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Five New Gun Products

Picture shows a trigger guard laser sight on a GLOCK 42 pistol.

The market is nowhere near stale. Americans are still buying firearms in record numbers. As the number of concealed carry permits increases, so does the demand for new, interesting and innovative self-defense products. I always appreciate it when a company quickly jumps to the ever-changing consumers’ needs, such as LaserLyte and its release of a laser for the GLOCK 42 and SureFire’s new ultra-compact Defender tactical flashlight. This week’s new product spotlight also includes a quick-release one-handed operation muzzle brake, an innovative way to load your AR-15 magazines and handgun ammo battle packs fit for long-term storage.

SilencerCo Saker Trifecta Muzzle Brake

With the Saker Trifecta muzzle brake, SilencerCo has made competitors and operator’s lives easier. For an easy, one-handed off and on muzzle brake, check out SilencerCo‘s Saker Trifecta. It fits the MAAD Trifecta mounting system. The Saker Trifecta muzzle brake has three ports and reduces recoil when shooting your 5.56mm NATO rifle. It has a standard 1/2×28 thread and offers a quick detach mounting system. Watch the MAAD Trifecta system in action:


Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger

Caldwell brings us an innovative and quicker way to load AR-15 magazines, without you needing to touch even one round. The AR-15 magazine charger allows you to dump the ammo straight from its holder, bullet tip down and load 50 rounds in an instant. With each push and pull of the plunger, the Caldwell mag charger loads five rounds—it takes six push/pulls to load one 30-round AR-15 magazine. The mag charger works with all AR-15 magazines, including MIL-SPEC aluminum, polymer, PMags, 60- and 100-round SureFire and even drum magazines. The charge includes a plastic tray for loose bulk or ammo packed with the bullet tips down.

LaserLyte GLOCK 42 Red Laser

As soon as the GLOCK 42 arrived on the market, it was an immediate hit, especially with women. If you own one—or two—whether for home protection or CCW, you can up the ante on your accuracy with LaserLyte’s new TGL red laser sight for the GLOCK 42. It has three modes—constant on, pulse and off with an ambidextrous operation button. Don’t worry about adding bulk to your carry gun, LaserLyte’s TGL fits seamlessly on the GLOCK 42’s trigger guard.

SureFire E1D LED Defender Compact Flashlight

You cannot find a better tactical or self-defense light than SureFire. The smaller than palm-sized E1D Defender packs a powerful 300-lumen LED white light—perfect for self-defense, illuminating things that go bump in the night and also providing enough light for your peripheral vision. The tail cap push button activation also allows for a five-lumen, extended life low beam. As a last resort, the E1D Defender has a Strike Bezel for close-up self-defense. The light includes a 123A battery.

PMC Battle pack Pistol Ammo

PMC’s convenient battle packs let you store ammo long-term securely whether you are stocking up for a rainy day or for when stuff hits the fan. PMC Ammunition is reliable, clean and affordable. The battle packs are currently available in 9mm, .380 ACP and .45 ACP pistol calibers all with Full Metal Jacket bullets. The 9mm and .380 ACP vinyl battle packs contain 300 rounds, while the .45 ACP battle pack has 250 rounds packaged in 50 round boxes. The .45 is a 230-grain bullet with 850 fps. The 9mm is a 115-grain bullet with 1150 fps, while the .380 ACP is a 90-grain bullet with 961 fps. Priced competitively per round, these PMC battle packs are a smart way to stock up on bulk pistol ammo. I included a little something for everyone this week—competitors, NFA trust holders, pistol shooters and items for those focused on self-defense.

Did you find something that fits your needs? Tell us which product interests you in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. The best flashlights I’ve owned, were SureFire flashlights.

    I use too be a night delivery courier. One of my first SureFire flashlights, was 6PR. Which is a rechargeable version of the 6P. But all happen to larger the the 9P. So, I converted the 6PR too 9P standards. I swapped out the lamp module and replaced it with a Turbo-Head module. Then I designed a battery spacer, and put it next too the Turbo-Head. And just added 3xCR123 Lithium-Ion Batteries to it and go the maximum output at the time, too 800-Lumens. And used it for almost 20 plus years, at work. And still using it today, but with LED Turbo-Head instead. Altogether I have 10 SureFire flashlight including the E1D LED Defender Compact Flashlight. Its almost impossible to kill, it will actually stop a 30-06 (7.62x63mm) round at near point-blank range.

  2. I’m sorry but Battle Pack is a little hard to swallow when you are talking .380. Maybe in earlier times. I’m just saying. And wheres the .40 .

  3. Miles I agree except that in a crisis do or die situation perfect shot placement isnt always attainable.So much so in fact that in the early 90’s the NYPD,with its newly isdued Beratta 92’s were having such dismal performance with the available loadings that they began instructing recruits to empty their mags.After the heavy clothing/fail to expand problems were solved that practice ended.
    However,in this case the ball 9mm drawbacks rear their ugly head,causing me to wish for poly-pks of JHP +P.JMO

  4. I must have the Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the verge of throwing my 40rd AR mags out the window. Some I got 40 in, another 37, 39 & even 41. Thank you, thank you, thank you CTD, for doing a write up on this thing!

  5. Agree.Id love to see .357 125 gr JHP packed like that.
    .45 Ball is adequate as is but those others are treading into 15 hits/he wont stop areas…..
    Something to shoot is always better than throwing your pistol at him but a food shrink wrap machine and some good quality Gold Dots is adequate too.

    1. Flick, you are absolutely correct about the food shrink wrap machine, such as the Foodsaver but I have no worries about the “15 hits /he won’t stop” thing. I have a .45, .40 S&W, .38 Spec., 9mm, .380, and my wife has a .32. I carry them all at one time or another, depending on my mood and what I am wearing but carry the .40 most of the time. While bigger is absolutely better, I think shot placement is king and “no one likes to leak”, no matter how small the hole.

  6. “If you build it , they will come”…. this also translates into “If you make it,somebody will pony up dollars for it”…..
    The ammo packs are pretty good if the ammo,especially the weak 9’s and 380’s were decent HP defense rounds.
    Im not much on gimmicks or fads and tend to spend my allowance and extra cash on more long term storage food,FD back packing meals and basic ” stay alive” gear.
    You cant eat or drink a laser but a second water filter has never been a drawback in my worldview.
    Now if your budget is unlimited,why not pick up a second laser for 100% redundancy?
    Well written article, though.

    1. It seems like a cool idea to have hermetically sealed ammo packs just in case; but 60 cents a round for target .380 takes a little of the fun out 😉 .

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