How about for once having the IGOLD meeting in Chicago at McCormick place or Rosemont Convention Center with lots of important guests like our Pro-Gun Politicians from Springfield, NRA executive officers, Gun Shop and Ammunition Dealers that do business in Cook County and more? How about NRA billboards all over town to educate the clueless?

    I disagree wholeheartedly with the “Violence Tax” and I have done my part and sent a letter to TP the Cook County Board President. Flood her office with mail! Support those businesses that will be out of business soon as a result of the burdensome tax about to be imposed. And by the way, one of the best ways to oppose a new tax is to boycott the taxes that already exist. Like the City and County Taxes on Gasoline, the highest Sales Tax on goods & services, Cigarette Taxes and the talked about “Worker who doesn’t live in Chicago Tax who works in Chicago!” Imagine if for one month everyone in Cook County made the effort to shop outside of the County? Someone might just take notice…

    All the above might be a moot point though in a few weeks if we don’t get enough fence-sitters out to the polls!

  44. It is unconstitutional to tax a civil right! If Cook County enacts this tax, they are in direct violation of the law AND the Constitution!

  45. I am still unsure what this has to do with the President. He has said he doesn’t want to infringe on our second amendment rights. I am not sure where you are getting this information. Are you aware he used to teach the constitution at a university?

  46. There was a time when I would’ve felt sympathy for the people in Chicago and Cook county. But since they continue to elect liberal, self-serving morons at all levels of government and have done so for decades, they have the government they deserve! And when crap like this gets piled on them, they need only look in the mirror to find who is to blame!

    I would never live in Chicago or, for that matter, anywhere in Illinois. When I travel, I consciously avoid both whenever possible. If I have to drive across that state, I eat and fuel before I get to the state line. I will do everything within my power to avoid supporting any business based in that state. Whenever I have a choice in products and one of my choices is an Illinois based business, they are immediately eliminated.

    All this may have little impact on that pathetic, totalitarian shit hole, but it makes me feel better!

  47. I am a law abiding gun owner in the Chicago area & I agree with this blog. The existing gun laws & proposed tax will not affect criminal gun owners, or their use of firearms & ammunition to commit crimes in any way. This is definitely another scam used by politicians to continue & pick our pockets!

  48. Seems a lot like charging driver’s additional fees if they have NEVER had a DUI or accident, and giving the drunks a pass to drive anytime/anywhere/any condition (as in drunken stupor) for free

    Someone please tell me how these morons get into office, oh, wait . . . MONEY!

  49. The biggest crook in Chicago history Al Capone (i think) was finally incarserated for tax evasion !!!! do they think ,,,, no they are not thinking !!!! this is a money grab plane and simple. To make it tougher on law abiding people to protect them selves is not right. The fate of this great country is in dire strats if this kind of thing keeps happing. Hasen’t there been wars fought over rights and taxes!!! Get rid of the guns and we will have compleat control ofer the populis. That is what they (the goverment) wants. The second ammendment was put in place to protect the people from the govement. Wasn’t this war fought allready ??? I do really hate to think this will happen againe, I really fell sorry for the troops who will be ordered to fire on american citizenes in this police action

  50. That would last about a microsecond in court.
    For if it stood, it would mean ANY right can be taxed, so that only those who can afford rights can utilize them.
    We’d have the shootin’ tax, the talkin’ tax, the churchin’ tax, the not searchin’ tax…
    Rights are not taxable, lest they become optional.
    Most of our rights are outlined in the amendments to the constitution that is entitled, “The Bill of Rights”.
    Not the Bill of Optionals or Bill of Taxables.

  51. Anne, I concur with your statements but am left with 2 questions; how does one find reasonable, non-biased and accurate information regarding political and social matters? and is there a preferable medium that is seemingly pure in its contents?

  52. Problem in Chicago is, EVERYBODY is a criminal. Chicago is a worthless cesspool of crime and corruption, at all levels whether it be public officials or street thugs. Do you actually think that the government is going to persuade anybody to act positively when they’re bigger criminals than the people are? Cleaning up the streets, starts in your own house first.

  53. Maybe the tax will cause the criminals to commit more felonies so that they can afford a new gun…. No really maybe we ought to tax the beaurocrats for being so f@#king ineffectual and ignorant. Sounds like you can kill two birds with one stone by giving a qualified person a gun, that gets a job. Give them a tax break too, because they can rid the streets of scum who just end up in prison…. That would save a lot of money.

  54. Phil, I have to disagree with you on this as far as fining someone for illegally carrying a gun for one simple reason……too much leeway for the government as far as the definition of “illegal carry”. The poor can’t always afford the license to carry even though they are not criminals in places like the ghettos of NY, so should they not be allowed to protect their family? The fine should be for the convicted felon who is carrying a gun…..absolutely. Instead of a stiff fine for the poor who are legal, how about a “sliding scale” for a handgun carry license for the poor? After all, what good are food stamps if you can’t make it home with the food? We all know that a handgun license for legal Americans is another way to make money off of us by the government, it always has been. I truly appreciate the other obvious reasons it is necessary for a handgun carry permit…..I really do……but cut poor people some slack and there won’t be the need for stiff fines on legals, and law enforcement can concentrate on the real criminals with guns……do you agree?

    Ricco?NRA Cardholder

  55. Chicago and Cook County are famous for their insanity. The only people living in that county anymore are criminals and communists anyway.

  56. Why not just add a huge fine/court cost to everyone who commits and act of violence? You know, make the ones causing the problem pay for the fix. Or how about a special tax like $1,000 on every bullet illegally fired? Or how about a special fine of like $1,000 for every person caught illegally carrying a gun? These methods only affect people doing illegal things with guns and do not harm the poor who just own a gun to protect themselve, their children, their grandparents, etc, You spank the dog that peed on the floor, not all the dogs that happen to be there. Duh?

  57. “Almost 1/3″ is the target of the money grab bill. It would be better to support local shops and customers by reducing taxes since More than 2/3s of guns used in crimes do not come from these sources.”
    Comment by David — October 20, 2012 @ 6:36 am

    You’re absolutely right. How many gangbangers do you see filling out paperwork and waiting 15 days for a pistol in your Mom and Pop gun shop? NONE, that’s how many. How many fully automatic weapons do you see being sold yo gangbangers in local gun shops? NONE, that’s how many. Most transactions for fully automatic weapons are done in a more private and secure way by law abiding citizens, seeing how most all full auto weapons cost upwards of $15,000.00 to $30,000.00 for a legal one.

    I truly believe it’s time to march and protest and fight for our rights before it’s too late. We have an extremely important election coming up and you can’t afford to not vote. Join the NRA like I just did this year, register to vote, and PLEASE go and vote Obama OUT OF OFFICE before it’s too late. We all have the ability to keep our rights in tact…….ALL OF THEM……but we can’t do it sitting on our butts like I have done all my life. I finally woke up this year and I am doing something about it, how about you? Damn it, you made me sound like a preacher!! Lets all band together and do something about our rights! That’s my 2 cents worth……and then some!

    Ricco/NRA Cardholder

  58. This is nothing but a trial run for a National tax on the same thing if BO is re-elected. Try it in Chicago first, work out the kinks, then go national.

  59. Perspective… Chicago has a huge gang problem along with violent crime problem. The average citizen is wanting this fixed. Chicago politics have historically been anti gun. Chicago can use extra revenue. What bette way to raise money and look good to the average uninformed citizen.

    This will not stop or even slow the violence or the gangs, it will just make it a bit more expensive to defend yourself. As long as you can still buy and own I’m not too worried.

    One way or another there will be a tax whether it’s on gun sales or food sale or car sales…

  60. Should this really surprise anyone? Here we have a discriminatory law aimed directly at gun owners coming from the capital county of Obama`s home state. This is exactly the type of legislation that Obama and Hillary Clinton are gonna try to get passed if he is re-elected. Gun owners must unite and get out and vote or we are in a very precarious position. The Democrats and anti-gun nuts are taking away personal freedoms at every opportunity and if the common sense citzen doesn`t stop them, then we deserve what we get. Rahm Emanual has got to be behind this BS. I can`t believe that the people of Chicago tolerate this idiot.

  61. Dmitriy……I made sure this was spelled correctly before posting it so you won’t be offended……..BLOW ME.

    Ricco/NRA Cardholder

  62. Hey ANNE, this post is for YOU. Thank God someone here got it right… are 100% correct in your post except for ONE thing…….this isn’t a recent plan……is has been going on since before of WWII. Have you read the book called “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”? It’s a great read, you MUST get it. It is about exactly what you posted about. It involved the Morgans, Warfields, Rothchildes, & Rockefellers of the world, and a few other international bankers and contributors who literally controlled the entire planet back then from a single table. Can you believe that two brothers (look their names up in the book)controlled all the financing for BOTH sides of WWII? One brother controlled the U.S. and British financing for the Allies and the other brother controlled the financing for Hitler……how scary is THAT? This is fact, not fiction.

    These guys (all of the above)considered themselves the modern “Knights of the Round Table” of the 20th century. I read that book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” 100 times over the years and it STILL amazes me, and believe me, if it smells like a conspiracy, it usually IS. It’s fed by fear and propaganda, and spread by the man-made weather we call the MEDIA. And so it goes for our right to own and carry guns now. Trust me, Obama is going to give away our rights to bear arms and then blame it on the U.N. if everything goes haywire……man, don’t get me started!

    Ricco/NRA Cardholder

  63. Dmitriy what is such an intellectual man such as yourself doing reading articles for common men like us, when its obvious that a person of your character knows everything about everything or were you just inspiring us with your educated thoughts? Dumbass

  64. As far as I’m concerned, this is just another reason to buy our guns and ammo online and avoid paying taxes all together, that is if they want to play hardball. All you have to do is have your guns sent to an FFL in a close by county that doesn’t impose the violence tax. However, it will absolutely destroy the Mom & Pop gun shops in the Chicago area, which is a CRIME in my opinion, and in itself unconstitutional. But one thing is for sure…….they (the government)aren’t going to make any money for the budget that way. As a matter of fact, they are going to lose even MORE money if they impose this stupid violence tax and we all buy our guns elsewhere.

    I want to go on record as saying that no matter what new laws are imposed on us to take away our 2nd amendment rights, this country as a whole will NEVER give up their weapons……. Just as we never gave up our booze during prohibition. There are certain things that Americans will simply never give up, no matter what the government imposes on us. We just hate Indian givers…..the more you try to take something away from us, the harder we hold on to it. Give me liberty or give me death……and if it’s death, at least I will go down with a gun in my hand protecting my family.

    Ricco/NRA Cardholder

  65. Gun control has worked so well in stopping criminals, so let’s make it harder and harder for law-abiding people to buy weapons and defend themselves from criminals. (sarcasm)

  66. “Almost 1/3” is the target of the money grab bill. It would be better to support local shops and customers by reducing taxes since More than 2/3s of guns used in crimes do not come from these sources.

  67. Just to add a few points about Chicago and Illinois.

    1)When ownership of handguns was illegal in Chicago The Mayor and Counsel Members were exempt from that law. In addition, concealed carry in Illinois is illegal except for members of law enforcement and select politicians such as the Mayor of Chicago and members of the city counsel.

    2) The politicians from Chicago/Cook county, who have a huge influence on Illinois Government have long complained that the State’s gun laws need to be changed to reflect those of Chicago because citizens of Chicago were going out of the country to buy firearms, so of course the “logical” answer is to make the rest of the state conform to Chicago’s laws. I can only assume that they will try to do the same with this tax.

  68. Well, the thing is all across the country politicians are on a campaign to disarm the public under the gize of helping us. I here people complain about it, but then do nothing. Petition and class action is what’s required. Has no noticed at all. The right to bare arms in California is now gone! As of June 2013 it will be. It’s even illegal to sale bb guns then too.
    There not stopping, their only getting worse. Freedom of speech is a dwarfed statement these days. Look at where the economies at as a whole. They want to disarm us before it gets worse or else try think we will all kill each other. This is only going to get worse!

  69. Stop being stupid, fellow citizens. Turn off the TV and stop reading the news. TV and print news is sphisticated, manipulative paid-for propaganda designed to keep you completely uninformed. All of it is corporate-owned. All of these corporations participate in the same private thinktanks that are all privately funded by central banking factions. They all share the same political goals, regardless of democrat or republican.

    There are 162 private central banks worldwide, one in nearly every country. Each of them controls the economy of each government. These banks coordinate their efforts under the private Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is essentially the world government you never heard of.

    UN Agenda 21 is the detailed plan for implementing worldwide, regional, and local communitarian (communism mixed with capitalism) government, controlled at the top by the BIS, World Bank, and IMF. The soviet model of a self-sustaining barter community that reports to an unelected local council is the model for the future of the US.

    The privately-funded Tavistock Institute in London, UK, coordinates worldwide media messaging to ensure the propaganda is seamless and airtight, for better control of the masses.

    Research these topics on your own and draw your own conclusions. Again — turn off the propaganda TV and the propaganda “news” media, which includes new magazines and even your local newspapers, news web sites, and new TV channels. Turn it all off.

    This is an information war, and not a physical one. Free your mind and stop being a farmed, socially engineered human being.

  70. This is just another way to line the pockets of those democratic politicians in Chicago and Crook County. Unfortunately they’re dragging law abiding Illinoisans into their cesspool. I’ve lived in Illinois my entire life and can’t wait to leave, it’s an embarrassment. The politicians of Chicago and Crook County should be behind bars, where the criminals belong. Wait till they meet their Maker.

  71. Thankfully I don’t live in chitcago / cook county. However it disgusts me that I have to feel like a 2nd class citizen as I cannot get a concealed weapons permit in this godless state of hellinois. There have been more deaths in the city of chitcago than have died in the afghanistan war. In closing I’d like to add, If guns cause deaths than all of mine must be defective.

  72. Toni Prickwrinkle must be very powerful as she is married to Zeus Prickwrinkle.

    I am confused as I always thought of the tiny ballerina mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, as a prickwrinkle too. Are they related?

  73. Not only will the tax not be paid by the criminals….. but all the citizens if this county will buy their guns and ammo elsewhere. No extra tax revenue, and a loss of sales tax on legitimate sales.

  74. @gary Where in the article does it mention our President? @Craig, you are obviously a genius.

    PersonallyI think this article is a subjective piece and should be read as such. I agree however, this tax seems pretty unjust. I am glad I dont live in Chicago.

  75. “Violence Tax”? Oh Boy! If guns and ammo are violent and really are responsible for crime then we should also ban/tax knives, baseball bats, and rope … yes rope! How about all the hangings rope is responsible for? Rope is the real killer, not the crazy bastards that use rope … right? Don’t blame the insane individuals that use these items … it’s the items that need to be brought to justice … right? Oh boy! What’s really scary is the politicians that actually believe this crap!

  76. Obviously they don’t realize, never learned, or simply don’t care that what they are trying to do is the very thing that sparked the Revolutionary War, the very thing that pushed us into creating the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  77. I don’t have much to say about the article itself, as this is pretty old news. There are a few major cases pending in IL right now, and I hope that the outcome will be positive; it’s the only way I would consider moving back from NC.
    One point I do want to make is, please take the time to proofread your articles before posting them in the future. The spelling and grammar presented were atrocious. “to make up the difference on the back’s of law-abiding gun owners”? Really? It’s hard to take any idea seriously when the language is butchered this badly…

  78. Brb, going to sell guns and ammo bought out of state to gang members inside Chicago for cheaper than they would be able to get them.

    Government is encouraging a black (teehee, get it?) market to be flourishing.

  79. They want to make some money? I got an IDEA!! Allow Conceal Carry and Charge $50 per Concealed License Holder like Wisconsin does! WE WILL GLADLY SEND THE STATE $50 TO BE ABLE TO CARRY LIKE EVERY OTHER STATE IN THE UNION!

  80. Glad you mentioned it at the end of your article. Raising prices on firearms and ammunition does not stop crime, it prevents the poor from being able to defend themselves. Just like anti “Saturday night special” laws, that outlaw the sale of cheap handguns that don’t meet arbitrary requirements, taxes firearms and ammo will not prevent criminals from purchasing, they will either a)buy illegally b)find somewhere cheaper or c)pay the higher price, because, despite the saying, crime does pay, very well.

  81. This is beyond stupid and I’m in full agreement with CheaperThanDirt. How about making fines higher for gun offenses/charges? Yes I know criminals don’t always pay fines, but you should also be able to seize anything used in a commission of a violent gun crime. That should fetch some cash in an auction. I can think of a thousand better ways to generate revenue.

  82. Of course this is a money grab against the law abiding citizens that legally own firearms and another attack on the Second Amendment… Just another illegal liberal way to suck the money a second time from the law abiding citizens in Chicago and the areas surround Chicago that own firearms legally who already paid taxes one time for the city and funnel this money to the Chicago politians that wasted the first taxes.. AN ATTACK ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND LAW ABIDING FIREARM OWNERS BY CORRUPT CHICAGO OFFICIALS THAT USE ISLAMIC EXTREMIST LIKE LOUIS FARRAKHAN AND HIS FOLLOWERS TO PATROL THE STREETS TO CURB VIOLENCE.. THIS MAN SWORE TO TAKE DOWN AMERICA BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!! AND FARRAKHAN IS ANOTHER BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA SUPPORTER, IMAGINE THAT!! ..

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