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Gun Companies Under Fire: What’s Their Next Move?

Firearms makers and gun-accessory manufacturers are certainly facing a hostile Senate and federal administration, but the battles aren’t all on the national stage. Several state governments are also making life difficult for firearms businesses, forcing gun and accessory makers in those states to consider moving their operations to friendlier locations. And some companies are beginning to push back, even if it costs them business. Examples:GUN-6920 In a nearby Shooter’s Log item, “What Would the World be Like Without Magpul and PMAG 30s?“, Dave Dolbee reports that “In their zeal to jump on the anti-gun agenda, lawmakers in Colorado have proposed banning the sale or manufacture of high-capacity magazines. The law would go well beyond Colorado’s borders by banning the manufacture of products to be sold out-of-state.” In another Shooter’s Log item, “Gun Rights in Your State: The ILA and CRLDF,” CTD Scott points out, “State legislatures have more power than the federal government. Because of the smaller constituency and lobbying efforts, state governments can pass bills into laws with more ease than the U.S. Congress. So, you’re more likely to see restrictions on your gun rights come from your state than the federal government.” Also in the Shooter’s Log, CTD Suzanne reports in the article, “Driving DPMS Out of Business: Minnesota House Bill 241,” Minnesota’s assault weapons ban would put DPMS out of business. On the company’s Facebook page, Adam Ballard, product manager at DPMS Panther Arms located in St. Cloud, said, “This bill would close our doors, put a great number of hard-working Americans out of work and infringe upon the rights of millions of lawful gun owners in Minnesota.” However, some companies have begun pushing back against anti-gun state governments. In an item reported at, competition-products retailer Creedmoor Sports has announced it will cease all operations at its Oceanside, California, location and relocate to the company’s newly acquired facilities in Anniston, Alabama. One cited reason: “Better business climate.” Also in a report at, Texas-based LaRue Tactical has changed its sales policy for state and local law-enforcement agencies. The company will only sell to local LE agencies what civilians in a given jurisdiction are allowed to own.

On the Olympic Arms Facebook page, Brian Schuetz, president of Olympic Arms, doubled down on LaRue’s policy and published this statement: “…Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York — henceforth and until [the state’s gun-ban] legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people.” Find the full statement here.

Of course, Cheaper Than Dirt! reiterated our standing policy here. York Arms has canceled “LE/Govt” orders in New York, as stated here. Bob Reynolds, president of Templar Custom, Inc., has said, “We will not sell arms to agents of the state of New York that hold themselves to be ‘more equal’ than their citizens.” Read the full statement here. EFI, LLC is a firearms manufacturer located in Inwood, West Virginia, that manufactures Heller Commemorative Rifles. Those rifles celebrate the 2008 decision by the United States Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller. The company’s government sales policy reads, in part: “The Federal Government and several states have enacted gun control laws that restrict the public from owning and possessing certain types of firearms. Law-enforcement agencies are typically exempt from these restrictions. EFI, LLC does not recognize law-enforcement exemptions to local, state, and federal gun control laws. If a product that we manufacture is not legal for a private citizen to own in a jurisdiction, we will not sell that product to a law-enforcement agency in that jurisdiction.” We’re interested in your opinion: If you live in one of the states that are further tightening gun laws (California and New York, to name two examples), will you still support the firearms-related companies that decamp for other states? If you live in one of the states whose gun laws promote gun ownership, do you want companies such as Savage and Sturm Ruger (based in Connecticut) or Weatherby (based in California) to move your state? Do you support LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, and these other companies in their efforts to restrict LE sales in anti-gun states? Do you favor most companies’ response to match LE goods to local restrictions, or do you think Olympic’s ban on sales to New York State agencies and personnel is the right move? Will their efforts make any difference? Should other manufacturers follow suit? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. PTR has left Connecticut for South Carolina. Ruger should also leave Connecticut (where they have only corporate offices and no manufacturing) and come to North Carolina (where they have a factory already).

  2. I totally, 100% support LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, and these others..I am so sick of this shit!! time a crazy f&^% stabs another person blame the knife ..sue the knife companies, and then make laws to ban owning a knife..what is wrong with our country? Putting people away for small amounts of drugs longer than petifiles and murderers. .makes me so sick what the U.S.A is becoming. As if any of these laws will stop a criminal from doing a crime..and we the responsible owners, are the ones who are getting punished. is not fair!

  3. Savage, Sturm Ruger, Weatherby and all others- South Carolina welcomes you!

    Charleston SC is consistently voted as the nations friendliest city. South Carolina is known for Southern hospitality, outstanding quality of life, gun rights and right to work.

    Y’all come on down!


  5. I absolutely support companies leaving the states that restrict the sales of their products. And the pushback of refusing to sell weapons to LEOs or government agencies that restrict sales to citizens is also correct. We need more in the related industries to fight back. Ammo manufacturers could do a lot to push back here too.

  6. Savage and Sturm Ruger (based in Connecticut) or Weatherby (based in California) to move the state Pa.?
    I definitely support the companies that stand up to legislators who want to restrict any constitutional right that we as Americans enjoy.
    I have never been more disenchanted with this countries leadership as I am now. This country was founded on a government with checks and balances. Obama continues to do an end run around all of that. I have never seen a leadership that holds its citizens in such contempt. What does any government have to fear in a law abiding citizen armed? We have more to fear in being unarmed with our current leadership.

  7. If Obama and Feinstein and Biden demand that an entire industry and millions of jobs be immediately removed from this nation, that tells me the entire nation will suffer.
    Obama wants to reduce us to third world nation status. He is about to wake the sleeping giant and get a boot up his ass. Us veterans didn’t risk owr lifes to give it up to a so called commander who never even spent one day in the millitary. Who has no background with deep roots in this land of the brave and free.

  8. Look, I don’t currently live in one of the affected states. However;
    1. I support the companies that cancelled any LE/GOV orders.
    2. I support the companies that were forced to move(P-Mag)

    But most of all, REMEMBER you are dealing with really stupid and treacherous people.
    I had to laugh when I heard that the Senators and Reps, finally caught on that the ‘Obamacare’ bill that they just passed, would eat them up financially. It has taken them two years to to begin to figure it out. We would hope that they at least read something about it while they rammed it down our throats.

  9. I will definitely support the companies that stand up to legislators who want to restrict any constitutional right that we as Americans enjoy. As a resident of Georgia, I would love to see any or all of the gun industry move to my state. Furthermore if I don’t start hearing about my state representatives trying to encourage the gun industry to move to Georgia, I will be voting for some else when the elections come around.

  10. I would like to see ALL firearms manufactures leave the states that infringe on the 2nd Amendment. They are more than welcome here in Texas.

  11. I support any company that FULLY supports the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Now we need to stop all ammo supplies to these so called Law Enforcement Agencies. Today I went to 4 different places to buy common .30-06 ammo with no success…WHERE is all the AMMO ? ? ?

  12. Hope they all now add Maryland to the list of no sale to. Barretta is moving out of the state and taking its 400 jobs with it. Liberalism truely is a mental disorder.

  13. In short, yes. I have a great collection and don’t really need more guns. But each company that puts me the civilan on the same level as law enforcement I will buy more of their products and add to my collection to support them.

  14. While not wishing for things to turn the way it has, I was hoping that the industry would see the hammer falling on all gun events and sells. It has been coming long before Obama but he has defiantly taken it to a whole new level. If this country was to abolish all guns in this country and make everyone one of them disappear over night, does anyone know what the outcome would be? Think about it for just one minute. What parts of our economy would not be touched? Virtually every thing in this country would be either destroyed or dramatically effected by it. It goes well beyond just guns. Think about it. Hunting industries would be out of business, clothing industries, steel manufactures, outfitters, recreational businesses, metal industries, gun powder manufactures, hotel and motel businesses, sporting good businesses, dinning and other traveler used business, cell phone companies, map makers, the fuel industry, hunting licenses in all states, taxes paid on all sporting goods equipment, and the list goes on and on. You would have to be totally insane to desire this to happen at this juncture of our financial times of this country. We all need to support everything associated with the demise of this gun grabbing crowd that we have in this country. As a life member of the NRA for over twenty years, a retired United States Marine, and a strong believer in the defense of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights I for will do all I can to promote people to boycott any business supporting anti-gunners, or fails to do all in their power to prevent these things from happening. Remember the famous quote of a person of historical value.

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” (Adolf Hitler 1935)

  15. It is my honor to applaud all of the gun and gun related businesses and even those businesses that are not gun related that have taken a stand against the continued erosion of the rights that are in our constitution. I also applaud those local Sheriffs that have stated they will protect their citizens against laws that strip away the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, by not enforcing said laws. I realize that these decisions will come with a price, either lost income or lost job at the next election. I pledge my support to this effort by supporting those companies with my dollar and my local Sheriff with my vote. It saddens me greatly to see the direction this great nation is going. I believe, if we stand together we can again stand tall.

  16. AMMUNITION needs to be next on the not for sale list to government entities to really put the heat on. I can’t buy a box of 9mm anywhere to go & practice so why should government be able to contract all avail ammunition for them. I believe our government has nefarious intentions @ our expense & aimed @ us (shooting citizens)

  17. As an upstate NY resident I support all companies who stand up to the elitists in power who can arm themselves to the teeth with our tax money yet deny our Second Amendment Rights! All but one upstate county (outside of NYC) have now either proposed or passed legislation against the UN”safe” act. If the big gun companies would now join the ranks and break contracts that could turn the tide for good!

  18. Hello all.
    I live here in Sandy Hook and NO MATTER what your televisions are telling you, do not believe that we all want to ban guns. In fact the exact opposite is the reality here. There are a couple hundred well meaning and emotionally traumatized people who are very actively focusing all their angst on the gun and as such are being very exploited by the media. BUT there are thousands more in this town who fully understand the issue.
    The task force meetings that have been taking place are largely pro-freedom, and out of every 100 speakers there may be 6-10 that are uninformed. We are being used and misrepresented – even our own “leaders” have called this their “opportunity”
    I will say now, that all the backlash that is happening in this country…… COOL!! These things all need to happen. Time to draw the line and stand on the correct side.
    I am actually quite hopeful seeing these things happen nationwide, don’t let these poor slaughtered people be used this way – Do Not Give Up!!!! Kathy

  19. As a colorado native, in my wildest dreams did I ever see my state get so anti gun. I will support any manufacturer that leaves to a more friendly state and hope that state will keep the anti gunners out. I will vote against every anti gunner out there. What needs to happen in the state of colorado if you could get a few hundred thousand people to just show up and no firearms and just shut things down. Then they would have to use their FEMA camps we all hear about because they don’t have enough room in the jails.

  20. As I already own an Olympic AR, looks like my next on will be Larue reguardless of how long the backorder time is. I fully support these companies and will limit all future purchases to these companies as my budget will allow.

  21. I’m so glad that someone is on the side of gun owners,i don’t want to see anyone loose there jobs, but enough is enough. we must not allow the fall prey to the socialist that run this country,( AMERICA )we must take a stand now.

  22. I say the manufacturers of ammunition also restrict sales to LE/Govt in Chicago, NY, etc. See how naked they feel then. No ammo, no parts, no arms. Give them back their billy sticks and let them go on patrol. We’ll see how LE reacts then. Good on the arms manufacturers to punch back!

  23. Finally the dollar bill is not as important as the Constitution. I applaud those companies that see fit not to send their products to those states that outlaw those products.
    Obviously, we as U.S. citizens must help those companies that uphold the U.S. constitution by supporting them and keeping them in business. It now becomes our duty to help those who wish to do the correct thing. Why ? Because our Constitution is in jeopardy and is flagrantly being discussed by our politicians openly and audaciously.
    We must not allow the U.S. to fall prey to the socialist that now run our country. I believe that we can win this war by voting out all politicians that are liberals and socialists.
    To do this we must help all companies who support what the U.S. stands for. We are still the greatest Nation on this earth.

  24. Reply to mbrd (#843) — Very well said Sir!

    I truly hope that all firearms manufacturers and associated companies move out of the sorry state of Colorado now that the legislature there has approved the most onerous of anti-gun laws. I will stop doing business with ANY company based in Colorado until they fight back and tell the liberal politicians of that state that banning firearms based on “how scary they look” is the most asinine thing going. They need to enforce the laws that are already on the books instead of making up new ones that mean absolutely NOTHING to the criminal element.

  25. in every other of the first ten amendments to our noble founding document “the people” means the people. why should the second article in the bill of rights be treated any differently? those who allege intentional ambiguity specific to the second amendment as some sort of pulse of a living document do a disservice to our founding fathers. certainly the constitution is, and must be, a living document- witness abolition. certainly also, the “god given” rights espoused in the bill of rights must be recognized as the rights of all of humanity regardless of race, color, creed, or place of residence. social contract and individual liberty do not have to be mutually exclusive, but when proponents of social contract seek the restriction of liberties acknowledged by our constitution, and then attempt to use that same document as some semantic weapon for their own purpose, individual liberty must be staunchly defended. the manufacturers and retailers who are refusing sales to le agencies in states with disproportionately restrictive firearms legislation are to be praised for their efforts in support of THE PEOPLE.
    brian schuetz, the man at the helm of olympic arms, is to be lauded for his concise and articulate statement to this effect. i will go out of my way to do business with those who sacrifice law enforcement contract money to support the principle of individual freedom. i hope this sentiment resonates in the vast community of american (and all) gun owners.

  26. “it’s not clear how the seller or transferrer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran” (then make it clear before you pass it Diane-DB)

    Thirty yrs ago my exfather in law,WW2 vet wounded multiple times, refused the free Purple Heart licince plate for his car. He told me it never pays to draw unneeded attention to yourself. It is advice to heed today too.

    In Maryland they want to put a “W” in the restrictions area of the Drivers License to ID the person as a VET. A W on your DL will end your right to own a weapon in the USSA in the future.

    Feinstein: Veterans May Have PTSD And Should Not Be Exempt From Assault Weapons Ban

    At a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) opposed an amendment to her Assault Weapons Ban legislation that would allow military veterans to continue to buy the firearms that would be banned. Feinstein says a veteran may be mentally ill and should be prevented from purchasing firearms.

    SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN: If I understand this, this adds an exemption of retired military. As I understand our bill, no issue has arose in this regard during the 10 years the expired ban was in effect and what we did in the other bill was exempt possession by the United States or a department or agency of the United States. So that included active military.

    The problem with expanding this is that, you know, with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War,it’s not clear how the seller or transferrer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this.

    So, you know, I would be happy to sit down with you again and see if we could work something out but I think we have to– if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally don’t have access to this kind of weapon.

  27. There were a few ol’ boys back a couple hundred years ago that saw this comming and wrote some documents to prevent this from happening. They believed every man should be free from a government controlling their every move. They got fed up and decided to stand and fight! Now I am ready to fight for the same things. The second ammendment is not just about your right to protect yourself from criminals, its also about protecting yourself from from a government that wants to control you! First its high capacity magazines, then its rifles they make sound evil by sticking “assault” in front of it then its all guns no matter what type or caliber! I agree completely with what these companies are doing! I hope they dont have to move but if they do please come to the upstate of south carolina! I would love to come work for you! GO GET EM’ SENATOR GRAHAM!!! If they strip Americans of their guns what will keep our enemies from just invading? They dont invade now because they know we have more guns than they do!!!! Wake up America before its too late!

  28. I think that what all this companies are doing,is very brave and is the right thing to do. I Tip my hat to all. I also think that all the ammunition makers should stop selling and supplying ammo to all federal, state, and city governments in anti-gun and anti-2nd amendment states like New York.Cut them off.There are plenty of friendly states and you can always make the difference.Keep up the good work.

  29. I absolutely support all efforts by all parties involved and will make it a point to do business with these companies whenever possible. I just wish the major firearms manufacturers and distributors would get on board. It is my firm belief that there are many more people in the US who support the 2nd amendment as written than those who do not. I do not believe the mainstream media and their biased poll results. If firearms owners / enthusiasts do not take a stand NOW we will lose the 2nd amendment altogether piece by piece. Pay attention to history.

  30. Think about it for just a second. High profile killings were all done without what is being called ”ASSULT WEAPONS”. Lincoln was shot with a single shot black powder pistol, Kennedy was assassinated with a five shot bolt action rifle, MLK was shot with a five shot hunting rifle, Oklahoma bombing was done without the use of a single gun, Twin Towers was committed without a single gun, Japan’s deadly subway killings was done without even one gun, and the list goes on. Admit it! Politician’s want to get rid of all weapons that threaten them and keep them from doing what they really want to do.

    The real reason

    Most people mistakenly think that the 2nd Amendment was added to the Constitution so that “We the People” could defend their person and property. This is not true. The 2nd Amendment was written and added to the document by Alexander Hamilton so that the people could guard the public from the dangers of a government gone astray or a tyrannical government coming to power, or if our military decided to overthrow the government to make a Dictatorship.

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” (Adolf Hitler 1935)

    “The attention of the government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps of moderate size, upon such principles as will really fit it for service in case of need,” “By thus circumscribing the plan, it will be possible to have an excellent body of well-trained militia ready to take the field whenever the defense of the State shall require it.” “This will not only lessen the call for military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens.” “This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.” (Alexander Hamilton 1774)

  31. I have bought a lot of products from both Magpul and Armalite, and I am here to state that I will no longer patronize either of these company’s or any others that deny the support our rights to arm ourselves in accordance with the 2nd Amendment. If they can respect the rights of “We the People” to defend our families and our property as designed by the Constitution, I will continue to with hold buying any products that they sell or indorse.

  32. This is great what SOME of these companies are doing to support our 2nd Amendment rights and stand next to us regular folks. I fully support those companies and have bought from several of them, but I haven’t seen the news that breaks my heart. Armalite and Magpul both have said they will continue to sell to LE/Gov. I have a ton of Magpul product and not sure what to think now. I see their point of wanting to help the cops that help us…..but when it comes down to it when the gov. says go take the guns from us reg. citizens or your job is gone, well, I don’t want to find out how many LE are talking crap about standing with us and the 2nd.! Sounds like it is all about the bottom dollar for Magpul. And Magpul said they couldn’t help with the pricing from their distributors……I beg to differ. Cut them the hell off from gouging us and sell them your self from your site. Sorry all, needed to rant, but to the rest of those companies out there standing strong….I thank you. Also, sorry I can’t remember the article about Magpul and Armalite to reference and link. If I find it again I will post it. It may be on their sites.

  33. I too applaud the various manufacturers who are proudly refusing to do business with states’ agencies where restictive gun laws have been passed.

    I have also decided to boycott in another small way. When I am browsing the news on Google ( or other general websites ) I am careful to avoid publications from New York, Chicago, Bloomberg, Washington Post etc. etc. Probably my commerce or lack thereof won’t be felt, but if we all are careful we can hit them in their wallets.

  34. I applaud the companies not selling to LE agencies in states that do not support private gun ownership. I live in Texas where there is strong support for gun ownership. I would be proud to have manufacturers move to Texas if they are operating in states that don’t support their business. I also support the companies that are taking a stand.

    In my opinion, I don’t think this was or is an action that these states throught about or have plans to deal with. These companies should also be putting pressure on the federal government. The US governement has to purchase it’s equipment from a manufacturer as well. Imagine the military branch getting behind the US citizens to block Feinstein and her crew?! That would be a huge win for us. I know that it would be a significant loss to the companies that have federal contracts, but we are not just fighting for our 2nd ammendment rights, we are fighting for all our rights. If we let them taken one of our Constitutional rights, what will we do they start to take away the next one?

  35. I will support any company, that stands against local and federal agency’s, that think they are better than the people they serve. I have bought items from several of these company’s even thought I don’t need them right now. As long as I have money ,I will continue to support brave company’s,and people, that stand for what is right. Furthermore Alabama has many county’s that are,(and always have been) friendly to gun ownership and the gun industry. Most county’s in Alabama would bend over backwards to have these manufactures come to their county. Who wouldn’t want more jobs ,except a brain dead morons . (NY Chicago and many more) Some states aren’t even America anymore.

  36. I live in Houlton Maine. We already have a S&W plant here. I think the Springfieild,Mass. operations should move the whole plant to Maine,however,the Southern part of Maine is just a Northern extention of Boston,Cambridge,Newton, bunch or anti gunnies,Liberals.They give Northern Aroostook County a bad rap,but there are a lot of gun owners here.The Northern Mass. residents that call Portland Maine their home have the same ideoligies as the Massasoits. C’mon up to northern maine.DeWayne Brink

  37. I would be pleased if firearms related manufacturers and distributors, located in firearm restrictive states, relocated to Texas. We have a good business climate and a very nice quality of life.


  39. I have been a NRA member for 20 yrs., 10 of them a life member. I support these companies and i am glad they are fighting back! I live in Michigan, i know this state would be glad to have them, and i would gladly work for any of them !

  40. It is past time that “We the People” show that we can react in more ways then voting. Please help the firearm’s company by doing the same that they are talking about doing.

    When a business or manufacture bows to this anti gun institutions without applying the same restrictions on all law-enforcement and military, boycott those businesses and manufacturing industries.

    Believe it or not there are those that will bow to the anti-gunners so that the business can remain profitable. But everyone needs to know that “We the People” are standing our ground and there is no more cooperation from us anymore. Every time we allow them to apply their way, the next thing is another restriction. Say no more restrictions.

    Also the ammunitions manufacture’s need to stop allowing the government to buy up all munitions manufactured to cause empty shelves and higher prices to citizens. If it isn’t military ammo don’t sell it to them.

  41. I live in southern california and I support the actions made to include le/govt. agencies to have to fallow the same restirctions they would impose on the citizens who pay there paychecks. I would hope more firearms companies would do the same and extend this police to all states instead of just focusing on Ny; whoem I am told are allready not exempt from there awb(I could be wrong on that). I would have liked to have seen the same effert taken years aggo for my state to help humbel our leos and make them remember that they are not king and lords in charge of us lowly serfs and pesants but employes intrested to protect us even from themselves if needs be. I would happaly give up all my firearms if you can garantee that not a singel person on the face of this earth will ever be courupted or do an unkind thing ever again. As long as people are capable of evil deeds then I will keep any tool at my disposal to aid me in protecting myself from those people whoeve they may be.

  42. I applaud ANYONE who is willing to protect their Rights under the US Constitution! The same goes for those willing to walk the walk and (unlike politicians)not merely talk the talk. I will DEFINITELY continue to support any company that leaves an oppressive regime and moves to a freedom loving and nurturing State. I would LOVE any and ALL companies seeking the freedom to produce and sell firearms and accessories in a new, friendlier, environment to consider strongly Oklahoma. We have an excellent attitude, combined with a hard-working, educated and skilled workforce. This State has several military bases, premium colleges, several Federal education hubs (USPS and FAA), is part of this Country’s Aviation Triangle and is heavily involved in the automotive industry. We have the skills, the ethics and the inclination to be a welcoming environment for new businesses within the firearms industry. Did I mention being at the crossroads of America as well as access to America’s major waterways? Y’all come to this good State and ask Gov. Fallin for a hand-shake and howdy meeting and you will see for yourself that what I am saying is true. Hope to see your doors opening on a new and bright future in Oklahoma! I am a Yankee by birth, Okie by choice. I am retired military (only we weren’t allowed to have firearms…) and have been in Federal employ. One way or another, I have been a servant of my fellow Americans, with few and short periods to the contrary, my whole adult life. I, too, have sworn an oath to “protect and defend” and when I was out-processing from military duty I was never ONCE released from that promise, nor would I ever choose to be. I am a Patriot, and a Sheepdog. I wish to make a clear point in the face of all these arguments about firearms: it is an American’s RIGHT to own firearms. PERIOD. These questions of “what is needed, or what type we can have is utterly beside the point. Just as a 400 horsepower SUV is not necessary to get your kids to school, it is your American RIGHT to own such a vehicle if only because you WANT IT!! NO firearm, nor accessory, should be banned, limited or forbidden from ownership by an American UNLESS that person has PROVEN themselves to be dangerous to others while possessing one. Even fully automatic weapons are not a threat to others when in the hands of law-abiding citizens! They may, in fact, be of benefit to over-stretched, beleaguered law enforcement (read: Katrina). In such a case, the law abiding would NOT take the law into their own hands, but would work closely with, and subordinate to, law enforcement (can you say MALITIA???. Therefore, I support the principles of companies who elect to withhold sales to LE of States who prevent sales to civilians, as well as support any who relocate their production to another State to further their protests. THAT, friends, is what makes America GREAT!

  43. I am very impressed with these companies and that they are taking this stand. I know this could cause them a great deal of finacial hardship but, this shows that they care more about principals than money. If a company has to leave my State (Calif)I would still support them it is not their fault it is the states fault for having such intrusive gun laws.

  44. for Don Cook: if I were you my friend I would have gotten away from The Socialist Republic of Calf. a LONG time ago.
    Y’all are welcome to come to Texas we can buy whatever we want here.

  45. As an USMC veteran and a current Federal Officer I wholeheartedly support and applaud all of these companies and organizations. I have spent my entire adult life in support of our constitution and protecting the American people. I have fought for their right to feel, believe and behave differently, with values that I do not share. If you make ANYONE, myself included, “more equal” than others when it comes to freedom and Constitutional protection, that all becomes wasted effort. I am not alone in the Law Enforcement and Veteran communities, but we all need to be strong and stand firm together on our principles or they will tear us down one little brick at a time. We all need to support these companies for their integrity and fortitude. Let them know, pat them on the back and encourage them. God bless them and us all as it is going to be a hard fight I think… It seems that the inmates are running the asylum.

  46. I am a CA. resident. I have been to firearms stores where high capacity magazines are sold to LE officers only. Magazines with no LE use. 30 round mags for a Ruger 10-22 or an 30 round AK type mag. They need these why? If they leave their depts they just keep them? They are no more law abiding than I am. The Glock Gen 4, LE only in CA. Why? A magazine safety? I commend these corporations for standing up for the citizens of our country. Thank you.

  47. As a police officer, I highly support relocation of companies and them denying sales to governmentworkers. This needs to be done by all companies.

  48. Where are the big players in this? It would go a long way if Glock, Sig, S&W, Colt, etc. would stand up and make this same commitment. It is time to stand together to stop this tyranny.

  49. I commend LaRue for their products, and their leadership and moral courage. I will only patronize those companies which take a similar stand. My state of PA has so far been more supportive of responsible gun ownership than many states, I hope this continues, and that companies forced out of other NE states might consider making PA their home.

  50. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for standing up for us and with us. Remember “United we stand, Divided we fall”

  51. The government of the State of New York has told the citizenry they have two choices: obey state law or obey constitutional law. The government of the state of New York has formally rejected the U. S. Constitution’s guarantee of rights – known as the “Bill of Right” – the first ten Amendments to the Constition. These Amendments predominantly provide for restricting the infringement of God given rights.

    Let us focus on my personal interpretation of a tiny part of New Yorks new “law”. “When confronted with a deadly threat you must relinquish tactical advantage to your attacker’. I plan to visit New York later this year. I will be leaving my opinion on the steps of the capital. The Urine will dry, but the other part will remain longer so as to help moderate the stench of these foul treasonous jackals who call themselves representatives of the people.

  52. I think we should take this a step further and CTD and all other firearm dealers stop selling S&W, Glock, Sig, or any other mfgs products unless they support this movement.

    I own two S&Ws and a Sig and if they don’t jump onboard I will never buy another one.

    Just my two cents…

  53. I agree with the manufactures standing up against big brother, who is hell bent on destroying the rights and financial lives of many Americans in an effort to impose their narrow minded thinking. I will continue to buy supplies and firearms from USA mfg’s when I can. All government agencies are not above the rest of us and should live by the same rules as the general public. My concern is the government will lift it’s import ban for LE only and will start importing all their equipment from foreign companies. I am sure those companies would be more than happy to supply our government with cheap, more expensive, defective equipment……..

  54. God bless the companies that are fighting back against the criminal state and federal legislators. They are true patriots I support them and will send a check to help fund a move to a gun friendly state if they do move. I will also write to my state gov. in Florida and ask that those companies get a tax break and or incentives.
    I would also like to say that ALL gun and ammo sales to LE in anti gun states should be stopped!as well as sales to the criminal feds. Boycotts of goods or lottery tickets from the anti gun states will also put pressure on these Marxist state governments.
    Moves like this will give the silent majority in these states incentive to vote the anti gun people out of office.
    I can’t say much more than has already been said by others. I have seen or constitutional rights slowly being taken away piece by piece over the years while the people slept and were wrapped up in their day to day lives until now we are in a crisis. The feds are in our homes eating our food and telling us what to eat how to dress. and mandating how we should raise our children, the list if you think about it goes on and on. I guess the 2nd amendment is where we make our stand but the whole constitution has been violated by the government for many years now.
    Lets take our country back, protect the whole constitution. It is the only thing between us and tyranny and eventual slavery.
    CTD i was concerned about you, for a while it looked like you might fold to the anti-gun pressure, welcome back.

  55. I applaud the manufacturers for making the stand against 2nd rate citizenship mentality the elected few seem to have. Why don’t they drop their protection we afford them & see what it’s like for once. Making the legit gun owners feel like criminals is akin to making good parents out to be child abusers w/o justification.
    We are not children that have to be lead & told what & how to do things all the time, rules & guide lines are there for us. Whether we choose to follow them is where the problem lies, not banning & outlawing everything. Criminals will never follow the law, law abiders will become more vulnerable w/o the freedom & right to protect themselves.
    There’s lot of posturing & speeches to make a point about guns & rights there of but you will never legislate morality & responsibility, that you have or you don’t.

  56. I fully support the decisions of these companies, and support them whole heartedly. We must all stand together as one voice!

  57. This is absolutely awesome news! and I’am very proud to say that I stand behind these companies and their decisions 200 percent!! and from here on out,I will only buy from these companies and any and all other companies that follow suit.Its about time that legislators in states such as New York and California and any other states that have passed or are even thinking about passing such unacceptable and tyranical gun laws against my fellow american citizens in those states be given a wake up call,and shown that their law enforcement agencies won’t be able to just get weapons and ammunition to repress the citizens anytime they want! Furthermore these legislators need to be shown that their law enforcement will not always be able to aquire weapons that are superior to what civilians can own. Finally in closing I would also like to encourage any and all firearms and ammunition manufactures in this country(or abroad)who do business with the federal government to please stop selling to ALL federal law enforcement agencies immediately! Please everyone! take a stand now! I fear this may be our last hope of stopping Barack Obama and his communist administration as well as the criminals in congress and the supreme court from establishing a dictatorship! To all the people living in New York,California and other states with similar gun laws my prayers are with you! GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!!!!!

  58. As a Veteran, I completely and fully support these firearms companies in their refusal to support, service, or sell their firearms, magazines, and firearm accessories to Federal, State, and Local governments that support or enforce the proposed bans on specific firearms and high capacity magazines. In fact, as a U.S. citizen, and even in this difficult economy, I fully intend to and WILL relocate from my current state to one more favorable to the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens “Right to Bear Arms” should my current State support this nonsense. I am an FAA licensed aircraft mechanic and USN Aviation Ordinance Veteran and have mechanical skills useful to the firearms industries interested in relocating due to “unfavorable business climates”. I wholeheartedly support their rights to sell to citizens under the second amendment.

  59. I completely and fully support these firearms companies in their refusal to support, service, or sell their firearms, magazines, and firearm accessories to Federal, State, and Local governments that support or enforce the proposed bans on specific firearms and high capacity magazines. In fact, as a U.S. citizen, and even in this difficult economy, I fully intend to and WILL relocate from my current state to one more favorable to the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens “Right to Bear Arms” should my current State support this nonsense. I am an FAA licensed aircraft mechanic and USN Aviation Ordinance Veteran and have mechanical skills useful to the firearms industries interested in relocating due to “unfavorable business climates”. I wholeheartedly support their rights to sell to citizens under the second amendment.

  60. I as A very patriotic citizen I aplaud these companies that are taking a stand to
    insure our 2nd amement rights. I would be very happy to any of these co. to move to
    my state of WV.the Goverment has been attacking our constitution for to long now
    in our countries history many brave men & woman have served this country and many of our
    soldiers have given thier lives to protect our freedoms.I for one believe the Gov.
    wants to disarm everybody for the simple fact that the citizens of our great Country
    would be easier to control when the polititons incompatance throws our country into
    such an unstable situation that the people might just say “I’ve had enough”and possibly totaly ignore the morons in gov. And think back when we were under British rule. And we all know how that turned out.Sorry “big brother” you cant control the citizens after all your efforts have failed and trying to dis arm us wont work.
    So I strongly sugest every law maker in the country better start putting more thought
    into what there trying to do. Or do all polititions lack commen sense ?

  61. I’m sure that any Company that has problems with States that unfriendly I’m sure will find a welcome home here in Texas.

    I’m very proud of the companies that have taken the stances that they have. They make me proud to be an American!

  62. Wow….I thought I was all alone out here in the cold world. Yes, I 100% support these companies for taking this stance and will support them with my wallet. The 2nd Amendment is that last freedom we have…our government has suspeded all other freedoms as they now can do warrantless searches, hold you without charge, and drone attack you without due process.

    I will admit however as I’ve aged I have mellowed on my stance on my guns as when I was a younger man the only way they could take my gun was from my cold dead hands but, as I said I have mellowed they now can take my guns from my WARM dead hands!

    When the lead starts flying as it will help your neighbor to defends his life and property!!!!

  63. The reaction of the American firearms industry to the federal and state governments recent intrusions on the Second Amendment is not only admirable, it is a shining example of the power and beauty of our free enterprise system.

    Through the proper application of their power as manufacturers and suppliers of firearms to both the citizenry and the government, these companies have collectively demonstrated to tyrannical governments that they will not participate in efforts to strip the people of the United States of their rights. I applaud this effort and vow to respond in kind.

    I will stand by, support and do business with ONLY those manufacturers who have chosen to stand with and support American citizens by REFUSING to do business with governments who have attempted to proclaim themselves as “superior” to their citizens. Not only will I stand by my promise to limit my business to these companies alone, but I vow to share this sentiment with everyone I know and encourage them to do the same.

    As an instructor of hunting skills and a hunting dog trainer, my opinion impacts a good many people. I am happy to say that already, several “die hard” supporters of certain firearms companies have been encouraged to take their business elsewhere, based on how those companies have chosen to react to recent legislation.


  64. It’s time for the manufacturers to fight back! Yes they will lose large quantity orders that LE agencies make but there enough of us out here that will support their actions by buying weapons and gear from those who fight for our right to bear arms. Add Maryland to the dumb ass law list. Baretta faught back and seems like they got a provision to continue to do buisness in the state but thats not enough. They need to pull out of MD and show those SOB’s how it feels to lose 200+ jobs, tax revenue and a future plant expansion and shut down the gov contract they have.

  65. Any of these companies that under communistic attack promoted by obama and these idiot liberials we would welcome them to move to Tennessee. We still have sanity here.

  66. I completely agree with refusing to sale to law enforcement in states that are violating the rights of their citizens. I will support any company who chooses to do this with all my future purchases.

  67. Yes, I support any business who let’s the Government know THEY WORK FOR THE CITIZENS OF THIS NATION and not the other way around and as a private business, that business HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE, INCLUDING GOVERNMENT ENTITIES AND THEIR EMPLOYEES. As for New York and California, those rich elite types such as Bloomberg and Feinstein need to be voted out of office! They too, forget they are CIVIL SERVANTS in a position of trust to serve WE THE PEOPLE and not their own self-serving personal agenda. Why we are at it, Mr. Obama looks ridiculous trying to hold a shotgun, as if he know which end of the barrel the projectile even comes from??? And everytime Mr. Biden opens his mouth, it is either profanity or ignorance. It boggles the mind that people lacking common sense were ever elected to a public office.

  68. The death toll for over a decade of school shootings cannot equal the death toll of a single day of abortions.

    The annual death toll for gun deaths is roughly the death toll from 10 days of abortions.

    Liberals like abortions … fetuses can’t shoot back.

    I can.

  69. There is a listing over at . Might want to compare notes with them and perhaps merge the lists.

    Lexington, NC has plenty of vacant manufacturing space, electricity and water. It has very good access to highway transportation and a regional airport. The city services are on a par with the best and the police department seems to be in favor of supporting the Constitution.

    At this point in time there seem to be enough companies on board with this that there is exactly NO reason to do business with anyone else.

  70. Bravo to the afore mentioned companies. Bring your businesses to Arizona. Most of my children live in California, and due to its difficult licensing regulations, they have to illegally carry a weapon with ammunition in it.

  71. Awesome! We need more companies to get on board with this now. Sig, Glock, S&W, Ruger, etc… Manufactures, dealers, business owners’s & ceo’s of not only firearms, but ammo & accessories as well. Any and everyone in the industry who gives a damn need to stand together and shut this ridiculous spectacle of a debate down for good.

  72. If civilians cant buy guns high capacity mags and ect then law enforcement or any kind of government funded branch except military should not be allowed to by them or get them this goes for optics ammo of any kind. We the people need to stand up now and not just sit back and watch tv or set around about this I would gladly give up a week of work or anything in my life that I do everyday and go with others like me and protest against this gun control. First they will disarm you they take all you have or slowly they will make it harder and harder for you to get, buy or receive any kinda food or dayly needs so you will give up your guns think about it you your family not haveing any food for a week because they want you to give up your guns and ammo and you cant eat the bullets so you will give up your 2 ammendment so you can have food. What im saying is all they gotta do is take away our food and make us go hungry till we give up the guns then we will all get on a bus to this (fema) camps every ones been talking about in all the major cities in the u.s and will house us there till we die. Sit back and think about that think about any way they could do that when you figure it out you will see its not hard so we the ppl need to get off our butts and stand together and rise against this and not stop till we win 1776 will happn all over again but it will be us against the government is how its looking its our god given right to have freedom of anything no one man or anyone cant take from any one person the right to have or do anything. Give me liberty or give me death

  73. I feel that the manufacturers should not only stop providing to state law enforcement but to federal as well. Let it be know that I do have full respect for our men and women in uniform and wouldn’t want them harmed or placed in a situation without protection. IT IS well past time that WE THE PEOPLE stand up to those in d.c. who are attempting to abolish the law of the land – the CONSTITUTION -by undermining OUR RIGHTS that have been established by GOD and our forefathers who fought for those rights. The people who are damaging our rights haven’t got a clue what they are talking about. Diane Feinstein has no clue what she is talking about when it comes to weapons – go take a class and learn and leave law abiding citizens alone. I dont understand sewing and don’t go around saying “hey lady that is some dangerous looking sewing machine you got there. they should be banned!.”
    stop playing theatrics with the prez and get to work finding a way to support OUR country and let the jehadists and wack jobs have their country and ideas. Cut their handouts of billions of dollars and have them hate U.S. for free.


    I salute these mfg”s that support this “frame of mind”. They respect & would die for the same FLAG that I fly in my frontyard. “SEMPER PHI”
    As our founding fathers predicted the “GOVERNMENT” must be contained. We the AMERICAN people have allowed our gvt. to get WAY OUT OF CONTROL. We must insist that there be TERM LIMITS for all of our representatives.

    “All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.”
    C. James Madison 1793
    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.
    C. Plato 333 B.C.
    God bless us all.

  75. I sure do support those companies, since ruger started their petition I am purchasing a ruger rifle. I will be more likely to order from companies denying government sales than to purchase from a company that treats the police better than We the People. I hope we see Glock S&w Beretta Mossberg Remington also jump on this bandwagon.

  76. I support the companies that refuse to do business with LE/Govt agencies in states that restrict sales to the individuals, but isn’t this pep-rally of an article a little hypocritical of CTD??? The good folks of this country are being squeezed every which way regarding firearms and ammo, and CTD is also gouging the customers just to make a buck in the wake of the Newtown tragedy. They’re just as bad as the politicians in my eyes. Have you seen the PMAG prices on here lately?! $89 for a PMAG is ridiculous. $399 for box of 300 rounds of loose 5.56 ammo is also ridiculous. Don’t give the me Econ101 lesson of supply and demand, I understand it well. If a hurricane hits and gas stations jack up their price of gas 700% you better believe the state’s atty general would be filing a suit for price gouging. Same principle here CTD, remove the log from your own eye before you try to remove the speck from another’s eye.

  77. Bravo Zulu to CTD and the many other firearms and accessories manufacturers who have taken a strong stand against more restrictive laws. Feel good laws which do nothing to reduce crime but certainly infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens. Will the liberal left ever come to the realization as stats have shown, it’s not the tool but the deranged holder of the tool which is the problem. That being said, they should focus their concerns on the real problem and not continue their fight to infringe on the rights of the law abiding citizens of this great nation. Should any of the businesses feel a need to relocate, I’m sure they would receive a warm welcome in South Carolina. Again, thanks for taking a strong stand on this issue.

  78. I, as do the authors of the 781 earlier submissions, completely support the actions of the companies making a stand for our 2d Amendment rights. A mix of bold leadership, patriotism, and astute business ethics, are fueling their actions. I too agree that more of the “big dogs” in the industry should muster the “testoserone” to join the cause and help lead us to victory over an insideous foe.

    The liberals have again shown their penchant for distorting facts and lying to the American public. Anyone with an IQ above phytoplankton abhors the Newtown incident where children were killed. The libs have again, as some earlier submitters accounted, distorted the facts, so I’d like to reduce the argument down so even the most liberal of liberals can comprehend.

    While the liberal, anti-gun nutcakes are raving about the dead children from Newtown and how an assault weapons ban is needed (handguns were actually involved), the same liberals are NOT crying out for banning surgical equipment used to abort children’s lives. Arguably, more children are murdered with abortion-associated surgical supplies than guns, but why would we let facts distort the liberal agenda, once they get on a roll? Both means have killed kids, so where’s the liberal outrage on abortion deaths? NEWS FLASH: Feigned liberal outrage rules the day. The anti-gun nut jobs are disingenuous and worthy of Darwin Award Winner front runner recognition…these buffoons serve as walking comedy props and are breathing proof that “you can’t fix stupid”. Sorry for the digression, so the analogy continues…the handguns of Newtown and the sugical instruments should be correctly labeled for what they are…inantimate objects incapable of inflicting harm without human intervention. Neither wish to debate the definition of human or be bored with a concocted story of a Maine Coon cat knocking a loaded gun off of a counter thereby killing a child…OMG…much too purrfect. My contention is that ignorant and/or defective people cause the problems based upon their actions, inactions, or garden-variety stupidity. HINT: If the liberals want to ban guns, then where is their “cry” for a similar ban on surgical equipment used in abortions? Fact Check: There is plenty of evidence that guns and surgical supplies both have killed children. So if the liberals want to sue gun manufacturers, then why not apply that line of liberal logic to the surgical supply manufacturer? Again, there is usually a defective human involved in the decision to shoot someone or to abort a child. Bottom line: You don’t have to be smart to breed, drive, or vote and the proof is all around us. I submit the current situation as proof of my hypothesis. It’s time to rally to the truth and drive out the wicked and clueless from this blessed (currently cursed) land. The truth is our Constitution and the sequel is our 2d Amendment. All of the businesses and citizens supporting this initiative are the “Standard Bearers of the 2d Amendment”. Stand united and be prepared to protect our freedom. The threat is clearly identified and if you’re not a “Standard Bearer” you are the problem. Get off of the fence you Big Dogs out there and “Let’s Roll” to victory over stupidity and elitism.

  79. I work in law enforcement and have sworn twice in my life to uphold the Constitution of the United States as well as of my state. I fully support the 2nd Amendment and the efforts of these companies. I believe the non-sworn populous has the same rights to protect themselves as anyone else. Law enforcement should be a visible symbol of law and not above it. We answer to the same law as those we police. It is NOT “us and them.” Lawmen here still count themselves among the people. The most disheartening thing, to me, is to see people have to worry that “we” will be sent for their guns one day. I won’t be coming for them, nor enforcing any law that conflicts with the US Constitution.

  80. @Mike – Baretta is in the news here in Maryland saying that they will relocate if this Anti-2A legislation passes. The message came across as “We are Baretta, and we don’t play games!” They reminded the Gov that they moved a warehouse to VA in 1990 that last time MD took a run on guns. Baretta states “We are confronted with a state government that wants to ban our products at a time, by the way, when numerous other state governments are courting our investment.” 400 MD jobs and millions of tax revenue is on the line for MD. That’s Baretta’s dog in the fight YET Glock stays quiet and continues to sell to the MD State Police.

  81. First off, move you comment entry block to the top so it more convenient for the reader.

    To your point, absolutely support these manufactures who are moving their operations and/or refusing to sell to LE if the state does not allow the same weapons to be sold to citizens. Furthermore, we citizens can have a larger impact by refusing to visit or buy and products in the states imposing restrictions. I’m from VA and absolutely will not spend another dime in MD. I would hope Baretta USA will consider moving their operations out of MD. If not, I’ll not buy another Baretta product. This is a hard stand but these are hard times for gun owners. We must all stand together in solidarity or our rights will be eroded, state by state, day by day.

  82. I don’t know if one exists, but there ought to be a database of companies that respect and revere the 2nd Amendment, so we may vote with our wallets and pocketbooks. Maybe a victim of Congress and the White House’s current employment record could find a way to make some money off of this idea.

  83. This is great action on the part of these companies but only a couple that I saw may have an impact on the gov. All the “BIG NAME” companies need to make a stand (Remington, Smith&Wesson, Colt, Hornady and so on). Until this happens, it will not even make a dent in the gov. buying weapons of any kind. The companies are too greedy to make a stand. In the Marine Corps Times, there was an article about the military not having enough rounds to qual. all the men/women from all services..ummmmm, maybe if DHS, the postal service, and all the rest of the ABC gang’s weren’t buying up and hoarding billions of rounds our military could remain up to par with their training standards. I just hope the “Big Boys” hop on board and shut them down once and for all! By the way….come to Kentucky, we would be glad to have ya. Plenty of room to set up business around Rock Castle shooting facilities. How great would that be? (for KY anyway)

  84. I salute these companies – and I hope they relocate to 2nd Amendment state- I will only do business with those companies that refuse to do dealings LS/Govt within those states that denies their citizens their rights.

  85. Magpul already bitched out. Decided that $ was more important, and is now selling to LE and govt. agencies. Seems politicians aren’t the only sell-outs

  86. I greatly respect the manufacturers for their stance against the states who want to deny its lawful citizens of the constutitional rights to own firearms. I would encourage other commercial entities to do the same and sever their business dealings with the LE/Govt in those states. Let the LE/Govt. agencies in those states learn first hand what it will be liked to NOT have access to firearms, magazines or ammunitions to defend themselves.

  87. I fully support gun and accessory mfrs to relocate to 2nd ammendment friendly states, and to push back to states that violate this trust.

  88. I would love for some of these fine companies to move to South Carolina! State legislators are working to get a law of manufactured in SC would be legal in SC. Get the Feds involved in areas they need to be. Not usurping our rights!
    James Anderson
    GySgt USMC RET

  89. I support those companies that back the 2nd Amendment and, further, literally put their money where their mouths are by not selling to LE in states that are stomping all over our right to own firearms. I would even be willing to pay a surcharge on products that I purchase from these companies. As a resident of AZ, I would welcome those companies and any others that wish to relocate to our great, gun-friendly state.
    Formerly from CA, I relocated to AZ because I was so tired of and maddened by the continued surge to the Left of the Socialist Republic of California.
    It is only through efforts like these that we can keep the Libtards from confiscating our legally-owned firearms and ammunition. And, make no mistake, that is exactly what they intend to do as they work their way to ruining our great country by trying to turn it in to a European-style Socialist state.
    The second front of the ongoing battle against this tyranny is the so-called Mainstream Media. They paint gun owners as wacko, home born terrorists who must be disarmed. With the exception of Fox News and a very few other media outlets, the MSM is conspiring with the Left Wing in government to destroy the Constitution and, with it, any semblance of traditional Conservative values.

  90. Hi folks from Arkansas. I have read your letters on cheaper than dirt. It is good that you folks are standing up with and for us. As for the folks that make and repair fire arms, we will make you feels right at home here in Arkansas. We have the Arkansas River, the great big Mississippi river on the whole east side boundary of Arkansas. We will have a new steel plant coming soon in north east part of Arkansas. I served in the military in the 50’s and 60’s, I was issued a M1 Grand and later M14. I ate with it, slept with each and was my best friend. I never was issued an A.R. and never did think I would like one because of the caliber. I own a tree farm her in L.A. (Lower Arkansas); we have lots of land, trees, rivers, dear, turkey and fish, all you can ask for nest to heaven. So come on down and check us out. Thank you. Red and Rosey from the great stae of Arkansas.
    P.S. I purchased a rifle for the wife in January of this year. It was an Olympia A.R. and she loves it. P.P.S. The vice president stated that to stop someone from coming in, you should shoot through the door. Hells fire, I would kill all my dogs; he should know better than that! Have a nice day! (: 4’2U.

  91. Kudos to all companies exercising these restrictions! Although this is more of an symbolic effort, I am sure Mr. Bloomberg’s and Mr. Cuomo’s hired guns are NOT restricted to how many rounds ‘their’ magazines can hold, it none-the-less sends a message!

    Ruger, a favorite, and any other gun related manufacturers, please DO MOVE to one of our more hospitable Southern states.

    As many have already done, join and support the NRA or another gun rights organization – numbers are the only power! There are millions of gun owners in these states that are run by constitution usurping ‘criminals.’ Ban together and VOTE them out!!

  92. Any Company that stand for the Constitution and proclaims their intent to close their doors to selling to anti Constitutional law making Governments and Law enforcement agencies that do not support said Constitution has my business and support. With my heartfelt thank you to those and the ones coming that support our Law of the Land. If they need help moving to a friendly environment I have 40 years as a Machinery Erector and offer my services.
    Molon Labe

  93. I am a Los Angeles County, California Deputy Sheriff and I fully support the current movement by firearms and accessory manufacturers to withhold sales to law enforcement/government agencies in the states that don’t allow their civilians the same rights.

    For the record, I am a Patron life member of the NRA and don’t support my sheriff’s view on gun rights and bans. He is a liberal politician first and vehemently anti-gun. For the education of those who read this, I am not allowed to purchase an AR-15 style weapon or any other weapon on the California state ban list. I am not exempt just because I am a peace officer. The exception would be if my sheriff would sign a letter for me to privately own one. However, he refuses to allow his deputies to purchase the same weapons we can access and use during our duties. I’m referring to the AR-15 variants.

    We all know the Senator Feinstein hates cops as much as she hates the armed public and the 2nd amendment. She has advocated in the past that we not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon off duty. She will continue her attacks on all of us until we (the people) put an end to her rule and those like her.

    In 26 years of real law enforcement duty (mostly working patrol), I have never dealt with an illegal gun incident involving a true law abiding citizen. I am not saying they don’t occur, I am saying that they are so rare, that most cops don’t experience them. Conversely, I can’t even count how many times I have dealt with convicted felons and guns! Many times the same criminals (repeat offenders) I put in jail for gun related crimes. I fear the crooks and gangsters who have guns illegally and use them against cops and the public, but not as much as the liberal politicians and liberal elite gun haters who continue to support the freedoms of criminals, while banning and confiscating our rights.

    Their desire to ban all guns and make us completely subservient to them is more of a threat to my liberty, freedom and safety than the armed dirt bag in the street.

    I will continue to support our constitution as it was originally intended, and promise the following to my family, friends and the people of the United Sates of America: “I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.”

  94. I totally agree with all the companies trying to protect my rights; however, after reading alot of these posts I may have to rethink where, and with whom I stand. I do not see god’s name on the 2nd amendment, so i don’t see it as a god given right. It’s a right made by the founding fathers. Also, I play all those video games – need for speed mostly, yet I don’t get in my vette and see how many cops I can get to chase me. My favorite movie has always been First Blood; however, I’ve never seen it fit to go to a small town and take on their inbred police force. Really people, lets quit blaming or trying to pass the blame on to other company’s products, playstations and all the hollywood movie companies. Just like the firearm companies are not to blame. Crazy people are crazy, and nothing we do will change that. Goverment is goverment, always trying to become more powerful, history has proven that. So having said that, it’s not god, it’s not other companies, and quit saying it’s not us, it’s them. Hell, if you guys keep this up we’ll be fighting a ban on computers, tv, movies, mabey even books. Isn’t that just trading the 1st amendment for the 2nd? I STAND BEHIND THE WHOLE BILL OF RIGHTS NOT JUST THE 2nd.

  95. I think this is a great idea. Don’t sell to a state that denies it’s citizens. I’m from NY and fully support this total sellers ban.
    If Senator Diane Finestein wants to ban anything scary, then ban all gun related items like uniforms, leather belts and holsters, boots that lace up with more then 7 eyelets, and really scary vehicles with sirens and blinking light like police cars, and police radios.

  96. Hats off to all manufacturers putting there money were there mouths are and standing up for the American people and the Second Amendment . They have my moral support and my business . I also would like to see the American people Stand up and stop supporting any Firearms manufactures,Ammunition manufactures,that will not do the same !!

  97. I must say that restrictions on magazines may be past due. After all the Constitution was written over two hundred years ago at a time when the founders could have no idea of the gains in technological achievement. If the Constitution truly is a living breathing document, then it must reflect todays realities. At the time of the founding, the press meant printing one page at a time using a manual printing press. There was no instant worldwide reporting of information on mis-information. I support a ban not only on magazines, but on newspapers and television “news” as well, for if the second amendment can be infringed upon it is only fair that freedom of the press should be limited as well. All joking aside, I do not support any new restrictions on the first, second or any amendments in the Bill of Rights but I do think some of the arguments put forth by the media should met with this type of rebuttal. I support those in the firearms industry’s decisions to move from states that are not friendly to them and to restrict their sales to those states’ government agencies as well. I would encourage the entire industry to adopt policies as described in the article. The second amendment was included because guns already existed and sometimes bad people had them, sometimes bad people are in government. “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.”

    ― James Madison, The Federalist Papers

  98. I fully agree with the manufacturers who have taken this stance and I will send whatever business their way that I can. I will ask our state representatives to offer incentives to any firearms/ammunition/accessories company that might consider a relocation to my state. I am very tired of our legislators who are acting more like our keepers than our employed representatives and strongly agree and support Mr. Reynolds statement and position. For some time it has been looking more and more Orwellian in this country with the self-appointed better element placing themselves above and separate from the rest of us. With apologies to Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little (perceived) temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety….

  99. We welcome your business in Texas. The regulatory climate is business-friendly; the customers are waiting. So, y’all come on down!

  100. Im sure everyone agrees & supports the new responses by the arms companies, as do I.
    This is right out of ‘Atlas shrugged’ the novel by ayn rand in 1957. It depicted a future socialist police /welfare state of america in which these actions were taken by the resisters, ( such as we)and also where companies/owners had to secretly relocate to a hidden free zone to do business with only other free types while leaving the rest of america to collapse in its own demise. It seemed crazy at the time, but is actually understated now with the new “patriot act’. ( Think orwells 1984 ‘newspeak’ where the definitions are reversed).I myself as a business owner in wa state have seen my renewal fee go up 2500% per year while the state spends 900 mill on illegals each year.
    Im buying a retreat in another state and look for gun /freedom laws as outlined in ‘retreat & relocation’ by j. rawles and by j. skousen. why stay put in a state where you have already lost your rights? an armed person is a citizen, and an unarmed person is a subject. I am an original hippie by the way & I think that the system is dividing the left & right to push its nwo agenda. everyone should look past the differences and work together against the common enemy of tyranny, and then bicker in a free environment.

  101. Yes, I support the efforts of those companies that take a stand at the cost of sales and profits, and I will make an effort to purchase from those companies.

    Remember that if they refuse to sell to municipalities and agengies who have large budgets, and spend large amounts on arms from these same suppliers, those sales, or at least the profits that would have come from those sales, need to be made us by sales to US.

    Fewer sales at “retail” prices to us will go a long way towards supporting the lost profits from sales at “contract” prices to governmental agencies, so WE CAN (and must) MAKE a difference by supporting those companies who have taken a stand. Otherwise, they will not survive, or must change their position to survive. Who wins then? The anti-second amendment folks. Who loses? All of us.

  102. I think the time has come for a new Constitutional Amendment: Any state that passes regulations that restrict or deny It’s citizens the right to keep and bear arms or imposes prohibitive taxes or fees on ownership of these weapons or purchase of ammunition for said weapons will be either peacefully or forcefully removed from the Union of these United States.

  103. I am so glad to see all this support for companies refusing to sell to state agencies that institute bans. I agree and support them and am happy to do what I can to help them with their stance that costs them revenue and will happily pay extra for their products. I myself have urged the CEO of Ruger to join the cause and urge all gun owners to get Colt on board with this stance. I have not seen a statement from them in regards to sales to these states. I also hope that Magpull follows through with their stance to leave CO, even though I know full well that it will be a detriment to our economy. Our lawmakers do not understand that criminals have never followed the law. So let local law enforcement fight back with only the weapons the criminals are allowed to get. A ban in s ban and no one person or agency should be exempted by it. I will do my part to get Chickencooper out of office in 2014 and take back CO as a state that respects the rights handed down to us by our nations forefathers over 200 years ago. Vote the liberals out. Because they won’t stop with the 2nd amendment. They’ll take every right we have if we keep them in office.

  104. I have found it very interesting that 736 other American’s response feel that what CTD and the other companies are doing is the right thing to do. I read the additional comments made about Beretta, mainly the that they are considering moving to a more favorable state to which some politician said they could make a deal with Beretta to stay in Maryland bull, come to Alabama we have a legislature and Govenor that know what the 2d Amendment means.

  105. I have tried buy ammo of all calibers and have paid triple prices for them, and I have tried buying a 223 semi=auto and they are price WAY above anything I can afford, thank you obamation and feincrap, I agree any ammo they do sell to the government would be bought be Americans, same with the guns.

  106. I live in Colorado and have been writing all the state reps opposing the bills before us. I have also been stocking up on high capacity magazines, even for guns I don’t own yet, like an SKS. The Beta Company is prioritizing orders for us unfortunate Coloradans. Thank you! I think I’ll order another one just because of the excellent service I’ve received.

    To Mike Sessler (above): Please don’t stop doing business with Colorado companies just because of the lawmakers. Magpul is caught up in the middle of this, as they are located in the Republic of Boulder, Colorado. They have recently started Operation “Boulder Airlift: PMAGs for Coloradans” Even though I probably have enough PMAG gen3 magazines now, I plan on supporting them and buying even more.

    We have also started a magazine wrapper campaign over at (not .com) where we are mailing in magazine wrappers to our lawmakers. Please support and send us your empty magazine wrappers!

  107. I too applaud and respect all the companies that take a stand against selling in states that are anti-Second Amendment — including law enforcement. I would like to see ALL manufactures and dealers stop selling in any anti-Second Amendment. That would be a game-changer with the public in those states and a warning to other.

  108. I could not agree more with these companies.I hope many more will follow their lead.They will get my business.

  109. I commend these manufactures and dealerships. I think it is about time that “We the People” need to only do business with those that support these kind of acts. I know that as of this date, I will no longer buy any products nor will I do any type of business from any agency that does not support the same as do these businesses.

  110. Stalin – Marxist Socialism, and Beria’s NKVD.
    Hitler – National Socialism, and Himmler’s Gestapo.
    Obama – Democratic Socialism, and Napolitano’s Homeland Severity.

    If government fears honest citizens arming themselves at their own expense, it should. A burden of citizenship is being individually willing and able to defend yourself, your family, your property, and your country against all threats. Politicians’ flashy mediocrity holds a vast audience diligently converting glitter into a tyranny of immersive falsehoods.



  112. I applaud and commend any and all firearms and accessory manufacturers who demonstrate the courage and conviction of principles reflected in these actions. May we, as citizens and customers fail to support such bold patriotism? Our forefathers pledged their fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of Liberty. Have we become callous and craven? I am sure the state of Kentucky would welcome any of these companies to the “Kentucky Rifle” state.

  113. The 100 companies now refusing to do business with those LE and government agencies in states that are trying to repeal our inalienable right to keep and bear arms is a good start. Let’s hope that the other hundreds of US companies get on that band wagon too.

  114. All of the anti-gun rhetoric from the Left ignores the fact that, were it not for gun “violence”, Dianne Feinstein would just be another political wanna-be. Why shouldn’t citizens have the same access to protection that Law Enforcement has ?? If a (standard) 15-round magazine is “adequate” for Law Enforcement, why should the public be restricted to ten…or seven ?? Hoorah for the manufacturers who are pushing back, especially in New York. Here in California, a Third-World country at best, those of us who actually pay taxes and don’t live off the government applaud such a stance. If I were a manufacturer and was trying to do business here, I’d be relocating as quick as was possible.

  115. I give bug KUDO’s to every gun company that stands up for the 2nd Amendment buy not selling to LE & Govt Agencies that restrict the People from owning those guns. I hope DPMS comes to WISCONSIN , A state where each year 700,000 – 800,000 plus Deer hunters take to the woods with rifles of all types. Wiscosin is a very friendly pro gun, pro business state…

  116. i absolutely agree with and support these companies in there actions. the next wave i would like to see is from the manufacturers of ammunition, especially with all the ammo we are seeing bought by the feds. they are up to what now……like 2 billion + rounds of various calibers. calibers and bullet designs obviously to be used in a domestic setting. maybe all the patriots will move out of these commie states and make room for all libs and “progressives” to take there place. any company or individual supporting america and its constitution and bill of rights is welcome here NC.

  117. Now if the ammo companies would just stop selling to the Feds. The same Feds who would eventually turn that ammo back on us, or at the VERY least is buying it with our money in order to prevent us from buying it. I know it’s tough to turn down a sale of millions of rounds but ultimately it would be in those companies best interest to do so.

  118. I am all for restricting sales to the self chosen “elite”. I would encourage all firearm, accessory & ammunition manufactures to move out the free america of Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and other such states.

  119. As an LEO in the state of Texas and a veteran, I cannot believe that so many are overreacting to these proposed laws. I wholly support the second amendment. So fine, I won’t purchase these rifles from the manufactures that won’t support the protection of lives that the citizens of my town and state have appointed me to protect. I won’t go to the school, the mall, or the Luby’s where someone who has decided to take lives with a rifle that has been illegally acquired to which I have nothing but a pistol to defend those individuals or myself. I know let’s put a bell tower on the middle of Dallas that would call to arms the people who do have access to this rifles, so they can defend those scared and huddled masses of children tucked up away from the shooters. Or since technology is very useful, let’s send out a text alert, and hope that people can show up at a moment’s notice to defend the sons, daughters, mothers and fathers that are in shock at what is happening and are to afraid to move to save their own lives. Hell, I might as well just give up my post.

    Some feel that every manufacturer of goods that military and law enforcement use to defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, should refuse to provide those products to those who defend the Constitution of the United States or the State Constitutions. Asinine and idiotic. I promise to rush into the movie theater where your brothers and sisters are being gunned down with my wooden baton swinging. Maybe I will make it so my son can wake up with me the next day in his life.

    , continue to update the list of people my brothers, sisters and I don’t need to support or defend, so I may move on to those who actually want it.

  120. I am 75 years old and have watched this country’s government deteriorate for many years. I fully support any manufacturers or distributors that take the second amendment seriously, seriously.
    To LEO Paul: I fully trust and respect the officers in the field. This movement isn’t intended to make your work any harder or dangerous. It is simply to force legislators to start standing by their oaths of office in regards to our Constitution. I would be more than happy to back you up in any situation where you were endangered, but I want to be armed at least as well as our common enemies. I am as concerned as anyone about the mass slaughter of people and feel deep sympathy for them and their families, but stiff gun control laws have never worked to reduce those heinous crimes and only suffice to disarm the good guys, or to make them criminals by default.


  122. These bans should be against all Federal and State agency’s – especially on ammo. While the Feds buy in the billions we are left with no ammo on the shelf.

  123. Absolutetly! I am happy to see these companies taking a stand for freedom. The Second Ammendment was deemed necessary by our founders to prevent precisely what Cuomo did and especially the way he did it. It is time for the “citizens” of the USA to present our elected “representatives” with concequences for their abuse of power.
    I think the New York State Sportsmen need to follow the example of the firearms companies and “not buy hunting or fishing licenses this year” Hit them in their pocketbook and they will listen; that’s all they care about and is the true motive for this gun issue. They are creating “more revenue” not a safer country.

  124. I have and will continue to fully support these manufactures. To take this further if a company does not embrace this stand and start fighting for what is right, I will no longer be supporting these companies with my money. Although doing the right thing often comes at a cost a smaller earnings report is NOTHING compared to the sacrifices our forefathers made.

  125. Powerful Nebraska stands firm in our 2nd Amendment Defense; and to welcome manufacturers of defense products to our State. We are still an island of calm
    and common sense. WELCOME MAGPUL, DPMS and all others who face tyranny in your state!

  126. I fully support the companies that are respectful enough of their civilian customers to refuse sales to LE and Federal entities that would not allow the average, law abiding gun owner to purchase the same weapons. I wish Glock, Sig Sauer and the other high volume LE sales companies would jump on board. If CA could no longer purchase >10 round magazines for the LE community, or new Glocks, they perhaps may consider easing the gun restrictions. Many of us buy guns simply because we are fascinated with them and enjoy the shooting sport. We have one or two for necessity (defense, carry) and the rest are just a collection of things we like and have a RIGHT to own. Our own government would appreciate our collections if we were to be invaded because the millions of gun owners with more firearms than they can field, could arm their neighbors who would be willing to defend America, even though they do not own their own weapons.

    Furthermore, if our government truly is verging on tyranny, it is important for the citizenry to be adequately equipped to fight such tyranny, as required by our Constitution.

  127. I think everyone should boycott All products and companies in states with restrictive rights on there people.
    Yes it will hurt, but just maybe more then just firearms and related companies will relocate to more business friendly states.
    And I will not do business with any company that sells any thing to the Fed Government or LE in restrictive states.

  128. I totally agree with this stance and will support the companies that take this stand with my future purchases. As a citizen of Alabama we would welcome any of these companies here and I will be willing to donate 10% of my commission earned, to NRA and another 10% to the Pro-gun group of their choice, on any real estate that they want to buy in the state of Alabama, if I am the agent representing either buyer or seller. I will also lobby our state government for tax abatements to move your company here. The people of Alabama or hard workers and would make excellent employees. I will also extend the above offer to any employee of these companies that wish to transfer here with their company.

    It is time for us to stand up for our rights and to tell the Government that work for us and not the other way around.

  129. I completely support these companies who have taken a stand against tyranny. I currently live in gun-hating CA (and I grew up in NY). Even though I have family back there, I’m not moving back; at least not until they free the state residents. If our clueless leaders in Sacramento persist in making several million law-abiding gun owners felons with their latest idiotic laws, I will be leaving this state as soon as my daughter finishes high school in a year.

    Sadly, we had been considering CO as a place to land. But with this latest round of stupidity in the CO state legislature, we will probalby head somewhere else more friendly to things like the Constitution. I’ve already written to all the members of the CO Judiciary Committee informing them that not only will we not be moving or visiting there, but we’ll also not be doing business with any company located there.

    Voting with dollars seems to be the only thing politicians listen to,

  130. I support, 100%, the premise of state gov. equal to its people. I, also, believe that Fed gov be held to the same standards. What ever the people are not allowed to have all Gov. is banned from having. The 2nd amendment state that premise to the letter.

  131. My utmost respect and admiration to Mr. Bob Reynolds, president of Templar Custom, Inc., who said, “We will not sell arms to agents of the state of New York that hold themselves to be ‘more equal’ than their citizens.”…………………… BRAVO SIR !!!
    As a person who believes in the 2nd amendment I will do every thing in my power to purchase any item I need from companies like yours who are taking a stand in what’s right. Again Sir, I Thank You for your courage.
    All the public needs now is for someone to create a list of companies who have taken a stand, so others like me, will do business with only them so we can show our
    support towards companies like yours.

  132. At age 62, I have had ample time to observe the degradation of American society, and the increasingly oppressive measures our government implements to gain a strengthening “upper hand” over its citizens. I’m a veteran, and I have watched the incremental take-away of freedoms we all once had. Yet our leadership (if that’s what you can call them) still spouts the rhetorical freedom phrase on a regular basis. I ask myself regularly – where’s the freedom? So do I agree with the approach being taken by industry to counter the oppression. Hell yes. In fact, I’d take it much further.
    Industry has the right to charge what they wish for products. Why not charge government ten times… or twenty times the rate offered to general citizens… call it a company-imposed “anti-regulatory” fee for anything they wish to purchase. I recommend ammunition makers use this as a means of reducing citizens’ cost. I could ramble on, but this should get the creative juices flowing.

  133. Come to Michigan. We need the jobs, and we have thousands of laid off former GM workers who have skills.

  134. Hell yea tell all the gov.agencies to kiss somthing that has a crack in it,and i dont mean the liberty bell !!!!!!!!!!!!! all of you fine patreotic gun manufacturers are more than welcom to come and set up shop right here in louisiana.we have enough gun lovers here to keep yall in buisness. LOVE MY GUNS AND MY RIGHT TO KEEP THEM !!!!!!!

  135. Thank You, I will purchase and fully support any manufacturer proving to be Americans and the rights written in the United States Constitution. God bless .

  136. This is simply outstanding and I am heartened by the actions of these companies. To answer the two questions, yes, I support the decision of firearm companies, whether weapons or accessories, in the decision to move to states that are friendly to the firearms industry. Go for it!

    Second, I am in full support of these same companies not selling to LE agencies in states that restrict the 2nd amendment rights of the citizens. What a marvelous concept.

    Thank you to those companies engaged in both practices. You can bet that when I need something in the lines they offer I will look to them first.

  137. I think Ruger could easily move its Connecticut operation to its facility in Prescott, Arizona. The only problem being that they are already back ordered a number of months and the move would put them a couple of more months behind on the products being produced in Connecticut. Beretta is already threatening to leave Maryland completely. They moved one of their warehouses into northern Virginia already, and old man Beretta is getting tired of the BS from Maryland legislators. Many of these firearms manufacturers could move to Texas or Florida and save a fortune in taxes, and regulatory requirements.

  138. Here in Iowa, we would welcome firearm manufacturers and magazine manufacturers with open arms. There are many communities that would love having a new business in the area that support our second amendment rights.

  139. I certainly agree. If some of the ammo would start to divert some of the ammo they’re shipping to DHS and other federal agencies they certainly wouldn’t suffer much business loss. Has anyone tried to buy some 5.56 of 9mm lately? It’s three to four times the cost if you can get it. Come on Ammo manufacturers and step up to the plate and support the second ammandment.

  140. Where is Glock in this effort? The Maryland State Police use Glock. Maryland is considering some of the most oppressive gun legislation in the Nation. Beretta is threatening to move out of Maryland. BUT… I hear nothing from Glock! Where are they in the defense of the rights of their largest patrons? I hope we hear something soon! They should be telling Maryland no more support if anti-2A legislation passes!!

  141. I will support any gun, or accessory manufacturer, and gun or accessory dealers, that will restrict Law enforcement sales to what their locality restricts their privwte citizens to. Furthermore, I will NOT purchase from companies that do NOT jump on board, and join the fight in doing so. I would also like to see ammunition manufactures, cut off sales to ALL federal agencies, and any local L.E. that is hostile to the 2nd Ammendment. The civilian population will gladly buy up that ammunition, as it is now unavailable, due to a government maufactured crisis, playing off the tragedy of Sandy Hook. As far as manufacturers relocated? Come on down to the Tennessee home of Ronnie Barret and company. Doesn’t get anymore friendly than here.

  142. Plenty of room out here in Texas DPMS. Trust me, you will be welcomed with millions of open arms!!!! I just can’t grasp how politicians believe making it illegal for law abiding citizens to own a particular type of gun will effect criminal activity. Cocaine is illegal, methamphetamine is illegal anyone starting to see a point here?

  143. Not, just yes, but H#LL YES! Proudly own an Olympic Arms AR-15. My oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, doesn’t end when I take off my uniform at the of the day. These companies understand the true meaning of the Second Admendment, that the freedom and security of our nation belongs in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

  144. I am very happy to see that there are still individuals that will stand up for their rights. I first heard about this on a video blog by Molotov Mitchell and he was praising these companies for be proactive. I would love to see any and all manufactures come to the great state of Tennessee and set up shop. We have passed the Fireamrs Freedom Act and if up held Inwould like to see as many firearms and accessories built here as possible. Well done Cheaper Than Dirt and every other manufacturer that is being proactive in this battle for our constitutional rights.

  145. Firearm, ammo, accessory manufactures as well as suppliers should not only refuse to sell to any governmental organization (or members of that organization) any item that is restricted to a normal citizen of that state. These manufacturers and suppliers should strongly and publicly consider moving out of a state that bans any of their products to its citizens. And, most importantly shooters in other states should think very strongly about the purchase of items from manufactures or suppliers that maintain operations in states that ban items to their own citizens.

  146. My wife and I travel west every year for at least two ski trips. We cancelled our second trip to Colorado this year. We were having some scheduling problems and when we considered all the foolish things going on in that state regarding firearms, the decision to cancel the trip was rather easy.

    We normally spend 4 to 6 thousand dollars on each trip. I hope more people start to consider not vacationing in anti-gun states. We have already decided that next year’s ski trips will be to Utah and possibly Montana.

    Oh yeah, as a compensation to myself for not getting that second ski trip this year, I’m getting ready to go out to the local gun store and by a new 357 revolver (I haven’t owned a revolver in many years)and as much ammo for it as they will sell me.

  147. And Paul…thank you for your service 🙂

    In general, I would agree that we shouldn’t limit you guys – and that we should be able to have access to the same gear. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the few ways to show the politicians that these actions will not be tolerated. The state governments are always trying to lure in businesses for the tax revenue, and if they threaten to leave, that hurts their income and then they won’t be able to do all the wasteful (and helpful) things that they want to do.

    Hopefully this will encourage those governments to stop pushing personal agendas in violation of the Constitution. Yes, we can try to vote them out, but some people (like that jackass Bloomberg) somehow stays in office (lots and lots of money helps in that department, I’m sure). And with most of the large cities being mostly democrat, it’s hard to get them to *not* elect a democrat – which means a lot more gun/people control agendas being pushed at this sensitive time.

  148. I have to give props to Ronnie Barrett for doing this very early on with California. I believe a comprehensive list should be published by every gun related website such as, NRA, etc. that allows users to quickly see a matrix of which companies stop doing business with tyrannical entities. Although it would be very risky, I think companies that do a lot of business with the military should threaten sales to them as well. Since the US doesn’t make it’s own guns, it would really escalate this into a national security issue.

    Fortunately I live in a gun friendly state. If I lived in a ban State, I would make it a family priority to move, even if the logistics were painful. My family had to escape from a communist country and I see this as being along the same lines.

  149. You’re darned skippy I support the companies that refuse to do business with government entities that make these things illegal. I would also welcome them with open arms to my state, should they decide that they would like to move here. Hell, I’d probably see if they’d hire me.

    I think that the officers would then be at a disadvantage on the streets, but then again – they are civilians just like us; if they are disadvantaged, then so are we. Unfortunately, the criminal is not, which is more the reason we need to show the states that their emotional capitalization on a tragedy to push their agendas of people control will not be tolerated. There has to be some way to show that there are repercussions when the force their personal agendas down our throats.

  150. As a federal law enforcement officer assigned to the state of New York, I find the actions of these companies despicable! We didn’t ask to come to NY, we were assigned here. Just because we are in law enforcement, doesn’t mean we get whatever tools we need. For the most part, we purchase our own gear. My agency still use the Vietnam era magazines and rifles. So we purchase our own magazine and rifles to save not only our lives but the citizens we serve. We do not seize weapons from law abiding citizens but felons who ruin it for everyone and has no business owning a weapon. We are not saying we are better than the citizens we serve so we should be able to purchase certain type of weapons while they can not. We understand why certain manufacturers feel this way. It’s because whenever the president makes a speech about gun control, there is a swarm of law enforcement standing behind him. Let me tell you that they were chosen by the heads of an agency that are political figures themselves, and not the officers that are out there doing all the grunt work. It’s easy to bash law enforcement. For most of us, coming across a law enforcement officer is never a good experience. You are either getting a ticket or something terrible has happened. For that,we are sorry. But please, don’t enact policies that hurt us because of the actions or our politicians. Thank you

  151. I appluad all the companies for taking a stand against the trampling of the 2nd amendment. But, the one thing I notice is that it seems that they are only refusing to do business with LEA,s in the state in which they are based. They need to say they will not do business with ANY state that restricts the rights of their citizens. We also need to get the BIG boys on board, Remington,S&W,Colt,Springfield,Beretta etc.

  152. I live in Kansas and would love for gun makers to come to Kansas. Kansas is in the process of limiting the Federal Government power by passes laws that would allow gun owners to keep their guns regardless of the Federal Law. Anyone that lives in Colorado and doesn’t like their new gun laws move to Kansas.

  153. As I read some of the comments I am moved with all the passionate and sincere comments. I see this issue going way beyond gun control, this is about our freedom and the rights granted to us by our forefathers. God bless this country but not the anti-gun politicians.

  154. Here in Maryland last night debate on gun control, the pro gun people out weighted the anti gun people by a margin of 45 to 1. Still our governor wants to ram this bill down our throats. One interesting fact is that Governor O’Malley will let Beretta, who makes guns in Charles county in Maryland, keep making guns and selling them outside of Maryland, although some of those guns will be ban in Maryland.

  155. I fully support all of the above actions by the firearm and accessory manufacturers. I think “straw” purchases, which are subsequently transferred to these state agencies should also fall under this ban as well. We must fight back against this power grab now! We should organize a million person march in Washington and really have 1 million show up.

  156. Support companies that are trying to ensure the govt has to live within its own laws? Heck, I want to BE them! These are the modern day equivalents of Patrick Henry, John Adams, and all the Patriots who pledged their lives and fortunes to the cause of freedom from tyranny! God bless them. I say let’s all write to those who’ve been elected to perform a function in the govt of the people, by the people, and for the people to let them know that they suck at their jobs. Let’s point out to them that their track record is abysmal (falling victim to their own sequester trap only the latest in a long line of examples). And let’s put them on notice that, because of what we know and see, we choose not to rely on the govt for our individual protection. In the next natural disaster, we’ll turn out to help and protect our neighbors while they fart around with political score keeping. When the next wacko decides to live out his video game hero fantasies in real life, we’ll be on hand to take him out while the police (God bkess them, too) log their 911 call and flip on their sirens. Oh, and for good measure, let’s make sure
    that not one blinking incumbent gets to keep his job for the next 3 election cycles!

  157. I stopped hunting and fishing in Canada when they began registering long arms at the border. Although Remington employs 1300 in my district of NY, I would support their move out of state, as I would any other firearm or accessory manufacturer that moves. Sorry to say, but this issue has divided America into two camps, and I am seriously considering leaving for a friendlier atmosphere, along with them. Vote with your feet…

  158. I’m glad we have manufactures that are making a political stand. But if they don’t do it now, they might be run out of business anyway.

  159. Its nice to see big firearm company’s standing for what they beleave in even if it’ll hurt there sales.

  160. The amount of respect I have for the gun companies taking a stand can not be accurately described. I hope to see more of the gun companies, companies that make shooting products in general, pull together to form a cooperative group, to show these states that are passing legislation, to make guns illegal for their residents to own and use, just how important the gun companies are to these states, the economies of these states, and the safety of their residents. It is not my desire to see a bunch of companies that produce guns and gun accessories move from their states, as that will cause much harm to their employees. It is my desire to see the combined efforts of all to squash this ridiculous anti-gun legislation within the states. If you own a gun, and do not belong to the NRA, you are not part of the solution, please join now.

  161. I am a law abiding citizen and love my country. We have rights that many other countries cannot comprehend. I served seven years of my life in the armed services to defend these rights. Our forefathers wrote the 2nd amendment with a purpose in mind. I stand behind the companies that choose not to sell to states that take away gun ownership rights. Let’s take it a step further and refuse as citizens to purchase any firearms from any gun manufacturer that deals in the gun banned states.

  162. I will make these companies , my fist pick , from now on! A nobler statement,never made ;to show their support for us. The government and some le have gotten their Britches to big! They serve , the public;not ,the other way! My hat is of , an God speed!

  163. I’m very proud of what the company’s are doing. Personally I think the should take it a step further and an just refuse all sales of any type of firearm or ammunition to any government agency. Just cut them off. The 2nd amendment is very clear and is non negotiable. Seems like the government wants to sell us to china. Send all are troops to bufu and Strip the american public of our guns. What and who left to protect us? Obama care? Tax increases? Sky rocketing gas prices?….They need to clean up the mess they created with the economy and bring jobs back to the states and fix schools instead of putting more hard working people out of business and jobs. I will not give up my guns with out a fight… We the people by the people for the people. Why are we letting the curropt pollitions dictate our lives. This used to be a free contry and everyday I feel less free….

  164. I applaud these companies taking a stand. I live in NY and hope that ALL firearm manufacturers follow suit. But we need big companies to do it also. I highly support the idea that if we cant have them then neither can the government. And it doesnt just apply to firearms. Ammo, magazines included too.

  165. I think CHEAPER THAN DIRT should have a web page of the companies that will NOT do business with the federal government (and a link to their web pages so we can do business with them) and the state governments, then also show the companies that WILL (along with email address so we can tell them what we think) so we will then know NOT to do business with them.

  166. My home state of Tennessee not only needs the jobs but is relatively sane in their interpretation of the second amendment. The people here are hard workers and would whole-heartedly support you business should you decide to relocate. There are vendors through-out the state who cannot keep product on shelves, many of whom would would be happy to have an in-state source of product.

    I feel that the stance you are taking is one of the best and most effective ways for us to work to retain our constitutional rights under the second amendment.

    Bravo! and thank you so for your support.

  167. It is great to see the Firearm industry standing up for the 2nd Amendment and the Citizens that the 2nd Amendment is suppose to protect. I stand by them 100% as well as the NRA. My only wish now is to have the involvement of the Ammunition Manufactures in this boycott.
    I would first hope they would quit sending ammunition to Federal entities that really have no other purpose than to take ammunition out of the hands of honest citizens. Thank you one and all for this endeavor of protecting us against all those that took the oath of office, “TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”, it seems for many elected officials these are just empty words.

  168. I fully support the decision of the companies to NOT do business with the government agency and there employees that find that certain weapons, magazines are illegal but think it is OK for them to have them. I would also like to see the ammunition companies of these type weapons stop selling to these government agencies who will put there ammo in the magazines and weapons that the state governments decide is illegal for there tax paying citizens.
    Please add MARYLAND to your list and Berretta who manufactures guns in Maryland needs to move out as well and start speaking out.
    If it illegal for tax paying citizens to own than it should also be illegal for the state goverment to have them as well as the military

  169. North Idaho has open arms to any and all firearm, ammunition or accessory manufacture who wants to re-locate to a friendly community. We are going so far as to pass legislation that would make all abel-bodied adults a part of the state militia. So come one, come all!

  170. Magpul is proud to announce the “Boulder Airlift”, our program to make sure that responsible Colorado citizens have the opportunity to own standard capacity PMAGs prior to the potential implementation of pending legislation that would infri…nge on their Second Amendment Rights. The program will be open to all responsible CO residents, (with both billing and shipping addresses inside CO) and provide access to a limited quantity of PMAGs. Remember to contact members of the Senate and the Governor prior to ordering and urge them to oppose HB 1224.Full details at to the Berlin Airlift, the Boulder Airlift will bring much needed supplies to freedom-loving residents trapped inside occupied territory. While we plan to initially use FedEx or UPS instead of aerial delivery, we figure that $5 flat rate shipping will make up for any loss of “style points.” The increases we have made and continue to make in production capacity will allow us to open this program with very minimal impact on the number of PMAGs we are shipping to our dealers and distributors out of the state. We are also aware that Colorado is not the only state with existing or pending magazine capacity restrictions; we are working on programs for other affected states as well.See More

  171. Thank God companies like you have the brass to stand with us against a government who only wishes to trample our rights that 1000’s have died for. I will support your company’s by ONLY buying products made or sold by you. And please, when and if you relocate, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!

  172. I would absolutely support any firearm or firearm accessory manufacturer that is willing to restrict sales of their products to LE in anti-gun states. Good for them! I would love to see those manufactures pack up and move out of their state if that state is restricting the right of law abiding citizens to “Keep and bear arms.” I would also really like to see those manufacturers move to Arizona.

  173. I’m glad that companies are taking the fight to states that restrict gun rights of law abiding citizens. We need to stand behind those companies support them and if so needed help them move to states that support them. I regret that we must take away law enforcement tools but criminals do not buy their weapons at the local store they buy them from gangs or on the black market. I hope that this will show how ludicrous state governments have become and they listen to the people. Stop the criminals not law abiding citizens.

  174. The companies that have stopped LE sales in restrictive states have shown true patriotism and are the leaders in our cause to protect the rights of the American people. This hurts our government where it is most painful… their pocketbooks. God bless these companies, and hopefully more will follow. Let’s pressure Glock and Sig Sauer to restrict LE sales, that would really get them going! Thanks CTD and all other involved companies for your protection of the American people from tyranny.

  175. I am 100 percent behind these companies for taking a stand with the 2nd Amendment and law abiding Gun owners. A big THANK YOU to all of you!!!!

  176. It is interesting that Homeland Security has just purchased 7000 “Personal Defense Weapons” otherwise known as AR’s. The reason given by Napolitano was that they are easy to handle since they are so compact. What hypocrisy!! So, are they PDW’s or Assault Weapons as they are being defined by Obamas Media? And why have the Feds ordered over 1 BILLION rounds of ammo (40 cal HP). Why did the ammo manufacturers sell them all that? Why are they still awaiting a shipment of thousands of .223 rnds? Manufacturers have to stop supplying such numbers that have an affect of making ammo unavailable to us.

  177. I support all methods mentioned in the article wholeheartedly as an unhappy resident of Kalifornia. How about any of the companies with federal contracts making the same threat? I know the chance is slim when the money starts flowing that heavily, but we can wish, right?

  178. I absolutely back these folks 100% for their strength and fortitude to stand up and risk everything against the anti-gunners who are running amok. Here in California we unfortunately have a super majority (Taxocrats) in the state government who are bound and determended to out do NY as far as the stictest gun laws go. It is absolutely shameful. They are even going to try and pass a law forcing all gun owners to buy liability insurance in case their guns are used to cause any harm to anyone. If anyone needs liability insurance for the harm they do here in California (or this country for that matter), it’s the scumbag Taxocrats! God Bless CTD and the rest of the companies for standing up for our Constitutional rights and not selling weapons,ammo, and mags to any law enforcement people that we can’t have!

  179. Being a LEO in NYS I find this tactic ridiculous. Why should these companies not sell their firearms and accessories to me? Do you think that as a police officer we have any say in what our governor does or passes? If these company’s “stand” as so many have called it causes an officer to lose their life, their blood will be on all of your hands for your support of this close minded idea and I am an NRA member who fully supports the right of law abiding citizens to carry and purchase all firearms.

  180. I want to thank any gun gear company that refuses to do buisness with tyrants.
    Please move to Idaho we welcome you all. Maybe we could entice every manufacture to move here and then thumb our noses at the states loosing all those jobs—it would be a beautiful thing.
    I for one will be a supporter of any company that refuse to sell to the govt a-holes.
    You are the last line of defence before the “ZERO” has his way and trashes the 2nd Amendment.
    I wont have any ilegle guns but I will have some UNDOCUMENTED ones.

  181. Man, the times are a changin’! Some day when you pull up to the gun store, and get out of your car to walk in, some cop may be standing in the shadows, beckoning; “PSSSSSSSST!!!! Hey buddy. Here’s $2285.00. Can you go in there, and get me and AR-15?????

  182. Hey, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? By God, I’m willing to take it even a step further. My whole family will stop watching South Park! Tell ’em Kenny. YOU BASTARDS!!!!!

  183. EFI and other businesses who stand up for the second amendment should be (must be) supported by all of us who value the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. Anyone who wants their children and grandchildren to know what freedom is will have to stand up for our rights, or those who think the ‘little people’ have to be controlled for their own good will win. Standing up for one’s rights in our society can, in many cases, best be done by voting with your dollars. Support as many pro second amendment businesses as you can. And the businesses who refuse to serve those that try to take our freedoms away are heros in my eyes. Support them with your dollars Also, tell your friends how you feel and tell the businesses how you feel. Write to your local new organizations (TV, radio, newspapers) and tell them how you feel. Write to your government representatives and tell them how you feel. Be heard, don’t be the silent ones who get walked on.
    Those companies who support the gun-control advocates will NOT get my dollars. I may still have to pay taxes to my anti-gun government but I will let my representatives know, as clearly as I can express it, exactly how I feel about it.

  184. Yes, I support all the companies who are taking a stand against these communist leaders. But, it shouldn’t just be in New York. It should be every state that passes unconstitutional laws against gun owners. Especially in California. It is really getting scary here in CA. They will not stop until they have confiscated our guns. So, all of these gun and ammo companies should really bare down on CA lawmakers to back off their communist agenda and leave us gun owners alone.

  185. I also support the companies that are taking a stand for our 2nd amendment rights. IF WE THE PEOPLE dont stand up to the STUPID politicians then they will walk all over us ,THE CITIZENS, that are paying their salaries for their extravagant lifestyle and their power grabbing attitude. Who is supposed to be the PUBLIC SERVANTS? Do they serve on our behalf or do we serve them?? I want America to be free to be the land of opportunity for everyone to do the best they possibly can without he interferrence of the government or be under the thumb of politicians that want to be part of the ruling class. UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL. I’m betting that Americans will stand against the political terriorists !!!

  186. So much support has been expressed that I cannot add anything to the comments.

    I fully support these companies and will ALWAYS seek to do business with those who honor the 2nd Amendment.


  187. I’m so happy to see our arms manufactures and suppliers step up to the plate and help citizens fight back, makes me feel like there other Americans that see the BS going on here. We lose our 2nd Amendment rights, we lose America and the right to protect ourselves even against an unjust Government. Law abiding citizens will be the only ones hurt by any new legislation. Way to go guys and thanks… Hope the other Arms manufactures and dealers follow suit.

  188. Come on! I want to see Black Hills, Remington, LMT, FN, Colt, Night Force, Leupold, Knight Arms, ATK…


    “As an end-user of your company’s products, I wish to express my support of those companies currently participating in business restrictions against government agencies infringing or violating the constitutional rights of citizens.”

    What about revoking US Citizen’s rights without due process? Being adjudicated as “mentally unfit” should require a court of law, not some government list. What about a US citizen’s right to be executed after due process by a court of law, not by drone strike?

    It isn’t just about guns! ! !


  189. What a shame, we let our policy makers pull the wool over our eyes. They want to take our guns away so we will conform to the new world order planned for all of us. Look up w/ Alex Jones if you want to see what is really going on! Also, look up agenda 21 on youtube and see what is in store for the human race. And, if you want to see what a sham that school shooting was, go to You will be amazed at the details you see!

  190. Indeed bravo, I will do my best to keep up with which companies are doing this and make it a point to give them my business. Where can I get a list of the companies doing this?

  191. [Update on 2-20-13. Since the original article, several other companies have joined the effort. As more companies commit, we’ll attempt to add them in a timely fashion. Woody @ CTD.]

    West Fork Armory

    Smith Enterprise

    Alex Arms

    Spike’s Tactical

    Quality Arms

    Liberty Suppressors

    J&T Family of Companies

    American Spirit Arms

    Trident Armory

    Head Down Products, LLC

    J&G Sales

    Barrett Firearms Updated Policy

    Exile Machine LLC

    Tier One Arms

    Bravo Company USA and BCM

  192. I have been a resident of New York state my entire life and have not seen another state that is any more beautiful than New york State and especially the Southern Tier of Western NY I LOVE it, despite the ridiculous taxes. That being said I would be willing to give that all up to find a place that respects the rights of it’s own citizens. Any place that does not respect my rights and gives no guarantees to protect my freedoms as is their responsibility as elected officials is no longer the USA but some “other country”. Therefore, I will move my 5 family members to a state which respects our rights as a law abiding citizens, I have followed every law to get my permit to carry concealed spanning 5 years in NYS, despite the 2nd amendment, and the extensive background checks I have undergone. The rights of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. This is clear as can be and I am now fed up. No more Cuomo , GOODBYE

  193. I think it’s a terrific stance and all U.S. manufacturers should follow suit. Hell, maybe without the LE and Feds being able to purchase mags, ammo, and arms us little people might actually be able to find some to buy for ourselves. By the way, if any of these companies are looking to move we’d love to have them in Oregon.

  194. I support and thank every company that stands up for whats right even if it cost them some business. The way true American companies should be!!! If every company that has anything to do with firearms got on board with the millions of citizens we would never have this gun debate come up again. I wish someone will ask these anti-gun people how they came up with this 40% of all gun sales happen without a background check. I looked up how they came up with this number and all I could find is this study was done 20 years ago before mandatory backgound checks from ffl dealers came into law. The other fact that ticks me off is that this study was done on about 270 people!!! Even this study was 36%, and counted family members giving guns to other members. So how’d they come up with 40%? They asked under 300 people 20 years ago and there using it to say out of the millions of gun purchases 40% are bought without a background check!!! This is from a econimist that studys the effects of gun laws. He also said theres no way to know and he cant imagine it being over single digits. Thats the facts side, now here comes the commensene side!! If you say 40% have no background check and no paper trails, how can you know this information. Think about it!!!! There is no evidence to come up with this number or any number for that matter!! Im tired of all the americans not questioning all these facts that there gov is comming up with. Americans need to stop being sheep and think for themselves!!!

  195. i think that these companies and manufacturers that will not sell to le/government agencies in states that ban these items to private law abiding citizens or are looking to ban sales of these items to law abiding citizens show an incredible amount of backbone and are putting the best interest of their customers above profit and monetary gain. i therefore believe they are the only companies that deserve my business. i hope other companies in states that are trampling on our second amendment rights will follow suit and do the same thing.

  196. I applaud the decisions made by these fine companies. I frequently purchase from Magpul and will continue to do so. I also look forward to leaving the Socialist Republic of California. Eventually they’ll pass enough laws to make it impossible to own any weapon. They also come up up with some of the most ingenious laws to bureaucratically discourage gun ownership.

  197. I applaud all these company’s & vow to support them in any way possible . I’m not from any of these states, but who knows what tomorrow will bring with what the anti gunners are trying to accomplish .

    I hope not only more firearm manufactures but the ammo manufactures will follow suit as well . It’s time to stand up to these Holier than us people .


  198. I fully support every company that is taking a stand. Its about time. I believe the internet has helped this happen because they can see that there are a lot of us behind them.


  200. I commend the stand these companies are taking. I’m currently a resident of the state of New York. I am a veteran and now a DOD contractor, I have never been arrested and have a security clearance. Yet purchases I made legally, exercising my rights that I have fought for while defending the rights of small minded individuals who don’t even understand their rights or why they have them, are being scrutinized. It sickens me to no end that the average citizen is absolutely ignorant of the fact that the Patriot Act already did away with the First, Fourth and Sixth Amendments. It gives total power to the Federal Agencies to go after “Individuals” under the Lone Wolf Provision for saying or acting in a manner that is against the Government. It was never intended to protect the PEOPLE. When you are under an investigation of this sort the Federal Agencies involved can not only search and seize all your property but they do not have to give you a fair trial. Remember, you are a Terrorist for speaking or acting against the Government of the United States now. A right once thought to be indisputable by the Contitution. The ACLU has been following several cases where the Patriot Act has been being used to bust individuals for petty crimes by eves dropping on their phones, texts and by running search graphs that target on key words and terminology on social media sites. The Patriot Act has targeted more American Citizens than foreign terrorists because they tie it in and use it for The War On Drugs as well. Now do you really think we need to lose any more of our rights. If you don’t agree with the right to bear arms there are several other countries out there that don’t have that right. Please do the true Americans a favor and remove yourself from OUR country. I’m also looking into new employment in a different state where I can still feel the breath of freedom on my cheek and a smile on my face when I walk outside my front door and rack my AK or AR.

    As a side note I wish the Aviation companies would do the same to the TSA. We’re the only country that treats it’s citizens like criminals for wanting to travel. I travel a lot for my job. The TSA hasn’t caught one terrorist yet but I have been searched more times than I can count and I’m sure the rest of you have as well. Remember they are supposed to protect you not humiliate or subjugate you and the searches they do of your person without probable cause are a violation of your rights again. Welcome to America, stand in line, don’t talk back, do as we say and you can live as free as we tell you you can.

  201. Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyah!
    It’s time for the revolution to stand up for the Second Amendment. Remember… without the 2nd we will never keep the 1st. I heartly support munitions and firearms manufacturers who refuse to be turned into goverment bitches.

    Bring you companies to Virginia… we are still Americans.


  202. I fully endorse these companies for backing our rights as gun owners. I live in CA and am worried that the lib-tards will diminish our gun owning rights even further in the near future. Can’t find any ammo for my 9mm, .22 lr, .40 and AK-47 steel cased rounds are $.50 a round! What a joke! Thanks to all the people using school shootings to further their own personal agendas… Won’t be long and I will be joining Creedmoor Sports, this state is really starting to suck.

  203. We should refuse any good or service comming from these states, I only buy products from Pro-Gun states. I check food, shampoo, ect. I am also refusing items from companies who’s headquarters are in the Anti-Gun States. We are going to have to quit talking and do something.

  204. How about just simply moving all the factories down south, most of us in the south are gun owners and between all the guns and ammo that we alone purchase we could keep the gun and ammo factories in buisness. AND WE NEED THE JOBS!

  205. Add me to the list. I am a LEO and I never thought of the seperation of division of LEO vs. civilian. But I do agree with what is being said here. I am grateful to live in a state that supports the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their loved ones. NO government agency has the right to take that away. That’s why it is called a Bill of Rights. They are rights, and not a privledge. I have my own personal ban, I do not visit or vacation in states that do not support the 2nd Amendment. Guess I will have to add a few more to the list.

  206. Elections have consequences! I suspect many of you that are complaining about gun-control actually ’caused this problem’ when you ‘failed to vote’ or failed to vote ‘properly’. Joining NRA ‘now’ is a good thing…But you should have joined long before 2008 and you shouldn’t have voted for Obama. For those in NY, New Yorkers are responsible for their anti-gun mayors & governors & Senators & Congressmen…who time & time again…are re-elected by the PEOPLE of NY. If you don’t ‘vote against’ these people, at each opportunity, or, if you actually cast your vote ‘for’ these people…You’re getting exactly what you bargained for. I wouldn’t live in NY if it were FREE. I hope S&W, Remington, Winchester and all the ‘majors’ boycott NY. Remember, failure to vote is never an option. Failure to vote ‘properly’ is Treasonous

  207. The theory’s good- if citizens can’t have something, then neither should the police. Gotta watch out for administrative shell game. Nothing keeps one jurisdiction from selling something to another. Ditto the feds- they could buy anything and make a “gift” to a jurisdiction that is embargoed.

    On the federal level, DHS is buying 70,000 select-fire M-4s and 2 billion rounds. Obama/Biden/Feinstein are taking disingenuous to stratospheric heights. DHS, a civilian agency, needs genuine military weapons but civilians can’t have semi-auto AR-15s? Puh-leeze!!

  208. A fact that the public must be made aware. All of these so called high capacity magazines happen to be the STANDARD capacity magazines that come with the firearms from the manufacturer. That fact is true with all pistols.
    And true with many long guns, ska rifles.
    One more fact that needs to be brought to the average citizen is that every single massacre from Colimbine to the latest is
    That every one has been committed by a liberal democrat. The Colimbine boys were both raised by liberal democrats. The nut from Aurora work as a volunteer for Obama first election

  209. I completely support those companies that will stand for the people of the United States and for our Consttutional rights. Welcome to Texas our doors are open and our right to bear arms is strong and will not be challenged. We stand united with our fellow Americans

  210. It makes me happy the manufactures have voluntarily made this commitment to their civilian customers although it is very important that the catalog venders such as CTD do the same. What good doesit do the customer when items available to government entities are denied to customers in states like California. When wholesalers back up the illegal and unconstitutional laws concerning, most importantly high capacity magazines. There are three places in the Constitution that make very clear that any right enjoyed by one state shall be enjoyed by all states.
    What I believe allows states to get away with UN- Constitutional bans or laws is the fact that venders fall into line with the laws in fear of what the state regulatory officials threaten.
    Vendors must tell the state legislators” no we will not cooperate with unconstitutional laws or bans the restrict the Second Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens whom wish to exercise the. Right to. Keep and bear arms in anyway they choose to.
    It is extremely important that the Government at all levels be reminded, daily if that’s what it takes, the the term is” We The People” not you the goverment. And that at no time in history has liberty been won by the citizens of any nation or country with out violence of action. If the American citizens are clearly aware of how much our rights have been denied since evan a decade ago that violence of action will occurs as it did against the king of England.
    Especially considering how obvious it has become that President Oboma is confused ad to the difference between a president and a King.
    We must clarify the distinction for him .
    Most importantly he must understand what” DON’T TREAD ON ME ” means and and what the results of not heeding that warning will be.
    Thank you for this venue to speak my piece.

  211. I applaud you manufacturers and Cheaper Than Dirt for your stance against tyranny! I am and continue to support and email my support to those and other manufacturers that will stand up to tyranny. What I don’t understand is all this talk and action of the gun control issues AS IF it has already passed as federal law. It is no secret this administration cares nothing of our country’s heritage: the things that have made us great. It cares nothing of our economy. This administration’s sole purpose seems to be the ruination of the United States as we know it. One of the other feeds that i have read by a gentleman in New York, wrote of “drawing a line in the sand”. The scary thing is that the government will attack us through the use of the IRS and passing bogus laws behind closed doors. Where are our (American) leaders?!! Where is the line in the sand for the rest of us outside of New York?

  212. Colorado is now ground zero for democratic gun control. I support the companies that will not do business in this state and also the ones who want to leave.
    Criminals are laughing at us.

  213. i think that more and more manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of firearms and accessories will continue to join in. I think it would be a good idea to create a logo or seal so that the public will know that the company they want to do business with is one of those companies supporting this movement.

  214. Back during the last “assault Weapon” Ban, deals were struck by some of the major firearms manufacturers. I read they would no longer sell the evil weapons to us lowly civilians. In turn they would receive government contracts from the Clinton administration. Guess they got screwed! Gee, go figure!!!
    At the same time, patriots like Barret were refusing to sell firearms, parts or service to California in response to banning his products from civilian use.
    We decided at that point not to buy any more of those firearms and to support those like Barret. Bye the way we have LONG memories! We actually found other firearms (like Barret’s) that were equal or higher quality, more reliable and usually at a better price. We also watched the offending companies suffer for selling gun owners out. Apparently we were not alone.
    Hopefully the firearms industry will stand united in the name of freedom this time.
    After all, if the government does not trust it’s own citizens, it does not deserve trust!

  215. I am a carpenter living in TN and I totally support the stand of gun and accessory manufacturers. When I buy my next weapon or accessory it will be one of these companys I deal with. I will be emailing the major gun companys to get on board. This is a good chance for Smith and Wesson to redeem themselves after their capitulation during the first assault weapons ban.

  216. I am a res. of New York state for just a few more years until I retire. I will support all manufacturers that ban sales to New York the only way we can win against our gov. is financially and we all need to stick together to win this one. I have been a avid hunter all my life but I have bought my last New York State hunting license. I hope more people in New York will do the same we all may have to give up a little to win. I hope a lot more company’s follow Olympic,larue and Cheaper than Dirt. Thanks for supporting us and our second amendment rights

  217. I applaud and support the businesses that have taken a stand in support of our Second Ammendment Rights even though it may cost them business or force them to relocate to areas which are not engaging in the punitive actions which our federal and many local governments have deemed wise and appropriate. It is laudable that these business take action and I thank them all for having the courage and integrity to fight back against the tryannical actions being considered or applied by the “powers that be”. I find it exceedingly curious that those of us who are law abiding and responsible gun owners are being punished for the actions of those who are neither law abiding or responsible. The reasoning behind the governments actions are nothing more than political posturing based on mistaken beliefs or a desire to appear to be doing the “right thing”. It is curious that our government is so anxious to put us in harms way by stripping us of our ability to defend ourselves; when trouble strikes and seconds count the police are only minutes away. Of course the powers that be have their armed security, gated communities, armored vehicles and the like to protect them. Lets be honest, our government officials really don’t give a damn about us. They only care about our votes which keep them in office and the tax dollars which pay their inflated and undeserved salaries. In these times of economic disaster why would the government wish to quash any legitimate commerce and put more Americans out of work? As to the proposed registration of firearms, it is simply a way to identify who has the ability to defend themselves when our corrupt government becomes so oppressive the people finally feel the need to replace them. By disarming us our government can run roughshod over us without fearing any repurcussion. Lets look at Germany. In 1938 the interior minister decreed Jews were no longer permited to own guns. We know what happened next. I know many “gun nuts” who have used their firearms in defense of themselves, their loved ones and their homes and property. In my case my spouse has used her gun to protect herself from robbery, rape and possibly death when she was attacked on the street one evening and her assailant tried to drag her into a dark alley. I have used my gun to defend myself against robbery and possibly great bodily harm on more than one occasion and I did it without having to fire a shot. Making the thugs aware that I was armed, an act of non-violence, averted an act of violence. Why is it that those communities with the most restrictive policies concerning the ownership of guns are so often the communities with the highest incidence of violent crime? I own and carry guns not because I’m afraid but, rather so I don’t have to be. Lastly, “assault rifles” and large capacity magazines are a better choice that a six shot revolver when you are faced with a mob of looters or a street gang.

  218. Glad to see the gun companies standing up to the obama comunist besides the NRA!!!

  219. I think it is a great idea that all manufacturers and distributors of firearm products in the USA, will stop selling their products to law enforcement and government agencies that reside in any state that oppresses our 2nd Amendment Rights. A statement of such magnitude could get the state law makers to revise their laws. That would be the desired outcome. However, a move like that may backfire. Those states could simply place orders overseas. Hopefully, they would be too concerned about quality and availability to go to that extreme.
    I would like to see the manufacturers move to a state that is more business friendly. Why stay in a hostile state and allow them to get the benefit of your tax dollars? Sure it’s expensive to relocate, but other states may sweeten the deal. You will probably lose some employees who can’t relocate with you, which would be terrible. But a hostile state may cause you to close your doors for good anyway.
    It really stinks that the law-abiding citizens in this great country have to be concerned with losing our Constitutional Rights.

  220. The people of Pennsylvania would welcome firearms manufacturers looking to relocate. If any of our state or local reps try to block your relocating here we would be happy to vote their asses out. We are pro gun, pro hunting, pro constitution, and anti BS.

  221. I say FINE! If these manufacturers’ home states are turning on them, then let those manufacturers relocate those businesses to states that welcome the addition to their local economies. Let those states suffer the losses, screw em’.

  222. I do not represent our government, but a a chamber of commerce menmber, I encourage any and all gun and ammunition manufacturers to look at Dothan, Alabama. We have a talented and motivated workforce, a tremendous standard of living and access to Fort Rucker as well as miles of privately owned rural property accessible for development.

  223. We the people for gun rights should boycott states like New York and California.
    Let those states feel the pinch in their wallets from less tourism.
    Money Talks. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt. Fitz (Feb. 18 2013)

  224. Ammo nor weapons should be sold to any agency that is supporting or enforcing any part of any gun ban law. Home security should never have been aloud to purchase the ammunition in the qaunities that they have just done (with our tax dollars). Ammo should not be sold to any agency and local LE in the states such as CA ,CO and NY; how long would they be able to stand without ammo or replacement parts. Thank you cheaper than dirt and all other company’s that back the freedom and rights of America.
    I have been a lawful citizen for over 50yrs , please don’t make me into a outlaw , for I will put even more energy into that occupation.

  225. Bravo to Cheaper Than Dirt. All manufactures or anything having to do with firearms needs to follow suit, as some are doing. And fret not manufactures, we law abiding citizens will buy your products.

  226. Well done, if a state is hostile towards gun ownership or manufacturing then don’t do business with that state. That is the right of these companies, and I support their move to strike back. I urge EVERY company to look at gun friendly locations for their business. Montana is pushing for MORE gun rights. Small towns in western Montana are beautiful and have lots of willing workers. As an added bonus these are popular hunting areas. Many firearms and ammunition manufacturers have already discovered Nortwest Montanas ideal safehaven!

  227. Hey how about a list of all the gun makers and ammo manufactures who support and don’t support Gov. Agencies and local LE. Now we’ll see where they all stand!

  228. I am a life long resident of NY “The Nazi State”. I’m sick of this State, I’m fed up with the Nazi regime here, and I’m a law abiding citizen (Not a criminal).

    I hope EVERY SINGLE WEAPONS MANUFACTURER (including companies that make ammunition) stops selling to ALL NY Law Enforcement! That’ll get these garbage gun bans lifted.

    Our elected officials were sworn to UPHOLD the US Constitution. These new gun ban laws are completely Unconstitutional, and only NAZI DOUCHEBAGS would pass such laws. These tyrants should be in prison by now.

  229. I support these and other companies who have stood up for the American Citizens. It would be great if other gun manufacturers would do the same, including ammo makers.

  230. I am from Buffalo, NY, where the Dems are liberal, the libs are liberal, the conservatives are liberal, and the Repubs are liberal. There is little to no hope for us law abiding legal gun owners!! “For the Children” is their false mantra. Being from such a regulated state (not just guns) we don’t mind some regulation in order to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, mentally ill, or Aholes. But to pass laws and regs to strip the rights of law abiding, honest citizens is going too far. The consequences of these laws does not fall on the politicans that pass them. They still have their armed security guards and law enforcement (with weapons that I cannot own legally)to provide security for them and their families. Why am I and my family considered less important?? Assult weapon definations are a joke. going from a ten rd mag to a seven rd LOL. A pistol grip LOL. A flash supressor LOL. a collapsible stock LOL. What do any of these things have to do with the weapon. They are cosmetic. I support the actions of cheaper than dirt and other suppliers. I think that any gun mfg considering relocation to NYS would be nuts.

  231. I fully support the efforts of all those companies. I think it is a great idea that if a citizen can’t own something, the local/state/federal agencies shouldn’t have them either. If those companies move out of a state that doesn’t support their businesses and move to a state that does, I will buy from them. Florida would WELCOME their businesses….

  232. I support the actions of Larue, Olypmic and CTD for taking a stand against what can best be labeled insanity on current actions on gun control! As a USMC Vet and over 37 years as a LEO I wonder if politicians have a clue what the 2nd Amendment stands for as protecting freedom and citizen’s rights. I was forced to purchase handguns and magazines out of pocket because agencies did not have the funds or didn’t feel the need for officer safety as a priority in their purchases. Now we are reliving 1994 all over again and cops will be the victims just like law abiding citizens. Jack Nicoholson has a line in “Easy Rider” that says “This used to be a great country: what the hell happened”

  233. I have many acres of land in Alabama that could be had very cheaply for the Gun manufacturer looking to exit one of these idiot infested North Eastern states.
    Sweet Home Alabama loves jobs and guns

  234. YES! Add me to the long, long list of Americans who are waking up. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt! Other companies and individuals in the firearms business should follow suit in supporting AMERICAN FREEDOM. We are Americans. We really are different.

  235. Who will volunteer to collect and publish a shopping list of all gun/ammunition manufacturers who take a stand against tyranny? They’re the only one I will buy from, from this day forward!

  236. Well Investigator Will, as we all know when seconds count the police are only minutes away. And as you say the criminals will ignore all the new regulations. Therefore, I think that I should have at least as many rounds as the potential criminal has so I can protect myself while I am waiting for you to arrive, as you are busy writing someone a speeding ticket. However, that said, the second amendment is not about you protecting me, it is about me protecting myself from a tyrannical government, of which you are a part. I don’t think that we need to smell the coffee, I think that you need to stop drinking the kool-ade…

  237. All firearm related companies and us the consumer must stand together. Its time for this government over reach to stop. I will be of active support in any and all means needed to turn back this threat to our constitution and particularly the 2nd ammendment.

    If all Americans who are in favor of freedom and the constitution stand together we can not be stopped. 100 million Americans fighting together through education,finacial support,and active engagement if need be is a force that wont be denied.

  238. Hey all you firearms and ammo manufacutures. Come to Northern Arizona. Lots of open
    space, a good workforce and a firearms friendly environmnet. The Papermill closed
    down and this will be a good place to setup shop. Power, water and a railroad spur
    are available. I am sure if you contact Gov. Brewer, you can even get some tax
    breaks and maybe even some grants to help you move.

    Please consider the idea.

    p. McLeod

  239. I Whole Heartedly Support thease companies for their actions. I will be proud to make my purchases from them for all of my shooting supplies and needs. I do not purchase tens of thousands of dolldrs worth of supplies every year but I am sure every dollar I can spend in their direction will help. WAKE UP AMERICAN CITIZENS If we all stand with thease great companies We ( Law Abiding Citizens )will prove that we are still and will continue to be The UNITED States that once held the respect of all other nations… If we fail and crumble it will serve to further encourage other attacks upon the rights of our Nations Citizens. Ask Yourself WHAT WILL BE NEXT???? Freedom of Speach, Privacy?
    This is more than just a matter of protecting the citizens fron Criminals…

  240. Being a CA resident, I am impacted by the destruction of our 2nd Amendment rights. So it is encouraging to hear of companies like Olympic Arms and LaRue Tactical standing up and pushing back. CA may soon take away my rights to purchase what I want, but they will never take away my spirit to stand with any company/person that defends the Constitution.

  241. I support all gun rights. Our right to bare arms is to give the ability to the public to fight against tyranny. It is not about hunting or which weapons they think we should have. It is just to have the ability to change by force if need be.

  242. I am in full support of theses actions. PLEASE RELOCATE TO ARIZONA. Representative Paul Gosar is in support of your relocation. Join Ruger in the wonderful town of Prescott or locate in Phoenix, Tucson, or any of our great cities. No earthquakes or hurricanes. We are a gun firendly state and very independent from the feds. That’s why Obama keeps suing us. So come on over.

  243. Well I can tell you as a NY state Police Officer I am stuck in quite the conundrum here. I am a very active shooter, hunter, outdoorsman and a NY Police Officer/Investigator as well and I am not sure of exactly what I think about all of these comments. I fully support the 2nd ammendment and absolutely hate these new restrictions on law abiding gun owners. It makes me sick to my stomache every time I hear about a cushy Politician wanting to restrict our right to own firearms as they sit in thier offices guarded by armed security. They have absolutely no clue what it’s like to live the life of an average middle class American only interested in protecting his family and fellow law abiding civilians.

    On the other hand as a Police Officer I think it would be absolutely stupid to say Police Officers shouldn’t be able to possess more rounds or firearms than the average civilian. If you really think about it, are the BAD GUYS going to abide by these new laws? Hell no. They didn’t care about having guns unlawfully in the first place, they deffinately are not going to give a damb about how many rounds they are allowed to have in thier “illegal” guns either. If you are at the bank and some retard decides to rob that bank, would you want the cops to “save the day” with seven bullets in their guns? or do you want them to be fully armed and prepaired to protect you? I’m not saying I support the new gun laws or ammunition restrictions at all, but I am saying that it would not be smart to restrict the Law Enforcement Officers that protect and serve you on a daily basis 24/7. Am I saying I want to be a hipocrit? Hell no. I’m saying be smart about who you restrict. Hellooooooooooo people, wake up and smell the coffee.

  244. This will only work if ALL manufacturers present a united front.

    Sidenote: The Dems in Colorado showed their hypocrisy by adding a last minute amendment allowing MagPul to make hi cap mags as long as they are sold out of state.

    So they’re ethics are ENTIRELY politically motivated.

    Gun makers that feel they’re being squeezed and that can afford to move should look very closely at moving to Wyoming. Probably the most gun friendly state in the entire country.

  245. Thank you for taking a stand! I am disapointed the big ones have yet to follow suit.

    Firearms manufacturors: Please consider Arkansas when you make your move. Our state legislature has recently passed several firearm friendly laws and we have competitive business taxes in this state. The city of Ft. Smith has several recently vacated locations that would be perfect for your operations. Their congressman is Representative Tom Cotton, an up and coming Conservative. Here in NW Arkansas we would also be glad to have you. We are the home of WalMart, JB Hunt and Tyson Foods. This state is a sportsman’s paradise with lots of deer and waterfowl. What could be more centrally located for your distribution point than Arkansas? Come on down to “The Natural State”!!!

  246. I fully support their decisions to deny sales to those agencies. I also would welcome any of them to relocate to Missouri. I think Glock and Remington should follow suit as well as the major ammunition manufacturers. If Remington and Glock stop selling those agencies in question their favorite handguns and shotguns, the representatives of those agencies would definitely push back against the legislators in those states. Also, if Federal & Remington stop selling ammunition to those agencies and states until the ammunition is back on store shelves we would see a quick reversal.

  247. I’m happy, proud & impressed w/ the responses the company’s are returning in light of the dark clouds that are trying to squash our rights as well as the free market. The governments have given up being leaders & are moving becoming dictators all the while living the life of ease & comfort on our tax dollars.
    The latest story on Dornner makes the point that it doesn’t have to be a no name person to go off the range to create chaos w/ guns, so why ban them? Police are just like the rest of us & can break down mentally. I agree that the manufactures should only sell what we are only allowed to have but what is to stop the feds from side stepping & distributing the locals w/ better weapons? They armed the cartel!! Just proves what idiots they are.

  248. I have taken the extra step of transferring my business purchases away from states like California and New York in favor of states like Arizona and Florida that support 2nd Amendment rights. I left New York in 1997 partly because of the way the liberal politicians there treat responsible gun owners.

    Now if we could just get more products made in the US, we would really be accomplishing something.

  249. Amazing! So impressed with the companies willing to forsake their bottom line to stand up and fight for themselves and their customers AND the general public. If only our and other Big Business would do the same, look to the greater good than only for the precious few. Support these companies that support us!

  250. I fully support the positions of any company that supports my full and complete right to own any weapon I choose and can afford. Alabama is a great state to locate a business. Any and all are welcome.

  251. As a member of the NRA, I will fully support all gun manufacturers and equipment providers that stand with the US citizen in their support of our Second Amendment right. I have sent numerous e-mail messages to my state and federal congress persons stating my position and reminding them that they work for the citizens of this country and are responsible for their actions to us.

  252. I am so glad these companies are taking this stand. I’d like to see all gun manufacturers take this one step further and stop selling to federal agencies. It is near impossible to purchase any ammo right now. It should be sold to the citizen customers instead of government agencies until there is no longer a shortage. And all American businesse need to migrate out of those states adopting fascist/socialist/communist agendas.

  253. I would/will support any company who decides not to do business in states that are passing unconstitutional laws that do NOTHING to stop crime and violence, but simply punish those of us who follow the rules. Even if it means I won’t be able to buy any new guns or accessories. I think this is a step that really will have an effect, and maybe open some eyes. Unfortunately it won’t work if only a few small companies do it. I say let every major manufacturer and supplier boycott the states that are stepping on our freedom. It will suck, but it would be more than worth it if it helps stop this tyranny

  254. The State of Kansas is trying to push a law through that Firearms manufacturers in the state of Kansas would still be able to sell their firearms and other other products in Kansas. If anyone out there has any lobbying power in Kansas should be helping to make this a reality. (No matter what laws the federal gov’t passes)
    Terry O’Dell

  255. I support these companies that will no longer sell to LE & the Gov. I live in Colorado. They are pushing there anti-gun agenda in our state congress. I think we need to help too by BOYCOTTING companies in CO. and the other anti-gun states. Stop buying from companies ( Coor, Gates, Samsonite ect.) I will be looking at lables to see where they are made!!!!

  256. I absolutely congratulate those companies that will no longer sell anything to LE that is not allowed to be sold to “We the People”. And as far as companies relocating out of states that have no respect for the Constitution and BoR, I also salute them. If they would like to relocate their businesses to North Idaho, please do so! We would welcome you!

  257. No normal person wants to see another innocent soul lost to the lunacy of a madman with any weapon of any kind, and it’s painful beyond words when little children are the victims. It only makes it worse when ill intentioned politicians lie to the ignorant masses about protecting them by taking their GOD given rights when their ulterior motive is to disarm the public, thus defeating the balance of power that is fundamental to our government. The fact is that they know gun control does not control the lawless or lunatics. So why don’t they actually look for real, valid, methods to stop these crimes? Exactly! They chip away at the 2nd Amendment (the power of the people) little by little each time an incident occurrs with the consent and support of liberal media and uninformed masses because each time furthers their ultimate cause. And the uninformed masses, fueled by emotion go right along, never stopping and demanding to know why the gun control laws they demanded the last time didn’t prevent the latest tradegy like they wanted us to think it would. The picture should be coming into focus…

  258. I applaud company action to ban sales to states that support gun control. I would like to see the ammunition companies follow suite. I would be glad to have companies such as Magpul, DPMS, S&W, Glock, or any other company associated with arms or accessory manufacture as well as ammunition manufacturers come to my home state of Texas. I applaud the companies that are taking a stand and will gladly support them with my hard earned dollars.

  259. I hope the action started by Olympic and LaRue spreads however they will not be able to turn the tide on their own. We must stand with them and lead be exercising our rights through our vote from the local to the national level.

    Our best defense is a good offence. Our offensive weapon is the vote. We all need to show up at the polls both state and Federal and vote for those that have our same values. Appathy is a dangerous thing and has brought us to this sad state.

    I also find it interesting that all local and federal police and elected politicians swear to defend and uphold the Constitution fo the United States. I guess their Constitution is different than the one the average Citizen believes in.

    They also like to have the media talking heads out there telling us how the courts have ruled that the rights of the citizens defined by the Bill of Rights are not unlimited. That may be however the governments power and control is not unlimited either. The People of this Country will make the untimate decision who has what power and how much.

  260. I fully support all the businesses involved in the manufacture or distribution of firearms who have decided to refuse to do business with any government agency in areas hostile to the 2nd Amendment. The main purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to provide the final checks and balances against an over zealous federal government-to insure We The People had the means to get the undivided attention of the Fed when “they” decided the time was right to neuter The Constitution and put ultimate and final control in the hands of a group of fraudulently elected Federalist politicians. The founders knew this might happen and wrote the 2nd Amendment to insure that we the people possess ‘every terrible implement of the soldier’ so as to provide us the means to protect our freedoms and our way of life. We must all support this effort to get their attention, and we must commit to stand shoulder to shoulder together against their tyranny wherever the fight takes us. Fundamentally change America? No on my watch!

  261. What a great pleasure it is to see companies finally taking a stand and doing their part in support of the 2nd amendment. As gun’s lover, freedom lover citizens, we must do all we can to support these companies in their efforts. My friends and I , to do our part, we pledged to no longer vacation on any of the States that are known to be anti-gun. We figured our money is better spend in States that are free and think like we do. Nothing in New York, Colorado etc is important enough for me to visit and support their economy . If LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, CTD are willing to take a stand and fight at a great economic impact to there business, not eating in New York or Skiing in Colorado is a minuscule price to pay for what’s at stake here. I am bless to live in Florida.

  262. I fully support all the businesses involved in the manufacture or distribution of firearms who have decided to refuse to do business with any government agency in areas hostile to the 2nd Amendment. The main purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to provide the final checks and balances against an over zealous federal government-to insure We The People had the means to get the undivided attention of the Fed when “they” decided the time was right to neuter The Cinstitution and put ultimate and final control in the hands of a group of fraudulently elected Federalist poloticians. The founders knew this might happen and wrote the 2nd Amendment to insure that we the people possess ‘every terrible implement of the soldier’ so as to provide us the means to protect our freedoms and our way of life. We must all support this effort to get their attention, and we must commit to stand shoulder to shoulder together ragainst their tyrrany wherever the fight takes us. Fu

  263. I fully support all the businesses involved in the manufacture or distribution of firearms who have decided to refuse to do business with any government agency in areas hostile to the 2nd Amendment. The main purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to provide the final checks and balances against an over zealous federal government-to insure We The People had the means to get the undivided attention of the Fed when “they” decided the time was right to neuter The Cinstitution and put ultimate and final control in the hands of a group of fraudulently elected Federalist poloticians. The founders knew this might happen and wrote the 2nd Amendment to insure that we the people possess ‘every terrible implement of the soldier’ so as to provide us the means to protect our freedoms and our way of life. We must all support this effort to get their attention, and we must commit to stand shoulder to shoulder together ragainst their tyrrany, no matter

  264. I cannot possably state it any more eliquent than it has been many times already. So I will simply say I support this movement and have been with my Congressmen and others. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  265. All gun purchasers can support this fight by only purchasing from companies that support supplying products to LE or the military that are also available to the public. At this time the government is purchasing over 1.6 billion rounds of .223 ammo essentially implementing an arms control on the general public. The government is spending money like a drunken sailor and now they’re buying so much ammunition the public can’t buy any. I hope someone researches this and when we figure out which companies are putting the interestes of the government ahead of the people we can help put them out of business by not purchasing from them in the future. It’s time to fight back and the longer we wait, the worse this will get.

  266. The American people should follow the new laws developed by the state of Oklahoma. GOD BLESS THEM. OK 2nd Amendment, prayers anytime. Buy ammo, ten commandments on courts, citizen proof to vote, english only in schools and on all signs no english, no drive. DNA test on alien felons, America like it was! 7 other states are now voting to do the same. Save America, peace loving Libyans arrested 4 christians for giving away bibles, capital offense by peace loving religious people! What a joke!go to Dearborn Michigan mention Christ in America and get hit with a bottle. Wake up were giving away all of our rights.


  268. I believe that the right to keep and bear arms is given to the people, not law enforcement. They only have the right to have arms that the citizens can have, not the other way around. These companies are right to withhold arms from all government and leo agencies. I go even farther; with hold the ammo. When the security agencies for these legislatures run out of ammo, they will find out what it is like to be defenceless. Sandy hook and all similar tragedies were actually caused by the “Gun Free Zone” law. I believe they knew that when it was passed and are now capitalizing on it. I would love for all of those companies to relocate to Alabama. Dothan needs jobs. Tri-State Gun Club is one of the best shooting facilities in the area. Anyone that can legally own a firearm can join. We’d love to see you, come on down

  269. This is an excellent idea. A government of the people, by the people and for the people should not be allowed the freedoms they would deny. Rebellion is good for the soul.

  270. [If you live in one of the states that are further tightening gun laws (California and New York, to name two examples), will you still support the firearms-related companies that decamp for other states?]

    Absolutely. The State of Ohio has two competing bills currently in the state senate, S.B.18 (bad) and S.B.36 (good).

    S.B.18 seeks to ban assault weapons, high-cap mags, have the atty gen’l to create “a database of conformity”, and would, by default, also ban almost every semiauto pistol due to wording about any “semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges.” Of course the bill makes no mention of fighting crime, yet seeks to create a who new class of felon (5th degree felony) for anyone violating this law.

    S.B.36, on the other hand, is common-sense legislation that seeks “to prohibit any agency and its employees and agents from seizing or authorizing the seizure of any firearm from any person lawfully in possession or control of the firearm…” It also states that no “law enforcement officer, federal law enforcement officer, international agent, or other person shall enforce or attempt to enforce a firearm registration requirement or firearm ban…”

    [Do you support LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, and these other companies in their efforts to restrict LE sales in anti-gun states? …Should other manufacturers follow suit?]

    Yes, unequivocally. I am tired of hearing the antigunners and liberal media tell me how NRA members feel about additional “common sense” laws, when in fact, they are lying. Given all of the activity surrounding firearms sales in the past few months, I find it incredible to think that any of this federal or state legislation can pass.

  271. >>If you live in one of the states that are further tightening gun laws (California and New York, to name two examples), will you still support the firearms-related companies that decamp for other states?<>Do you support LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, and these other companies in their efforts to restrict LE sales in anti-gun states? …Should other manufacturers follow suit?<<

    Yes, unequivocally. I am tired of hearing the antigunners and liberal media tell me how NRA members feel about additional "common sense" laws, when in fact, they are lying. Given all of the activity surrounding firearms sales in the past few months, I find it incredible to think that any of this federal or state legislation can pass.

  272. The Constitutional Amendment Process

    The authority to amend the Constitution of the United States is derived from Article V of the Constitution.

    The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures. None of the 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by constitutional convention. The Congress proposes an amendment in the form of a joint resolution. Since the President does not have a constitutional role in the amendment process, the joint resolution does not go to the White House for signature or approval. The original document is forwarded directly to NARA’s Office of the Federal Register (OFR) for processing and publication.

    A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States). When the OFR verifies that it has received the required number of authenticated ratification documents, it drafts a formal proclamation for the Archivist to certify that the amendment is valid and has become part of the Constitution.

    President Obama is openly disregarding the law. Congress and the Supreme Court are standing by and letting him do it. WE THE PEOPLE have the power to control our government representatives. They are obligated to doing what we sent them to
    Washington to accomplish. We need to band together and have them removed.

    New York, Colorado, the city of Chicago are ignoring the law and their leaders need to be replaced–now.

    I have yet to read of or hear any citizen (pro or anti gunner) openly desire to give up their rights. The people with their eyes closed need to have a reality check. This is not ultimately a program to take away firearms, it it is a program to control Americans–which can not succeed it we have the means to institute armed resistance.

    It is very unfortunate that it may come to this, The fact that it is openly being considered and talked about should be enough for our government representatives to realize it needs to make changes in Washington–NOW.

  273. I agree…don’t sell to NY state. I plan on moving to Tennessee within two years. If you have a factory here, please move out as well!

  274. hats off to all companies that stand up to the ridiculous regulations the tyrannical northerners are trying to impose on the law abiding citizens of this country, Being from 2 southern gun loving free states we welcome all firearm, munitions and accessories manufacturing companies to come south to the warm sunshine and open arms of the southern hospitality ,
    150 years the last war of northern aggression they had the manufacturing that was their advantage now it will be ours,


  275. I completelty support the firearms manufacturers in their efforts to have the same rights as any other business in which to run their companies. I would love for every firearms manufacturer to move from those anti-gun states to areas that appreciate the companies and the jobs brought to the friendly states. Maybe some day the liberal northeast and west will wake up and throw out all the non-American politicians they have mistakenly elected.

    Julian Grimes

  276. I’m retired LE, but feel law abiding, responsible civilians are entitled to the same means of self defense as LE. I applaud those companies willing to stand up to states that are limiting a citizen as to what they may own to protect themselves. I am encouraging all of 300+ FB friends to order something from the businesses who are pushing back.

  277. Yes!!! This is a great way to show the bureaucrats and the antigun bigwigs who want to be the only ones with a weapon that they are no better than the people they are supposed to serve, not dominate and take control of. I VERY STRONGLY support these companies and any like them that say up yours to the state governments that are tyrants. I wish all gun manufacturers would take this stance. Sure would piss off Diane Feinstein and all her cronies if they had to play by the same rules they want to impose on all us peons. Long live freedom and equality!

  278. As a California resident I applaud any business, especially gun manufacturers, who choose to relocate outside California borders. Jerry Brown and the Democrats have made this state one of the most, if not the most, hostile to business in our nation. Furthermore, I am an ardent supporter of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent visit to California in order to show business here what a more friendly climate they could expect in Texas if they chose to relocate there.

  279. I fully support the actions taken by those companies named in the above article.

    I will support, further, any other arms or accessory companies taking similar actions.

    It is time, and past, that we, the firesrms community, remind the politicians in the referenced states/municipalities as well as those at the federal level, that they are NOT OUR RULERS! They are in office to carry out the will of their constituents, not to push their own personal and/or political agendas.

    Those in positions of power/influence need to be reminded LOUDLY that they were hired for their positions through the vehicle of the election process, and can be fired the same way if we have the courage to do so.

    To those companies contemplating moving to more firearms-friendly venues, I say RIGHT ON!

    To those companies refusing to sell LE agencies those firearms and magazines prohibited to civilians, I say GOOD ON YOU!

    What part of “………….shall not be infringed…” do these politicians not understand?

  280. I promise to purchase at least one gun/product from any gun company that moves from an oppressive state to my state of Texas…

  281. I also applaud this action and before I buy any ammo or weapons from any company I will check to see if they support this ban to LE/Govt agencies. I will also cease to support any police org. like FOP in response to their support of anti-gun legislation. I am so glad to see real American companies standing up for our rights.

  282. I will definitely support any company that fights back against these oppressive laws. The states, counties, and cities that do not suport our Constitution do not deserve our support. Any firearms manufacturers who would like to relocate are welcome in North Carolina!!!!

  283. The manufacturers and all gun owners need to solidly oppose the government’s efforts to ban our right to own guns, be it state, local, or federal. If any companies are looking for a better place to operate, maybe Kansas would be more friendly. Watch for the 2013 House Bill 2199 to pass in the Kansas legislature.

  284. I agree wholeheartedly and would further encourage all American firearm and ammunition manufacturers to cease sales to the US government also (including the US military) if Obamas gun laws pass and are enacted. It’s time for the civilian market to have first dibs on weapon and ammunition manufacturing in this country. These companies cannot survive on government contracts alone.

  285. I’d be careful about cutting off some of our best allies in LE. Maybe fight them where it hurts most, the wallet. Law suites, lawyers, Really huge class action law suites.

  286. I agree with arms related companies standing together and moving to friendlier environments, I also agree that these same companies should withhold sales to law enforcement and government agencies that would deny us…”We The People”. It’s time to employ some “Sanctions” against those who are against us, as…The alternative is “death by a thousand cuts”

  287. I fully support any Gun company or Firearms accessories company, that holds every one in these restrictive states to the same standard. Now that’s truly UNIVERSAL! So sick of these scumbag politicians using a personal tragedy for their own underhanded agendas. They damn sure are not disarming their personal security teams. Those people with guns ARE CITIZENS, All others are subjects! Citizens unite and show these bastards who holds the power. Vote these scumbags out of office, donate to the causes that help protect our rights, and pass the word to friends and family.

  288. A lot of good comments here and looking at the one before mine I have some bad news.
    We’re already cornered. Thanks to the excellent job the government has done of dumbing down the American People. Flip on the TV, take a short drive, a walk through your local mall, and you’ll notice ignorance in abundant supply. Hopefully this attack on our 2nd Amendment will wake people up to what’s been going on in our country for long time. A push by government to control the people. Maybe a start to turning things around would be to move these companies to gun friendly states and not stop there.
    Other companies as well. Look back to our so called Civil War providing your not one those who believes as taught in a government schools that it was all about slavery and freeing them.
    It’s starting to appear it may be time for a real Civil War. With a lot of hard work, effort, sacrifice, and education we might win this one without firing a shot.

  289. I ABSOLUTELY support the idea. It affects me as a NJARNG soldier and would hinder my job directly, but I still support the idea. We ourselves are citizens of this country. I can have an M4 with thirty round mags during the day on the job, but at the end of the day I go to jail if I have the very same equipment at home.

  290. Being retired Law Enforcement and also trainer at the present. I fully support the position of the above named companies. And I believe any law enforcement officer and agency worth their salt should also stand up for the Second Amendment and Constitutional Rights of the American Citizens. The source of the problem did not originate from guns but in fact, from all the individuals involved having mental health issues. And in fact most were on prescription mind altering drugs at the time of the incident so prior warnings existed. Bottom line the liberal politicians are out of control. And all including the law enforcement agencies and officers in these states need to take a stand for the American people not the corrupt politicians who are eroding our Constitution. Congratulations to LaRue, DPMS, Olympic, Cheaper than Dirt and all the other companies that are standing on the side of the American citizens, the Second Amendment and our Constitutional God Given Rights!
    I am also glad some of the companies are pulling out of those states due to the fact they will be significantly reducing the tax revenue for these states and corrupt politicians to operate on. Congratulations to Governor Perry and others for inviting companies to come to Texas and other states! Bottom line the states that are supporting the citizens will reduce unemployment while the problem states will be increasing unemployment. The weapons industry generates billions of tax dollars and thousands of jobs all across the USA! God Bless America and the Defending of our Second Amendment!
    We must stand together! The old saying comes to mind! If you do not stand for something you will stand for anything! We stand for our Second Amendment Rights!
    Lt. R.C. Carter (Ret.LE)

  291. As a law enforcement officer I agree with the policy to sell to government agencies only what can be sold to law abiding citizens. All of the manufacturers and suppliers should get together on this and stick to it. Manufacturers should cut off suppliers who go against this by not dealing with them any longer. Once we lose the 2nd amendment, the 1st amendment will be soon to follow.

  292. I fully support the moves of these companies to take a firm stand, but in order to be effective, ALL suppliers must be encouraged to do this. THAT can be accomplished by consumer boycotting of those companies choosing not to play our game. Hit them where it hurts. I would also point out that lawmakers care most – and in many cases only – about their re-election. We need to make it crystal clear to these ass-wipes that any moves to limit our fits will result in their ouster. Period. Set up picket lines around their personal residences if necessary. We need to put their balls in a vice so tight that they have to comply.

    Be creative. Think like a Colonist. You know how to win this. I’m talking about civil disobedience and the worst kind of economic and political blows below the belt. Make passing these laws more painful than doing nothing.

  293. I also agree with the actions these companies are taking and I will make a concientious effort to buy only from companies doing the same.One thing I do not agree with is the fact that I(and others)feel that certain companies(CTD being one for example) in the firearm & firearm accesories business taking advantage of the current situation by gouging their tried and true customers.I mean P-Mags for $99 each,come on.I know Magpul has raised their price some,but I know for a fact that havn’t raised the price high enough to justify $99.There are many other examples I could list.

  294. I fully support manufacturers and retailers that refuse to provide services, or product to state and federal agencies that are denying American citizens their rights. The Second Amendment and the writings of our founders in the Federalist Papers is very clear in it’s meaning and intent. The Constitutionally illegal disarming of American citizens is disturbing on so many levels. If all gun owners and the businesses that support legal gun ownership come together as one voice perhaps the politicians will get the message. I will continue to support Cheaper Than Dirt and other companies that either relocate, or refuse to service the offending state/federal agencies that attempt to deny law abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights. I commend them for their courage and willingness to sacrifice business and the monetary loss that entails. This is no longer a simple matter of gun control, it has become an effort to disarm American gun owners in well defined and coordinated steps.


  296. I am proud that these distributors are putting ideals before money. The gun manufacturers need to get on board. That would force them to repeal, because they want guns for LEO.

  297. I completely support those companies that are taking a stand for law abiding citizens that simply enjoy and act on their right to own firearms and firearm accessories of their choice. I really hope all manufacturers follow suit and let govt and state agencies know that we are sick of all the stupidity and regulations that have no effect and make no sense. I was born and have lived my whole life in cali and can tell you I and my family and my business am looking for the very first opportunity to get out of this overpopulated idiotic nonsensicle state full of liberal dumbshits.

  298. I agree with these companies wanting to pull them from the states that want to take our 2nd Amendment rights away. We need to stand together and fight for our rights.Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt for keeping us informed.

  299. I totally support the strong position of LaRue Tactical that it will only sell to local LE agencies what civilians in a given jurisdiction are allowed to own!!

    Our opposition is rutheless and extreme, and we must make a hard stand right now. Any gun manufacturer that continues selling to LE’s in a state that is doing what they are doing in California and New York ought to be ashamed, and as consumers we should make them pay for that decision.

    I intend to support LaRue.

    Hold tight, we have a long way to go on this one!

  300. It’s great for the companies to stand up for the public whom supports them, but it’s not good they are moving. Relocation is a slippery slope toward becoming cornered.





  302. I salute the companies taking a stand and I hope many more do the same. I love my country, sorry I can’t say the same about the government. It’s very sad that all the law abiding citizens should be punished for the actions of the few while all the politicians making these laws don’t have to abide by them.

  303. I urge all ammo companies stop selling all ammo to any govt. agency federal, state and local who are trampling on our 2nd. amendment rights. Move here to Tennessee where we love our guns. I have written one of my state legislators (He is a Tea Party favorite) to get on a plane and fly up to Connecticut, Mass. and N.H. and urge the gun and ammo companies to move there operations to a 2nd. amendment friendly state. We do however have to get rid of our Rhino Governor who seems to waffle a lot.

  304. Thank you LaRue, Olympic, and CTD! Let’s hope their bold resolve spreads throughout the industry. Those of us whom you’ve chosen to stand up for, will not forget you. It’s gratifying to see companies willing to risk sales and profits to support a higher priciple. I wonder if we would see this from any other industry? Not likely. I know I’m not alone in pledgeing my support, and my business, to these companies and others like them, who may follow their lead in the future. Thanks again.

  305. The Aimes Shovel Company of Massachusetts was the first gun manufacture in America
    during the 1760’s. They inspired the fight for freedom with their secret production of gun barrels under the cover of night. The gun became a symbol of freedom, then and now
    “…being necessary to the security of a free state…” Its not that we should have a
    right to own guns, its for us to be free, we must have guns to secure that freedom, it
    is not a right as much as it is a responsibility to maintain our freedom. The militia stands guard not against foreign invaders, but stands guard against those who want to
    take freedom away to gain power and control over the people. The people have responded
    by purchasing millions of guns in the past few months. The gun manufactures of America
    must lead not to save the jobs of workers, but to save the freedom of the workers.

  306. I like this idea a will support it even though it may have a negative impact on me. I work in law enforcement in the state of Maryland. I would like to be exempt from the strict gun control laws of this state but it is very dangerous place when you allow this to happen. This sets up an environment where law enforcement officers can begin thinking that laws do not apply to them and the citizenry distrust law enforcement. A nation where government officials play by different rules than the folks they say they are serving.

    I work very closely with the Troopers in the state of Maryland and the majority of them do not agree with the handgun concealed carry laws in the state. They fully understand that these so called assault weapons are not the problem and will do nothing to keep the guns out of the hands of people who wish to do evil. I say this because it seems like some of the posting lump the law enforcement officer in with our legislatures and nothing could be further from the truth.
    When a Trooper gives an opinion as a Trooper it must be the opinion or stance of the agency in this case the Superintendent. The Superintendent is appointed by the Governor and the governor tells the superintendent what his public opinion will be.

  307. I admire these companies! Another assault against firearms owners has been undertake by Groupon. They have stopped offering “Groupons” for any firearms related businesses. I encourage everyone to let their friends know, to email Groupon, and to use social media to let people know. My message to Groupon was simple: “Until you return to respecting private businesses that offer firearms related products and services, my family will not do business with Groupon.”

  308. I agaree 100% and will only do business with Companys that that inact the same for all, also any Politician that took the oath to Defend and up hold the Constitution of the United States, and votes or inacts any policy against it should be arrested and tried as a Terrorist against the people of the United States and be Terninated from ever holding public office and taged as Terrorist just like a communist.

  309. How about if S&W, Colt, Ruger? It time to for all gun related companies to stop doing business with NY, CA, CT, NJ. If their gun laws are so good, then the police do not need guns as well.

    Start writing letters to the manufacturers’ and suppliers such as Brownell, Midway to stop as well.

  310. My hat is off to the manufacturers and dealers alike that will support our second ammendment rights. I’d like to see some of these businesses and manufacturers come to Arizona. This is the toughest fight that 2nd ammendment supporters have faced in my 50yrs. Obama and this administration need to stop using children as human sheilds and give the vote back to the people, along with the rights that they’ve already stripped from us.

  311. All manufactures should do what these other companies are doing. If private citizens can not buy or own these products then the different types of governments agencies should not either. All you companies keep up the good work. Move here to PA. We have passed a law that we will not enforce any federal laws passed.

  312. I stand by all these companies for defending our rights as citizens to protect ourselves from the bad elements in our government and our society. Please move all of your companies to Wyoming, we beleive in our Freedom. My wife and I have made a list of all the states that have decided it’s okay to stomp on our freedoms and will Not be buying any products from businesses within those states that do not defend our freedoms. Maybe if it starts effecting their pocket books, they will realize this is about much more than a simple firearm issue and they will start getting the problem people OUT of office. It’s time for compamies like Cabelas and the Bass Pro Shop to join the ranks of the people that have helped build their companies. Thank You to all the compamies that are standing up for us! Keep going your not alone.

  313. I salute those companies that refuse to sell to the goverment and other departments I have been in Law Enforcement going on 40 years, I support the Constitution not the goverment

  314. I fully support these companies and their decisions, and I hope the ammo manufactures jump on board too.
    One of the only good things our governor has done is make the statement, “Come to Texas, you will be welcome”. He was talking about companies wanting to relocate to non-union states, but I am sure that also extends to MagPul and other firearm companies and firearm related companies. I am sure that San Angelo, Abilene, or other small Texas cities would welcome DPMS if they want to move to a better business climate.

  315. Thank you Woody. If you work for CTD and have some free time could you setup and maintain a page that would allow us to send a ‘thank you’ email to all these companies?

  316. The manufacturers boycotting certain cities and states is all well and good but we can’t rely on them to cut their profits alone. We’ve got to do our part and vote out the politicians who pass these bills in to law. There has to be a massive ousting of the fools who would take away our God given rights or it won’t work. It will just mean bankrupt manufacturers and citizens without guns and ammo.

  317. Wow! this is about the greatest idea I have seen yet for making both the goose and the gander part of the same sauce! YES, YES, YES, I will support companies taking the fight into the living rooms of the panderers of gun control chaos. We in New Mexico are facing the same wave of “me too, me too” political knee-jerking. I understand fully the business reasons for such moves, but I also feel satisfaction in my gut from such moves against such draconian moves as have been recently spawned by the Obama administration. All I can say is, “You go, guys. You rock!”

  318. I live in New York and love my state, however I will gladly take the fine or be arrested for owning and shooting my, legally purchased, AR. It takes being harmed by a law in order to fight a law in court. This is not a discreationary new piece of legislation, it is a chipping away of our personal freedoms guarenteed by the Constitution that I personally defended during my time served as an infantryman. For those companies expressing their distaste to these unconstitutional laws I applaude and support you, you have a faithfull customer. For those like minded to my way of thinking, don’t be bullied, don’t accept what our ELECTED representatives are doing. Fight back with the best weapon we have, our vote. Contact your senators, contact your representatives and let them know that your vote will determine their future and their future depends on how they personally defend our God given freedoms afforded to us in the Constitution.

  319. The Great State of Nebraska supports every company that remains solid to our traditions and the Constitution. I am fortunate to live in an all Republican Conservative state where the leadership supports the family and traditional values of its citizens. As our sign says, when you visit us, “The Good Life”. Family and tradition is strong in our state and I welcome everyone to move here and enjoy our prosperity.

  320. EVERY single firearms manufacturer, ammunition manufacturer, body armor manufacturer, etc (anything related to firearms) needs to NOT sell to any state that is restricting our 2nd Amendment Rights. If the police in NY (especially the ones in NYC and Nanny Bloombergs bodyguards) cannot get ammo and body guards, THAT WOULD SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE that “We the people” are tired of this crap and the moronic politicians NEED TO FOLLOW THEIR OATH TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – PERIOD. That would also make more ammo available to us citizens in 2nd Amendment States :).

  321. Great job Cheaper Than Dirt, Olympic Arms, LaRue Tactical and any other firm with the guts to stand up to these repressive state governments! This policy is nothing short of brilliant and I applaud you for making such a bold statement. I am going to personally commit to supporting any company which stands by the Second Ammendment and the American People by looking at them first for all future purchases.
    South Carolina is Manufacturing and gun freindly and would welcome any of these patriotic companies with open arms and a willing, capable work force.
    Thank you!!!

  322. Kudos to folks like you who have a grasp on what’s at stake. In the last two generations, Americans have become soft and timid and as long as they can get their morning latte with two spritzes of cinnamon on the way to their fashion shoot, they don’t care about what makes our country strong. As a retired army guy and Vietnam vet I stood up. It galls me to find that most of the people that are anti-gun have never held a gun…. they are scared of them because they go “bang.” They blame the gun for every incident of evil…. It’s not the tool, it’s the fool. In a DUI highway accident, the car is never at fault for the deaths of innocent people, yet when a shooting occurs it’s always… THE GUN.

    I applaud your stance, and other companies. If we lose the Second Amendment, we’ll soon lose The First…..
    Dan Shew
    North Carolina

  323. Alabama will gladly accept all the gun, ammunition, and shooting accessory companies that would like to relocate to our great state. We welcome them with open “arms”.
    A very concerned citizen.

  324. I applaud all of the companies that have made a stand for the Second Amendment. Any of the companies that are considering moving to a more gun favorable state, South Carolina would love to have you here. If you move here and find you are in need of employees, I am available after March 2013.

  325. I believe that we as consumers could also pledge that we would no longer do business with any company that still sells to these government agencies! Hit them in the pocket book.

  326. Great article. I fully support any entity pushing back at oppression and ignorance. Id love to see these companies move and take their jobs and tax revenues with them! Doesnt change the dissapointment I have in CTD and others for obvious price gouging. I had to stop shopping with them when even Cabelas pricing is much lower than theirs now.

  327. I am thankful for my 2nd amendment rights. To protect my home, my family and against government that won’t protect me (LA riots) when all hell breaks out. Cops pulled back and didn’t even protect citizens as we watched Reginald Denny get beaten to a pulp. And where is what’s his name? At the bottome of the pool. Did we forget?

  328. As a ret PO in NY state, I applaud all the companys taking these actions. NY state acted like a thief in the night sneaking this law through. They didn’t even exclude their own PO’s from the mag restriction. I’d like to see every gun/ammo/accessories supplier in the country join them in refusing to sell them such products. You are the real patriots. Keep it up.

  329. I fully support all of the efforts listed here, and will support these folks all I can. It would be nice to have a list of the companies taking a stand to support now and when this is over. As far as I know, these manufactures are more than welcome in Arkansas and will continue to be. We would love to have the jobs.


  330. I agree with any firearm and accessory manufacturer that will not sell to agenceys
    in areas that sales are restricted to civilians. I have never been more disinchanted with this countries leadership as I am now. This country was founded on a government with checks and balances. Obama continues to do an end run around all of that. I have never seen a leadership that holds its citizens in such contempt. What does any agency,government,etc. have to fear in a law abiding citizen armed? We have more to fear in being unarmed with our current leadership.

  331. South Dakota will welcome gun industries with open arms. Great work ethic, few unions, low taxes ( no state income tax) great hunting and shooting facilities. Come on out!

  332. I fully support the “push back” measures taken by these manufacturers and dealers. I would believe Gov. Scott would welcome any business that wanted to move their operations here to Florida. There are a lot of good people here that would appreciate the jobs. As stated above, I think the ammo companies should ban sales of their products in stated that prohibit their citizens from exercising their full 2nd Amendment rights.

    As a society, how can we allow this tyranny by the Progressives to tell us what is good for us and what we are allowed to do?

  333. They should all move down here to Texas.

    We respect the 2nd and The Constitution.

    Of course, except for our moonbats in Austin (Moscow on the Colorado) and Dallas.

  334. Absolutely! I feel we are slowly being driven into a Have vs Have-not society. Building more prisons and such to house those that don’t have, take their guns away, then lock them up. What’s left is those millionaires & billionaires being the only ones out and free to buy congress and others into those at the lower end of the totem pole. Doesn’t anyone else see this coming?

  335. I fully support the decision by Gun and accessory manufactures to halt sales to LE organizations within California, New York, and any other state that does not support the second amendment of our Constitution. Every one of the government officials has sworn an oath to support the Constitution not to subvert it. It is time to help them remember their oath. Last year I moved out of California because of the restrictive government. I encourage any manufacturing company to consider moving to states that continue to support the Constitution. It is also time to vote all of the lying politicians out of office. If they like gun control so much they should move to Russia where they will fit right in.

  336. As a law enforcement officer I too support these companies and their efforts to fight back. I only wish that more manufacturer and suppliers would follow their lead. To any company that is looking to relocate please consider Indiana we would love to have you.

  337. We need someone to organize us. The three branches of gov’t will not stand up for us no matter how we vote. Obama is acting like he has the only vote. I praise the companies that have taken a stand for the people. The people have put them where they are and they seem to appreciate this fact. Texas is a wonderful place to do business and raise a family. Only our liberal cities of austin and san antonio use their progressiveness against their citizens. I will use more discrimination in ordering in the future. A list of our confederates would help all of us make these choices. Thank you for your stands and GOD Bless

  338. I’m glad to see some companies with the balls to make a stand! It’d be funny to see cops in CA with bullet buttons and 10 round mags!

  339. My hats off to these Companies. ATK has absorbed a large portion of the Ammunition Market and certainly needs to pr proactive or their sale are going to go down the tank. I myself am an avid gun owner and proud of that, even after having been shot by a .30-.30 as a teenager. I do not feel restricting guns is the solution, I would support stiffer penalties for crimes involving weapons of any kind.

  340. The battle now will be between the welcoming, pro-gun states to get them to locate to our locations. I have shopped with Cheaper Than Dirt for a while, and they have sealed a grateful loyalty to their brand from me with this stand. Should they desire to come to NC, there would be appreciation on both sides, I guarantee you. You will NEVER see any of these great companies treated so disrespectfully here, We The People of NC simply would not tolerate it! Y’all come on down, y’hear!

  341. Federal, state and local governments are trying to do a beatdown on law-abiding gun-owning citizens. Obama, Cuomo, O’Malley and others can’t believe that gun owners are uniting at a grassroots level and willl do a bully beatdown on them. It is proof that the American spirit that made us a great nation is still alive and well.

  342. This is my second post. I too hope the momentum continues, and all firearm companies get involved, but please quit sounding like a bunch of real-estate salesmen or politicians trying to get new business to move to your area, that’s not what is important now. What good is it for them to move to a friendly local government if the Federal government steps on them like a roach. More important than jobs, are freedom. Want to be like those countries fighting their government like Syria, Egypt and others?

  343. I support the companies. But as a California resident, I fear it will be a loss to no longer have them helping (as much) to fight the anti- gun politicians in Sacramento. As a businessman, I understand completely. California has driven many businesses away. Most car parts warehouses moved to Reno because CA instituted an inventory tax. GM’s parts warehouse used to be in Oakland, I guess they don’t need jobs there..

  344. I fully support what these companies are doing and would encurage all ammo suppliers to do the same thing. If you can’t get ammo your arms are usless. Have you tried to buy ammo lately. I will continue to support these companies and any others that get on the (ban) wagon. Stick together or go down 1 at a time.

  345. It’s becoming easier to see the division that obama the “unifier” thrives on. The fraud of an election and the F&F debacle that holder lied his ass off about, the Benghazi lies, the way he turns people against each other and all the while acting like he has nothing to do with it. His goal of destroying this country is dividing the citizenry with BS and falsehoods. Punishing those who stand upright and produce while talking crap about them to the people with a handful of gimme and no thanks. I still can’t figure out why it is okay to kill babies, but they want to strip law abiding people of their rights because some sick bastard wants to kill children. Could it be TYRANNY PREVENTION? Another double standard. Do they or do they not care about children? The bible says “in the end days wrong will become right and right becomes wrong”. The socialist, commies in the white house now are making sure of it without even knowing what they’re doing.I applaud those companies making a stand, and I’m sure many more will be jumping on board too. I hope so anyway. God save us.

    Praise God and pass the ammunition.

  346. I say West Virginia where it is still an open carry state. As a veteran I feel it is a slap in the face of all vets who served so that our freedoms and rights were protected, that any state or municipality would strip those rights from its citizens. I am moving this year to a state that believes in its citizens rights to bear arms. I also vow to boycott any company that I find selling guns to any city, state, or federal agency that restricts the rights of lawful gun owners.

  347. I applaud these companies and will support them with my purchases. It’s time for the ammo manufacturers to cancel the Department of Homeland securities order for millions of rounds. Continue to sell to our military branches but not the other Federal Agencies that show support for the bans.
    This is a better response than during the previous GUN Ban, when colt industries only sold to LE/Military and discontinued sales to civilians. Citizens have supported the gun and related industries for centuries, it’s good to see that these industries are now supporting us.

  348. I live in new york and I hate all these new laws I will support any company that will not sell to our government agency if I can’t have what they have then f**k them.

  349. Thanks to the gun manufacturers that are supporting the 2nd amendment rights of the law abiding citizen. Don’t sell to those states that pass restrictive gun laws.

    Move out of those unfrienly states, vote with your feet.

    Citizens, get behing these friendly companies helping to protect our rights.

    Become a member & Join the NRA NOW! Don’t wait until it is too late. Make your voice heard with the rest of us.

    God Bless!

  350. Absolutely Fantastic!! We need to have ALL companies in this industry follow this lead. We CAN win this battle if we all are willing to fight. Thanks to all for your efforts.

  351. Bring your firearms businesses to Texas, where you will be welcomed with open arms. Thanks for standing up to the so call Government and sayiing that you will no longer sell to them if the law bidding people are not allowed to own.

  352. I am glad to hear that all the different firearm companies are standing up to the Government. You are more than welcome to bring all you business to TEXAS. You will find that this is the state to open your business. Here we are against all the crap that is being spread across the rest of the country, and we will not bend to their laws, or rules. Thanks for standing up to them. Now if you will refuse to sell all your ammo to them and say if there is not enough to sell to our customers then we will no longer sell to the Government. It is not right that they buy it all up and we have none to buy.

  353. Hats off to these companies and CTD! As a New Yorker, I am against the law, and its requirements for AR registration, 1 year to destroy, surrender to law enforcement, or sell out of state pre ban High cap magazines, Finally no more that 7 rounds in a mag.

  354. Companies should go one step further and not manufacture Hi-Cap for the U.S. military if the rights of Hi-Cap to U.S. citizens are infringed upon. Watch it then as the Federal Government rears it’s ugly head and uses it’s heavy hand to take over those companies.

  355. Great idea. I’ll support any company that supports gun owners. I live in Connecticut and would love to move out of here myself.

  356. I am outraged that I, along with countless other law abiding, taxpaying, respectable citizens are being made to be scapegoats for a weak criminal justice system that allows scum to have more rights than us. Depriving us of our rights will do nothing to stop crime. We need to speak clearly in the voting booth.

  357. I think the actions by these gun manufactures to deny law enforcement agencies access to weapons that are otherwise banned to the general public is a not well thought out knee jerk reaction. Law enforcement agencies have been outgunned for years, and now the gun companies are going to make it even tougher for them to do their job. Shame on them. These actions do nothing to contribute to a healthy dialogue toward reducing gun violence.

  358. all the manufacture’s need to pack up and move here to North Carolina…We have plenty of skilled folks looking for work, a great all around climate, not so bad taxes, but most of all, North Carolinians respect and uphold and believe in the second amendment.. Come on down ya’ll, we’d love to have ya..

  359. I could not agree more and say thank you to any and all of these companies that also take a stand for our rights. I fully support each and everyone one of them, and we all need to stand side by side to protect our rights. Myself and all gun owners likewise need to make sure we are at the voting booths for all future elections as well. 100 Million of us can sure make our rights will be protected in the future also.

  360. If America does not stand up right now and tell congress how they feel, then roll over and take in the behind. I’ve fired letters off left and right letting them know how I feel. DO THE SAME!!! I have a manufacturer FFL and I’m out of business before I open my door…Where are we headed, dictatorship to the extreme, the monkeys in DC is getting what they want, a ruling thumb. The difference between Obama and Hitler, the spelling…

  361. CTD you should also stop supporting amunition companies from the antigun states, I have aleady dropped them from my purchasing list and shifted to Remington, Hornady. They sold out to the Fed Agencies causing a shortage, and our money will still end up in their tax coffers, once the contract runs out they will feel the pinch. Ruger already has a vacility in Prescott AZ hope they move the rest of it there.

  362. I appreciate very much the stand that these companies are taking and I would encourage other companies to do the same. Most people have respect for those who will stand up, be counted, and do the right thing.

  363. I would like a list of companies with that mindset so I can do business with them as opposed to those that cowtow to the these states that thisnk law abiding means criminal activity. Sure wish they would do the same for the feds.

  364. Benjamin Franlklin said as they were signing the Declaration of Independence “Either we hang together or we will certainly all hang separately”. This is one of those times.

  365. I have decided that I will no longer do business with any company that voluntarily implements compliance with any new gun law before it goes into effect. e.g. Dicks Sporting Goods in NC.

  366. This is a really great idea and fantastic news. As a gun owner, I want to get involved. As gun retailers, you ARE getting involved. The more we unite, the stronger we become. The more information we have, the smarter we become. We need to become organized, united and speak with one voice. WE are the people. Bad govt. wins if GOOD men do nothing.

  367. I whole heartadly support and agree with the stance taken by LaRue, Olympic Arms, and Cheaper then Dirt in this effort to stand against Big Brother and it`s authorizing agents which amounts to at the least, “fair play” This is like nobody buying gas for one week to put the oil companies in check! It`s great to see businesses putting morals ahead of profits. God Bless these companies. Now, if we could only get the people to stand together as well in this fight against tyranny we might have a chance. I see the fall of this great nation comming SOON if we don`t ALL take action NOW! We must make a stand against this cancer that calls itself our “government”! The time for revolution is at hand, I`m sorry to say. Freedom is NOT free and sometimes calls for the blood of patriots.

  368. The government is supposed to be working for us but they think they know what is good for us. I am sick and tired of stupid politicians telling me how to live my life. If you dont win at the elections you can definately win with your feet or your wallet. Cut the states off that are for the POLITICAL GOOD OF THE PEOPLE. The people of this country have more power than they realize. The people need to exercise their power. Dont buy from companies that are ANTI-2nd Amendment. It will take time but the results will take effect. I will support any and all companies that support the 2nd Amendment and the freedon of the American people to live their lives as they want. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOM.

  369. I greatly admire the decision of firearm manfacturers and associated products manufactures to relocate to more business friendly states and to restrict LE and government agencies from purchasing any of their products that the civilian market cannot purchase. I will continue monitoring this trend and will target those companies that make such decisions for my future purchases, FOR EVER. I think this is a good opportunity for such companies to build a larger and more loyal customer base. I especially hope that all ammo manufacturing companies will follow suit by restricting LE and govermental agencies from purchasing their products. I find it curious that the federal government needs 1.6 billion rounds of ammo while at the same time beginning their battle to disarm the american public.

  370. Hats off and a big salute to all those courageous manufacturers! The left continues to promote the deception that the 2nd amendment is about preserving the right to own sporting/hunting arms. We all know it’s about our right to resist a tyrannical government. It’s obvious the would-be tyrants want to out-gun us. Connect the dots: NSA monitoring every form of electronic communication; drones next and fed agencies stockpiling billions of rounds of ammo. Stand up now or the game is over.

  371. I fully support these companies. As a New Yorker, I hope Remington realizes ,soon, that this state is not worthy of their products, their jobs and their tax dollers. Our rights are under full attack from all sides. I pray that all firearm manufacturers, ammo manufacturers and accessory manufacturers do the same. As the anti-gun, anti-freedom president says:”everyone needs to have skin in the game”. Everyone needs to do everything they can possibly do. I, for the 1st time since I have been able to hunt and fish, will not be buying any sporting licenses in NY. I am fortunate, as much as someone can be, who has just been made a felon by it’s state,as I live in a good county on the state border. We are going to buy as much as we can on-line and across the border, thus denying NY of sales tax. Will it cost me money? Yes. Will people lose their jobs? Unfortunately, yes. Will my taxes go up due to loss of manufacturing jobs? Yes. Will it be a hassle? Yes. But, it needs to be done.

  372. Hey woody since you mention you will be speaking to the NRA and NSSF, maybe these organization and other gun manufacturers would be willing to petition ATK and respectfully request that ATK rescind the federal government’s orders for hollow point ammunition. In the minds of law abiding citizens the government doesn’t need enough ammo to run the Iraq war for another 15 years. Not to mention that ammo is banned for use in combat by NATO. DHS does not need it and ATK shouldnt fill it. The situation will calm down and cooler heads prevail once DHS stops the panic buying

  373. As they say in Texas “It’s like a whole other country”. They can pick the climate, scenery, and population center they want and never worry about state gun laws infinging on their business.

  374. Nevada! Nevada! Nevada! This is the state that welcomes freedom. This is the place where the citizenry supports and practicies 2nd amendment rights. Our state is a business freindly state. This is where you can open and run a successful business.Low taxes and operating costs.
    Nevada welcomes and needs businesses to come to our great, freedom loving state. Hope to see you open your business here soon!

  375. I absolutely agree with companies that want to restrict sales to any state or other jurisdiction that restricts their citizens right to own firearms that their own agents carry/assigned. I would not want individual law enforcement officer’s to suffer but they must, as individuals, take a stand against violating the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The first item of any oath of office is generally agreed to be the most important. I know the first part of mine and almost all other law enforcement oaths is as follows: ” I swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States …” I encourage any companies that want to relocate their business and/or employees to consider Florida. Low taxes and at least for now, a legislature that supports the U.S. Constitution.