The Gun Tool

I bought The Gun Tool last spring when it first came out. I have had it for two seasons and it is invaluable as not only a gun tool but also a just-in-case tool.

When I first got it home, I noticed the description said it was a rifle/shotgun tool. This caused me some concern because I thought it would not be practical for all my guns, many of which are handguns. I was wrong to worry. I take this Gun Tool with me no matter where I go. As a licensed concealed weapon carrier, I never know when I may be in need of a gun tweak or cleaning. Furthermore, in a recent dove hunting trip, this tool worked several times as an impromptu tailgate gunsmithing tool.

It is also a must-have for the gun range bag. It has four screw bits, two flat head, and two Philips tools. With two hex wrenches and three Torx wrenches, it will fit most modern guns. The shotgun choke wrench has a large flat head blade on the end that makes a larger screwdriver. For those AR fans, it has a punch as well. The punch works great as a leather punch for your belt if the cooking gets good and the pants get tight. I know as I had to use it that way on a long hunt.

The handle is larger than a standard Leatherman tool so you can get good torque on your project. The screw bits store away in a cool magnetic compartment on the back. When needed, you can place them into a socket on the end. This makes for good leverage when dealing with a stuck screw.

For those Leatherman fans, it does not have a pair of pliers, so that may be the only tool absent. However, the shotgun choke wrench is worth the trade. The only downside is minor and that is the hex screw on the side that keeps the Allen and Torx wrenches secure gets loose and the wrenches swing out of the case. A very small hex wrench is required to tighten the exterior screw. However, the opposite side stays very secure.

I shoot often, so this tool is both field and range tested. I have caught myself using it at my gun bench at home with much more expensive tools still in the cabinet. This is one for the gun nut in your life. In my case, that’s me!

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