Gun Control, Terror Watchlist — The NRA and the Rule of Law

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America witnessed a remarkable and telling legislative showdown last week that revolved around a very simple concept underlying American democracy. That concept is due process. Some were willing to discard it for the sake of politics and the illusion of safety. Others were not. Here is what the NRA had to say about it:

Senate Judiciary Committee
Unable to sway the Congress to enact his gun control agenda, the president is trying to upset the Founding Father’s system of checks and balances by going it alone.

A series of untenable gun control proposals – some which would have placed your Second Amendment rights at the mercy of bureaucratic fiat, black lists, and secret “evidence” – were defeated.

But the degree to which some were willing to abandon foundational principles for short-term and self-serving political gain should serve as a sobering reminder to all that American freedom is not free and that we should never think our government will simply default to it. The Founders understood that, which is why we have a written Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Proponents of gun control tried to portray the showdown as being over those who wanted terrorists to have guns and those who don’t. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), a gun control standard-bearer, disgraced the dignity of his office by claiming “Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS.”

Think about how ridiculous that statement is.

And it becomes all the more ridiculous in light of how strenuously President Obama, who embodies the values and agenda of Murphy’s politics, tried to deflect the blame for the Orlando terrorist attack away from radical Islamic jihad, the asserted basis of the attacker himself.

I am a bill cartoon
While the defenders of the Second Amendment have seen significant victories over the past year a couple of recent losses are troubling.

Obama loyalists desperately tried to portray NRA and the Second Amendment as the culprits in the Orlando attacks. During a series of publicity stunts – including Murphy’s “filibuster” on the Senate Floor and a “sit-in” by members of Congress on the House Floor – America heard again and again that gun control is now a matter of national security.

During times of fear and crisis, it’s easy to forget what we’re about as a country. It’s natural for opportunistic and ambitious politicians to grab more power for themselves. It’s natural for entrenched authority to demonize opposition and try to suppress dissent. We saw all of that this past week.

But America has always tried to be better than that, which is why the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It is greater than any individual. It is mightier than any institution. And it states that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law ….” Whatever else Obama, Murphy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and their surrogates in the media tried to make this past week’s contentious legislative efforts about, that’s what was at stake.

The government cannot arbitrarily deny or withhold rights. When someone’s life, liberty, or property is at stake, the person has a right to notice and the opportunity to respond, and the government bears the burden of making its case before a neutral decision-maker as to why its actions are justified. Without these simple principles, we are not a country of laws.

But that was too much for Feinstein, Murphy, and their anti-gun Senate colleagues. They would settle for nothing less than giving bureaucrats the authority to deny gun purchases at will, without any proving of their case. They would not stand (literally, in the case of their House counterparts) to require the government, if it were later sued over the deprivation, to have to prove anything other than a basis for its own “reasonable suspicion” against the individual. The want to let the government, in other words, retroactively rationalize its decision to abolish a fundamental right – not by actually proving a person is somehow a public safety risk because of nexus to terrorism – but by demonstrating it was not “unreasonable” in “suspecting” so at the time.

05 itshouldnotbecalledguncontrol

That’s not due process.

Make no mistake, the NRA does not want terrorists to have legal – or illegal – access to firearms.  NRA members have fought and died in the war on terror so we take a backseat to no one when it comes to national security.

Freedom endured this week in the U.S. Senate, but it would not have been possible without the dedication of NRA members who were willing to stand up and contact their elected officials in the face of this latest threat.  NRA members flooded Congressional switchboards in just a few short days, and it worked.  Your continued vigilance has always been what makes the NRA the strongest civil rights organization in the world.


At the same time, our victory would not have been possible without the Second Amendment leadership of Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA).  Both senators introduced legislation to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners and worked tirelessly against passage of the gun control legislation introduced by Feinstein, Murphy, and others.  We could not have been successful without them.

But let’s be careful to not consider the battle over.  The Senate will remain in session this coming week, so your continued pressure is needed.  Gun control proposals could go well beyond the amendments that were voted on last week, so please contact your U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative immediately and let them know you oppose any new gun control measures. You can call your lawmakers at 202-224-3121 or click here to Take Action.

Did the NRA get it right? What will you do to defeat future gun control measures and support the Second Amendment? Share your plans in the comment section.

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  1. Use the law against them to it’s full extent. I refer to Title 18, USC, Sec. 242. It is a federal felony for ANYONE (including the FBI) to deprive you of a right secured by the constitution. Since the Heller decision, the Second Amendment is now identified as a fundamental right and has that protection. Since it does, Title 42, USC, Sec. 1983 also comes into play. They (the admin., the Secrets Service, the FBI, or whoever has stripped you of secured right) are therefore liable to suit(s) of equity because they have reneged on their contract (the U.S. Constitution) with you.

  2. I love secret enemies lists. They are so like the Soviet Union
    I love faceless bureaucrats writing your name on a sheet of paper
    And presto! You cannot get on a plane. Or buy a gun
    Don’t forget the list is secret. So you can’t check to see if you are on it
    You are forbidden to even know what the criteria are to get on the list.
    So you could avoid doing that and getting on the list in the first place
    Of course there is no process for getting off the list either.
    No seeing the evidence, challenging if it is false, can’t even challenge mistaken identity!
    I’m docduracoat, a law abiding citizen. Doctor Duracoat is a terrorist. I’m not him!!! You got the wrong guy!!
    sorry citizen…too bad.
    (sarcasm off)

  3. I wasn’t. I was referring to the “Supremacy Clause” which directs that the Constitution is the “Supreme Law”. This is supported by Marbury v. Madison which states that: No provision of the Constitution is designed to be without effect and that any statute, reg. etc. that subverts a right that is secured by the Constitution is null and void of law.

  4. You’re making many assumptions. I never said I supported anything. I simply asked a question. It was more than fully automatic weapons that were banned. Until the ban expired under Bush, AR-15 were not readily available to the masses as they are now. And again I ask YOU. Why was the early ban allowed to pass?

    1. Shayla,
      You’re obviously too young to remember the facts. During Clintion’s 10 year assault weapons ban AR 15 and AK 47 rifles were as available as they always were. However, modification were made, these rifles were no longer allowed to have a bayonet mount, they were no loner allowed to have a folding stock, which made them harder to conceal and high capacity, and high capacity magazine production was ceased. When the existing supply of high capacity magazines (excess of 10 rounds were depleted then no more were to be built.

      But the rifle itself wasn’t banned. I bought both and AK 47 and AR 15 during that ban, legally over the counter at a gun store, and registered to me with a background check before I was allowed to purchase.

      The ban only increases the sales and the popularity of these model rifles. Everyone wanted to get their own before they were gone for good. That is why sales go up every time the debate arises.

      I don’t like the mas shooting any more than anyone else but why should I have to give up a right a pay more taxes for less freedom just because of someone’s interpretation of a religion. I’m not lobbying congress or bribing corrupt politicians to require everyone in the US to own or use an AR 15? So i’m not forcing my beliefs on anyone, But the line is long of those who want to force their beliefs on me and take away my rights. So gun control advocates are evil because they want to outlaw freedom. The people in some of the mass shootings would have had the right to defend themselves if it weren’t for gun control laws. There again mass shooters go to the easiest target where they know they be fired back at. And this was created by gun control legislation. Gun control kills people because it violates the constitution by not allowing people the freedom of choice to defend themselves.

      In the Sandy hook incident the existing federal firearm laws were violated 3 times and were never exposed by the media. The mother sadly paid the price.

      We should have armed police in the schools and not guards. Guards can involve private enterprise corporations. We have armed guards in armored trucks protecting money when it is moved. But we have no such protection in our schools for our kids? This shows what society and leader values most, and it is not our kids. I welcome armed police in the schools. I have kids in my life that I would die for. And if there is nothing in one’s life worth dying for then do you really have anything worth living for?

  5. I guess I’ll just have to keep repeating this: Due Process is NOT a “concept”, it is a “RIGHT”! So is the keeping (owning) and bearing (carrying) of arms for lawful purposes according to the Heller decision which recognizes it as a fundamental right.

    The first thing that Americans must all understand is that the Founders invented and instituted a governing system to ensure the personal freedom of every American. This system, a Constitutional Republic (NOT a democracy) employs an absolute “supreme law” (the Constitution) that is VERY difficult to amend. Without a supermajority of both the Federal and States’ governments, it cannot be done.

    The U.S. Constitution only recognizes three jurisdictions of enforceable law: 1) The Common Law jurisdiction, in which there must always be a damaged party for there to be an infraction, 2) The Equity, or Civil jurisdiction that deals with contracts, and 3) The Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction that deals with international contracts. All forms of civilized law must contain two element: 1) REMEDY (a way to challenge an unconstitutional regulation), and 2) RECOURSE (a way to recover any damages). Of the three constitutionally recognized jurisdictions of law, only two recognize these elements. The third, the Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction does not because it is meant only to enforce contracts with foreign countries that are not bound by the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

    In the 1930s, the Common Law and Equity jurisdictions were unconstitutionally blended into one jurisdiction of law and then in the 1950s the Maritime/Admiralty jurisdiction was unconstitutionally blended to that to form the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which all U.S. courts today operate under. By necessity REMEDY and RECOURSE were included, but were hidden from us. They have been discovered in the form of a reservation of rights in UCC 1-308. When we reserve our rights, this forces the court to adjudicate those suits “in harmony” with constitutional guarantees. This means that we can’t be found guilty for simply exercising our constitutional rights that government has subverted.

    Most people don’t realize this, but because we have REMEDY and RECOURSE, ALL usurpers that attempt to deny us of, or violate our rights, are “by Code”, put in jeopardy of loosing their’s. This includes everyone regardless of their station, office or occupation. The safeguards for REMEDY are found in the U.S. Code (USC) and they guarantee that all of those that “conspire to deprive” (Title 18, USC, Sec. 241) or “deprive us of a secured right under the color of law” (Title 18, USC, Sec. 242) are guilty of federal felonies punishable by ten years to life in the federal slam. Now all we have to do is grow a pair and start charging ALL of these elected usurpers with their crimes and throwing them in Leavenworth!

    RECOURSE comes in the form of Title 42, USC, Sec. 1983. This “Code” makes EVERYONE in violation of “conspiring to deprive” and/or “depriving us of a secured right under the color of law” liable in a suit of equity. This means that we can sue each and every one of them for ALL that they’re worth.

    Poetic justice is using the law, law that they make and supposed to be aware of, against them.

    1. Unfortunately Im a California resident and ever since the tragedy in Orlando the lawmakers here have been “fast tracking ” and “gut and amending” just about every type of gun control B.S. you could imagine. They also do this without public comment. They are changing what the definition of a “Assault Weapon “. Now all semi auto rifle with a detachable magazine will now be an assault weapon. And we will be required to pass a freakin background check to purchase ammo. Ive been trying to get answers to why my Constitutional rights taken away. I haven’t committed any crimes yet im treated like criminal. The lawmakers just ribber stamp any and all gun control that they want. If there is a way to stop what is going on. You can count on me.

    2. Bob, I no longer live in CA so my rights are not being affected. This fact leaves no remedy of recourse in CA. But if you’d like to study up on the stuff I mentioned, a good place to start is on YouTube. A man named Carl Miller did a 3 part video series called “Know Your Constitution” back in the 90s (Pt. 1: It’s about 6 hours long so strap in pay attention and take notes. He explains a lot about how our government has gone “rogue” on us and how to use the Constitution in court for remedy and recourse. Other places to look are: Howard Freeman (The UCC Connection [where I got started back in ’93] and this 1986 video:, Aaron Russo, Marc Stevens and KrisAnne Hall. (There are many more, but either Carl Miller or Howard Freeman is a good place to start.) These people cover the spectrum and no knowledge is bad knowledge when you’re dealing with your rights. Once you get your head wrapped around what these people have to say, you’ll be ready to exercise the power that Constitution affords you.

    3. Thanks for the info. I will definitely begin doing some research. There have been times when I have thought about leaving Calif. But unfortunately I am disabled. I really appreciate you taking the time to give the info.

    4. @ Bob F.

      Actually Congress DOESN’T Need Public Comment to Pass and/or Make Laws. THEY (Congress) Represent the People of the USA and it Territories. You the People (the USA) Entrusted Congress with the Rights to Make and Set Laws. Public Opinion Doesn’t Enter Into the Decision Making Process…

    5. You are correct. I made a mistake. Ill try it again. When the Calif State Legislatures who were forcing their anti gun agenda upon its citizens used the gut and amend process that allows a Legislature to strip the language from one Bill snd replace it with language completely unrelated. This practice compromises a citizens to participate in their government. Atleast four of the Bills were with environmental issues that are completely unrelated. But when a Bill is fast tracked it can take away the voice of the people. They dont need our voice but we can certainly contact them to oppose or support a Bill. One last thing that ticks me off about how our political process sometimes works. In Calif a Bill that will have a financial impact of $50,000 must go to the Suspense File and assessed for potential cost to taxpayers. The anti gun package that was sent to the governor, I believe 9 Bills were in it, would cost the taxpayers over $31million. I apologize for getting off track, and again you were correct.

    6. Why is it no one ever brings up the real reason for the second amendment? A well regulated militia being necessary for a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      Let’s think about that for a while. A newly formed government which was born from a revolutionary war against the crown of England / tyranny. This war was fought mostly by common citizens who had their own arms and if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have had anything to fight with? That being said, part of the logistics are already solved. Everyone already has their own weapon should the need arise to fend off tyranny again. It’s a check and balance to prevent a tyrannical government. The people, which comprise the militia already have the tools they need in place should revolution and the Declaration of Independence need to be revisited.

      And that’s why the politicians want rid of it because it is an obstacle preventing them from installing a NAZI government and doing anything they please and at their will to us the people. Who are actually supposed to be in charge and they are supposed to be the civil SERVANTS. But they seem to have forgotten who the CEO actually is? The second amendment is why we the people are referred to as citizens and NOT subjects of the crown.

    7. Marty, That and Article VI, Clause 2, of the U.S. Constitution specifically forbids congress’, the executives and the judiciaries from passing, enacting and upholding any regulations that subvert constitutional guarantees. It’s about time for the militia reasserted is presence and power to defend the Constitution.

    8. @ B.Zerker.

      If you’re Referring to the “Comity Cause” (Privileges & Immunities of Citizens)? It was “Nullified” by the US. Supreme Court in 1873, in the Slaughter-House Case…

  6. the problem is, you can send a million letters to these politico people, remember they have THEIR own agenda and a per-determined course of action.

  7. I wrote this to my representatives in my state and DC and of course received no reply.
    Any comments?

    I know you wish to do the right thing. But, if you look at history you will see that that the citizens need to stay armed if we are to keep our freedoms from foreign and domestic enemies. I have heard that some say it could even be the government that is responsible for some of the acts. This was done by the Nazi and we all know how that turned out. Why do you wish to limit us when you can’t even hold your own accountable, like selling arms to cartels. I have seen no public trials for those responsible. Ms Clinton has not been held accountable for her acts at all. If you can’t or won’t, then you send a message that laws don’t matter at all, unless you are of the elite of the politicians. If you were to destroy all arms here I am sure our enemies would bring their own across our borders. Maybe even start the prohibition crime that was once rampant in the circa 1920’s.
    Alan Marin

  8. The Obama administration is doing an end run to violate the constitution and deny law abiding gun owners the right to buy a firearm.
    I am a veteran, a former law officer, a former municipal judge, I have never been convicted of any crime, I have never been arrested.
    The only thing I ever did was write the President and tell him he was an idiot and to resign and that I made a huge mistake voting for him.
    Now I cannot buy a firearm and it will be a year before the FBI will
    review my appeal. And there is no one at the FBI who will talk to you.
    The 2nd doesn’t mean a thing to Obama and his cronies.

  9. I wonder if the author meant “American Republic” instead of “American Democracy.”


  10. A true believer, a true patriot, a man with a real heart and a real soul will never give up his rights regardless of how many laws that are passed to do such, he will never think of such for in his heart, and in his mind, is his family which is his duty and obligation to protect. If he needs a reminder of his other reasons, he need only take a stroll through a national cemetery and remind himself he owes it to those who bear the crosses. No group NRA or otherwise is going to stop this evil that is doing its best to disarm us for it is the work and will of Satan and the United Nations, which is his tool, as much so as television, and the computer This battle will go on until we the people and men I mentioned above are forced to make a stand and prove we are willing to defend these rights at any cost, Any legislator or individual that would demand you defend your family any other way then the way God and the Constitution say is either a tool for Satan like most today, weak of will and heart and soul, blind, or foolish. Long live the will of God, long live the Republic.

    1. @skipNclair: Satan? And can you cite the verse where God commands us to defend our families with firearms, specifically with semiauto rifles, and not in “any other way”? I can’t find that in my copy of the Word of God. Thanks.

  11. Here’s a “common sense gun-control law” that doesn’t diminish individual or government “rights”:

    “To prohibit the lawful possession of a firearm in or on a premise, the authority preventing the possession must provide equal or greater protection than an mentally unimpaired individual could provide for themselves.”

  12. So where was the NRA when the California legislature this week passed and sent to the governor a bag full of tyrannical gun control bills, many of which the co-conspirator governor signed into law? Did they even TRY to head off this meaningless political theater, or have they given up on California completely? Hey, I’m conservative, I’m a law-abiding gun owner, NRA life member, and I MATTER! Who represents me any more?

    1. I feel about the same way all the bills that were signed do nothing to stop gun violence and only hurt the law abiding gun owners. So this my fellow Americans is not about gun control, it about the 2nd amendment and our god give right to protect ourselves. And Jerry brown is about American as berry obama, they could care less about the constitution and only want to hurt this country.
      jerry brown is nothing more then old pot smoking hippie who needs go.

  13. Shayla-Reagan banned the manufacture of new fully automatic rifles which are true assault weapons by definition. The so called “assault weapons” that are trying to be banned today are nothing more than semi auto rifles with scary looking features on them, they are completely different rifles. Maybe you and everybody else that support these bans should know the difference before making uninformed laws and posts.

    1. Jon: Don’t blame ‘Ronnie Raygun’ for the ‘Machine Gun Ban of 1986’ – his involvement was merely signing the document into which corrupt politician William John ‘Bill’ Hughes (D-NJ-2) – with willing help from his equally corrupt fellow politician, Charles Bernard ‘Charlie’ Rangel (D-NY-16) – sneaked in his infamous ‘Machine Gun Ban’ (H.Amdt.777) into S.49 (debated and passed in lieu of H.R.4332) – the ‘Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986’ (‘FOPA’), by keeping the voting period open after time had expired – just so they could ‘round up’ enough not-yet-voting Democrats to get the amendment ‘passed’.

      I know this because I watched the whole thing go down live – courtesy of C-SPAN.

      If my memory serves me correctly, it took about ten more minutes before Rangel gaveled the amendment as having ‘passed’.

      I often wonder what would have happened if Reagan had understood the ‘unintended consequences’ to the 2nd Amendment by allowing FOPA to be passed with H.Amdt.777 included, and instead, Vetoing the Bill. 😐

  14. We are witnessing the death spasms of a wonderful experiment, much like Rome. America has become the playground of the idle rich, its citizens to self-absorbed to keep an eye on what its representatives in the halls of the House, Senate, White House, and the government bureaucracies are doing that THEY,not the People, control.

    Our elected (seemingly in perpetuity) “representatives” are no longer our servants, doing the People’s Will. They are now our masters and think they have unlimited right to the money earned by those who elected them and that the laws they enact apply to everyone else BUT them.

    We need to get out and talk to our neighbors. The professional agitators of the street cannot match Patriots marching from their homes. We need to take our country back. Tell those in Washington, in your city halls and your state legislatures, ” I’m sick and tired of this and I’m not going to take it any more!” – just like in an old Hollywood movie …

    “We have met the enemy and it is us.” Pogo

  15. Long, but an eye-opening read I hope…

    The NRA makes wonderful uplifting speeches about how the Constitution and democracy won the day; and while they do touch on the increasingly degenerated tactics of the left, I don’t believe they do enough to explain just how fragile the balance has truly become.

    Despite NRA efforts and regardless of what the Constitution says, I am convinced that if the House and Senate were controlled by Democrats today, we would be seeing a very different outcome where some sort of legislation would have made it through. Anyone that truly understands the magnitude of such a prospect knows how scary and degraded the situation really is.

    We are up against a heavily liberal indoctrinated generation of millennial voters who want nothing more than the instant gratification offered by whatever popular position comes across their Facebook or Twitter feeds. In this Internet information era, millennials have been conditioned to lack the patience and refuse to take the time to read the NRA’s lengthy speeches (assuming they ever did).

    So unless we can find a better way to re-educate these millennials on the importance of defending the Second Amendment and due-process, I predict we are one or two Congressional election cycles away from defeat.

    Here is a recent example why we are losing: Most youth were conditioned to view the immature Congressional protest “sit-in” as extremely cool. The reason is because it was presented to the youth by a savvy liberal media as a hacked C-Span camera that was fed into an unauthorized YouTube Live stream.

    That so-called modern “hack” intrigued its viewers and served as an excellent attention-getter for millions of youth that otherwise could care less. The manner in which the feed was presented as some sort of covert “leak” made it appear the Republicans were suppressing this so-called historical “sit-in” event. And since people have a tendency to side with the perceived underdogs (regardless of the issue), many youth are now siding with the anti-gun protesters as they sat upon the House floor.

    The worst part is that none of this new found anti-gun support resulted from youth beginning to understanding the real issue at hand, but instead was invented by false perceptions created by technology. It was so effective in reaching millions that discussions are underway by anti-gun media to repeat this tactic more often in the future.

    Notwithstanding technology, keep in mind our challenge also entails millennials and beyond that have been, and continue to be, indoctrinated through liberal public school systems their entire young lives. This has conditioned our youth to trust and depend upon the government to coddle them with hand-outs and entitlements throughout the remainder of their adult lives.

    So while I will never give up, I fear we are engaging in a losing battle. I am generally a positive person, but I am also a realist. I believe these youth are so far gone that mere words will never bring them back. Instead it will take decades of actual government control and oppression before they will see the light and begin to fight back on their own on principle.

    It took decades for the British and their youth to grow up and realize they should have never joined the overly oppressive European Union back in 1973. That means it took 44 years before their frustrating personal experiences forced them to wise up and vote to leave the EU. But even now the oppressive “new world order” is working up plans to have their votes overturned on a technicality to shut down this referendum and prevent an actual departure. So much for democracy.

  16. I’m doing what I can to vote out of office all of the pro-gun control political scum I run into.

    The traitor GOP Globalist RINO Paul Ryan just gave in today and allowed the floor whining Democrat cry babies in the House to have their vote on subverting the Constitution’s due process.

    Vote Ryan out office. Give money and if you can, vote for Paul Nehlen.

  17. So when the assault weapons ban was passed because of the attempt on Reagan, why was it okay then and not now?
    Was it just because the NRA wasn’t as powerful and they weren’t kicking and screaming while they riled up their base like they do now after every mass shooting? We have one about every week. When does it stop?

    1. Shayla, I believe you’re mistaken. The Assault Weapons Ban was introduced in 1994 by Diane Feinstein and not as a result of the Reagan shooting, though Reagan supported it for only imported weapons. The import ban of 1989 signed by Bush banned only a select few IMPORTED guns and was essentially an NRA-sponsored piece of legislation to protect domestic gun manufacturers.

    2. Shayla: What Jon was referring to was the ‘Machine Gun Ban of 1986’ – not the ‘Assault Weapons Ban of 1994’ – which was crafted by CA Democrat Diane Feinstein and signed into law by William Jefferson Blythe ‘Billy Blow Job’ Clinton.

      ‘MGB`86’ still stands – ‘AWB`94’ ‘sunsetted out’ in 2004, and Feinstein, et al., have been trying to get it reinstated – with numerous more egregious provisions added – ever since.

    3. Please give your sources for the “Mass shootings every week”, and make sure it’s not a Bloomberg organization. And Reagan wasn’t shot with an assault-weapon, and while he may have wanted such things banned – he was a great supporter of gun rights, and only thought that waiting periods to purchase them – allowing proper background checks was reasonable. He also was a member of the NRA.

  18. I can see it now, pass the bills tying the Terror Watch and the No-Fly No-Buy lists to gun ownership and purchases, then let that cool down before you slip a Federal gun registry by that includes ammo purchases as well. wait til the registry is complete and then just copy and paste the entire registry to the terror watch/no-fly list and there you have it every lawful gun owner in the country is now a criminal and subject to denial of his or her 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights without even knowing it… Didn’t register your guns, that’s okay, they’ll get you when you buy more ammo or reloading supplies, one way or another it all ends up with a no knock warrant in the middle of the night and you either dead or incarcerated without cause for an indefinite period of time per the powers given POTUS by the congress (which they had no Constitutional authority to grant). This can never be permitted to happen, it is bad enough that you can inadvertently wind up on the no-fly list without knowledge or due process but to give the government permission to do it to millions of honest law abiding citizens is pure crap. and any American that would advocate for such measures has at best questionable credentials as an American.

    1. You got it!! The same thing occured to me also. If you listen closely to Obama and his minnions, the reason why they refuse to say the the root of terrorism is Islamic radicals is because their enemy is us…gun owners! When I read that the new Commni-fornia law to give ammo buyer a background check also includes “tracking sales” it hit me. Bam, we are going to be put on those terrorist watch lists if we’re not already. Backdoor gun ban and then they have what they’ve been after for years, population control and their socialist dictatorship; all under the guise of saving the children. Its not gun control they are after, its people control…period! What starts in Commni-fornia usually carries elsewhere, God help us. We are living the last years of a great country’s exisistance. Within 50 years, maybe less, it will fracture and fall apart. I pray for my Grandson’s sake it will not be too harsh. Think I’m joking? Look at the vidoes of Trump protests in Commni-fornia; you’ll see a lot of Mexican flags flying. Our country’s demise is already happening. Free speech you say? Many schools in Commni-fornia do not allow kids to fly US flags on May 5th but say nothing about Mexican flag. Dems are giving the country away to the ones that allow themselves to be repressed for meger handouts. Yes, the country is dying!

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