Gun Control Claims 41 New Victims

No More M1 Garands

Gun Control has claimed 41 new victims. Fortunately, it did not claim any lives—just jobs. Century International Arms has been working to bring about $30 million worth of M1 Garands back from Korea. The timing of the announcement is ironic with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the fact that these arms are 70 years old. Although exported to Korea, any of these historic arms could have just as easily made its way to the battlefields of Normandy, Germany, Italy or other parts of the Europe.

No More M1 GarandsHowever, the White House has refused to allow Century International Arms to bring our history home. It seems the World War II-era arms have fallen victim to new rules the President set up last summer. Regarding the subject previously the White House has stated, “The two common-sense ‘executive actions’ are solidly aimed at keeping firearms out of the wrong hands.” I can only surmise that means the hands of law-abiding citizens and participants of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Really, when was the last time you heard of a street thug packing an M1? The deal with the South Korean government goes back over a year—before the executive action. At that time, both the Department of State and Department of Justice had given the South Korean government its blessing to go ahead with the preliminary deal.

Today, the President has once again proven his willingness to subvert the other branches of government by using the power of his “phone and pen.”

In a May 20 letter, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) of Vermont and Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) said, “This lawful pending retransfer agreement is important to Vermont’s economy and crucial to more than 200 Vermonters who are employed by Century Arms. Accordingly, we ask your assistance to return the retransfer request to the Department of State without object so that it may move forward through the importation process.” The letter went on to show that the M1 rifle has not been produced for more than 50 years, citing the M1 as a historically valuable and collectible firearm that is provided to citizens through the government-chartered Civilian Marksmanship Program, which provides gun safety and marksmanship training. The letter reminded the Administration that the M1 was specifically exempted from a proposed 2013 Assault Weapons Ban. “This proposed exemption reinforces the fact that these are collectible firearms not the target of law enforcement concern.” However, to date, the White House has been unmoved by allowing policy to overrule practicality or common sense. President Obama’s administration said the policy, with very few exceptions (such as museums), is intended to keep “military-grade firearms” off the streets. The British Brown Bess, French Charleville and Kentucky Rifle were once military grade as well, but many years have passed since the Revolutionary War—just as many decades have passed since the M1 was “military grade.”

M1 Garand
M1 Garand

The result is the loss of opportunity for thousands of law-abiding Americans to own a piece of history. The loss of the arms, work and revenue has also caused Century Arms to layoff 41 workers as a result. Even if the administration does not care about the historical value, at least it could show some empathy to those who are losing their job due to White House politics.

Just think of the war vets who would have had the opportunity to walk down memory lane holding an M1 or the youngsters who would have had the chance to shoot a piece of history. The importation could have been a huge shot in the arm to the Civilian Marksmanship Program and its emphasis on teaching gun safety. Instead, the politics of the anti-gunners and a lack of common sense application dominate the White House.

Do you believe the President’s executive actions are politically motivated? What are your thoughts about a Democratic Senator and Governor going to bat for the importation of firearms? Economics or the Second Amendment? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. @ ss1.

    Depending on Barrel Length, the 7.92×33 kurz (or 8×33 kurz) still has a Maximum Range Exceeding 600-meters and an Effective Range of ~275 to 300-meters, with a 14-inch Barrel. The 7.92×33 is a Short Mauser 7.92×57 (or 8×57) Round. The FNH 5.7×28, was designed not to Over Penetrate Objects. In the Enforcer with 11-inch Barrel M1 Carbine/Pistol Configuration, Effective Range will probably exceed 150-meters and a Maximum Range of ~280-meters. Six of One, Half A Dozen of Another. The 7.92×33 kurz HAS Wide Appeal, with a Medium-Range Stand-Off Capabilities. And the 5.7×28 is a Great Long-Range Pistol or Medium-Range Carbine. My preference is the 7.92×33 kurz, Just Because it’s a Versatile Round. (Kurz means Short in German)…

  2. i dont think that a lot of you so called second amendment rights actually understand what is happening . so, here it is. the usa has a bombs stealth,and tanks and battleships, etc. we got 30 cal. outdated pistols, and rifles. we dont even have supressors. anybody in this country that has registered a legal supressor has just put themselves on the top priority list when or if they decide to take all fire arms. so, what are you all in a huff about. there is not one thing we can do about it. well, you could be stupid enought to go up against a tank or a unmanned but seriously armed drone and get your self killed!!! i mean come on, think about it. do yourself a favor, go get rich, maybe you can save yourself that way….oh, that would mean you are a politician!!!

  3. Our Pussident believes freedom comes from little girls with flowers and that defense is all about understanding how to make your enemy happy. For me calling him President is like calling Stalin a social worker.

  4. We the people are the violators of the law. The nature of the constitution labels the body of persons charged with upholding the law via swearing to do so inferring penalty for not doing so. Because the power structure may be corrupted to the point which it no longer functions as intended, again there is a clear inference that the populous bears responsibility for removing these people and rectifying their crime or treason.

    Unfortunately the vast majority of us are unwilling to take appropriate actions. I am the King of cowards. I would never attack a public official or building or any property. Meanwhile we have to acknowledge that this country through many illegal acts is becoming more of a monarchy/dictatorship due to the treasonous criminality of Barrack Obama.

    Just because you abide by the constitution and legally written and applied laws does not mean you can’t be arrested and successfully arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for doing legal things.

    I can prove I am a coward: I own no machine guns or other destructive devices. I won’t resist arrest. I always pay fines imposed for doing things and not doing things state, local, and federal governments have mandated.

    I pay $6,500 taxes annually for a building I am not using, I bough insurance because I would have had to pay half as much paying fines if I had not bought insurance. I must forfeit income in order to feed and support aliens imported by the Democratic party to support the monarchy. I must sacrifice my retirement for this purpose also.

    Yes – like a rat or a bobcat, I am a coward. and like you I can not for certain tell you what will happen if I am backed into a corner. Living in an empire controlled by a megalomaniac sounds like a theme for a movie. Yes I am a coward; therefore I look like an easy target. My only comfort is that there are scores of millions of cowards like me who are being forced close and closer to that imaginary line in the sand.

    You don’t have to worry about an old guy like me, but I would not be so sure about the those living in their prime.

    50 years from now, the Obama administration will be seen as the “Payback for Slavery” administration. He may not be the anti-Christ, but the anti-Christ could certainly learn a lot from him. In world history Obama is an abomination on humanity.

  5. Why is the “well regulated” part of the second amendment always ignored? One must learn and be licensed to drive a car. Why isn’t training required prior to owning a gun> At the very least it might keep one from shooting himself when they tuck it into their sweatpants.

    1. You do not understand that the term “well regulated” applies to the militia, not the people. A “well regulated militia” is one that is well provisioned and in proper working order. The meaning here is the same as a “well regulated clock”.

      What it does NOT mean is that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” can be subject to whatever regulations that government feels necessary.

      You should consider a class at your local community college on the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. It would serve you well.

    2. So you think any idiot with absolutely no knowledge of how to handle a firearm deserves one no matter what. Wow! No wonder so many die from accidents with guns. Because people like you insist on no training, knowledge, or education about handling and use of a deadly weapon.

    3. Have you ever even fired a gun? You have not a clue what you are talking about, you are another “ultracrepidarianist”!

    4. @ desert

      And does Gun Ownership and having a Well Regulated Militia, have to do with each other.

    5. I own a pistol and a shotgun, and I was “taught” how to use it and safety before ever being allowed to handle it. It is YOU who does not have a clue since you ASSUME to know me.

    6. Hello Shayla, thanks for resurrecting this old forum thread. I was happy to see your Gravatar link again, but can you please add some new photos 🙂

    7. “Well regulated” in the definition of the day meant “working optimally”. The definition also applies today. This means everyone understands and is prepared.

      The regulation has to do with preparedness for the most likely types and incidences of threats. Obviously personal threat is today’s primary concern, not an Indian attack on settlers. There is no question that “regulated” and “prepared” are synonymous as both convey readiness for propriety in an action.

      The term “militia” is defined as “able bodied (capable) mature men who are not part of a specific professional armed force”. I am and we are a militia sharing a will to provided for common defense. Consider how we might regard a Non-EMT who just happens to be ready to save a choking man in a restaurant.

      I am prepared because I am trained and practiced. I will not likely emasculate myself while tucking a handgun into a bathrobe, but I might put a bullet through the chest of someone trying to carjack myself or attempting to take a life.

      It is a wonderful thing to live in a nation where being militia and protector is admirable. A caring reassurance, resuscitation, a curled newspaper and a wrapped t-shirt, and a .357 magnum can all be called tools of those who wish to be helpers.

      In the history of the world, there has yet to be a single pacifist other than who would NOT wish for a savior.

    8. I have been looking back on comments made in 2014 on this blog, and on MY comments too.

      Basically, I have political viewpoints that are both conservative and liberal. I can’t stand Diane Feinstein, but I also get upset with the things Republicans do at times too. I usually don’t participate in political blogs anymore unless it’s a rare passionate moment, because I can’t be so one-sided leaning all the time, and the political intensity displayed here doesn’t match the credentials of the posters. But yet I understand that it’s a place where people can voice their political opinions freely if that’s what’s really important to them.

      So now I just want to comment on the way Shayla seems to have been treated here. Shayla has written several comments in this blog that in my opinion have common sense and are not controversial. I like her comments, yet she seems to attract some strong and angry replies. I don’t really understand that, because her comments are common sense and not kooky and radical like many commentators here can be.

      As far as the use of the word “ultracrepidarianist” today, which I had to look up, trust me there are DOZENS of them on the CTD blogs. Shayla is NOT one of them.

    9. Shayla succumbs to the common error of assuming a command of 21st century English provides a perfect understanding 18th century colonial English, but that isn’t her major problem here. It’s her unwillingness to learn and her condescending and patronizing attitude toward those who don’t accept her “common sense” misinterpretations. If Shayla was motivated to become half as knowledgeable about RKBA as she is about erotica, she’d get along great with just about everyone here.

    10. @ Sheldon.

      Just exactly, What ADMIRABLE Act did the “Militia” Play In? Outside of two Battles During the Revolutionary War, the Virtually FLED from EVERY Battle. During the War of 1812, THEY Outnumbered the Regular Army 72 to 1 (~480,000 to ~6,700). And with the EXCEPTION of the Baltimore and Tennessee Militia’s, the DID the same thing. At war’s end in 1814, BOTH the COUNTRY and the STATES were FED-UP with the “Militia”, too the point. That the “Militia” were Formally Disbanded. Too this day, their is NO OFFICIAL RECOGNIZED MILITIA, ANYWHERE.

    11. All gun owners would agree to some rules and regulations but it never stops there. Once they start with the rules and regulations they will not stop until all gun are gone. We have seen it time and time again. It would good to train everyone who bought a gun. But next the training would be more extensive. Then comes the permits. Then comes comes the gun registrations. Look what happened to New York.

    12. How would you propose someone who doesn’t own a firearm is to learn about it? Do you propose we should heavily tax people, before they are eligible to purchase firearms? That is what this “training” you propose is. Once enacted, there will be no going back and the cost will only rise. There are only two guaranteed things in the life of politicians: 1) They will NEVER lower taxes. 2) They will NEVER give up power. By following your advise, gun ownership will become a privilege for only the politically connected and wealthy. Such thinking should be a crime.

    1. This is why I vote republican and why i am against government control over freedom and preservation of history

      God bless the rights of responsible gun owners

    2. @ Abner T.

      M1E11 Garand, was .30.06 (7.62×63.3) is a Carbine and the Tappet G30 was a .30.06 (7.62×63.3) was also a Carbine.

    3. Not true – the M1 Carbine packs about the same punch as a .357 Magnum, which is significantly more than a .38 Special. Still, it is a very low-powered round, because the M1 Carbine was intended to replace the 1911 pistol, not to become an offensive rifle.

    4. @ Jonesy.

      But only of to about 100-meters, beyond that the Energy of the Round “Drops Off” significantly…

    5. Another idiot talking that should be listening…you moron! You think a .38 is more powerful that a 30.06?

    6. An M1 Carbine shoots the smaller .30 carbine caliber, but I still believe it’s quite a bit more powerful than a .38 Special.

    7. @ ss1.

      I was going by the Stopping Power of each round compared to one another, not the Delivery System it was Fired From. Example:
      .38 Special or .357/.358 (9.068×29.3) compared to the .30 Carbine or .308 (7.62×32.76). If I had an M1 Carbine with 18-inch Barrel chambered in .38 Special, in would be a Far More Powerful Round as opposed to being fired from a Revolver with a 4-inch Barrel. Wouldn’t you Agree…

    8. @Secundius:

      I’m not sure if I agree with you. An 18″ barrel would definitely add some velocity, but it doesn’t change the whole complexion of a .38 Special.

      I’m trying to get a feel for what you’re going after here with carbines and stopping power. Have you thought about buying a .45ACP Hi-Point Carbine with a 17.5″ barrel from CTD? They’re only about $300.

      Or stick with the M1 .30 Carbine and buy soft points or critical defense ammo for more stopping power!

    9. @ ss1.

      I was just reading about a Pakastani arms company, called Khyber Arms Company. Which produce a AK-47 Pistol, chambered in 7.92×33 kurz called the “44-Bore”. Sounds interesting, I’ll see weather or not they have Exporters to any known American Distributors…

    10. @Secundius:

      Thanks buddy, that sounds very interesting! I just now looked at the 7.92×33 Kurz on Google images, and it looks like a very compact and robust cartridge.

    11. @ ss1.

      If your long for a Home Defense Carbine of about 250-meters or less, Consider the 5.7 Johnson “Spitfire” in M1 Carbine Livery. By Sandy Gun Works, which uses a FNH 5.7×28 Cartridge. You could probably Shorten the Barrel to 11-1/4-inches from the 18-inch Barrel and Mounted in an Enforcer Stock. And have it as a Stow-Away Carbine or Artillery Pistol…

    12. @Secundius:

      I’m really liking that 7.92×33 Kurz caliber, which actually I didn’t even know existed until you brought it up today.

      I think you remember me getting all excited about the FNH 5.7×28, but later I realized that the velocity is too high to use in home defense. What is your opinion?

    13. @ ss1.

      The answer is at the TOP of the Page, how it got posted there I not of my doing…

    14. @Secundius:

      Thanks much for explaining the capabilities of the 7.92×33 Kurz. I understood it was 8mm from the very start because I own a Mauser.

      If you learn more about the Khyber Arms AK-47 pistol, please let me know. I can also check periodically myself. You SERIOUSLY got me excited with this one!! I’d really like it to be the 3rd AK in my armory….I mean collection….I mean closet 🙂

    15. @ ss1.

      Khyber Arms has only ONE US Distributor called:
      Swif-t Shamrock Haider & Sons Enterprises, Inc.
      4306 Mitchell Lake
      Mesquite, TX. 75149
      NO WEBSITE I CAN FIND, and Only One Employee.

      The Khyber Arms 44-Bore, comes in Three Calibers.
      1. .303 British or 7.7x56R/Mauser (But actually a 7.92 Bullet, mated to a Russian 7.62x54R Cartridge or 7.92x54R)
      2. 7.62×39
      3. 7.92×33 kurz

      The 44-Bore actually means British L44A2 which translates too .303 British (.312-inch/7.92×56.44mm/British Mauser) 7.7x56R.

      You can see a Picture of it on ARES, ARmament Research Services – The Hoplite. There are also at least 6, if not more on YouTube. But each are less than a minute long in duration…

    16. @ desert.

      In my original 29 June 2014 posting, Please be Free to Point Out .30-06? I mentioned M1 Carbine, which is a 7.62×33 Short and NOT a 7.62×63.3. So, If ANYONE is the “MORON”, Sir. It’s YOU…

    17. @Secundius:

      Hey I’m glad you got that off your chest buddy. I was wondering where that “desert” guy was coming from with his comment that made no sense.

      Plus it’s kinda interesting how this blog lit up with so many different posters and topics after being dormant for 1 year.

      Regarding the full spec you gave me about Khyber Arms, I did look at a couple YouTube videos, but the “no website, only one employee” kinda left me wondering. I wasn’t going to buy one this week anyway, but now I’m hoping it can be marketed better or by a bigger company (CTD or Century Arms?). I’d like to hope that if I purchase one, then I can get customer service or technical service, or more mags that hold the 7.92×33 Kurz.

      Are you buying one soon?

    18. @ ss1.

      I wasn’t even aware of a folding stock. But to get back about “desert”, some of the OLDER, The Shooter’s Log websites. I No Longer get Posting from anymore, probably be associated with being Inactive Too Long. I usually have to go through Back Channels and Reread Every Website. Just to answer New Questions to Old Comments, which can be a Bit of A “CHIENNE”.

      World Distributor for Khyber Arms, is Haider and Sons “Arms and Ammunition Dealers”. They have their Collective Fingers in just about everything. But their Website’s are: www. shhcomany. com and www. fasebook. com/ haider2khan. Google their name and you’ll get a S#$t-Load of website’s of their Various OTHER Enterprises.

      Their Mesquite, TX. location, only makes a $59K per year in sales. Which kind of makes you wonder what else their into…

  6. Fom the first rumors of the not Garand but “c arbine’s” being held up for importation , something just does not quite jibe on this deal, unless a firmwas going to get a weapon for $350 I cannot see the justificatinvto butall that bulk ship, store, clean, inspct and strip T atleast 5% clunkers; the quiz is loy of cSh to layout for an uncertain demsnd and with unknown resale value or interestTake 5 years to recoup cost, I don’t think so.
    Think there is more to story anf maybe some firm looking for good exuse to drop deal.

  7. Better to have the M-1 returned to the control of American citizens than to end up in the mountains of Afghanistan in use by our adversaries. If one group does not maintain control of these historic weapons, another one will for use AGAINST us. Sure, they are old military grade weapons. But a 70 year old rifle can kill Americans in the Middle East just as effectively as an AKM which rolled right off the assembly line. These historic firearms need to be returned to America for sale to law abiding citizens who will appreciate them and use them accordingly.

  8. Amen to that! I’m also someone who believes the government is doing good things most of the time.

    As far as your NRA speculation goes, in any organization usually the cream doesn’t rise to the top. Usually people get to the top for all the wrong reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some NRA bigwig put his own agenda above the safety of others.

  9. A couple months ago, there was this blog about the government destroying ammunition. Which cause a furor in the rankin-file of the NRA.

    Someone or somebodies, were flooding the market cheap ammunition with dubious quality control proof marks. For some reason the NRA higher ups, wanted to keep this ammunition in circulation and sell it to the general public. For an organization so concerned about the 2nd Amendment, lacked empathy on the safety of their members.

    Were talking about ammunition, that had the potential of exploding in your face, taking your head off, cooking of in the chamber, and any other horrific damages. And worst of all, allowing children to have access and/or possible contact to this dangerous ammunition.

    There are times, when the government actually does gets it right!

    1. Just curious…

      What does “government destroying ammunition” have to do with “Someone or somebodies, were flooding the market cheap ammunition with dubious quality control proof marks” ?

      You appear to be conflating NRA opposition to the government destroying ammo with someone selling bad ammo.

      Can you provide links to any stories about this? I’m not finding much about NRA involvement or comment on either topic.

  10. To answer you question Paul, 18th posting on page 2, 25th posting on page 6, 11th posting on page 7, 18th posting on pace 8 and 1st posting on page 10.

    1. “18th posting on page 2”

      There is no posting on page 2 where you asked ANYONE a question.

      “25th posting on page 6”

      There is no posting on page 6 where you asked ANYONE a question.

      “11th posting on page 7”

      There is no posting on page 7 where you asked ANYONE a question.

      “18th posting on pace 8”

      There is no posting on page 8 where you asked ANYONE a question.

      “1st posting on page 10”

      Woudl that be this one: “Anyone know what Paul is babbling about, this time?”

      Doesn’t look like you asking me a question.

      Now perhaps the pagination on your screen is different than mine. Why can’t you just post a quote of what you claim you said?

  11. Is the subject matter M1Garands; Or is it the politics and econmics used by some within our nations poltical establishments to force their agenda upon one specific portion of United States.
    Read and reread the questions posed at end of Article????¿¿¿¿
    We do not know who or how many people would want to posess an M1,there are many tens of thousands being sold and traded yearlyso even without the blockage of import thry wre available.
    No one at the arms importer is going to lose employ because this deal fell through as it is not a sigle product facility.
    The Garand is being pointed at as an example, to bring attention to political forces tha ; have confiscation of almost all citizenrys firearms. As their ultimate goal,.
    Already we see actual criminalization of people because of their possessions, not by crimes, but by item?
    There are ways to get those Garands into states but it is up to weapon importers political and international economic treaty knowledge in order to do so, through a third partys trade agreements such as Turkey and Phillipines just negotiated for their own arms industies.
    Wether it is a profitable proposition they the importers must figure out.
    You cannot talk of gun aquisition without politics entering into conversation because two very large sectors of society have made gun ownrship a political statement, and both will never find a middle ground unless it is when both are 6′ under the ground.
    Making a permanent military war zone out of US lands in that all it is good for is warrior breeding grounds is not exactly a sane society, but that is what both groups of gunn lobbys are putting in place.

  12. Trying to get M-1 Garand subject back on track Brent. there are 32 variants of the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle, there even a bullpub varient, if you can believe it called the T31. Its a funny looking rifle. I own two Garand rifles, both 30-06 (7.62x63mm), one is M1E6 which is the Sniper variant that I use to use for hunting. And I have a M1E5 or Tanker varient which is airborne and tank crew rifle, because of its shorter 16-inch barrel. Because, for the fact that I’m in a wheelchair now. I use the Tanker variant more often now, and there some indoor ranges that allow me to use it. Because of it shorter barrel length.

  13. Disagreeing with someone is “harassing” them now?

    You children are HILARIOUS! Don’t give up your day job, though. Too many comedians are out of work.

    And now, you folks have designated yourselves as the able to define what everyone who reads thi9s blog wants to see? LMAO!

    Grow up.

  14. I want to thank you for posting, Shayla. I got part of it before my server went down on me. I tried to bring up the full message, but I was unsuccessful in the operation.

  15. Paul, why don’t you shove your keyboard up your backside so you can see it while you are typing. I have never seen someone with their arrogant head so far up their ass as you. You’re so insecure that you must go back and comment on every single post so you can get the last word? Get a life loser.

    1. Ahhh.. another kind person who can’t discuss the issues and can only toss insults.

      I hope your delusion that I care about your opinion of me pleases you.

    2. No one cares about your opinions. Shut up already. Diarrhea of the keyboard continually spamming the board with your drivel. Again, GET A LIFE!

    3. Satan, I’m happy you are here to read Paul 100% correctly.

      This is getting comical. There is no frickin way I’m going to go back and answer all Paul’s insults and jabs today. The other day I was annoyed that he was harassing a woman and then insulting a disabled veteran instead of respecting his viewpoints (probably firsthand) about the VA, so I jumped in to give him some of his own medicine, but there are better things to do than to pander to this guy.

      I have never seen an article forum on CTD get this ridiculous, and I know I’m a part of it, so I have to step back a little bit. I used to be on a golf forum that was total chaos, with dozens of wild no-holds-barred posters, and we had so much fun every day, but The Golf Channel ended up deleting the whole forum because it was not the image they wanted to project. I wouldn’t want that to happen here.

  16. Like most things this president does, this was either not thought through or he wants as many people on unemployment as possible so they have to turn to the government for help. My feeling is that he is not smart enough to think of the second option I mention above. So I believe it is the first option. Beginning to feel like we are back to pre-revolution America with a King that thinks he can dictate to a people that he knows nothing about. We all know how that worked out for England. Just waiting for the elections.

  17. It’s called Venting One Spline. If you don’t have anything original to say, Re-direct the question somewhere else. Like in the case.

    1. It’s called “venting one’s SPLEEN”.

      … which must be the source of all the off-topic posts.

  18. I do not know how the subject went from 41 people losing jobs in New York State to women’s issues. I have not commented on that. I am sorry you are upset for some thing I had not said.

    1. The poster going by just Paul is the offender and a cyber bully. Simply look at every post he has made.

    2. Shayla welcome back. Hey I have your gravatar in my favorites now……thanks!

      Because there have been so many posts, and because Paul blurred everything with you, can you please clarify where you stand on the M1 Garand and Century Arms, and any other political issues you’d like to comment on?

      Personally I like Century Arms and have bought guns imported by them. But I think that sometimes the government must make decisions based upon facts we don’t know about, so I’m not horribly bent out of shape by the decision Obama made.

    3. I didn’t blur ANYTHING.

      Forgive me for daring to comment on the off-topic comments of others.

    4. Want some cheese with that?

      Read my posts. I haven’t called names, I have disagreed with your position. It’s what adults call “debate”.

  19. i can NOT believe that hillary has a chance after all the shit she has pulled! if the GOP runs ads showing HER speaking and making an ass out of herself, only the blind and totally ignorant can possibly vote for her.

    1. The only people looking like ASSES on TV commercials are GOP. Maybe you should tell Karl Rove and the Koch Brother Foundation to stop airing them.

    2. Don’t bet on it the people were stupid enough to vote in Obama a 2nd time there stupid enough to vote her in

    3. Basically if Hilary is running against Romney, I’m voting Romney. If Hilary is running against Ted Cruz, I’m voting Hilary.

    4. Believe it. The media has covered for every single one of Obamas scandals. There are so many, I’ve lost track. They did the same for Bill Clinton with the exception of the Lewinsky scandal. But they successfully defused the scandal, making it acceptable for a President to perjure himself, and not face disbarrment as a lawyer. They also completely ignored or covered for all his scandals as Governor of Arkansas. Cops driving him to meet hookers, silencing women he sexually assaulted and a couple of suspicious deaths of his political enemies, and the fact that he was a DRAFT DODGER. How could a DRAFT DODGER EVER have become COMMANDER IN CHEIF of the Armed Forces? The mediamade it possible. They will do the SAME or MORE for Hillary as they did for Bill and Barack. COUNT ON IT.

  20. There you go lying again.

    I never made a claim that you said anything about the price of gasoline.

    I speculated that you probably did.

    The difference is quite clear. Your local community college can help you learn to discern the difference.

  21. Why are these M1’s even going to CAI? They are post-war loaned rifles and the property of the U.S. Government/Dept of the Army. They are supposed to be returned to them for resale by CMP. South Korea is bypassing the U.S. Govt and selling them for profit. If they are returned to CMP, as current law requires, we can have access to buy them at a decent price. If CAI gets them, they will be ridiculously high priced. CMP sold the Greek, Bolivian and Argentine guns at their normal prices, not the inflated amounts we can expect if they are sold to a civilian middleman.

  22. Price of gasoline? There you go again inventing something someone never said…..just one of your measily little tactics.

    I already admitted in so many words that the problems at the VA were not caused by any one group at any one time.

    1. Again, Paul is re-directing the question, He’s finally run out of thing’s to say. Or remarks to remark on. An obvious Tea Party Member, and see how poorly he hide it, too.

    2. Why should I hide anything?

      What do you have against the Tea Party? Who else is trying to return the government to the limits defined by the Constitution?

  23. What ss1 likes is a government that keeps spending money it doesn’t have.

    Yet I’ll bet he whines about the price of gasoline.

  24. More name calling from the children.

    Back up and read the thread. It was not I who diverted the conversation from Garands to other issues.

    You are making it quite clear that words mean just what you say they do, and accepted definitions don’t matter.

    Over a period of years, 57,000 vets had to wait over 90 days for a first appointment. That sucks, but to claim it is evidence of “gutting” the VA is just good old liberal emotobabble, and ignores the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of other vets served by the VA.

    And you engage in all this mental masturbation for what reason? To bitch about the GOP? WHY not bitch about Obama, who promised SIX YEARS AGO that he’d fix the VA?

    OOOPS! There I go posting facts again. More whining that I am just a bully to follow, I’m sure.

    1. Mental Masterbation ? I’ll bet you’re real familiar with the latter. By the way do you keep a dictionary next to your computer or did you swallow one? Everyone’s real impressed with your use of big words in an attempt to baffle everyone with your inteligence. How many other blog’s do you infiltrate, get a life punk.

    2. “Mental Masterbation ? I’ll bet you’re real familiar with the latter.”

      I can at least spell it correctly.

      “Everyone’s real impressed with your use of big words in an attempt to baffle everyone with your inteligence.”

      So, I paid attention in school and developed a vocabulary. get over it.

      ” How many other blog’s do you infiltrate, get a life punk.”

      Just another big talker who would rather do anything than discuss the actual issue. Aren’t you proud of yourself? Do you really think I gicve a crap what you think of me?

    3. “Gicve” a crap, you really should’nt make fun of other people’s grammar, genius. What a douche.

    4. More namecalling. What a shock.

      And you’re too stupid to tell the difference between a spelling error and a typing error. Another shock.

      Grow up.

    5. You really do spend your life concerned about this blog. You are obsessed with “trying” to be right about everything on this blog. Unlike you I have a life and this will be my last post, enjoy your weekend, alone and in front of your computer, keep your dictionary handy, you never know when you might need to baffle someone.

    6. And you’re not just a bit obsessed? LMAO!

      “Unlike you I have a life and this will be my last post” Promise?

    7. Your delusion that you have any idea what my plans for the weekend are is quite interesting.

    8. OK I had to comment on this post because it’s a really good one, and also because this blog has gone to hell in a handbasket already. So let me add that it’s not just a dictionary, it’s also a thesaurus, a high school debating 101 textbook, and the anarchists cookbook of blogging one-upsmanship.

      And since I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and I’m as smart as Paul today, I have more brilliant thoughts. Did anyone ever think that these 70 year old M1 Garands that everyone is so passionate about might have rusted barrels by now? Does anyone really think the Koreans have cleaned them? Maybe Obama is looking out for us and he wants us to keep it real and have superior weaponry for our bugout bags and our militias. I hope this comment doesn’t cause 500 replies 🙂

      Also, Secundius was right on when he pegged Paul for being a Tea Party member. All people I’ve seen from this party on TV act just like Paul, and that’s one reason I will never vote for them.

  25. Paul you are not the debate master here. You are a termite who invaded a thread about Garand rifles not being imported.

    Regarding your feelings about the VA, when the hospital in Phoenix has to make up a fake list that makes it look like people are being serviced, and then those neglected people die, that means the VA has been GUTTED. How and when I don’t know. None of us here have that deep knowledge.

    What people with common sense do know is that “financial responsibility” is just a catch phrase that the GOP came up with so they can do what they always do, cut government programs. I don’t like that. I like government programs that are run very well. This country needs some overhauling, but when the GOP filibusters and stonewalls just to bring Obama to his knees, they are making America weaker and weaker.

  26. If facts mattered, you would answer the question I posed to you.

    Your response was “I don’t have to”.

    And the you whine about *me* not answering *your* question?

    And you claim to know something about debate?

    You’re a joke.

  27. Things aren’t good at the VA. No one disputes that. However, to claim that the recently revealed problems, which have gone on for YEARS, are all because Republicans insisted on something called “financial responsibility” (go ahead, Google it) is the height of sophistry.

    Also, to claim on such scant evidence that the VA has been “gutted” is equally ridiculous. Wouldn’t “gutting” the VA require a significant CUT in funding? When did that happen? Who did it?

    Whine about “bullies” all you wish. It’s plain to see where all the name calling is coming from.

  28. Ss1 claims that the GOP, controlling only the House, has GUTTED the government!

    By what rational standard of evaluation has the government been GUTTED?

    Secundius ran like a scared child when asked to back the same claim. Let’s see if ss1 is any less a bleating sheep.

    1. Paul I am not a political junkie. I’m on this forum because one of my hobbies is guns and ammo. If I make any reference to anything political, it’s because I’m intelligent and I’m subjected to all the mass media that everyone else is. Whatever judgements I have about political players or parties has come from seeing thousands of news reports and assimilating it, yet not remembering all the specifics because I’m not deep into politics.

      So I am not armed to fight a political war on a forum, but I am highly qualified to butt heads with a troll like you.

      Obviously Secundius is correct about the VA being gutted. Look at the recent news reports.

      I don’t have to explain anything to you. I don’t have to give you a “rational standard of evaluation”. Why don’t YOU write a treatise on GOP versus Democrats, and how our VA, highways, mental health care, and armed forces have been depleted and erroded.

      You seem like a bench warmer on a debating team, very good at arguing and attacking but not really saying anything. If you wrote something intelligent then maybe we can make some progress here.

    2. I must give you credit for at least being honest enough to admit that are not equipped with facts necessary to debate effectively.

      You have also admitted that facts don’t even matter in a debate as far as you are concerned.

      And we wonder why our country is so screwed up.

    3. LOL this is just what I would expect from you. You said NOTHING with any content about politics in America.

      And I did NOT admit that facts don’t matter. They do matter.

      Ya, and our country is screwed up because fools like Ted Cruz grandstand and read Dr. Seuss in his ignorant 21 hour filibuster. That garbage should not be allowed in Congress.

      Hey I hope someone with credentials and knowledge shows up and answers the questions I posed to you.

    4. “I don’t have to give you a “rational standard of evaluation”.”

      In other words, facts don’t matter.

      ” Why don’t YOU write a treatise on GOP versus Democrats, and how our VA, highways, mental health care, and armed forces have been depleted and erroded.”

      Just a bit off topic, don’t you think?

  29. In the case of San Francisco, the then mayor of the city was corrupt, he destroyed a lot of city records, and district and city building codes and completely ignored others. And when it came time to rebuild, he turn a blind eye in reconstruction and as getting filthy stinking rich in the process, sound like the GOP doesn’t it!!!

    1. Right… and never any malfeasance from Democrats, right?

      Keep blithering, it’s fun to watch.

      I ask you to back your claim with fact, you change the subject. So typical.

  30. When you do in incremental steps over a given period time no. But when you wave Harry Potter’s Magic Wand, and say begone with you, YES.

    1. When you dream shit up and claim it to be fact, you make a fool of yourself.

      Show us the evidence that anyone was “waving a magic wand” to make something cease to exist.

      You can’t. All you have is emotobabble.

  31. When you try to make the government smaller, because you want to limit it reach, your gutting the system. The the next time a FLOOD, HURRICANE, TORNADO, or even EARTHQUAKE destroys your home.
    Don’t go running to the government for financial help. Run to the NRA, and see how far you get!!!

    1. So, ANY reduction in the size of government qualifies at GUTTING the government?

      Thanks for making it so clear how little interest you have in reasoned discussion.

    2. FEMA wasn’t established until 1978. So, how on earth was Chicago able to rebuild after the Great Fire in 1871 without Uncle Sugar’s help? How was San Fransisco able to rebuild after the 1906 earthquake? How was Galveston able to recover after the 1900 hurricane? How was Johnstown able to rebuild after the 1899 Great Flood without the Great and Powerful Fed? We’re waiting.

  32. Yes, but GOP way, would have gutted the government, the VA, and any and all other programs, including the military. That their so proud of supporting and standing behind of.

    1. I smell something… Smells like… Bovine excrement.

      Gutted the government?

      Grow up.

    2. Paul the GOP has gutted the government. Many people know this. That’s what they do. They don’t believe in government programs. They believe in serving the interests of the rich. Ted Cruz is an arrogant _ss. John Boehner is an idiot who just logjams any chance of agreement on anything substantial.

      For anyone reading all posts, I know I said in an earlier post that this thread is getting out of control, but Paul is a bully and he’s p__ing me off.

    3. gut – verb:

      to take out the guts or entrails of; disembowel.

      to destroy the interior of: Fire gutted the building.

      to plunder (a house, city, etc.) of contents: Invaders gutted the village.

      to remove the vital or essential parts from: The prisoner’s letters were gutted by heavy censorship.

      Nope… nobody “gutted” the government.

      First prize for emotobabble.

    4. “For anyone reading all posts, I know I said in an earlier post that this thread is getting out of control, but Paul is a bully and he’s p__ing me off.”

      Poor baby. Can’t handle people disagreeing with you?

      Perhaps you should find some kids your own age to play with.

  33. Do you know why this crap happens? I do, because we stand by and do nothing. I don’t even know what system of govt. we live under anymore. And it will continue to get worse whilst we do nothing. Franklin said , “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” and it couldn’t be more relevant than in these times and days. As long as we allow these idiots to screw up the country, it will continue. It seems everyone’s more content to lament about times past than to actually get off their butts and do something. I live in communist ca, I wrote and pleaded the NRA, being a life member, to be more active in my state. Instead they did nothing, now look at this hell hole. Just wait till ca’s brilliant ideas start spreading to your state and you’ll see what I mean.

  34. My son was lucky enough to inherit an M1 Garand from his Grandfather, a WWII vet who stayed in for an additional 20 years. As a retired LEO (cop) of over 30 yr. service , I do not recall ever seeing one of these rifles on the street in the hands of anyone other than a Color Guard. Neither have any of my associates; who like me, worked some of the “less desirable” communities. This action simply confirms my opinion of the lack of “common sense” and intelligence in our current governments, both local and national.

    1. Shayla come back. You were making sense in your posts. You are no worse in your point of view than anyone here. I WANT TO HEAR your opinions. Don’t let Paul intimidate you. Maybe his mom will tell him to go back in the basement soon.

  35. My fellow Americans , Get off your butts . We will see this kind of disrespect t words the american people over and over again until we really start to do something about it . Disrespect to Vets ? Happens all the time , Obama telling tax paying Americans whats good for them ? No surprise there . Time to come together as a group and change the course of history . I’m really getting fed up with all of the disrespect , wasteful spending , Lying , Cheating , Stealing and i could go on and on . It also looks like we send allot of money , or aid to other countries , We need to really take a look at how much and put a stop to it so we can better ourselves and our country . Im looking to make a difference rite away , not tomorrow , not when elections come up , i mean rite now . If your in , email me at and lets see what we can get started .

  36. Who knows what the Chief’s motives are! What’s clear is that it’s another stupid and silly argument. As for the senator and Governor’s action, it most likely comes from an economic perspective (and for votes of course) but they both get an “A” for seeing only the big picture and for having the brains to not see ferocious monsters in static windmills.

  37. “The only ones I see disrespecting our vet, is the GOP”

    Really? How many times did Obama campaign on “fixing” the VA, and then do NOTHING about it?

    1. Which party’s president unnecessarily ordered the Park Service to barricade the DC war memorials during the budget showdown, when he KNEW Honor Flights were on the way with hundreds of WWII veterans? But his greatest snub to vets by far is prohibiting repatriation of US military relics like the M1.That is nothing short of a middle-finger salute.

    2. Not Obama’s. He didn’t shut down the government, Ted Cruz and his GOP minions did!

    3. it was Obama who refused to negotiate, and Obama who decided exactly what services were or were not paid for during the shutdown.

    4. It takes two sides too negotiate. The GOP weren’t interested in negotiating with one or anybody. It was there way or no way. Obama chose the the leaser of two evils, he chose the latter.

    5. Actually, the fact is that the GOP made several proposals. Obama said “my way or the highway”

    6. Sorry, Secundius, that’s incorrect, Obama did shut down the government, but thanks for playing. Sorry you were eliminated from the final round. What do we have for our contestant, Valerie Jarrett?

      It’s a lifetime supply of Deadender-flavored Kool-Aid! Secundius will never have to decide a serious issue for himself ever again! Congratulations!

    7. The GOP blocked the Sanders veterans bill in February that would have increased funding to the VA and provided jobs for returning soldiers. Try again. Today’s GOP is despicable.
      If it doesn’t help the rich, the GOP will cut it unless it’s paid for. But if it’s more tax cuts to the rich, well that’s okay and doesn’t need to be paid for. Why is that? . You’re some kind of brainwashed idiot. Turn off Fox news, it’s making you stupid.

  38. It’s not funny at all, it’s sad.

    You think you have somehow proven that some people want “their religion to be the law of the land”.

    Apparently, you have no idea what the words mean.

    Apparently, you also think that no one should vote based on their religious belief.

    Do you ever vote based on belief in anthropogenic climate change?

    1. I’m not going to reply anymore since you dismiss what I have to say or tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about and think it’s funny..As a man, you don’t care about the same things women do. I’m done feeding trolls.

    2. So, truth comes out, as it always does.

      It’s not about facts for you, it’s about what you *care* about.

    3. If you’re going to make claims, try using words for which you know the defintion, and concepts for which you can contruct a factual proof.

    4. Why are you even here? You are not adding anything intelligent to the discussions here. Every comment you post is condescending and it appears all you do is try to slap people down. Why don’t you go troll someplace with others like you?

    5. Typical “tolerant” liberal. Just can’t deal with an opposing view.

      Cannot even walk her own talk.

  39. Do you interact mostly with teenagers? I bet your son’s friends hang out at your house a lot.

  40. Always fun to see idiots blither on about “separation of church and state” being in the constitution.

    The explicit language of the First Amendment serves to prevent government interference in religious life. It does not do a thing to restrict religious influence over government.

    1. It also does not allow one religion to become the law of the land. Read the writings of the founding fathers. Jefferson was quite against religion. Since this country has people of many religion, laws based on one are offensive to many other people. We are not Iran and the USA is not a theocracy.

    2. Nice straw man argument there.

      No one that I have heard of, other than Muslims, want to make their religion the law of the land.

      Perhaps you can share information to the contrary.

    3. Anti abortion laws are based on a politicians personal christian beliefs, most times by men that can’t even get pregnant. They violate the beliefs of non christians, yet they are passed. Until Roe v Wade is overturned, it violates established laws that have been through the supreme court.

    4. So, the only reason to oppose abortion is because you have “Christian” beliefs? Only “Christians” oppose abortion?

      You’re hilarious.

      Even if that *was* the case, it would hardly qualify as “making their religion the law of the land.”.

    5. You wanted an example and I gave you one. Yet you dismiss it as funny.
      Maybe if they were legislating penis pills or ED treatments you would find it as offensive as these laws are to women. An abortion is never an easy choice. Women don’t have them on a whim. They are done as a last resort.
      Tell me why not one woman was on the committee on women’s health and not one woman was allowed to speak before the committee.

    6. It’s not the Muslims in this country of ours, that is try in impose SHARIA-LAW into the United States. It’s GOP and their Tea Party Morons, who are.

  41. All party members wear pins of some kind or another. Most wear American Flag pins of ribbons. It is not a requirement to wear party affiliate pins, but some do. They come in the pins, ribbons, tie clasps, tie
    pins, cuff-links. I’ve even seen some combat ribbons as well. I’ve seen one member sporting the Medal of Honor Medal around their neck. Look at Ted Cruz more carefully, he has a GOP pin on his left upper lapel.

  42. if true, that is terrible! how did you know he was GOP? was he wearing a sign? BTW, thank you for your service.

  43. The only ones I see disrespecting our vet, is the GOP, they stop fund almost everything our returning vet’s needs and requirements. Speaking as a handicapped veteran, I had a GOP congressman coming out of public bathroom on Capitol Hill. Nearly tripping over me and my wheelchair, say he wished I was dead, so the government stop fund vet’s in their time of needs and won’t have too take care of my needs, as a veteran

  44. If criminals were required to use Garands it would put a HALT to street crime. They are unwieldy,. Hard to conceal, hard to load, and hard to shoot for the untrained.

    In perusing old arrest records I could not find one instance of a Garand used as a offensive weapon.

  45. Mike D. said it right – we “the American people” voting this guy in not once but twice – we should be the ones kicked in the back side. As far as the M1 is concerned – I own one and it it amazingly accurate at 200 yds with iron sights, it’s a great piece of history that should not be overlooked or avoided. Not allowing weapons back into our country used in our history for fighting for freedom would be a sin. Once again it’s not the guns fault for how it was used, it’s the person using it. If someone wants to kill they will kill – end of story.
    Oh by the way I have a PA long rife too – I guess that needs to be banned.

    Lets get real people – the problem is not guns but the people who use them (… now how many times has that been said and no one is still listening)

  46. The news an actors will give you what they think you should have an do it by lying. They love Jane Fonda as a hero.

  47. We try end the money way with McCain finegold which was attempt on 1st amendment an look what we still have, McCain, Graham, Kerry, Bloomberg. It protects these scumbags an takes our rights away.

  48. all the people in the usa that support the second ammendment need to be put on a list. every time any politico votes for any gun control bills they should be sent a nasty letter by mail telling them to back off or they will be linched, politaically and will no longer be able to hold a publicly voted on office because we wont stand for it. so, my question is, who wants to do this??? who has the resources to do it??? and ironically, who wants to take the chance of getting their heads blown off by some dark agency man???? well, it is a war we are in. if somebody doesnt step up and organize this soon, we wont be worrying about the guns, we will be worrying about who andd when our front doors are going to get pushed in and when we are going to get robbed and raped and murdered???

    1. We should do the same thing every time a politician submits a bill based on his religious beliefs. They all swore on a bible to uphold the constitution. They did not swear on the constitution to uphold the bible. Too many politicians ignore that separation of church and state is the law of the land as written in the constitution.

    2. Shayla I was searching for someone else’s post that got email to me this morning, and I saw your 2 posts above. I’m 100% with you on your beliefs about the 2nd Amendment and politicians, and I’m 100% with you on keeping religion out of politics. That’s something the GOP likes to mess with, but in 2014 there are fewer Christians to sing their song to.

  49. My Dad use the M-1 in WWII and I would love to have the opportunity to own a piece of history like this weapon. This is, of course, not and assalt rifle nor are any of the rifles you can buy on CTD. True assault weapons have been banned for years to the law abiding citizens of this country unless you have a federal license which most people do not have.

    As for the President, he’s doing what all politicians do – being political. I don’t blame him, I blame the American People for voting for him – TWICE.

    That said, I would like the NSA to know that they are my favorite government agency right after the IRS!!!

  50. It would not surprise me to learn that maybe more Democrats have fought and died for this country. But that was before the Democratic Party became the Communist Party, USA and all the patriots left it to become Republicans or independents, me included.

  51. Looking at all the comments posted, I’m just a little blown away at the outrage over blockage of a 1940’s assault rifle, when you can buy much more superior assault rifles on CTD or at sporting goods stores any day of the week.

    1. It is a gun that Obama an the minions like him hate. Even if it were a cap gun he hates them but hides behind the military that guards him on the golf course everyday

    2. None of what you wrote is true. An assault rifle, by definition, is able to fire multiple cartridges with a single pull of the trigger. And what do you mean by “better”? I’m a collector. The M1’s history is better. The M1’s construction is better in many respects. For many uses, the 30-06 is a better round. To my preferences, much about the M1 is “better”. Please don’t dismiss the importance of the blockage of the importation of these rifles for frivolous reasons. And, why are you so disinterested in 41 people losing their jobs?

    3. Osito I do care about the 41 lost jobs. I’m also a big fan of Century Arms.

      But some of what I wrote is true. Technology has improved over the M1 and Garand. This is common sense. Also, look at all the cool weapons that Century Arms is allowed to import. There’s got to be something below the surface going on with this decision by Obama. It could have to do with Korea. Who knows?

      I still feel this forum really blew up on this topic. Talking about Sarah Palin, and all the other crap. It’s too much. You and 50 others can disagree with me now, but I think I’m over this whole article, except for Shaylas photos.

    4. It’s as simple as keeping arms from citizens by executive action.

      If he could disarm all of us so easily, I’m sure he would.

  52. Obama is an atrocious atrocity ineligible, inept, fraud foreign boy poseur, North Americans got fooled again by this twirp creep and voted him in again in 2012. May God Damn Obama and any who voted for him to HELL for all of eternity. The Cuban Crusader. Oh…and yes, enjoy your day, you dimwits.

  53. I qualified with a Garand, I carried an M-14E-1 in Ranger School, I fought in VN with an M-16. I like the Garand a little better than the M-14 and the m-16 was “You can tell it’s swell it’s Matel.” Too bad I will not have a small chance at owning one because of short sighted people that don’t understand what they cause by their good intentions. By the way Hank, Gov. Pallin never said she could see Russia – that was a Tina Fey skit on Sat Night Live that the ignorant attribute to a pretty smart woman and she can spell and use correct grammar, you should give it a try.

  54. Stop play the role of Village Idiot. Just as many Democrats have fought in foreign wars as Republicans.

    1. Speaking of village idiots, nice straw man argument there.

      Who claimed that Democrats didn’t fight?

      What is undeniable is that Democrats in office disrespect our veterans.

    2. It wasn’t the democrats that voted against the bill to help veterans because it wasn’t paid for. If you are in government and vote against helping the veterans who were injured in the wars you started, then maybe you shouldn’t be starting wars.

    3. Shayla, not only were your photos refreshing on this website, but your statement makes perfect sense as well. It really made me think. And it’s probably very true with the way the Republicans act about cutting the budget.

  55. All Politics aside………….

    As a proud Veteran, brother to thousands of other proud Veterans, and perhaps more importantly the son of a proud Veteran (RIP) I weep at the thought that I am being denied my birthright and joy of holding, firing, and owning a M-1 Garand, like the one my father carried across Korea and used to save not only his own life, but the lives of HIS brothers. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of having my own Garand. I’d dreamed of putting one back into my father’s hands, and watching it take him back to 1951. Even as the Alzheimers tightened its grip on him, he could rattle off his M-1 Garand’s serial number like it was his date of birth. No surprise then that those who do own Garands won’t part with them easily, if at all. Just another dream crushed by those who claim to know what’s best for us.

    Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Rest In Peace.

  56. Vermont’s Senators and Congressman (two Democrats and a Socialist-Independent) are not anti-gun; neither is Shumlin. The Garand is not a practical gang-gun. Obama has allowed his prejudices to overcome his common sense.

  57. Correction in my last Post: Net to last line should read: “Sarah Palin was joking when she said she could see Russia (not Alaska as written). But, then, if someone wanted to pick at straws, they might recognize that you actually CAN see Russia on a clear day from the tip of Alaska’s Aleutian Island chain. But then, since Palin is a conservative, that doesn’t count..

  58. Correction in my last Poast: Net to last line should read: “Sarah Palin was joking when she said she could see Russia (not Alaska as written). But, then, if someone wanted to pick at straws, they might recognize that you actually CAN see Russia on a clear day from the tip of Alaska’s Aleutian Island chain. But then, since Palin is a conservative, that doesn’t count..

  59. Mr. Alvarez:

    The sad truth is that it’s uninformed idiot’s who brought us Barack Obama.

    It’s people who don’t even know how to spell the name of a presidential candidate and prominent U.S. Senator who served as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. It’s uniformed idiots who can’t even remember the name of the last Republican presidential candidate and who aren’t smart enough to check out for themselves as whether the lies put out by the Dems were true or not.

    It’s the idiots that believe the Dems demonizing of Bush and Cheney without researching whether the lies are true or not. It’s idiot’s who look at presidential candidates as the guy who can do the most for me rather than the guy who will be the best for the country.

    It’s idiots who demonize anyone who disagrees with them, following to the letter Saul Alinski’s book, “Rules for Radicals” (and the Democratic party) to drive the leadership of this country into the hands of a Muslim dictator and create our current constitutional crisis.

    It’s the idiots who walk the streets of all of our nation’s major cities who don’t know (and worse, don’t care) who the president is, or who the vice president is or who their representatives are in Congress. It’s the same idiots who have never read our constitution, don’t know what it means and don’t know or care who wrote it…or why.

    It’s the idiots who heard Obama talk about redistribution of wealth and agreed that it was a good idea to take money from the rich who worked hard for it to give it to people who have little because they weren’t willing to work for anything.

    It’s those idiots who didn’t know enough to recognize that Obama’s redistribution plan came straight out of the communist manifesto.

    It’s not liberals who brought us our current state of affairs, it’s idiots who know nothing, don’t want to know anything but want to have what the other guy has without having to work for it. And once they get their wish, they’ll wind up with nothing because they have nothing in their brains but me, me, me.

    And by the way Mr. Alvarez, the guy’s name was John McCain not Mac Kay and the other guy’s name was Mitt Romney. And only an idiot would not recognize that Sarah Palin was joking when she said she could see Alaska. Oops, sorry, I forgot…Sarah Palin is a conservative and she’s not allowed to joke.

  60. I have read some of the comments,
    Agree with most. The truth is that all that are reading and commenting are only 1% of the population. Until our own people suffer and hurt, they don’t care. A poor fact if life. Our government and the people running it, depend on this fact every day. They are even willing to literally borrow the country into oblivion to continue the status quo. What other truth can there be?

  61. Paul: I’m one of those idiots you mentioned who had to choose between brown Jesus and what the republican party put in front of me; John Mac Kay and that mindless twit Sarah Palin who could see Russia ninety miles away from her porch in Alaska. But if you haven’t had math and physics you might believe that, and that the world is only 5,000 years old. Sadly, I could have voted for Mac Kay if you’d matched him up with someone with a brain. John has an itchy trigger finger but I believe he’s an honest man and a patriot. But she would have only been an old heart beat away from the job.

    The second time around you gave me the boy in magic underwear who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. You remember him, don’t you? The one who keeps his money outside of the country so he doesn’t have to pay so much tax on it. How do you spell BILLIONS? He’s the one who practices cannibalistic capitalism; trashing companies in trouble and selling them off piece meal to his friends.

    This was after eight years of Bush and Cheney and their larcenous buddies from Halliburton. They sent our jobs overseas, left us in two wars they didn’t pay for, bankrupt the federal treasury, left us in foreclosure and unemployed. Before you go looking at my underwear you’d better check your own.

    We have two dysfunctional political parties who make as much sense as divorced parents fighting over the custody of their off springs, us. Yeah, I’m embarrassed by who I voted for and the shambles he’s put us in but I’m equally disappointed at the choices I was given.

    Now, after six years, it appears that it’s all been for nothing. Our economy is still in the crapper, we’re pulling back in Afghanistan, Iraq is falling apart, we killed and maimed a lot of our youth, our border leaks like a sieve, and everybody in the world hates us. We’d better lock down our border, count our ammo and get ready because winter is coming and I’m not an optimist anymore.

    1. I in total agreement with you Hank. live just 15-minutes away from the US Capitol Building, and you have too hold your nose every time you pass the GOP congress. John Boehner spend more time being drunk, the spend being sober. I quess that what happens, when you don’t control anything.

    2. Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? He was born poor, mate. You need to check your facts. He is a self-made man. You seem to think he’s dodging taxes as well? He served up his tax records to the public a lot faster than Obama gave us his falsified birth certificate. He paid appropriate taxes. He’s an investor. There would be reason to put some or much of your money overseas if you were an investor as well. Other parts of the world are growing far faster than the USA. It doesn’t help that the FDIC would only insure a small portion of his fortune so why would you think he should keep it in a corrupt banking system. You are faulting him for being smart. Jealous, are you?

      Bush and Cheney led us into two wars that they didn’t pay for? Umm, one Congress (including Obama) voted for the war. Two, Bush ran up 5 trillion of debt over 8 years… WITH TWO WARS. Obama has ran up 8 trillion in debt over 5 years… with NO WARS. We also have nothing to show for it. At least with Bush we had new tanks, a large military, new jets, etc. We have nothing to show for the money Obama has spent.

      I wouldn’t call Bain Capital cannibalistic. It was their job to invest in companies and turn them around. Companies like Staples, Sports Authority, and Steel Dynamics would not exist if it weren’t for Bain. Bain Capital itself is a success, started by Mitt Romney when Bain & Company (whom he worked for) was failing. Bain is in the business of making money. You don’t make money by cannibalizing a company. There’s not worth in used computers. The companies that failed with Bain would have failed anyway. That’s why Bain was there… because the company was in deep.

      I also wouldn’t blame Bush for the financial crisis. It’s not the President’s job to pull back a runaway economy. It was the greed of the middle class that got us in trouble. Buying houses and cars when we didn’t even have a dollar for a down payment. Buying and paying interest-only. Everyone wanted something they couldn’t afford and the banks allowed it to happen… greed.

      Check your fact on unemployment also. We had a very high workforce participation under Bush… about 20% more than under Obama (currently).

    3. I find it fascinating when people criticize Romney and Bain for being successful. Isn’t that the whole point of America? To give someone the best chance of being successful? He paid his taxes, he served as a missionary for his faith in Europe. He gives over 20% of his earnings to the church or charity. You want to fault him for that?

      I can tell you one thing about Romney. He wouldn’t have spoke to his 12-yo daughter and flipped his stance on gay marriage like Obama did. America’s moral fabric is being shredded as we turn away from God. We are going to be judged. Germany has never recovered from fighting the Jews. Egypt has never recovered from fighting the Jews. Babylon never recovered from fighting the Jews. Russia holds tight to Christianity… and they are being blessed. China has a massive surge of Christians and they are being blessed. America is going downhill.

    4. It hurts my heart that all of the solders that died in most all wars were disrespected by Democrats. Check your history. Democrats just do not have a set of balls. Everything is politics. When we go to war let out troops finish it. Let our soldiers kick ass.

  62. That ding-dong we call a president will let his Muslim brotherhood buds bring their AK’s an RPGS here to kill Christians soon. What do you think about the idiots that voted him in twice.

    1. if you do not let the rat bastard take away our weapons, we will have the means to defend ourselves!

  63. It is impossible to understand Obama and his administration until you accept he doesn’t think like any previous president. Every president until now loves this country and had her best interests at heart. There is never a need to “fundamentally transform” the country you love. If you’re still having trouble connecting the dots, ask yourself this: If Obama was actually trying to scuttle the economy, demoralize the citizenry, and emasculate the USA as a world power, what would he do differently?

    1. Scuttle the economy? In what way? The stock market has never been higher. NEVER!

    2. Wall Street is not the economy. It is the lone bright spot in the economy, but its success is due to the Fed keeping interest rates artificially low, not because the economy is going great guns. If you have a savings account, you know it pays zilch. If you have a job, you probably haven’t seen a raise in years. And it you’re unemployed and your 52 weeks of unemployment have run out, you’ve probably quit looking for work. Millions of workers already have, but they aren’t counted anymore, which makes the unemployment rate artificially low. The economy is more than just Wall Street. Nice profile pic, btw.

    3. Even the current crop of political douche bags can’t or won’t damage the economy. After all, it throws off the cash that gets them elected.

      The pivotal issue to me is money in politics. As long as deep pockets – corporate, personal, or unions – are allowed to effectively buy elections, the vote of every private individual citizen is diluted and debased.

      We need campaign finance reform. Spending caps. No organization money in politics. Force politicians to actually connect with the citizenry and stop the use of advertising and spin doctoring to win elections.

      Oh yeah, and if I have to provide an ID to buy alcohol or a gun, I should have to provide one when I vote.


  64. I think it is time for the people in this country to stand up and say enough is enough and get rid of all politicians in Washington and impeach KING Obama.

  65. In Texas we have groups giving gun control advocates all the ammunition they need. The open carry advocates walking around in public places with long arms, including the infamous black rifles, are scaring the average person to death. I dont feel the need to advertise that I am armed any place except my job where chl laws prohibit. Just because you can carry openly doesnt mean you should. I do not feel comfortable where these groups are protesting and I am a responsible gun owner as they definitely are showing a lack of common sense.

  66. 7 rifles are all that’s needed…for a Funeral…..or Firing Squad…..maybe that is the root of the decision…..

  67. From what I have gatheted the carbines and Garands have been for sale on world markets for a few years now and if no buyers soon then they get scrapped.
    These weapons were arsenal stored by S Korea under A US plan to be used by the civilian population in case of renewed N./S. Korean Conflict.
    No loner a necessity as S korea now has its own weapons msnufacturing and worldwide sales of military arms; with a huge Nato compatible arms in storage.
    The releasing of Garand and especially the carbines was seen ad a good movie for cash and then Korean ammo manufacturing concerns.
    The new UN gun treaty makes disposal of all but sporting arms by international shipping very difgicult and soon damn near impossible.
    So as to others of my ilk in Curio Relic permits those days of recent past are about gone.
    Elect who or whom but remember that you never elect just the man, or as in next election a he/she Hillary, you elect an “Administration;” And then the unseen ones behind the “Administrators” whom we but catch a glimpse of now and then..
    This nation is undergoing vast transformations and while guns and gun Rights may seem of most import to many they are of no real consequence as to how this nation will be within 10 years.
    Does not mean to quit fighting, as restrictions upon freedoms are already in place that cannot be changed, and sadly we have no suitable to Freedom and Liberty loving peoples individuals or groups of individuals worthy of respect.

  68. i agree with your saying the best money can buy because lets face it aren’t most the Politian’s all bought and paid for by money and given office to serve them and just say what we want to hear ?
    that’s probably the reason were in the shit were in
    I also agree they should tax all the churches they want to survive here they should contribute too
    why 1 pay for all others
    just my 2 cents

  69. Dave: I have to agree with you to a point. They have to go, but that will depend on who we replace them with. I’ve always been a moderate democrat but I think the democratic party is through for the next thirty or forty years, at least I hope the clowns we have in office now are.

    I live in California and they’ve always been a bunch of wussies here but when this gun control nonsense got started again at the federal level again I really got worried. Now we have an insane administration in Washington that ignores the law and is actually talking about confiscation. They flagrantly disregard the will of the American people and they use the constitution that we’re supposed to live by as toilet paper.

    I really don’t think we can afford to elect another democratic administration but frankly today the republicans scare me. I realize we have the best government money can buy, but we have two hard headed political parties that refuse to give and take and we’ll have nothing more than a stalemate until we vote them all out of office. After this most recent election cycle, I think it has already started. Wheat do you think?

    I know we have the best government that money can buy but the last couple of times the republicans put up candidates who could only be described as bat feces crazy. In all good conscience at this point I can’t vote for either party anymore. I haven’t been comfortable with the republicans ever since they sold out to the goose stepping religious right. I don’t want to live in a theocracy, if I did I’d got to Iran. Call it what you like but a religious police state is no better. I still believe in the separation of church and state. I think we should tax the churches just like we do the rest of us.

    1. We absolutely cannot count on a Republican President in 2016. The left wing media is already gearing up to promote Hilllary’s run for office. The Republicans are in a serious crisis right now. While the old Republican establishment continues their standard operating procedures and politics, the opinions of the people have changed. Conservative voters are generally becoming much more libertarian now, while the establishment tries to keep libertarian leaning conservatives out of Washington and Neo-Cons in. The liberals are fighting dirty, going so far as to have every Republican politician in Washington, and some outside, followed in shifts, 24/7/365, being filmed and recorded. They instantly upload any dirt they gather to liberal websites and sympathetic reporters at all the major newspapers and news stations. As an analogy, the liberals are fighting down and dirty, kicking people while down, fish hooking, eye gouging, and pulling shanks, while the Repulicans are not even fighting back, still claiming to not want to e”engage in dirty politics and sling mud”. Well they are in fight to the polical death and they refuse to engage. All they have to do to lose is to continue to follow the Karl Rove’s and maybe run Jeb Bush for Pres. The media will have a field day with that. Meanwhile, Obama is busy stacking the courts with extreme liberal Judges, going around the process of Congressional Review, and appointing them illegally. Do you actually think the Republicans will have the balls to call them out, have them rmeoved, and start the process over legally? Hardly. they are busy fighting the new generation of conservatives instead of evolving and fighting the totalitarian big government liberal, the REAL ENEMY. I dare say we as gun owners, have littl hope for change in 2016.

    2. November 2014 might be of some help to freedom but 2016 is a lost cause. Hilary or some other Authoritarian will occupy the White House in January 2017.

  70. Electing a new president will solve the problem. Corrupt partisan zealots have no responsible place in the office so all that we can do is wait out the current corrupt occupation of our government and vote better more responsible people in every chance we get. The rifles have lasted over 50 years in RSK, they can sit there for another three waiting to come home.

    1. The Republicans and Democrats both believe that Federal Gun laws are constitutional. One party is a little easier to stomach than the other as they are in fact misguided Patriots rather than traitors. Make no mistake though that both parties are Authoritarians composed mostly of power hungry lawyers. What good can come from that?

  71. I think we all need to call this what it really is. It has nothing to do with anything but control and to prevent law abiding American Citizens from protecting themselves from the obvious designs of the Obama Administration. He and his anti-gun cronies not only want to confiscate our firearms but ultimately to subjugate us completely. He is pushing this nation towards a civil war and is trying to subjugate us economically, militarily and socially. Now is the time to buy as much ammo and stock up your food supplies of non perishables, because if they don’t impeach this man before his term is over you ARE going to get that knock on your door sooner or later. I am not paranoid nor am I a revolutionary by any means but when you see all the stuff going on behind our backs it is all pointing in one direction, absolute subjugation of the population. We need a Republican House and Senate to impeach this guy.

  72. Another friend and I were talking about the President, Vice President, our Congress and Senate. It’s like we can’t do anything. They are not listening to us and Obama can just keep making Executive Decisions which nobody in our Government do not even question. He is an absolute dictator. We feel just like people with the ” Stockholm Syndrome.” We cannot do anything about it. We have marched on Washington in Mass at least a couple of times, held up banners, protesting and nobody in Government listened to us. We are just plain
    doomed by this administration. Doc Ferguson

  73. Hank Alvarez get your facts straight before you go shooting your mouth off. Sarah Palin never said “I can see Russia from my porch”. She said you could see Russia from some of the Alaskan islands. Two days after she said this, Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live portraying Sarah Palin said “I can see Russia from my house”.

    When people stupidly repeat hearsay in front the ignorant masses that don’t know what D-Day is or who fought in the Civil War, they believe this stuff, pass it on and call Palin a “bimbo”.

  74. man I would love to own one
    my feeling is every red blooded American born and raised here should be given 1 and a 1911 45 and all the ammo we could use

  75. Your experience is in line with my own and with writings of and talks with many vets of WWII, KOREA and cold war warriors until the M14 appeared.
    I and others like yourself understand that the administration does not run on facts but manipulates the publics perceptions.
    Odd little tid bit of Viet rra about the Garand is that US shipped tons of our surplus srms into Nam as part of a regional and village self defense groupings.
    We were giving little Hill peoples Garands and even old BARs to defend what were mostly non permanent villages.
    A mature youth might of weighed 110-220#’s and when he slung the Garand was quite a load and to see a 4’10” Yard or Hmoung standing At Ease with Garand rifle and especially a BAR beside him made one want to laugh but you dared not.
    From reports in speaking to those Hmongs and Yards brought to states by Spec Force retired or no longer active donations they say buried in the jills are quite a few of those old WWIIand Korean conflict weapons we gave them.
    Now that we once again have military units in Vietnam maybe that is nation whereb; becausebof geo political reasons we need to irk China; perhaps it is there we can get those old clunkers imported.
    MY step dad was 5’1″ and skinny as a rail in Korea and he hated the Garand and was in love with his later on M1carbine,
    Korean troops got rid of Garands at wars end as soon as they could for the stop gap MI carbines.

    1. HB; I was amazed that your Step-Dad liked the Carbine. The Marines in Korea were in 13 man squads with three BAR’s nine M-1’s and being a squad leader I was assigned a carbine. I hated the thing, first unlike the M-1 it was susceptible to dirt malfunctions and also the cold weather caused many as well. My biggest problem with it was hitting power stunk. Having a doped up Chink that you hit three or four times keep coming at you is disconcerting. That is not a prob. with the M-1 one round would usually take them off their feet. I managed to liberate a Thompson SMG from a dead gook and for many reasons it was my favorite weapon. When we got the 15 rd carbine mag.s we use to tape two together so that we could flip them around when the first one ran out. Give your Step-Dad a big Semper Fi for me.

  76. Hide Behind: the M-1 rifle was my T/O weapon for a couple of years and it was very dependable but after one idiot in our unit filed down his sear and was able to crank off a clip on ‘automatic fire’ I talked to our armorer about it. As best that I can recall he claimed that when you did that the dependability of the M-1 went right out the window because without a rate of fire selector it exceeded it’s design capabilities. That has always made sense to me. By the way, the clown that did that got busted, fined and restricted. Again, I think King Obama and his misguided gun control minions are again jousting at windmills, but at our expense.

  77. Now as to reasoning about not allowing import and the controversy even years ago about the Garand Rifles classification.
    The history of the Garand shows many instances of conversion to full auto, some of who watched war flicks may of seen and heard references to the practice.
    A Garand should be classified under much the same laws as grandfathered in by those in know of original Arn15 for civilians
    And even today one qhen buying used PRIVATE SALES one had best be checking those lowers numbers out as you can have a listed as full auto capable.
    Long ago in a far more stupid age some young men bought surplus Garands and once home cleaned and disassembled and reasembled on bench within 30 minutes then had full autos. TOOK ONLY HAND TOOLSWorthless bear to fire and no selective fire capabiliy.
    That and fact one can still purchase the Egyptian and Italian conversion plates for changing from clips to 20 rround mags is for sure on the BATF minds.
    Let them dewat or weld in place to fire not clips but fixed mag with the new sear and mill work.
    Still have historical value.
    I do not know what machine work is done by, It used to be an Israeli firm do not know now, firms at present but do know you end up with a
    very well built and very accurate replica, not all as built.

  78. If you’re trying to guess his motives, good luck. As a former life long democrat I gave up. This whole administration has made little sense and lately it’s been a total disaster. I had a CO in the Marine corps who said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and that pretty well describes the senseless misguided actions of the Obama administration to this point, especially with gun control. So I think we can agree that results count, not motives. The democratic party has sold out to the ultra left liberal wussies who, if not stopped, will disarm us all and use our constitution as toilet paper to their advantage.

    If we have any honest politicians left, with cahones who haven’t been bought off by special interests, we might see impeachment proceedings coming and that wouldn’t really surprise me because I think he really stepped on his pecker this time when he traded five terrorists for one POW with a questionable record. In doing that I believe he has endangered every serving: sailor, soldier airman and Marine everywhere in the world. And the political hornets nest he stirred up was all his own doing. I guess he never heard about our three separate branches of government working together.

    If Obama previously taught constitutional law I have to ask what constitution was he teaching? A lot of what he’s done just doesn’t sound like it’s kosher within the framework of ours. I think we need to get rid of him and his cronies, have them recalled from office, and start over. But with who?

    As bad as the democrats are, I’m not happy with the religious right of the republican party or the candidates they’ve put up in the last two cycles. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? I could have voted for Senator John Mc Cain because I believe he’s an honest man, but they teamed him with a mindless bimbo who could see Russia from her porch in Alaska ninety miles away. Good trick if you haven’t taken Physics and math. My fear was that she would be only a heart beat away from the job. Then last time they ran the guy in magic underwear who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and practiced cannibalistic capitalism trashing companies in trouble and selling them off piece meal. He kept his money out of the country to evade paying takes and only took the silver spoon out of his mouth to replace it with his foot. Come on guys, really, you can do better than that.

    I know we have the best government that money can buy but the republicans really haven’t given us much to work with. They’ve become so far off center to the right that it’s a choice between a rock and a hard place. We’re a two party country and both parties are dysfunctional. so where do I turn? Color me disgusted.

    1. I too have become disillusioned, Hank. I don’t care who we elect in 2016, as long as their philosophy is for a smaller government that is better able to respond to the needs and wishes of the electorate, be responsible and accountable. Republicans have become “moderate” because it is easier to pander to the left-wingers in order to get votes from the do-nothing parasites in the country who suck the life’s blood out of the rest of us by being essentially trained to be unproductive.

      True Conservative politicians are the underdogs because they expect a government infrastructure that encourages people to be independent and responsible for their own actions. Too many people want their government to be their “nanny,” and as a result, we have become a nation of weaklings. It took many decades to get into this situation, and I would guess that it will take even more time to change our course. I just hope the country lasts that long.

    2. open your eyes! the TEA PARTY candidates are true constitutionalists! if we can elect enough of them, THEY WILL return these UNITED STATES to the country which we all love and want to see CHANGED BACK to what it once was!

    3. You seem to be pretty intelligent in your response so it seems odd to me you would still be attacking Sara Palin for things said by a comedian. I may not agree with all of her political views, but she is no more mindless than “Shotgun” Joe Biden.

    4. The problem with politics is politicians! They live in a fantasy world where the rarified air they breathe turns them into blabbering idiots! Maybe the country is starting to get a little pissed off when assholes like Cantor are finally dumped from the free lunch program! What we need to do now is dump the whole bunch or them and re-elect the ones who have the people’s interest in their agenda, not just the special interests. Our country is being run like some sort of mafia or good ole boy country club when arbitrary and nonsensical decisions are made on a daily basis. Obama has to go but a better question is how he got there in the first place? John McCain had a legitimate chance to muzzle the smooth talker but blew it with the bimbo running mate choice. That’s why my ballot was left blank, just like Obama’s head most of the time. I think the arbitrary denial of these M-1’s is just his way of showing that he can do something if he wants, no matter if it makes any sense. Our country is in danger of becoming so disjointed that we have to do something fast. Like start with putting someone in the White House with common sense. Trouble is, no politician fills that bill!

    5. Hank:

      While I agree with most of your comment, there is one point that I must correct that illustrates a large portion of the cause of many of our problems.

      While Sarah Palin did in fact say that Russia can be seen from an island that is part of Alaska, which is in fact true, she never said she could see Alaska from her house. That claim was made by an actress on Saturday Night Live. Don’t take my word for the – research it. Even the left-leaning confirms it.

      When enough people are willing to lie outright to promote one position or denigrate another, the outcome is not good. We have plenty of people in America willing to do just that, and way too many media outlets that are selective in their reporting of facts.

  79. What needs to done is ship all the M-1 home to the USA and give all vets
    the chance to have the great rifle that helped the USA beat Germany in WW II. We need to start a national rally to arms to get the M-1 home from South Korea. The M-1’s are not doing the Korean nation any good and we will have something all American’s vets will enjoy as a prize hunting rifle.

    1. I agree with this post from Lopaka, and I hope Obama’s staff is reading this.

    2. Unfortunately, the whole WH staff are ALL in on this. They are all either liberal progressives or communist or Islamic. Their goal, from the very beginning, has always been the destruction of our nation. Attempting to force us into a totalitarian third world government. They are afraid we would use these old rifles to stop them.

    3. Ha! Don’t you realize that WH staff doesn’t read? They write, and write, and write, so everything that’s out there worth reading (to them) is already known. They would never consider reading something they didn’t already clear for “public consumption.” You are just too funny, with that optimistic, bright eyed attitude that our current administration actually cares what people say.

  80. In responds to J.D. Smith, you might try looking in Mexico, Central and/or South America. Several south of the border countries, fielded the M1 Garand rifle.

  81. Is there nothing we can do about this insanity? Can’t one or some of us contact the South Korean company (never mind their government) and have the M1’s shipped privately and discreetly over here? Any law students out there? If someone has an idea, I’m listening.
    Please don’t shoot the president, you’ll just make a hero out of him.

    1. You couldn’t do it discretely since they would still have to be cleared by customs and likely confiscated by customs because the inspectors are ignorant of various state laws..

    2. I have a feeling if you went through mexico there wouldn’t be a problem… seriously. Keep coming up with ideas, the only way we will fight things like this until people get common sense is to take the same kind of action our enemies do.

    3. We weren’t talking about importing from Mexico, we were discussing importing from Korea. Anything coming in by air freight, mail, FedEx, UPS, whatever, goes through customs. I had consumers lasers sent from China by mail confiscated and they are legal here. Customs simply doesn’t know what they were looking at. Walking or driving it across a land border is a completely different animal.

    4. No “our” president has his own agenda he doesn’t care about us true law abiding citizens he just wans guns gone our country sadly cares only about there own pockets politicians work for the people not us for them how they see It.

    5. I hope this gets read, it sounds like if there is a solution that you have the money to move the weapons from South Korea to here..idk maybe you are talking about people buying just one at a time? but if you do have millions, there is a very simple way to stop the insanity… get the help of the NRA and have a national vote on these gun issues. it seems to me that only or mostly politicians are against guns because around here, I have never met anyone that is a gun protester or an anti 2nd amendment type person or whatever. our local Walmarts which is three of them, cannot even keep a munition in, it’s gone the same day as it is put on the shelves.

  82. On being wounded in one of the last major engagements of the Korean war I was separated from my M-1 on the way to the aid station. Reading this Log I had to think could one of these rifles be mine? Some one mentioned that this weapon could be used as a sniper weapon. No more so than a 30.06 hunting rifle I never saw one used in that capacity. The ’03 Springfield was used by some Army units I have been told. We, if not on patrols our action was full out assaults on hills, no need for one in those at times like that. We did at one time have a scope on a .50 cal. machine gun that we sniped MLR to MLR great one mile shooting.

    1. Thank you for your combat service in The Land of the Morning Calm. I was stationed in Korea in 87′-88′. Being from the northern U.S. originally, I have seen winter. But, NOTHING like in Korea. It would be an honorable act for you to be reconnected with your M-1 Garand service rifle. I for one, hope this opportunity comes your way. Any Soldier who has faced the horrors of war, DESERVES tranquility. May your remaining life be peaceful.

  83. I will not talk of + or -merits of M1 Garands or Carbines other than too state I appreciate both weapons as symbols of an eras within U.S. history.
    Garands are not in short supply and refurbished ones may actually be better than original; but they are not inexpensive and in most cases are
    far more expensive to buy and use than many another military style weapons.
    As to wether Obama is making this choice by
    political or part of an agenda, I am at a loss to answer.
    IMHO; the Administraton is using “politics” as the means to push an agenda; And that agenda is the disarmament of most and then the limiting to be by A Body within the Executive Branch .
    What better way to tell thr gun friendlys to kiss his ass , and dare you to try and stop him, Than to slap down one of Americas most highly recognized WWII symbols of freedo, the Garand Rifle.
    A denial of its recognition of such is your time to bend over and bow to his will.
    There seems to be no violation of -Constitutional powers by our political leaderships in this matter, at least none I can
    find to write about.
    As too the Govemor and Senator responses ;
    Come now, they both were role playing for votes, and damned well knew beforehand what was in store.
    If they did not; then what the hell are they doing
    in offfice.
    Where was the outcry when Hillary Clinton closed trade agreements with ex soviet bloc nations removing many of their weapons and
    ammunition from import trade bills.
    Trade bills that Congress is supposed to approve.
    THE Garand is just a 30/06, clip fed , unless one gets thr Italian and Egyptian converyed to 20 round mags and in .308, and no more accurate a rifle for sniping than any semi 30/06 or bolt in mid price range over the counter, and a lot less than standard rifles in many calibers .
    No this act is a part of an agenda slmost a deliberate kiss my ass by our whole political establishment as there is no hue and cry except by two party hacks the state firm that has other interest and will not fold because this deal failed.
    I do not understand this hand dog sad as hell and then temper tantrum stamping of feet except as a means to keep them from stating the obvious, they have no Rights.
    Admitting they have no Rights means they have no chance of recourse through our political and judicial systems……: Leaving them with what 1 of 2 choices wether to cut or or stand.
    Wish to hell it was not that way, but it is the political players who have multuple agendas who are forcing the choice.
    I am too busy figjting to save my decendents air foods, and waters to worry about any a holes who come to grab my guns
    Peace to all.

  84. I don’t know what the problem is? If you can’t get either the M1 Garand
    .30-06 (7.62x63mm) rifle or the M1A Garand .308Win (7.62x51mm NATO) rifle of M-14 rifle in same caliber. Get a Mauser K98 8mm (actually 7.92x57mm) rifle, It’s also a great rifle too be had. I have a friend that collects them like their going out of style. Contact Mitchell’s Mausers which usually runs adds in the Dillon’s Press.

  85. Another gross violation of our Constitutional rights and capitalist freedoms. This man (I REFUSE to write his name or title here) is an absolute TRAITOR and communist.

  86. Surely no one is surprised by this. Bolsheviks, Nazis, Maoists, etc., all understood the value of symbolism. The Obolsheviks aren’t yet able to disarm the populace, but they fully appreciate the psychological advantage to be had by depriving many Americans of the opportunity to possess an iconic military relic. Let’s hope the Koreans hold on to them long enough for repatriation.

  87. Obviously there already are more elite “military-grade firearms” on the streets, so I wonder if this is because the rifling characteristics on these old M1’s would be untraceable by law enforcement?

  88. The M1 Garand makes an excellent sniper rifle out too ranges beyond 1,200-meters. That might be one possible reason.

  89. I live in VT and they both have supported Obummers gun agenda. Maybe now they will change their tune after this.
    this is one of the most retarded gun laws he has invoked. Our president is either a moron or he has an agenda that goes against everything we believe in.

    1. I have that answer Brent…. he is NOT a moron, he HAS an agenda that goes against EVERYTHING we believe in.

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