Gun Control Senator Sentenced for Trafficking Arms

Two years ago, California State Senator Leland Yee told CBS: “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear—there is no debate, no discussion.” As a legislator, Yee supported strict gun control laws and was even named to the Brady Campaign’s Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll. Last Wednesday, Yee received a five-year prison sentence for accepting bribes and trafficking in illegal arms. Is anyone still wondering how gun control legislation gets passed?

Around the time of Yee’s arrest, The Shooter’s Log covered the events in the article, Gun Running, Corruption, Murder-for-Hire… California Lawmaker?

After initially denying culpability, Yee pleaded guilty to the charges last summer.

During sentencing, Judge Breyer was unsympathetic to Yee’s plea for leniency. While holding public office, Yee accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions in exchange for political favors. In addition, Yee was involved in a weapons trafficking plot, discovered by undercover federal agents investigating organized crime in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

“It must be, that the public has trust in the integrity of the institution, and Mr. Yee, you abused that trust,” Breyer said, according to the Times. He called Yee’s actions “vile” and the arms dealings particularly “hypocritical” given the politician’s history of gun control advocacy.

In addition to Yee’s bribery charges, the disgraced California politician pled guilty to accepting $6,800 and a list of arms to be purchase in the Philippines. Remember, this was the senator who said, “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear—there is no debate, no discussion.” Likewise, as a legislator, Yee supported strict gun control laws and was named to the Brady Campaign’s Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.

Do you believe this is an isolated case? Should Lee’s previous gun control votes be reexamined, repealed, relitigated? Share your opinions of Lee’s actions in the comment section.


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  1. I would like to know who the people giving the money were. If companies maybe we could do a boycott or something to draw attention to the other people involved. I hope Yee is not the only person doing time for this crime against humanity.

  2. You know, I don’t know if DiFi said it, but it sure sounds like something out of her mouth. But the bigger question is, why would she say it? If our CongressCritters were so noble and altruistic, then why would they have a need for a firearm? Seems to me they must be afraid of the proletariat…

  3. Maybe, all legislative procedures, bills and etc. that Yee was an integral part of should be re-evaluated especially those involving the 2nd Amendment and firearms. It sure makes one wonder what else lies undiscovered.

  4. Yeah, and 3 days before the SHARE Act was supposed to be put to vote, the Las Vegas shooting occurred. 45 minutes later, before anyone outside of the LVPD knew what weapons were used, Hillary tweeted, “…Imagine how many more people would’ve died if the shooter had used a suppressor.” Coincidence? I think not!

    1. Can’t somebody PLEASE use a “silencer” (or suppressor) on Hillary? She doesn’t know what she is talking about and merely tries to make noises to raise he political viability in the eyes of the voting public (or so she thinks).

  5. Seems like this is a little late in being reported. Probably only got reported o the left-wing news media. Better late than never. This guy should never see daylight again. Has anyone ever checked how many people may have been wounded, or died from his actions. He should also be held accountable for those crimes.

  6. “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons.”

    It’s important to note that the weapons Yee was convicted of conspiring to obtain weren’t just pissant assault “weapons,” but fully-automatic rifles, pistols, and even shoulder-launched missiles.

    1. It seems to me that the sentence handed down by the Court was entirely too short. For an active Government official like Yee, the sentence should have been life without parole. Yee abused the public trust, and abused his office as a Senator in Congress. Another part of Yee’s sentence was to never be appointed or elected to any other post in government for the rest of his life. ALL liberal government officials are “on the take” in one way or another. Graft runs rampant in our government, as bad as the hated United Nations.

  7. Can we trust other anti gun politicians? How do we know that others are not arming criminal elements while doing their best to make honest citzens defenseless?

    1. We cannot trust any anti-gun politicians at all. They wish to strip us of our rights to defend ourselves and our families, and the right to remove a tyrannical government.. This is outrageously unforgivable, and completely unconstitutional. A liberal elected official, local, state, or federal who even slightly shows that they are anti-gun is not to be trusted at all. Watch them, watch their voting records for the last ten years (if they have been in government that long) and do your own deciding on their trustworthiness. They are closely protected, but we are abandoned by our own government because they promised protection if we give up our freedoms, and they LIED.

  8. Y’all just don’t get it, this guy is a Progressive, a Liberal, a lefty, and probably some socialism and Marxism in the mix. They don’t get hard core jail sentences like the little people do, he’s one of the “elites”. Look at the past 8 years of Obama and crew .. nobody, but nobody went to jail ..nobody was even prosecuted. It’s O.K. to keep highly classified on your home server .. oh those pesky Federal Laws .. as Hillary says, not for me only thee. It’s O.K. to give guns to Mexican Drug cartels and try to blame it on the U.S. gun shops around the border. It’s O.K. to make insider trading illegal …. except for Congress. It’s O.K. to shove healthcare down our throats … except for Congress. Now the left would be perfectly with only Government and Criminals having access to firearms .. but not the law abiding little guy. They think the little guy can’t be trusted with a gun .. and I think politicians can’t be trusted to run the Government.

  9. He’s doing his time in Texas and is scheduled for release in July of 2020, you can look him up, his prison number is 19629-111

  10. Yee was convicted Feb 24, 2016. Yes, 2016. He has been at the Federal Correctional Institute at Fort Worth, Texas for the last two years. Thanks for the two year old story Dave Dolbee.

    1. I get several requests to write stories. Perhaps this one was an April Fools and I took the bait. Sorry all…. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. Keep writing, even older stuff, maybe if someone missed it the first time around they will see it the second or third. The Left wing media continues to fan the flames of gun control, pro gun advocates must do the same. Gun owners cannot sit back and just take it or we will lose our rights.

    3. Dave, no apology needed. Thanks for reminding us of this POS elected official. Our minds need to be refreshed about these hypocrites regularly. At least we now know his release date from ClubFed.

  11. The public did once have trust in the integrity of the institution but that was a long time ago. This guy is just one schmuck who happened to get caught and so they are making an “example” of him. The left speaks out of the sides of their mouths. They’ll say anything in order to try and gain control. But what they actually do… is another thing altogether. Trust in the “integrity” of the system? That would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  12. If I were convicted on that charge what would my sentence and fine be and where would I serve my time? His should be the same for the constituents he represented and more for his hypocrisy. Another example of the lack of morals the left has.

  13. Yee is a small-time criminal and hypocrite. While most Democrats (and an overall majority of CA voters) favored the gun control initiatives, we shouldn’t paint everybody who supports gun regulation as criminals or hypocrites. Misguided or not, most CA voters are sincerely looking for ways to improve public safety. It’s too bad there aren’t any easy or effective solutions we can all agree on.

    1. That’s the problem. You still trust them to do the right thing.
      Sorry pal, but what part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is not the right thing? This goes for republicans as well. They are all hypocrites. Please tell me what talent God gave you to discern the difference? Inquiring minds want to know.

  14. A lying, cheating fraud, but then he is a KA DIM. He is giving us Gks a bad name.

    BTW, the name is the same, but not a relation of mine.

  15. Sadly only five years. Ought to be a lot more, BUT, it’s a start. Should also be obama and holder, hillary and all the rest, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  16. I won’t belabor this, but yes, everything he sponsored needs to be reexamined by the FEDERAL government. This makes it pretty clear why politicians passionately want to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens….so we can more easily be victimized by the criminal organizations that they are financially tied to. What better way to protect and easily grow their illicit businesses?

  17. This is why all these stupid gun laws that are out there don’t work and new ones keep getting passed!! 5 years Is a Joke!! lock him up for 20!!

  18. This guy should be put in General Population! Let him become Bubba’s girlfriend! Make sure bubba forces him to walk around in cherry kool-aid for blush in high heels! Teach these folks a lesson!

  19. Your article quotes what Lee told CBS actually occurred _2_YEARS_BEFORE_HIS_ARREST MORE THAN 4YEARS AGO.
    His sentencing was OVER ONE YEAR AGO.

    Regurgitating this story as if it were new today is greatly unethical! I would consider today’s re-release, in context of today’s falsities and a-morality in both politics and media just as unethical as the Senators own needs.

  20. I wonder how many more politicians are out there like this crook. Five years in ClubFed is way too lenient. Do as I say, not as I do! What a hypocrite!

  21. 5 Years? 500 years, then bury the stinking corpse and salt the grave, charge the relatives for digging the hole! @sswipes like this one need to be made into living Christmas tree ornaments, as there are plenty of light poles and plenty of rope out in California

  22. Dave , what he did is despicable , but I have a question- Why are you running an article posted AS CURRENT when he was SENTENCED FEB 24 2016. We can find hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. Is this just to fan the flames?

    1. Just because he actually went to start serving the sentence now – although I do reference that the Shooter’s Log ran the original article a couple of years ago. ~Dave Dolbee

  23. They want to take away Your Gun’s, but they will be protected by their “Private” or “Government” Security equipped with Full-Auto Weapons, to keep them safe from the dregs of society. You? Call the Police, they are only 10 – 120 minutes away. In Detroit our Chief of Police, who is also Deputy Mayor, came out and said to arm yourselves, Police an not be everywhere. Politicians of both Parties work for Donors, not Voters.

  24. Sorry Dave,
    I’m taking a different stance here. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR DATES!!

    You just published this article 4/3/2018 making it look like it just happened. He was arrested in 2014. He plead guilty in 2015 and was sentenced in 2016.

    The quote from “2 years ago” statement links to the CBS article from 2012.

    While it is not Fake News, it is OLD NEWS. A recycled article that you couldn’t bother updating to at least match the dates properly.

    Accurate articles make more of an impact.

  25. For years i never carried a gun but after discovering by accident that there is a very major drug trafficking ring in the keys and a lot of the government employees in different agencies are involved including pay offs i trust non of them so i like a few others have gotten our cpl’s and now carry our guns. It is pretty sad that our own government in the Fla Keys is in cahoots with the pagan motorcyclists and have set up hubs for drugs here. so how do you report what we know when you do not know who to trust any more?. If they take away our guns from law abiding people like us then only the criminals will have guns, After finding out what i did it just makes me wonder how far up the chain does it go.

  26. While this story is well worth sharing, and Yee’s sentence should have been much longer and more expensive considering the damage he did, could have done, the actual verdict and sentencing was handed down slightly more than 2 years ago!
    Why post it now as if it just happened?

  27. I’ve believed for a number of years, the Democrat party is nothing more than the “New Mafia”. They aren’t interested in anything but “control” of the responsible American citizens. Arm the criminals & disarm the law abiding citizens. That fits their agenda perfectly. They’ve never had any interest in controlling the possession of firearms of the criminal society. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, Gun control will never disarm the criminals of our country & we’re paying a extremely high salary to these New Mafia criminals to do this to all of us, all while using their most used method of controlling us… FEAR!

  28. Hi Dave,
    I’d be interested in knowing at what facility he has managed to get himself sent too to serve his time?
    Would that be a certain Federal country club in Connecticut perhaps? So, five years, out in what … 14 to 16 months?
    Should the legaslation he was involved with be reviewed and those anti-firearm laws of which he was part should be repealed? Yes, I believe they should.
    Will they? In California? Not a chance! The Adminastration of Califorina has no interest in anything other than its own self serving Socialist Liberal Democratic agenda. They are not interested in justice, the wishes or needs of the states people and certenly not as to the manner in which legaslation in favor of their policy is put into
    Law or by whom. Califorina has redefined corruption by turning it into a political art form. Their supression and disregard for the foundations of their parent Republic is a discrace. Mr. Lee’s actions only bring in to greater relief the nature and extent of corruption.

    1. Hey Pete!
      I am sure it will be a somewhat cushy prison as the fed pens go. ~Dave Dolbee

  29. I lived in San Mateo county, Ca when this guy was our representative.
    Cannot dispute anything written herein. He spoke at our Citizen Academy meetings with such conviction. And now he is convicted. Great job FBI. The SFO FBI Field Office and ATF are to be commended. These hard working, honest agents did their agencies and citizens proud. This disgraced represent got off easy considering the criminals who got the guns he facilitated. Thank you FBI & ATF.

  30. If I ever get convicted of having illegal guns or doing an illegal transfer, I will point to this decision. 5 years is wayyyy…. too short for what he did, and where are the fines?
    Oregon, where I live, has an Initiative brewing that would make it a Class”B” felony to possess a semiautomatic gun holding more than 10 rounds. That is 10 years and a $250,000 fine.

    1. this fear that politicians are instilling in the general public is more like a fast spreading virus, the illusion of a utopian society by whatever means possible. They can’t stop the criminals however they must do something so this is the crap they come up with … 10 round max for a good guy … bad guy unlimited! Lol good post pete … i guess buy more 10 round mags?

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