Has Gun Control Moved Underground? The New Tactics of the Antis

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Gun control has not completely gone underground, however, it has changed its tactics. Unbelievably, gun control is taking its cues from the same-sex marriage movement. The NRA, NAGR, SAF and others have done an outstanding job of protecting our Second Amendment rights. Much of this work has been at the federal level both in congress and federal elections. This has caused the anti-gunners to change the names of many of its organizations, refine its goals and target smaller victories, elections and initiatives. Essentially, they are trying to build a new grassroots effort while we only keep our eyes on the big picture and become complacent after a few victories.

GunControlCard A recent example includes our recent loss in Washington State. November 2014, the antis successfully passed a measure requiring broader background checks on gun buyers. This is important because there is a lot of money a few rich people are willing to throw against the Second Amendment but they are not willing simply to throw it away. The anti-gunners have to prove they have the ability to win. They know they cannot do it in Washington or through state legislators. Therefore, they seem to be targeting states that allow ballot measures.

New Name, Same Liars

Knowledge is power, so we need to get ahead of their efforts. One initiative will certainly be Nevada. The anti-gunners have already qualified an initiative for the 2016 ballot; the legislature already passed the initiative. Fortunately, the governor blocked it with a veto. With a quick name change, “Advocates for Gun Safety” as they now call themselves are targeting similar legislation in Arizona, Maine and Oregon at a minimum. The NRA and others are aware of the antis’ new tactics and that’s good news for Second Amendment fans. However, if we are to learn from out loss in Washington, even the NRA was outspent on the Washington State referendum. This makes getting involved at a grass root level even more important as well as supporting our national gun rights organizations.

There is no “gun show loophole.”


Spreading the fear of guns as inherently evil based by looks has largely been debunked thanks to a strong effort on our part. Rather than singling out specific guns, the antis are moving to a much broader, but no less rhetoric filled misinformation campaign, by calling their effort as a public health and safety movement. This has gone so far as to encourage children to seek out their parents’ firearms and take them to school to turn them over to authorities. Never mind the numerous laws this violates, it would be a huge safety risk for children and could lead to another tragedy. That being said, we all know how the antis love to capitalize on a tragedy.

Primary areas the antis plan to target are all based on information and surveys of issues they feel they can easily gain public support with misinformation campaigns such as expanded background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of people with domestic violence convictions, restraining orders or mental illnesses. These issues are not only popular in Democrat-controlled states, but have crossed into some republican strongholds. Passing new restrictions under the guise of an issue the people already support is going to make the antis’ job much easier. Our job is going to be ensuring the truth of their agenda and the ramifications of the new restrictions proposed have a louder voice.

How do you think we need to progress forward to get our voices heard and stop the anti-gunners new tactics? Share your ideas and opinions in the comment section.


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  1. People like private sales at guns shows because it’s safe for both parties. The last gun show I went to had big signs saying. “NO PRIVATE SALES ON PREMISES”. I guess it’s back to buying out of some guys trunk in a deserted parking lot.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. My comments are meant to explain that in the liberal gun-grabbers view there is a gun show “loophole” in that a criminal can go to a gun show and purchase a weapon. True, not from a dealer, but the grabbers are ignoring that fact and exploiting the fact that weapons were purchased, legal or not! It is ashamed that the honest citizens are restricted from legal purchases in the name of preventing crime. I have made several private purchases and don’t want that right restricted. I was only pointing out the ignorance of the libs when they state that there is a gun show “loophole”. Sad fact is that there is, same as in any private sale without a background check. I wonder how many people have been sickened when they learned that the weapon they sold was to a felon and a crime was committed. You can bet there is a scumbag lawyer out there wanting to sue the original owner!

  3. Exactly my point, the Ad didn’t tell the whole story that there are ways for felons to get guns at gun shows. The Ad evades the issue by making it seem like because dealers require a background check that there is no problem. The anti-gunners are seeing right through this and eating our lunch every time some scumbag gets a gun at a gun show and kills someone. By the way…you should use spell checker…..or have someone proof read your posts. The anti-gunners also love it when we gun owners sound like we have nothing more than a 2nd grade education.

    1. That was mostly done with talk to text and my phone sucks. Anyway, I was disagreeing with what you said. .. criminals will always be able to get guns. Look at the most gun restricted places in the USA, like Washington DC, and Chicago, good people barely have any access to guns and these places have the highest shooting, and crime rates in the country. See what you all need to understand is that criminals do not follow laws, only good people follow laws. Why would we want to restrict good people from acquiring the means to protect them selves and loved ones. The FBIs own statistics show that more guns in the hands of citizens lowers crime immensely. Just look at the Figures from crime and gun ownership from the 90s to now! The numbers are astronomical, some like 73% overall and that is with the ever increasing population.

      The biggest thing people need to understand is that all mainstream media is 100% controlled to push the agenda. Find it all on real news websites like and the Corbet report on you tube. Also check out thinkoutsidethetv on youtube.

  4. Dose any one here know that there are companies that get paid buy people who want to push an agenda, to troll the Internet and find places to put there bulls%^ views. Weather it’s be about anti gun views, pro gmo, pro Global warming laws or any other bulls^& these scumbags want , they troll Facebook, blogs, and comment sections like this tho put out disinformation to make them seem right. Look up what these so called media relations corporations are really being paid to do, not to mention they also offer crisis actors for all your (totally true) news coverage.
    Anyway the reason I say this is because when I read stupid comments on stuff like this I can’t help but wonder if those are even real people. Like the f-tard that just wrote some crap about the ad that said all guns sold at gun shows and gun shops by dealers are sold with background checks, he was trying to claim that that is not true and that guns are sold by dealers at gun shows without background checks. If we’re talking about private sales they are not by dealers, so the statement in the ad is indeed true. As far private sales go, most people ask for a concealed carry permit to ensure that the person they’re selling it to is not a criminal and of course private sales are only for rifles and shotguns which do not account for much crime being that handguns are most commonly used In crime.
    Also there are already laws in place stating that convicted criminals cannot own guns, so how’re more laws going to help? Only honest people follow laws, are criminals honest ? Are politicians honest? Are politicians criminals? Of course there are.
    Check out some interesting stuff on youtube . Red pill revaluation, thinkoutsidethetv , dahboo7, we all need to know exactly what is going on . Knowledge is POWER.

  5. I am an NRA member but also have a real problem with the “Did You Know” ad in the article. We are falling into the anti-gunners trap by playing stupid to the fact that anyone can come to a gun show and buy a firearm from a “private” seller who is carrying his AK around with a for sale sign (Indiana) whether they are felon or not. How is this justified? The NRA states that is illegal for a felon to possess a weapon, but isn’t it a little hypocritical to support the action that could let it happen (at least in a way). Would it help legitimize the support by not allowing private sales at gun shows? Sure, they will still take place in the private sector, but why not take a responsible position and support no private sales at gun shows. It would take away a lot of the anti-gunners smoke!

    1. Surely there are enough LAWs on the books already to prevent ALL of the crime that we inflect on each other !
      Just adding another law will only further restrict the already law abiding!
      Please—you gullible, ill informed, sheep, please stop believeing all of the misdirection that the main stream media (read: LIBERALS) feed you every day. You will hardly ever hear of “man saves day due to his legaly concealed weapon” but the media will play tragedy stories on a loop.
      The private ownership of firearms is the main opstacle that prevents Tyranny in a government.
      The ability of our people to protect and police ourselves is paramount in any free (read:citizens not subjects) society.
      “The good people in this world are very far from being satisfied with each other and my (fire) arms are the best Peacemaker” Samuel Colt.

    2. The word is “inflict” and use some punctuation. It has has already been stated to check your grammar and spelling ….lefties use that against us. Don’t give them anything to point at and scream wrong.

  6. I disagree with the ad’s “solution” to gun violence. I believe it would only increase the amount of violence in schools, nd yes, at home, since the parents would be too stupid to lock the guns up. Therefore, the parents should not have access to a gun.

    I also disagree with the NRA ad wedged in beside the “tactics” section of the article. It reads “ALL firearms sold by firearms dealers, whether at a GUN SHOW or a GUN SHOP, go through the NICS background check.”
    Now everyone here knows a gun show where some background checks were made on a gun sale. EVERYONE here. Thus, THAT ad is a misinformation campaign in itself, and unless gunners call out blatant lies and propaganda like that, we will get pummeled by the antis.

    Just show facts and honesty. Please. Or you could be one who contributes to our demise a free citizens.

    1. @T Hodges, the ad by the NRA states “dealers” as in licensed, any and all sales by a dealer requires a background check with the exception of buyers that may for go the check if they have an appropriate license themselves (ccl, etc. in some states). The only legal sales at a gun show or other places that currently do not require a background check are between private parties, i.e. NOT a dealer involved.

  7. We the people need to start an education campaign of our own. NRA money is no competition to political super pac’s. Make real psa’s that tell the truth that gun control increases crime rates. We need to not sound crazy. Reverse the brain washing by the left one small add at a time. Rain drops make rivers.

  8. They got what they wanted….a society of texting sheeple. Take any group of those idiots in Washington…drop them off somewhere in the wilderness with a t shirt and blue jeans…..200 miles from the nearest electrical outlet. I bet half would not make it a week….muchless one getting out in one piece. This system has strayed too far from our Constitution. Not much of any true skills are taught anymore. We need to learn to evolve beyond the system that is I place to keep a lid on it. I work everyday, pay taxes, and build most anything I need through education, I sleep well at night. Didn’t lie , cheat , or steal to gain anything I have. Real Americans can make this country a good place again…..put God back in school and teach the truth to the youth. After all that is why most of our fore fathers came hear…to escape the BS. Don’t try and hitler them into whatever mold the gov thinks they should fit. The real issue to get resolved is getting back to basics…..standing up for what is right. Not being pushed out of our way of life and liberties by ones who are afraid to live…..or respect others enjoying life. I live my life my way as best I can….

  9. With the rise in murderous radical Islamic Jihad spreading to other countries in Europe and no doubt will be making it to our shores more innocent people will become victims of this murderous plague. I believe that this will as a wakeup call to the antis that the agenda they have been shoving down our throats has now made them targets also. Now instead of screaming for more weapon control when a crazy commits mass murder in the no-gun zones, I am hoping that the intelligent ones figure it out and realize that what they have supported and have been successful in limiting our 2nd Amendment rights has done nothing more than ensuring that there is a real chance that their family lines could be extinguished permanently. So now that crazy gun owning patriot neighbor that has always been the last one called and invited to a summer cookout will now become everyone’s best friend.

    1. @ Smokey: Your hopes will never come to fruition because the liberal mind, which is at the heart of the anti-gun movement, does not function like yours or mine. Their DNA is unchangeable and is what makes them think the way they do.

      We categorize these types of people and label them liberals based on the choices they’ve already made; which is based upon their DNA and natural thought processes which leads them regardless of our influence

      It’s no different for moderates or conservatives either. It is who we already are. The labels (liberal, moderate, conservative) comes only after observation of our natural tendencies and habits from DNA.

      My point is you cannot change a liberal because it is who they are. As such, they will never comprehend what you just hoped for. They instead will say the terrorists would never be able to exact so much death if we did better at banning ALL weapons everywhere.

      And unfortunately you can expect this to be exactly how the anti-gunners will move forward with their agenda should these activities increase here in the US.

    2. G-man. Well said. Somewhere in my files I have an article from a former antigun professor at Harvard who publically disavowed his previous antigun agenda. Don’t remember what it was that did change his thought processes. I’lll be going through all my old newspaper clippings now… So in the mean time I can only say that I will have to stand watch, ever vigilant, ready to take necessary actions to preserve our rights.

  10. Florida voted unanimously against same sex marriage, keeping it illegal here. Recently a federal judge decided against the voters. It’s hard to win whilst playing with a stacked deck. WE have to educate our children, at home, and at the range. Not only about firearm safety, but about our Constitution, our God given rights, and in any other areas where their curriculum has been warped or undermined. They grow up quick, WE have to keep them on the right track-not the schools. The government will get the last word, like it did here on SS marriage. We can reshuffle the stacked deck we have to deal with today with responsible parenting. It’s a good foundation to build our Nation’s future on.

  11. Let’s get the grass roots more involved. Liberals put a lot of money into local production companies for development of pro weed, environment etc “documentaries.”

    It is time for proponents of the self defense to start putting forth a more local agenda and help us speak out in defense of our rights.

  12. Making the statement that encouraging children to steal the parents is dangerous can be seen as acknowledging that many gun owners have not secured their guns and have not taught their children gun safety. Now the anti gunners can ask you to join them in requiring most stringent gun rules for gun owners.

  13. – Hit them in their wallets –

    – Avoid laptops, cellphones, PC’s, electronic equipment made and sold by billionaires that finance this anti-2A crapola while using armed security for themselves and their families and business interests.

    – It is all about the Benjamins –

    – Support our brave law enforcement and military ladies and men and vote out the lying cowards that tax you to pay for their greed, free security, armed limo/vehicles, and vote the corrupt bastards out.

    They and their families are not “special” and neither are their unofficial tax-cheat “advisore” and “community organizers” or their “appointed for life” Judges and Justices they bought.

    – Stay safe – Stay alive – Stay vigilant –

    – God Bless and Protect you all –

    1. My first thought was cut off the money wagon. I am an avid animal lover and was continually pestered by GREENPEACE for support. When I saw what was happening to baby seals and whales et al I felt I should at least give a little.
      It wasn’t long before I learned the truth of how GTEENPEACE operated and their total disregard for the law. Instead of attempting to get their message across intelligently and truthfully they filled the liberal media with deceit and outright lies, misinformation and bullspit.
      Anti gunners can’t win by lawful means. PERIOD!
      So they resort to the same tactics as these other rouge groups and media jumps in behind them
      Cut off their money and do what we can to support NRA, NAGR and my local Florida Carry.

    2. Rogue, the word is rogue, not rouge…that is makeup that your mother wore. We make written mistakes and clever anti’s will pick our bones clean and present us as illiterate and ineffective supporters of 2A.

  14. It’s not just the “anti-smoking” or even the “gay marriage” campaigns that went to the local levels to attain their ends. Look back at Prohibition. The Woman’s Christian Temperance League started in the 1830’s, but made little headway till they managed to bring the churches into their way of thinking around 1890. Even then it was still somewhat for “moderation”. Then came the “Anti-Saloon League”. They elected prohibitionists to city councils, then county supervisors, and then State Houses. Arizona officially went “dry” on January 1, 1915, five years before national prohibition! The 18th Amendment failed the first time, and was passed and ratified on the second attempt. That was before the US joined WW 1, so it’s not as if prohibition was slipped in while “the Boys” were overseas.

    It’s happened before, we must not let it happen again. Keep an eye, and an ear, on how your local elected pollies feel about “gun control” V’s “crime control”. Feel them out before voting. We had a local politician who replied to “How do you feel about gun control?” with “I always carry mine”, and showed a 9mm semi-auto. She’s now a leading anti-gunner – but I guess being a victim can change a persons outlook.

  15. Alan Gotleib of the Citizens Right To Keep And Bear Arms is taking the Washongton state law to court, the law recently passed. We should support him financially in this cause.

    Stupid internet access via cell phone! It want let me fix the spelling#%*%@!

    1. @ Paul: Thanks for the info. I went to check into this and donate but became confused when I could not find any mention of the lawsuit. I had based my search on “Alan Gotleib of the Citizens Right To Keep And Bear Arms” as you wrote it.

      Come to find out Alan Gottlieb also runs the sister organization and is suing under that name known as: The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).

      Just wanted to clear that up for any others that wish to donate or read about it.

  16. It is true that the Anti-gunners are trying to brain wash our children by all the ads, so we must focus on educating pro gun activities through the “Friends of NRA” events in your own local area. All the proceeds go to shooting activities such as “Jr. Shooters, Women Shooters,” etc etc. Also some of the proceeds go to the children that participate in the shooting Olympics. We all need to get involved in fund-raising and giving our time at such programs.

  17. Unfortunately they have honed in on a tactic that worked quite well in the anti-smoking campaign. Because there is no way to make smoking illegal in all places, they instead made it socially unpopular by flooding the airwaves with 10 years of anti-smoking ads that eventually brainwashed most youth. Good or bad, it is still considered brainwashing and propaganda which is a means to an end.

    These brainwashed youth compounded the rhetoric by repeating the ads and eventually made things so uncomfortable for parents and peers that they just quit smoking. As well, less and less youth took up the habit over the years to follow.

    Regardless of what one thinks of such tactics, it eventually proved quite effective as well as good for our health. However, the same effective tactics will not be such good news for us when employed against our right to bear arms.

    De-popularizing something and creating a negative stigma around it will no doubt eventually take a toll on the Second Amendment over generations and time.

    If you re-educate enough youth, one day those youth replace those currently in power. Now imagine the majority of a young Congress with heads filled with years of anti-gun rhetoric that was pushed on them throughout their childhoods.

    If you capture and condition the youth early, you will control the society of the future. So the only thing we can do is ensure we are there every step of the way to balance out the anti-gun re-education scheme planned for our youth.

    Unfortunately we’ve already lost a large portion of this battle for our youth on one major front – the liberals have already infiltrated and taken hold of our schools; which of course is the key to our youth.

    Even now we constantly hear and read about the anti-gun education going on behind those walls. But does pro-gun education get equal time in there to balance it out? I submit not. As a result, I fear we have already lost a major portion of the battle.

    So by the time these kids reach college they are already a lost cause of liberal poo; and I needn’t even begin to speak of the liberal overrun on those higher education institutions. At that point they are just polishing off their new liberal zonebot army of youth to be released upon the world.

    So at that point how do we undo years of anti-gun indoctrination before these misguided youth ever have a chance to vote the Second Amendment out completely? Shame and insult…

    That’s right, shame them into realizing they should be incredibly insulted that they can be trusted to operate a 2 ton vehicle every day, or responsible for the precious lives of their 2 – 3 children, or make major decision that affect their health, or rule domain over the purchase of their $250,000 home, but society can’t trust you to possess an 18-ounce handgun.

    Oh… you are worth a kitchen knife, but not valued enough to be trusted with that handgun. I hope I’ve made my point. Sometimes showing someone how they’ve been stripped of their dignity has more overriding power than years of bad indoctrination.

    1. G-Man makes an excellent point in comparing the current anti-2A campaign to the Left’s wildly successful anti-smoking campaign, which used Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as its step-by-step game-plan and play-book. A more current example is the ongoing globaloney cooling/warming/climate-change. It’s important to combat the Left’s agenda in private contributions, the public square, and the courts, but real progress won’t be possible until right-minded citizens run for office to take control of local school boards and city governments back from the forces of darkness.

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