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Gun-Rights Groups Not Satisfied By DC Issuing 8! Carry Permits

A guest post by Stephen Gutowski, staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Leading gun rights groups say Washington, D.C.’s issuance of a limited number of gun carry permits has not lessened their objections to the city’s law.washington-free-beacon-logo Though the Metropolitan Police Department has approved a handful of applicants to carry firearms in the city, gun rights organizations continue to argue that the permitting process is too restrictive. The groups slammed the District of Columbia’s actions as defying a federal judge’s order as well as the Constitution.

“Eight whole permits!” Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) president Philip Van Cleave said. “D.C.’s permitting system is a bad joke and does not even come close to what the judge ordered them to do. Hopefully the courts will force D.C. to follow the Constitution, as opposed to acting like a third world dictatorship.” A spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association (NRA) echoed Van Cleave.

“The NRA fundamentally disagrees with the District of Columbia’s discretionary permitting process,” National Rifle Association spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said. “The fact that the D.C. government decides who has the ‘need’ to carry a firearm denies many law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment right to carry for self-protection.” The Second Amendment Foundation, whose legal actions forced the city to loosen its gun restrictions, also slammed the District’s issuing of so few permits.

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  1. @Rick and @Abelhorn That’s correct Rick. A persons heart and soul has no color and a gun is colorblind. Need to remind the issuing authorities that is the way it is. In DC it is always a race issue and national equality needs to be colorblind.
    @donhaines. All the feds in DC pack so they see no need for the general population to carry. It’s a once sided deal for the residents.
    Maybe DC should petition for Statehood.?? I do know that argument.

  2. Washington, DC has a lot in common with many 3rd World countries. On one hand you have the ruling class (politicians & bureaucrats) who make 6 figure salaries and live in NW & SW and then you have the working class folks who live in NE & SE. The DC that the tourists see is kept clean and beautiful while outside of the Federal district, things look like any other inner city ghetto. Virtually all of the ruling class residents are liberals who oppose any kind of gun ownership by the masses. This might be attributed to the fact that they get better coverage by the DC Metro police and any one of a dozen other law enforcement agencies within the city. The other sections of the city, not so much. Unless forced by a court decision, DC wont be granting many CCW permits any time soon. And you can bet, Cath Lanier will hold on to those permits tighter than Charlton Heston held on to his guns (From My Cold Dead Hands). OK, maybe she wont be that bad. But remember, she’s a politician first and a cop second. That’s just how DC works.

  3. Why do people always wanna play the race card. THEY ISSUED * TOTAL PERMITS! Pretty sure it’s not a race issue even if all 8 are white.


  4. Someone ought to contact Judicial Watch and see if they will take up the case. It is a first class organization and they have pummeled Obama many times before on legal issues. NRA should find someone in DC and back them in a law suit.

  5. Sounds to me like District of Columbia is specifically making the CCP
    extremely difficult for their Black population to acquire. Very racist to me.
    If your willing to do the fingerprints, photo and background check and training classes, that should be enough to prove your a “good guy”

    1. LOL @ your argument. What would make it even more effective is pointing out the DC Police chief is white!

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