Gun Control Claims 41 New Victims

No More M1 Garands

Gun Control has claimed 41 new victims. Fortunately, it did not claim any lives—just jobs. Century International Arms has been working to bring about $30 million worth of M1 Garands back from Korea. The timing of the announcement is ironic with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the fact that these arms are 70 years old. Although exported to Korea, any of these historic arms could have just as easily made its way to the battlefields of Normandy, Germany, Italy or other parts of the Europe.

No More M1 GarandsHowever, the White House has refused to allow Century International Arms to bring our history home. It seems the World War II-era arms have fallen victim to new rules the President set up last summer. Regarding the subject previously the White House has stated, “The two common-sense ‘executive actions’ are solidly aimed at keeping firearms out of the wrong hands.” I can only surmise that means the hands of law-abiding citizens and participants of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Really, when was the last time you heard of a street thug packing an M1? The deal with the South Korean government goes back over a year—before the executive action. At that time, both the Department of State and Department of Justice had given the South Korean government its blessing to go ahead with the preliminary deal.

Today, the President has once again proven his willingness to subvert the other branches of government by using the power of his “phone and pen.”

In a May 20 letter, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) of Vermont and Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) said, “This lawful pending retransfer agreement is important to Vermont’s economy and crucial to more than 200 Vermonters who are employed by Century Arms. Accordingly, we ask your assistance to return the retransfer request to the Department of State without object so that it may move forward through the importation process.” The letter went on to show that the M1 rifle has not been produced for more than 50 years, citing the M1 as a historically valuable and collectible firearm that is provided to citizens through the government-chartered Civilian Marksmanship Program, which provides gun safety and marksmanship training. The letter reminded the Administration that the M1 was specifically exempted from a proposed 2013 Assault Weapons Ban. “This proposed exemption reinforces the fact that these are collectible firearms not the target of law enforcement concern.” However, to date, the White House has been unmoved by allowing policy to overrule practicality or common sense. President Obama’s administration said the policy, with very few exceptions (such as museums), is intended to keep “military-grade firearms” off the streets. The British Brown Bess, French Charleville and Kentucky Rifle were once military grade as well, but many years have passed since the Revolutionary War—just as many decades have passed since the M1 was “military grade.”

M1 Garand
M1 Garand
The result is the loss of opportunity for thousands of law-abiding Americans to own a piece of history. The loss of the arms, work and revenue has also caused Century Arms to layoff 41 workers as a result. Even if the administration does not care about the historical value, at least it could show some empathy to those who are losing their job due to White House politics.

Just think of the war vets who would have had the opportunity to walk down memory lane holding an M1 or the youngsters who would have had the chance to shoot a piece of history. The importation could have been a huge shot in the arm to the Civilian Marksmanship Program and its emphasis on teaching gun safety. Instead, the politics of the anti-gunners and a lack of common sense application dominate the White House.

Do you believe the President’s executive actions are politically motivated? What are your thoughts about a Democratic Senator and Governor going to bat for the importation of firearms? Economics or the Second Amendment? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. @ ss1.

    Depending on Barrel Length, the 7.92×33 kurz (or 8×33 kurz) still has a Maximum Range Exceeding 600-meters and an Effective Range of ~275 to 300-meters, with a 14-inch Barrel. The 7.92×33 is a Short Mauser 7.92×57 (or 8×57) Round. The FNH 5.7×28, was designed not to Over Penetrate Objects. In the Enforcer with 11-inch Barrel M1 Carbine/Pistol Configuration, Effective Range will probably exceed 150-meters and a Maximum Range of ~280-meters. Six of One, Half A Dozen of Another. The 7.92×33 kurz HAS Wide Appeal, with a Medium-Range Stand-Off Capabilities. And the 5.7×28 is a Great Long-Range Pistol or Medium-Range Carbine. My preference is the 7.92×33 kurz, Just Because it’s a Versatile Round. (Kurz means Short in German)…

  2. i dont think that a lot of you so called second amendment rights actually understand what is happening . so, here it is. the usa has a bombs stealth,and tanks and battleships, etc. we got 30 cal. outdated pistols, and rifles. we dont even have supressors. anybody in this country that has registered a legal supressor has just put themselves on the top priority list when or if they decide to take all fire arms. so, what are you all in a huff about. there is not one thing we can do about it. well, you could be stupid enought to go up against a tank or a unmanned but seriously armed drone and get your self killed!!! i mean come on, think about it. do yourself a favor, go get rich, maybe you can save yourself that way….oh, that would mean you are a politician!!!

  3. Our Pussident believes freedom comes from little girls with flowers and that defense is all about understanding how to make your enemy happy. For me calling him President is like calling Stalin a social worker.

  4. We the people are the violators of the law. The nature of the constitution labels the body of persons charged with upholding the law via swearing to do so inferring penalty for not doing so. Because the power structure may be corrupted to the point which it no longer functions as intended, again there is a clear inference that the populous bears responsibility for removing these people and rectifying their crime or treason.

    Unfortunately the vast majority of us are unwilling to take appropriate actions. I am the King of cowards. I would never attack a public official or building or any property. Meanwhile we have to acknowledge that this country through many illegal acts is becoming more of a monarchy/dictatorship due to the treasonous criminality of Barrack Obama.

    Just because you abide by the constitution and legally written and applied laws does not mean you can’t be arrested and successfully arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for doing legal things.

    I can prove I am a coward: I own no machine guns or other destructive devices. I won’t resist arrest. I always pay fines imposed for doing things and not doing things state, local, and federal governments have mandated.

    I pay $6,500 taxes annually for a building I am not using, I bough insurance because I would have had to pay half as much paying fines if I had not bought insurance. I must forfeit income in order to feed and support aliens imported by the Democratic party to support the monarchy. I must sacrifice my retirement for this purpose also.

    Yes – like a rat or a bobcat, I am a coward. and like you I can not for certain tell you what will happen if I am backed into a corner. Living in an empire controlled by a megalomaniac sounds like a theme for a movie. Yes I am a coward; therefore I look like an easy target. My only comfort is that there are scores of millions of cowards like me who are being forced close and closer to that imaginary line in the sand.

    You don’t have to worry about an old guy like me, but I would not be so sure about the those living in their prime.

    50 years from now, the Obama administration will be seen as the “Payback for Slavery” administration. He may not be the anti-Christ, but the anti-Christ could certainly learn a lot from him. In world history Obama is an abomination on humanity.

  5. Why is the “well regulated” part of the second amendment always ignored? One must learn and be licensed to drive a car. Why isn’t training required prior to owning a gun> At the very least it might keep one from shooting himself when they tuck it into their sweatpants.

    1. You do not understand that the term “well regulated” applies to the militia, not the people. A “well regulated militia” is one that is well provisioned and in proper working order. The meaning here is the same as a “well regulated clock”.

      What it does NOT mean is that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” can be subject to whatever regulations that government feels necessary.

      You should consider a class at your local community college on the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. It would serve you well.

    2. So you think any idiot with absolutely no knowledge of how to handle a firearm deserves one no matter what. Wow! No wonder so many die from accidents with guns. Because people like you insist on no training, knowledge, or education about handling and use of a deadly weapon.

    3. Have you ever even fired a gun? You have not a clue what you are talking about, you are another “ultracrepidarianist”!

    4. I own a pistol and a shotgun, and I was “taught” how to use it and safety before ever being allowed to handle it. It is YOU who does not have a clue since you ASSUME to know me.

    5. Hello Shayla, thanks for resurrecting this old forum thread. I was happy to see your Gravatar link again, but can you please add some new photos 🙂

    6. “Well regulated” in the definition of the day meant “working optimally”. The definition also applies today. This means everyone understands and is prepared.

      The regulation has to do with preparedness for the most likely types and incidences of threats. Obviously personal threat is today’s primary concern, not an Indian attack on settlers. There is no question that “regulated” and “prepared” are synonymous as both convey readiness for propriety in an action.

      The term “militia” is defined as “able bodied (capable) mature men who are not part of a specific professional armed force”. I am and we are a militia sharing a will to provided for common defense. Consider how we might regard a Non-EMT who just happens to be ready to save a choking man in a restaurant.

      I am prepared because I am trained and practiced. I will not likely emasculate myself while tucking a handgun into a bathrobe, but I might put a bullet through the chest of someone trying to carjack myself or attempting to take a life.

      It is a wonderful thing to live in a nation where being militia and protector is admirable. A caring reassurance, resuscitation, a curled newspaper and a wrapped t-shirt, and a .357 magnum can all be called tools of those who wish to be helpers.

      In the history of the world, there has yet to be a single pacifist other than who would NOT wish for a savior.

    7. I have been looking back on comments made in 2014 on this blog, and on MY comments too.

      Basically, I have political viewpoints that are both conservative and liberal. I can’t stand Diane Feinstein, but I also get upset with the things Republicans do at times too. I usually don’t participate in political blogs anymore unless it’s a rare passionate moment, because I can’t be so one-sided leaning all the time, and the political intensity displayed here doesn’t match the credentials of the posters. But yet I understand that it’s a place where people can voice their political opinions freely if that’s what’s really important to them.

      So now I just want to comment on the way Shayla seems to have been treated here. Shayla has written several comments in this blog that in my opinion have common sense and are not controversial. I like her comments, yet she seems to attract some strong and angry replies. I don’t really understand that, because her comments are common sense and not kooky and radical like many commentators here can be.

      As far as the use of the word “ultracrepidarianist” today, which I had to look up, trust me there are DOZENS of them on the CTD blogs. Shayla is NOT one of them.

    8. Shayla succumbs to the common error of assuming a command of 21st century English provides a perfect understanding 18th century colonial English, but that isn’t her major problem here. It’s her unwillingness to learn and her condescending and patronizing attitude toward those who don’t accept her “common sense” misinterpretations. If Shayla was motivated to become half as knowledgeable about RKBA as she is about erotica, she’d get along great with just about everyone here.

    9. @ Sheldon.

      Just exactly, What ADMIRABLE Act did the “Militia” Play In? Outside of two Battles During the Revolutionary War, the Virtually FLED from EVERY Battle. During the War of 1812, THEY Outnumbered the Regular Army 72 to 1 (~480,000 to ~6,700). And with the EXCEPTION of the Baltimore and Tennessee Militia’s, the DID the same thing. At war’s end in 1814, BOTH the COUNTRY and the STATES were FED-UP with the “Militia”, too the point. That the “Militia” were Formally Disbanded. Too this day, their is NO OFFICIAL RECOGNIZED MILITIA, ANYWHERE.

    10. All gun owners would agree to some rules and regulations but it never stops there. Once they start with the rules and regulations they will not stop until all gun are gone. We have seen it time and time again. It would good to train everyone who bought a gun. But next the training would be more extensive. Then comes the permits. Then comes comes the gun registrations. Look what happened to New York.

    11. How would you propose someone who doesn’t own a firearm is to learn about it? Do you propose we should heavily tax people, before they are eligible to purchase firearms? That is what this “training” you propose is. Once enacted, there will be no going back and the cost will only rise. There are only two guaranteed things in the life of politicians: 1) They will NEVER lower taxes. 2) They will NEVER give up power. By following your advise, gun ownership will become a privilege for only the politically connected and wealthy. Such thinking should be a crime.

    1. This is why I vote republican and why i am against government control over freedom and preservation of history

      God bless the rights of responsible gun owners

    2. @ Abner T.

      M1E11 Garand, was .30.06 (7.62×63.3) is a Carbine and the Tappet G30 was a .30.06 (7.62×63.3) was also a Carbine.

    3. Not true – the M1 Carbine packs about the same punch as a .357 Magnum, which is significantly more than a .38 Special. Still, it is a very low-powered round, because the M1 Carbine was intended to replace the 1911 pistol, not to become an offensive rifle.

    4. @ Jonesy.

      But only of to about 100-meters, beyond that the Energy of the Round “Drops Off” significantly…

    5. Another idiot talking that should be listening…you moron! You think a .38 is more powerful that a 30.06?

    6. An M1 Carbine shoots the smaller .30 carbine caliber, but I still believe it’s quite a bit more powerful than a .38 Special.

    7. @ ss1.

      I was going by the Stopping Power of each round compared to one another, not the Delivery System it was Fired From. Example:
      .38 Special or .357/.358 (9.068×29.3) compared to the .30 Carbine or .308 (7.62×32.76). If I had an M1 Carbine with 18-inch Barrel chambered in .38 Special, in would be a Far More Powerful Round as opposed to being fired from a Revolver with a 4-inch Barrel. Wouldn’t you Agree…

    8. @Secundius:

      I’m not sure if I agree with you. An 18″ barrel would definitely add some velocity, but it doesn’t change the whole complexion of a .38 Special.

      I’m trying to get a feel for what you’re going after here with carbines and stopping power. Have you thought about buying a .45ACP Hi-Point Carbine with a 17.5″ barrel from CTD? They’re only about $300.

      Or stick with the M1 .30 Carbine and buy soft points or critical defense ammo for more stopping power!

    9. @ ss1.

      I was just reading about a Pakastani arms company, called Khyber Arms Company. Which produce a AK-47 Pistol, chambered in 7.92×33 kurz called the “44-Bore”. Sounds interesting, I’ll see weather or not they have Exporters to any known American Distributors…

    10. @Secundius:

      Thanks buddy, that sounds very interesting! I just now looked at the 7.92×33 Kurz on Google images, and it looks like a very compact and robust cartridge.

    11. @ ss1.

      If your long for a Home Defense Carbine of about 250-meters or less, Consider the 5.7 Johnson “Spitfire” in M1 Carbine Livery. By Sandy Gun Works, which uses a FNH 5.7×28 Cartridge. You could probably Shorten the Barrel to 11-1/4-inches from the 18-inch Barrel and Mounted in an Enforcer Stock. And have it as a Stow-Away Carbine or Artillery Pistol…

    12. @Secundius:

      I’m really liking that 7.92×33 Kurz caliber, which actually I didn’t even know existed until you brought it up today.

      I think you remember me getting all excited about the FNH 5.7×28, but later I realized that the velocity is too high to use in home defense. What is your opinion?

    13. @Secundius:

      Thanks much for explaining the capabilities of the 7.92×33 Kurz. I understood it was 8mm from the very start because I own a Mauser.

      If you learn more about the Khyber Arms AK-47 pistol, please let me know. I can also check periodically myself. You SERIOUSLY got me excited with this one!! I’d really like it to be the 3rd AK in my armory….I mean collection….I mean closet 🙂

    14. @ ss1.

      Khyber Arms has only ONE US Distributor called:
      Swif-t Shamrock Haider & Sons Enterprises, Inc.
      4306 Mitchell Lake
      Mesquite, TX. 75149
      NO WEBSITE I CAN FIND, and Only One Employee.

      The Khyber Arms 44-Bore, comes in Three Calibers.
      1. .303 British or 7.7x56R/Mauser (But actually a 7.92 Bullet, mated to a Russian 7.62x54R Cartridge or 7.92x54R)
      2. 7.62×39
      3. 7.92×33 kurz

      The 44-Bore actually means British L44A2 which translates too .303 British (.312-inch/7.92×56.44mm/British Mauser) 7.7x56R.

      You can see a Picture of it on ARES, ARmament Research Services – The Hoplite. There are also at least 6, if not more on YouTube. But each are less than a minute long in duration…

    15. @ desert.

      In my original 29 June 2014 posting, Please be Free to Point Out .30-06? I mentioned M1 Carbine, which is a 7.62×33 Short and NOT a 7.62×63.3. So, If ANYONE is the “MORON”, Sir. It’s YOU…

    16. @Secundius:

      Hey I’m glad you got that off your chest buddy. I was wondering where that “desert” guy was coming from with his comment that made no sense.

      Plus it’s kinda interesting how this blog lit up with so many different posters and topics after being dormant for 1 year.

      Regarding the full spec you gave me about Khyber Arms, I did look at a couple YouTube videos, but the “no website, only one employee” kinda left me wondering. I wasn’t going to buy one this week anyway, but now I’m hoping it can be marketed better or by a bigger company (CTD or Century Arms?). I’d like to hope that if I purchase one, then I can get customer service or technical service, or more mags that hold the 7.92×33 Kurz.

      Are you buying one soon?

    17. @ ss1.

      I wasn’t even aware of a folding stock. But to get back about “desert”, some of the OLDER, The Shooter’s Log websites. I No Longer get Posting from anymore, probably be associated with being Inactive Too Long. I usually have to go through Back Channels and Reread Every Website. Just to answer New Questions to Old Comments, which can be a Bit of A “CHIENNE”.

      World Distributor for Khyber Arms, is Haider and Sons “Arms and Ammunition Dealers”. They have their Collective Fingers in just about everything. But their Website’s are: www. shhcomany. com and www. fasebook. com/ haider2khan. Google their name and you’ll get a S#$t-Load of website’s of their Various OTHER Enterprises.

      Their Mesquite, TX. location, only makes a $59K per year in sales. Which kind of makes you wonder what else their into…

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